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Ut unum sint (Latin: 'That they may be one')
is an encyclical by Pope John Paul II of 25 May 1995.

Ut Unum Sint was the first encyclical ever devoted exclusively to the ecumenical imperative. In this groundbreaking exercise of the papal magisterium, Pope John Paul affirmed that the ecumenical commitment made at Vatican II was irreversible. He taught his fellow Catholics that the quest for Christian unity ought to be sustained both internationally and in the local churches

Pope renews ecumenical commitment on anniversary of Ut unum sint
Christopher Wells 25 May 2020
In a letter marking the 25th anniversary of Saint John Paul II’s landmark encyclical “Ut unum sint”, Pope Francis calls for a renewed commitment to ecumenism

A prophetic encyclical: 25 years of Ut unum sint
Sergio Centofanti 25 May 2020
A passionate appeal to all Christians to respond to Jesus’ prayer for the unity of His disciples: Pope John Paul II’s Encyclical helps us to see the reality of today’s Christian communities with a renewed ecumenical commitment


Pope Francis: Ministries of lector and acolyte to be open to women
Vatican News 11 January 2021
Pope Francis changes the Code of Canon Law to institutionalize what is already allowed in practice: the access of lay women to the service of the Word and the Altar. The Pope explains his decision in a letter to Cardinal Ladaria.

Pope Francis changes church law, formally allows female altar servers
Jan 11, 2021 Reuters
Pope Francis, in another step towards greater equality for women in the Roman Catholic Church, on Monday, January 11, changed its law to formally allow them to serve as readers at liturgies, altar servers and distributors of communion.

The Video: Pope officially allows women to take on roles of "lay ministries" such as acolytes
Jan 11, 2021 ROME REPORTS in English


Oct 8, 2020 Vatican News - English

No one has been baptized a priest or a bishop. We have all been baptized as lay people.
Lay people are protagonists of the Church.
Today, it is especially necessary to create broader opportunities for a more incisive female presence in the Church.

Pope intention for October: that women have greater leadership roles in the Church
Vatican News 08 October 2020
Pope Francis releases a video message accompanying his prayer intention for October, the missionary month, in which he calls for the promotion of greater integration of the lay faithful, especially women, in areas of responsibility in the Church.
In his prayer intention for October 2020, Pope Francis asks everyone to pray that women be given greater leadership roles in the Church

Pope reiterates desire that women participate more in Church responsibility
Devin Watkins 11 October 2020
Pope Francis on Sunday reiterates his prayer intention for the month of October, and expresses his desire that lay people may participate more in areas of responsibility in the Church.

Pope Francis reflects on Holy Family at Sunday Angelus
Vatican News 27 December 2020
During his Sunday Angelus address, Pope Francis announces a year to study more deeply the content of the Apostolic Exhortation “Amoris laetitia” during his reflection on the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
We too, said Pope Francis, “are called to rediscover the educational value of the family unit.” Families, he said, must be founded "on the love that always regenerates relationships, opening up horizons of hope.”
Pope Francis invited everyone “to take part in the initiatives that will be promoted during the year, and that will be coordinated by the Dicastery for Laity, the Family, and Life.”

The Videos: Pope's messages about the family for year of Amoris Laetitia
Dec 28, 2020 and Jan 3, 2021 ROME REPORTS in English

A special year to bear witness to family love
Adriana Masotti 27 December 2020
The Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life is proposing spiritual, pastoral and cultural initiatives to accompany families in the face of contemporary challenges. The project is intended to support parishes, dioceses, universities and ecclesial associations in celebrating the Year “Amoris Laetitia Family,” which has been announced by Pope Francis.

Pope establishes World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly
Vatican News 31 January 2021
Pope Francis has decided to institute a Church-wide celebration of a World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly. Starting this year, it will be held on the fourth Sunday of July, close to the liturgical memorial of Saints Joachim and Anne, the grandparents of Jesus.

Pope dedicates world day to ‘forgotten’ grandparents
Agence France-Presse January 31, 2021
Pope Francis on Sunday announced a Catholic Church-wide celebration of grandparents and the elderly, to be marked each year in July.
“Grandparents are often forgotten,” the 84-year-old said as he led the weekly Angelus prayer from the Apostolic Palace, adding that “old age is a gift”.

The Video: January 31, 2021 Pope Francis institutes World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly
Feb 1, 2021 ROME REPORTS in English

The Video: Press Conference: "OLD AGE: OUR FUTURE The elderly after the pandemic"
Vatican News - English February 09, 2021
Press Conference for the Presentation of the document of the Pontifical Academy for Life
The elderly after the pandemic"

Pope admits Church losing clout, calls for 'change in mentality'

'We are no longer the only ones today to produce culture, neither the first nor the most listened to,' says Pope Francis

Pope shakes up cardinals with further Vatican reform
Pope Francis limits the college dean's term to two five-year terms – a change from current rules that allow the dean to remain in post as long as he chooses

Both Agence France-Presse December 21, 2019

Pope calls for end to 'pandemic of poverty' after virus
Agence France-Presse May 31, 2020

'All the suffering will be of no use if we do not build together a more just, more equitable, more Christian society, not in name but in reality,' says Pope Francis

Pope Francis cites PH Church as among world’s great Catholic nations
Updated December 2, 2018 By Leslie Ann Aquino and Argyll Cyrus Geducos

Pope Francis has cited the noble Church in the Philippines as among the great Catholic nations in the world.
The Pope declared this in his letter of appointment for Osaka Archbishop Thomas Manyo Cardinal Maeda as his envoy to the upcoming 60th anniversary celebration of the postwar Manila Cathedral in Intramuros.
“Indeed, the noble Church in the Philippines now stands among the great Catholic nations in the entire world. Hence, no wonder, she continuously sends missionaries to other regions,” the Pope wrote.

The Video

Cardinal Tagle: Seven years with Pope Francis, a parable of God's closeness
Alessandro Gisotti 12 March 2020

On the seventh anniversary of Pope Francis’ election to the Petrine ministry, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, says that every new Pope is a gift from God that is “unwrapped” through the years of his papal ministry.

Pope Francis prays for Filipinos hit by Typhoon Ursula
December 26, 2019 - with Video
Pope Francis offered his prayers to Filipinos affected by Typhoon Ursula on Thursday, December 26.
After reciting the Angelus prayer for St Stephen's Day, the Pope said:

"I unite myself to the suffering that has hit the beloved people of the Philippines because of the typhoon."
"I pray for the numerous victims, the wounded, and for their families."

Look ALL the links in the article

Pope Francis prays for victims of deadly Philippines typhoon
26 December 2019
Pope Francis prays for the victims of Typhoon Phanfone which swept across the Philippines.
“I join in the suffering that has struck the dear people of the Philippines due to Typhoon Phanfone”, said the Pope.
Before inviting the faithful gathered in St Peter’s Square to recite the Hail Mary Prayer, he assured them of his own prayers, “for the numerous victims, for the wounded and for their families”.

Filipino named as vice director of Franciscans office
January 13, 2021 Leslie Ann Aquino

A Filipino priest is the new Vice Director of the Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) Office in Rome of the Order of Friars Minor or Franciscans.

Cardinal Tagle to lead top Vatican office
December 08, 2019 - with Video

Pope Francis names Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle as part of his 'Cabinet,' making Tagle one of the most powerful men in the Catholic Church.
Pope Francis appointed Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle to a top position in the Vatican that oversees the spread of Catholic faith globally.
The Vatican announced on Sunday, December 8, that Tagle is the new Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.
Established by Pope Gregory XV in 1622, the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples is in charge of spreading the Catholic faith around the world.

Pope Francis appoints Tagle to ‘Vatican’s central bank’
Gabriel Pabico Lalu February 23, 2021
Pope Francis has named former Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle as a member of an office in the Roman Curia that acts as the “Vatican’s central bank,” the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said Tuesday.

Pope Francis appoints Cardinal Tagle as member of Vatican central bank
Feb 23, 2021 Paterno R. Esmaquel II
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle is now a member of the powerful Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See

Pope appoints new members to Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue
Vatican News 08 July 2020
Pope Francis names new members to the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue.
Cardinal Tagle is one of the newly appointed members of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue.

Cardinal Tagle leaves Philippines to take up Vatican post
Robin Gomes 10 February 2020
Philippine Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle celebrated his last Mass as Archbishop of Manila, Sunday morning, before flying out later in the evening to Rome to take up his new mission as Prefect of the Vatican Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

ALL Videos in the Album Pope Francis names Cardinal Tagle Prefect of Propaganda Fide

Cardinal Tagle is the new Prefect of Propaganda Fide
08 December 2019
The Cardinal Archbishop of Manila, Luis Antonio Tagle is the new Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. The appointment of Pope Francis was announced today, Sunday 8 December.
The current Prefect, Fernando Filoni, assumes the post of Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher in place of Cardinal Edwin Frederick O'Brien, who resigned in April 2019 and turned 80.

Cardinal Tagle seen to step down as Manila archbishop
Paterno Esmaquel II December 09, 2019
As the powerful ‘Red Pope,’ Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle is expected to address hot-button issues such as the Vatican’s policy toward China.
Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle is seen to step down as archbishop of Manila after Pope Francis appointed him to head the powerful Vatican office in charge of spreading the Catholic faith.

An emotional Cardinal Tagle receives blessing of Filipino faithful
Vatican News - English
During a Mass in Manila on Sunday 9 December, the Papal Nuncio to the Philippines, Archbishop Gabriele Caccia, asks the faithful to bless Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle and his new mission as Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

Cardinal Tagle on mission and evangelization
Paolo Afflato 11 December 2019
In an interview with the Vatican’s “Osservatore Romano” newspaper, the new Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples reflects on the theme of evangelization and expresses gratitude to begin his new service.

'His heart is broken': Vatican prefect Tagle breaks into tears
Paterno Esmaquel II December 10, 2019
Be happy to let him go, the Vatican's ambassador tells Filipinos
Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle broke into tears in his first public Mass after Pope Francis named him prefect of a powerful Vatican office, an assignment that most likely entails leaving the Philippines.

Tagle’s office eyed as 2nd most important in Vatican
Paterno Esmaquel II December 11, 2019
The new appointment of Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle positions him ‘to be a possible successor to Pope Francis,’ says a Vatican analyst

Pope promotes Tagle as one of 11 highest ranking cardinals
Paterno Esmaquel II May 04, 2020 - with Video

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle is now one of the 11 'close-in consultors' of Pope Francis, boosting his chances of becoming the next pontiff

Pope names two new Cardinal-Bishops
01 May 2020
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle and Cardinal Beniamino Stella are the newest members of the Order of Bishops within the College of Cardinal

The Video: Tagle promoted to ‘cardinal-bishop,’ second-highest title in the Church
May 1, 2020 Manila Bulletin Online
Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle was promoted to cardinal-bishop by Pope Francis on Friday (May 1). According to a Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines News post, cardinal bishop is the highest rank within the College of Cardinals.

