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Pamana - Saving Our Heritage - Full Episode
GMA Public Affairs Sep 06 2020

Currently, there are six world heritage sites in our country that are recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) - an international group that seeks to promote preservation of cultural and natural heritage worldwide - the Baroque Churches of the Philippines, the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, the Rice Terraces of Philippine Cordilleras, the Historic City of Vigan, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, and the Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary.

About Philippines says: A video you have to look


Things to remember in fact checking historical claims
Jun 12, 2020

Remember these things every time you see a suspicious historical claim on social media, according to Filipino historian Xiao Chua
In the digital age, where countless information is accessible with just a few clicks, it's harder for a casual reader to distinguish which is true and false.


Remember your roots
Advocate calls for Filipino heritage to be part of PH school curriculum
May 31, 2020 ANC 24/7

The Philippines is wrapping up National Heritage Month this May. With heritage sites closed and festivals canceled due to the pandemic, organizers took the whole experience to various digital platforms. Armita Rufino, President of Filipino Heritage Festival Incorporated, calls on Filipinos to remember their heritage, pushing for the subject to be part of the education system.

The slow death of Philippine history in high school
Jamaico D. Ignacio October 26, 2019

It is no surprise to me if more students tend to believe that Rizal is actually ‘Jack the Ripper’ or wonder why Apolinario Mabini is always sitting in the film 'Heneral Luna'

New School: Will the Philippine History subject just be forgotten?
Jan 26, 2021 Mary Rhonilynn A. Alejo
'Is this removal of Philippine History a new way of censorship? Sadly, it is.'
When I first learned that DepEd was removing Philippine History from the secondary level curriculum, I honestly didn’t mind, because let's be honest, we all tried to find ways to lessen our workload when we were at that age. But as time went by, I realized this step DepEd made back in 2014 affected the youth's knowledge about the history of their own country.

DOCUMENTARY: The Marcoses: Reclaiming Malacañang
Feb 24, 2021
The Marcoses are clawing their way back to power using disinformation and networked propaganda to burnish their image. Is it just a matter of time before history repeats itself?

Look also the article


Historya ng Dokyupelikula
Rappler Oct 21, 2020

#DaangDokyu masterclass on Filipino documentary history with Prof. Nick Deocampo.

Losing our minds: The amputation of traditional art from PH contemporary life
September 22, 2020 Marian Pastor Roces

'11,000+ Philippine artifacts from the early 20th century are in storage at the Smithsonian Institution alone. Tens of thousands are in Spain.'
This is impossible to overstate: the majority of outstanding examples of indigenous art from the Philippines is overseas, unknown to most Filipinos. Precious little remains in Philippine collections. Recall that the early 20th century National Museum collection was largely destroyed during World War 2.

Rediscovering PH artifacts in foreign museums
Neni Sta. Romana Cruz February 17, 2021
How my heart sank when it was announced at the recent Zoom launch of “Mapping Philippine Material Culture” by the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (SOAS), that a global inventory of Philippine cultural items shows that 90 percent are in large museums overseas, and a mere 5 percent have been on public display. There is also a substantial number in private collections.


Pamana - Saving Our Heritage
GMA Public Affairs Sep 06 2020

Currently, there are six world heritage sites in our country that are recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) - an international group that seeks to promote preservation of cultural and natural heritage worldwide - the Baroque Churches of the Philippines, the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, the Rice Terraces of Philippine Cordilleras, the Historic City of Vigan, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, and the Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary.

About Philippines says: A video you have to look

Duterte's sense of history
Vicente L. Rafael November 10, 2019

President Rodrigo Duterte's version of historical time is one of unending trauma, where experience outstrips expression.
What's the difference between President Rodrigo Duterte and his predecessors?

Read ALL links in the article

National Historical Commission of the Philippines, NHCP

a part of the government. Its mission is "the promotion of Philippine history and cultural heritage through research, dissemination, conservation, sites management and heraldry works."

the Video

Labor day - National Heroes Day

The Museum Foundation of the Philippines

is a non-stock, non-profit, membership, and volunteer organization dedicated to developing greater awareness and appreciation in the Filipino of our country’s rich artistic and cultural heritage in partnership with the National Museum and its network of divisions and branches.

List of Museums in the Philippines

The Cultural Heritage-Oriented Approach to Economic Development in the Philippines
A Comparative Study of Vigan, Ilocos Sur and Escolta, Manila

Geoffrey Rhoel Cruz
The 10th De La Salle University Arts Congress
February 16, 2017

MONUMENTS: 'The Manila of our affections'
Jun 12, 2019

What do monuments mean to our everyday lives?
As they build and bear witness to historic statues, monuments, and structures, do Filipinos truly care to remember?


This is the Philippines
Catriona Gray showcases PH's rich heritage
Cat'elle December 09, 2018

This is the Philippines shows Catriona taking a tour of Luzon. She traveled to Manila, Pampanga, and Rizal, where she showed off Intramuros, Luneta Park, the art of the Higantes, parol (lantern) making, and paintings by the country's national artists.

The article HERE

Smoking guns of history
Vergel Santos September 16, 2017

Once he dodged Trillanes' challenge, Paolo Duterte, academic specialization notwithstanding, could not stop his secret tattoo going into the ledgers under the same column as Ferdinand Marcos' transplanted kidneys, and Joseph Estrada's unopened envelope.
A tattoo on the back of the President's son Paolo Duterte is the latest to go into the box of telltale secrets of recent history. Its very concealment inspires suspicions attaching a smoking-gun quality to it.
In fact, similar secrets have attracted enough credibility unseen to contribute to the ouster of two presidents – Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph Estrada.

It's final
Philippines leaves International Criminal Court

Duterte throws out decade-long fight for the International Criminal Court

It took 11 years under 3 presidents for the Philippines to finally become a member of the International Criminal Court. That ends under President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday, March 17, 2019.

Investigate atrocities during PH-US War, WWII, Martial Law
Mara Cepeda September 14, 2016

House Resolution 339 also seeks to commend President Rodrigo Duterte for saying that the Philippines would pursue an 'independent foreign policy'
Under House Resolution (HR) Number 339, Roque wants Duterte to form independent commissions composed of experts who would "investigate, write, and make public through academic publications and other venues" complete historical accounts of the following:
The Filipinos killed during the Philippine-American War from 1899 to 1902
The "horrific" system of sexual slavery imposed by the Japanese Imperial Army on Filipinos during World War II
Human rights violations committed during the regime of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos

Heroism, Heritage, and Nationhood
Essays and Features from the Official Gazette is a compendium of long-form essays featured in the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines and the Presidential Museum and Library websites.
This book is one of the special legacy publications of the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO), the office mandated to preserve and curate the institutional memory of the Office of the President.
Families and heritage
May 22, 2016

May, declared as National Heritage Month, challenges Filipino families and communities to keep alive the valuable legacy of our ancestors, which shape our sense of who we are.

The Philippines: The Biblical land of Ophir?
Do you think Philippines is the Land of Ophir which can be found in the bible?
Ophir is a port or region mentioned in the Bible, famous for its wealth. King Solomon is supposed to have received a cargo of gold, silver, sandalwood, precious stones, ivory, apes and peacocks from Ophir, every three years.

Look also HERE


Where is Tarshish and Ophir
During the early period of European colonization, the Biblical lands of Tarshish and Ophir, or Tarsis and Ofir, as they were called, held the imagination of European explorers. Not only was it believed that the "lost tribes" of Israel were to be found in these lands, but also untold wealth.


the Video The Philippines: The Biblical land of Ophir?

Remark this is an album in the album Filipinos & the Philippines, Provinces, Cities, Etc. during old times and then

IMPORTANT look below Maharlika

Yamashita’s gold has been found and it's not what you think
Piers Kelly August 07, 2016

What many people don’t realize is that Filipinos have been searching for mythical fortunes for quite some time – it’s just that each generation imagines the bounty in a different way

U.S. Congress honors Filipino veterans of World War II
Michael Bueza October 29, 2017
US Congress awards the Congressional Gold Medal to more than 250,000 Filipino veterans in recognition of their service and sacrifice during World War II

House panel declares veterans’ group a public office
August 25, 2020 Charissa Luci-Atienza
The House Committee on Veterans Affairs and Welfare approved Tuesday (August 25) a bill declaring the Board of Trustees of the Veterans of World War II (BTVWWII) as a public office and the funds entrusted to it as public funds.

Heritage general - authorities - etc. and Historical places - etc.

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This link is often down - up again

The ICOMOS National Committee Philippines

ICOMOS is the official international organization of heritage conservation

The Videos:

About ICOMOS Philippines
Sep 16, 2020 ICOMOS Philippines Youtube
ICOMOS Philippines is the duly recognized National Committee of ICOMOS International in the country. As part of the ICOMOS global network of cultural heritage experts, members of ICOMOS Philippines have been working with various local and international institutions and organizations, both government and non-government, by providing technical assistance in various fields of heritage conservation.

Augusto Villalon: A History of ICOMOS and ICOMOS Philippines

When Communities Engage – Tools for Community Participation in Heritage
July 7, 2020 ICOMOS Philippines Official
How does archaeology improve the lives of communities that live in and around these precious cultural sites? What are the tools and approaches in archaeology that are used for learning and public engagement and are these tools still valid given the pandemic?

Rethinking Monuments in the Philippines
Sep 19, 2020 ICOMOS Philippines Official
Lila Shahani September 14, 2020
A conversation on the current crisis of monumentality and racial reckoning. Broadly put, what is the relationship between monuments and historical commemoration? Who or what do these monuments celebrate and what do they leave out?

Look more Videos from ICOMOS

Philippine Historical Association

The National Historical Institute - NHI
an arm in the culture and development agenda of the government

Pambansang Sinupan ng Pilipinas

NLP Building, T. M. Kalaw Street, Ermita, 1000 Manila

13 million Spanish documents, 60 million cataloged public documents

Look RA 9470 - National Archives of the Philippines Act of 2007

and Discovering Philippines - Spanish Archives


in the album Cebu & Visayan - Heritage, Legacy & History

National Archives of the Philippines

Cebu from 1600 to 1898

The documents and papers about Cebu from 1600 to 1898 that are kept by the National Archives of the Philippines!

Historical Photos

in the album Cebu & Visayan - Heritage, Legacy & History

Historical Photos from Cebu

Many of the photos are from Philippine History Buffs. All descriptions are from uploaders

Look all 125 different photos

There´s missing a description of many of the photos, so if you can help with one or more or a change to a wrong, we will be glad, please SEND a MESSAGE

Cebuano cultural heritage
Cultural and Historical Affairs Commission, CHAC
CHAC is a catalyst for Cebuano cultural heritage providing the best opportunity in art, culture and history within the community, instilling pride and sense of identity and unity among cebuanos as well as among the Filipinos.
The heritage of Cebu

Historical Markers Unveiled

Three historical markers from the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) were unveiled yesterday for the Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragosa Church in the southern town of Sibonga, the University of the Philippines - Cebu College administration building, and the Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) building in Magallanes Street.

Heritage Conservation Society Online database of built heritage resources in the Philippines

Many photos and informations of Heritage buildings & Landmarks

The facebook

Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage in Philippine Society

Aurora Roxas-Lim

Philippine Special Maps

About e.g.

Maps of Philippines - Historical from 1700 to 1965

Remark these are albums in the album Maps of Philippines

Ibanag Heritage Foundation Inc. - IHFI


Religious and Beliefs

Programs, Projects and Activities

Baao - Camarines Sur

Historical and Cultural Society

The society has been established to promote research on the history and culture of the town of Baao, Camarines Sur, so as to preserve its rich historical and cultural heritage, and to cherish the memory and legacy of its illustrious people.

Philippine Heritage Watch Philippine Heritage Watch

Heritage mistakes and disasters so that the public may know

New species of ancient human discovered in the Philippines
Michael Greshko and Maya Wei-Haas April 10, 2019

Dubbed Homo luzonensis after the island of Luzon where its remains were found, the species is one of the most important finds that will be out in the coming years, one scientist predicts.
A previously unknown human species has been discovered after 13 fossil bones and teeth were excavated in a cave in the Philippines.

After Homo luzonensis discovery, scientists heading back to Callao Cave
Shaira Panela February 05, 2020
'We would like to find more diagnostic human remains for further research on the new hominin species Homo luzonensis,' says the research team who will be digging again in Callao Cave for 6 weeks

Diggings in Philippine cave find new early human species
Agence France-Presse April 11, 2019

A new species of Homo from the Late Pleistocene of the Philippines
10 April 2019
A hominin third metatarsal discovered in 2007 in Callao Cave (Northern Luzon, the Philippines) and dated to 67 thousand years ago provided the earliest direct evidence of a human presence in the Philippines.

The Videos in the album Homo luzonensis

Cordillera Cultural Heritage

College Vice President, MPSPC
Council of Elders, Igorot Global Organization
Look it as pdf HERE or as Video

The Videos:
Baguio City - Portrait Of A Hill Station


The Attul of Banghallan - Lagawe, Ifugao

The Home of the Early Terrace Builders in Ifugao
"The Early Terrace Builders became resilient with the demands of time... They have learned from the remnants of landslides and from every drop of soil that falls along the paddies of the fields"

Remark the videos are albums in the album Cordillera Cultural Heritage


‘Ang Misteryo ng Kamhantik,’ dokumentaryo ni Kara David (full episode)
Dec 8, 2016
Isa sa pinakamataas na bundok sa Bondoc Peninsula ay ang Mt. Kamhantik ng Mulanay, Quezon. Ang pangalan ng bundok na ‘Kamhantik’ ay mula sa salitang ‘kampo ng hantik,’ hango sa mga naglalakihang hamtik na matatagpuan sa lugar. Ngunit nitong mga nagdaang taon ay may nadiskubreng misteryo sa lugar na sumasalamin sa kasaysayan ng lugar.

1,000-year-old village found in Philippines
The remains of a 1,000-year-old village have been discovered in the Philippines

Limestone tombs of Kamhantik

The peopling of the Philippines The peopling of the Philippines

Gaillard & Mallari

Culture of Ancient Filipinos The Culture of Ancient Filipinos

The Philippines Before Spain

The ancient society

"Ifugao Law" Heritage: The Ifugao Law (1919) - culture - traditions with many good photos
New Perspectives on the Manila Trade, c. 1640–1780
Birgit Tremml-Werner

Manila's far-reaching connections based on the trade in saltpeter have received little attention in the entangled histories of the Indian Ocean and the China Seas.


Remark these are albums in the album Cebu & Visayan - Heritage, Legacy & History

The Journey - Cebu Legacy - How It Came to Be!

These Videos contains the historical information of Cebu's favorite historical tourist spots.


Cebu prior to World War II

Oh Cebu pagkatahum mo kaniadto


Historical Photos from Cebu


Toledo City Heritage


Philippine Cultural Heritage Tour

Cebu Southeastern Cultural Heritage Tour September 13, 2009


An Educational Tour: A Heritage Trail to Southwest Cebu


Iloilo Heritage Sites

Iloilo: Promoting heritage through cultural identity
Iloilo is home to decades-old churches and Spanish-era houses, but a group of citizens passionate about heritage want to do more to promote the province’s cultural treasures.
Nov 13, 2014
'Visi-Tour' along Iloilo City's historic sights
Jul 24, 2017
A local biking community hopes to promote cycling by holding 'Visi-Tours' - a tour-by-bike to the famed tourist spots of the city.
Why is Iloilo important in PH history?
For the second straight year, President Aquino chose to celebrate Independence day outside Metro Manila. Jun 11, 2015
Panubli-on: The Iloilo Heritage

The old town of Molo: A secure place in history
Sep 13, 2021 Vic Salas
Formerly a separate municipality but incorporated as a district of Iloilo City in 1903, Molo is both old and historic and has been dubbed The Athens of the Philippines. Look this great article as pdf

The Fabulous Spanish Heritage of Tigbauan, Iloilo

Spanish Heritage in The Philippines
Many good informations and photos

Boljoon Heritage

Our Town: Boljoon

Picturesque Old Philippines
Buhay Pinoy Noon Collection of old pictures from black and white or color prints
Baliktanaw Baliktanaw - Filipino Past in Pictures

“BALAYAN", the name of an old town and of vast province Batangas in 1581, which has been figured out here as the center of the ancient country Mai-I


Artifacts, etc. that shed light into history and ancient customs
Philippine Artifacts Uploaded on Dec 26, 2011

Mga Yaman ng Guyangan Mar 18, 2014

Artifacts from ancient shipwreck Jul 21, 2015

Artifacts discovery might lead to lost tribe

Experts at the National Museum in the capital Manila are studying the burial urns from a tribe that lived in the Philippines over 2,000 years ago, in what could be a major archaeological discovery.

The pottery has human faces that show emotions, Eusebio Dizon, head of the archaeological unit at the National Museum

Polished Stone Adzes from Ille Cave at El Nido, Palawan Island

Alfred F. Pawlik, University of the Philippines, ASP

Tabon Man

the oldest known fossil age of about 47,000 years remains of Homo sapiens in Southeast Asia — a portion of a human tibia — is from the Tabon Cave near Quezon, Palawan

The Tabon Man refers to a particular set of human remains, specifically of the species Homo sapiens - the “intelligent” or “modern” man – believed to be the first man in the Philippines.

The Code of Kalantiaw

LAPU LAPU - datu of Mactan Lapu Lapu - and the Battle of Mactan

Documentary by Jay Taruc - 16 May 2018
For the first time in Philippine television, I-Witness will trace his roots. Documentarist Jay Taruc travels from Manila to Cebu in search of Lapu Lapu's identity, his culture, and his legacy that will put him in his rightful place in the annals of our Philippine history.
Ferdinand Magellan and the Battle of Mactan
The History Guy Apr 6, 2017
The History Guy reveals the fate of Ferdinand Magellan and the forgotten history of the 1521 Battle of Mactan.
History from the Archives: The Historical Lapulapu
Feb 21, 2021 Danny Gerona
This episode of the History from the Archives explores the historical Lapulapu, a man whose life has been long embedded in myths and legends with very little historical substance other than the few lines mentioned in Antonio Pigafetta’s chronicle of the Magellan expedition.
Historian fact-checks Bong Go who claimed Lapu-Lapu was from Mindanao
Apr 30, 2021 ANC 24/7
Matters of Fact: A Cebu-based archeologist fact-checks Senator Bong Go, who falsely claimed that Lapu-Lapu, widely considered as the first hero of the Philippines, was actually from Sulu in Mindanao, not Cebu. Dr. Jobers Bersales of the University of San Carlos says there's no evidence to back up the lawmaker's claim.

Massacre in Cebu
Ambeth R. Ocampo May 12,2021
While history is mainly built on narratives from verified facts, we should also be sensitive to its silences. For example, our focus on the Victory at Mactan on April 27 obscures the Massacre in Cebu on May 1 in an event that we cannot be too proud about.

NHCP: No historical accounts on birthplace of Lapulapu
Delta Dyrecka C. Letigio April 30,2021
The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) has released a statement over the debate on the origins of Cebuano hero, Datu Lapulapu.
The debate was brought by a controversial statement of Senator Christopher “Bong” Go, who claimed in his speech during the Kadaugan sa Mactan celebrations on April 27, 2021, that Lapulapu was a Tausug sent by the Sultanate of Sulu to check on the arriving Spaniards in Cebu.

FALSE: Lapulapu was from Mindanao
Apr 28, 2021 Ryan Macasero - with Videos
At the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Mactan on Tuesday, April 27, Senator Bong Go claimed that Lapulapu, the chieftain of Mactan, was actually from the Tausug ethnic group of Mindanao.

Lapulapu: Hero behind the myth
Ador Vincent Mayol April 25, 2021
He is widely celebrated as the first Filipino hero.
But apart from successfully warding off Spanish invaders 500 years ago, very little is reliably known about Lapulapu.

The Death of Magellan, 1521

How and where the body of the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan was buried after the Battle of Mactan in 1521.

Look also HERE and the Videos Kadaugan Sa Mactan

Duterte to confer 'Order of Lapu-Lapu' on supporters of his advocacies
Pia Ranada April 17, 2017

Executive Order Number 17 fulfills the President's campaign promise of elevating the stature of Bisaya heroes.



A Sojourn in Culture, History, Heritage etc. - Apr 15, 2015

Remark this is an album in the album Calabarzon in the album Great places to visit

 History of the Philippines

Most of the videos in these sections are albums in Filipinos & the Philippines, Provinces, Cities, Etc. during old times and then or in the album Philippine History

IMPORTANT look also the sections - pages - etc.

Ferdinand E. E. Marcos' Martial Law _etc.

First Quarter Storm of 1970 & Diliman Commune 1971

The Aquino assassination - The EDSA Revolutions - Etc.

EDSA People Power II, January 16 to 20, 2001 and
The rise and fall – and rise – of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo - the fall of Alvarez

Change is here - Dark Days of Authoritarianism - A petty dictator - Etc.

go to main overview

Historical Overview Philippines Law

Historical Overview until 2004
Ifugao Law

R. F. Barton - 1919

Many great information and photos from that time of the Ifugao - Bontoc people

Look version 2 of the same book here: Ifugao Law

version 2 look like a copy of the original book

More than 400 maps

Maps of Philippines, islands, Cities - Municipalities & Barangays - Etc.

e.g. Maps of Philippines - Historical from 1700 to 1965

AND much more

 in the album A paradise of 7107 islands


Map considered 'birth certificate' of Philippines
Sep 13, 2020 ANC 24/7

Stunning works from notable Filipino artists are up for grabs in the Leon Gallery Auction this month. Among them four ancient maps including the first-ever map to use the word "Filipina" to name our country.


Pigafetta chronicles
Oct 15, 2019
For the first time, Filipinos can access the 4 manuscripts of explorer Antonio Pigafetta about precolonial Philippines right in the NHCP library, free of charge
Unlocking the mystery of Antonio Pigafetta Part 1 - 2
Jan 16, 2021 Danny Gerona
History from the Archives features the first in the two-part series entitled “Unlocking the Mystery of Antonio Pigafetta.” Drawing from archival and bibliographic materials from the legajos (bundles) on the Magellan expedition in the Archivo General de Indias in Seville, the transcriptions of Martin Fernandez de Navarette in Museo Naval in Madrid. But of greatest interest is a copy of a rare Pigafetta manuscript with his signature kept in a library in Vicenza (home city of Pigafetta) which for the first time will be shown here.

Sarangani town puts marker where Magellan’s surviving crew dropped anchor 500 years ago
Aquiles Z. Zonio February 13, 2021
A historical marker will be installed here on a hill overlooking Nanga cove of Purok Mabuhay in the coastal village of Batulaki where the surviving crew of Magellan, by then led by Sebastian El Cano, dropped anchor on October 26, 1521.


The collective stories of the Filipino people
GMA Public Affairs Sept 21, 2019

They have been a repository of ancient books and documents for over 400 years. Within the books’ pages lie hidden stories of national heroes, friars, workers and land owners. They are the stories not only of great men but also of women.

Look the FULL description in English an Filipino languages

David Rumsey Map Collection

Slowly to load, but...

