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Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

News, Advisories, Explainers

Duterte declares state of calamity in PH due to coronavirus
March 17, 2020
The Philippines is under a state of calamity for 6 months, 'unless lifted earlier or extended'

Metro Manila to be placed under curfew during lockdown – MMDA

The Videos:

Commuting during the coronavirus lockdown
March 27, 2020

We speak to Pasig's transport chief: How long can a metropolis last without public transport? And does its absence actually help contain the pandemic?
With all public transport grounded, the people whose jobs exclude them from coronavirus lockdowns in different parts of the country are faced with a predicament: how to get to work. Look also the links in this article

School bus as shuttle service ng ilang kumpanya, posible nga ba?
GMA Public Affairs May 26, 2020
Ayon sa grupo ng school service operators sa Metro Manila, nasa 10,000 ang bilang ng operator, driver at konduktor ang nawalan ng pagkakakitaan dahil sa pagsasara ng mga paaralan. Kaya ang kanilang pakiusap sa LTFRB, gawing shuttle service ng mga nangangailangang kumpanya ang kanilang mga unit na natigil sa pamamasada. Posible nga ba ito?


Will public transportation be enough once Metro Manila is placed under GCQ? - Part 1
With the pandemic, the Department of Transportation finds a golden opportunity to push the controversial PUV modernization from the back burner.
What will happen to commuters?

On their own: Commuters and the looming transportation crisis in Metro Manila
More commuters are seen to shift to alternative modes of transportation, as the capacity of public transportation will be reduced come GCQ

Both: Aika Rey May 27, 29, 2020


Google Maps now shows info on DOTR's free hospital shuttle services
April 06, 2020
There are 19 existing routes within Metro Manila, and with lines from San Jose del Monte, Bulacan all the way to Cabuyao, Laguna

Transportation history of the Philippines

The various forms of transportation in the Philippines from the past and up to now.

Republic Act No. 8975 Republic Act No. 8975


Transport general

Look also Earthquake tips for drivers and for train commuters

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More than 400 maps of Philippines, islands, Cities, Municipalities, Barangays etc.

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Remark this is an album in the album "A paradise of 7107 islands"


Transportation in the Philippines

PRSAP Philippine Road Safety Action Plan, PRSAP 2011-2020
DPWH: 24/7 secretary's hotline 165-02 now working
August 24, 2016

Filipinos can call 165-02 to complain, ask, or suggest on any DPWH-implemented project. Citizens may also text their feedbacks to 2920

Look more about Department of Public Works and Highways

FAST FACTS: State of Metro Manila’s public transport system
Michelle Abad October 10, 2019

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo draws flak for denying the existence of a mass transportation crisis. Let’s take a look at the state of public mass transit systems in Metro Manila.

Our undeniable transportation crisis
Carlo Osi October 17, 2019
'Heroic' commuters are prone to imagining moving abroad, where there is higher quality of life, and you can't blame them

Our commute is eating up our human rights, and we’re too tired to care
Christian Gultia October 11, 2019
'As taxpayers and as hardworking, productive members of the society, we should demand accountability from the government.... We should call out those who downplay our exhaustion.'

Panelo 'sorely missed the point' of commute challenge, say militant groups
Loreben Tuquero October 11, 2019
'Kung walang krisis sa transportasyon, malapit na dapat siya sa Baguio sa ganoong katagal na biyahe,' Bayan Muna Representative Carlos Zarate says after Panelo insisted that there is no transportation crisis, even after a nearly 4-hour trip to work using public transportation

The Video: Commute challenge kay Panelo, nag-fail?!

‘Wala daw crisis?’: Netizens slam government's denial of transport problem
Gaby Baizas October 11, 2019
‘Teka lang, bakit may solusyon siya kung wala namang problema?’ one netizen asks

Robredo: To solve transport crisis, gov't must first admit it exists
October 13, 2019
'Kasi kapag sinabi mong walang krisis, wala ka talagang gagawin,' says Vice President Leni Robredo, as she calls for compassion to be shown to commuters

The Video: Robredo tells Duterte admin to accept Metro Manila has transport crisis

FALSE: No president after Marcos built mass transit projects
October 16, 2019

Despite the current state of Metro Manila’s mass transport system, several other presidents after Marcos developed projects that are used by Filipinos today.