Pope broke tradition again to make Tagle 'cardinal-bishop'
Paterno Esmaquel II May 02, 2020
The promotion of Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle to the rank of cardinal-bishop 'required special papal permission'

Cebuano priest appointed as Papal Chaplain in Vatican
Delta Dyrecka Letigio October 20,2020

Fr. Jan Thomas Limchua, a priest from the Archdiocese of Cebu, has been granted the title “Monsignor” by Pope Francis after being named as Papal Chaplain or a member of the Papal Household.

Pope Francis appoints Cebuano archbishop as envoy to Guatemala
Paterno Esmaquel II April 17, 2020

Archbishop Francisco Montecillo Padilla, the newly appointed apostolic nuncio to Guatemala, is a 66-year-old native of Cebu City

FALSE: Pope Francis says bible is a 'dangerous' book
January 07, 2020

Pope Francis is quoted out of context. While he indeed said that the bible is a dangerous book, he was referring to Christians in some countries being persecuted because of owning one.

FALSE: 'Photo' of Pope Francis staring at a woman's chest
January 07, 2020
Pope Francis' picture is stitched with a photo of an Argentine model who has been shown in past manipulated photos with the Pope

FALSE: This is a photo of Pope Francis meeting President Duterte
Agence France-Presse February 15, 2019

A photo of Pope Francis meeting Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is manipulated

Philippine Nunciature warns against person claiming to be close to Pope
Robin Gomes 26 May 2020

The Apostolic Nunciature in the Philippines has written to the country’s Catholic bishops to warn their communities against a person claiming to be close to the Pope and the Vatican.


The Album: Duterte defies The Catholic Church
with Videos about how President Duterte attack the Catholic Church


Letter to Bishops on the bread and wine for the Eucharist - Full text
The English language translation of Circular letter to Bishops on the bread and wine for the Eucharist
July 08, 2017

The bread used in the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharistic Sacrifice must be unleavened, purely of wheat, and recently made so that there is no danger of decomposition.

The wine that is used in the most sacred celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice must be natural, from the fruit of the grape, pure and incorrupt, not mixed with other substances.

Pope at Mass on World Day of the Poor: ‘the poor lead us straight to God’
Linda Bordoni 17 November 2019

Pope Francis marks the 3rd World Day of the Poor celebrating Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica for poor people in Rome and beyond.

Look the Videos



'Put down those smartphones!' Pope Francis tells bishops
by Agence France-Presse November 08, 2017

The Pope says 'At a certain point the priest leading the ceremony says 'lift up our hearts'. He doesn't say 'lift up our mobile phones to take photographs'

Remark this is an album in the album "The Life in & with the Church, Etiquette & Why Do Catholics Do What They Do? - Etc."


The Video in the main-album: When you become a slave to your phone, you lose freedom
ROME REPORTS in English Published on Apr 15, 2019

The articles:

Pope to students: 'don’t be slaves to your mobile phones'
Linda Bordoni 13 April 2019
Pope Francis receives students and teachers of a Rome high school in the Vatican, encouraging them to cultivate passion and curiosity and warning them against dependency on their mobile phones.

Pope urges students to fight their addiction to phones
Carol Glatz, Catholic News Service April 17, 2019 - is often down - then up again, so try again later

Pope Francis Private Audience - President Benigno Aquino III at the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican

Pope Francis asks Filipinos to pray for him

It seemed like an odd request from someone who is always being sought for prayers and a special blessing: Pope Francis asked President Benigno Aquino III, and all Filipinos, to pray for him at the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican on Friday, December 4.

Pope Francis, Aquino exchange tokens at Vatican
POPE FRANCIS on Friday gave President Aquino a bronze sculpture of an olive branch holding two halves of a cleft rock, which symbolizes peace and unity, as well as a copy of his encyclical on the environment, Laudate Si.

Vatican to Aquino: Ensure peace in Mindanao
by/Paterno Esmaquel II December 05, 2015

The Vatican hopes that parties involved can 'guarantee stable and lasting peace' in the southern Philippines

The Videos


Pope open to studying ordination of married men as priests
March 10, 2017

Pope Francis said the church must study whether it's possible to ordain married men to minister in remote communities facing priest shortages.

Will Pope's visit boost Tagle’s chances as first Asian pontiff?
by/Aries Rufo Jan 19, 2015

To some, the papal visit provides a preview of the Catholic Church's future

Veteran Vaticanista John Allen cited Tagle's 3 strong points: “an effective communicator and missionary,” as the face of the “dramatic growth of Catholicism outside the West” and “pastoral experience” as administrator of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila

The Video: Our next Pope? Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle talks to Colm Flynn
by Colm Flynn Jul 25, 2018
"I don't even see myself as a Bishop!" Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, the Archbishop of Manila, describes his reaction at being named Cardinal at age 55.
He also examines daily life in the Philippines

Top Vatican reporter writes book about Cardinal Tagle
by/Paterno Esmaquel II September 19, 2015

Veteran Vatican journalist Cindy Wooden, Rome bureau chief of the Catholic News Service, CNS, has written a new book about the man described as “the Asian Pope Francis.”

Embassy of the Holy See (Apostolic Nunciature) in the Philippines

2140 Taft Avenue
Manila City 1004 Philippines
Tel. No.: (2) 521 0307
Fax No.: (2) 521 1235

Look Apostolic Nunciature in PH by/Reynaldo Santos Jr. Jan 15, 2015
The Apostolic Nunciature is home to Vatican City's representative – or nuncio
Most countries establish embassies in other countries for diplomatic purposes. But the Vatican City, for its part, installs an apostolic nunciature in select countries.

Look also HERE

Pope appoints Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines
Vatican News 28 September 2020

Pope Francis on Monday appointed Archbishop Charles John Brown, currently the Apostolic Nuncio to Albania, to head the Holy See’s diplomatic mission to the Philippines.
Pope Francis on Monday appointed a new apostolic nuncio to the Philippines. The Pope has transferred US-born Archbishop Charles John Brown, currently the Apostolic Nuncio to Albania, to head the Holy See’s diplomatic mission to the Philippines in Manila.

Pope Francis extends ‘very warm’ greetings to Filipinos
December 14, 2020 Genalyn Kabiling
Pope Francis has sent his “very warm” greetings to the Filipino nation and continued to cherish his 2015 visit to the Philippines, according to his papal representative to Manila.
New Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines Charles John Brown conveyed the Pope’s message and mentioned the “excellent relations” between the Holy See and the Philippines during the presentation of his credentials to President Duterte in Malacañang.

Newly appointed papal nuncio arrives in Manila
November 29, 2020 Genalyn Kabiling
The Philippine government is eager to promote “productive and collaborative” relations with the Vatican following appointment of a new papal nuncio to the country, a Palace official said Sunday.

New Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Brown arrives
November 29, 2020 Leslie Ann Aquino
New Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines Archbishop Charles John Brown arrived in Manila Sunday.
Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David, vice president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, and Paranaque Bishop Jesse Mercado welcomed Brown at the airport together with some government officials and staff of the Apostolic Nunciature in Manila.

Pope Francis names American bishop as new envoy to the Philippines
Sep 28, 2020 Paterno R. Esmaquel II
This ends a 9-month wait for a new apostolic nuncio to the Philippines, which has also stalled the selection of Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle's successor

The Video: Pagtatalaga sa bagong Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines
Sep 28, 2020 ABS-CBN News
Itinalaga ni Pope Francis si Archbishop Charles John Brown bilang bagong Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines.


New Vatican envoy to PH makes 1st public appearance
Nov 22, 2017

Pope Francis' new envoy to the Philippines, Archbishop Gabriele Giordano Caccia, makes his first public appearance on November 22, 2017, in a Mass to support persecuted Christians around the world

Philippine Embassy in Vatican, the Holy See Vatican City
Mercedes Arrastia Tuason, Ambassador
Via Paolo VI, 29
00193 Rome
Holy See, Vatican City

Look more on page 148 in the document 

Lolo Kiko with Nanay Amba: Pope meets new PH envoy to Vatican
Paterno Esmaquel II September 03, 2018

A Bicolana career diplomat, Philippine Ambassador to the Vatican Grace Relucio Princesa presents her credentials to Pope Francis.
Fondly called by Filipinos as Lolo Kiko (Grandpa Kiko), Pope Francis welcomed Grace Relucio Princesa, also known by overseas Filipino workers as Nanay Amba (Mother Ambassador), as the Philippines' new ambassador to the Vatican.

Look also HERE

Philippine Ambassador: Issues raised by Pope crucial to Filipinos
With Audio - Interview
Ambassador Grace Relucio-Princesa of the Philippines to the Holy See spoke to Vatican News about some of the issues that Pope Francis raised in his address to the diplomatic corps on Jan. 7. 2019.


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Why Do Bishops Wear Purple and Cardinals Red and the Holy Father White?

Look also HERE, HERE

How to address members of the Catholic clergy

Metropolitan Archdiocese
In the Latin Church, an ecclesiastical province, composed of several neighbouring dioceses, is headed by a metropolitan, the archbishop of the diocese designated by the Pope. The other bishops are known as suffragan bishops.
The metropolitan is obliged to request the pallium, a symbol of the power that, in communion with the Church of Rome, he possesses over his ecclesiastical province.

the Videos:

HolyFamilyFdL Apr 11, 2017
Fr. John Mitchell of Holy Family Catholic Community in Fond du Lac discusses the meaning behind the various vestment colours.

The vesting of the Bishop for the Pontifical Mass
Direto da Sacristia Oct 29, 2018

Vesting of a Catholic Priest
Luna Feb 14, 2016

2017.06.29 Holy Mass with the imposition of the Pallium
Pope Francis presides over the Holy Mass with the imposition of the Pallium on the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul

2018-06-29 Holy Mass with Blessing of Pallia
St. Peter's Square - Holy Mass with Blessing of Pallia for new Metropolitan Archbishops, presided over by Pope Francis, on the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul, Apostles


the article Papal regalia and insignia

The papal tiara
a crown that was worn by popes of the Catholic Church from as early as the 8th century to the mid-20th. It was last used by Pope Paul VI in 1963 and only at the beginning of his reign.
From 1143 to 1963, the papal tiara was solemnly placed on the pope's head during a papal coronation. The surviving papal tiaras are all in the triple form, the oldest being of 1572.
A representation of the triregnum combined with two crossed keys of Saint Peter continues to be used as a symbol of the papacy and appears on papal documents, buildings and insignia.

List of papal tiaras in existence

The day the pope gave up his papal tiara to feed the poor
Zelda Caldwell Aug 19, 2018 - with Slideshow
In 1964 Pope Paul VI abandoned the tradition of wearing an ornate, bejeweled crown.

These Videos: The Papal Tiara and The Papal Tiara: Its History & Disuse

The Use of the Pallium

“The symbolism of the pallium is even more concrete: the lamb's wool is meant to represent the lost, sick or weak sheep which the shepherd places on his shoulders and carries to the waters of life.”

Look also History of the pallium given to Metropolitan Archbishops
Vatican News 29 June 2019

and HERE

How Do Cardinals Choose Which Hat to Wear?
Forrest Wickman March 12, 2013

One-hundred-fifteen Roman Catholic cardinals locked themselves up in the Vatican today to select the church’s next pope. In pictures of the cardinals, they were shown wearing a variety of unusual hats. How do cardinals choose their hats?