So many good old historical maps etc. of Philippines

The Murillo Velarde map

Ever heard of the 1734 Murillo Velarde map and why it should be renamed?
Sofia Tomacruz September 20, 2019
Historian Ambeth Ocampo says it should instead be called the 'Velarde-Bagay' map to highlight the contribution of its Filipino engraver Nicolas dela Cruz Bagay

Mother of all Philippine Maps
Carta Hydrographica y Chorographica de las Islas Filipinas (Spanish, "Hydrographical and Chorographical Chart of the Philippine Islands"), more commonly known as the Murillo Velarde map, is a map of the Philippines made and first published in Manila in 1734 by the Spanish Jesuit cartographer Pedro Murillo Velarde, and two Filipinos; engraver Nicolás de la Cruz Bagay and artist Francisco Suarez. The World Digital Library describes it as the "first and most important scientific map of the Philippines". It is frequently referred to as the "Mother of all Philippine Maps"

The Video - Etc.: 1734 Murillo-Velarde map shows Scarborough Shoal, Spratlys

Special - Issue: Culture - Customs - Traditions e.g.

The Philippines Then and Now

History of the Philippines

Timeline of History of the Philippines

History of the Philippines (Before 1521)

Laguna Copperplate

The Laguna Copperplate Inscription, short LCI, was discovered in 1989 by Alfredo E. Evangelista a sand laborer working on Lumbang River near the outlet to Laguna de Bay found a plate in Barangay Wawa, Lumban, in the Laguna province. The Laguna Copperplate Inscription (also shortened to LCI) is the earliest known written document found in the Philippines.

The Video and about Tondo

which is one of the oldest historically documented settlements in the Philippines. Scholars generally agree that it was mentioned in the Laguna Copperplate Inscription

Trade and its historical trend between China and the Philippines in the late Ming Dynasty
LI Qing, School of Humanities, Zhejiang University

With its opening in the 1570s, the trade between China and the Philippines began to grow speedily, and a large amount of silver flowed from the newly discovered America into China. In order to gain more profits from this trade, Governor of the Philippines, Gonzalo Ronquillo de Pe1alosa, carried out the new customs policy known as almojarifazgo in 1581.

Philippine Progress Prior to 1898

Austin Craig and Conrado Benitez

A Source Book of Philippine History
To Supply a Fairer View of Filipino Participation and Supplement the Defective Spanish Accounts

A History of the Philippines, David P. Barrows

One of the best full articles from ancient time to 1905 with many old maps, illustrations and photos

The What, How and Why of Philippine History

Look as pdf HERE

Society of Saint Pius X - District of Asia SSPX

A short Philippine History before the 1898 Revolution

1493-1898 THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS 1493-1898
A glimpse through history

Ancient and pre-Spanish Era
Pre-Spanish influence, modern day
Magellan and the Spanish influence
Americas first entanglement
The Japanese and WWII years
Americas final rule
Early Independence Period
The Marcos Era
The Aquino Years and Beyond

100 significant events in Philippine history

The First “Filipinos”

Early filipino in the pre-hispanic period

Filipino beliefs and practices before the arrival of the Spaniards.

look as pdf HERE or as Video

Remark this is an album in the album Philippine History

Pre colonial-period
Janina Demetria, Apprentice at Tomasian Cable Television (TOMCAT)

A look into our past settings, customs, practices and culture

Philippine History, Pre-Colonial Period

Economic Life

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The British Conquest of Manila
On October 6, 1762, the city of Manila was conquered by the British, starting a two year period of British rule. At around 4:00 a.m., under the cover of artillery fire, Colonel William Draper and his men entered Manila. This was the first time the Spaniards had been ousted from their Asian colony by a foreign power.
The conflict between the European powers during the period of 1756–1763 spilled over to their colonies in Asia. One of the outcomes was a two-year period of British control over the Philippine Islands.

Look in full size the map The Attack of Manila, october 1792 and the poster British-occupation

The Filipino Woman in Pre-Hispanic Times

La Mujer Indigena - The Native Woman - A description of the Filipino Woman during Pre-Spanish Time
Lorna S. Torralba Titgemeyer

Pre-Hispanic Marriage Customs

7 women who made Philippine history
Sofia Tomacruz March 24, 2020

Highlights of 7 Filipinas whose stories should be remembered

Download this great article: 7 women who made Philippine history

Rosa Sevilla de Alvero
Because of Rosa Sevilla de Alvero, Pinays can vote. But who is she?
March 4, 2020 Joy Rojas

The name Rosa Sevilla de Alvero may not ring a bell, but thanks to her, Filipinas have been able to exercise their right to vote.

Today in Philippine History, March 4, 1879, Rosa Sevilla was born in Tondo, Manila
On March 4, 1879, Rosa Sevilla de Alvero, educator, writer and one of the notable suffragists in Asia who fought for the Filipino women's right to vote, was born in Tondo, Manila.
She pursued her desired profession of being a teacher and graduated as "maestra superior" at Assumption College. Together with Pura Villanueva-Kalaw and Pilar Hidalgo-Lim, she lobbied and campaigned for woman suffrage.

What You Should Know About Rosa Sevilla de Alvero, Who Fought for Filipinas’ Voting Rights
Mar 4, 2021

Diego Silang and Maria Josefa Gabriela Cariño de Silang

Diego Silang y Andaya (December 16, 1730 – May 28, 1763)
 was a Filipino revolutionary leader who conspired with British forces to overthrow Spanish rule in the northern Philippines and establish an independent Ilocano state.

María Josefa Gabriela Cariño de Silang (19 March 1731 – 20 September 1763)
was a Filipina revolutionary leader best known as the first female leader of a Filipino movement for independence from Spain. She took over the reins of her husband Diego Silang's revolutionary movement after his assassination in 1763.

Finding Gabriela Silang in Abra
Aika Rey June 22, 2019
I was drawn to Abra's rolling hills and majestic waterfalls. But with the weather not cooperating, I found myself in a historical place instead

Cariño family's ancestral house

Revisiting the Basi Revolt of 1807:
Its Historical and Axiological Relevance
Jayson L. Antonio and Celerino F. Ancheta

The Basi Revolt also known as the Ambaristo Revolt, broke out in Piddig, Ilocos Norte, arising from the Spanish rulers' banning of the private manufacture of the local wine called basi.

As Ilocanos were forced to buy from government stores, wine-loving Ilocanos, led by Salarogo Ambaristo and Pedro Mateo, rose in revolt, which later spread to nearby towns.

Spanish troops eventually quelled the revolt on September 28, 1807.

The Video Basi Festival (Piddig) about the revolt.

Capital punishment in the Philippines

has a varied history and was suspended on June 24, 2006 - the second time since 1987.
Filipinos have mixed opinions about the death penalty, with many opposing it on religious and humanitarian grounds, while advocates see it as a way of deterring crimes.

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Philippine Revolution (English), read about it in Tagalog: Himagsikang Pilipino
Pinaglabanan Memorial Shrine Park: The Site of the First Battle of Katipunan

Pinaglabanan Memorial Shrine Park is a five-hectare park located in the city of San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines. It houses the Pinaglabanan Shrine (also known as War Arena Memorial, Spirit of Pinaglabanan, or Dambana ng Pinaglabanan) to commemorate the first battle of the 1896 Philippine Revolution that happened on that site August 30, 1986, when the Katipuneros (revolutionary movement founded by Andres Bonifacio) lay siege to an arms storage facility, called the almacen de polvora, that belonged to the Spanish Colonial Government and the El Deposito.

The NHCP manages the shrine and two public museums located near the grounds:
Museo El Deposito and
Museo ng Katipunan Pinaglabanan Memorial Shrine MK PMS

LOOK: San Juan restores Pinaglabanan Memorial Shrine, the city’s pride
Janella Paris August 24, 2019
The National Historical Commission of the Philippines - NHCP is digging through the Spanish-era water tunnels under the memorial grounds, and hopes to open it to visitors by early 2020


Museo El Deposito - Philippines' first water reservoir

Revival of the Philippines' first water reservoir neglected for around 60 years
Manila Bulletin Online Nov 13, 2019
After more than 60 years of total neglect, El Deposito, one of the largest remaining Spanish artifacts recently excavated in the country will soon open its doors to the public in 2020.

The El Deposito was an old underground water reservoir in San Juan del Monte, now the city of San Juan in Metro Manila, Philippines. It was built by the Spanish authorities in 1880 with a capacity of 15 million gallons to provide the residents of Manila and its surrounding areas with an adequate water supply. The reservoir was historically known as the site where the onset of the Philippine Revolution through the Battle of San Juan del Monte took place in 1896


Water runs deep at Museo El Deposito
Din M. Villafuerte - March 02, 2019


Things to know about Filipino Heroes
Emilio Jacinto y Dizon - 15 December 1875 – 16 April 1899
was a Filipino General during the Philippine Revolution. He was one of the highest-ranking officer in the Philippine Revolution and was one of the highest-ranking officers of the revolutionary society Kataas-taasan, Kagalang-galang na Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan, or simply and more popularly called Katipunan, being a member of its Supreme Council.

Emilio Jacinto: The hero of the Battle of Pasong Tamo
Severino Samonte April 17, 2019

The Video: Emilio Jacinto’s historical landmark has been made visible to the public

The unsung heroes who fought for Philippine independence
June 12, 2017
It’s high time we recognize some of the lesser-known Filipino heroes who fought for our sovereign nation.
Aside from the well-known heroes Rizal, Bonifacio, Jacinto, and Mabini, there are countless other Filipinos who bravely stood in the face of death in the name of the country. Here are just a few of them.

Rizal Family
Ana Marie Lee Oct 2, 2017

This is the Revised Version about Rizal's Family.
This video includes Jose Rizal's parents and his siblings whereabouts.

Jose Rizal - His life and His works
José Protacio Mercado Rizal Alonso y Realonda, June 19, 1861 - December 30, 1896
Look it as pdf HERE


Jose Rizal Shrine and Museum

Jose Rizal and His Lovers

Reading, understanding, and appreciating Rizal
Jorge Mojarro June 24, 2018
Admiring Rizal without understanding him is a kind of empty nationalism and blind devotion

Rizal’s Paintings
Jose Rizal was a great painter as well. Here is a list of known paintings by Rizal.

Rizal as an artist

New book reveals Rizal as master carver
Edgar Allan M. Sembrano March 23, 2021
Celestino Palma III’s ‘José Rizal: Sculptor’ highlights important works of art, an aspect of the national hero obscured by his other achievements
Often obscured by numerous published works which mostly discuss his political and nationalistic life, José Rizal’s role not as a writer or hero, but a sculptor of many important works in Philippine art, is the highlight of a newly released book.
“José Rizal: Sculptor” by Celestino Palma III, edited by Ambassador José Maria Cariño, historian and author of award-winning books on Philippine history, art and culture, is published by Reyes Publishing and sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Videos

Jose Rizal´s life, work, writing
He is considered a national hero and the anniversary of Rizal's death is commemorated as a Philippine holiday called Rizal Day.
Artworks of Dr. Jose Rizal
Historical reactions to the publication of Rizal's two novels - Philippine - Spain 100 Years Ago
Love Story of Jose P Rizal - Girlfriends - Women in Rizal's Life
Rizal, The Mason
Oct 10, 2012 Honeylane Lim for education - Look also below

Look more HERE and about Rizal Day

The Irish connection: Josephine Bracken and Jose Rizal
Vising B. Kennedy, Roots & Wings November 03, 2016

Where and when did Josephine Bracken arrive from Ireland to the Philippines? How did fate bring them together?

July 6, 2017
Dr. Jose Rizal’s affection for Germany and its people is evident in his many travels in his “scientific mother country.” For more than a year, he moved from city to city, admiring the beauty of the cities along the banks of the Rhine and immersing in many intellectual pursuits in other parts of the country.
Berlin, the capital, is where Dr. Rizal’s most pivotal literary work, Noli Me Tangere, first came off the press, eventually paving the way for Filipinos’ pursuit of independence from Spain.
The map features illustrations by June Digan and was designed and laid out by Berlin-based artist Jenny Peñas. It can be downloaded from the Embassy website through this link: http://philippine-embassy.de/rizal-trail-in-germany/rizal-map/ or HERE.

Rizal's life in Germany revisited through new map
Carol Ramoran June 19, 2017
The Philippine embassy in Germany launches an illustrated map retracing Jose Rizal's adventures in the European country.

The Execution of Dr. Jose Rizal
Riz del Rio Feb 22, 2012
A few minutes before seven on the morning of December 30, Dr. Jose Rizal walked from Fort Santiago to Bagumbayan Field (now the Luneta). His arms were tied behind his back. “His head was erect, his conscience was clear, and there was a smile on his lips.” Beside him walked Lt. Luis de Andrade, who had defended him in the trial, Fathers Vilaclara and March. Before and behind him were soldiers.
Look it as pdf HERE

Rizal's execution: Little known facts
Raymund Catindig December 29, 2010

The Video: Virtual reality history at the Ayala Museum
August 10, 2017
How did the big idea of Jose Rizal's execution in virtual reality evolve? How is technology changing the way curators present art and culture?


Rizal's execution and the revolution
Dec 29, 2014 Malu Maniquis
The LOST FOOTAGE of Jose Rizal execution in 1896
Jul 3, 2013
Jose Rizal Shrine and Museum
Calamba Laguna

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The Videos

Remark this is an album in the album Jose Rizal´s life, Novels & Women in Rizal's Life in the album Philippine History

Bust of Jose Rizal unveiled in Prague
June 27, 2018
Rizal’s bust was created by Filipino sculptor Jose Giroy, apprentice of National Artist Napoleon V. Abueva

This manga is about our very own Jose Rizal
TORICO, CCC June 19, 2018
Jose Rizal spent over 6 weeks in Japan on his way to Europe in 1888 – enough time for the Philippine hero to learn the local language and reportedly romance a local.
Manga is a distinct style of comics that originated in Japan.


Heneral Rizal
Tanghalang Pilipino August 17, 2020

Heneral Rizal recounts the story of our national hero’s elder brother, Paciano. History books and other references have regarded Paciano as the ever-supportive brother of Jose Rizal; but unbeknownst to many, he was a General who had close relations with both Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Jacinto, coordinating various military operations. His bravery was greatly exhibited when he led the forces that liberated Calamba. In this highly-charged and deeply-emotional monologue, Heneral Rizal chronicles the Philippine revolution in the lens of the noble General.

Look also this article


Unsung female patriots during the Philippine revolution

Both Marcela Marcelo and Trinidad Tecson are unsung heroes of the Philippine revolution. Despite monuments built in their name, their contributions remain unknown to many. Nov 27, 2014

Republic of Candon

Don Isabelo Abaya, the local hero, banded with a handful of Candonians to fight the Spaniards at dawn in the now famous “Ikkis ti Candon” (Cry of Candon). His group successfully entered the Municipal Cazadores March 25, 1898 to affect a Spanish surrender and declared Candon as an independent republic, a full three months before the Philippine national uprising in Biak na Bato.

Republic of Biak-na-Bato

officially referred to in its constitution as the Republic of the Philippines, was the first republic ever declared in the Philippines by the revolutionary Emilio Aguinaldo and his fellow members of the Katipunan. Despite its successes, including the establishment of the Philippines' first ever constitution, the republic lasted just over a month.

The life and legacy of Apolinario Mabini

Apolinario Mabini y Maranan (July 23, 1864 - May 13, 1903) was a Filipino revolutionary and lawyer who served as its first prime minister until May 1899. In Philippine history texts, he is often referred to as "the Sublime Paralytic", and as "the Brains of the Revolution."

Look also HERE, HERE, HERE


1896 Mga Unang araw ng Rebolusyon

The Revolution was actually planned months earlier. However, Aguinaldo, et al were against it and wanted to consult first Dr. Rizal in Dapitan. The 2 months delay led to the uncovering of the secret society. 500 members of KKK, La Solidaridad and La Liga Filipina were arrested, includng brothers Antonio and Juan Luna. Before further arrests, Bonifacio and the Supreme Council decided to launch the revolution. Aug 24, 2015 Malu Maniquis


HENERAL LUNA, The Movie (Edited for Educational Viewing)
For additional and amazing information about Antonio Luna and about the movie itself, follow the link: HERE


General Luna - full movie
Feb 1, 2018

Rare letter details Juan Luna’s life in prison
March 09, 2018

Read the artist's letter in full here


Ang Huling Heneral, Simeon Ola
Jan 6, 2017 with English subtitles

Hindi lang ang mabagsik na si Heneral Antonio Luna ang ayaw sumuko sa puwersang Amerikano isang siglo na ang nakalilipas. Sa Bicol, may isang heneral na hindi nagpadaig sa mga mananakop. Hindi siya sumuko sa kabila ng sunod-sunod na pagtiklop ng mga rebolusyonaryong Pilipino. Matagal siyang “wanted” ng mga Amerikano. Mahirap mahuli, madaling maglaho. Siya si Heneral Simeon Ola.

  Emilio Aguinaldo - March 22, 1869 – February 6, 1964

was a Filipino revolutionary, politician, and military leader who is officially recognized as the first and the youngest President of the Philippines (1899–1901) and first president of a constitutional republic in Asia.

Aguinaldo, 94, Dies; Led Filipino RevoIts
FEB. 6, 1964

Emilio Aguinaldo - Contributions, Achievements & Death - Biography

16 Interesting Facts About Emilio Aguinaldo

The Video: Emilio Aguinaldo in the Filipino-American War

A short documentary, but not a nationally documentary on Emilio Aguinaldo, a leader in the Philippines during the Filipino-American War, also known as the Filipino Insurrection.

Aguinaldo Museum

The larger-than-life size statue of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo and the museum beside it is an interesting Baguio landmark which could be found at the upper end of Gen. Luna Road in a vicinity referred to by local residents as Jungletown.

The Videos

President Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine , Kawit, Cavite, Philippines
Secret doors, passageways, hiding places at the Aguinaldo Shrine
Jun 12 - 13, 2013
Tourdroid: An Augmented Interactive Tour Guide for the Emilio Aguinaldo Museum Using Android Devices

Why Cavite officials swear before this cross
Miriam Grace A. Go June 28, 2016

General Emilio Aguinaldo also took his oath of office as president of the revolutionary government on March 23, 1897 before the Santa Cruz de Malabon.
The room was in a convent in Tanza. The convent is now officially called the Panumpaang Bayan (Oath Taking Hall), and will soon officially become a shrine.


Life and Struggles of Andres Bonifacio

Look descriptions with English subtitles on the videos.

Malu Maniquis

Bonifacio Day

IN PHOTOS: Remembering the Supremo through monuments
Nov 30, 2020 Judiel Libot
Who’s that man wielding the bolo?
The image of Andres Bonifacio wielding a bolo, raring to lead revolutionaries in battle is firmly etched in most Filipinos minds.

FALSE: Andres Bonifacio not a rebel against government
Dec 29, 2020
Bonifacio, along with the Katipunan, sought to overthrow Spanish rule. He and members of the Katipunan were regarded as rebels.

Imprinting Andres Bonifacio: The Iconization from Portrait to Peso

Martyrdom of Andres Bonifacio

On May 10, 1897, our revolutionary hero, Andres Bonifacio and his brother, Procopio, were unjustly and brutally killed by the Magdalo faction. May 10, 2013

How Andres and Procopio Bonifacio were executed

May 10 is a significant date in Philippine History. This was the day our greatest hero Andres Bonifacio was executed by traitors to the revolutionary movement. May 10, 2015

Both videos Malu Maniquis

Macario Sakay y de León

was a Filipino general who took part in the 1896 Philippine Revolution against the Spanish Empire and in the Philippine-American War. After the war was declared over by the United States in 1902, Sakay continued resistance and the following year became President of the Republic of Katagalugan

Look the Biography and also HERE and the Video:

'Ang Huling Katipunero: Macario Sakay'

The Katipunan and Masonry

Rizal, The Mason

The Video:

How FreeMasonry influenced the fight for Filipino Independence

Isabelo de los Reyes
July 7, 1864 - October 10, 1938

You know labor unions, but do you know Isabelo de los Reyes?
Frank Cimatu May 01, 2017
The writer, labor activist, Aglipayan church founder, and politician from Vigan, Ilocos Sur, started the tradition of honoring the workers every May 1.
He might as well be the Father of Anthropology and Indigenous Studies in the country. He introduced Marxism to the Philippines. He was jailed among the anarchists in Europe. He fought the Catholic church by helping establish another.

Look also HERE

PADUGO Padugo - Veredigno Atienza

This article is about General Anacleto Enriquez, one of the founders of the Katipunan in Bulakan. He fought in the Philippine Revolution of 1896 against the Spanish colonial authorities. He and his men died in the bloodiest battle of the Philippine Revolution in the town of San Rafael, Bulacan. His life is a saga of exceptional courage and generosity.


in the album Religious beliefs - etc. outside the Roman Catholic Church

The Revolutionary & Filipino Church - 1 album (part 1 - 9)

From the Municipality of Pilar, Bantayan Island to Metro Cebu, know more about Iglesia Filipina Independiente.


KKK Movement, Revolutionaries and Philippine Independent Church


Look more about Philippine Independent Church



W. Cameron Forbes 1928, The Philippine Islands

SPAIN is one of those countries in which the division between the Church and the State is not clearly defined, and in which the Church has much too generally dominated the State. In the Philippine Islands this was the case to a marked degree.


Spanish American War In the Philippines
Sold like slaves, $2 per head
Ramon J. Farolan February 08, 2021

The month of February 1899 was a critical period in the history of our nation. It was on Feb. 6 of that year that the Treaty of Paris ending the Spanish-American War was ratified by the US Senate. It marked the end of the Spanish empire and the beginning of the United States as a world power.

The Matter of the Philippines

Luzon At War

Introduction to Milagros C. Guerrero’s book, Luzon At War: Contradictions in Philippine Society, 1898-1902


Forgotten Filipinos - The Filipino genocide

Photos of the American conquest of the Philippines, an episode also referred to as the Filipino Genocide. Soundtrack: Campanades a morts, by Lluís Llach.
Look the full description of the video
The rape of the Philippines
Kampana ng Balangiga
Bells of Balangiga
A short documentary about the epic quest of Balangiga.
History of US in the PHIL
Excerpts from Part 5 of Buhay at Pakikibaka ni Andres Bonifacio docufilm of Komiteng Bonifacio. This is the reason why Bonifacio's dream of a truly free an sovereign nation must be fulfilled by the present generation. It is our task. Narrated by Carol Araullo and Vencer Crisostomo. Chris Pforr as Pres. McKinley and John Gianvito as Sen. George Hoar.
Jun 2, 2015 Malu Maniquis

E. San Juan, Jr. Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Except during the sixties when the Filipino-American War of 1899-1902 was referred to as " the first Vietnam, " the death of 1.4 million Filipinos has been usually accounted for as either collateral damage or victims of insurrection against the imperial authority of the United States. The first Filipino scholar to make a thorough documentation of the carnage is the late Luzviminda Francisco in her contribution to The Philippines: The End of An Illusion (London, 1973).

The Balangiga massacre

as it is known in the Philippines, or the Balangiga affair, as it is known in the United States, was an incident in 1901 during the Philippine-American War where more than forty American soldiers were killed in a surprise guerrilla attack in the town of Balangiga on Samar island.

FAST FACTS: Balangiga Massacre
Alex Evangelista September 28, 2018
The Balangiga Massacre of September 28, 1901, is considered as one of the bloodiest events during the Philippine-American war

Philippine-American War, 1899-1902
Arnaldo Dumindin
CASUALTIES, February 4, 1899 - July 4, 1902:
Filipinos : 20,000 soldiers killed in action; 200,000 civilians died
Americans : 4,390 dead (1,053 killed in action; 3,337 other deaths)

The War Rages: Creation of Macabebe Scouts, September - October 1899
Arnaldo Dumindin - Look also HERE

Balangiga bells e.g. Balangiga bells brought to original church in Eastern Samar town after 117 years - Balangiga: A Tale of Two Nations

General Malvar Museum and Library
Miguel Malvar was the last Philippine general to surrender to the Americans at the close of the Filipino-American War.
Sto. Tomas, Batangas

The Video: Take a tour inside 'Museo ni Malvar'
A museum featuring the life and heroism of General Miguel Malvar in Batangas.