Mass transit is defined as the transportation of large numbers of people, especially within urban areas. This includes not only trains but also buses, subways, and other modes of public transportation.

‘Let’s do actual things!’: Commuters huddle on solutions to address traffic

Jene-Anne Pangue September 02, 2019
Commuters pitch ideas to help solve issues anchored on awareness, behavior changes, government policy, and commuters participation

What Duterte doesn’t get about Metro Manila traffic
JC Punongbayan September 26, 2019
Metro Manila is more than the sum of its parts, and traffic authorities will do well to keep this in mind. Otherwise, their policies will only keep backfiring and making traffic worse.

Senate hearing on provincial bus ban
August 13 - 13 and September 10, 2019

The harrowing gridlock along EDSA due to the dry run of the ban left thousands stranded.
The Senate committee on public services holds a hearing into the controversial provincial bus ban, seeking an explanation from traffic agencies after the gridlock along EDSA.
Dubbed "anti-poor" by commuters and advocates, the ban prohibits provincial buses from loading and unloading along EDSA from 4 am to 10 pm. It aims to close down bus terminals along the highway, requiring buses to use integrated terminals on the outskirts of Metro Manila.

Part 1 Solutions to Manila's carmageddon
In our gradual descent to perdition, how has Manila traffic affected our lives?

Part 2 Solutions to Manila's carmageddon
What can we do to cope?

Both: Mai Mislang September 28, 2019


Why the PH doesn't have enough mass transport options
August 30, 2018

Nowadays, it's a lose-lose situation when getting around Metro Manila – and the Philippines in general. Motorists endure harrowing traffic jams, commuters wrestle their way through buses and jeeps, sidewalks are not pedestrian-friendly, and bikers have to contend with the hazards of the reckless four-wheel automobile.
Why are we so bereft of options?


Why are PH motorists kept in the dark?
August 22, 2019

Watch road safety advocate Vince Lazatin and 3M Philippines' John Vallinan transform a dark street into one with proper visibility with retro-reflective material used for signs and road markings. Shot on location at Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa


"The Roadmap for Transport Infrastructure Development for Metro Manila and Its Surrounding Areas (Region III & IV-A)"
Masterplan towards 2030
This video introduces the concept of the roadmap study as well as the proposed "Dream Plan" in order to mitigate worsening traffic congestions, increasing hazard risks and other urban issues in Mega Manila.
Remark this is an album in the album "NEDA" in the album "Government authorities - Etc."


Land Transportation Office - LTO
Vehicle license plates are issued and regulated by the Land Transportation Office

Philippine driver´s license new - renewal

ALSO important informations for non US citizens, who stay more than 90 days in Philippine

The LTO Video


Dangerous Roads - Philippines
Show Me the World Apr 28, 2019

The headhunters road Kalinga in filipino is aptly named even if the region's heads haven't been rolling for a long time. It said the spirits of the mountains still have a taste for them when it comes to cutting the road.
Christopher and his men face the same struggle against the mountain every day. Their job is to remove the thousands of cubic meters of rocks blocking the road in record time.


Is it time to do away with protocol plates?
March 21, 2019

No. 8 plate on the road? Is it really necessary?
On the road, motorists occasionally spot protocol plates. These plates are given to high-ranking officials from the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.

But are they really necessary?


New License Plates and How to install them

400,000 new license plates to be released monthly
Chrisee Dela Paz August 08, 2016
Meanwhile, motorists in Metro Manila who are set to renew their drivers' licenses will get 5-year validity starting September 1

New license plates don't benefit motorists
Katerina Francisco May 21, 2015
Vehicle license plates in the Philippines are issued and regulated by the Land Transportation Office

History of vehicle registration plates of the Philippines and HERE



The Bigger, the Better?!
Jan 4, 2020 ABS-CBN News
The video examines the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act that requires motorcycles to put bigger license plates for easy identification, following the incidence of crimes carried out by riding-in-tandem suspects.