The Mitre
or miter is a type of headgear now known as the traditional, ceremonial headdress of bishops and certain abbots in traditional Christianity. Mitres are worn in the Catholic Church.
In its modern form in Western Christianity, the mitre is a tall folding cap, consisting of two similar parts (the front and back) rising to a peak and sewn together at the sides. Two short lappets always hang down from the back.
In the Catholic Church, ecclesial law gives the right to use the mitre and other pontifical insigna (crosier, pectoral cross, and ring) to bishops, abbots, and cardinals and those canonically equivalent to diocesan bishops who do not receive episcopal ordination.
A square cap with three ridges or peaks on its upper surface, worn by clerics of all grades from cardinals downwards.

The biretta may be used by all ranks of the Latin clergy cardinals and other bishops to priests, deacons, and even seminarians (who are not clergy, since they are not ordained). Those worn by cardinals are scarlet red and made of silk. After the Second Vatican Council the ceremony of giving the galero to cardinals was replaced with giving the biretta. The biretta of a bishop is amaranth in color, while those worn by priests, deacons, and seminarians are black.
The pope does not make use of the biretta.

The zucchetto
meaning "small gourd", from zucca, "pumpkin" is a small, hemispherical, form-fitting ecclesiastical skullcap worn by clerics of various Catholic churches, the Syriac Orthodox Church, and by the higher clergy in Anglicanism. It is also known by the names pilus, pilos, pileus, pileolus (pileolo), subbiretum, submitrale, soli deo (solideo), berrettino, calotte (calotta)
Clerical clothing
is non-liturgical clothing worn exclusively by clergy. It is distinct from vestments in that it is not reserved specifically for services. Practices vary: is sometimes worn under vestments, and sometimes as the everyday clothing or street wear of a priest or other clergy member. In some cases, it can be similar or identical to the habit of a monk or nun.
In modern times, many Christian clergy have adopted the use of a shirt with a clerical collar.

Dress of Roman Catholic Clergy
This article describes the forms of dress of the secular clergy of the Roman Catholic Church according to current ecclesiastical law and custom.

Footwear and its place in the Catholic church

The footwear of the Pope and the Clergy

Episcopal sandals

Papal shoes

Papal slippers


A crucifix (from Latin cruci fixus meaning "(one) fixed to a cross") is an image of Jesus on the cross, as distinct from a bare cross.
The crucifix is a principal symbol for many groups of Christians, and one of the most common forms of the Crucifixion in the arts. It is especially important in the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church.

Why Catholics have crucifix rather than cross
A question often posed by non-Catholics is, “Why do Catholics have a crucifix in your churches?” This is a very good question to ask! As Catholics, the crucifix plays a special role in the liturgical tradition of the Church.

A crucifix is commonly regarded as a depiction of the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion. As such, a representation of Jesus is placed upon a cross of similar proportions to those used by Romans during crucifixions. It can be represented in painting, sculpture, metalwork, and other material art forms.

The cross

found in many cultures and religions of the world, is an ancient human symbol that has become closely connected with the religion of Christianity, where it is associated with the crucifixion of Jesus.

The Sign of the Cross
August 14, 2018 Paul Inwood
Have you noticed how liturgical autopilot is creeping in? I’m talking about making the sign of the cross at the beginning of everything Catholic, no matter what it is. We all do it as a kind of Pavlovian manoeuvre, and in so doing we may be running the risk of starting to take this important symbol of being Christian for granted.

From Left to Right or from Right to Left? The Sign of the Cross
September 13, 2017 Liborius Lumma
Roman Catholics make the sign of the cross in the following order: The right hand moves from top (forehead) to bottom (chest) and then from left (left shoulder) to right (right shoulder). Most Eastern Christians do it in a different order: From top to bottom and then from right to left.

A pectoral cross

or pectorale (from the Latin pectoralis, "of the chest") is a cross that is worn on the chest, usually suspended from the neck by a cord or chain.

In the Catholic Church, the wearing of a pectoral cross remains restricted to popes, cardinals, bishops and abbots.

The modern pectoral cross is relatively large, and is different from the small crosses worn on necklaces by many Christians.
Most pectoral crosses are made of precious metals (platinum, gold or silver) and some contain precious or semi-precious gems. Some contain a corpus like a crucifix while others use stylized designs and religious symbols.

The Pope and the Vatican

Here you can select also these sections, just click:

Theology of Pope Francis and Etc.

The Pope and the Vatican

Extraordinary Jubilee and The Global Holy Year Of Mercy
The Pope's statements on family - gay - etc.

Vatican's Commission for the Protection of Minors & Investigation of sexual abuse of minors to face Church judgement - Etc.

Papal Visit Philippines 2015

Masses, messages and Blessings - examples - Etc.

St. Peter's Basilica - Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican


News agencies specializing in covering the Pope and the Vatican

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What is an encyclical in the Catholic Church?

An encyclical is an official document sent by the pope to all the bishops of the world, focused on a particular Catholic doctrine.



Apostolic Letter
Patris Corde of the Holy Father Francis
on the 150th Anniversary of the proclamation of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church

The Video: The Pope explains new letter about St. Joseph
Dec 9, 2020 ROME REPORTS in English


Pope Francis proclaims “Year of St Joseph”
Vatican News 08 December 2020
With the Apostolic Letter “Patris corde” (“With a Father’s Heart”), Pope Francis recalls the 150th anniversary of the declaration of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church. To mark the occasion, the Holy Father has proclaimed a “Year of Saint Joseph” from today, 8 December 2020, to 8 December 2021.

The Video: Pope declares Year of St. Joseph “to implore his intercession and imitate his virtues”
Dec 10, 2020 ROME REPORTS in English

Pope’s calendar for Christmas celebrations
Vatican News 10 December 2020

The Vatican Press Office releases details of Pope Francis‘ commitments for Christmas and New Year celebrations in the Vatican.


Fratelli tutti,” the new encyclical by which Pope Francis wants to heal the world
Oct 3, 2020 ROME REPORTS in English

October 3 2020 Holy Mass and signing of the Encyclical Pope Francis - 2 Videos
Oct 3, 2020
From the Sacro Convento (Franciscan Friary) in Assisi, Celebration of Holy Mass presided over by Pope Francis, and the signing of the Encyclical "Fratelli tutti" on Saint Francis's tomb

Pope signs new Encyclical "Fratelli tutti" on St Francis's tomb in Assisi
Sr Bernadette Mary Reis, fsp 03 October 2020
On the anniversary of St Francis of Assisi's death, Pope Francis celebrates Mass before the Saint's tomb and signs his Encyclical "Fratelli tutti".
Pope Francis went on Saturday to Assisi for the fifth time during his pontificate. There he signed his new Encyclical Fratelli tutti, before the tomb of St Francis of Assisi, after celebrating Holy Mass.

4 October 2020 Conference on the Encyclical Letter “Fratelli tutti”
Oct 4, 2020 Vatican News - English
From the New Synod Hall in the Vatican, Conference on the Encyclical Letter "Fratelli tutti" by Pope Francis on fraternity and social friendship
5 keys to understand “Fratelli Tutti,” Pope Francis' new encyclical
Oct 4, 2020 ROME REPORTS in English
He asks for recognition of the dignity of each person, in order to build a more just world.
In his third encyclical, “Fratelli Tutti,” meaning “Brothers all,” the pope compiles and categorizes the main proposals of the social discourses of his pontificate, in Rome and during his trips.

Cardinal Tagle reflects on "Fratelli tutti" in Caritas webinar
Vatican News 12 November 2020
Speaking during a Caritas Internationalis webinar, Cardinal Tagle, President of the confederation, invited all the faithful to read the Holy Father's new encyclical in order to learn to love concretely, universally and without bias.

Cardinal Bo: “Fratelli tutti” talks to Asia at crucial crossroads
Robin Gomes 14 October 2020
The president of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC) writes to his fellow bishops on the relevance of Pope Francis’ encyclical, "Fratelli tutti", in the current Asian context and looking to the future.

Pope introduces his new Encyclical after Angelus
Sr Bernadette Mary Reis, fsp 04 October 2020
Pope Francis himself introduces his new Encyclical "Fratelli tutti" after the recitation of the Angelus, and announces he is giving it as a gift to those present in the square.

Highlights from presentation of “Fratelli tutti”
Compiled by Sr Bernadette Mary Reis, fsp 04 October 2020
Various people from different cultural backgrounds presented Pope Francis’s new Encyclical “Fratelli tutti” in the Vatican’s new Synod Hall on Sunday.

“Fratelli tutti”: Long summary of Pope Francis's Social Encyclical
Isabella Piro 04 October 2020
Fraternity and social friendship are the ways the Pontiff indicates to build a better, more just and peaceful world, with the contribution of all: people and institutions. With an emphatic confirmation of a ‘no’ to war and to globalized indifference.

“Fratelli tutti”: Short summary of Pope Francis's Social Encyclical
Isabella Piro 04 October 2020

Looking at others as brothers and sisters to save ourselves and the world
Andrea Tornielli 04 October 2020
The message of Pope Francis’s new social encyclical: no one is saved alone. It proposes a fraternal society so that society is not overrun by war, hatred, violence, indifference and new walls.

What Francis might mean by ‘Fratelli Tutti’
Carmen M. Nanko-Fernández, 3 October 2020
If you want to understand Pope Francis, it helps to know tango, soccer lingo, and colloquial Argentinian Spanish. Making sense of Francis, I propose, also requires an ability to think in hyperlinks.
In other words, what he says opens paths to multiple references that further enrich and expand possibilities for interpretation. Francis plays with language and space.
This is clear from the fact that his first trip outside of Rome was to Lampedusa, and most recently, in the title of his forthcoming encyclical, Fratelli tutti, to be signed in Assisi at the tomb of St. Francis.

Before release of encyclical 'Fratelli tutti', pope draws a sketch of post-COVID world
Francis has used his Wednesday general audience the past several weeks to offer his vision of creating a better world after the pandemic
Loup Besmond de Senneville Vatican City September 30, 2020
Pope Francis these past two months has been trying to answer a thorny question that all of humanity must grapple with as it seeks to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic: how do we build a better, post-COVID world?

An encyclical for all brothers and sisters
Andrea Tornielli 16 September 2020
While waiting to know the contents of the document, there has been some discussion about the title and how to translate it inclusively. An encyclical, though, is per se a universal text, and Pope Francis truly wants to speak to the heart of each and every person. The Holy See Press Office announces that the text will be published on 4 October.

Whatever it is, title of new papal encyclical not ‘anti-feminist’
Elise Ann Allen Sep 9, 2020
Fratelli Tutti has been literally translated from the Italian into “All Brothers” in English, with some arguing that the phrase is exclusive of women. However, one person who has worked on translating Vatican and papal documents has said the choice of the title has little to do with sensitivities but is the result of standard Vatican protocol.