Philippine Scouts
was a military organization of the United States Army from 1901 until the end of World War II. Made up of Filipino-Americans assigned to the United States Army Philippine Department, these troops were generally enlisted and under the command of White-American officers, however, a handful of Filipino Americans received commissions from the United States Military Academy. Philippine Scout units were given a suffix of (PS), to distinguish them from other U.S. Army units.

About Philippines recommend to look much more photos and videos:

Philippine Scouts Heritage Society (Official)

Philippine Scouts Heritage Society

Cultural Changes during the American Period

What we used to do
What we didn’t do before
The bad influences

Look it as Video


(1860-1946) Maker of the Filipino National Flag Enshrined in Philippine history as the maker of the Filipino flag

The Commonwealth of the Philippines

also known simply as the Commonwealth and as the Philippine Commonwealth, was the political designation of the Philippines from 1935 to 1946 when the country was a commonwealth with the United States

Sakdalista The Sakdalista

(coming from the Tagalog word sakdal, meaning "to accuse") movement was founded in 1930 by Franc Josef "Ace" Templo Bautista and a right wing leader, Benigno Ramos, a writer and discontented former government clerk. Sakdal began as a fortnightly populist tabloid, with articles tackling issues which were of interest to the Philippine masses: corruption and mismanagement under the American-sponsored Nacionalista administration, immediate independence for the Philippines, and the land reform problem.


This is the Philippines, about 1936 +

Shows scenes at Santo Tomas University, Filipino military cadets in training, the Supreme Court, President Manuel Quezon, children on church, Moro tribesmen on Mindanao, General Pershing and General MacArthur, etc. Nov 10, 2015 by GovPH


4 albums in the album Historic speech circa 1920 & 4 July 1946 Proclamation of Independence
MANUEL LUIS QUEZON - Speech broad to the Filipino People circa 1920


Look the full description of the video

A Nation is Born The title says all - Jul 3, 2013 by GovPH
1946 Philippine Proclamation of Independence
1946 Ceremony Independence Day
Sovereignty of the Philippines

Manuel Luis Quezón y Molina

(August 19, 1878 – August 1, 1944) served as president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines from 1935 to 1944. He was the first Filipino to head a government of the Philippines (as opposed to other historical states). Quezón is considered by most Filipinos to have been the second president of the Philippines, after Emilio Aguinaldo (1897–1901).
Quezón was the first Senate president elected to the presidency, the first president elected through a national election, and the first incumbent to secure re-election (for a partial second term, later extended, due to amendments to the 1935 Constitution). He is known as the "Father of the National Language".


Facebook: Museo ni Manuel Quezon

Museo ni Manuel Quezon

Quezon Memorial Shrine

The Videos: President Manuel L. Quezon - Pangulong Manuel L. Quezon

Manuel L. Quezon Timeline

The Third Republic of the Philippines
was inaugurated on July 4, 1946. It marked the culmination of the peaceful campaign for Philippine Independence - the two landmarks of which were the enactment of the Jones Law in 1916 (in which the U.S. Congress pledged independence for the Philippines once Filipinos have proven their capability for self-government) and the Philippine Independence Act of 1934 (popularly known as Tydings-McDuffie) which put in place a ten-year transition period during which the Philippines had Commonwealth status.

Look also HERE

The Videos One of the videos can be look as pdf HERE or as ppt HERE

Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos, Sr.
(September 11, 1917 – September 28, 1989)

was a Filipino politician and kleptocrat, who was President of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986. He ruled as dictator under martial law from 1972 until 1981. While his regime started an unprecedented number of infrastructure projects and monuments (known colloquially as an "edifice complex" and at great taxpayer cost), it also became infamous for its corruption, extravagance and brutality.

U.P. history department slams president's attendance at Marcos event
August 31, 2018
The Department of History says the UP President's appearance at the event is an insult to the memory of those who risked their lives to fight martial law.

and MUCH more and many videos

'Ferdinand Marcos Day'

The Hero Who Fought Martial Law: Liliosa Hilao
March 14, 1950 – April 5, 1973 was a Filipina student activist who was killed while under government detention during Martial Law in the Philippines, and is remembered as the first prisoner to die in detention during martial law in the Philippines. She was a student of Communication Arts in the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

VP Robredo shares story of Martial Law’s first female victim
November 10, 2016
The approval of the Supreme Court (SC) to a hero's burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani has taken a great toll to the nation as Filipinos voice out their support and dismay to such decision.

PLM pays tribute to Liliosa Hilao
April 8, 2021 Gabriela Baron
The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) paid tribute to martyred student activist Liliosa “Lilli” Hilao as the university opened its dedicated gender and development (GAD) section.


The Presidents of the Philippines - From Aguinaldo to Arroyo

Emilio Aguinaldo was president of the short-lived Malolos Republic between 1899 and 1901. Although the republic never received foreign recognition, Filipinos consider Aguinaldo to be their first president.

Look more about the videos HERE
Life under Marcos: A fact-check

Was the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos the Philippines' greatest president ever, as his supporters claim? Separating fact from fiction, here was life under the Marcos regime. Sep 21, 2014 by/ABS-CBN News
Remark this is an album in the album Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos, Sr. - President, Dictator, Martial Law, Burial, Etc.
List of Presidents


The Life and Legacy of Benigno Simeon Aquino III
ABS-CBN News June 24, 2021

Remembering Noynoy Aquino
Jun 25, 2021 CNN Philippines
Join Pinky Webb on The Source as we remember late ex-President Noynoy Aquino

Pope Francis saddened over Noynoy Aquino's death
Jun 30, 2021 ANC 24/7
Pope Francis pays tribute to former Philippine President Noynoy Aquino. The pontiff recalled the late president's service to the nation and commended his soul to God.

President Noynoy Aquino in the eyes of his former staff
2021 June 30, INQUIRER.net
Reporter Neil Arwin Mercado speaks with former staff members of late former president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III. They share their fondest memories of the late president and debunk the biggest misconceptions about him.

FULL VIDEO Burial honors for former president Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III

The Video: Funeral Mass and burial of former Philippine president Noynoy Aquino
Two days after his death, the remains of former Philippine president Noynoy Aquino will be inurned at Manila Memorial Park in Sucat, Parañaque on Saturday, June 26. Look FULL TEXT: Archbishop Socrates Villegas' homily for Noynoy Aquino's funeral Mass

The Video: ‘Salamat PNoy’ commemorative stamp launched by PHLPost
3. aug. 2021 Manila Bulletin Online
A memorial stamp of the late President Benigno S. Aquino III will be launched by the Philippine Postal Corporation on August 2, the 40th day from his passing.

Ebook on Noynoy Aquino
Aug 25, 2021
'Salamat PNoy' features a compilation of testimonies of thought leaders hailing the life and work of former president Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino III
Salamat PNoy Volume 2 will be launched in October 2021 and contains personal memories from family, close friends, household staff, speechwriters, and close-in staff of PNoy.

PNoy memorial stamp to be launched
July 31, 2021 Deedee Siytangco

Duterte a no-show at Noynoy Aquino wake, funeral
Jun 26, 2021 Pia Ranada
Duterte did not drop by Aquino's wake at The Heritage Park in Taguig on Thursday, June 24, nor at the public viewing and Mass at the Church of the Gesu in Ateneo de Manila University on Friday.
He was not present at the funeral Mass on Saturday morning, nor at the burial at the Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque City.

WATCH: What Noynoy Aquino's death means for the Philippines
Jun 26, 2021 - with Video

Noynoy to be laid to rest beside Cory, Ninoy Aquino
Jun 25, 2021 Camille Elemia
The late former president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III will be laid to rest beside his parents, former president Corazon Aquino and democracy icon Ninoy Aquino, at the Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque City on Saturday, June 26.

Noynoy Aquino died a heartbroken man, says friend-priest
Gabriel Pabico Lalu June 25, 2021 - with Video
It appears that former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino had two heart problems before he passed away, a Jesuit priest who was also his friend said on Friday. Look the FULL TEXT of the Homily - with Video.

Former Philippine president Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III died on Thursday, June 24, at the age of 61.
Many updates and videos June26, 2021

The Video: Wake of former Philippine president Noynoy Aquino
The wake of former Philippine president Noynoy Aquino is held in the Ateneo de Manila University on Friday, June 25

The Video: The ANC Special Coverage on Former Philippine President Benigno Aquino III's Death. ABS-CBN News 24 June 2021

The Video: Dating Pang. Noynoy Aquino pumanaw na
ABS-CBN News June 24, 2021

Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino

Dream Big Books’ “Ninoy, Cory and Nonoy”

Publishing company Summit Books honored the late President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino by releasing free ebook copies of Dream Big Books’ “Ninoy, Cory and Nonoy” which was first released in 2012 written by Yvette Fernandez and illustrated by Abi Goy
Ref.: news.abs-cbn.com


Duterte’s Legacy
Duterte’s last 5 years as Philippine president
Jul 24, 2021
Rappler compiles some of Duterte’s most controversial moments that defined his legacy as president. Look also this article AND

Grading Duterte’s climate and environmental legacy
Jul 26, 2021 John Leo C. Algo

Duterte’s legacy, in his own words
Jul 14, 2021 Pia Ranada


Fiesta en Malacañán
fonsucu Jun 12, 2018

Fiestas in Malacañan given by different presidents.
Song: Fiesta by Los Valldemosa.

LIST: Who's been granted amnesty?
Alex Evangelista September 04, 2018

Take your pick: Administration allies Senator Gringo Honasan, MMDA boss Danilo Lim, and former customs chief Nicanor Faeldon were among those granted amnesty by previous presidents.
Previous Philippine presidents have used their power to grant amnesty to persons and groups “who may be guilty of political offenses,” often to facilitate peace processes or entice rebels to return to mainstream life.

FAST FACTS: What is amnesty?
Michael Bueza and Vernise L Tantuco September 04, 2018
Here's what you need to know about amnesty in the Philippines

The Yin and Yang of Philippine Documentary

Sonny Yabao and Alex Baluyut

From Cory to Noynoy: PMAers in the Cabinet

Michael Bueza Feb 21, 2015

Past Charter Change attempts and why they failed
Sofia Tomacruz January 17, 2018

Charter Change has been brought up by almost every administration since Martial Law

Kabataang Barangay: Get to know the forerunner of the Sangguniang Kabataan
Alex Evangelista August 30, 2018

Kabataang Barangay, headed by Imee Marcos, was established during Martial Law to develop young people according to the 'guiding philosophies of the New Society '

The Oakwood Mutiny
with Video
occurred in the Philippines on July 27, 2003. A group of 321 armed soldiers who called themselves "Bagong Katipuneros" (Filipino: New Katipuneros) led by Army Capt. Gerardo Gambala and Lt. Sg. Antonio Trillanes IV of the Philippine Navy took over the Oakwood Premier Ayala Center (now Ascott Makati) serviced apartment tower in Makati to show the Filipino people the alleged corruption of the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo administration.  - IMPORTANT read also the link in the article and HERE, HERE

The Videos

54 Oakwood mutineers to be freed in January next year
April 11, 2007

Oakwood Mutiny backgrounder
April 8, 2008
More than 300 junior officers and enlisted men took over the Oakwood Premier in the Ayala Center, Makati City on July 27, 2003.

LIST: Who's been granted amnesty?

Almost 300, including Duterte execs, freed due to Aquino amnesty
October 2, 2018

Trillanes and the Magdalo:
All grown up 15 years after Oakwood
Nikko Dizon DECEMBER 27, 2018
President Duterte's most popular nemesis in 2018 – opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV – comes from a political party that has learned its lessons the hard way - IMPORTANT read also the link in the article

Diokno's vision for PH as 'nation for our children' not yet realized
Jodesz Gavilan February 27, 2017

The daughter of the late statesman Jose Diokno says her father would urge Filipinos to 'stand firm, find our voice, and not seal our eyes' against injustices in the country if he were still alive.

Through 'Ka Pepe,' Sereno reflects on human rights in PH
Bea Cupin September 21, 2017
Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno raises the challenges confronting human rights today, as a monument of the late Jose 'Ka Pepe' Diokno is unveiled on the 45th anniversary of Martial Law

No cause more worthy: Ka Pepe Diokno's fight for human rights
Jodesz Gavilan September 21, 2017
Statesman Jose 'Ka Pepe' Diokno is regarded as the father of human rights advocacy in the Philippines

Diokno defined courage for the Martial Law generation
Ed Garcia September 19, 2017
On the 45th anniversary of martial law and some 30 years after his death, Jose Diokno lives on, his ideals and his dreams, and his deeply held belief that it is worth building 'a nation for our children'.

The Video:
Remembering Ka Pepe Diokno on his 30th death anniversary
Feb 27, 2017

FAST FACTS: Legacy of Jesse Robredo
Alex Evangelista August 16, 2018

Jesse Robredo's ‘tsinelas leadership' lives on, 6 years after his death

Jesse Robredo Quote and HERE

Jesse Robredo Institute launched to mold 'matino at mahusay' leaders
Mara Cepeda August 18 2020
Vice President Leni Robredo, the late DILG chief's widow, says she is confident the future graduates of the institute will carry on the legacy of her husband
The country now has an institute for leadership and governance that is aiming to develop a new breed of leaders guided by the principles of the late Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) chief Jesse Robredo.
On Tuesday, August 18 – exactly 8 years since the ex-DILG secretary died in a plane crash – the Jesse Robredo Foundation launched the Jesse Robredo Institute for Leadership and Good Governance (JRILGG).

Former Senate president Nene Pimentel dies at 85
Rambo Talabong October 20, 2019 - with Video

Malacanang hails Pimentel as a “giant among his peers”

Patriot, statesman, pillar of democracy: Tributes pour in for Nene Pimentel
October 20, 2019
Aquilino "Nene" Pimentel Jr, a courageous stalwart of Philippine politics and democracy, died on Sunday, October 20. He was 85 years old.
Former Senate president Nene Pimentel fought for the powerless and promoted the rule of law, and these fueled his staunch opposition to the Marcos dictatorship

Nene Pimentel's final homecoming
Bobby Lagsa October 24, 2019
Cagayan de Oro residents pay their last respects to the city's most illustrious son, former Senate president Aquilino 'Nene' Pimentel Jr

The Video: Remembering former Senate President Nene Pimentel

The Video: Family, friends remembering Nene Pimentel

The Video: Necrological Service for the late former Senate President Aquilino Q. Pimentel Jr. (Oct. 23, 2019)

The woman who competed with the best
'Letty' made a name for herself in diplomacy and politics, and championed culture and women's rights

Michael Bueza March 20, 2017 - with Video

A eulogy for Mom
Lila Ramos-Shahani March 26, 2017
Lila Shahani on mother Leticia: 'I wanted to birth her into the afterlife the way she had birthed me into this life. My only sentiment, throughout it all, was the deepest gratitude.'

Jovito Salonga (June 22, 1920 – March 10, 2016)
Michael Bueza March 10, 2016

Get to know more about the former Senate president and one of the country's greatest statesmen

Look also HERE, HERE and HERE

Remembering Raul Roco
October 26, 2014

Previously described as a 'warrior lawyer' who loves debate, Roco passses away on August 5, 2005 at the age of 63
"the best president we never had"
Some of Roco's best quotes are still relevant and useful in politics and governance.

'The Iron Lady of Asia' Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago
GMA September 29, 2019

Hindi maikakaila na si dating Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago ang isa sa mga politiko na may pinakamalakas na impluwensya sa taumbayan. Ngunit sino nga ba siya? Sa paglipas ng kanyang third death anniversary, kilalanin nang mas maigi ang tinaguriang "The Iron Lady of Asia" sa video na ito!

'Iron Lady' Who Ran Against Duterte in May's Election Has Died
Dominique Rowe September 29, 2019 - with Video

Warrior, patriot, lover of life: Remembering Gina Lopez
Aug 19 2019
Today we woke up, with the sun a little less bright and somehow the greens a little less vibrant. And it's because today we lost a warrior, a patriot, a lover of life and love but as we mourn, we will also celebrate the life that Gina Lopez led.
Her stint as environment secretary may have been brief but for many of Gina Lopez's colleagues, her legacy lives on in the initiatives she began. In this interview, former social welfare secretary Judy Taguiwalo recalls how Gina bravely stood her ground despite facing staunch opposition for her radical environmental initiatives, while anti-mining advocate Jaybee Garganera vows to see through what the late secretary had begun.

Gina Lopez Documentary "Genuine Love"
ABS-CBN News Aug 25, 2019
A DocuCentral Documentary shares the amazing and inspiring life story of well-loved environmentalist and philanthropist Gina Lopez.

Lessons on Philippine history, as inspired by Danding Cojuangco
Dom Balmes June 20, 2020
'Danding Cojuangco, together with the other architects, henchmen, and butchers of Martial Law, was politically accommodated, reintegrated, and allowed to partake in one way or another, in the restored democracy of the Philippines'
After all, he did survive and thrive after the revolution that ousted his master, dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Videos about the Philippine history of 490 years and more:

Philippine History of 490 Years

The videos that provides a concise history of the Philippines broken down into seven (7) sets of seventy (70) years.


Philippines in 100 years

A short video presentation of the history of the Philippines


Islamic History of the Philippines


Zamboanga 1936 - The film tells the story of the past

Look more and full description of and about the video

Remark this is an album in the album History and Film art in the album Introducing of Philippine Art - Etc.

These rare collection of historical images from the Philippines were taken in 1899.

Remark these are albums in the album Filipinos & the Philippines, Provinces, Cities, Etc. during old times and ...


Filipinas in the Spanish era

Oct 24, 2014 by/fonsucu


Philippines, the old times

Old places in the Philippines


60 Vintage Photos circa 1898-1901


Old Philippines 1900

Old Philippine Photos


Filipino during the old times

What have we become?


Nostalgic Old Philippines

Pictures from Old Philippines

Doubles-frame pictures are for the old fashoined Stereoscopy also called stereoscopic or 3-D imaging.


Philippines, Then and Now on High Definition Video Slide Presentation


Post-War Rehabilitation of the Philippines 1946
Jul 1, 2013

This video shows the post-war rehabilitation of the Philippines, which entailed close cooperation with the United States of America, and the active involvement of the Filipino public. Video courtesy of the President Manuel Roxas Foundation.


Philippines, Pearl of the Orient, 1948 & 1955


Philippine family life in 1956
MichaelRogge Jun 4, 2014

Seems a model family featuring in this old documentary film. A viewer informs me that the boy moved to Manila and his name is now Ramon Revilla. I hope to hear from him in his old age. Rowell Sumang reported that his hometown San Luis, Pampanga, is shown.


Spanish era pictures of Manila
Noong bata pa si Sabel


Nostalgia de Manila

years unknown


Manila antes y ahora, then and now
Mar 4, 2017
Cambia Manila
Canción: Todo cambia, por Mercedes Sosa


Manila en los años veinte

All by fonsucu


Remark these are albums in the album: Manila from 1800 to .... - Now


Metro Manila in 1800's, 1900's and 2000's
before and after. The present history sometimes funny.
8158Martin Feb 14, 2013


Old Manila 1800-1960


Manila en los años veinte
May 21, 2016 by/fonsucu


Why Manila heritage sites are in danger

Many heritage sites in Manila are in danger. It appeared at the hearing of the Senate Committee on Education Arts and Culture on the issue still controversial about Torre de Manila.
Sep 25, 2014


Pre - World War II


The maps Manila 1919 and Manila 1920


Battle of Manila - 2 sub-albums

The battle for the liberation of Manila waged from February 3 to March 3, 1945, between Philippine and American forces, and the Imperial Japanese forces is widely considered to be one of the greatest tragedies of the Second World War. One hundred thousand men, women, and children perished. Architectural heritage was reduced to rubble the City of Manila was the second most devastated Allied capital of World War II.
 Feb 11, 2015.

Look more about the Battle of Manila HERE


Manila - 1960s

During President Diosdado Macapagal & Pres. Ferdinand Marcos' First Term Era


Manila in the 1970s


Metro Manila then and now
Sep 16, 2017
Let's look back to the days when Metro Manila is not as populated as it is now.

Remedios Gomez Paraiso
From Beauty Queen to Rebel Hero: How Remedios Gomez-Paraiso Came To Be.
She was the town’s darling, the daughter of the then mayor of Mexico, Pampanga. She was a normal girl makeup, perfumes, dress-making, and dancing piqued her interest. She was also a title-holder. But on March 2, 1942, makeup turned into guns, dancing turned into fighting, and the beauty queen gained yet a new title: Kumander Liwayway.
Remedios Gomez-Paraiso, also known as the Philippines’ Joan of Arc, was a force to be reckoned with as she promised to avenge the death of her father against the hands of the foreign invaders. This sparked the flame in her heart and later on, she decided to join Hukbalahap or Hukbong Laban Sa Hapon.
She died in 2014, at age 95.

Kumander Liwayway
The commander who wore lipstick to war

Liwayway: Warrior who wore lipstick in gun battles
Tonette Orejas - Inquirer Central Luzon May 17, 2014

'Binibining Kumander'
March 22, 2019

the Videos:

Kumander Liwayway
A short film about the life of Remedios Gomez Paraiso.

Remembering Filipino WWII fighter 'Commander Liwayway'
ABS-CBN News 29 July, 2019

'Binibining Kumander'
GMA Public Affairs Mar 25, 2019

Ang kabayanihan ni 'Kumander Guerrero'
GMA Public Affairs Mar 27, 2019

The Bataan Death March - Martsa ng Kamatayan sa Bataan

was the forcible transfer from Saisaih Pt. and Mariveles to Camp O'Donnell by the Imperial Japanese Army of 60,000–80,000 Filipino and American prisoners of war which began on April 9, 1942
The march went from Mariveles, Bataan, to San Fernando, Pampanga. From San Fernando, survivors were loaded to a box train and were brought to Camp O'Donnell in Capas, Tarlac.
The march was characterized by occasional severe physical abuse. It was later judged by an Allied military commission to be a Japanese war crime.

Goebbels' diary shows he took note of Fall of Bataan
Geronimo Suliguin April 09, 2018

Entries in Joseph Goebbels' 1942 diary show the propaganda minister taking note of the fall of Bataan and quickly blaming MacArthur, and the Jews behind him.

Look also Death March Boxcar - Death March Survivors & Their Boxcar and HERE

The Videos in the album Bataan Death March & The battle of Luzon

About The Bataan Death March

Bataan Death March Survivor

Araw ng Kagitingan (Filipino for Day of Valor), also known as Bataan Day or Bataan and Corregidor Day


in the album Cebu & Visayan - Heritage, Legacy & History

Cebu WW II

The Fall of Cebu

May 23, 2012


The Liberation Of Cebu

Feb 3, 2012


Aeta Squadron 30, kilalanin!
GMA Public Affairs Sep 25, 2019

Alam n'yo ba na may isang grupo ng Aeta na lumaban noong World War II? Kilalanin sila sa video!

