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Muslim culture general and laws

OFW policy and OFWs Migrant life in Middle East e.g. Iraq - Libya - UAE - Kuwait - Qatar - Saudi Arabia

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Martial Law, Mindanao 2017 - The Marawi clash

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Muslim culture general & laws

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Human Rights - Abuse - Trafficking

Filipina: Wedding - Marriage - Divorce

Index - etc.

Muslim Law - Codes & Rules e.g. about Polygamy

Sharia - etc.

Mosques etc.

Courtship, Wedding, Marriage, Death, Rituals - Etc.

OFW policy and OFWs Migrant life in Middle East e.g. Iraq - Libya - UAE - Kuwait - Qatar - Saudi Arabia


Child Spouses - Early Marriage


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Index - etc.

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Shariff Muhammed Kabungsuwan

(Malay: Muhammad Kebungsuwan, Jawi: شريف کبوڠسووان) was the first Sultan of Maguindanao in the Philippines. A native of Johore in Maritime Southeast Asia, Kabungsuwan re-settled in Mindanao in the Philippines where he preached Islam to the native tribes around the region.

Sharif Kabungsuwan
Kinikilálang tagapagtag ng sultanatong Magindanao si Sharif Kabungsuwan. Ayon sa isang tarsila, ama niya ang Arabeng si Sharif Ali Zein ul-Abidin at ina ang isang prinsesa sa Johore, Malaysia. Sharif Muhammad Kabungsuwan ang buong pangalan niya.

Look also HERE and HERE


MAP: Islam in the Philippines
Michael Bueza July 17, 2015
Islam is the Philippines' second largest religion. See its reach not only in Mindanao but also in other provinces.

Muslim Filipinos and Islam Muslim Filipinos and Islam
Muslims still face discrimination, human rights violations
March 21, 2021 Ben Rosario

AnakMindanao Partylist Rep. Amihilda Sangcopan made this observation during the recent launching of the Task Force Bantay Bangsamoro that coincided with the 53rd anniversary of the Jabidah massacre and the observance of the Bangsamoro Week.

Line of succession of the Sultans of Sulu of the Modern Era
February 26, 2013

List of sultans of Sulu

The Royal Hashemite Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah

Jamalul Kiram III

Ref.: NCMF Central Office 2011-1432H Calendar
LOOK: Learn about Bangsamoro heritage through this village
Amir Mawallil June 23, 2018

The ARMM is showcasing and promoting the region’s grandest mock tribal villages that showcase the variety of cultures, traditions, history and oneness of the Bangsamoro people.
The expo was opened to public on June 18 and will stay open until the end of December 2018


Breaking barriers: More than just Muslims
Yes, they are Muslims, but not just. They are doctors, professors, artists, fathers, mothers, and everyday Filipinos. These are some of their stories. Uploaded on Jul 18, 2015

Remark this is an album in the album "Muslim culture & Mosques in the Philippines"

Breaking barriers: More than just Muslims
Pat Nabong Jul 19, 2015

A group of girls in colorful hijabs and long skirts are laughing in the middle of a parking lot. One of them is wearing sunglasses. Another arrives donning a leather jacket over her long sleeves. They call one another sisters, even us, although we are not of the same faith. One of the women, Jannah Valdez, asks Rappler: “Takot ba kayo sa amin? Akala niyo ba terrorista kami?” “Are you afraid of us? Do you think we are terrorists?”


Justin Richmond on the radicalization of Marawi
May 24, 2017
Rappler talks to Justin Richmond, founder and executive director of impl. project and former US Army special operations team leader in the southern Philippines, focusing on stabilization, counterinsurgency, and information operations.


Philippine Muslims called to jihad vs extremists
Carmela Fonbuena September 09, 2017 - with Videos

The prolonged war with local terrorist groups is a wake-up call that prompted collective action from a region that has long suffered from violent extremism

Look the Videos in HD HERE

PSE announces 58 listed companies are now Shariah-compliant
Apr 7, 2017

The latest count is its highest record since October 2015

ARMM gov, imams hit proposed Muslim-only ID
Paterno Esmaquel II July 08, 2017 - with video

The president of the Imam Council of the Philippines says, 'Bakit po ang mga Muslim lang? Ang mga Muslim ba, 'yun lang ang extremist?'

Part 1: Filipino Islam will outlast its fanatics

Business will eventually prevail over fundamentalist garbage, and push it out of these trading zones

Part 2: The Moro-Filipina will stand in the way of fanatics

Moro-Filipinas are often independent of their men, assertive, vocal, see the hijab as just another way of projecting their identity, and definitely, are major players in the locality.

Both by Patricio N. Abinales June 07 - 10, 2017

The iska in niqab
Amir Mawallil July 09, 2016

Mardheeya Nuruddin's journey from Zamboanga to the capital tells of a struggle of a young Moro from the southern Philippines – her dreams, frustrations, pain, and victories

World Assembly of Muslim Youth - Philippines

Muslim Laws - Codes and Rules - Etc.

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Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines



A Primer on the Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines
The Legal Impediments to the Application of Islamic Family Law in the Philippines (full text)
Anshari P. Ali

Islamic Family Law

Equality in the Family is Necessary

Equality in the Family is Necessary - Equality in the Family is Possible

The Code of Muslim Personal Laws is a special law for Muslims enacted through a Presidential Decree at the height of the Moro rebellion in the 1970s. All of the other national laws, including criminal law, apply to Muslim Filipinos along with the rest of the population.

Kafala System

Understanding Kafala: An archaic law at cross purposes with modern development

Kafala was "supposed to be a good system that makes it incumbent upon nationals to look after non-nationals.” Today it's a tool of extreme exploitation and oppression.

Duterte seeks abolition of Kafala system: ‘The Filipino is not a slave to anyone anywhere’
April 20, 2021 Genalyn Kabiling
President Duterte has called for the abolition of the Kafala or sponsorship system for migrant workers, saying it was “unjust” and “exploitative.”