Theology of Pope Francis
is a description of his pronouncements and statements on Christian beliefs and practices. The focus here is on salient features, what he emphasized during his pontificate, as distinct from his time as Jesuit provincial or as archbishop in Argentina. He is the first member of the Society of Jesus to be appointed Pope of the Catholic Church.

Vatican releases series on the theology of Pope Francis
12 March 2018 - with Video
A series of books, entitled “Theology of Pope Francis”, has been released by the Vatican Publishing House (LEV). Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò, the Prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for Communication, who presented the series, speaks about it.

The Video: Who has most inspired Pope Francis' philosophy?
Aug 15, 2020 ROME REPORTS in English

Cardinal Tagle: Pope Francis reveals "his passion for mission"
27 May 2020

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, grants an interview to Vatican News' Alessandro Gisotti to explore key elements of Pope Francis' recent message to the Pontifical Mission Societies.

New Directory for Catechesis is “a joyful event in the life of the Church"
Vatican News 25 June 2020
The Pontifical Council for Promotion of the New Evangelization presents the new Directory for Catechesis during a press conference held in the Vatican on Thursday.

New Directory for Catechesis released
Vatican News 25 June 2020
The Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization releases a new Directory for Catechesis, providing guidelines for the Church’s mission of proclaiming the Gospel through catechesis and evangelization.

Pope Francis: ‘death penalty inadmissable’
After an audience with Pope Francis earlier this year, and following his approval, the Vatican’s CDF says it has made changes to the CCC on the death penalty according to which capital punishment is inadmissible.
Look both The new text and The previous text

Letter to the Bishops regarding the new revision of number 2267 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the death penalty

Death penalty 'inadmissible' in Catholic teaching update
Agence France-Presse August 02, 2018

The update to the Catechism text also says the Church will 'work with determination' for the abolition of the death penalty worldwide

House OKs death penalty

Pope rails against 'fake news'
Agence France-Presse January 25, 2018

'We need to unmask what could be called the 'snake-tactics' used by those who disguise themselves in order to strike

Pope Francis endorses drug rehab led by Cardinal Tagle
Paterno Esmaquel II October 26, 2017 - with Video

'That's the way to go,' Pope Francis says, in his first publicly known comment on the Philippines' drug problem, as President Rodrigo Duterte wages a bloody war on drugs

Look also HERE

HOAX: ‘Pope Francis called Duterte a blessing, a good leader’
June 27, 2018

The video in the blog post is an April 2 CNN Philippines newscast that reported on Duterte and Pope Francis’ separate Easter Sunday messages. The Pope does not mention Duterte at all in this message.

The Roman Catholic church - The Pope and the Vatican

Look also the masses from the Vatican below

Remark the videos in this section are albums in the album The Vatican, The Pope, Masses, Messages - Etc.

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Roman Catholic Church - The Holy See - The Vatican

The Roman Curia
comprises the administrative institutions of the Holy See and the central body through which the affairs of the Catholic Church are conducted.

Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations

Look also HERE

The Two Swords of the Church
These two types of authority by the Church are symbolically represented by the two swords of the Gospel: “So they said, ‘Lord, behold, there are two swords here.’ But he said to them, ‘It is sufficient.’ ” (Lk 22:38). The Church has the authority to teach (doctrine), on matters of faith, morals, and salvation. But the Church also has temporal authority, so that She can make practical decisions (discipline) needed to function as a Church within the world, as a Church whose members on earth are sinners.

Look also HERE


The Vatican City State

Not to be confused with Holy See.
Vatican City, officially Vatican City State a walled enclave within the city of Rome, with an area of approximately 44 hectares (110 acres), and a population of 842, is the smallest internationally recognized independent state in the world by both area and population.

Index of Vatican City-related articles

The Video: The Vatican City - Documentary

Vatican euro coins
are issued by the Philatelic and Numismatic Office of the Vatican City State and minted by Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato (IPZS), in Rome, Italy. The euro is the official currency of the Vatican City, although Vatican City is not a member of the Eurozone or the European Union.

Vatican City Coins

The Video: How does the Vatican make its euro coins?
Feb 25, 2021 ROME REPORTS in English

The Roman Curia
comprises the administrative institutions of the Holy See and the central body through which the affairs of the Catholic Church are conducted. It acts in the pope's name and with his authority for the good and for the service of the particular churches and provides the central organization for the church to advance its objectives

Christmas Greetings of the Holy Father to the Roman Curia
Benediction Hall December 21, 2020 - with Video

Curia (Catholic Church)
A curia is an official body that governs a particular Church in the Catholic Church. These curias range from the relatively simple diocesan curia, to the larger patriarchal curias, to the Roman Curia, which is the central government of the Catholic Church.

Philippine Embassy in Vatican, the Holy See Vatican City
Mercedes Arrastia Tuason, Ambassador
Via Paolo VI, 29
00193 Rome
Holy See (Vatican City)

Look more on page 148 in the document - Mobile applications (App)

The App of the official website of the Holy See - it contains the Papal Magisterium and the institutional information of the Apostolic See.

Vatican launches live translation app for papal events
Agence France-Presse July 28, 2018
The app translates Italian, the language the Pope usually uses when addressing the faithful, into Spanish, English, French, German, and Portuguese




Look the biography as pdf HERE

Look also HERE


Who Is Pope Francis - NBC Documentary
Manuel Noguera Oct 2, 2015

Shot and edited for NBC.


The coat of arms for Pope Francis

is nearly identical to the one he used as archbishop, notable for its simplicity. Following in the steps of Benedict XVI, he replaced the triple crown with a triple mitre, symbolizing the Pope's three missions to teach, govern and judge. Behind the mitre are the crossed keys of St. Peter, one gold and one silver, united by a red string. Mar 19, 2013

Remark this is an album in the above album "The Vatican, The Pope, Masses, Messages - Etc."

Look more about The coat of arms, motto and ring signal simplicity for Pope Francis as pdf HERE and HERE

the article FAST FACTS: What Pope Francis wears by/Reynaldo Santos Jr. Jan 14, 2015 - Pope Francis is often described as very simple with his choice of vestments - or as pdf HERE

The Story Behind the Pope’s Wooden Crozier- Staff
July 8, 2015

Look also HERE

the Video

New Year's resolutions: The Pope Francis list
Paterno Esmaquel II Dec 31, 2014

Pope Francis gives us practical advice – from gossip to purchases to marriage

He preaches against gossip, reminds us to finish our meals, and even tells us not to fear marriage.

This is the Pope Francis list.

Pope says priest celibacy not 'optional'
Agence France-Presse January 28, 2019

'Personally I think that celibacy is a gift to the Church. Secondly, I don't think optional celibacy should be allowed. No,' says Pope Francis
Pope Francis said Monday, January 28, celibacy for priests was a "gift to the Church" and not "optional," nixing the prospect of married men being ordained.

Pope Francis mulls opening door to female deacons in Church
May 12, 2016

In off-the-cuff remarks, the pontiff promises to examine whether women could enter the Catholic clergy as deacons.

Progressives in the Catholic Church have long argued that women are pitifully under-represented in the hierarchy, despite the number of women in religious orders (700,000) far outweighing the number of priests and monks combined (470,000)

the Video

Back to work:

5 words of wisdom from the Pope
Paterno Esmaquel II Jan 04, 2015

Filipinos go back to work on Monday, January 5, after a long Christmas and New Year break filled with family reunions, parties, food, and sleep – lots of sleep.
Feeling lazy? Unmotivated? 5 quotes compiled from Pope Francis as we return to the office after the holidays.

Pope Francis will not join Facebook

Pope Francis on Twitter

this Facebook

and the Facebook Unofficial: Pope Francis

Pope Francis on Instagram and the Video Mar 21, 2016 “Franciscus” has over a ½million followers on Instagram


Pope Francis: Uncommon in championing the common man

A 'dark horse' in the conclave, Pope Francis rises to the papacy, takes up causes for the common man, and sometimes even breaks protocols.


Dec 22, 2014



Look also the below section

The Holy See - The Vatican

The Pontifical Anthem or Papal Anthem
is the official anthem of the Pope, the Holy See and the Vatican City State. It is played at solemn occasions of the State and ceremonies in which the Pope or one of his representatives, such as a nuncio, is present. When the Vatican's flag is ceremonially raised, only the first eight bars are played.

Read much more about The Pontifical Anthem
Conclave - Pope Francis I "The first days for the Pope untill - incl. 2013-03-17"
How to contact Pope Francis?
Apr 30, 2016
Laudato si'
The Encyclical Letter of the Holy Father Pope Francis - Laudato si' - Praise Be to You - is the second encyclical of Pope Francis. The encyclical has the subtitle "On the care for our common home". In it, the Pope criticises consumerism and irresponsible development, and calls for "swift and unified global action" to combat environmental degradation and climate change and in a sub-album: Understanding Laudato Si by/DanHoranOFM


The Video: Three keys points from Laudato si' remembered five years later
May 23, 2020 ROME REPORTS in English

Vatican praises Philippine diocese for the first to adopt solar energy
Vatican News 23 June 2020
The Vatican has lauded the Philippine Church, particularly Maasin Diocese, for its response to the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si' on the care of creation.

Laudato Si', 5 years later
Tony La Viña, Toby Valenzuela, and Bryce King May 26, 2020
Laudato Si' has become one of the most influential social encyclicals that has been released by a pope

Pope Francis appeals for Laudato si’ Year, releases special prayer
Devin Watkins 24 May 2020
Pope Francis urges everyone to take part in the just-opened Laudato si’ Year, and releases a special prayer to accompany the celebration.

Laudato si': "Gospel of creation" is the key that unlocks its meaning
Sr Bernadette Mary Reis, fsp 22 May 2020
Five years ago on May 24th, Pope Francis published his second encyclical, Laudato sí. Cardinal Turkson explains how it got its subtitle, how care for creation is connected with worship, and St Francis of Assisi’s vision of creation.

Look also HERE and

Philippine “Season of Creation” calls for action on “Laudato si”
His Holiness Pope Francis meets with His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia 2016.02.12.
in Cuba, where the Pope makes a stop on his way to Mexico, and where the Patriarch is on an official visit. The meeting includes a personal conversation at Havana’s José Martí International Airport, and concludes with the signing of a joint declaration.

Look the Declaration


Differences Between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church
Pope Benedict XVI - My Vatican and Visit the Pope at the Apostolic Palace

Look the Full description of the video
Pope Benedict XVI: A Living Church in the Philippines

Urbi et Orbi

"to the City of Rome and to the World" denotes a papal address and Apostolic Blessing given to the City of Rome and to the entire world on certain occasions.

The Urbi et Orbi address and blessing are given each Easter and Christmas from the central loggia of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, at noontime and are broadcast worldwide.
Since 1985, this indulgence is granted not only to the people in Saint Peter's Square but also to those who, though unable to be physically present, "piously follow" it by radio or television.