Riding in Tandem
Mar 15, 2020 ABS-CBN News
The video reviews the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act, also called the "Doble Plaka" law, which seeks to prevent crimes involving riding-in-tandem assailants.


Tea Time with Vince and Frank: Will the motorcycle double plate law help solve riding-in-tandem crimes?
April 10, 2019
Should the motorcycle doble plaka law have been suggested in the first place? Or is there a better solution?

Doble Plaka
ABS-CBN News Apr 6, 2019
"Failon Ngayon" tackles the issues surrounding the implementation of the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act.
Together with the LTO and some motorcycle riders, "Failon Ngayon" holds a demo to determine the right material and size of motorcycle license plates to be used under the "Doble Plaka" Law.

Pres. Duterte wants to suspend "Doble Plaka" law
ABS-CBN News Apr 6, 2019
Speaking at a motorcycle clubs event in Iloilo, Pres. Duterte says 'Doble Plaka' law is 'not good' and 'dangerous.' The president also said he is ammenable to reduce fine to P10,000 - P15,000 from the P50,000 stated in the law.

Doble Plaka
Mar 15, 2020 ABS-CBN News
The video tackles the Land Transportation Office's (LTO) backlog in the production of license plates for motorcycles. Together with some motorcycle riders, the program holds a demo to examine the effectiveness of the new design of motorcycle license plates to be used under the "Doble Plaka" law.

New law requires readable, color-coded number plates for motorcycles
Pia Ranada March 14, 2019
The new number plates, to be issued by LTO, is meant to prevent crimes committed with the use of motorcycles

Poe backs changes in 'doble plaka' law
Aika Rey April 09, 2019
Senator Grace Poe supports President Rodrigo Duterte's call to 'cure' certain provisions of Republic Act No. 11235 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2019

Changes in 'doble plaka' law may be done through IRR, amendment – Panelo
Pia Ranada April 08, 2019
Why did the President sign the controversial law only to ask for its suspension? Malacañang says he may not have known about concerns of motorcycle riders' at the time.

Gordon to explain 'doble plaka' law to Duterte
Camille Elemia April 07, 2019
'Ipinagtatanggol ko lang ang mga taong pinapatay ng mga riding-in-tandem assassins,' says Senator Richard Gordon, author of the 'doble plaka' law

Duterte to ask suspension of law ordering bigger motorcycle license plates
Michael Bueza April 06, 2019
The President also says he will negotiate for a lower fine for violations of the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Law

LTO to impose additional 'minimal fees' for new motorcycle plates
Aika Rey March 26, 2019 - with Video
'Isa sa tatalakayin ng TWG is to arrive at a reasonable costs na sisingilin sa rehistro. Hindi pa namin nakikita kung magkano, but definitely hindi ito sobrang laki,' says Land Transportation Office chief Edgar Galvante

Duterte's band-aid to stop killings

The Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act aims to take criminals on motorbikes off the road.
Some motorcycle riders want to have the law declared unconstitutional.

The above Videos

LTO releases specific guidelines on LED use
April 07, 2016

The LTO clarifies a previous memo on modifications on motorcycles with a new document saying 'use of LED or HID lamps is allowed as long as it adheres to the parameters'


Too many vehicles, not enough roads in Philippines

The number of motor vehicles in the country has greatly increased since the 1970s but the roads being built or expanded have not kept pace. Aug 27, 2015
Keep Cool: Avoid Road Rage
Jul 29, 2016
Find out how you can avoid road rage.
Top 10 Best Selling Cars in the Philippines
Jan 30, 2016

Best Selling Cars Blog
Will electric vehicles replace old jeepneys?

