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The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines with:


The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines

Attire and Etiquette in the church and in the cemetery

Roman Catholic Religious Orders

Monasteries, Abbeys and Convents

Congregations - Etc.

Churches - Shrines - Mass schedules - Bells - etc.

Apparitions - Miracles - Pilgrimage sites - etc.


How to Become a Roman Catholic Convert

Links - informations - Good to know for the daily life



Catholic Liturgy and MUCH more with:

INDEX, "Theology of Pope Francis" and REMARK

Liturgy - Definitions - Etc. e.g.:
Bibles, Mass book, Missal, Catechism, Sacraments, Prayers, Prayer Book, Blessings

Music - Songs - Hymns - Organs - Choirs - etc. for many occasions


Death, Wake, Funeral, Burial, Cremation, Mourning - Etc.

Our Heritage and the Departed:  Cemeteries - Etc.

Filipino Saints, Blesseds and Servants of God

with e.g.:
Basilica del Santo Niño - Magellan´s Cross - Etc.

The festivals: Sinulog St. Niño de Cebu and Kaplag

The Black Nazarene and Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene

More Patrons and Patronesses - Etc.

Archangels - angels in theology

Study theology - liturgy etc.


The Pope and the Vatican relations in the Philippine culture - Etc. with:

REMARK and general relations

Theology of Pope Francis and Etc.

The Pope and the Vatican

Extraordinary Jubilee and The Global Holy Year Of Mercy
The Pope's statements on family - gay - etc.

Vatican's Commission for the Protection of Minors & Investigation of sexual abuse of minors to face Church judgement.

Papal Visit Philippines 2015

Masses, messages and Blessings - examples

St. Peter's Basilica - Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican


News agencies specializing in covering the Pope and the Vatican


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The Catholic church and other Christian Media - Etc. e.g. Radio- and TV-stations - Etc.

Filipino Holidays, Culture, Rituals and Traditions in the family and the church - Etc.

Catholic - Ect.: universities, colleges, highschools, elementary school & institutes, etc.

Separation of Church and State

The Church & religious leaders opinion vice versa Malacañang e.g.:
Duterte's 'stupid God' - Duterte calls saints 'gago, drunkards' - belief in Trinity is ‘silly’ and the "Dictator administration"

Attacks against - Killings of Priests! - Etc.

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