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Rappler CEO Maria Ressa arrested for cyber libel

The arrest is in connection with a story published by Rappler in May 2012 – or 4 months before the law that Maria Ressa and researcher Reynaldo Santos Jr allegedly violated was enacted.

LIST: #DefendPressFreedom rallies after Maria Ressa’s arrest
Here is a running list of rallies by student organizations happening on February 14 to defend press freedom.

TOP STORY with so MANY UPDATES February 13 - 14 - 15 - 16, 2019

On finding hope and fighting fate

February 16, 2019 - with Videos

Duterte supports renaming Philippines
President Rodrigo Duterte already has a name in mind for the country: Maharlika. This was the name supported by the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Lost Land of Maharlika
Only one royal family holds the title for the whole Philippines, Borneo, Guam, Marianas Island, Hawaii, Da Nang Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kuril Islands, etc.
King Luisong ruled the entire kingdom from Luzon [named after him], the northern part of what is now known as The Republic of the Philippines.

FALSE: Filipino 'royal family' ruled over pre-colonial 'Maharlika kingdom'

February 15, 2019

NUJP website latest target of 'coordinated campaign' vs critical news

The website of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) became the latest target in an ongoing series of cyberattacks against alternative, critical news organizations.
Attacks continue after earlier hits on Bulatlat, Kodao Productions, and Pinoy Weekly.

February 13, 2019

Any journalist's silence amid attacks vs press the ‘biggest insult’

February 11, 2019

REBEL POPE - Pope Francis - National Geographic Documentary

February 11, 2019

The Vatican City State

Index of Vatican City-related articles

The Video: The Vatican City - Documentary

updated February 11, 2019

Cleaning up Manila Bay

Rehabilitation over reclamation for Manila Bay

AND MUCH MORE updated February 11, 2019


Updated February 11, 2019

Disasters, Disaster risk management, preparedness & recovery - Etc.

Despite experience with typhoons, most Filipinos 'not prepared for disasters'

Updated February 10, 2019

Vote-selling, Combatting vote-selling - Etc.

Updated February 10, 2019

Live - Retire in the Philippines

General - nessecary to know

Medical Costs

Updated Feb 10, 2019

Dating - Romance - Etc.

5 Reasons why you fall in love in Philippine girls

Updated Jan 10, 2019

Exorcising the ghost of the past

Diokno tells Imee: Impose term limit to avoid corrupt Marcos dictatorship

AND MUCH MORE updated February 09, 2019

Marcos ill-gotten wealth

Imee willing to sign bank waiver to prove no Marcos ill-gotten wealth
The anti-graft court has found evidence that Imee Marcos is a beneficiary of the illegal Swiss foundations created and maintained by their mother, Imelda Marcos

FALSE: ‘No proof’ that Marcos couple stole billions from Filipinos
At least two court cases show that Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos have had ill-gotten wealth. In one of these, the Supreme Court forfeited the recovered Marcos assets in favor of the Philippine government.

AND MUCH MORE updated February 09, 2019

Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC

Memorandum Circular No. 15 (MC 15)
Guidelines of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for nonprofits organizations

'Chilling effect': Groups slam new SEC guidelines for nonprofits

updated February 09, 2019

Lowering age of criminal liability
Senate bills are pushing for a slightly higher minimum age, 12 years old, than the House of Representatives' proposal of 9 years old

Senate hearing on proposal to lower minimum age of criminal liability

The Videos

Children and crime

Only 2% of crimes committed by kids, says children's rights group
Holding 12-year-old children criminally liable will not address the problem of criminality in the country.

AND MUCH MORE updated February 09, 2019

The Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange

UPDATED The Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange is a 4.5-hectare 'all-in-one' terminal housing transportation bays, commercial spaces, and office buildings

Free rides from PITX to parts of Metro Manila starting February 14, 2019

AND MUCH MORE updated February 09, 2019

Academic regalia: Graduation Cap and Gown History
How to Wear a Graduation Tam and Which to Choose

AND MUCH MORE updated February 09, 2019

Filipino-Chinese New Year

limited editions stamps ginagamit na sang philpost

updated February 09, 2019

Why we need to support free media in era of fake news

As Winston Churchill said, 'A free press is the unsleeping guardian of every other right that free men prize; it is the most dangerous foe of tyranny'

AND MUCH MORE updated February 08, 2019

General - Laws - Etc.

The section "Tuition and Fees"

AND MUCH MORE updated February 08, 2019

Altermidya 'strongly condemns' DDoS attacks against member sites

Altermidya believes "there is no one else that could possibly be behind these attacks than the Duterte administration itself, which has taken increasingly bold steps to curtail press freedom and the people’s right to know."

AND MUCH MORE updated February 08, 2019

Guides - Public Transportation

updated February 08, 2019

Defend Media, Speech & Press Freedom - Etc.

Journalists, institutions decry 'absurd legal attack' against Rappler
February 07, 2019

In a press statement, Amnesty International called the charges an "absurd legal attack."