Getting around Metro Manila usually involves hailing a cab or getting on jeepneys and tricycles. But for a safer and more convenient experience for commuters, government is urged to push for electronic vehicles. - ANC Top Story, April 15, 2016

Cable cars to ease Metro Manila's traffic woes?
by Katerina Francisco June 28, 2016
Incoming transportation secretary Arthur Tugade says using cable cars as an alternative mode of transportation is 'being seriously looked into'

Cable cars 'not the answer' for Metro Manila mass transit needs
by Chrisee Dela Paz June 29, 2016
How feasible is the proposal of the incoming transportation chief to put up a cable car system?

PhilTrack - Asset Tracking and Vehicle Fleet Management
Transport and Traffic Planners Inc., TTPI


UP National Center for Transportation Studies

The NCTS is also actively involved in Road Traffic Safety advocacy.

5 iconic roads in the Philippines
Aika Rey December 23, 2015

What is the Highway Patrol Group, HPG?

What do people know about the HPG other than that they're motorcycle-riding cops? Take a look. - ANC, September 2, 2015


Guides - Public Transportation

Remark these are album in the album Guides about transportation in the Philippines

Easy guide to island hopping in the Philippines

Beginners guide to public transportation in Manila
Learn to ride the local train and other transportation options in Manila.

Public transport travelling tips

Accidents may happen in times when we least expect it. Red Alert gives tips and demonstrates how an individual can protect himself when travelling especially when inside a moving vehicle.
How to take public transportation in Angeles City?
Feb 7, 2019
Jeepney Barker

This video explores the job of a Jeepney Barker. The barker's job is to collect passengers for various jeepney routes.


Ang talentadong jeepney barker
Kilalanin ang singing jeepney barker ng Bacolod City
Safety reminders when crossing the rail road

Get to know how to avoid accidents when crossing the Philippine National Railways rail road.
Train safety and railroad guidance

Look more about use of railway below
Taxi Gangs

Public transportation guide. Be familiar with the public transportation system in the Philippines.
Can we transform the concept of ride-sharing in the Philippines?
by Nikki Natividad March 15, 2017

Getting from point A to point B in Metro Manila is not a comfortable task. Grab's newest service, GrabShare, aims to do something about that.


Remark these are albums in the album "Filipino transport systems"


MANY various modes of transportation. Some amusing and also dangerous
May 20, 2017
Journey in the ghost road - An extraordinary documentary
Not so long ago, the tribes on the island of Luzon in the Philippines were at war. The Philippine government launched a project to construct a road between Bontoc and Tabuk, the 2 largest towns in the North. 100 years later however, and the road is still a constant work in progress.
Apr 13, 2013

Look the full desription in the album

When public transport is an injustice

Renee Juliene Karunungan Feb 05, 2015

'A year after the Florida bus crash, we are reminded of the injustice the riding public has to go through everyday as they come to work or go home to their families'


‘Mandirigma ng Kalsada,’ life of commuters in Metro Manila
dokumentaryo ni Sandra Aguinaldo
Oct 17, 2016

This video entitled ‘Mandirigma ng Kalsada’ features ‘everyday life of commuters in Metro Manila.’

Distance Calculator Philippines

An online tool to calculate the Distance between any two cities, villages, towns or airports


MMDA's Orbos on Metro Manila's traffic woes
January 26, 2017

MMDA chairman Tim Orbos talks about long-term solutions for the worsening Manila traffic
Don't Drive Here in Manila.
Aug 22, 2013
Remark the videos are albums in the album "Manila Highway, Traffic system and Driving help systems"

Can you help solve traffic during your daily commute?
by Isabel Salvosa February 13, 2017
There's one thing you can do to ease traffic in the metro



Remark: Look the Videos in the album Manila Highway, Traffic system and Driving help systems


MMDA launched iTow App
Users of the iTow app can report illegal towing operations directly to the MMDA Command Center and motorists can also ask for assistance for any emergency, particularly on the road, through the app.

Videos about the APP and about MMDA traffic control system "Hermes"

Suggestions to solve Manila's traffic woes
Richmond Sim December 29, 2015
'The current transportation bottleneck is something that should concern every Filipino'
Carpooling app helps Manila commuters create transport fixes
by Katerina Francisco August 14, 2016
As traffic gets worse in Metro Manila, some citizens are banding together to work out solutions of their own – with the help of social media and technology
Metro Manila Skyway

North Luzon Expressway, NLE or NLEx
Luzon Expressway network

Main Road Map

The Pan-Philippine Highway also known as the Maharlika Highway AH26

Remark this is an album in the album Special Maps in the album Maps of Philippines

The Pan-Philippine Highway

about AH26: What does this road sign mean?