The Video: 'Kafala system' luluwagan na ng Saudi Arabia
Nov 10, 2020 CNN Philippines
Ano nga ba ang epekto sa mga Filipino worker ng pagluluwag ng 'kafala' system sa Saudi Arabia? Makakapanayam natin si Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Sarah Lou Arriola.


Eid al-Fitr - Hari Raya Puasa


The Video Republic Act 9177, Eid al-Fitr - Hari Raya Puasa?

FAST FACTS: Eid al-Fitr
Nigel Tan June 05, 2019
As our Muslim countrymen celebrate this solemn feast, get to learn a few facts about Eid al-Fitr


Filipino Muslims in Eid’l Fitr Festival
Eid'l Fitr: The challenge after Ramadan
Jun 4, 2019
Filipino Muslims celebrated on Wednesday, June 5, the feast of Eid'l Fitr, which marks the end of their monthlong fasting called the Ramadan. Paterno Esmaquel reports
What is Eid’l Fitr? Islamic expert explains
Rappler Jun 4, 2019
Dr Jamel Cayamodin, assistant professor at the UP Institute of Islamic Studies, explains the Muslim feast of Eid’l Fitr

IN PHOTOS: Philippines celebrates Eid'l Fitr
June 15, 2018
Muslims gather all over the country to mark the end of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan.

Why Muslims celebrate Eid’l Fitr, the end of monthlong fasting
Paterno Esmaquel II May 23, 2020
Here’s what Muslims and non-Muslims can learn from the feast of Eid’l Fitr, especially as the world battles COVID-19

Look more about Eid'l Fitr

Muslim Marriage - Polygamy - Early Marriage - Divorce

Code of Muslim Personal Laws in the Philippines, concerning family law and institutions Polygamy, nikah, divorce, paternity, filiation, nafaqah, registration, succession, and constitution and jurisdiction of shari'ah courts


There´s still Early Marriage: Marriage Age: minimum marriage age 15 years for males and puberty for females, female is presumed to have attained puberty at 15 years; Sharia District Court may authorise marriage of female between 12 and 15 years if she has attained puberty.

Don´t do it and putting lives at risk - Look the rules HERE

Polygamy involves sexual activity with mutiple partners without or with marriage. When a man is married to more than one wife at a time, it is called polygyny. When a woman is married to more than one husband at a time, it is called polyandry.

In the Philippines polygamy is only legal for Muslims.

Polyandry can never happen in the Philippines, although there are reported cases in the barangays where a brother has a secret affair with his sister in-law or a sister with his brother in-law. This is absolutely not allowed in the Philippines infact it is a crime and worst some Filipino families indulge in a more serious crime of incestuous affair.

Muslim Father, Catholic Mother: What About the Child?


Born Muslim or not?

The children of a Muslim male are regarded as Muslim by Islām even if the mother is non-Muslim (kāfir)

In Islam, one of the requirements of a mixed marriage is that the mother is allowed to follow her own religious practice but the children are to be raised as Muslims.

Look the article as pdf and look also HERE

Philippines says Muslim veil directive only a request

Sharia - etc.

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IMPORTANT to look!

Human Rights Philippines

Courts for Muslims

A Primer on The Philippine Shari’a Courts


(Arabic شريعة, "way" or "path") is the sacred law of Islam.

Why Sharia Law MUST be Opposed

Read about Bibi Aisha on the original photo by Jodi Bieber HERE and HERE or both as 1 pdf HERE

NO to Political Islam, YES to Human Rights

The problem for all of us is how to oppose the violations of human rights inherent in the Sharia - One law for all – equality before the law – for Muslims and non-Muslims, for men and women alike, must be the answer.

Aisha is now living in the U.S. undergoing a long process of reconstructive surgery and healing.

House Bill 6337: Creation of Shari’a courts in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, ARMM and major cities

Look the text and the Congress Journal

Bicam approves creation of Shari'ah High Court in Bangsamoro
by Mara Cepeda July 12, 2018
Under the proposed Bangsamoro justice system, Shari'ah or Islamic law would only be applicable to Muslims. But non-Muslims may volunteer to submit to the jurisdiction of Shari'ah courts.

Terrorism has a Name - Wahhabism
Wahhabi extremism gaining a hold in Mindanao

Look ref.: HERE and HERE

and more about Wahhabism HERE


Look also List of Muslim Mosques in Manila area

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look also HERE and HERE

Masjid al-Dahab or The Golden Mosque

situated in the predominantly Muslim section of the Quiapo district in Manila, and is considered the largest mosque in Metro Manila.

Taluksangay Mosque

look also HERE

Beautiful mosques in the Philippines
Rhea Claire E Madarang July 28, 2014

The Philippines is known for its beautiful centuries-old churches, with some even recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But do you know that we have beautiful and striking mosques, too – or masjids, as they are more commonly called among Muslims?


Beautiful Mosques - Old Mosques and New Mosques

Remark this is an album in the album Muslim culture & Mosques in the Philippines

Courtship, Wedding, Marriage, Death, Rituals, - Etc.


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Look much more about rituals in the different tribes HERE

Remember - IMPORTANT - Read FIRST:

Dating - Wedding - Marriage to a Filipino - Filipina AND HumanRights

Interfaith Marriages


Mixed marriages

Women and early marriage

Both By Tingting Cojuangco



PHILIPPINES: "THE NUMBER OF TEEN BRIDES IS ALMOST FIVE TIMES MORE THAN THE TEEN GROOMS" Women forced into marriage, the current extreme hardships that women face particularly with regards to female sexuality. Reduce unwanted pregnancies.

Look the full description of the video

Remark this is an album in the album Romance, Dating, Courtship, Wedding, Anti Mail-Order Bride Law, Etc.

Girls Not Brides

a global partnership of organisations working to end child marriage all over the world. Together, we aim to give a voice to girls at risk of child marriage, to defend their rights to health and education, and to give them the opportunities they need to fulfill their potential.