Pope announces extraordinary Urbi et Orbi blessing
Christopher Wells 22 March 2020
At the Angelus on Sunday, Pope Francis invited all Christians to join together in praying the Our Father as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Videos: Mar 27, 2020 Pope Francis delivers rare 'Urbi et Orbi' blessing amid pandemic: In this storm, our façades fall away
Pope Francis delivered a rare "Urbi et Orbi" (To the City and To the World) blessing to comfort those suffering due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.
The Extraordinary Urbi et Orbi was aired live by Vatican News at 1 am on March 28 (Manila time)
The full text of Pope Francis' homily at his Extraordinary 'Urbi et Orbi' in English to pray for an end to the coronavirus pandemic

Pope’s special Urbi et Orbi blessing: ‘God turns everything to our good’
Devin Watkins 27 March 2020
Pope Francis delivers an extraordinary blessing “To the City and to the World” on Friday to pray for an end to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. In his meditation, the Pope reflects on Jesus’ words to His disciples: “Why are you afraid? Have you no faith?” Full text included.

Papal conclave

A papal conclave is a gathering of the College of Cardinals convened to elect a bishop of Rome, also known as the pope. The pope is considered by Catholics to be the apostolic successor of Saint Peter and earthly head of the Catholic Church.

Papal consistory

In the Roman Catholic Church a consistory is a formal meeting of the College of Cardinals called by the pope. There are two kinds of consistories, extraordinary and ordinary.
An "extraordinary" consistory is held to allow the pope to consult with the entire membership of the College of Cardinals.
An "ordinary" consistory is ceremonial in nature and attended by cardinals resident in Rome. For example, the pope elevates new cardinals to the College at a consistory; Pope Francis has called consistories for ceremonies of canonization.
A meeting of the College of Cardinals to elect a new pope is not a consistory, but a conclave. Look also Public Consistory 2020

The Video: 28 November 2020 Ordinary Public Consistory Pope Francis
Nov 28, 2020 Vatican News - English
From St. Peter's Basilica, Ordinary Public Consistory for the creation of new Cardinals

Pope warns 13 new cardinals, including Capiz archbishop, vs 'eminence'
Nov 29, 2020
Archbishop Jose Advincula, the first cardinal from Capiz in the Philippines, joins the Vatican ceremony via livestream
Pope Francis created 13 new cardinals on Saturday, November 28 – including the first cardinal from Capiz in the Philippines – putting his personal stamp on the body that will one day choose his successor.

Pope urges new cardinals to stay on the Lord’s road
Vatican News 28 November 2020
Pope Francis urged new cardinals he created on Saturday not to stray away from “journeying on God’s road”. The red colour of the cardinals’ attire, which symbolizes blood, he warned, “can, for a worldly spirit, become the colour of a secular ‘eminence’”.

The Church’s new cardinals – who’s who?
Vatican News 28 November 2020
Who are the 13 new cardinals created by Pope Francis from around the world? They hail from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe

The Video: Tailor shop in center of Rome prepares for upcoming consistory
Nov 22, 2020 ROME REPORTS in English


What is a Synod? The basics

An explanation of the 2014 Synod, it's process and structure.

The 2014 Synod of Bishops (October 5-19) focus on the Pastoral Challenges faced by Families all over the world. Oct 5, 2014

the article HERE


Pope Francis sends Filipinos video messages

Pope to PH: Don't get tired of mercy

Pope Francis, Cardinal Tagle appeal for mercy

The biggest event in the Philippine Catholic Church this year (2013) ends on a historic note – with a message from Pope Francis.

Paterno Esmaquel reports. Look the script of the video report as pdf HERE

'I have special admiration for Filipinos' - Pope Francis
October 25, 2015

1 JANUARY 2015


The article Pope to shoppers: Don't buy products made by modern-day slaves
by/Agence France-Presse Dec 11, 2014

His message, by the Vatican on Wednesday, December 10, slams "the growing scourge of man's exploitation by man," an "abominable phenomenon" covering everything from forced prostitution to child soldiers and slave labour in factories.
"I think also of persons forced into prostitution, many of whom are minors, as well as male and female sex slaves... (of) women forced into marriage, those sold for arranged marriages and those bequeathed to relatives of deceased husbands," he says.
According to the 2014 Global Slavery index, last month, nearly 36 million men, women and children are trapped in modern-day slavery, the definition of which ranges from forced marriages to people coerced into prostitution, fighting wars or manual labour like picking cotton.

Pope hits ‘diseases’ of Vatican - Pope attacks Vatican plagued by ills
Agence France-Presse Dec 22, 2014

Pope Francis criticized the Vatican bureaucracy, saying it was riven with “existential schizophrenia,” “social exhibitionism,” “spiritual Alzheimer’s” and a lust for power. All these have led to an “orchestra that plays out of tune.” He also warned against greed, egoism and people who suffer from the “disease of feeling immortal or indispensable.”

There was silence at the end of the Pope’s speech.

Look the video Pope Francis blasts Vatican bureaucracy

Tinatapos na ang ilang detalye para sa pagbisita ni Pope Francis sa Enero. Todo-ensayo na rin ang mga batang kakanta at sasalubong sa Santo Papa. Pero bago ang pagbisita sa Pilipinas, kinastigo muna ni Pope Francis ang bumubuo sa Vatican bureaucracy. I-Bandila mo, Abner Mercado. Bandila, Disyembre 23, 2014, Martes

Remark this is an album in the above album "The Vatican, The Pope, Masses, Messages - Etc."

The related stories on the BBC and CNN.

Pope breaks taboo by marrying couples who lived 'in sin'

In another signal of the openness of his papacy, Francis asks to marry 40 people from different social backgrounds who would be a realistic sample of modern couples.

A single mother, people who have been married before and couples who have been living together "in sin" were married by Pope Francis in a taboo-challenging ceremony at the Vatican on Sunday, September 14 2014.

In another signal of the openness of his papacy, Francis asked to marry 40 people from different social backgrounds who would be a realistic sample of modern couples.

In 2 years, Pope gives plum posts to Filipinos
Paterno Esmaquel II Mar 14, 2015

Pope Francis marks his second anniversary in office with more Filipino appointees – proof of his focus on the world's 'peripheries'


Presentation of the 2015 Lenten Message 2015.01.27

Press Conference for the Pope's Lenten Message. Theme: "stablish your hearts"

Streamed live on Jan 27, 2015

Look also HERE

Extraordinary Jubilee, The Global Holy Year Of Mercy

The Pope's statements on family - gay - etc.

Remark many of the videos in this section are albums in the album "Jubilee Year of Mercy"

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From the Vatican, 1 September 2015

Look the FULL letter as pdf HERE

E.g. extract:
"I think in particular of all the women who have resorted to abortion. I am well aware of the pressure that has led them to this decision. I know that it is an existential and moral ordeal. I have met so many women who bear in their heart the scar of this agonizing and painful decision. What has happened is profoundly unjust; yet only understanding the truth of it can enable one not to lose hope. The forgiveness of God cannot be denied to one who has repented, especially when that person approaches the Sacrament of Confession with a sincere heart in order to obtain reconciliation with the Father."

The Videos

"Pope to allow priests to forgive abortion during Holy Year"
Pope Francis will give all priests discretion to formally forgive women who have had abortions and seek absolution during the Roman Catholic Church's upcoming Holy Year. Mana Rabiee reports. Sep 1, 2015

the articles

Pope tells priests to pardon women who have abortions

The Argentine pontiff says he was 'well aware of the pressure' that some women are under to abort. September 01, 2015
On abortion, the Pope, priests should not dictate on women
Fritzie Rodriguez September 04, 2015
Calling abortion a sin does not help solve anything, and most definitely, giving priests the power to 'absolve' women does absolutely nothing!
CBCP on Pope's decision: Abortion remains wrong
Paterno Esmaquel II September 03, 2015
Still, a Filipino archbishop says Pope Francis, through a recent decision, wants to show that ‘the mercy of God is bigger than the sin of abortion’
Pope Francis announced earlier this year a Jubilee year – Holy year traditionally a time for remission and forgiveness – which will run from December 8 to November 20, 2016 and be celebrated not only in the Vatican but in dioceses across the world. - Look the below links

Pope Francis extends Catholic priests' right to forgive abortion
Tim Hume, Cristiana Moisescu and Lindsay Isaac November 21, 2016

Pope Francis has extended the powers of Catholic priests to forgive abortions, making the announcement in an apostolic letter MISERICORDIA ET MISERA released Monday.

E.g. extract:
"I henceforth grant to all priests, in virtue of their ministry, the faculty to absolve those who have committed the sin of procured abortion."
Leaders of you look happy

the Videos:

2016.11.21 Pope: Abortion is forgivable

Conclusion of the Jubilee and about the Misericordia et Misera

Pope Francis, Extraordinary Jubilee & The Global Holy Year Of Mercy

June 13, 2015

Look more about "a Jubilee year" HERE


Inauguration of the Jubilee of Mercy -2015.12.08

Pope Francis presides at Mass on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception with the Opening of the Holy Door for the inauguration of the Holy Year of Mercy. Streamed live on Dec 8, 2015

Look more about The Holy Door HERE, HERE and HERE

Cardinal Tagle opens Holy Door of the Manila Cathedral


Important to read - APR 08, 2016

Remark the top of the letter is blank, just scroll down, the letter has 264 pages!

the Videos Apr 8, 2016:

Presentation of the Exhortation Amoris Laetitia - 2016.04.08
Press conference on the Post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation by Pope Francis "Amoris Laetitia" on Love in the Family.
Pope Francis is calling for a compassionate Church open to "imperfect" Catholics in his much-awaited document on family and marriage, called "Amoris Laetitia," (The Joy of Love). Nathan Frandino reports.
Card. Schönborn: “Amoris Laetitia” is not a rupture, it is a development of doctrine
“No one can be condemned forever,” is stated in the papal document referring also to the divorced.
Pope's treatise on marriage and family welcomed
Visitors and experts say they welcome the pope's treatise on marriage and the family that calls for a less strict and more compassionate Catholic Church. Nathan Frandino reports.
Seven curiosities about Amoris Laetitia, the Pope's document on the family
April 8, 2016. There are proposals for Valentine's Day, for dads and leisure.
The Pope encourages the integration of the divorced in the Church
Apr 8, 2016
"The Joy of Love"
Fr. Daniel P. Horan, OFM explores the introduction to Pope Francis's Apostolic Exhortation "Amoris Laetitia."
April 14, 2016


Pope: remarried Catholics "will always be part of the Church.''

Pope Francis tells worshipers that those who remarry after a failed marriage should not be excommunicated, says "they still belong to the church." Rough Cut (no reporter narration). Aug 5, 2015

the article: 'Living in sin,' returning to the sacraments
Ludy Ongkeko Astraquillo, The FilAm August 13, 2015
Should divorced Catholics who remarry be allowed to receive communion?
“Divorced Catholics who remarry, as well as their children, deserve better treatment from the church.”
Pope Francis said this himself as he warned pastors against treating those couples as though they were excommunicated.