9 economic benefits of using e-vehicles in PH
Rommel Juan Nov 29, 2014

Finally, public transport operators are realizing that using electric vehicles for their vehicle fleets is not only environmentally-friendly, good for the air around us, much more quiet and convenient to use, requires less maintenance, but most importantly, cheaper to operate.

APEC-wide e-vehicles road map draft ready by Sept
Lynda C. Corpuz Apr 25, 2015


Megawide consortium to propose cable cars to ease Cebu traffic
Chrisee Dela Paz Mar 5, 2017

The development of a cable car system will only take '12 to 14 months,' as it has 'less infrastructure requirements like right of way,' says an official of the consortium.


Tire Repair by/Peter White
Oct 22, 2015

I had a tire with a slow leak so I stopped at a nearby vulcanizing shop to get it fixed. I have had tires repaired in Canada and the process had some major differences.

Jan 28, 2017
I needed to have another tire fixed. I found a slightly more modernized tire repair shop not far from home.

Transportation in the Philippines Transportation systems in the Philippines with link to the different companies
An explanation about Transportation in the Philippines Transportation in the Philippines - by sea, by air, bus, Jeepney, tricycle, or taxi
LOOK: The Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange

UPDATED The Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange is a 4.5-hectare 'all-in-one' terminal housing transportation bays, commercial spaces, and office buildings

Free rides from PITX to parts of Metro Manila starting February 14, 2019
Starting February 14, 2019 there will be more buses offering free rides from the Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) to parts of Metro Manila, in a bid to make commute to the landport seamless.
Currently, the PITX-Lawton and PITX-Baclaran routes are on dry run with 3 buses operational Monday to Saturday, from 6 am to 11 am and from 3 pm to 10 pm

Both by Aika Rey November 14, 2018 and February 09, 2019


The future of cities: How do you solve a problem like Manila?
November 29, 2018

Urban and transport planners weigh in on solutions for a metropolis suffering from overdevelopment

Look also below


Building for the Future
Jun 1, 2018

The so-called Golden Age of Infrastructure is upon the Philippines. It is a period of sustainable growth expected to create more jobs, more opportunities and cut poverty. CNN Philippines presents, BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE.

Strong political will? Experts hit 'very slow' rollout of transportation projects
Aika Rey July 20, 2018

'Transport infrastructure should be delivered as soon as possible especially now with the Build, Build, Build. But is the government ready and equipped to deliver all these plans?' says UP Professor Dayo Montalbo as the Duterte administration marks its third year in office

IN NUMBERS: Road crash incidents in the Philippines
Kimiko Sy November 02, 2017 - with Video

UPDATED Government data show that the number of deaths due to traffic incidents has been increasing since 2006. Hundreds of the fatalities each year are children.

Look the video from the article in HD HERE


Philippine National Police data shows a 31% increase in traffic crash incidents and a 100% rise in fatalities in 2016 compared to the past year.
Crash incidents are no accidents. Experts say they can be prevented.

PH having 'hard time' curbing road crash deaths
Aika Rey April 13, 2018
'As of the end of 2016, road crashes kill an average of 31 people a day and is a major cause of death for our youth. This figure shows a 40% increase in the number of deaths compared to 2006,' Catanduanes Representative Cesar Sarmiento says at a plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly


Stop human traffic cones!
Apr 8, 2018

With traffic enforcers deployed right by traffic lights and intersections, they put their lives on the line. In this episode of "Right of Way," road safety advocate Vince Lazatin makes the case to stop using traffic enforcers as human traffic cones and instead focus on enforcement.

How do we make Philippine roads safer?
May 10, 2017 - with video

A campaign on road safety at the Rappler newsroom in Pasig City.