Look more about Aeta Squadron 30

The Kapisanan ng Paglilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas (lit. Association for Service to the New Philippines) or KALIBAPI, was a Filipino political party that served as the sole party of state during the Japanese occupation. It was intended to be a Filipino version of Japan's governing Taisei Yokusankai party.
Philippine Executive Commission - PEC
January 23, 2017
During the Japanese occupation, the Philippine Executive Commission was established, with Jorge Vargas as its first chairman.
The PEC formally abolished all political parties on December 8, 1942, by virtue of Proclamation No. 109 creating the "Kapisanan sa Paglilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas" (Association for Service to the New Philippines) or better known then as the "KALIBAPI."

Look also HERE

 ‘Comfort women’ and history
DAN STEINBOCK, January 15, 2018

Look also this story

Look - read all the links in the articles:

Official documents shed light on Tokyo's role in 'comfort women': Kyodo
December 7, 2019
The Imperial Japanese Army asked the government to provide one “comfort woman” for every 70 soldiers, Japan’s Kyodo news agency said, citing wartime government documents it had reviewed, shedding a fresh light on Tokyo’s involvement in the practice.

Japan comfort women sue PH government at U.N. body
Lian Buan November 30, 2019
Having exhausted all channels, including a suit at the Supreme Court, Filipino women raped and assaulted by Japanese soldiers in World War II run to the United Nations

Palace says woman's statue in Laguna part of freedom of expression
Sofia Tomacruz January 01, 2019
Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo adds although the public should commemorate sacrifices and lessons learned World War II, it would be 'counter productive' to antagonize Japan – a strategic ally of the Philippines

Japan’s discomfort with history and the PH dilemma
Lucio Blanco Pitlo III December 30, 2017
Japan should just allow the Filipinos the liberty to commemorate their history the way they want to, while it continues to do some soul-searching on how to come to terms with its own past

Statue of a comfort woman
Paterno Esmaquel II December 26, 2017
"Comfort women" refer to those turned by the Japanese military into sex slaves during World War II.

Duterte on comfort woman statue: 'You can place it somewhere else'
April 29, 2018
'It is not the policy of government to antagonize other nations,' says the President who repeatedly slams the US and the EU over a host of issues

Japan ties at stake over comfort woman statue
Paterno Esmaquel II January 13, 2018 - with Video
'You can't strengthen your relationship long term if you keep bringing up things that you think are settled,' Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano says.

Duterte won't act on comfort woman statue
Pia Ranada January 11, 2018
Malacañang says it does not regard the controversial statue as a 'diplomatic issue' and expresses confidence that bilateral ties between the Philippines and Japan will 'become even stronger' despite it.

IMPORTANT LOOK ALL the Videos in the album Comfort Women

Illustrated storybook teaches Filipino youth about comfort women
Apr 6, 2021 Ratziel San Juan
A new book serves as a literal example of art that comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable
The trauma of war leaves scars that burn long after the conflict has receded and everyone else has forgotten.
Moreover, the government’s invalidation of wartime narratives — of atrocity, of injustice — is enough to reopen old wounds.

Who was the true hero behind the salvation of Vigan from reduced to ashes, WWII?
"Pag-ibig sa Panahon ng Digmaan"
dokumentaryo ni Sandra Aguinaldo
May 4, 2016 with English subtitles

Noong panahon ng digmaan, pag-ibig ang itinuturong dahilan ng pagkakaligtas ng Vigan mula sa matinding pagkawasak."

Look also HERE

1942 - 1945

Tomorrow is the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. On September 2, 1945, with the formal surrender of the Japanese Empire, the Second World War officially ended.
September 1, 2015

The Philippines campaign of 1944–45
Operation Musketeer I, II, and III, the Battle of the Philippines 1944–45, or the Liberation of the Philippines was the American and Filipino campaign to defeat and expel the Imperial Japanese forces occupying the Philippines, during World War II.

The Video
Philippines Campaign, Battle for Luzon

Remark this is an album in the album Bataan Death March & The battle of Luzon

General MacArthur’s Dagupan HQ returns after restoration
Sep 11, 2021 Ahikam Pasion
The building was constructed in the 1930s during the American occupation, originally intended for student use
The West Central Elementary School I Home Economics (HE) Building, former headquarters of General Douglas MacArthur, opened on Wednesday, September 8, after two years of renovation.

MacArthur’s white bathtub remembered
Yolanda Sotelo January 10, 2017
This building once served as headquarters of Gen. Douglas MacArthur in Dagupan City, Pangasinan province, during the liberation of Luzon in 1945, but what visitors always remember is his white bathtub.

MacArthur’s command post in Dagupan and memories of World War II
April 25, 2021 Former House Speaker Jose C. De Venecia Jr.


Veterans Federation of the Philippines brief history
Nov 16, 2014

Remark this is an album in the album Constitution & Laws - Etc. of the Philippines

Filipino World War II Veterans


Fabian de la Rosa and His Time

Many historical sequences in the video from his time (May 5, 1869 - December 14, 1937)

Remark this is an album in the album Painters, Muralists, BodyPainters, Graffiti Artist and their works

Look more about Fabian de la Rosa

Don Jose Maria Nava, Sr.

The Forgotten “Great” Ilonggo Labor Leader
the greatest of them all

Kristine Sanchez
Bangsang Kapampangan

Essays on Kapampangan Nationalism

Culion - A Paradise Lost - A Paradise Regained

History of Culion Sanitarium and General Hospital

Culion Museum

Culion was called the Island of the Living Dead or the Island of No Return.

The visit to the museum at the Culion Sanitarium tells the story of Culion and makes you appreciate life as it is today.

History of Culion Sanitarium and General Hospital

The Culion Leper Colony Coinage


Ilocos Sur: An Illustrated History

A history book about Ilocos Sur authored by Ilocos Sur governor Deogracias Victor "DV" Savellano and illustrated by Philippine Star editorial cartoonist Rene Aranda and UP Fine Arts professor Bim Bacaltos.

You can buy the book here:
1. University of the Philippines Press, Diliman, Quezon City
2. Filipinas Heritage Library, Ayala Triangle, Ayala Ave., Makati City (in front of Manila Pen Hotel)
3. Ayala Museum Library, Makati Avenue cor. Dela Rosa St. Makati City
4. National Book Store


Olongapo City, Then and Now


Memories of Olongapo City


Clark Air Base - Past and PRESENT

Look the full descriptions of the videos : Past and PRESENT & Before Mt. Pinatubo Evacuation 


Far East Network - FEN Philippines

Far East Network served Clark Air Base, Subic Bay Naval Station and other U.S. military outposts.


Amerasians - Forgotten Filipino-American Children



A Story of Philippine's Oldest Radio Station

Look the full description of the video

This is an album in the album Radio & TV systems Etc.

Martial Law - Etc.

Look also ALL the Videos

Human Rights about Involuntary disappearances, extrajudicial killings and other human rights violations under the Marcos regime

go to overview

Republic Act 1700 - Anti-Subversion Act
Presidential Decree 885, which expanded RA 1700 to include other groups
Bantayog grounds and museum
This place in Metro Manila takes you on a gripping Martial Law tour
Rhea Claire Madarang September 21, 2016

This peaceful spot carries the weight of Martial Law memories
There are signs that this is no ordinary park, though: near the entrance stands a 14-meter-tall monument of a woman stretching her left hand up to the sky and her right hand holding a fallen man.
On a tarp amid the tree branches runs the words “Never Again, Never Forget.” And, at the end of the grassy expanse in the interior grounds is a long granite wall bearing hundreds of names.

The Video Bantayog ng mga Bayan, A Monument to Heroes

  Declaration of Martial Law

In September 23, 1972, at around 7:15 pm, President Marcos went live on national television and announced that he has placed the entire Philippines under a state of Martial Law by virtue of Proclamation No. 1081
Lifting of Martial Law, January 17, 1981
President Ferdinand E. Marcos decreed Martial Law officially lifted by Proclamation No. 2044a signed January 17, 1981 and
Proclamation No. 2045

REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10368, Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013


Look RA 10368 IRR

‘Habilin’: Remembering the unsung heroes of Martial Law
Aug 3, 2021 Sofia Virtudes

From beauty queen to tribal leader, these nine Filipinos braved the front lines of the movement against the Marcos regime
Martial Law under the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos was a dark chapter in Philippine history marked by state-sanctioned abuses and atrocities.


Sep 21, 2016
Hilda Narciso was a church worker during the Marcos dictatorship . She was abducted in Davao City in 1983. She was gang raped and even fed with rotten fish with worms by military men. After her release, she talked about her experience to start the healing process.

Healing the wounds of Martial Law
September 21, 2016
Hilda Narciso is repeatedly raped and molested during her detention. She healed from the mental and emotional wounds of torture by talking about her experience and helping others who have been victims of rape.

A Martial Law victim's story of healing
Patty Pasion September 21, 2016
Hilda Narciso was among the female detainees repeatedly raped while in detention. She recalls how she moved forward from the nightmare that was Martial Law.

The Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board (HRVCB)

The Video: 'Marcos burial won't affect reparation claims of martial law victims'
Nov 20, 2016

Marcos and Mindanao: The non-Moro zones
Patricio N. Abinales November 25, 2016
It was not just the Moros who suffered from the brutality of the Marcos dictatorship; all of Mindanao suffered. One would expect the country’s first Mindanawon president to at least acknowledge that.
First Quarter Storm of 1970 & Diliman Commune 1971

Look also Duterte gov’t ends 1989 deal barring troops from UP

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First Quarter Storm of 1970 & Diliman Commune 1971


First Quarter Storm 50th anniversary celebrations honors martyrs
kodao phils Jan 27, 2020
At the event signalling the year-long celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the First Quarter Storm of 1970 at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani in Quezon City last January 26, its surviving participants paid tribute to all their comrades in the historic youth and student-led series of massive protest actions that rocked the Marcos dictatorship. The FQS was the first big uprising that launched the national democratic revolution that still rages in the Philippines today. (Video by Jek Alcaraz/Kodao)

What was the First Quarter Storm? How did it change the Philippines?
Kirby Araullo Jan 24, 2019
Ferdinand Marcos used it as one of the reasons to justify his declaration of Martial Law over the Philippines... But what was it really about?

Lakad Gunita sa Pamantasang Hinirang: First Quarter Storm and Diliman Commune
Sep 25, 2019 TVUP
Ang Lakad Gunita sa Pamantasang Hinirang (First Quarter Storm and Diliman Commune) ay isang dokumentaryo na naglalayong sariwain ang aktibismo at ang mga pangyayaring naganap sa loob ng kampus ng UP Diliman sa panahon ng dating pangulo at diktador na si Ferdinand Marcos, bago ang kaniyang pagdedeklara ng Batas Militar noong 1972.
Tampok rito ang mga kwento ng mga estudyante ng UP at ang pito sa pinakamahahalagang gusali at lugar sa UP Diliman noong panahon ng diktadura. Ang mga gusaling ito ay nagsilbing saksi sa mga naganap na malawakang protesta ng mga mag-aaral, guro, at kawani ng Unibersidad mula Enero hanggang Marso 1970 na mas kilala bilang First Quarter Storm o Sigwa ng Unang Kwarto at ang pagkakatatag ng Diliman Commune noong Pebrero 1971.

A young Ibarra Malonzo leads student demonstration at UP Diliman - 1970
Jan 17, 2021 RareVideos@Random
A student rally (and interview) held by anti-imperialist, anti-US, anti-Marcos & anti-rich activist students at the Palma Hall of the University of the Philippines Diliman.
Date unknown but this was on the same reel featuring Senator Ninoy Aquino and based on both video contents, this was filmed after the First Quarter Storm.
CBS reporter is Bernard Kalb, student interviewed is then-UP student Ibarra Malonzo.
Malonzo is currently the president of the National Federation of Labor (NFL). Unfortunately he has been corrupted by the power and money he has gained since his activist days, earning millions of pesos in "bonuses" as a commissioner of the Philippine SSS (Social Security System) as well as a criminal indictment.

Diliman Commune in Photos
Feb 5, 2021 Bulatlat
Feb. 1-9, 1971, students, faculty and residents of the University of the Philippines staged a barricade around the Diliman campus to protest the oil price hike.
The Diliman Commune is hailed as the first ever display of mass resistance from the UP community during the Marcos administration.
Photos from Arkibong Bayan collection.

"Internasyunal/UP Naming Mahal" - Songs from the Diliman Commune (1971)
Jan 30, 2021 Canciones de Filipinas
The Diliman Commune is an uprising led by students, faculty members and residents of the University of the Philippines, Diliman (UPD), together with transport workers, on February 1-9, 1971, in protest of the three centavo increase in oil prices during the Marcos administration. The historic protest action was led by the UPD Student Council, the Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan (Democratic Association of the Youth, or SDK) and various fraternities, student organizations, faculty unions and community organizations.

A Timeline of the First Quarter Storm: Three Months That Shook the Nation
Justin Umali Feb 24, 2020
The first three months of 1970 were a time of intense unrest and upheaval that shook the country to its very core and changed its destiny for better or worse.

TIMELINE: First Quarter Storm
Reynaldo Santos Jr February 27, 2014
From January to March 1970, student leaders protest against the government of Ferdinand Marcos, prompting the declaration of Martial Law in 1972

This Week on People’s History: First Quarter Storm of 1970
January 31, 2019 - with Video

50 years after the First Quarter Storm
Boying Pimentel January 21, 2020

Diliman Commune
In January 1971, weekly protests (marked by barricades and rallies) were held by students in response to the rising price of fuel, which was ignored by the Philippine government during that time. On 1 February 1971, protesting transport workers joined the UPD community at the UPD campus to form a massive barricade that led to the disruption of classes and the entry of government forces in the campus.

Dear Sonny
Feb 8, 2021 Soliman M. Santos Jr
Kumusta, ka-batch? It’s been a long 50 years since we last saw you, laid to rest after your martyrdom that sparked the “Diliman Commune” – whose 50th anniversary is also being commemorated at UP beloved, kicked off by a Barikada Singkwenta cultural performance which also paid tribute to you. I am sure you never imagined it would come to this, no less than, well, your immortalization in history.

‘Diliman Commune’ a renewed symbol of resistance 50 years on
Raissa Robles in Manila 1 Feb, 2021
The eight-day uprising on a University of the Philippines’ campus looked to challenge the authority of soon-to-be dictator Ferdinand Marcos
It ended before protesters’ demands were met, but its repercussions can still be felt – and are becoming ever more relevant under Rodrigo Duterte

LOOKBACK: The Diliman Commune of 1971
Feb 1, 2021 Michelle Abad
Fifty years ago in February, University of the Philippines students put up barricades as cops forcibly entered the campus. What started as a peaceful solidarity strike with jeepney drivers over an oil price hike soon turned violent.

Diliman Commune: The Historic Barricade That Surrounded UP 50 Years Ago
'Raise high the barricades!'
Mario Alvaro Limos Feb 1, 2021
Fifty years ago from February 1 to 9, 1971, students and faculty of the University of the Philippines built barricades around the campus, in response to the three-centavo increase in oil prices in the Philippines. But it was more than just about oil prices. It was the culmination of years of unrest due to social inequities happening around the country and also a response to Ferdinand Marcos’ looming lust for power and his witch-hunting for communists. The event is now known as the Diliman Commune. Look - download the article

Remembering the Diliman Commune
Jire Carreon Jan 31 2021
Visual artist and professor Toym Imao puts the finishing touches on his art installation "Barikada" on Sunday at the Quezon Hall of the University of the Philippines Diliman in Quezon City. The artwork commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Diliman Commune -- an uprising led by students, faculty, residents and transport workers on Feb. 1, 1971.

What are the real political lessons of the Diliman Commune?
Feb 5, 2021 Joseph Scalice
February 1 to 9 marks the 50th anniversary of the “Diliman Commune.” In 1971, students erected barricades at the entrances to the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman campus, occupied buildings and facilities, and fought off incursions by military and police forces with molotov cocktails and inventive forms of resistance, holding the campus for 9 days.

The Aquino assassination, EDSA - The People Power Revolutions - etc.

Remark most of the videos in this section are in the albums in the album Philippine History or EDSA People Power Revolution or Ferdinand E. E. Marcos, Sr. - President, Dictator, Martial Law, Burial, Etc.

Look also IMPORTANT: Ferdinand E. E. Marcos, Sr. - President, Dictator, Etc.

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Edsa: 35 years later
Randy David February 21, 2021

This coming week, the nation marks the 35th anniversary of the Edsa People Power Revolution that overthrew the Marcos dictatorship and installed Cory Aquino to the presidency. This dramatic political event led to the writing of a new constitution that the Filipino people ratified in a nationwide plebiscite on Feb. 2, 1987, barely a year after Edsa.

Revolution not over, says FVR; local People Power commemoration rites urged
Jeannette I. Andrade February 25, 2021
Former President Fidel Ramos challenged Filipinos on the eve of the 35th anniversary celebration of the Edsa uprising to “keep ablaze the flame of nationalism and continue to embody the unparalleled spirit of the People Power revolution.”

The Video: Calls of "Never Again" take on new meaning 35 years after EDSA People Power
Feb 25, 2021
Activists march along EDSA on Thursday, February 25, to commemorate the 35th year of People Power. The commemoration is specially poignant today amid the government's red tagging and passage of a draconian anti-terror law. #EDSA35​ Video by Kris Angel Ditan

Catholic Church needs to help ‘deepen’ PH democracy
Feb 28, 2021 Jezreel Ines
After defending democracy in EDSA exactly 35 years ago, the Catholic Church now needs to help deepen the Philippines’ gains from the People Power Revolution of 1986, an expert said.
“Defending is just a first step. Deepening is a different story, and that is the challenge to our church these days,” said Arjan Aguirre, political science professor from Ateneo de Manila University, in an online forum titled "Usap-Usapang Kalayaan: Conversations on Freedom” on Wednesday, February 24.

EDSA at 35, or why we’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’
Mar 1, 2021 Joey Salgado
'We expected too much but worked too little to make [EDSA's] promise a reality'

ANALYSIS: How the US derailed Philippine history in 1986
Feb 26, 2021 Walden Bello

'The central role of the United States is now deliberately forgotten or minimized in the mythology of EDSA, but its derailment of a rising revolutionary movement had momentous consequences that played out over the last 35 years'

‘Editing’ Edsa: Battle rages online vs trolls, revisionists
Krixia Subingsubing, Mariejo S. Ramos February 25, 2021

Three days before its 35th anniversary, the 1986 Edsa People Power Revolution’s Wikipedia page was vandalized.


How a Cardinal Pushed the Democracy of the Filipinos
Feb 24, 2020 Manila Bulletin Online

History Professor Xiao Chua dissects how the late Jaime Cardinal Sin's broadcast message brought the Filipino people in unity during the height of the People Power Revolution of 1986

A nun in the revolution: Remembering, forgetting EDSA
Pia Ranada February 25, 2020
For Sister Helen, nothing beats physical activism in terms of impact. 'I think unless you get a mass of people out on the streets, nothing will change.'

FACT CHECK: Lies about EDSA revolution, Martial Law
February 25, 2020

February 25 marks the anniversary of the historic EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986, the “bloodless” series of protests that overthrew the 20-year regime of dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

LOOK BACK: The Aquino assassination
Jodesz Gavilan August 20, 2016 - with Video:
Ninoy Aquino Returns to the Philippines (30th death anniversary special)

August 21, 2017 marks 34 years since Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino Jr was killed at the Manila International Airport.
Considered one of the staunchest opponents of then president Ferdinand Marcos, Aquino was regarded as a contributing factor in the transformation of the small opposition during Martial Law. His assassination galvanized the opposition even more and drew widespread support for their cause, culminating in a People Power revolt in 1986.

LOOK this Video in HD AND also ALL the other Videos in the album Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino Jr. e.g.:

#Ninoy: Remembering a Hero - Full Airplane interview from August 21 1983

Tributes to Ninoy - Feb 25, 2017

Ninoy’s letter to Antonio Cuenco on June 27, 1983

Ninoy Aquino's Arrival Statement

Cory Aquino and the fall of Martial Law

Ninoy Aquino's indomitable spirit
Aug 20, 2021
Some of the late senator’s most notable soundbites from archive footage and documentaries so that Filipinos continue to remember Aquino's heroism and his contribution to Philippine democracy.

The History Remains at Aquino Center and Museum

PH commemorates 36th death anniversary of Ninoy Aquino
CNN Philippines Aug 21, 2019
The country commemorates the assassination of former senator Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino Jr. 36 years ago. We look back at Aquino's life and death, and the legacy he left for the young generation.

the articles:

IMPORTANT: Ninoy Aquino Day
a national non-working holiday

Ninoy: A story of redemption
Carlo Santiago Aug 21 2020
'Ninoy’s generation is fading away, as well as those that came after him. And as generations fade, so, too, will their memories.'

NINOY AQUINO: A young man’s view of the hero
August 21, 2020 Argyll Cyrus Geducos
Argyll Geducos, 25, MB reporter covering Malacanang, writes about meeting the hero in class, books, and while at work.

Honor all freedom fighters on Ninoy Aquino Day
Mara Cepeda August 21, 2019
'Many talk about being willing to die for our country. Ninoy was one of the courageous few who actually did,' says Vice President Leni Robredo

Filipinos are worth dying for by Ninoy Aquino

Ninoy’s letter to Antonio Cuenco on June 27, 1983

Kris Aquino remembers dad Ninoy on 36th death anniversary
August 21, 2019
'Dad knew how to make people feel special and important,' Kris says of her late father

FULL TEXT: Noynoy Aquino's message on Ninoy's 35th death anniversary
August 22, 2018 - with Video
Read former president Benigno Aquino III's speech during the 35th death anniversary of his father, the late senator Ninoy Aquino, who was assassinated in 1983

August 21, 2003 Corazon C. Aquino

Aquino to Duterte: Reflect on your message about Ninoy
Camille Elemia August 21, 2017
'Kami'y nagpapasalamat sa magandang sinabi sa aking ama. Siguro pakiusap ko lang baka puwedeng paminsan-minsan babasahin po niya ulit ito,' says former president Benigno Aquino III.
Look also all the links in this article! and HERE

Is the Filipino worth dying for? Netizens weigh in on Ninoy's famous quote
Bonz Magsambol August 21, 2019

Do you think that Ninoy Aquino's fight for freedom was in vain, or is the fight not yet over?
Many Filipinos online answered a resounding "yes," even if many seemed disappointed and skeptical of the composition of the government and the current state of the nation.

Lessons from Edsa
Sun.Star, February 21, 2016
IT WAS an unexpected lesson that emerged when a class of Mass Communication undergraduates at the University of the Philippines Cebu tossed around the question, “When was martial law declared in the country?”

How to help young voters understand martial law
Patty Pasion Feb 24, 2016
Major players in the EDSA People Power Revolution have some advice for young people, who now tend to favor a strongman for a leader.

Robredo to Bongbong Marcos: 'Facts don't lie'
Bea Orante Feb 25, 2016
Leni Robredo asks Filipino youth to understand the context behind EDSA I and the older generation to help them do it

The People Power Revolution

also known as the EDSA Revolution and the Philippine Revolution of 1986

was a series of popular demonstrations in the Philippines that began in 1983 and culminated in 1986 with the result:

Fall of Marcos regime (1965-86); start of Fifth Republic

Proclamation 1071
February, 25 2016 be declared as a special (non-working) holiday throughout the country in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Edsa People Power Revolution

Key players in the 1986 People Power Revolution
Jodesz Gavilan Feb 23, 2016

Timeline of the People Power Revolution

Newspaper front pages during the 1986 People Power Revolution
Jodesz Gavilan February 21, 2016

The Videos

1986 EDSA People Power Revolution Never Before Seen Footages

EDSA People Power Revolution, Footages

EDSA 30 - Inquirer documentary special

EDSA 30 - Nene Pimentel reacts to youth's views on People Power

EDSA 30 - Sr Mary John Mananzan reacts to youth's views on People Power

EDSA a historical judgment of Marcos dictatorship

PNoy: PH was 'sick man of Asia' under Marcos era

The Videos

A mini-museum on the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution

Thatcher approved Corazon Aquino asylum request – archives
Agence France-Presse December 31, 2019

But Britain's protection was ultimately not needed after the deposed dictator Ferdinand Marcos, Corazon Aquino's rival in the 1986 snap presidential elections, steps down.
Aquino headed the 4-day 1986 People Power Revolution that ended the 21-year rule of totalitarian president Marcos.