Too young to marry
Mara Cepeda September 01, 2019

When Fatima woke up three days into the new year, she had no idea the day would end with her becoming tied for the rest of her life to a man she barely knew. Fatima learns her relatives have sealed her marriage to a stranger 8 years her senior. And her mother Isha – a child bride herself – was powerless to stop it
She was 14 years old. In 7 months, Fatima will be a mother. The child will be born after she turns 15
Anywhere else in the Philippines, young people like Fatima are permitted by the Family Code to marry only after reaching the age of 18. Muslim minors are an exception. Presidential Decree (PD) No. 1083 , or the Code of Muslim Personal Laws, allows Filipino Muslim males the right to marry at the age of 15. Muslim females, provided they have begun menstruating, are allowed to marry as young as 12, provided there is permission from their male guardian, or wali. Look - download this great article AND The Video in the album Sexuality, Family Planning & Pregnancy - Etc.: Sep 11, 2019, ‘My 14-year-old daughter married a stranger’

Bangsamoro body tackles child marriage: Legal, yes; but moral?
Fate Colobong, Jane Bautista January 31, 2021
A commission working to protect women and children from gender-based violence in the autonomous region in Muslim Mindanao has a chance to introduce reforms
Imagine a girl barely into her teens being married to a 48-year-old man.
Photos posted online show a wedding ceremony on Oct. 22, 2020, between Abdukrzak Ampatuan, a farmer from the municipality of Mamasapano in Maguindanao province, and a 13-year-old who will henceforth tend to his children from previous marriages.

Married at 14
January 15, 2020
In some parts of the Philippines, children as young as 12 years old can get married. Listen as Rappler's Vernise Tantuco and Mara Cepeda explore the topic.


in the album Romance, Dating, Courtship, Wedding, Anti Mail-Order Bride Law, Etc.

WATCH: Bill ending child marriage inches forward in Congress
January 07, 2020

Many young girls in Muslim and indigenous communities in the Philippines are forced by their elders to marry. Several lawmakers push for a bill that would criminalize this.

Muslims in the Philippines Questions - Response about:
passport – marriage registration – conversion to Islam – Muslim wedding ceremony – unemployment – Muslims in Mindanao – Muslims in Manila
What do Muslims believe about insurance?
Huda, Guide

IMPORTANT Read also the links in the article

Look the article as pdf HERE


Thoughts on Marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims

Warning - IMPORTANT!

For a NON-Muslim it´s very important to read and hear from other about their experience bad - good in such a marriage for both them and children, ALSO IN POLYGAMY, and get accept from own family of such a marriage, before he - she accept dating - marriage. THINK, THINK and THINK!

Take care of countries with SHARIA LAW ..... NEVER NEVER accept a spouse living after SHARIA LAW if you want a life with the HUMAN RIGHTS!

Our advice DON´T DO IT - DON´T JOIN SUCH AN INTERFAITH MARRIAGE - RELATIONSHIP between MUSLIM faith and ALL other kind of religions - faiths and NEVER join an EARLY MARRIAGE - DON´T DO IT!



Warning - IMPORTANT to look for ALL Non-Muslims:

Pope Warns Against Marrying Muslims

Testimonies of Brutal Domestic Abuse  - Cerab's Story

The video is in German language with English subtext

Couragious and confrontative German newsreport on the muslim abuse of women.

Remark this is an album in the sub-album "Romance, Dating, Courtship, Wedding, Anti Mail-Order Bride Law, Etc."

The videos HERE

Children Left-Behind Migration and Filipino Children Left-Behind
Melanie M. Reyes

Look MUCH more Wedding Culture

    Filipino Courtship - Wedding - Marriage

Thoughts on Marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims

Dating and “Live-in” relationship


Child Spouses - Early Marriage in Ethnic and Indigenous groups

Early marriage - putting lives at risk

Philippines: Early marriage puts girls at risk

Early Marriage of Muslim Girls

Early and arranged marriages are common practice in Muslim culture in the Philippines

Nurina was 14 when she married Sid, Seven years later, Nurina is a third-year high-school student and a mother of three

Look the article as pdf HERE

2008 National Demographic and Health Survey report
The Islamic Marriage Contract

Required elements for a legal Islamic marriage

A Christian man brutally killed for marrying a Muslim woman

According to a broad consensus religiously sterile, a Muslim woman is formally forbidden to marry a non-Muslim man regardless of his religion, while a Muslim man is allowed to get married to a non Muslim woman, mainly a Christian or a Jew, considered by the Islamic schools as “People of the Book"

FATWA: On Christian Men Marrying Muslim Women
01. May 2016

Islamic marital jurisprudence

Islamic marital practices

Muslim´s Questions and RESPONSE

 Muslim´s Questions & RESPONSE about wedding - marriage

1. What documents must be submitted to obtain a Filipino passport? What documents must be submitted to obtain a Filipino passport in your married name?

2. Are Filipino nationals married by an Imam in a family house required to register their marriages? What documents must be submitted to register a marriage and obtain a marriage certificate?

3. How does a person convert to Islam during a wedding ceremony? Does the pouring of water on a person’s head signify their conversion to Islam?

4. What are the characteristics of a Muslim wedding ceremony?

5. Are converts to Islam required to do any study before converting? What would a convert to Islam be expected to know about Islam? Would they be expected to know the 5 articles of faith?

Islamic Law vs Human Rights

International Humanist and Ethical Union, I.H.E.U.

The Global Campaign to Stop Killing and Stoning Women

which happen in islam countries

Women Living Under Muslim Laws

an international solidarity network that provides information, support and a collective space for women whose lives are shaped, conditioned or governed by laws and customs said to derive from Islam.

Peculiar Marriage Rite of Some Ethnic Groups e.g.