Pope Francis reforms Church law in marital nullity trials!
Pope makes it easier for Catholics to annul marriages
The Pope's letter follows a year-long review by Vatican experts! September 09, 2015

Look the 2 Letters:

Apostolic Letter issued Motu Proprio Mitis et misericors Iesus, on the reform of canonical procedure for the annulment of marriage in the Code of Canons of the Oriental Churches

Apostolic Letter issued Motu Proprio Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus, on the reform of canonical procedure for the annulment of marriage in the Code of Canon Law

The Videos

2015.09.08 Presentation of the reform of the nullity of marriage

CBCP supports Pope's reforms on marriage annulment

Couples who want to have an annulment will no longer have to wait years to get the permission from the Catholic Church. - ANC, The World Tonight, September 9, 2015



Pope Francis on gays: Who am I to judge?
Pope Francis tells gay man: 'God made you like that and loves you like that'
Pope Francis says same-sex couples have a right to be legally covered
Oct 21, 2020 ROME REPORTS in English
Vatican briefs nuncios on pope's words about civil unions
Nov 2, 2020 ROME REPORTS in English

Vatican says Pope's backing for gay unions no challenge to marriage
Nov 3, 2020 Agence France-Presse
The Vatican has sought to tamp down discord over Pope Francis' backing last month for same-sex civil unions, reiterating that he did not question the Catholic dogma of marriage being between a man and a woman.

CBCP clarifies Pope’s stand on same-sex unions
Jodee A. Agoncillo October 27, 2020
Pope Francis remains consistent with the Catholic perspective on marriage and family, while refusing “to reject those who are unable to enter into marriage and build family because of circumstances in their lives,” the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said on Monday.

Filipino bishops defend Pope over same-sex civil unions
Oct 26, 2020 Paterno R. Esmaquel II
'He just wants to do as Jesus himself did,'
declares the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines, as critics blast Pope Francis

Pope Francis’ support for civil unions is a call to justice – and nothing new
Oct 23, 2020 Steven Millies
The pope’s support for civil unions does not change Catholic doctrine about marriage or sexuality. The church still teaches – and will go on teaching – that any sexual relationship outside a marriage is sinful and that, in the Catholic view, marriage – different from civil unions – is between a man and a woman.

CBCP reaffirms Church’s stand on marriage and family
October 30, 2020 Hanah Tabios
The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) remains consistent with the Church’s stand on marriage and family amid the backlash and confusion brought by Pope Francis’ new messaging on the issue about same-sex civil unions.

Archdiocese of Cebu awaits clarification on Pope Francis ‘support’ for same sex unions
Delta Dyrecka Letigio October 22, 2020
The Archdiocese of Cebu urges the faithful to wait for the official statement of the Roman Catholic Church regarding its stand on same-sex unions.

Pope says homosexuals should be covered by civil union laws
Reuters October 21, 2020
Pope Francis wearing a face mask attends an inter-religious prayer service for peace along with other religious representatives in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli, a church on top of Rome’s Capitoline Hill, in Rome, Italy, October 20, 2020.
Pope Francis says in a new film released on Wednesday that homosexuals should be protected by civil union laws, in some of the clearest language he has used on the rights of gays.

Pope voices support for same-sex civil unions
Oct 21, 2020
'What we have to create is a civil union law. That way [homosexual people] are legally covered,' Pope Francis says in a new documentary

Pope Francis tells gay man: 'God made you like that and loves you like that'
Delia Gallagher and Hada Messia, CNN May 21, 2018 - with Video
Pope reportedly told sex abuse survivor 'does not matter' that he is gay
21 May 2018 by Rose Gamble

Pope Francis reaches out to gays
Nick Squires 29 Jul 2013 - with Video


REBEL POPE - Pope Francis - National Geographic Documentary
Dec 29, 2017

Pope Francis a fascinating figure with an incredible backstory that hasn’t been told in full until now. Rebel Pope is the definitive story of his rise to power. His radical views would stir controversy in some circles, but also put him in line to lead one of the world’s oldest and largest religious institutions. Get under the skin of this man of the people to find out how his inspiring beliefs evolved and what the influences were that shaped him on his path to the papacy.

Vatican's Commission for the Protection of Minors & Investigation of sexual abuse of minors to face Church judgement - Etc.

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Statutes of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of minors

New norms for the whole Church against those who abuse or cover up
09 May 2019
Pope Francis’ Motu proprio, "Vos estis lux mundi", establishes new procedures for reporting abuse and violence, and ensures that Bishops and Religious Superiors are held accountable for their actions
The Video: Motu Proprio on abuses: There is no longer immunity, no one is above the law.
Motu proprio, "Vos estis lux mundi"
- All languages

Pope calls child sex abuse like 'human sacrifice,' vows 'all-out battle'
Agence France-Presse February 25, 2019 - with Video
But some victims are not convinced, saying that Pope Francis talks about the devil but not 'permanently excluding child rapists and abusers' from the Catholic Church

Pope Francis: Protecting children. Eradicating abuse
By Vatican News 24 February 2019
In a major address on Sunday, Pope Francis contextualizes the “scourge” of abuse, and appeals for an “all-out battle against the abuse of minors, both sexually and in other areas.”

Sex abuse survivors describe horrors to world's bishops
by Agence France-Presse February 22, 2019
Quotes from the landmark summit at the Vatican on the protection of minors from video testimonies of survivors of clerical pedophilia relating their traumatic experiences

Red-letter summit on sex abuse opens at Vatican
Agence France-Presse February 21, 2019
Pope Francis sets aside three and a half days to convince Catholic bishops to tackle pedophilia in a bid to contain a scandal which hit an already beleaguered Church

Protection of minors: Pastors need to touch, heal the wounds of victims
Robin Gomes February 21, 2019
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle opened the 3-day Meeting on the Protection of Minors in the Church on Thursday in the Vatican, speaking about the need for pastors to know and feel the pain of abuse victims and heal their wounds.

Protection of Minors: Card. Tagle, "their wounds ... my woundedness"
Vatican News February 21, 2019
In an interview at the Meeting on the Protection of Minors, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle says the Church must face the wounds of sexual abuse “together, with faith.”

The Videos from The historic Vatican summit on sex abuse February 21-24, 2019
Introduction and 1st Relation - Cardinal Tagle 2019-02-21
Cardinal Tagle on Protection of Minors in the Church: we will give a decisive response

Pedophile scandals in the Catholic Church
Agence France-Presse February 27, 2019
Here is a rundown of some of high-profile cases which has rocked the Catholic Church

Cardinal admits Church files on pedophile priests 'destroyed'
Agence France-Presse February 23, 2019
'Files that could have documented the terrible deeds and named those responsible were destroyed, or not even created,' German Cardinal Reinhard Marx told a landmark Vatican summit on tackling pedophilia in the clergy

Cardinal calls for global recognition of sex abuse in Catholic Church
Agence France-Presse February 22, 2019
'The entire Church must take an honest look, undertake rigorous discernment, and then act decisively,' says Indian Cardinal Oswald Gracias

Vatican releases details on Protection of Minors Meeting
Vatican News January 17, 2019
The Holy See Press Office issues further details of the February meeting and the Director ad interim communicates its aims and expectations.

Vatican revives pope's sexual abuse panel
Agence France-Presse February 17, 2018
'The newly-appointed members will add to the commission's global perspective in the protection of minors and vulnerable adults,' says US Cardinal Sean O'Malley.

Pope Francis reveals team organizing anti-pedophilia summit
Agence France-Presse November 23, 2018
The organizing team will prepare a special meeting on the protection of children to be held in February

and the Videos about the Commission

Remark this is an album Vatican's Commission for the Protection of Minors

Pope says Church can no longer tolerate silence on abuse
by Agence France-Presse October 06, 2018
Pope Francis orders an investigation into Vatican archives concerning resigned archbishop of Washington Theodore McCarrick

Pope: Church must rid itself of the scourge of child sexual abuse
The Vatican, 2 February 2015
Pope Francis has sent a letter to the Presidents of Episcopal Conferences and Superiors of Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life to ask for their complete co-operation with the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, in order to insure that everything possible is done to rid the Church of "the scourge" of the sexual abuse of children
Pope Francis condemns abortion as use of 'paid killer'
Agence France-Presse May 25, 2019

'Is it lawful to eliminate a human life to resolve a problem? It is lawful to hire a paid killer to resolve a problem,' says the Pope
Pope Francis reiterated Saturday, May 25, that abortion is unacceptable, saying its use amounted to the hiring of a "paid killer."

Papal Visit Philippines 2015

with these sections:

Book documenting Pope Francis’ PH visit

Papal Visit Philippines 2015


January 15 - 19

'Book of Thanks'

Remark most of the videos in these sections are albums in the album Pope visits the Philippines JAN 2015

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CBCP launches book documenting Pope Francis’ PH visit

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The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has launched the official the 160-page book “I am here to be with you,” which documents the visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines from January 15-19.
“The best documentation of the Papal visit is the one hundred million Filipinos touched by Pope Francis,” Villegas said in his message before Catholic devotees.

The book will be exclusively distributed by Goodwill Bookstore and the Catholic Book Center for P1,200.


''Pope Francis at UST, Bridging Christ in the Youth'' ang titulo ng coffee table book na inilabas ng University of Santos Tomas. Tungkol ito sa pagbisita ng Santo Papa sa ating bansa. Jun 21, 2015

Papal Visit Philippines 2015

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Papal Visit Logo


Papal visit logo reflects solidarity with victims of recent PHL calamities

Video "The Pope's visit has an official logo"

Declared holidays for Pope Francis’ visit

Proclamation 936 declared January 15, 16 and 19 2015 as holidays

Look also HERE

CBCP News special coverage on the Papal Visit to the Philippines

with many good informations and videos


Papal Visit 2015 FAQ
Aquino is Filipinos' spokesman in Pope meeting – Palace
by/Katerina Francisco 4:00 PM, Dec 29, 2014

As head of state of Vatican City, Pope Francis' visit to the Philippines is both an apostolic visit and a state visit.

Look also HERE

Papal chair, altar table to have 'Filipino touch'
by/Katerina Francisco Jan 06, 2015

The designs are intended to reflect the Filipino character, says Fr Alex Bautista
Five days won't be enough for Pope Francis to see all that the Philippines' 7,107 islands have to offer – so on his first visit to the Southeast Asian country on January 15, organizers of his papal visit will bring the elements of the Philippines to him.
The altar table, chair, and linen cloth that the Pope will be using for his Masses will bear images such as the Philippines' national leaf anahaw to give them a Filipino touch, according to Fr Alex Bautista of the Diocese of Tarlac in a press briefing on Monday, January 5.


Papal Visit 2015 Itinerary

Look also HERE


Manila releases official itinerary of Pope Francis for January 15-19, 2015 visit

Vatican decides Pope's Masses in PH will be in English
Paterno Esmaquel II Jan 03, 2015

While Pope Francis admits he has 'poor English,' the Vatican junks the previous plan to use Latin in his Masses in the Philippines. He will instead 'speak our language' in Masses in Tacloban and Luneta.
“The Pope wants to reach as many and be understood by many more,” Villegas told Rappler. “English is not the Pope's mother tongue, but he is trying very hard to speak our language.”


Mang Ramon, Saint Pio's devotee

Ramon Rodriguez is one of the chosen few to serve as a lay minister in the upcoming papal mass of Pope Francis in Quirino Grandstand on the 18th. He is a devout Catholic and a pious devotee of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina.