The writ of habeas corpus restored - Proclamation No. 2, s. 1986

On March 2, 1986, addressing the large crowd that had gathered in Rizal Park, President Corazon C. Aquino announced the restoration of the writ of habeas corpus.

Newspaper front pages during the 1986 People Power Revolution
Jodesz Gavilan February 20, 2019

Remember what the front pages of Philippine newspapers looked like during the 'bloodless' revolution that toppled a dictatorship in 1986?
Philippine media played a big role during the People Power Revolution in 1986.
The country's newspapers chronicled the events that transpired from February 22 to 25 which ended the 21-year rule of then dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Why should young Filipinos in the diaspora care about Martial Law?
Anna Cabe February 24, 2019

We need to remember why Filipinos both in the Philippines and abroad rallied against a dictator

EDSA did not fail us – but something else did
Karl Patrick Wilfred M. Suyat February 28, 2020
'If the aftermath of EDSA did not lead to ample social changes, this is not a blot on EDSA'

EDSA and history lessons for today
Ross Tugade February 25, 2018

'The susceptibility of the youth to seek 'alternative facts' and feign a sense of nostalgia for the golden days of Martial Law is a collective failure of our political, social, and pedagogical institutions'

Did EDSA fail us?
Sylvia Estrada Claudio February 26, 2018
When this regime threatens press freedom, imprisons its critics, and arbitrarily kills its citizens, then it fails us and EDSA. It reverses all the steps we have taken towards democracy and progress.

Ninoy’s impossible dream
Emmanuel Doy Santos August 18, 2018
Divisions between the ka-DDS and the dilawan are illusory. Each of them in fact holds a missing piece that, combined with the other, forms a stable liberal democracy.

The 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution gathered millions of Filipinos from all walks of life to march along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA), the main artery of Metro Manila, to end the dictatorship of President Ferdinand E. Marcos and begin a new era marked by true freedom and democracy.
The events of February 25, 1986, altered the course of our nation’s history; it showcased to the world the remarkable resolve of the Filipino people. It heralded an era of peace.

#EDSA30: One memorable meeting on Feb 23

#EDSA30: Helicopters, a phone and a scotch


Robredo on EDSA 31: Democracy is each Filipino's ability to be part of nation-building
Vice President Leni Robredo delivered a heartfelt message on the 31st anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution during a forum on Friday, February 24. She urged Filipinos to ponder what has been their contributions to the country after the bloodless revolution that toppled dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

EDSA in the age of social media
For the 30th anniversary of EDSA 1, CMFR interviewed millennials and asked: "What comes to mind when you hear 1986 EDSA People Power?"

Pangilinan recounts EDSA People Power in 1986
Senator Kiko Pangilinan, who was a student activist in 1986, recalls his EDSA People Power Revolution experience

Duterte skips EDSA anniversary rites
A toned-down affair. That's how the Duterte administration held its first commemoration of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution

Lagman: Duterte toned down EDSA rites due to his fascination with Marcos
For some who saw the horrors of the Marcos dictatorship, President Duterte's decision to tone down this year's commemoration of the EDSA People Power Revolution only reflects his fascination with the late dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.

Duterte: No single entity can claim EDSA Revolution
President Rodrigo Duterte heralded the spirit of the 1986 EDSA People Power as belonging to the entire Filipino people, and not just to a selected few.

Raissa Robles: Duterte a historical 'cherrypicker'
At the forum on EDSA People Power's relevance, investigative journalist Raissa Robles says President Rodrigo Duterte "cherrypicks from history to pursue his political agenda."

The relevance of the 1986 EDSA People Power today
Watch the video discussion

On Cory's 8th death anniversary, Aquino urges Filipinos to protect democracy
Camille Elemia August 01, 2017
'Maski anong bagay 'pag pinabayaan ay guguho eh... 'Pag 'di natin pinahalagahan itong mga karapatan na ito, baka gumising tayo isang araw wala na,' says former president Benigno Aquino III.
Once a housewife reluctant to enter politics, Cory Aquino became known as an icon of Philippine democracy after the EDSA People Power Revolution that ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Even after retiring from politics, she was still in the public eye, as she continued to speak out on national issues.

Cory Aquino was a symbol of hope, courage during crisis – senators
August 1, 2020
On Corazon Aquino’s 11th death anniversary, Senators Francis Pangilinan and Leila de Lima recalled how the late President was a symbol of hope and courage during a time of national crisis.

Duterte on EDSA anniversary: No group has monopoly of patriotism
Pia Ranada
Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea delivers the message of President Rodrigo Duterte, who skipped the EDSA commemorative event.

DILG memo: LGUs 'expected' to help mobilize for pro-Duterte rally
The memorandum says local government officials may organize their constituents who are 'willing to participate' in pro-Duterte events supporting President Rodrigo Duterte this weekend, as other groups are set to hold rallies to mark the 31st anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution.

Pangilinan: 'Real change' lies in 'people power'
'I believe the war on drugs should be refocused [to] war on poverty to reach a developed nation status,' says Senator Francis Pangilinan

FULL TEXT: Archbishop Villegas' open letter to Cardinal Sin on EDSA
Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas
'4 days of bloodless revolution! Wow! Now 8 months of relentless killings of the poor in the name of 'change'! It is a nightmare, Your Eminence! It is a shame.'

Cardinal Tagle to parishes: Hold People Power activities
Paterno Esmaquel II
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle makes this unprecedented move as the Duterte administration chooses to hold a low-key celebration of People Power this year.

ALL Feb 24-25, 2017


EDSA 31, Feb 25, 2017:

Thousands gather to commemorate EDSA 31
Filipinos celebrated the 31st anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution at the People Power Monument on Saturday, February 25. Patty Pasion reports

31 years after 1986 Edsa revolt, the fight continues
Former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Vice President Leni Robredo were among those who attended the 31st anniversary of Edsa People Power Revolution on Saturday.

Ramos wants next People Power celebration to be ‘very, very big’
Former President Fidel V. Ramos was somewhat disappointed that the commemoration of the 1986 People Power Revolution was just for a day and held in simple rites inside Camp Aguinaldo. Still, he attended, but he added that he would want the next celebration to be “very, very big.”

Fr Robert Reyes: Lies and falsehoods are poisoning the motherland
Activist priest Fr. Robert Reyes at the 31st anniversary of the EDSA People Power revolution says with historical revisionism, lies are allowed to "poison the motherland."

Mga taga-suporta ni Duterte, nagtipon sa Quirino Grandstand
Kasabay ng paggunita ng ika-31 anibersayo ng People Power Revolution, nagtipon naman ang mga taga-suporta ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte sa Quirino Grandstand para suportahan ang kanyang kampanya kontra droga at kriminalidad.

Aguirre: Channeling 'perya barker' or Pontius Pilate?
February 27, 2017
UPDATED Several senators criticize the behavior of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II at a pro-Duterte rally at Luneta over the weekend was simply tasteless!

Despite 'silent' celebration, thousands relive spirit of EDSA
Organizers of the rally say 6,000 participated in the 'Power of We' protest set on the 31st anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution

Thousands gather to commemorate EDSA 31
February 26, 2017
Those who gathered at EDSA 31 not only commemorated the People Power Revolution, but protested the burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos.

Duterte critics, supporters clash along EDSA with Video
Critics and supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte clashed along the iconic highway EDSA as the Philippines marked the 31st anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution on Saturday, February 25.

IN PHOTOS: Anti-Duterte groups relive 31st EDSA People Power uprising
Protesters raise several issues as they commemorate the 31st EDSA People Power uprising.

Aquino on EDSA 31: 'Hindi pa tapos ang laban'
Patty Pasion
Former president Benigno Aquino III leads other Liberal Party members who join the rally to remember the 31st anniversary of the EDSA People Power revolt.

Whose EDSA? A reflection on the (failed) promises of ‘People Power’
Gideon Lasco February 27, 2017

Like an audience of a ‘teleserye’ with no control over the plot, spectatorship is our default mode of involvement. What EDSA represents is the hope that such passivity has not always been the case.

The essence of EDSA: Change begins with us
Leni Robredo February 25, 2017

We don't need false prophets of change who claim that they are the people's last hope. The change that we so desire begins with us.

The fragility of democracy: Why we can’t just ‘move on’ from EDSA 1
JC Punongbayan February 25, 2017

Perhaps it’s best to remember EDSA 1 not as one great wholesale victory for democracy, but rather as a testament to the fragile nature of democracy.

March, but mourn not the demise of EDSA Republic
Walden Bello February 24, 2017

The EDSA Republic’s failure to live up to its promises spawned Dutertismo


EDSA 31 Heroes: In Memoriam
Feb 24, 2017

ABS-CBN News looks back at 31 heroes who figured in the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution and helped restore democracy in the Philippines.


EDSA 1 @ 33
Manila Bulletin Online Feb 23, 2019

Ordinary Filipinos, who joined the first People Power Revolution at EDSA 33 years ago, recounted their memorable lessons from the historic event that put an end to the Marcos dictatorship.

EDSA Revolution 'not defined by any color or group'
February 24, 2019
Vice President Leni Robredo says Filipinos must break the misconception that the EDSA Revolution is just all about the 'dilawans'

2016: The year the Marcoses had it so good
Patty Pasion December 14, 2016
Sure, the nation had not collectively forgotten Martial Law, but that dark chapter in our history was probably not foremost on anyone's mind at the start of 2016. That was, until the only son and namesake of dictator Ferdinand Marcos started climbing up in election surveys and, later, the family won its decades-long campaign to bury the former president as a hero.
This is where 30 years have brought the country. In 1986, Marcos was ousted from power as thousands gathered peacefully on EDSA

‘People Power sa Davao’
February 25, 2017
Malayo man sa Maynila ay may naging katungkulan din ang Davao sa pagpapatalsik ng diktaduryang Marcos. Sasaliksikin ni Howie Severino kung paano umusbong ang ‘Welga ng Bayan’ sa Davao at kikilalanin ang mga taong naging instrumento ng mga matatagumpay na protesta sa Davao tulad nina Nanay Soling Duterte, Alex Orcullo at Karen Guantero
TIMELINE: How the Marcoses made their political comeback
February 25, 2017
After being forced into exile following the 1986 EDSA Revolution, the Marcoses slowly return to politics, with members of the late dictator's family now holding government positions.
It was February 25, 1986. The dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos was about to reach its end: the military had turned against him, he was facing scores of human rights and corruption accusations, and thousands gathered on the streets in what would be known worldwide as the People Power Revolution.

About Philippines says: We are angry

Anti-Marcos group: Quiet EDSA anniversary rites part of revisionism
Aika Rey February 22, 2017
The #BlockMarcos Movement accuses the Duterte administration of downplaying the struggles of those who fought the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos.

Robredo hopes for united EDSA anniversary celebration
Patty Pasion February 22, 2017
Aside from the government-hosted event in Camp Aguinaldo, there will also be protests organized by anti-Marcos groups.

Duterte supporters to hold rallies on EDSA anniversary
Pia Ranada February 22, 2017 - with Video
The rallies are meant to prove that support for President Rodrigo Duterte is 'not waning' despite criticism against his war on drugs and the revival of his links to murders in Davao City.

Duterte gov't to hold 'simple, quiet' EDSA anniversary
Pia Ranada February 16, 2017
'The emphasis has shifted. It is no longer a celebration of the past; it is now a reflection on what can happen in the future.

EDSA People Power II, January 16 to 20, 2001
The rise and fall – and rise – of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo - the fall of Alvarez

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EDSA People Power II, January 16 to 20, 2001
The Fall of Estrada & the Rise of a New Political System

Second EDSA Revolution

Edsa 1 and Edsa 2 compared
Artemio V. Panganiban February 07, 2016


EDSA People Power II, as it came to be known, was a series of protests held from January 16 to 20, 2001, against former president Joseph Estrada who was then facing plunder charges. The protests eventually triggered Estrada's downfall – and paved the way for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, his vice president, to enter the spotlight in the political scene.

Looking back at EDSA II: The political paths of Estrada and Arroyo
January 17, 2017
16 years since the second EDSA People Power Revolution, two key players, former presidents Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo head in strikingly similar directions


What does history tell us about Gloria Arroyo's presidency?
August 02, 2018

Walk down memory lane with Leloy Claudio and Barry Guitierrez on the rise and fall – and rise – of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's presidency from 2001-2010 is one of the most tumultuous periods in Philippine history – a failure of democracy for some, with corruption taking center stage and an administration constantly in survival mode.
The decade made famous the buzzwords "Hello Garci' and "moderate your greed" and gave birth to the Magdalo mutineer


Below : Redux? Duterte admin recalls Arroyo policies, controversies

After Palparan conviction, lawyers target Gloria Arroyo
Lian Buan September 17, 2018 - with Video
‘We are looking at the angle of command responsibility of Palparan’s commander-in-chief Gloria Macapagal Arroyo,’ says private prosecutor Edre Olalia

Jovito Palparan: The most wanted man in the country
Patricia Evangelista September 17, 2018 - with Video

About Philippines says: IMPORTANT to read this article and all the links in it.

Redux? Duterte admin recalls Arroyo policies, controversies
Carmela Fonbuena July 22, 2018

Rodrigo Duterte and Gloria Arroyo have similar tendencies on key policy issues, but experts say Duterte has pushed his powers to the 'brink of authoritarianism'


Arroyo's the feature, Duterte’s just the trailer
Vergel O. Santos August 04, 2018
Any residual doubts about Arroyo’s special place in the hierarchy of power in the Duterte regime should be dispelled by her accession to the Speakership

Robredo: Arroyo’s House takeover embarrassing
Lian Buan July 24, 2018 - with Video
‘Nakakahiya na pinapakita natin sa lahat na iyong pag-wrestle ng power, parang in full public view,’ says Vice President Leni Robredo

Sara Duterte says House has 'strong leader' in Arroyo
Pia Ranada July 24, 2018
The presidential daughter congratulates new Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo a day after the House coup some say she helped bring about

Supreme Court ’nipped in the bud’ Arroyo’s plunder case – Morales
Lian Buan July 24, 2018
Arroyo rises to the position of House Speaker, but she is not entirely in the clear because a pending case remains at the Ombudsman

'Nagparamdam si FPJ,' Grace Poe says after Arroyo speakership
Camille Elemia July 24, 2018
Taking off from her mother Susan Roces' 2005 statement against former president Gloria Arroyo, Senator Poe says: 'Nakadalawa ka na. Ngayon pangatlo na, baka kailangan nang kalusin'

Battle for House minority looms as Alvarez bloc accepts defeat
July 24, 2018
The group of Representative Pantaleon Alvarez is keen on fielding Representative Rodolfo Fariñas as its minority leader

'Why is he inside?' Tempers flare after Alvarez ouster
Pia Ranada July 24, 2018
'He is no longer Speaker,' says the camp of new House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo about Davao del Norte 1st District Representative Pantaleon Alvarez's presence in President Rodrigo Duterte's pre-SONA holding room.

'Prime Minister Arroyo' if Cha-Cha succeeds, opposition warns
Sofia Tomacruz July 24, 2018
'She has the smarts, she has the experience, and this is something that she’s wanted to have for a long time,' says former lawmaker Barry Gutierrez

Malacañang ready to work with Speaker Arroyo
Pia Ranada July 24, 2018
The new House Speaker's 'first challenge' is to pass the 2019 national budget on time, says Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque

Arroyo vows to push Duterte agenda in House
Mara Cepeda July 24, 2018
Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo says she is 'extremely honored' to get the support of her colleagues at the House of Representatives

Alvarez out, Arroyo in as House Speaker
Mara Cepeda July 23, 2018 - with Video
Former president and now Pampanga 2nd District Representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo replaces Pantaleon Alvarez as House Speaker, with reported backing from presidential daughter Sara Duterte-Carpio

Gloria Arroyo's firsts as House Speaker
Michael Bueza July 24, 2018
She's back – and how!

Makabayan slams Arroyo’s ‘naked power grab’ in House
Mara Cepeda July 23, 2018
Gabriela Representatives Emmi de Jesus and Arlene Brosas said they will not support Arroyo, adding, 'Filipino women do not tolerate corrupt people in power, even if it is a ‘She'

PH's Cersei Lannister? Arroyo as 'House Speaker' confuses netizens
July 23, 2018
It may just be SONA 2018's biggest plot twist, netizens say

The women behind the fall of Alvarez
Mara Cepeda July 27, 2018
How did the formidable forces of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Sara Duterte Carpio, and Imee Marcos topple Pantaleon Alvarez in the House of Representatives?

Duterte: Inday Sara is the one who calls the shots
Lian Buan February 25, 2019 - with Video
‘She really will make you pay the consequences’ says President Rodrigo Duterte
Duterte also alluded to the ousting of Pantaleon Alvarez as House Speaker, which was reportedly orchestrated by Sara, Imee Marcos and the one who got the speakership, former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Arroyo, Sara Duterte, Imee Marcos meet for ‘thank you lunch’
Mara Cepeda July 30, 2018
Speaker Gloria Arroyo hosts a get-together to show her gratitude to politicians who supported her bid for the leadership of the House of Representatives

Ancient Dynasties - Kingdoms and Sultanates of Pre-Colonial Philippines

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The article covers the history of the Philippines from the creation of the Laguna Copperplate Inscription in 900 to the arrival of European explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1521, which marks the beginning of the Spanish Colonial period.

History of the Philippines (Before 1521)



Lost Land of Maharlika
March 5, 2014 - with Videos

Only one royal family holds the title for the whole Philippines, Borneo, Guam, Marianas Island, Hawaii, Da Nang Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kuril Islands, etc.
King Luisong ruled the entire kingdom from Luzon [named after him], the northern part of what is now known as The Republic of the Philippines.

The Videos:
TAMA SI MARCOS! President Duterte on the idea of renaming PH to 'MAHARLIKA'
Feb 11, 2019
President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos was right in wanting to change the Philippines’ name to Maharlika.

Change the name of Philippines ITS NAME IS MORE THAN MAHARLIKA.. Its OPHIR
Philip secret place Feb 12, 2019

Annais Nunez wrote February 23, 2019
Hope someone must inform President that accdg to the book of Antonio Pigafetta the Philippines is called Ophir. The book is a great evidence or reference. Please someone must provide the book to president. Look MUCH more
IMPORTANT look above The Philippines: The Biblical land of Ophir?

Duterte agrees with Marcos’ idea of renaming ‘Philippines’ to ‘Maharlika’
Darryl John Esguerra, Orlando Dinoy, Inquirer Mindanao, February 11, 2019

Alejano's unlikely ally: Duterte supports renaming Philippines
Pia Ranada February 11, 2019
President Rodrigo Duterte already has a name in mind for the country: Maharlika. This was the name supported by the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Duterte’s ‘Maharlika’ proposal is from Ferdinand Marcos’ fictitious guerrilla unit
Catalina Ricci S. Madarang February 12, 2019

FALSE: Filipino 'royal family' ruled over pre-colonial 'Maharlika kingdom'
February 15, 2019 - with Video
There are no records that show proof of a pre-colonial Filipino royal family that ruled over a kingdom called Maharlika, which was made up of the Philippines, Brunei, South Borneo, Hawaii, the Spratly Islands, and Sabah
IMPORTANT to read incl. all links in the article


a Filipino term meaning “nobility” or “aristocracy”. Its etymology is rooted from the Sanskrit maharddhika which means “a man of wealth, knowledge, and ability”. During ancient times in the Philippines, the word maharlika referred to the nobility class in Philippine society who are also known to be warriors.

Maharlika and the ancient class system
Paul Morrow 16 January 2009


5 Former Names of the Philippines - Featured History
The Pentalore Jan 14, 2019

We’ll be showing you some of the most and lesser known former names of the Philippines.

Kahariang Tundun or Kaharian ng Tondo

Kingdom of Tondo

Tondo, also referred to as Tundo, Tundun, Tundok, was a Philippine fortified kingdom whose capital is located in the Manila Bay area, specifically north of the Pasig river, on Luzon island

Look also HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE e.g.

 many links to former kingdoms in the Philippines e.g.

Kingdom of Maynila & Kingdom of Namayan

Rajahante of Cebu

was a classical Philippine state which used to exist on Cebu island prior to the arrival of the Spanish.

Rajah Humabon - King of Cebu

Rajah Humabon was the Rajah (King) of Cebu at the time of Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan's arrival in the Philippines in 1521

look also HERE

above Massacre in Cebu

Cebu City remembers Rajah Humabon
Delta Dyrecka Letigio April 07, 2021
The Cebu City government remembered on Wednesday, April 7, 2021, Rajah Humabon, who was the King of Cebu at the time of the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.
Vice Mayor Michael Rama led the wreath-laying ceremony of the Rajah Humabon marker along P. Burgos Street, as part of the Quincentennial Anniversary of the Battle of Mactan and the Arrival of Christianity in the Philippines

A Chronology: The Ilonggo Nation
The surrenderd Ilonggo Nation

the map 1214 up to the early 1900´s

The Federal Republic of the Visayas (1898-1901)


Visaya - Family/Clans

The Sri Vijayan empire: Who are the Visayans and where did they come from?

Look also the below video and the Ancient Goldworking - Treasures


Who are the Visayan?

It is never too late to expand one's knowledge of the past. Embarrassing as it may be to the government that the Bisaya it has tirelessly repressed is indeed descended from the great Sri Vishaya, the pursuit of historical truth justifies itself. If not, then for the sake of our young who can only take so much of self-serving and subjective official Philippine history.

Remark this is an album in the album Cebu & Visayan - Heritage, Legacy & History

Efren B. Isorena

and HERE

Newsletter of the Ilonggo Nation The Federal Republic of the Visayas (1898-1901)

Remark: the links to the different pages in the upper right corner of the site

Princess Urduja

PRINCESS URDUJA: Finding the legendary 14th-century Philippine heroine

Princess Urduja (ca. 1350–1400 AD) is believed to be a legendary warrior princess who is recognized as a heroine in Pangasinan, when Pangasinan was a kingdom. Young, beautiful and well-educated, Princess Urduja was reputed to be a good warrior who had personally led her soldiers to the battlefields.
Look - Download this great article

Princess Urduja: A Symbolic Subversion

Princess Urduja: The Mother of Ibalois?

Have you ever heard of Princess Urduja? If your elementary teacher was like ours, she would have told you about the warrior princess who is believed to have ruled the Kingdom of Tawalisi.

Anyway, there is an ongoing debate whether Urduja ever existed and whether the Kingdom of Tawalisi really is modern day Pangasinan. Incidentally, the province of Pangasinan honors the memory of Urduja by naming its capitol the Urduja Palace and by putting up a statue in her honor.


Ancient Dynasties - Kingdoms Of Pre-Colonial Philippines
May 1, 2013

What was lost, is now found. What was forgotten, is now remembered. - Ano ay nawala, ngayon ay natagpuan. Ano ay nakalimutan, ngayon ay remembered.