The Tausug of Mindanao

Tausug Wedding Food

The Power of Sulu

Beyond the Currents - The Power of Sulu

Tausug Marriage Traditions (page 13) by/The Yuchengco Museum

Tausug - Marriage and Family

Tausug - Marriage and Family

Look it as pdf HERE

A Filipino Muslim Royal Wedding
in the Southern Philippines
Photos by  HADER GLANG
Article by  JOHN L. SHINN III
L.A. Zamboanga Times

Look it as pdf HERE

Philippine Muslim, Tausug - Marriages - Courtship - Arranged Marriages - Abduction and Elopement - Weddings and Divorces
on Jolo Island

Look also HERE and HERE

Muslim Marriage Guide

Filipino Wedding Traditions

Arab settlement in the Philippines

Islam in the Philippines


Report of Marriage of MUSLIM FILIPINOS


Rules and Regulations Governing Registration of Acts and Events Concerning Civil Status of Muslim Filipinos
Burial Rituals
Muhammadhusien Kermali,

Look also HERE


Islamic Funeral Rites

Care for the dying, funeral prayers, burial, and mourning

Attending a Muslim Funeral

A Guide for Non-Muslims

Islamic Traditional burial and funeral rituals i UAE

Gravemarkers and the repression of sexual symbolism Gravemarkers and the repression of sexual symbolism: The case of two Philippine - Borneo Moslem societies (Tausug - Bajau Laut)
by/ T. Kiefer - C. Sather

OFW policy and OFWs Migrant life in Middle East e.g. Iraq - Libya - UAE - Kuwait - Qatar - Saudi Arabia

IMPORTANT look also:

About OFWs Migrant life in ASEAN e.g China, Hong Kong, Japan

OFWs on death row - abroad - Etc.

Balikbayan boxes and Door to door service

Organizations - Networks, etc.

go to overview

Philippines orders evacuation of Filipinos in Iraq - Etc.
Sofia Tomacruz January 08, 2020

The Department of Foreign Affairs says Alert Level 4 calling for mandatory evacuation has been raised in the country

The Video: Sitwasyon ng mga OFW sa gitna ng tensyon ng airstrikes sa Iraq
Jan 24, 2020 GMA Public Affairs

The Video: OFW sa Iraq, ayaw umuwi ng Pilipinas sa kabila ng tensyon
Jan 24, 2020 GMA Public Affairs

Repatriated OFWs from Middle East may be redeployed to other countries
Mara Cepeda January 21, 2020
The Department of Foreign Affairs also admits its difficulty in convincing OFWs in the Middle East to come home, as their top concern remains to be job security

1st batch of Filipinos from Iraq to be flown to Qatar Monday night
Sofia Tomacruz January 13, 2020
The Department of National Defense says at least 12 Filipinos may return to the Philippines on January 14, though this will depend on the availability of flights

1st batch of Filipinos from Iraq to be flown to Manila on Sunday
JC Gotinga January 11, 2020
Filipinos in and near Tripoli, Libya, must be mandatorily evacuated, too, says the defense department, as tensions escalate in the North African country

Iloilo sets up 24/7 help desk for OFWs, families amid tension in Middle East
January 11, 2020
The Operation Bulig Ilonggo help desk will attend to queries and emergency needs of distressed Ilonggo OFWs and their families in crisis areas in the Middle East

3 airlines to help in repatriation of OFWs in Middle East
January 11, 2020
Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and Air Asia have committed to help in government repatriation efforts in the Middle East, says the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines

DSWD to assist repatriated OFWs from Middle East
Michelle Abad January 10, 2020
Repatriation desks will be set up in airports around the country to receive and assist overseas Filipino workers who will go home

DFA raises Alert Level 2 in Lebanon, urges Filipinos to remain vigilant
Sofia Tomacruz January 10, 2020
The Department of Foreign Affairs says overseas Filipino workers with existing employment contracts and those who are registered under the Balik Manggagawa Program may still return to Lebanon

DFA downgrades alert levels in Iran, Lebanon
Janella Paris January 09, 2020
Though Filipinos in Iran and Lebanon are no longer covered by the Philippine government's mandatory repatriation order, the deployment ban to those countries remains in place

Cimatu to fly to Middle East to start evacuating Filipinos from Iraq
JC Gotinga January 08, 2020
'We will do everything to bring out Filipinos there,' says the environment chief who's been appointed special envoy to oversee repatriations from the Middle East

Military to send ships, planes to evacuate Filipinos from Iraq 'ASAP'
JC Gotinga January 08, 2020
Army and Marine troops will be deployed to secure and assist Filipinos to be repatriated from Iraq, says Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana

The Video: Labor chief Bello outlines gov't plan for OFWs in Middle East

DOLE to send response teams to Middle East to aid in evacuation
Sofia Tomacruz January 08, 2020
Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III says teams will be deployed to assist in repatriation of Filipino workers in case it is needed

DBM: Philippines has P1.82 billion for OFW evacuation from Middle East
Aika Rey January 08, 2020
The Philippine government can also tap the P13-billion contingent fund for the evacuation of Filipinos from the Middle East, should the budget be insufficient

Duterte creates body to craft evacuation plan for OFWs in Middle East
Sofia Tomacruz January 07, 2020
Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu, a former special envoy to the Middle East, is set to fly to the region to meet with officials of countries hosting Filipino workers

AFP ‘ready to deploy anytime’ to evacuate Filipinos in Middle East
JC Gotinga January 06, 2020
In case violence escalates in the region, the Philippine military says it will deploy aircraft and vessels to take Filipinos out of Iran and Iraq

Duterte wants 'standby fund' for Filipinos' evacuation from Middle East
Sofia Tomacruz January 06, 2020
'We do not know what would be the end result of that crisis.... Kinakabahan ako,' says President Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte to AFP: Be ready to evacuate Filipinos if Middle East tensions rise
January 05, 2020
There are 1,600 and 6,000 Filipinos in Iran and Iraq, respectively

TUCP pushes for 'early escape plan' for 1.2M OFWs in Middle East
Pauline Macaraeg January 04, 2020
'There is no harm in being prepared, identifying contingency measures, and taking due diligence in anticipation of a worst-case scenario in the Middle East,' says the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines

Philippine Church urges probe into Filipino deaths in Saudi Arabia
Vatican News 25 June 2020

The Catholic Church of the Philippines has called on the government to investigate the deaths of more than 350 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Saudi Arabia, who allegedly died of natural causes

PH diplomat asks families to convince OFWs in Libya to come home
April 20, 2019

‘We understand they are here to provide for their families back home, but the situation here is becoming increasingly dangerous for those who want to stay,’ says Charge d'Affaires Elmer Cato

The Department of Foreign Affairs had started repatriating OFWs from Libya’s largest city last Thursday, April 18

DFA orders evacuation of Filipinos in Tripoli
Paterno Esmaquel II May 01, 2019
Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr raises Alert Level 4 in Tripoli and surrounding areas 'due to increased threats' faced by more than 1,000 Filipinos there

200 OFW 'baby cases' in Dubai in Q1 2018
Jojo Dass, The Filipino Times June 26, 2018

DUBAI, UAE – The Philippine Consulate General here handled a total of 200 “baby cases” in the first quarter of this year, mostly involving jobless overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who have resorted to an affair for survival, but whose partners have run away after getting them pregnant, officials told The Filipino Times.