Jan 8, 2015

Aquino on papal visit: Don’t let PH be remembered for tragedy
by/Natashya Gutierrez Jan 12, 2015

the video "PNoy's Message & Press Conf. on the preparations for the Visit of Pope Francis, 12 Jan. 2015"

Look the full text of the "message" as pdf HERE


Gentle Reminders for the Papal Visit PH 2015
Dec 17, 2014


Vatican reminds PH: Keep Papal visit modest

Few days from now Pope Francis will now visit the country. Vatican reminds about the wish of the Pope to make his welcoming celebration simple. Jan 8, 2015

Pope to go around Luneta to greet crowds January 18
Katerina Francisco Jan 06, 2015

Around 1.2 million people are expected to crowd Rizal Park during the papal mass on January 18, but the number could swell up to 5 million

3 popemobiles for Pope Francis' PH visit
by/Katerina Francisco and Jee Y. Geronimo Jan 12, 2015

A jeepney-style popemobile, a Kia vehicle, and an Isuzu vehicle will be used by Pope Francis for his Philippine visit

Three vehicles are being prepared by organizers for the visit of Pope Francis this week, a church official confirmed Monday, January 12.

Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas, a member of the papal visit committee, said that one jeepney-style vehicle, one Isuzu vehicle, and one Kia car will be used for the papal visit

The article What's a jeepney? Pope likes what his ride symbolizes Cardinal Antonio Luis Tagle says he explained to the Pope what the jeepney symbolizes: 'It's the one used by common people'
Jan 18, 2015

and the Video Pope Francis in jeepney-inspired popemobile in the album "JEEPNEYS" & Jeepney arts"

National Prayer for Papal Visit Philippines 2015

in both Tagalog and English

Darasalin bago ang Panghuling Panalangin sa bawat Misa mula Agosto 1, 2014 hanggang Enero 14, 2015

To be Prayed Before the Post Communion Prayer of Every Mass from August 1 until January 14, 2015

Look the prayer in English as pptx HERE

The VIDEO with the Prayer in English


We Are All God's Children ACTION VIDEO

Official Theme Song for the 2015 Apostolic Visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines.
Jun 24, 2014


Meet the choreograper of 'We Are All God's Children'
Jan 5, 2015


Lyrics written ang sung by Jamie Rivera with The Hail Mary the Queen Children's Choir.
Music composed and arranged by Noel Espenida
Choreography by Landa Juan
Action performed by Ligaya Ng Panginoon Community Youth
Video by Dix Perez
by Star Songs, Inc.


Leyte's local theme song for Papal visit

The theme song - a combination of both English and vernacular dialect - was composed by Fr. Kim Margallo of Saints Peter and Paul parish based in Ormoc City. Pope Francis will visit Leyte on January 17. Jan 11, 2015

Remark these are albums in the album "Organs, Music & Choirs - For different occasions etc."


Pope visits mark PH milestones

Three popes' visits to the Philippines have coincided with milestones in the country's history.


What the Pope will see

Pope Francis will go to Leyte and Tacloban City to meet with the Yolanda survivors when he visits the Philippines in January next year. Their plight has touched his heart and sense of compassion. But what will he see when he gets there? Jeff Canoy tells us more. Nov 7, 2014


What Philippine cathedrals Pope Francis will visit

Sa pagpunta ni Pope Francis sa Pilipinas ngayong Enero, dalawang simbahan ang nakatakda niyang bisitahin. Alamin ang kwento ng mga simbahan na sasadyain ng Santo Papa. Jan 2, 2015

Remark this is an album "What the Pope will see" with sub-albums


Who Pope Francis will meet in the Philippines

Mismong si Pope Francis ang namili ng mga sektor na gusto niyang maka-dayalogo sa kanyang pagbisita sa bansa.

Nov 28, 2014


Why does #PopeFrancisPH visit matter?
Streamed live on Jan 6, 2015

Hear the thoughts of these guests during the Hangouts:
Jayeel Cornelio, a sociologist of religion and a professor at the Ateneo de Manila University.
Gretchen Ho, an advocate for the Catholic faith and a volleyball player.
Marguerite de Leon, Rappler's Social Media Producer and an atheist.
Linus Van Plata, an advocate for the Christian faith and a Policy Researcher for the Presidential Commission on Visiting Forces.
Robert Roa, an advocate for the Catholic faith and a Jesuit Volunteer.


Pope Francis in Leyte: What to expect
Voltaire Tupaz files this video blog about what to expect when the Pope visits the predominantly Catholic province devastated by typhoons Yolanda (Haiyan) and Ruby (Hagupit)


Fr. Chris Arthur H. Militante on Pope Francis visit to Palo, Leyte

Fr. Chris Arthur H. Militante, information and social communications officer of the Archdiocese of Palo, on Pope Francis' visit to Palo and Tacloban City in Leyte, Philippines.

The article #PopeFrancisPH in Leyte: What to expect

 Pope Francis to pray before Yolanda mass grave

Pope Francis will pray before the mass grave for Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) survivors in Palo, Leyte, on January 17, 2015, the Catholic Church said.
by/Paterno Esmaquel II Dec 16, 2014

In an interview with the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) news service, Msgr Bernie Pantin, vicar general of the Archdiocese of Palo, said Francis will say “private prayers” there before he leaves Leyte

Pope Francis prefers 'simple' papal visit to PH
Katerina Francisco Nov 20, 2014

Pope Francis prefers that donations be given instead to calamity victims, says Fr Anton Pascual, papal visit media relations sub-committee chair

The article 1,200 Filipino youth to greet Pope in PH visit
Katerina Francisco Nov 29, 2014

Pope: I shouldn't be the focus of my Philippine trip
by/Paterno Esmaquel II Dec 03, 2014

Quoted by Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Pope Francis echoes an earlier message:

'From now on enough of Francis, just Jesus'!

Only 2,000 attendees for Pope Francis' Manila Cathedral mass
by/Katerina Francisco Dec 02, 2014

Only 2,000 priests, bishops, and religious persons will be allowed to enter the Manila Cathedral, where Pope Francis will hold his first mass in the Philippines, on January 16, 2015.

When the Pope visits, it will be different from 1995

1995, 2015 papal visits: What's the same, different

Natashya Gutierrez Dec 26 - 27, 2014

Philippine Ambassador Marciano Paynor Jr, who organized both trips, compares the 1995 and 2015 papal visits.


Pope Francis - The Church's 'brand ambassador' reaching out to the youth

At a time when technology competes strongly for the youth's attention, Pope Francis serves as the Catholic Church's most famous brand ambassador through his drawing powers that has many youngsters idolizing him and following his teachings in social media. Nov 28, 2014

Pope Francis to meet Muslim, Buddhist etc. religious leaders in PH
by/Agence France-Presse Dec 22, 2014

Pope Francis is holding 10-15-minute dialogues with Muslim and Buddhist leaders on January 18 when he visits the Philippines. He will meet with the dean of the country’s largest Islamic Studies Center, a Taiwan-based Buddhist leader, the Hong Kong-based regional head of the Greek Orthodox Church, a Hindu leader, Protestant bishops, and a Manila-based rabbi.


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How Pope Francis spoke to the deaf
David Lozada Jan 25

Sign language interpreters for the deaf played a crucial role in telling the world of Pope Francis' message for the young, the old, and those with disabilities

Behind the scenes: The Pope most Filipinos didn't see
Paterno Esmaquel II Feb 01, 2015

Days after Pope Francis left the Philippines, anecdotes from different people, who met him privately, revealed the person he is when the cameras stop rolling.

'There is no difference between how he is in public and how he is in private,' the head of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines tells Rappler

Who is Francis behind the scenes?

The Video


PAPAL VISIT | PhilPost issuing special Pope Francis stamps

The Philippine Postal Corporation will commemorate the Philippines – Vatican City 2014 Joint Issue featuring 2nd year of Pontification of Pope Francis.

PhilPost opens papal stamp exhibit
Bukas na sa publiko ang papal stamp exhibit ng PhilPost tampok ang mga selyo ng mga nakaraang santo papa na dumalaw sa bansa. May nanalo na ring disenyo para sa Pope Francis stamp. Nov 10, 2014

Remark this is an album in the album "Pope visits the Philippines JAN 2015"

Look also HERE

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas - BSP announced 12.19.2014 the minting by the BSP of 50-piso and 500-piso commemorative coins in time for the Papal visit in January next year.
PH stars featured in Pope Francis painting

Days before Pope Francis’s visit to the Philippines, a painting of him along with some of local showbiz’s personalities was unveiled by visual artist Dante Hipolito.

Jan 11, 2015

Look MUCH more about Dante Hipolito and his paintings in the section "Painters" HERE


The Philippines that Francis saw from January 15 to 19, 2015

What did Filipinos tell the Pope through their words, songs and their sheer numbers? What images of the Philippines are forever etched in his memories?
In this 15-minute documentary, Rappler presents the Philippines that Francis saw during his state and pastoral visit from January 15 to 19, 2015. Jan 26, 2015

Remark this is an album "The Philippines that Francis saw"

The article HERE and each day below


After Pope Francis’ visit, former street kids find homes in their hearts
Glyzelle Palomar and Jun Chura used to be abandoned children. Who would've thought that they would be given the chance to meet the Pope? Jan 18, 2016

Remark this is an album in the album "TNK, "Tulay ng Kabataan" Foundation" in the album "Organizations working for children in the Philippines"

January 15 - 19

Look ALL videos in the albums about the different dates in the album Pope visits the Philippines JAN 2015

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Pope Francis apologized

“for any impatience” he showed during his trip to typhoon-hit Leyte, and said he is “deeply saddened” that a storm forced him to cut his visit short.

'Book of Thanks'

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'Book of Thanks' naipaabot na kay Pope Francis

Kapamilya, kasama ba kayo sa nagbigay ng mensahe kay Pope Francis gamit ang social media hashtag #PopeTYSM (Thank You sa Malasakit - TYSM)? Naipaabot na po sa Santo Papa ang inyong mga mensahe sa pamamagitan ng ating "Book of Thanks." Feb 5, 2015


It's Showtime hosts read messages from our fellow Pinoys from #PopeTYSM. Jan 17, 2015

Examples: Masses, messages and Blessings

Look ALL the VIDEOS updated February 17, 2021

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Vatican to hold Easter celebrations without congregation due to virus
Agence France-Presse March 15, 2020

The Vatican says all general audiences and the Angelus presided over by Pope Francis will be livestreamed until April 12.
The Vatican said March 15, that its traditional Easter week celebrations would be held this year without worshippers due to the coronavirus.
"Because of the current global public health emergency, all the liturgical celebrations of Holy Week will take place without the physical presence of the faithful," the Prefecture of the Pontifical Household said in a statement.