The Royal Hashemite Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah

Royal Sultanate of Sulu
the history, flags and symbols sometimes unknown of these Kingdoms.

Historical Flags of Sulu Sultanate


Explainer: The Complex History of PH-Malaysia territorial dispute
Aug 01, 2020 ANC 24/7

The complex history of Sabah and the decades-old territorial dispute between the Philippines and Malaysia.


PH, Malaysia top diplomats in heated exchange over Sabah issue
ABS-CBN News Jul 30 2020
A heated tit-for-tat between the top diplomats of the Philippines and Malaysia amid a long-standing dispute over the territory of Sabah.
Like Manila's foreign affairs secretary, Malacañang also insists Sabah belongs to the Philippines, but the Palace said the territorial row with Malaysia should not affect bilateral ties between the two countries.

Sabah and the West Philippine Sea are ours
September 4, 2020 Mel Sta Maria
'My unsolicited counsel to the President is to listen to his critics. They may be his best advisers in finding a solution to our international problems.'
Sabah and the West Philippines Sea are ours. It is the Duterte administration’s constitutional and moral duty to assert our country’s rights, honor, and dignity.

‘Sabah is not in Malaysia’: When Locsin awakens a sleeping giant
Paterno R. Esmaquel II and Sofia Tomacruz
While an analyst says silence on the Sabah claim ‘is pragmatic,’ all it takes to revive a decades-old controversy is an 80-character tweet
Not even the tough-talking Rodrigo Duterte, the first president from the Philippines’ restive south, dared to mention the “S” word in his meeting with then-Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad in 2018.

Malaysia rejects PH claim on Sabah through diplomatic note
August 29, 2020Betheena Unite
Malaysia has asserted in a diplomatic note that it “never recognized” the Philippines’ territorial claims over the Malaysian state of Sabah, formerly known as North Borneo.

Malaysia opposes PH claim to Sabah, portion of West PH Sea
August 29, 2020 JC Gotinga
Malaysia insists on its claim to an extended economic shelf that includes a portion of the West Philippine Sea, and which is reckoned from the shores of Sabah

Line of succession of the Sultans of Sulu of the Modern Era
February 26, 2013

List of sultans of Sulu

Jamalul Kiram III

Ancient, Colonial and Famous Architectural Heritage - etc.

LOOK also Haunted Houses - Etc.

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History of the Philippine Architecture

History of Filipino Architects

Heritage Conservation Society: Here Today, Here Tomorrow?

Here is an introduction to Philippine architecture and heritage from the Heritage Conservation Society. This is actually an old audio-visual presentation of the HCS entitled Here Today, Here Tomorrow?

Look subject and desription on the videos and albums

History of Philippine architecture


Landscape and Architecture
A short Presentation regarding the Evolution of Philippine Architecture


Evolution Of Philippine House Architecture Cebu's Ancestral Houses
Many old houses in Cebu have unique architecture and design. Know more about some of these houses that are still standing in many towns and cities of the Province of Cebu in these 13 parts of KABILIN episode entitled, "CEBU'S ANCESTRAL HOUSES".


Original Filipino Architecture
Music: Kulintang ensemble


The Forgotten Heritage of the Paris of Asia
Apr 5, 2016

Philippines have lost so many Beautiful Filipino Architectures during the War that could define Filipinos as a nation Architecturally like Japan and other countries, In fact Manila was 2nd to Warsaw, to be the most Damaged City in The world during the war.
But little do many Filipinos know that we have lost more beautiful architectures through post war demolition than World War 2's american and Japan bombs.
Instead of Rebuilding Manila and replicating it's old beauty, we have destroyed it one by one throughout the last 70 years.

The Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House

is considered as the first house in the Philippines where two of the country’s Presidents lived. Diosdado Macapagal, the 9th President of the Philippines and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the 14th President of the Philippines, used to live in this, then, rest house as a Vice-President Father and Daughter. The Macapagal-Macaraeg Ancestral House has been declared a heritage house by the National Historical Institute last August 14, 2002.

Now, the Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House is considered as one of Iligan’s tourist destinations.

Look the article with all the photos and the Videos

Railways, Waterways, Stone-ways Railways, Waterways, Stone-ways

The concern for introducing improvements into urban life concentrates on infrastructures: the provision of a fresh-water supply, and the establishing of rail and tram lines. Many good details, maps and photos

Philippine vernacular housing features light materials and a slightly raised bedroom level (taas) distinct from the ground (silong) even in a very modest house..... Location: General Santos City, Philippines
The Old Legislative Building
also known as the Old Congress Building

is a building located along Padre Burgos Avenue in Ermita, Manila
On September 30, 2010, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines declared the building as a "National Historical Landmark"

the Videos Old Legislative Building 1926-1945/1950-2013 - etc.


Manila Post Office Building 'important cultural property'
November 24, 2018

The Post Office Building, built in 1926, may now receive government funding for its protection, conservation, and restoration.
The National Museum has officially recognized the Post Office Building as an "Important Cultural Property" (ICP)

Aduana ruins in Intramuros one step closer to restoration
Pia Ranada June 08, 2019

Public Works Secretary Mark Villar commits to ensure funding and support for the reconstruction of the Aduana, envisioned to be the new home of the National Archives of the Philippines

The Aduana Building, also known as the Intendencia, was a Spanish colonial structure in Manila, Philippines that housed several government offices through the years. It is located in front of the BPI Intramuros (formerly the site of the old Santo Domingo Church) at Plaza España, Soriano (Aduana) Ave. corner Muralla St. in Intramuros.

The Videos:
Intendencia in Intramuros: Relic of the Philippines' Colonial Past

Aduana Building, Intramuros, Manila


Lost era

Dec 5, 2017 by fonsucu

Filipino Architecture in the American Commonwealth Period
Ar. Rino Fernandez

Bamboo House

Robert F. Lane

Bamboo: A Centro Escolar University Centennial Collection


Gabaldon School Buildings
Universal education was promoted during the American Occupation and continues up to this day. The school buildings better known as the Gabaldon Schools are the proofs of this so-called universal education. Learn and understand more about this through the episode of Kabilin entitled "William E. Parson's Legacy: THE GABALDON SCHOOL BUILDINGS". Host: Archaeologist and Professor Jojo Bersales.

Gabaldon School Building
Oct 29, 2017 Clyde Mikko
A documentary about the Gabaldon School Building inside MOGCHS. by Clyde Mikko from BSIT - 4R1, USTsP

Importance of Gabaldon schools
July 9, 2021 Merlina Hernando-Malipot
The Department of Education (DepEd) aims to highlight the cultural and historical importance of Gabaldon schools by launching a nationwide contest.

House bill seeks to conserve Gabaldon school buildings
Mara Cepeda April 16, 2017
The measure aims to preserve the schoolhouses designed by American architect William Parsons and funded through Act Number 1801 by ex-Philippine Assembly member Isauro Gabaldon.


Revisiting PH history through heritage houses
CNN Philippines Jun 12 and 16, 2019

Mira Nila House, Lichauco Heritage House, Quezon House

In what is a never-ending debate between moving forward and preserving things of the past, the fate of heritage houses hangs in the balance.
Instead of spending on maintaining centuries-old structures, some owners prefer to sell them to developers.


Tahanan at Kasaysayan
Bawat bahay may kwento. Bawat bahay may nakaraan. Bawat bahay bahagi ng kasaysayan. Pasukin ang mga lumang bahay. Tuklasin ang mga kwento ng nakalipas.


The Nakpil House - "Tahanan Ng Mga Katipunero"

Revisit history in Quiapo's century-old house

The Nakpil House or better known as the "Tahanan Ng Mga Katipunero" in Quiapo, Manila has become part of the country's historical event. Know more about this ancient house and other symbolic art pieces.

The Nakpil-Bautista House

is one of the old houses found in the district of Quiapo, Manila. It was built in 1914 by Arcadio Arellano. The two-house originally sits on two lots, having a total area of 500 square meters. The National Historical Commission of the Philippines declared the house as a cultural property on August 25, 2011. Today, the house is a museum showcasing items of the Katipunan, paintings, among others.

the Videos: The Nakpil-Bautista House


Mira-Nila Heritage House and Don Jose Bautista Mansion
The stories of two rare heritage houses in Quezon City and Malolos, Bulacan
ABS-CBN News May 22, 2019

The Video tackles the key moments in the nation’s history that it witnessed and presents various artworks, books, photos, and mementos of Philippine history.
Finally introduces the Escuela Taller de Filipinas Foundation, which promotes the conservation of the country’s tangible heritage.

Mira-Nila Heritage House

Facebook - Facebook Official


Don Jose Bautista Mansion

The 1877 Bautista House in Malolos, Bulacan

Pasyalan ang casa Don Jose Bautista

Luis Cabrera Ancestral House

Amidst the hubbub of human traffic and motorized vehicles at the Mandaue centro is an old house that will capture your fancy

Historic Town of Vigan City

earlier known as " Ciudad Fernandina" from 1758 to late 19th century, is the oldest surviving Spanish colonial city in the country

Established in the 16th century, Vigan is the best-preserved example of a planned Spanish colonial town in Asia.

Look also http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/502/

and the Videos and HERE


in the album Where to stay

Villa Angela Heritage House

#26 Quirino Boulevard

Vigan City, Ilocos Sur


Candon's Cariño House of secrets, unbared
Frank Cimatu October 28, 2018

The Cariño family's ancestral house is now being restored.
The Cariño ancestral house right in the heart of Candon City is one of Ilocandia’s best-kept secret. And this house has a lot of secrets to tell.

Maria Josefa Gabriela Cariño de Silang


Camiguin heritage, Chan Ancestral home
This 100+ year-old Camiguin heritage house has survived storms and volcanic eruptions
ABS-CBN News Jul 10, 2019

On the second floor of a Filipino restaurant in Camiguin, a house built in 1906 remains the picture of elegance and staying power - despite the decades of storms and typhoons and Mt. Hibok-hibok.

Visiting The Ruins, the 'Taj Mahal of Negros'
Henrylito D. Tacio September 13, 2015

Talisay City, Negros Occidental

A sad story of undying love is the beating heart behind this beautiful mansion that burned down during the war!

Look also HERE

the article The Taj Mahal of Negros
… Once there was a love deeper than the seas.
PHOTOS COURTESY of Raymund Jave L Lana
and Tronco Photography

and the Videos

Famous Architectural Heritage
Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Philippine customs and traditions are re-born in a community typical of the 18th and 19th century Philippines.  Historical Principalia (noble class) mansions, House of Stone (Bahay na Bato) and Indio Stilt houses now stand in a village reminiscent of old Hispanic settlements.  These buildings have been carefully and painstakingly reconstructed from different parts of the country and rebuilt, “brick by brick”, “plank by plank” with modern facilities added for comfort and function set within cobblestone paseos  and plaza.

Look also HERE

the Videos

Historic houses in Santa Rita, Pampanga
Dominican Convent
Gosioco Ancestral House
Guanzon Ancestral House
Pineda Ancestral House
Pineda House Image Gallery
Dayrit-Cuyugan House

a heritage house in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Henson-Hizon House

a heritage house in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Hizon-Singian House

a heritage house located in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Lazatin House

one of the two heritage houses owned by the Lazatins in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Mariano Ramos Ancestral House

the home of the late Don Mariano Ramos, first appointed Presidente Municipal of Bacolod City

Balay Negrense

Barangay III, Cinco De Noviembre St, Silay City 6116

(Hiligaynon, "Negrense House") is a museum in Silay City, Negros Occidental, showcasing the lifestyle of a late 19th-century Negrense sugar baron.

Look also HERE and maybe HERE

the Videos

Remark this is an album in the album Malacañang Palace, Museums, Art galleries - Etc.

Heritage Conservation Society Many photos and informations of National Heritage Houses

Ancestral Houses

The Spanish Era

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Relearning the Spanish language will tell us more about our history
Dec 9, 2020 Pippo Carmona

'Relearning Spanish is one of the first steps that Filipino historians can take in order to fully understand the secrets [historical texts] hold'

Philippine History and Politics on Spanish colonization

Look as pdf HERE

The Spanish Era in the Philippines
Spaniards' first 50 years The Spaniards' first 50 years in the Philippines, 1565-1615

Blair & Robertson, The Philippine Islands, volume 3, pp. 141-172.Translation from the Spanish by J.G. Gill.

  Filipino women’s activities, rituals and customs related to sexuality - Spanish Era
Gloria Esguerra Melencio Enero 24, 2018

The paper asks the following questions: What did the Spanish colonizers find out when they first saw the women? How did the Spanish colonizers view the Filipino women through time? What were the Filipino women’s activities, rituals and customs that pertain to sexuality? How did they express their sexual desires? Why were polygamy, concubinage and abortion practiced ? How did the Spanish colonizers wield the Christian Doctrine to conquer the so-called Evils that plague the Filipino women? What was the perception of the Filipino women of the Spanish colonizers?

LOOK the PHOTOS: Underwater Town in the Philippines Reemerges, and It's an Eerie Sight
The ruins of Old Pantabangan Town is an eerie sight.
Mario Alvaro Limos July 31 2020
The historic town of Pantabangan in Nueva Ecija was abandoned in the 1970s when floodwater from the newly created dam submerged the town and its environs.
Residents were forced to relocate on higher ground, but many pieces of heritage were lost to the rising waters. Among them, an 18th-century church whose belfry stood out above the water like the outstretched arm of a drowning relic.
Augustinian missionaries started to propagate the seed of Catholicism in Nueva Ecija then collectively part of Pampanga as early as 17th century in the pueblos of Gapang (Gapan), Santor (Bongabon), Puncan (Carranglan), Pantabangan, Aliaga and Cuyapo,” wrote Baniaga in his Facebook post, describing the history of the church’s ruins.
Let us not take pieces of rocks and bricks as souvenirs. If every visitor to the Old Town would do this, there won’t be anything left to see for the future generations.”

Look the Video and Photos in the album Ruins of Old Pantabangan Town in the album Dams

Spanish Colonial Caste System Spanish Colonial Caste System in the Philippines and the rules of the castes

Indio - persons of pure Filipino ancestry
Negrito - persons of pure Aeta ancestry
Sangley - person of pure Chinese ancestry
Mestizo de Sangley - person of mixed Chinese and Malay ancestry; also called chino and/or chino-mestizo
Mestizo de Bombay - person of mixed Indian and Malay ancestry
Mestizo de Español - person of mixed Spanish and Malay ancestry
Tornatrás - person of mixed Spanish, Malay, and Chinese ancestry
Filipinos - persons of pure Spanish descent born in the Philippines ("from Las Filipinas") also called Insulares ("from the islands") or Criollos (Creoles)
Americanos - persons of pure Spanish descent born in Spanish America ("from the Americas")
Peninsulares - persons of pure Spanish descent born in Spain ("from the peninsula")
Mulato-50% Spanish and 50% black
Morisco-25% black and 75% Spanish
Albino- white pigmented black Negro-full blooded black person


Spanish Colonialism in the Philippines
Oct 10, 2014
What Happened to the Nobles of the Philippines?
From the Count of Manila to the Marquis of Camarines, find out what these nobles are up to today.
Justin Umali Jan 8, 2019
During the Spanish colonial era, kings and queens handed out titles of peerage to exceptional subjects as a reward for their service and loyalty. This was exceptionally true for Spanish subjects in the Philippines, where they were given titles named after places like Manila and Jolo.
These titles were hereditary and were passed on from one generation to the next, and some of them still exist today.

Download the article

Religious Revolt of Hermano Pule

Apolinario de la Cruz (July 22, 1815 – November 4, 1841), known as Hermano Pule, Spanish for "Brother Pule" also spelled Hermano Puli, was a Filipino religious leader who founded and led the Cofradía de San José. The cofradía was established in 1832 in response to the racial discrimination of the Catholic Church in the Philippines. During the Spanish colonial period, Catholic religious orders refused to admit native Filipinos as members. In retaliation, Pule established his own religious order which was exclusive for native Filipinos.

Look also HERE

the Video: Dalit ni Hermano Pule (Lament of Brother Pule)
Feb 1, 2009 Malu Maniquis


History of Hispano - Mexican Filipinas 1521-1898
Historia de la Filipinas Hispana 1521-1898


Governor Generals of the Philippines and the Rulers of Spain

Remark these are 2 albums


The Spanish Influence on Filipino Culture - Language - History etc.

Contributions of Spanish Colonization in the Philippines<


Spanish Philippines: The Colonial Era

Memoria del español filipino


Cultural History of the Philippines: Hispanic Philippines Than We Admit.

An extended meditation on the encounter between the native and the foreign, More Hispanic Than We Admit is a collection of scholarly essays on Philippine culture and history. It recuperates our Spanish past and inspires a continued and lasting engagement with Hispanic Philippines Studies.


Remark: this is an album The Spanish Influence on Filipino Culture - Language - History etc.

Contribution of the Basque men The contribution of the Basque men to the Philippines
Rodríguez, Eulogio B.

Many of the Spaniards who had resided in the Philippines were the Basques (vascuences of vascongados). Although they dit not constitute the biggest group, they were given the smallest tie of racial knowledge; they were known more as Spaniards than as Basques.


Remark these are albums in the album Philippine History

Spanish Philippines: The Colonial Era

Pictures and photographs of the Philippines: people, places, and art during the 18th to 19th century; during Spanish colonial days.


Latin Philippines

Images of old churches and Fort Santiago



Casa Manila

Inside Plaza San Luis, a cultural-commercial complex in Intramuros, is a remarkable house that takes us back in time to experience a principalia’s domestic life in the 1800s.

Welcome to a whole house of a museum
The museum recreates the lifestyle during the colonial period through antique furniture, paintings, lighting fixtures and other objects of decorative art.

Casa Manila is a reconstruction of a Spanish colonial home of the 19th century. Each room is decorated in period style, complete with antique furniture, fixtures, and artwork. Visitors are led from the central courtyard up to a receiving area (where the master held office), and up again to the top floor where the master's family lived, all the way out to the kitchen (complete with authentic cooking utensils of the time), exiting a side door out back to the courtyard again


Spanish Colonialism, Philippine Architecture (1521-1898)


Philippine traditional houses

The traditional houses of the filipinos... it began during Spanish era in the Philippine and up to the end of the american colonization.... most of the houses were hundreds of years old already and very sophisticated...


Casa Villavicencio
an old Spanish Colonial Era house in Taal, Batangas. Built in 1850
Sep 30, 2016

Ria Villavicencio gives Anthony Taberna a tour around Casa Villavicencio, which she inherited from her grandfather and shares the challenges of maintaining a heritage house.

Look also HERE


Remark these are albums in the album Spanish Colonial Era


Mestiza Hispana Filipina - Spanish Colonial Era


Filipina Mestizas of the Past
Leona Lyn Oct 30, 2012
Mestiza in the Philippines primarily means a Filipina mixed with Spanish, though it could also mean "mixed with other races".


El vestido tradicional de la Filipina - Spanish Colonial Era


La Mujer Filipina - Spanish Colonial Era

They were called The Spanish Ladies-Señoritas.


El Hombre Filipino - Spanish Colonial Era

They were called The Spanish Gentlemen-Señores.

Manila Carnivals 1908-1939

Perhaps, no other event has piqued the interest and stirred a nation’s imagination more than the fabled Manila Carnivals. Held from 1908-1939, the 2-week fair was organized as a goodwill event to celebrate harmonious U.S.-Philippine relations and to showcase our commercial, industrial and agricultural progress. Spectacular parades, lavish shows, firework displays and the crowning of the Manila Carnival Queen highlighted the "greatest annual event in the Orient".


Remark these are albums in the album Intramuros & Manila During Spanish Time

El Carnaval de Manila - Spanish Colonial Era

Manila Carnival was an event that aroused the jealousy of all Asia not only for your show, if not for the parade of your exotic queens. Beautiful young women of Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao arrived in Manila for be proclaimed the most pretty woman of the Philippines Islands.

The video shows also many kind of dresses of that time!
La Casa Filipina and the interior - Spanish Colonial Era

Colonial Houses in the Philippines were the union between Eastern style and Spanish pattern. A home designed in stone in the ground floor in order to fight tropical heat and wood at the top to fight the strong earthquakes that often shook the islands. The furniture inside the house was clearly done by people of mixed race, with garlanded rooms with lamps imported from Spain and beautiful glass cabinets dressed in fine China.
Manila During Spanish Time
Old Spanish-speaking Manila, 2videos
Intramuros - Spanish Colonial Era

Spanish Colonial Age (Golden Age) in the Philippines, Intramural, which is called City of God because of its many convents, churches, schools, houses and streets made with a colonial art which was magnificent at that time. Once it was destroyed in the World War II by the Americans and Japaneses, who were cruel to its population and majestic city. However, nowadays it remains the memories of that which was the Asian Pearl of the Spanish Empire.

Look also HERE
Intramuros: The historical walled city of Manila

Intramuros is a walled city-fortress originally built by the Spaniards in the 1600's. It is a historical monument, almost completely destroyed in World War II, it has been restored and is a must-see for visitors to the Philippines. Intramuros is rich with history and legend.

Look also HERE

Sold like slaves, $2 per head
Ramon J. Farolan February 08, 2021

The month of February 1899 was a critical period in the history of our nation. It was on Feb. 6 of that year that the Treaty of Paris ending the Spanish-American War was ratified by the US Senate. It marked the end of the Spanish empire and the beginning of the United States as a world power.

The Matter of the Philippines

Heritage of Fortifications

go to overview

Heritage Conservation Society Many photos and informations of ‘Fortifications’

Spanish Colonial Fortifications of the Philippines

The defenses of Ilocos Norte's Currimao
Bernard Joseph Esposo Guerrero August 08, 2016

The small town of Currimao keeps remains of its past as a fortified Spanish-period commercial complex that might be hard to match elsewhere in the country: from watchtowers, an almacen, to coral rock.

The missing Spanish-period watchtowers of Ilocos Norte
Bernard Joseph Esposo Guerrero August 01, 2019

These missing or hidden watchtowers stand as testaments to a bygone age and illustrate how important some Philippine locales were for regional trade

The Watchtowers of La Union
Watchtowers are integral part of community structures, especially of those settlements found along the coastlines, during the time when the Philippines was still under the Spanish crown.
One of the most famous watchtowers in the Philippines is that of Luna, La Union. It is known to locals as "Baluarte" and is one of Luna's top tourist drawer along with the town's century old church which enshrines the Our Lady of Namacpacan (Namacpacan is the old name of Luna).

San Juan, La Union - Watchtower

La Union watchtowers battle neglect, modernity
Yolanda Sotelo August 15, 2021
The towering structures that used to dot the Ilocos region’s coastline once served as fortification outposts that allowed Spaniards to watch for approaching pirates in the 1600s.

Preserving beauty, glory of historical watchtowers
Vaughn Alviar April 24, 2021
On the shores of Victoria in Luna, La Union, a watchtower stands proud.


Fort Santiago, Manila

Fort Santiago has a savage history.

Look also HERE and a lot of photo of Fort Santiago HERE


LOOK ALL the Videos:

in the album Intramuros, The historical walled city of Manila in the album Filipinos & the Philippines, Provinces, Cities, Etc. during old times and ...

Fort Santiago dungeons now open to public
February 02, 2020

Guests can now explore Fort Santiago's dungeons from 2 pm to 10 pm every day.
The entrance fee costs P75 for adults and P50 for students, senior citizens, and persons with disability (PWD).
It served as a storage vault and a prison cell for activists and the political resistance, imprisoning Jose Rizal before his public execution.
The area was also used during the World War II for grim purposes – the Japanese occupation kept soldiers and political prisoners in the dungeons to torture and execute.