PH condemns killing of yet another Filipina domestic worker in Kuwait
JC Gotinga December 30, 2019

The Department of Foreign Affairs notes the 'continuing incidents of violence and abuse' of Filipino domestic workers in the Middle Eastern country

The Video: Deployment ban to Kuwait a 'possibility' after OFW death: labor chief
ABS-CBN News Dec 31, 2019
Filipino authorities are working to repatriate the remains of the victim, Jeanelyn Villavende from Nuralla, South Cotabato. Her female employer is accused of killing her.

Philippines lifts deployment ban to Kuwait
Janella Paris February 14, 2020
The lifting of the ban means newly-hired and returning skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, professionals, and household service workers can return and work in the Gulf state

Malacañang: Kuwait OFW deployment ban stays until labor agreement implemented
Sofia Tomacruz January 17, 2020
The Philippine government says terms in a 2018 labor agreement with Kuwait must be incorporated in every contract with overseas Filipino workers in the Gulf State

Philippines orders total deployment ban to Kuwait
Janella Paris January 15, 2020
The total deployment ban covers all newly hired workers – domestic workers, skilled workers, and professionals

Murdered OFW in Kuwait wanted to go home months before death
Sofia Tomacruz January 02, 2020

The Department of Labor and Employment says Jeanelyn Villavende repeatedly asked her recruitment agency to bring her home 3 months before she was beaten to death

Duterte wants death penalty for OFW Villavende's killers
Sofia Tomacruz March 10, 2020
President Rodrigo Duterte says his 'heart bleeds' for overseas Filipino workers in the Middle East

Philippines sets ‘partial’ deployment ban to Kuwait
Sofia Tomacruz January 02, 2020

The Philippine government sets a partial deployment ban to Kuwait following the death of another overseas Filipino worker, the Department of Labor and Employment confirms

Kuwaiti employers of OFW Villavende charged with murder – Bello
Sofia Tomacruz January 28, 2020
Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III says the total deployment ban will stay until terms of a 2018 labor deal with Kuwait are incorporated in standard contracts for all Filipino workers

'A national shame': The death and homecoming of Joanna Demafelis
Rambo Talabong March 04, 2018

In May 2014, Joanna Demafelis left for Kuwait to help secure a better future for her family. She comes home in a box nearly 4 years later.

On Kuwait: We need a president, not a suitor
Ana P. Santos May 01, 2018

This is not the time for pronouncements sweetened only by your saccharine but empty rhetoric. The lives of thousands of Filipino workers and their families are at stake.

Migrante demands apology from Kuwait celeb who ranted vs maids' day off
Lian Buan July 21, 2018

'By projecting herself as a slave-owner, Sondos exhibits intoxication in her overinflated ego and false sense of superiority,' says Migrante.
Migrant group Migrante international has demanded a public apology from a Kuwaiti social media influencer celebirty Sondos Al Qattan who said that maids in her country should not be given days off or rest days.

IMPORTANT: The Videos:

the articles:

Ban Kuwait celebrity from hiring Filipinos, says OFW group
Sofia Tomacruz July 22, 2018
Kuwait social media celebrity Sondos Al Qattan draws flak for slamming the Kuwaiti government's policy to give rest days to Filipino domestic workers

Netizens slam Kuwaiti influencer for saying Filipino domestic workers shouldn’t have days off
Coconuts Manila Jul. 20, 2018

Look too: The Video sparked outrage!
Sondos Al Qattan, a social media celebrity and make-up artist, posted a video on Twitter criticizing the new rules for hiring Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait, StepFeed reported. Al Qattan said domestic workers should not be allowed to keep their passports and should not be given one day off per week.

FACT CHECK: Kuwait did not apologize over diplomatic row
May 02, 2018

A blog post claiming that Kuwait has apologized to President Rodrigo Duterte over a diplomatic row

Kuwait arrests 2 Filipinos for urging OFW maids to escape
Paterno Esmaquel II April 23, 2018 - with Videos

This comes after Kuwait's foreign ministry summoned the Philippine ambassador over a video showing the rescue of Filipino domestic workers from Kuwaiti homes

Kuwait frees 4 Filipino drivers in OFW rescues
Paterno Esmaquel II May 09, 2018
Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque says that by May 11, the Philippines hopes to sign a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Kuwait for the better treatment of OFWs there

There are other victims that need rescuing

Filipino diplomats face kidnapping charges in Kuwait
Paterno Esmaquel II May 03, 2018 - with Video
Filipino diplomats face kidnapping charges in Kuwait after conducting allegedly illegal rescues of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the Gulf state.

Duterte should just tell the Kuwaitis to go to hell
AND President Duterte won’t be the first head of state to do that.