IN PHOTOS: Ideas to keep kids safe on the road
Kimiko Sy October 07, 2017
'We want to make more people aware of the need for safety of children,' says Safe Kids Philippines executive director Jesus dela Fuente.


Solving the traffic problem in one easy step
November 01, 2018

Move people, not cars
Vince Lazatin talks about how Metro Manila's traffic problem could be solved not only by regulating car movement, but by taking into consideration the mobility of people in general.


Why Metro Manila traffic will never be solved
Jul 26 2019
The status quo won't get us anywhere
Every day, Metro Manila residents – commuters and motorists alike – complain about the state of the capital's traffic. Well, there's bad news: this problem won't be solved, at least not until traffic authorities start reevaluating their current key performance indicators (KPI).

DILG shortens cleanup drive deadline to 45 days
ABS-CBN News Jul 25, 2019
The interior department is giving the mayors of Metro Manila and other highly urbanized areas 45 days to clear illegal structures from roads, reducing the initial deadline of 60 days, an official said.

Metro Manila mayors risk suspension over illegal parking
ABS-CBN News Jul 25, 2019
Mayors in Metro Manila could face suspension if they fail to clear streets of illegal vendors and improperly parked vehicles within a month and a half, the head of the region's council of local chief executives said.

LOOK also the articles:
Zamora open to unlocking San Juan's gated subdivisions to public traffic
Rambo Talabong July 25, 2019 - with Video
San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora says he himself lives in a gated subdivision, and he will support the proposal if it will work

Isko Moreno temporarily bans e-trikes, e-bikes in Manila
Rambo Talabong July 26, 2019
Isko Moreno wants the LTO to intervene and determine the road-worthiness of e-bikes and e-trikes


Why traffic rules matter
October 18, 2018

Ever heard of the broken window theory? That probably explains the chaos in Metro Manila's streets.
Why is enforcement such a challenge in the Philippines? Why are traffic rules arbitrary? Why is the chaos on the streets of Metro Manila getting worse by the day? Road safety advocate Vince Lazatin talks about why traffic rules matter and how lack of order in communities is symptomatic of violations left unsolved.


in the album Manila Highway, Traffic system & Driving help systems

What Commuting in Manila is Like
Life Where I'm From Apr 9, 2019
When I talked to friends and the Life Where I'm From community about going to the capital city of the Philippines, Manila, many warned me about the traffic. One community member even offered to show me her commute, so of course, I jumped at the opportunity.

'Biyaheng EDSA'
GMA Public Affairs September 9, 2019
Ordinary citizens carry the cost of the worsening traffic in Metro Manila.
With the strict implementation of the yellow lane policy in EDSA, bus drivers like Oscar claim that they earn less compared to what they used to make. Oscar used to make three round trips from San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan to Pasay. But now, Oscar considers himself lucky if he is able to make two round trips in a day.
Look the FULL description in English and Filipino languages

Contesting the MMDA’s yellow bus lane policy
February 21, 2019
Have you encountered the same problem while driving along the bus lanes?
Road safety advocate Vince Lazatin joins his friend Eileen, a regular Ortigas-Makati commuter, as she contests 4 citations in the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) office – involving the yellow bus lane policy.

Risky behavior: The problem with MMDA’s yellow bus lane policy
December 13, 2018
Is it safe to cross two bus lanes in a short distance in order to make a right turn?
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) says private vehicles can enter the yellow lane marking the bus routes along EDSA 100 meters before the exit. But are the exits uniform in distance?

What can we learn from the MMDA Quezon Avenue barrier problem?
February 07, 2019
The barrier disrupts the normal flow of traffic along Quezon Avenue
While driving, road safety advocate Vince Lazatin saw a row of orange barriers disrupting the normal flow of traffic along Quezon Avenue. He took a video and posted it on Twitter, calling the attention of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), but found the agency's response insufficient.