The Fortress and Church of Miagao

Santo Tomas de Villanueva Church

The Video in the album Historical Churches: The Fortress and Church of Miagao

Miagao Church by Ed Antonio

One of the four barouque churches in the Philippines is the Miagao Church or the Church of Santo Tomas de Villanueva declared as one of UNESCOs World Heritage Sites. It has an amazing structure that stood the test of time. Built in 1787 and later damaged by fire and earthquake and restored in the 1960s

Zamboanga City's Fort Pilar

Real Fuerza de Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragosa

a 17th century military defence fortress built by the Spanish colonial government in Zamboanga City

1635 - 2006

371 years of history and transformation. Remark 3 pages with photos

Look also HERE

The Videos in the album Zamboanga City & Peninsula - A Living Heritage in the album Tourism - Great Places to Visit

Baluarte, Lantawan or watchtower - made up of coral stones and built along the coastline of Oslob, Cebu.

Constructed in 1788, by Father Bermejo served as a lookout stations in detecting the coming of Moro pirate ships which helped Father Bermejo fought and won many wars.

400-year-old watch tower Baluarte of Luna in Barangay Victoria destroyed
Jun Elias October 24, 2015

The history of Fort San Pedro in Cebu City

A Romance with the Fort San Pedro

The Videos in the album Cebu & Visayan - Heritage, Legacy & History

Fort San Pedro in Cebu City

The smallest, oldest triangular bastion fort in the country was built in 1738 to repel Muslim raiders. Spanish conquistador, Miguel López de Legazpi was incharge of construction.
Visit at Fort San Pedro in Cebu City (July 1993)
© Egon & Rowina (Bebeth) Roenning, Denmark
Cebu fortresses and watch towers during the Spanish regime

Let us trace our history through the fortresses and watch towers that were built throughout the whole province of Cebu in defense against the pirates who tried to kidnap Cebuanos during the Spanish regime. The episode traces where these fortresses and watch towers are and see their current situation.

Fuerte de Santa Isabel, Taytay, Palawan

Cuyo Fort, Cuyo, Palawan

Cuyo was strategically located between the islands of Panay and the Palawan main land. The island served as a stepping stone that linked Palawan with the Visayas and Luzon. Cuyo’s strategic position within a transportation and trade route made it imperative that it be fortified.

Defence and fortification

The Philippines were considered to be a key part of the defence system of the Spanish Crown in the New World.

Corregidor - Then and Now




in album Corregidor in the album Cavite province in the album Tourism - Great Places to Visit

Cavite province fortifications

Fort Drum
(El Fraile Island), also known as the “concrete battleship” is a heavily fortified island fortress situated at the mouth of Manila Bay

Fort Drum History Including History of 59th CA

The articles HERE, HERE, HERE

AND the Videos

e.g. The Fort Drum expedition, etc.
Aug 11, 2016
Halina’t lapitan ang kasaysayang naiwan ng konkretong depensang pangdagat na El Fraile. Pasukin at alamin ang nakaraan nito sa tulong ng isang eksperto sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas.

El Fraile - Surrender at Fort Drum. Documentary by Kara David Jun 17, 2013

AND many more!

Remark this is an album "El Fraile Island" in the album "Cavite province" in the album "Tourism - Great Places to Visit"
Corregidor Island e.g.:

Regent Seven Seas cruise director and adventurer Jamie Logan travels to this small but heavily fortified island which was the site of one of the great battles during WWII. Here American and Filipino forces held off the Imperial Japanese Navy which delayed their advance and saved Australia from invasion. See the incredible remains of this battle torn island!

Corregidor Island incl. a walkthrough of Malinta tunnel

and 1 video, Corregidor Island Historical Treasures with sign language (FSL, Filipino Sign Language ??)

Corregidor Island, map - December 1941

Eerie, not abandoned – Malinta Tunnel, Corregidor Island

Malinta Tunnel

look more about Corregidor

Fort Wint
was part of the harbor defenses of Manila and Subic Bays built by the Philippine Department of the United States Army between 1907 and 1920 in response to recommendations of the Taft Board prior to the non-fortification clause of the Washington Naval Treaty. Fort Wint was located on Grande Island at the entrance of Subic Bay

The abandonment of Fort Wint

Pictures of Grande Island, ex Fort Wint

Covering up a national sellout


in the album Batanes in the album Tourism - Great Places to Visit


Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel mostly known as Batanes Tunnel

Little is known about the Batanes tunnels dug by Ivatan children during World War II. Jay Taruc meets Lolo Daniel and Lolo Luis, two surviving tunnel diggers who recounted their experiences during the Japanese occupation in Batan Island. It’s a 5-door World War II tunnel which was built by the Japanese to provide shelter for their soldiers. It is located in the mountain of Tukon. Apr 22, 2014

The Bonifacio War Tunnel
February 3, 2014 by Defense News Daily PH

The 1910 Fort Bonifacio War Memorial Tunnel is a tunnel in Bonifacio Global City, a district of Metro Manila. It is considered to be a historical site by the Bases Conversion Development Authority. It is situated at the property of former military base Fort Bonifacio and now called Bonifacio Global City. It has since become hidden underneath the streets that traverse C-5 and Kalayaan Avenue.

Look also HERE AND the Videos in the album Metro Manila Tourist Attractions in the album Tourism - Great Places to Visit


in the album Isabela: Queen Province of the Philippines in the album Great Places to Visit

Japanese war tunnel in Ilagan, Isabela

Ilagan City has opened its latest tourist destination to the public which lets visitors travel back to the Japanese period. Feb 17, 2016


in the album Volcanoes and WARNINGS about erupts

Mount Isarog - a potentially active stratovolcano
'Yaman ng Isarog,' a documentary by Kara David (with subtitles)
Nov 9, 2016
This video entitled ‘Yaman ng Isarog’ features ‘the role of Mt. Isarog during the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines.’

Look also HERE

Culion’s remodelled fortress - church

Culion Fort - Culion, Palawan

The Citadel of Oslob
Muog Muog: Spanish Colonial Fortifications in the Philippines

From 1565 to 1898, fortifications large and small, varied in design and purpose were built to protect the Spanish colony, the Philippines. Fortifications, known as fuerza or fuerte were bastioned fortifications. Those known as baluarte, torre, bantayan or tanawan were watchtowers that surveyed the land and the surrounding seas. These towers, too numerous to count, served as a warning system to signal the approach of hostile vessels. Together the bastioned fort and watchtower contributed to the sense of safety of the local inhabitants. Guardians of peace and stability the fortifications built the safe space where communities could strive forward.

Philippine Money - History & Museums

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History of the Philippine Peso




How the Philippine peso evolved through the years


The Philippine history is a rich and colorful narrative filled with drama and controversy. And while many historians have gone through many difficulties in preserving what once was a great reflection of the country's past is the different forms money, which also evolved both in value and design. Jun 16, 2015

The Story of Philippine Money

History of Philippine Money


The Culion Leper Colony Coinage, Palawan Philippine Coins.

Look ref. HERE

Remark this is an album in the album Culion in the album Great Places to Visit

The Money Museum

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Central Bank of the Philippines

Bank of the Philippine Islands - Cebu Main Branch New Museum

Look also photo and more

Learn Philippine history through coins and bills

The Video: Looking back at PH history and heritage through currency
May 19, 2021 CNN Philippines
Look back at Philippine history and heritage through its currency. Know more about 'Yaman' with renowned historian Ambeth Ocampo ang photographer Wig Tysmans.

History in our pockets
Ambeth R. Ocampo May 19, 2021

Imprinting Andres Bonifacio:

The Iconization from Portrait to Peso

The face of the Philippine revolution is evasive, just like the freedom that eluded the man known as its leader.

P500-bill with Marcos face was never circulated

How I 'Made Money' for the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Romeo Castillo MananQuil, the artist who designed the P500 bill, brought the untold story to light in Toronto's Celebrate Magazine in 2008

The Video: 500 Piso Philippine Banknote - Marcos Face was Never Circulated

Look about Romeo Castillo MananQuil and his work as painter

Heritage of Transportation - Etc.

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Transportation history of the Philippines

The various forms of transportation in the Philippines from the past and up to now.


"Ang Mga Dating Transportasyon Sa Maynila"
Tinig PH Feb 25, 2019

The old transportations around Metro Manila.

Heritage of Railway systems

Remark the videos in this section are albums in the album Railways, Now & Then - PHILIPPINE rail system

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The Heritage of Cebu

Reminiscing Cebu’s old railway system



History of the railway in Cebu

An episode tackling the history of Cebu through tracing its railway. Host: Archaeologist and Professor Jojo Bersales.


Cebu Train Station


All in the album Railways, Now & Then - PHILIPPINE rail system


‘Daang Bakal’
Dec 2, 2016
Sinasabing kung ninanais mong magtayo ng lipunan, kailangan mo munang maglaan ng oras na magpagawa ng daan na bakal. Ayon sa mga mananakop na Kastila noon, ang daang bakal daw umano ay daanan ng pagbabago. Ngunit sa kasalukuyan, ano na nga ba ang kinahinatnan ng riles ng tren na naging piping saksi ng digmaan?
Halina’t alamin sa ulat ni Kara David kung hanggang saan nga ba ang narating ng pagbabago gamit ang itinatag na daang bakal at ano na nga bang ginawa ng mga tao upang pangalagaan ang makasaysayang riles na ito.

PNR - From The Glory Days

From The Glory Days, Deterioration and Beginning Of Ressurection of one of the Asia's First Railway System

On November 24, 1892, the first railroad line in the Philippines was opened. It covered a distance of 195.4 kilometers from Manila to Dagupan.
Cover photo: Spanish-Filipino civilians on the Manila-Dagupan line. It was called Ferrocarril de Manila a Dagupan.


El tren de Manila
fonsucu May 20, 2018

This website aims to link the many Philippine related websites and forums run by the 'Philippine Railway Historical Society

Look much more HERE

Philippine Railway Historical Society - PRHS

This site was set up to share photos, historical pieces, comment and virtually anything else pertaining to transportation in the Philippines, with a special emphasis on rail.

The Facebook

The Railways and Industrial Heritage Society of the Philippines
Panay Railways

Panay Railways

Steam Locomotives in Philippines
Dinosaurs Once Roam This Land

Steam locomotives or Iron Dinosaurs as we call them were used to transport harvested sugarcane from the fields to the sugar centrals for milling.

Time has passed over the island and taken away the experience and left broken tracks and blocked boilers. The chapter of sugar cane lines has almost come to an end.

Iron Dinosaur

that was use in Sugar Mill in the province of Negros

Philippine Sugar Cane Railways

Many great photos

Sugar Railways on Negros

About Philippines says: One of the best articles about the subject


Sugar cane train in Negros

Diesel and Steam Loco are used.

Filmed in Jan, 1997 - michinoku - Hong Kong

First part is Victorias Millings with diesel locos, and second part is at La Carlota with steam loco.

Steam in Negros

Look the article with photos as pdf HERE

Iron Dinosaurs of Negros, Philippines - Or Steam trains to others

Negros Railways
Victorias Milling Company, vintage pictures from 1989

Train relic

Train relic in Luisita, San Miguel, Tarlac

hilldenny Jun 2, 2011: The only information I have found about the train is that it was used back in the 1960s to deliver sugar cane. It's nice that they kept it and put it on display.

Steam engines in the Philippines

some like Thomas and friends and some the others

Bulacan's Old Brick Train Stations : Reminders of A Century Past
December 14, 2017

Before the advent of all light rail transits in the metro (MRT 3, LRT1, LRT2, MRT 7), there was the Ferrocaril de Manila-Dagupan first, a heavy railway that runs from Tutuban in Manila all the way to Dagupan, Pangasinan. This railway was opened during the latter part of the Spanish Occupation in November 1892, just when the revolution against the Spanish authority is about to break out.

Look this great article as

Old Train Station, Guiguinto, Bulacan

The Estacion de Guiguinto, Guiguinto Train Station It was upon this site that the Katipuneros, Filipino guerillas during the Spanish Regime ambushed a train from Dagupan.

Built sometime in 1896, the Estacion de Guiguinto (Guiguinto Old Train Station) of the Philippine National Railways is the town's most acclaimed historical landmark and heritage site. It was upon this site that around 200 Katipuneros fought for the cause of Filipino freedom led by Capt. Inocencio Tolentino. They ambushed a group of Spaniards on the night of 27 May 1898, including the parish friar of Guiguinto, Fr. Leocadio Sanchez, who brought cruelty to the natives in his regime. The incident inspired Severino Reyes to author one of the most famous zarzuela in the country "Walang Sugat" which was later made into a movie in 1939 and 1957.

Look also Guiguinto Old Train Station and post in the Facebook

Corregidor Railway System

Tony Feredo

Look also below about the tramway

Las Estaciones Ferrocarril Manila-Dagupan

Text in English and many photos

Manuél Máximo Nóche Lopez del Castíllo

Heritage Conservation Society Many photos and informations of ‘Railroad Stations’

Old Railway Bridges

Heritage of Tramway systems

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Tranvías manileños

fonsucu Jul 12, 2018
Fotos: Antiguos tranvías de Manila

Manila's Long-Lost 'Tranvias' Once the Envy of Asia
Adrian Gamble March 10, 2017

Tranvia in Manila
Collection by Geia de la Peña


Ralph Forty

Look also above about the railway

Maritime heritage - Museums etc. e.g. Boats

Remark most of the videos in this section are albums in the album Transport - Maritime - Then & Now, Ferries & Boats - Variety of seacraft

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AIMS Museo Maritimo
Honor the maritime heritage of our Nation by codifying in words, photographs, arts, and artefacts the historic moments of the Philippines as a maritime landmark and source of excellent seafaring people.

Look also HERE

Video Philippine Maritime Heritage

Remark this is an album in the album "Transport - Maritime - Then & Now, Ferries & Boats - Variety of seacraft"

Soul Boat and the Boat-Soul

The Soul Boat and the Boat-Soul: An Inquiry into the Indigenous “Soul”

Maria Bernadette L. Abrera, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History, Department of History, UP

This paper will explore the indigenous world view in the Philippines and in particular, the concept of the soul in the animist context, as revealed in the pre-colonial rituals involving the use of the boats.

The Ingenious Filipino Boat - The Balangay
 FR. Gabriel S. Casal, Eusebio Z. Dizon, Wilfredo P. Ronquillio, Cecilio G. Salcedo
 Kasaysayan Vol. 2: The Earliest Filipinos

names of the different parts of a balangay


Balangay team sails from Sulu to China to retrace maritime heritage
The mission of the Balangay team is both symbolic and purposeful – rekindle a passion for the seas and our maritime heritage.

Philippine adventurers to set sail for China the old way
Nov 1, 2017
Philippine adventurers are planning to sail from Manila to southern China early near year using a wooden replica of an ancient boat in the hopes of boosting national pride in a forgotten maritime prowess. They aim to recreate trade and migration voyages made before Spaniards colonised the Philippines in the 1500s.

Filipinos Set Sail in a Balangay

Voyage of Two Balangays - Diwata Ng Lahi and Masawa Hong Butuan

The Voyage of the Balangay - Book project

Look the full description of the video

Thousands of years ago, the ancestors of the Filipino people, the Austronesian speaking people traveled from the Asian mainland by land bridges across the continental shelf to the South East Asian archipelago. They then sailed onward to as far East as Polynesia, and as far West as Madagascar, aboard the ancient vessel: the Balangay

Look also HERE

The World of Amaya: Unleashing the Karakoa

The reproduction of the traditional warship called the karakoa - a Filipino boat built without nails but was three times faster than a Spanish galleon

Look the logo-photo in the original size HERE

The Flying Karakoa

was a sleek Philippine warship that was smooth and swift in comparison to the Spanish galleons. Father Combes, one of the first Spanish Fryars to document early Philippine history (1667-70) said, "The care and technique with which they build them makes their ships sail like birds, while ours are like lead in comparison."

Butuan Boats

Prehistoric boats were recovered in Butuan, Agusan del Norte in 1978. There are nine existing prehistoric boats.

Look also HERE, look this article as pdf HERE


Maritime museum in Iloilo City

Sunken treasures among others are showcased in the country's first maritime museum in Iloilo City. – ANC, The World Tonight, July 22, 2016
If you have more informations, please send a mail

Forgotten history? The polistas of the Galleon Trade
Robert Joseph P. Medillo Jun 19, 2015

'More than just being a route to early economic and cultural exchanges, the route also served as many indios’ path to death'
Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) prepare the country’s nomination for the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade Route to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Today in Philippine History, September 14, 1815, the galleon trade between the Philippines and Mexico ended
On September 14, 1815, the galleon trade between the Philippines and Mexico ended a few years before Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821. The Spanish Crown took direct control of the country, and was governed directly from Madrid. The opening of the Suez Canal and the invention of steam ships, which reduced the travel time from Spain to the Philippines to 40 days, made this more manageable.

Manila galleon
Without a doubt one of the most famous episodes of the story of the New Spain concerns the Galleon of Manila, also known as the Nao of China. It was a vessel that, once a year, linked the ports of Manila and Acapulco, carrying in its hold silk, porcelain, spices, fine woods, lacquer, carpets, folding screens and vases from Asia, or gold and silver from America, as well as diverse goods from Europe.

Manila galleon, Spanish sailing vessel
that made an annual round trip (one vessel per year) across the Pacific between Manila, in the Philippines, and Acapulco, in present Mexico, during the period 1565–1815. They were the sole means of communication between Spain and its Philippine colony and served as an economic lifeline for the Spaniards in Manila.

El Galeon Andalucia - replica

For 250 years, the galleons traveled twice a year from Manila to Acapulco, bringing with them goods from four continents. Silver, pearls, chocolate, porcelain, silk and piña were traded in Philippine and Mexican ports. During those times, from 1565 to 1815, the galleons’ crew was made up of up to eighty percent Filipinos.

Three flags are hoisted over the galleon: the Philippine flag, the red and yellow flag of Spain, and the green and white flag of Andalucía, where the galleon was constructed.

The Videos

El Galeon Andalucia - replica

Visited the Philippines

Remark this is an album in the album Transport - Maritime - Then & Now, Ferries & Boats - Variety of seacraft

The Old Biray vessel in Pandan, Caoayan

an abandoned traditional Biray vessel located along the Mestizo River in Caoayan, Ilocos Sur, Northwest Luzon.

The Ayala Museum, Makati City

Boat Gallery

a permanent exhibit of maritime history of local and foreign shops that docked in Philippines. From the ancient 600 B.C.E. old to the present ones, these handcrafted models of Pre-Hispanic, Chinese Junk, Baghlas, Lorchas and Galleons tell the story of ship-building. Check the website for timings.


History of the Maritime Industry of Cebu

KABILIN Apr 1, 2013

Kalesa, Tartanilla and Carromata

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Difference between What is the difference between tartanilla - karatela (kalesa – calesa) and Carromata (Karomata)

Kalesa or calesa (sometimes called a karitela) is a horse-driven calash (carriage)


Kalesa (Calesa - Karitela) - Tartanilla and Carromata (Karomata)

e.g. Is the Tartanilla a fading lifestyle in Cebu

Cebu is the only city in the Philippines that has it's own unique structure of horse drawn carriage. A popular and cheap mode of transportation for local Cebuanos and tourists who want a fun experience and an opportunity befriend the local people....The Tartanilla has been around since the 1850's. Mar 16, 2016

Obra de Mano
Sep 15, 2017
A look at the current condition of San Fernando City’s horse-drawn carriages industry


Festivals - Kalesa (Calesa - Karitela) - Tartanilla and Carromata (Karomata)

Kalesa festivals and preparation

Horse Festival sa Bulacan, dinayo ng UH barkada!
Aired: December 29, 2016

Remark this is an album in the album Festivals

When the Calesa Rule the Streets of Manila

Look the article as pdf HERE

Kalesa, the 18th Centuries Rolls Royce

Kalesa tours around Intramuros in Manila are a must!

Riding The Philippine ‘Calesa’ and Business

Public Order and Safety, Traffic and Zoning Code, Tartanilla

KALESA Original version + Sylvia La Torre

"Kalesa" was composed by A. Del Rosario and its lyrics were written by Levi Celerio. Later on, Levi Celerio collaborated with Prof. Ernani Cuenco and produced another version of "Kalesa" which gained much publicity due to the Professor's popularity and status in the society.

Remark this is an album in the album Musical Instruments & Music - Opera, Songs, Choirs & Music ensembles


Mi carreta filipina

Mar 12, 2016

Remark this is an album in the album Transportation & Guides - "PHILIPPINE-STYLE"

THE OFFICIAL CALENDAR - An Almanac of Philippine Commemorations

The Electoral Almanac - the history of Philippine elections - Etc.

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of the Republic of the Philippines

An Almanac of Philippine Commemorations

For the past four years, the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic PlanningOffice (PCDSPO) has, as part of its mandate, led the preservation and curatorship of the institutional memory of the Philippine presidency; it has also stood at the forefront of sustaining interest and curiosity about the story of the Filipino people. The PCDSPO has achieved all this in so short a time by taking advantage of and continually improving upon the marriage of new technologies and standby resources-historical papers, photo collections, monographs and articles and textbooks.

The Philippine Electoral Almanac
This book traces the history of Philippine elections. Leading up to the present day, it explores the intricate relationship, in a democracy, between the President and Congress; analyzes the partnerships established between political parties and personalities; fleshes out the history of political coalitions; and details every Philippine national referendum held to date.

Look also HERE

History repeats itself: Senate had mace-chase almost 30 years ago
Camille Elemia and Jee Geronimo July 25, 2018

In 1991, a controversial coup that sought to oust then Senate president Jovito Salonga triggered a childish mace-chase in the chamber.

Massacres - historical and 1968 - ???

Remark most of the videos in this section are albums in the album Massacres - historical and 1950 - ???

Look also The Filipino genocide

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List of massacres
9 farmers killed at Negros Occidental hacienda
October 22, 2018 - with Video

Dozens of armed men allegedly fired at the farmers inside Hacienda Nene on Saturday night, October 20

The Video: Independent investigation sa Sagay massacre in the album "Sagay massacre, 9 farmers killed at Negros Occidental hacienda"

Child abuse complaint filed vs Sagay police over massacre case
Lian Buan December 04, 2018
National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers' Kathy Panguban claims that the police have been using an estranged father to get his son to testify that NPA rebels are behind the Sagay massacre

Duterte warns groups occupying lands: I will have you arrested, shot
October 29, 2018
'If they resist violently, shoot them, and if they die, I do not care,' says President Rodrigo Duterte.
Duterte seemed to be referring to the massacre of 9 sugar farmers at Hacienda Nene in Sagay City, Negros Occidental. The farmers were occupying land at the hacienda.