OFW deployment ban to Kuwait not permanent – Malacañang
Pia Ranada April 30, 2018
The ban may be lifted if Kuwait signs the memorandum of understanding on minimum conditions for OFW welfare, says the Palace

Leave Kuwait? Domestic helpers willing, but not the skilled workers
Don Kevin Hapal April 30, 2018
'Bago niya pauwiin, tingnan muna niya ang unemployed sa Pilipinas. Sa Boracay nga, andami nang walang trabaho. Bigyan niya muna ng trabaho ang mga nasa Pilipinas,' says a professional who has worked in Kuwait for 35 years

Duterte: Kuwait deployment ban 'stays permanently'
Mick Basa April 29, 2018
President Duterte promises to knock on China's doors to consider hiring more Filipinos, as he urges overseas Filipino workers to leave Kuwait

'Come home,' Duterte urges OFWs in Kuwait amid diplomatic row
April 28, 2018
In a speech before the Filipino community in Singapore, the President also thanks the Kuwaiti government for the 'generosity in the past years'

Duterte to make big announcement on Kuwait crisis
Paterno Esmaquel II April 27, 2018
Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque says this is 'a position that he personally crafted,' and that 'shows really his experience in governance'

Kuwait 'OFW rescue' was government's duty, says DOLE's Paras
Eloisa Lopez April 27, 2018 - with Video
Labor undersecretary Jacinto Paras says it was unfortunate that 'someone irresponsible' shared the rescue video on social media

Human Rights Watch hits Kuwait for ‘punishing’ embassy staff aiding OFWs
Don Kevin Hapal April 27, 2018
Rothna Begum of HRW says Kuwaiti authorities should not be punishing embassy officials for helping domestic workers in danger

and all below by Paterno Esmaquel II

'Tokhang' style: How Philippines rescued OFWs in Kuwait
April 26, 2018 - with Video
Tokhang – literally to 'knock and request' – is how the Philippine embassy rescued abused overseas Filipino workers in the Middle Eastern country

Kuwait issues arrest warrants vs 3 Filipino diplomats
April 26, 2018
The Philippines confirms that aside from 3 diplomatic personnel facing arrest, 4 of the embassy's Filipino hires remain detained in Kuwait

Philippines protests expulsion of Ambassador Villa from Kuwait
April 26, 2018
The Philippines, in a diplomatic note, conveys its 'strong surprise and great displeasure' after Kuwait declared Ambassador Renato Villa as 'persona non grata'

Philippines 'disturbed' by Kuwait's expulsion of PH ambassador
April 26, 2018
'We hope that this development will not lead to further worsening of bilateral ties between the two countries,' says Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque

Kuwait orders Philippine ambassador to leave
April 25, 2018 - with Video
'Kuwait gives Philippine ambassador one week to leave the country,' the state-run Kuwait News Agency says

Philippines apologizes to Kuwait for 'emergency' OFW rescues
April 24, 2018
'This was all done in the spirit of emergency action to protect Filipinos,' says Philippine Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano after the OFW rescues angered Kuwait


Duterte mulls 'total ban' on OFW deployment to Kuwait
Pia Ranada January 18, 2018

President Rodrigo Duterte says the ban may be needed to addressed cases of sexual abuse among Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait.

Duterte orders lifting of Kuwait OFW deployment ban
Paterno Esmaquel II May 17, 2018
The President gives the instruction to Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III, 'upon recommendation of Special Envoy to Kuwait Abdullah Mama-o'

HRW: Deployment ban to Kuwait increases risk of OFW abuse
Don Kevin Hapal February 22, 2018
Human Rights Watch also says Kuwait should 'confront the outcry' over the reports of abuse by taking 'immediate steps to reform the kafala system'

Duterte lists down demands for OFW protection in Kuwait
Pia Ranada March 21, 2018
The Philippine leader wants Kuwait to ensure OFWs get 7 hours of sleep, enjoy holidays, and won't have their passports confiscated by their employers.

Philippines bans workers' deployment to Kuwait
Aika Rey February 12, 2018
The total deployment ban comes after reports of abuse against Filipino workers in the Middle Eastern country

What's contingency plan if PH stops deploying OFWs to Kuwait?
Jee Y. Geronimo January 27, 2018

But International watchdog Human Rights Watch says that instead of a ban, the Philippines should demand 'stronger protections' for overseas Filipino workers.

Duterte lashes out at Kuwait over mistreatment of Filipino workers
Mick Basa February 09, 2018
'What are you doing to my countrymen?' Duterte asked. 'Is there something with your culture, is there something wrong with your values?'

The Video:
Press conference on reported OFW abuses in Kuwait
President Rodrigo Duterte holds a press conference on the reported abuses on overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Kuwait at the Matina Enclaves in Davao City on February 9, 2018.

PH recruiters back suspension of OFW deployment to Kuwait
February 10, 2018
Cebu Pacific says it is mounting a special flight for Filipinos in Kuwait who want to be repatriated.
Philippine recruitment agencies serving Kuwait employers on Saturday, February 10, expressed support for the Philippine government's decision to suspend the deployment of workers to the Arab nation.


Balik Pinas, Balik Hanap buhay

Feb 17, 2018
The government's effort to financially help returning OFWs from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. OWWA administrator Hans Cacdac talks about their program that would help OFWs build their livelihood

Kuwait 'bewildered' by PH’s deployment ban - report
Don Kevin Hapal January 23, 2018

Kuwait expresses its 'regret and bewilderment' on the president’s decision to suspend the dispatch of workers to Kuwait.
Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III on Friday, January 19, issued Administrative Order No. 25, ordering the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to stop processing and issuing overseas employment certificates (OECs) to all Kuwait-bound workers.

Time to rethink our OFW policy in Middle East
Richard Javad Heydarian January 19, 2016

From an employment and security perspective, the economic slump in the Persian Gulf isn’t the best news for the Philippines’ labor export policy

Filipinos in limbo in Qatar
Unpaid wages, workers stranded
Ana P. Santos June 8, 2017

For the workers stranded in the labor camps, reforms and resolutions cannot come fast enough.

Look also below

Qatar to scrap controversial exit system for workers – experts
Agence France-Presse April 29, 2018

UPDATED Critics slam the exit visa system as a prime example of the Gulf state's exploitation of its vast migrant workforce

"AboutPhilippines" recommend to read these important articles:

The boyfriend system
Ana P. Santos August 31, 2017

Zina laws treat sex out of marriage and pregnancy out of wedlock as crimes punishable by imprisonment. But without means to seek legal recourse, it is mostly low-skilled migrant woman who face charges.

Zina laws and stories of other women who have been jailed for violating them has made Amelie extra careful, and though she hates to admit it, sometimes extra nosy and suspicious.