On road safety and courtesy
Jose Regin F. Regidor October 28, 2017

Everybody needs to learn and practice respect for each other's rights on the road and extend courtesy to everyone so we can have order in our streets




Right Of Way - The fault in our signs
January 11, 28, February 22, 2018 - 3 parts

Road safety advocate Vincent Lazatin talks about faulty road signs in the metro and how they could be improved.


MMDA responds to 'The Fault In Our Signs' series
Feb 28, 2018
Road safety advocate Vincent Lazatin sits down with MMDA director Neomie Recio, who explains why MMDA's signs are wordier compared to international standards


MMDA takes corrective action on Katipunan
Published on Jun 28, 2018
Some good news: The MMDA fixes some problematic road signs and pavement markings causing traffic in Katipunan Avenue – the stretch from UP Diliman to Miriam to Ateneo. Road safety advocate Vince Lazatin pinpoints at least 6.


The fault in our signs: Sign blindness
Nov 15, 2018
Road safety advocate Vince Lazatin talks to Dr Regin Regidor of the National Center for Transportation Studies about how, in the Philippines, the prevalence of ads masquerading as road signs make it look like all roads lead to shopping malls – turning them into key landmarks in a metropolis that has no defined center to speak of #SaferRoadsPH


Road Signs 101
Mar 8, 2019
Faulty road signs are the most discussed issues in Right of Way over the past year, ranging from the too wordy to those obstructed from public view.
The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has responded to the series, citing lack of budget and resources as the biggest hindrance to proper signmaking.


Challenge of Driving in the Philippines
Feb 4, 2018 - Peter White

A friend inspired me to make this video after I made some comments on FaceBook. This video came from my dash cam and was mostly shot while we were on our way to do our weekly grocery shopping. A few clips at the beginning are from a short drive we took last week.

PH the worst place to drive
Victor Barreiro Jr. November 16, 2017

The Philippines is the worst place to drive, according to self-reports of users of the navigation app Waze, in the 2017 edition of the app's Waze Driver Satisfaction Index.
The Waze Driver Satisfaction Index analyzed the driving experience of its millions of monthly active Waze users in 39 countries and 217 metros.

Undas travel tips for drivers and commuters
November 01, 2018

Here are some reminders and the government hot lines

Duterte Infra: Bigger, more imperial and China-linked
Ron Mendoza and Jerik Cruz July 30, 2017

With increased ambition, could there also be more risk?

Palawan's superhighway project called an 'environmental disaster
Keith Anthony Fabro August 10, 2017

Expanding Palawan’s national highway from two to 6 lanes could boost provincial economic growth, but concerned citizens and civil society groups here are wary that it may come at the expense of the environment.

What laws help keep road users safe in the Philippines?
March 12, 2017

The WHO says 1.25 million people die in road crashes every year. In the Philippines, various laws and policies have been crafted to arrest the number of road crash fatalities.

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Know the difference: Which agencies manage roads and road users?
Katerina Francisco October 01, 2017

Do you know the difference between the functions of the LTO and the LTFRB? Know more about the different agencies managing Philippine roads

What you need to know about speed limits in the Philippines
Kimiko Sy September 29, 2017

While the Land Transportation and Traffic Code has mandated uniform speed limits throughout the country, some LGUs have enacted their own speed limits based on road and traffic conditions in their areas

DOCUMENTS: Speed limit ordinances in the Philippines
ImagineLaw October 04, 2017

Here are the different speed limit ordinances in various cities and municipalities that road users must be aware of.

Not sure which streets are safe? This app will guide you
Rambo Talabong June 17, 2017

Safetipin is a mobile application enabling users to rate and share their ‘safety perception’ of areas in their city.
No matter how developed Metro Manila cities are, some streets continue to be sites of crime and violence, especially at night.
Now there’s an application to help Metro Manila residents, especially women, to keep safe when walking the streets of the capital region.

Putting the brakes on road deaths
The Peace and Conflict Journalism Network - PH May 23, 2017

The Philippine government needs to fix and enforce road safety laws to help save lives.

Philippine National Police data shows a 31% increase in traffic crash incidents and a 100% rise in fatalities in 2016 compared to the past year.
Crash incidents are no accidents. Experts say they can be prevented.