AND MUCH MORE updated February 07, 2019

New page February 07, 2019

President Duterte and his administration vs the International Criminal Court - ICC

Human Rights

House OKs death penalty

Next: House withdraws approval of death penalty for drug possession

Death penalty

AND MUCH MORE updated February 06, 2019

Political Dynasties, Families - Etc.

List of political families in the Philippines
LIST: Political clans, powerful figures among 2019 party-list nominees

updated February 06, 2019

NDF consultant shot dead inside bus in Nueva Vizcaya
January 30, 2019

UPDATED National Democratic Front (NDF) consultant Randy Malayao was shot dead inside a passenger bus in Nueva Vizcaya early morning Wednesday, January 30. The gunman boards the passenger bus and shoots Randy Malayao twice.

Over a hundred human rights defenders have been killed under the Duterte administration alone.

AND MUCH MORE updated February 07, 2019

FALSE: Imee Marcos did not earn a degree from Princeton

FALSE: Imee Marcos ‘graduated cum laude from UP College of Law’

MISLEADING: Imee Marcos 'was a minor' during Martial Law

AND MUCH MORE updated February 07, 2019


Out-of-school youth, undergrads shift to becoming full-time workers

updated February 06, 2019

Internet and Telephone systems - etc.

updated February 06, 2019


Targets of disinformation in 2018

updated February 05, 2019

Comfort women during World War II

updated February 05, 2019

The section "The Holy Rosary - Prayers - Etc."

updated February 05, 2019

At least 27 dead in Jolo Cathedral bombing
by Rambo Talabong and Mara Cepeda January 27, 2019

9th UPDATE Police say dozens more were injured in twin explosions at the cathedral on Sunday morning, January 27

The Videos

LIST: Jolo Cathedral bombings, attacks since 2000
January 27, 2019
The Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Jolo, Sulu, has been the target of many attacks through the years

AND MUCH MORE updated February 04, 2019

DLSU offers workshop in local languages for young writers
February 04, 2019
Muslims, Christians join forces vs terrorism in PH

In a show of unity and peace, Christians and Muslims joined forces in a prayer rally on Sunday, February 3, to condemn the deadly blasts that rocked the southern Philippines last week.

AND MUCH MORE updated February 03, 2019

RA 10754: The Expanded Privileges For PWDs And The Benefits It Provides.
RA 10754 IRR grants persons with disability at least 20% discount and exemption from VAT

AND MUCH MORE updated February 03, 2019

Baguio's 24th Panagbenga Festival 2019

AND MUCH MORE updated February 03, 2019

Campus journalism

Updated Feb 2, 2019

For and about Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

Elderly Care

Climbing 'Mount EDSA'

updated February 02, 2019

an act by which a person or a thing is separated from secular or profane use and dedicated permanently to the sacred by prayers, rites, and ceremonies.

updated February 02, 2019

Ex-barangay official ambushed in Subic
February 01, 2019

Bernard Madamba is fired at by two unidentified men while he was driving his tricycle


(also spelled Candlemass), also known as the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord Jesus and the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is a Christian Holy Day commemorating the presentation of Jesus at the Temple.
Many Christians (especially Roman Catholics Anglicans, Methodists, Lutherans, and Orthodox) also bring their candles to their local church, where they are blessed and then used for the rest of the year; for Christians, these blessed candles serve as a symbol of Jesus Christ, who referred to himself as the Light of the World.

AND MUCH MORE updated February 01, 2019

2 killed, 4 injured in Zamboanga City mosque blast
January 30, 2019

UPDATED Police say a grenade was thrown inside the mosque where religious leaders were resting

AND MUCH MORE updated January 31, 2019

Attacks against - Killings of Officials - Etc.

Barangay captain killed in Quezon City ambush
January 31, 2019

Rome Reports

an independent international TV news agency based in Rome, Italy, specializing in covering the Pope and the Vatican. The agency instantly offers the latest news from Rome as well as a Weekly Program “The World Seen From The Vatican”

Rome Reports English - mobile APP: Android - IPhone - Ipad - Video
Jan 31, 2019

Defend Speech & Press freedom

Support Free and Fearless Journalism

When Power insists, "you're either with us or against us," the space for a diversity of voices and ideas shrinks.

When hate and anger are weaponized, it creates a spiral of silence.

When critical questions are simplistically equated with an anti-government agenda, it requires courage to hold decision-makers accountable.

IMPORTANT: The Video in the album 'FIGHT for Press & Speech Freedom and Journalism - Etc.' e.g.:

We will hold the line #DefendPressFreedom
Published on Dec 6, 2018
We, the women and men of Rappler, stand steadfast by our CEO Maria Ressa. Despite pressure and intimidation, she places truth and integrity above all, inspiring courage among us and in our communities. We ask fellow journalists and citizens to #HoldtheLine.
Do your part to #DefendPressFreedom
by donating to - Support Free
Fearless Journalism

Your support means everything in the fight for free and fearless journalism.
Written and produced by Analette Abesamis
Edited by Jaene Zaplan

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