Are zero placement fees for OFWs scam or solution?
Ana P. Santos and Sofia Tomacru September 10, 2017

Many migrant workers go into huge debt to pay placement fees just so they can work abroad. But some labor rights groups and companies say workers should not have to pay for a job.

How the kafala system enslaves workers in Qatar
Ana P. Santos September 6, 2017

In the Middle East, an unregulated labor market gives employers so much control over workers but limits workers from airing grievances and complaints.

IN PHOTOS: How migrant workers in Qatar spend their day off
Ana P. Santos September 23, 2017
For migrant workers in Qatar, Fridays are the one and only day they have to themselves

Ana P. Santos September 24, 2017
The women’s resource shelter offers skills training so the OFWs will have a fall back when they go back home

and above and

SNAPSHOT: Qatar's labor market
September 01, 2017
Labor migrants comprise about 90% of Qatar's population

the Video:

Inside Qatar's labor camp
Sep 6, 2017
Majority of Qatar's migrant labor force live inside camps set up far away from the City Center. What is life like inside one of Qatar's labor camps?

Migrant life in Qatar

Workers whose jobs abroad are secured through murky loans and payment schemes leave hopes for a better life buried deep in debt
First of 2 Parts

part 2:

The burden of reporting illegal recruitment falls on workers.
But with little to no legal recourse, what comes next?


Migrant life in Qatar
October 25, 2017 - with Video

Qatar's population is made up mostly of migrant workers.
The Qataris have introduced reforms but labor groups claim these are band-aid remedies.
Unless the kafala system is radically altered, labor abuses will continue.

Qatar 'to introduce' minimum wage for workers
October 25, 2017

The announcements of the reforms come on the eve of an International Labor Organization meeting that could open an investigation by the UN agency into Qatar's treatment of migrant workers

Raising my baby behind bars
with Video

In much of the Gulf countries like Qatar, pregnancy out of wedlock is a crime punishable by imprisonment.
Joanne spent two years and 10 months in a jail in Doha for her pregnancy and unpaid loans. William spent the first years of his life in prison with his young, unmarried mother.

'Selda Inosente' a documentary by Kara David
Mar 14, 2018

Number of abandoned Filipino babies in Middle East on the rise
Jojo Dass, The Filipino Times May 19, 2017

The reason? Women who get pregnant but can't produce a marriage certificate face detention.

Videos about:

Being a filipino Worker, OFW, Balikbayan

No More Balikbayans - The truth is, life abroad is hard

They all leave the country burning with desire for a better of life. Yet many return home as cold and lifeless corpses. Wala Nang Balikbayan is about the many vulnerabilities that Overseas Filipino Workers face abroad, at times leading to their death either under mysterious circumstances or through capital punishment. In this documentary, OFWs are victims of abuse and the Philippine governments criminal neglect. They are, however, also beginning to fight for their rights and to question the ultimate folly of the government's labor export program.
Migrant domestic workers in UAE treated like 'animals'
Buena Bernal Oct 23, 2014

'The UAE should reform its kafala system so domestic workers can change employers without their consent and without losing valid immigration status,' says Human Rights Watch.
Sexual violence, isolation and forced confinement, unpaid wages, long working hours with limited food, and regular beating are just some of the conditions migrant domestic workers in oil-rich United Arab Emirates (UAE) endure in the hands of their employers.

Quezon City resident Marelie Brua returned home to the Philippines after suffering maltreatment and a meager 800-dirham ($217 or P9,712) monthly pay under the employ of an Arab family.

A mere animal "bought" at a price is how domestic workers to the UAE are regarded, Brua shared in an HRW clip.

This "seemingly entrenched pattern" of abuses was detailed in a 79-page report by New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) released Thursday, October 23 2014, - "I Already Bought You" - urging the UAE government to enact reforms to put an end to it. (look below link)

Look also the full article HERE
Modern Day Slaves - OFW Overseas Foreign Workers

This documentary concerns Filipino overseas foreign workers (or OFWs) and what they are forced to endure, including abuse in foreign countries and neglect in their home country.
Modern slavery. Documentary about Filipino overseas, especially in the United Arab Emirates and other Arabic Persian Gulf states

The death penalty of Sarah Balabagan triggered this Canadian documentary, shown on Dutch tv, about Filipino overseas workers and the allegedly inhumane, abusive, and exploitive working conditions tsome face in especially the United Arab Emirates and other country's around the world. Sarah Balabagan (born August 16, 1979) (her family name is phonetically pronounced as Ba-la-BAH-gan) was a Filipina prisoner in the United Arab Emirates during 1994 - 96 whose case caused a good deal of controversy.

Important look also HERE and the article: "Sarah Balabagan, from Muslim to Christian"
Struggling Life of an OFW
Aug 7, 2017
Mission Possible features the story of Rachelle Agustin, a single mother who worked abroad and suffered abuse from her employers while working as a domestic helper in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Look article: OFW in Riyadh cries for help after employer 'tried' to kiss her
Raymon Dullana January 25, 2019
An overseas Filipino worker in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, posts a video of herself crying and seeking help after her employer tries to kiss her on the nape
The Struggles of an OFW
May 30, 2016
Former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), Annalyn Mancilla, was a victim of an illegal recruitment. Due to this, she experienced a lot of sufferings from her employers in Saudi Arabia.
Overseas Filipino workers brave job hazards for survival

The Philippines is the largest organised labour-exporting country in the world, according to statistics from the US-based Brookings Institution. An estimated eight million Filipinos live and work overseas, but for many workers trying to earn a living the job is proving dangerous and even fatal. Al Jazeera's Marga Ortigas reports. (Oct 16, 2010)
OFWs Untold Stories

OFWs turned hungry and homeless

They're hailed as heroes propping up the Philippine economy. But some overseas Filipino workers don't always come home with a success story. David Lozada reports. Jan 16, 2014


Human Rights Watch (HRW) Report

"I Already Bought You"

released Thursday, October 23 2014, urging the UAE government to enact reforms to put an end to it.