Vatican issues decree for Holy Week liturgies with pandemic restrictions
Cindy Wooden Mar 20, 2020 CATHOLIC NEWS SERVICE

The Video in the album Holy Week "Semana Santa" & Easter: Vatican decree “in time of Covid-19” explains changes to Holy Week celebrations

COVID-19: Vatican Holy Week celebrations under study
Vatican News 16 March 2020


Emergencies and Charity. A reflection by Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle
Mar 26, 2020 Vatican News - English
Pope Francis to lead Aguinaldo Mass in Rome on December 15
December 07, 2019

CBCP News said that according to Father Ricky Gente of the Filipino Chaplaincy in Rome, “this is the fourth year that we celebrate it in the basilica but the first time that the Pope will be the one to preside.”
Italy is home to over 100,000 Filipinos, mostly residing in Rome. is often down - then up again, so try again later


2019-12-15 Pope Francis - Holy Mass for the Filipino Community
Dec 15, 2019 Vatican News - English

From St Peter's Basilica, Holy Mass presided over by Pope Francis for the Filipino Community

Pope Francis leads Simbang Gabi: ‘Be smugglers of faith’
Paterno Esmaquel II December 16, 2019 - with Videos
The Simbang Gabi has already been held 4 times in Saint Peter’s Basilica, but it is the first time that a Pope presided over a Simbang Gabi

Pope Francis presides over Mass for Rome's Filipino community
15 December 2019 Vatican News
Pope Francis on Sunday celebrates Mass in St Peter’s Basilica for Rome’s Filipino Community, telling them they have a special mission to share their faith.
Pope Francis said that “in the Philippines, for centuries, there has been a novena in preparation for a blessed Christmas called, Simbang-Gabi (Mass of the night). During nine days, the Filipino faithful gather in their parishes for a special Eucharistic celebration.”

“The Filipino people take their devotion seriously”
Lydia O'Kane 15 December 2019
As the Filipino community in Rome gathers in St Peter’s Basilica for Mass celebrated by Pope Francis, a nun from the Philippines speaks about the faith of the community living in the city.

St. Peter's Basilica - Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican

St. Peter's Basilica
ProWalks Nov 13, 2017

In this walk you will tour the biggest church in the world, St. Peter's Basilica. That being said, I know I didn't see everything and I probably missed a few major sites but I hope you can enjoy the walk regardless.

The Holy Stairs revealed
The ‘Scala Santa,’ or ‘Holy Stairs,’ are believed to be stairs trod by Jesus on the day of his trial and death
by Carol Glatz March 15, 2019 - with Video

Worn marble steps of Holy Stairs to be uncovered for public to climb
For the first time in 300 years, the marble steps of the Holy Stairs will be free from the thick wooden panels installed in 1723 to protect the stairs and left uncovered for the public.

‘Holy Stairs’ close for restoration
January 30, 2018
The restoration work appears to not be of the stairs themselves, but of the frescoes on the walls surrounding the stairs, which lead up to a once private papal chapel, the Church of St. Laurence.
During the closure, an image replicating the stairs covers the entrance and pilgrims who visit this year can ascend one of several other staircases just to the side of the original.

Look the Videos about The Holy Stairs:

A look at the restoration of a major Lenten pilgrimage site in Rome.

The last stage of the restoration project at the Holy Stairs in Rome is underway.

The Holy Stairs revealed


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Pope Francis: Frailty is part of everybody’s life
Vatican News 03 December 2020
Pope Francis, in a message to mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, highlights the importance of inclusion and active participation for those with disabilities. He also denounces the throwaway culture, which affects the most vulnerable.

The Video: Pope asks catechists to pay more attention to the formation of people with disabilities
Dec 3, 2020 ROME REPORTS in English

Vatican advocates for responsible freedom of expression
Vatican News 23 June 2020

The Permanent Mission of the Holy See to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) advocates for freedom of expression for the media, especially in regards to religion

'Free' Virgin Mary figure from mafia abuse says Pope Francis
Agence France-Presse Aug 21 2020
Vatican city
'You can't believe in God and belong to the mafia,' says the Pope
Pope Francis has given his full backing to attempts to "liberating" the figure of the Virgin Mary from "abuse" by association in some mafia-style criminal rituals.
The head of the Catholic Church said in a letter released Thursday, August 20, that devotion to the holy saint needed to be freed from "the influence of criminal organizations."

The Video: Pope asks to protect devotions to Our Lady and the saints from mafioso influences
Aug 21, 2020 ROME REPORTS in English

Vatican praises Philippine diocese for the first to adopt solar energy
Vatican News 23 June 20

The Vatican has lauded the Philippine Church, particularly Maasin Diocese, for its response to the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si' on the care of creation.

Pope calls for humble and free journalism that serves truth and goodness
By Robin Gomes 18 May 2019

Meeting some 400 journalists of the Foreign Press Association of Italy on May 18, Pope Francis urged for a humble and free journalism.

FIGHT for - Defend Speech & Press freedom:
When Power insists, "you're either with us or against us," the space for a diversity of voices and ideas shrinks.
'The government is for all and not just those who agree with the policies of the administration'
Filipinos block online. Also the government bans - blocks in all ways for all critics!

FALSE: 'Photo' of 'second fall in a month' by Pope Francis
December 29, 2019

The images used in the post are old photos taken on July 28, 2016, when Pope Francis fell during the Holy Mass at the Jasna Gora Monastery, a pilgrimage site in Czestochowa, Poland

Pope: World Water Day urges defense of water access
By Devin Watkins 22 March 2019

Pope Francis releases a message to mark World Water Day, and says the misery of those who lack water challenges us to value this indispensable good and fundamental human right.
World Water Day is commemorated annually on March 22nd as a way of concentrating efforts to resolve the water crisis that afflicts people, often the poorest, around the world.

Look also Water shortage in Metro Manila

Pope Francis names 2nd Filipino bishop in U.S.
Paterno Esmaquel II March 05, 2019

Monsignor Alejandro Aclan of Pasay City is appointed auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Malacañang: Happy birthday, Pope Francis!
Paterno Esmaquel II December 17, 2016

'We wish Pope Francis good health and good humor as he continues to guide us to build a more humane world,' says Duterte spokesman Martin Andanar.
Malacañang joined the rest of the world on Saturday, December 17, in greeting Pope Francis on his 80th birthday.

Palace Communications Secretary Martin Andanar conveyed the Palace greeting to Francis.

Pope, at 80, looks to 'joyous' old age
Agence France-Presse Dec 17, 2016

'Old age sounds ugly, and causes fear. But old age yearns for wisdom,' Pope Francis tells dozens of cardinals at the mass in a papal chapel in Rome.

Archivio Segreto Vaticano, Città del Vaticano

Step Into the Vatican’s Secret Archives
Fifty-three miles of shelving. Thirty-five thousand volumes of catalogue. Twelve centuries worth of documents. Housed in one of the most iconic bastions of religion and culture ever, the Vatican’s Secret Archives are the stuff of historical legend - but their existence is absolutely real.

Vatican Museums

The statue of St. Joseph sleeping that Pope Francis keeps in his room
Mar 19, 2015
Pope Francis: "I love St. Joseph because he is a strong and silent man"
Mar 19, 2018
Pope on feast of St. Joseph: He entered into the mystery of God
Mar 19, 2020 ROME REPORTS in English

Apparition of St. Joseph in the Philippines

Pope Francis and ‘St. Joseph fever’
MANILA, Feb. 7, 2016
To kiss or not to kiss the pope's ring? The changing of customs by popes
ROME REPORTS in English Mar 26, 2019

As time passes customs change. This is also the case in the Vatican. For example, John Paul I stopped using the papal crown previously worn by popes; and Benedict XVI even removed the image of it from his coat of arms, placing a mitre in its place instead

Pope Francis refuses to let Catholics kiss his ring
The Sun Mar 26, 2019
Pope Francis was seen pulling away from faithful Catholics attempting to kiss his papal ring.

Pope resisted ring-kissing for fear of spreading germs
Agence France-Presse March 29, 2019
The Vatican says Pope Francis tries to stop people kissing his ring because he fears it could spread germs. This is in response to a viral video showing the Argentinian repeatedly withdrawing his hand from worshippers.


2016.12.09 St. Peter's Square: Inauguration of the Crib and Christmas Tree Lighting

2017.12.07 St Peter Square : Crib inauguration ceremony

2016.10.31 Pope Francis in Sweden - Ecumenical event with the World Lutheran Federation
Pope Francis participates in the Ecumenical Event organized by the WLF, World Lutheran Federation to mark 500 years from the Reformation.

Remark 2 videos, where one is with explanation in - and translation to English

Joint Declaration on the occasion of the Joint Catholic-Lutheran Commemoration of the Reformation, October 31, 2016

Apostolic Journey to Sweden: Ecumenical event at Malmö Arena in Malmö
I thank God for this joint commemoration of the five-hundredth anniversary of the Reformation. We remember this anniversary with a renewed spirit and in the recognition that Christian unity is a priority, because we realize that much more unites us than separates us.

Pope Francis, in Sweden, Urges Catholic-Lutheran Reconciliation
“With gratitude we acknowledge that the Reformation helped give greater centrality to sacred Scripture in the church’s life,” the pope said in a joint declaration at Lund Cathedral with Bishop Munib A. Younan, the head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land and the president of the Lutheran World Federation.

Reformation day: Pope Francis marks Luther anniversary in Sweden

Wish list for the Church under a cool Pope
Jervis Bautista Dec 21, 2014

The Catholic Church needs to change its image: an old Church with so many rituals and traditions that people, especially the young, can hardly relate to.

Pope Joan
(Ioannes Anglicus, 855–857) was, according to legend, a woman who reigned as pope for a couple of years during the Middle Ages. Her story first appeared in chronicles in the 13th century and subsequently spread throughout Europe. The story was widely believed for centuries, but most modern scholars regard it as fictiona.

Why the Legend of Medieval Pope Joan Persists
Meilan Solly September 19, 2018
The mythical female pope is back in the news as an academic uses medieval coins to look for physical evidence of her reign
Pope Joan allegedly enjoyed a brief tenure as the Catholic Church's leader during the mid-800s (Flinders University)

 ‘A promiscuous she-pope with a dilated cervix’: the legend of Pope Joan
February 22, 2021
If Pope Joan - the infamous female pope of the 9th century - didn’t exist, you can see why someone would have had to invent her.
For the Catholic Church, she became a story of why women should not be allowed to hold power.

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Vatican News
the new information system of the Holy See. It began on June 27th 2015 with the publication of a Motu Proprio by Pope Francis which announced the creation of a new Dicastery of the Roman Curia: the Vatican Secretariat for Communication.

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Vatican Radio

the radio - television station of the Holy See and produces programmes in many different languages, it provides up-to-date information on the activities of Pope and the life of the Church in the world, and on general current affairs.

The production goes from single articles with audio-clips and photos, to videonews, podcast, special brodcasting in audio and video streaming live.

The Vatican Radio website is available in 38 languages incl. filipino.

Rome Reports

an independent international TV news agency based in Rome, Italy, specializing in covering the Pope and the Vatican. The agency instantly offers the latest news from Rome as well as a Weekly Program “The World Seen From The Vatican”

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Jan 31, 2019
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ZENIT is a news agency specializing in coverage of the Holy Father, life in the Holy See, and events of interest to the Church. Services are also available in Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

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