Police file murder charges vs 2 Sagay massacre suspects
Rambo Talabong October 27, 2018
The suspects, identified as National Federation of Sugar Workers recruiters Rene Manlangit and Rogelio Arquillo, remain at large

CHR on Negros farmers' slay: Death should not be price of claiming one's rights
Jodesz Gavilan October 22, 2018
CHR's regional office in Bacolod City sends a fact-finding team 'to find out the truth in the incident towards ascertaining accountabilities'

Negros farmers' recruiter 'left them' before the bloodbath
Rambo Talabong and Marchel P. Espina October 22, 2018
Western Visayas top cop John Bulalacao says the farmers may have been used as bait by the New People's Army to incite hate against the government

PNP probes person of interest in Negros farmers' slay
Rambo Talabong October 22, 2018
Local police say it is too early to blame the armed communist group, the New People's Army, as perpetrators of the killings

P500,000 reward up over farmers' slay in Negros Occidental
Negros Occidental Governor Alfredo Marañon Jr condemns the killing of 9 farmers at Hacienda Nene in his hometown of Sagay City

Both by Marchel P. Espina October 21, 2018

Malacañang condemns killing of 9 Negros farmers
October 21, 2018
Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo says the government 'will enforce the full wrath' of the law against those who killed 9 farmers in Negros Occidental

Jabidah and Merdeka: The inside story
Marites Dañguilan Vitug and Glenda M. Gloria March 18, 2013

On March 18, 1968 at least 23 young Muslim trainees were shot to death on Corregidor Island in what has since been known as
the Jabidah massacre.
The officers who participated in the Jabidah massacre have not fully come clean. In the end, it may have left a legacy of lying and cover-up in the military.

Rappler first republished this piece in March 2013, and is republishing this again to mark the 50th anniversary of the Jabidah massacre this year.

Still no justice 50 years after Jabidah massacre
March 18, 2018 - with Video
Half a century later, the names of slain young Moros remain carved on concrete walls while justice is still nowhere to be found.

Jabidah Massacre: 51 years after, still vivid in memory
Amir Mawalil March 18, 2019
There is no closure for this injustice yet

and HERE


Mendiola Massacre, January 22, 1987 - January 24, 2019: Farmers press for justice 32 years after Mendiola Massacre

Mendiola Massacre, January 22, 1987
Agrarian Reform Chief Rafael “Ka Paeng” V. Mariano, then secretary-general of Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas, is one of the many farmers who were at the Mendiola protest in 1987.
On January 22, 1987, an otherwise peaceful mobilization on Mendiola Street turned into a bloody dispersal that took the lives of 13 farmers.
The unfortunate incident came to be known as the Mendiola Massacre.

The Bloody Mendiola Massacre Took Place 32 Years Ago Today
Nicai de Guzman Jan 22, 2019
No matter who fired first, history cannot change the outcome of that dark, bloody day-12 people died on the streets, 13 by some accounts.

Inopacan Massacre

Surviving families of the Inopacan Massacre on Monday remembered their loved ones killed in a mass execution perpetuated by the New People’s Army (NPA) in the 1980s.

Manila court orders arrest of Joma Sison, Jalandoni over Leyte mass grave
Lian Buan September 06, 2019
Satur Ocampo, a co-accused, is excluded in the warrant because of an earlier bail grant by the Supreme Court

A Manila court has ordered the arrest of Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Joma Sison, his wife and 36 other members of the organization for murder.
ABS-CBN Sep 06 2019
Sison and his co-accused were tagged in the so-called "Inopacan massacre," a 1980s purge of CPP members accused of various offenses in Leyte province, according to an arrest warrant issued Aug. 28 by Judge Thelma Bunyi-Medina of the Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 32.

Joma hits Duterte’s ‘fake charges’ against him, other critics
Ronalyn V. Olea September 6, 2019

PNP plans to arrest Joma Sison through Interpol
Rambo Talabong September 10, 2019
The Philippine National Police is preparing to ask the International Criminal Police Organization to issue a red notice against exiled communist leader Joma Sison

The Video: Itanong Mo Kay Prof: Inopacan Massacre
kodao phils Sep 7, 2019

Hacienda Luisita massacre, Nov. 16, 2004
Striking farmworkers, demanding the turnover of the land to them, were violently dispersed by combined PNP-AFP forces. As the strikers and their supporters resisted the teargas shells and water cannons, successive gunshots rang out. Consequently, seven farmworkers were killed, 121 were injured (32 had gunshot wounds), including 11 children and four elderly men.

In the succeeding weeks, eight supporters of the strike were killed: Bishop Alberto Ramento, former supreme bishop of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente; Fr. William Tadena, also of the IFI; Tarlac City councilor Abel Ladera; Ric Ramos, president of the Central Azucarera de Tarlac Labor Union; and four worker-community leaders.

The Videos: Hacienda Luisita massacre, Nov 2004 & March 2014

Hda. Luisita massacre: No justice after 10 years

Maguindanao Massacre, election-related violence and media killings, November 23, 2009

6 updates on Maguindanao massacre's 6th year
Jodesz Gavilan November 21, 2015
Rappler lists down what happened during the months leading to the 6th year of the worst case of election-related violence and media killings in the Philippines

ALL the Videos about:
Maguindanao massacre also known as the Ampatuan massacre
in the album Media Killings - Etc. e.g.

Maguindanao massacre: Ang hatol - The Verdict
Malacañang Palace briefing on Ampatuan Massacre verdict

and MUCH more Videos

MILF says it is ready to help arrest Maguindanao massacre suspects
Taher G. Solaiman November 28, 2020
The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) said it is ready to assist law enforcers in arresting suspects tagged in the Maguindanao massacre in 2009 where 58 individuals were killed, including 32 media workers.

11 years after massacre, same and new issues still hound Ampatuan victims
Cristina Eloisa Baclig November 23, 2020
Exactly 11 years after the single deadliest event for journalists, victims face both old and new challenges in their quest for justice

11 years after Ampatuan Massacre, 58th victim still needs to be proven dead
Nov 23, 2020 Lian Buan
'The 58th victim was my father,' says a determined Reynafe Momay-Castillo. 'To forget is never an option.'

The Video: State of journalism in PH now worse since Maguindanao Massacre
Nov 23, 2020 ANC 24/7
For Rappler Chief Executive Maria Ressa, the state of journalism here in the Philippines has definitely gotten worse more than a decade since the Maguindanao Massacre. She says, the situation now is far more insiduous with unthinkable events becoming reality including the shutdown of Philippine Media Giant ABS-CBN.

‘No one can ever tell Maguindanao massacre victims’ kin to move on’
Nov 23, 2020 Mara Cepeda
Maguindanao Representative Toto Mangudadatu says the lives of the massacre victims and their witnesses will remain under threat as long as other suspects remain free

DOJ indicts 8, clears 40 in new Ampatuan massacre cases
Nov 23, 2020 Lian Buan
'Mere presence at the scene of the crime does not automatically make one liable for it, much less presence in the place or meeting where the crime was allegedly planned,' says the DOJ resolution

With Calida in charge, lawyer 'nervous' of Ampatuan massacre appeal
Nov 23, 2020 Lian Buan
'We need to watch this closely, because you know who the government's lawyer is in the appeal; the lawyer of the government is the Solicitor General,' says lawyer Nena Santos

Roque, ex-lawyer of Ampatuan victims, claims justice served under Duterte
Nov 23, 2020 Mara Cepeda
Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque fails to mention that the acquitted Ampatuan massacre suspects far outnumber those who were convicted

Police arrest Ampatuan massacre suspect
August 25, 2020 Bobby Lagsa
The suspect works as a security guard in a beverage plant in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental under a fictitious name
The Criminal Investigation and Detection Group-10 (CIDG-10) arrested a security guard allegedly involved in the Ampatuan massacre on Monday, August 24 in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental.

'Vital witness' in Ampatuan massacre survives attack in South Cotabato
Lian Buan June 03, 2020
'Sangki is a vital witness in the second wave of prosecution for the Maguindanao massacre, and it is not far-fetched that his ambush today had something to do with the horrible case,' says Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra

Ampatuans start to appeal guilty massacre verdict
Lian Buan January 02, 2020
Unsay opts to go straight to the Court of Appeals, while Anwar Sr and his sons file a motion before the Quezon City court

Even after the Ampatuan verdict, Filipino journalists are still in peril
Billy Jason Vuelta December 22, 2019
As long as there are still Filipinos who choose to be misinformed and disinformed, the Philippines will still be a dangerous place for journalists

How the Ampatuans commanded the police to carry out massacre
Lian Buan December 22, 2019
Policemen, whether accomplices or not, readily comply with the order to set up checkpoints. The Mangudadatu convoy fails to secure an escort after the army refuses to provide them with one.

Ampatuans' scramble after massacre turns loyal househelp against them
Lian Buan December 21, 2019
A thoughtless comment to kill Saliao for knowing 'so many things' led the loyal househelp to squeal

Daughter of 58th Ampatuan massacre victim continues to fight for justice
Vernise L Tantuco December 21, 2019
The Ampatuan massacre verdict is bittersweet for Nenen Momay, whose father wasn't recognized by the court as among those murdered

Amid confusion, families to clarify Ampatuan massacre verdict
Lian Buan December 21, 2019
4 people part of the 101 on trial did not receive judgments. A policeman who offered his troop for the massacre plot is both convicted and acquitted in the ruling.

'Tama na please': How lawyer's text in last moments convicted Andal Ampatuan
Lian Buan December 21, 2019
Lawyer Cynthia Oquendo-Ayon sends a message to a fellow lawyer: 'Please advise client Ampatuan. Tama na pls, we might get killed they are firing.'

SUMMARY: Why many were acquitted, some convicted in Ampatuan massacre
Lian Buan December 20, 2019
Take a look at Judge Jocelyn Solis Reyes' reasoning for the acquittals of scions of the Ampatuan clan despite their participation in the plotting of the massacre

Sibling remembers Ampatuan victim's premonition of attack
Marchel P. Espina December 20, 2019
'No amount of money can pay the life of my sister,' Andrea Jayme says of the slain human rights lawyer Concepcion Brizuela

'Patayin sila lahat': Tato Ampatuan acquitted despite participation in meeting
Lian Buan December 20, 2019
Datu Akmad or Tato Ampatuan attends a medical mission in Mamasapano on the day of the massacre, leading Judge Jocelyn Solis Reyes to say 'he did not cling to the agreed plot to kill'

IBP on Ampatuan verdict: Delayed justice breeds despair, corruption
Jodesz Gavilan December 20, 2019
While it welcomes the conviction of suspects in the Ampatuan massacre, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines laments the delay and pushes for reforms in the judicial process

Journalists, lawyers call for state accountability after Ampatuan verdict
Vernise L Tantuco December 20, 2019
The state needs to be accountable for crimes committed by its own agents, says NUJP chair Nonoy Espina, whether it's the Ampatuan massacre or the drug war

PNP: Acquitted policemen in Ampatuan massacre case can return to service
Jodesz Gavilan December 20, 2019
PNP spokesman Brigadier General Bernard Banac says they are studying the status and case folders of the 17 acquitted policemen in the Ampatuan massacre

Ampatuan brothers convicted in 10-year massacre case
Lian Buan December 19, 2019 - with Video
Datu Andal Jr and Zaldy Ampatuan are sentenced to reclusion perpetua without parole

55 acquitted, 28 convicted in Ampatuan massacre
Lian Buan December 19, 2019
An additional 15 are convicted for being accessories to the crime, and are sentenced to 6-10 years in prison

DOCUMENT: Full decision on Ampatuan massacre case
December 19, 2019
The promulgation on December 19 marks the end of a decade-long trial. Read the full decision .

Malacañang welcomes guilty verdict in Ampatuan massacre
Sofia Tomacruz December 19, 2019
But the 'narrative on the protection of media workers is far from over,' says Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo, who was once a lawyer for Datu Andal Ampatuan Jr

After Ampatuan conviction, CHR urges gov't to ensure same 'full force of law'
Jodesz Gavilan December 19, 2019
'May this verdict revive our faith in the justice system,' says the Commission on Human Rights, adding that the government must address 'marks of impunity that continue to prevail'

Ampatuan verdict 'a big win' for victims, families – human rights lawyer
Vernise L Tantuco December 19, 2019
Lawyer and former SC spokesman Ted Te says Judge Jocelyn Solis Reyes' conviction of the Ampatuan brothers is a 'brave statement'

NUJP: Despite Ampatuan conviction, fight is not yet over
Jodesz Gavilan December 19, 2019
'We must soldier on until the last of those responsible are behind bars,' the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines says

Sajid Ampatuan acquitted despite 'knowledge of murder plot'
Lian Buan December 19, 2019
A meeting is held in Sajid's house a day after the massacre to discuss 'how to save the backhoe' but Judge Jocelyn Solis Reyes says 'it is of no moment'

58th Ampatuan massacre victim forgotten in verdict?
Rambo Talabong December 19, 2019
Reynaldo Momay, a journalist who was seen covering the doomed candidacy filing of Esmael 'Toto' Mangudadatu and was never found again, is not counted as a murder victim by the Ampatuan brothers

Toto Mangudadatu: No closure yet, will appeal Sajid Ampatuan’s acquittal
JC Gotinga December 19, 2019
Mangudadatu says he is thankful for the guilty verdict on most of the suspects in the murder of his wife and sisters, but he will still go after the ones acquitted

Ampatuan massacre victims' families could each receive P20M
December 19, 2019
Lawyer Ted Te says the families should receive at least P50,000 in civil damages, though prosecution lawyers have asked the court to order the accused to each pay P20 million

HRW: Use Ampatuan conviction to push for reforms vs culture of impunity
Jodesz Gavilan December 19, 2019
The conviction of the Ampatuan brothers over the 2009 massacre should signal the end of state support for private armies and political warlordism, says Human Rights Watch

Did prosecution do enough? Ampatuan massacre verdict out today
Lian Buan December 19, 2019
Here's a summary of the prosecution's evidence for the 10-year trial compared to the alibis and witnesses of the Ampatuans

LIVE UPDATES: Ampatuan massacre verdict
News, analyses, live broadcast, and videos on the decision on the Ampatuan massacre on December 19, 2019 at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig

2 days before verdict, court orders Zaldy Ampatuan's return to jail
Lian Buan December 17, 2019
'The court finds that there is no longer any need for [Zaldy Ampatuan] to remain in the hospital as the procedure during rehabilitation session can be done to him as an outpatient,' says Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes

Supreme Court allows live coverage of Ampatuan massacre judgment
Lian Buan December 10, 2019
The Supreme Court (SC) en banc ruled on Tuesday, December 10, to allow live coverage of the most awaited decision on the Ampatuan massacre which will be held on December 19 inside Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig.

Media orgs unite, ask SC for live coverage of Ampatuan judgment
Lian Buan December 03, 2019
'Allowing live coverage would allow families unable to travel to Manila to immediately hear the decision of the 58 counts of murder of Judge Jocelyn Solis Reyes,' says the petition signed by media organizations

Ampatuan massacre verdict out December 19
Lian Buan December 02, 2019
Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes will hand down the judgment 9 am at the Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig.

Children bear the brunt 10 years since Ampatuan massacre
LIAN BUAN November 18, 2019
Many of the widows of the journalists choose to go abroad, leaving behind their children who have to lose another parent. Financial assistance is also running out.

Supreme Court extends Ampatuan massacre judgment to December
Lian Buan November 08, 2019 - with Video
'We have waited for ten years, the 30 days is a short time to wait,' private prosecutor Nena Santos says of the 30-day extension to promulgate the decision.

'Press freedom is dead' if Ampatuans not convicted for massacre – lawyer
Lian Buan November 05, 2019
After a decade, a court is scheduled to render a judgment on the Ampatuan massacre. Lawyer Nena Santos expects a guilty verdict for the principal accused.

CA: 3 accused in Maguindanao massacre can't be state witnesses
July 29, 2018
The Court of Appeals denies the motion seeking to turn Police Inspector Rex Ariel Diongon, Police Office 1 Rainier Ebus, and Mohammad Sangki into state witnesses

After 8 years, what's next in the Maguindanao massacre trial?
Sofia Tomacruz November 23, 2017
Almost a decade has passed since the death of 58 in the Maguindanao massacre – will justice be served soon?

What has happened to the Maguindanao massacre trial 8 years later?
Sofia Tomacruz November 23, 2017 - with Video
8 years and 3 administrations later, no convictions have been made

TIMELINE: The long road to justice for Maguindanao massacre victims
Sofia Tomacruz November 23, 2017
It's been 8 years since 58 people – including 32 media workers – were killed in Maguindanao. What has happened since?

INFOGRAPHIC: The Maguindanao massacre, 8 years later
November 23, 2017
Here's the status of the Maguindanao massacre trial in numbers

7 years later: What happened to the Maguindanao massacre case?
Katerina Francisco Updated November 23, 2016
Will the worst case of election-related violence in the Philippines reach its resolution under the Duterte administration?

Maguindanao massacre also known as the Ampatuan massacre

the slideshow: Dozens of bodies found in mass grave in Amputuan, Maguindanao province

WATCH: Media groups demand 'justice now, convict Ampatuans'
Lisa Marie David November 24, 2019 - with Video
NUJP, AlterMidya, and other media groups commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Maguindanao massacre with a mural painting and march

Fearful wait for justice a decade after Ampatuan massacre
Agence France-Presse November 23, 2019
A relative of victims say they are 'afraid for the life of the prosecutor or even the judge'

For Mama: Child of Ampatuan massacre victim chooses journalism too
Lian Buan November 23, 2019 - with Video
If she pursues her dream profession, 16-year-old Rhully Mae Shula Montaño will also bear the many, many problems of the media that even the killing of her mother could not solve

NUJP's Nonoy Espina on the 10th anniversary of the Maguindanao massacre
November 22, 2019
What has happened in the 10 years since the Maguindanao massacre?

NUJP chair ‘confident’ Ampatuans will be convicted
November 22, 2019
An acquittal, says National Union of Journalists of the Philippines' Nonoy Espina, would have grave implications not just on press freedom but on the electoral process

Atimonan massacre, January 6, 2013

Atimonan incident: Ambush or shootout?
Natashya Gutierrez January 18, 2013
Thirteen people were killed in a mass murder, authorities said to be an alleged shootout conducted by Philippine National Police.
Ambush or shootout?
Almost 2 weeks after the Atimonan Quezon incident, there are more questions than answers.
Look the Video in HD

Getting to the bottom of the Atimonan rubout
Benjie Oliveros January 18, 2013

PNP dismisses 13 cops in Atimonan killings
Bea Cupin April 14, 2014
Dismissed from service more than a year after the incident are 13 policemen, including a veteran intelligence officer

Mamasapano massacre - SAF44

was an incident that occurred during a police operation, codenamed Oplan Exodus, which took place on Sunday, January 25, 2015, at Tukanalipao, Mamasapano, Maguindanao, by Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) (allegedly joined by United States Army Special Forces) against the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The operation was intended to capture or kill wanted Malaysian terrorist and bomb-maker Zulkifli Abdhir and other Malaysian terrorists or high-ranking members of the BIFF.

ALL the Videos about: PNP-SAF Ambush Malupet and the time - cases after -

After Aquino, Sandiganbayan clears Purisima and Napeñas in Mamasapano case
Lian Buan January 21, 2020
The anti-graft court rules on merits for Purisima and Napeñas, saying because the generals did not receive anything in return, there can be no case of graft

SC has been sitting on Mamasapano transfer request for a year
Lian Buan January 25, 2018 - with Video
The trial of 88 people charged with murder for the bloody Mamasapano operations has yet to start

Aquino again blames Napeñas for Mamasapano mistakes
Bea Cupin November 10, 2017
Former president Benigno Aquino III says that at that time, he had no reason to believe that the former SAF chief would lie to him

Sandiganbayan finds probable cause to put Aquino on trial
Lian Buan November 10, 2017 - with Video
About an hour after former President Benigno Aquino III posts bail, the anti-graft court announces it has found probable cause to put him on trial

Ombudsman files charges vs Noynoy Aquino over Mamasapano
Lian Buan November 08, 2017
The former president is facing charges of graft and usurpation of official functions over the botched Mamasapano operation back in 2015

SAF 44 kin want homicide charges vs Aquino
July 19, 2017 - with Video
Aquino also files his appeal before Morales but it is done discreetly.

Aquino surprised Duterte defended him over indictment
Lian Buan July 18, 2017
Former president Benigno Aquino III will file a motion for reconsideration before the Ombudsman on Wednesday, July 19, to 'clarify what transpired' in the Mamasapano operation.

Mamasapano generals: Where are they now?
Bea Cupin July 16, 2017
Former police generals Alan Purisima and Getulio Napeñas allegedly 'conspired' with former president Benigno Aquino III in the lead-up to the tragic Mamasapano clash.

Duterte declares Jan 25 'Day of National Remembrance' for SAF 44
February 26, 2017 with many good links

PNoy ultimately responsible for Mamasapano massacre - Senate panel
March 17, 2015 AMITA O. LEGASPI
See the full executive summary

Duterte to create commission to reinvestigate Mamasapano
January 24, 2017
The President wants to appoint 'men of integrity and honor,' possibly former Supreme Court justices, to head the reinvestigation into the 2015 botched police operation.

SAF 44 families demand justice from Duterte
Pia Ranada January 25, 2017
During a dinner for the families, Duterte promises to set a 'day of remembrance' for the SAF 44 and orders the PNP to study the possibility of awarding the fallen troopers the Medal of Valor.

Two years after Mamasapano: What happened to the case?
January 25, 2017
Two years have passed since the Mamasapano encounter, but the victims' families are still clamoring for truth on the bloody police operation.

Finger-pointing on Mamasapano
Edilberto de Jesus, PhD January 28, 2017
If Aquino was ultimately responsible for Mamasapano

should not Duterte accept ultimate accountability for the murder by PNP officers of Jee Ick Joo, and any murder subsequently discovered to have been perpetrated by the police?

the Videos in the album "Mamasapano massacre - SAF44" e.g.:

Duterte: US involvement in Mamasapano had Aquino blessing

Duterte, binanatan si Aquino dahil sa Mamasapano encounte

A look back at the Mamasapano carnage

Aquino to face trial for Mamasapano carnage

Poe urges Duterte: Push for swift resolution of Mamasapano cases

The Davao Death Squad (DDS)

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The Davao Death Squad (DDS)
is a controversial vigilante group in Davao City. The group is alleged to have conducted summary executions of street children and individuals suspected of petty crimes and drug dealing. It has been estimated that the group is responsible for the killing or disappearance of between 1,020 and 1,040 people.

Fr. Amado Picardal, CSsR

TIMELINE: Probing into the Davao Death Squad
Jun 30, 2017Jodesz Gavilan
Several investigations, witnesses, and hearings have been conducted in the past decade yet the existence of the Davao Death Squad remains to be a very contested issue

When defenders need defending: Human rights activist seeks justice behind bars
Thousands of activists in the country had been arrested and killed under President Rodrigo Duterte's administration, which had been repeatedly targeting human rights groups and defenders in its war on dissent.
AboutPhilippines ask: Could these incidents be new "Davao Death Squad, DDS"

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Escuela Taller de Intramuros
a school that teaches trades within the construction industry, more importantly those that will help in the restoration of Intramuros and other built heritage sites in the Philippines. Feb 10, 2016

Remark this is an album in the album Special Education, schools & programs - etc.

Look more about Escuela Taller HERE and HERE


Walks through SONA history
Jul 25, 2021 CNN Philippines

CNN Philippines Chief Correspondent Pia Hontiveros-Pagkalinawan walks us through SONA history - before and in the age of Covid; the many firsts recorded in a SONA; the building where every post-Marcos president has delivered his or her SONA; what a SONA means and does; how a SONA showcases Philippine politics and political families and how this all proves “all politics is local”; and how President Duterte has put a very personal stamp on this annual address delivered before the Philippine Congress every fourth Monday of July.

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We’re a bunch of passionate, obsessive and saucy ‘street walkers’ determined to walk and talk about one thing: the history, the culture and the heritage plus everything over, under, outside, inside this city of our affections - Manila.


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