PH officials laud new UAE law protecting household workers
Jojo Dass and Gelin Castro, The Filipino Times October 09, 2017

The new law is signed in the United Arab Emirates amid concerns over human trafficking and illegal recruitment

These are the top killers of OFWs in Dubai and Northern UAE

Cardiac and pulmonary arrest are the most common causes of death among overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Around 1,000 OFWs diagnosed with cancer in UAE every year Working away from home and loved ones – with the emotional and psychological stress it entails – 'may play a role' in getting the dreaded disease, doctors share.

Both by Jojo Dass, The Filipino Times December 12 and 28, 2017

Saudi Arabia executes 39-year-old Filipina helper
Paterno Esmaquel II January 31, 2019

Saudi Arabia carries out the death penalty against a 39-year-old Filipina household service worker found guilty of murder

OFW's execution in Saudi shows PH can't adopt death penalty
Paterno Esmaquel II January 31, 2019
Reimposing the death penalty will make the Philippines 'lose the argument of respecting our culture'.
The recent execution of a 39-year-old Filipino worker in Saudi Arabia shows the Philippines cannot adopt the death penalty, said Foreign Secretary Teodoro "Teddyboy" Locsin Jr.

Duterte can't seek clemency for OFWs on Saudi death row – Abella
Paterno Esmaquel II April 11, 2017
Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella says 'there is no place for us to be asking for clemency at this stage' because the process has not reached the level of Saudi Arabia's King Salman.

Duterte to 'bring home' some OFWs on death row
April 10, 2017
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte leaves for a week-long trip, which will take him to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar.
President Rodrigo Duterte said he will bring home some of the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are on death row in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar all implement the death penalty, which Duterte wants to have reinstated
Duterte made the remarks in a press briefing at the Davao International Airport on Monday afternoon, April 10, shortly before his departure.

OFW Jennifer Dalquez saved from death row in UAE
Paterno Esmaquel II June 20, 2017

While acquitted of murder, OFW Jennifer Dalquez 'was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment... for stealing a mobile phone,' the DFA says.

OFW saved from UAE death row reunites with family in PH
November 02, 2018 - with Video
Jennifer Dalquez comes home after spending almost 4 years in an Abu Dhabi prison

OFW Jennifer Dalquez coming home to PH
Don Kevin Hapal November 01, 2018
Jennifer Dalquez, who was sentenced to death in the United Arab Emirates for murder but later acquitted, is expected to arrive in the Philippines on Friday, November 2

the Videos in the album OFWs on death row - Abroad - Etc. in the album Death Penalty, Walk for Life & OFWs on death row abroad, Etc.

TIMELINE: How Jennifer Dalquez ended up on death row
Don Kevin Hapal March 31, 2017

Here's what has happened so far in the case of Jennifer Dalquez, an OFW jailed in the United Arab Emirates.

OFW on death row in UAE, kin appeal to Duterte for help
February 27, 2017
Jennifer Dalquez claims her Arab employer tried to rape her at knifepoint and that she accidentally killed him while defending herself.

OFW Jennifer Dalquez seeks acquittal
Don Kevin Hapal April 26, 2017
Philippine Ambassador to the UAE Constancio Vingno Jr says Jennifer Dalquez's lawyer moved for her acquittal after the sons of her victim skipped a hearing they were instructed by the court to attend

UAE court postpones ruling on OFW Jennifer Dalquez again
Don Kevin Hapal March 27, 2017
She is accused of killing her employer. The court will rule on her case April 12 instead, after one of the victim's children failed to attend the latest hearing.

Fate of Jennifer Dalquez in hands of victim’s children
Don Kevin Hapal March 26, 2017 - with Video
The Court of Appeals in Al Ain Judicial Court has postponed its ruling on the OFW's case, originally set for February 27, to March 27

Parents of OFW on death row in UAE seek Congress’ help
Mara Cepeda March 01, 2017
Lawmakers file a resolution urging President Rodrigo Duterte to seek executive clemency for Jennifer Dalquez

Mother of Filipina maid sentenced to death appeals for help
February 11, 2017
Embassy official said they are providing legal assistance to the convict
Dubai: The mother of a Filipina maid who was sentenced to death in Al Ain has appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte and authorities to help their daughter.

and the Videos

British lord calls for ‘due clemency’ for OFW Jennifer Dalquez
Don Kevin Hapal March 28, 2017

'It is clear from the evidence that her action was not pre-meditated, but a desperate response to an unprovoked sexual attack,' Lord Singh of Wimbledon writes to United Arab Emirates' ambassador to London.

January 27, 2017
At least 71 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are on Death Row in different parts of the world, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

POEA - Saudi Arabia AVP

This is an audio-visual presentation for those who are going to work at Saudi Arabia.

Learn the DOs and DON'Ts

Remark this is an album POEA, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration in the album Government Authorities - Etc.

DFA advisory on spreading rumors on social media
April 13, 2016
Please be reminded to refrain from posting or sharing unconfirmed or baseless information on social media that may be considered as rumor mongering.
This advisory comes from the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai and North Emirates, where it is considered a criminal offence.

Look also HERE


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Cardinal Quevedo slams terrorism as 'demonic ideology

Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Cardinal Quevedo slams terrorism as a 'demonic ideology' that is destroying friendships between Christians and Muslims, as clashes continue in Marawi City
Cardinal Quevedo seeks help for Marawi evacuees

Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Cardinal Quevedo seeks help for evacuees from Marawi City, as well as those from broken families, victims of drug abuse, and other poor and neglected people

Both May 31, 2017

Cardinal Quevedo urges interreligious dialogue amid terror
by Paterno Esmaquel II June 17, 2017
The first cardinal from Mindanao also says Muslim leaders can correct terrorists on their wrong interpretation of Islamic teachings.


Islamic History of the Philippines

Remark this is an album in the album Philippine History of 490 years and more in the album Philippine History


primarily a movement of willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time.

Fasting is the fourth of the Five Pillars of Islam and involves fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, which is probably the most notable time for fasting among Muslims.
In Islam, fasting for a month is an obligatory practice during the holy month of Ramadan, from fajr (dawn), until maghrib (sunset). Muslims are prohibited from eating and drinking (including water).

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