#SaferRoadsPH forum on making Bicol roads safer
February 01, 2018 - with Video
Sign up now if you want to join the activity at 5th floor Alingal Hall, Ateneo de Naga University on November 11, from 12 nn to 5 pm

With nearly 5,000 crashes, how do we make Iloilo roads safer?
Katerina Francisco July 22, 2017
The province of Iloilo, home to 1.81 million people, records nearly 5,000 road crash incidents in the first half of 2017.

Forum on safer roads goes to Iloilo
July 22, 2017 - with Video

Forum on making Cagayan roads safer
Jun 7, 2017 - with video
The activity at the Bulwagang Teodulfo Domingo, University of St Louis, in Tuguegarao City

Deadly highways: What makes Cagayan Valley roads crash-prone?
June 06, 2017
Central Luzon has the highest number of crash-related deaths in 2014, but if numbers are divided by population, Cagayan Valley comes out as the most crash-prone.

IN NUMBERS: Road crash incidents in the Philippines
Kimiko Sy Updated May 07, 2017 - with video
Government data show that the number of deaths due to traffic incidents has been increasing since 2006. Hundreds of the fatalities each year are children

Road crash numbers: Looking at the data sources
Katerina Francisco June 05, 2017
The problem is that there is no comprehensive, nationwide database on road crash statistics in the Philippines.

'Good road design can save motorists' lives'
Katerina Francisco March 13, 2017

Greg Smith of the International Road Assessment Program says infrastructure is important in preventing serious accidents and deaths resulting from road crashes.


Caught on cam: A motorist's Makati mishap
September 13, 2018

What went wrong here?
In this video, we feature a dashcam video sent to us by Andrew, a motorist who had an unfortunate experience while driving in Makati City.

5 smart technologies a Filipino driver could use right now
Shaira Panela October 08, 2017

After dash-cams, here's a list of other gizmos that might make driving in the Philippines a little bit better

Killer buses leave victims in their wake
Kimiko Sy May 07, 2017

9,563 of the 109,322 road crash incidents recorded by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) in 2016 involved buses.

Buses, jeepneys in the Philippines to be modernized by 2020
Chrisee Dela Paz September 11, 2017

The Department of Transportation signs a memorandum of understanding with the Development Bank of the Philippines to provide loans to PUV cooperatives for the purchase of new vehicles.
By 2020, all buses, jeepneys, and public utility vans across the country will be modernized, organized, and put under an automated fare collection system, the transportation department said.

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House briefing on PUV modernization
October 19, 2017 - with Video

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) will brief the House committee on transportation on the public utility vehicle (PUV) modernization program

PUV Modernization Program
Bookmark the link for getting Updates

How Piston imagines jeepney modernization
Aika Rey October 21, 2017
'Hindi namin talaga kayang bumili ng sasakyan. Kaya gawin na namin ang strike kaysa mawalan kami ng kabuhayan,' Piston secretary-general Steve Ranjo says
Transport groups said they are not against the plan to "modernize" public utility vehicles by 2020, but they are against the "questionable" schemes behind it.

Current PUV modernization program not the answer
Aika Rey October 19, 2017
IBON Foundation and AGHAM - Advocates for Science and Technology for the People say the program does not address the 'lack of public mass transport system'

LTFRB has no timeline yet for PUV modernization program
In a House briefing, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board also could not tell lawmakers how many jeepney drivers would be displaced

PUV modernization: Planning, readiness issues raised at House hearing
Transportation officials say President Rodrigo Duterte gave a deadline merely to press the 'urgency' of the PUV modernization program

Both by Bea Cupin October 19, 2017

Nueva Ecija bus crash raises questions on road safety
April 20, 2017 - with Video
We discussed road safety issues with former Land Transportation Office spokesperson Jason Salvador. He is now the manager of a global roads safety project of the Ateneo School of Government.
Authorities are looking into overloading as a possible cause of the deadly crash, as findings show there were 77 people on board but the bus had a capacity of only 45.

An article with many important links about the crash and safety

Solutions to Metro Manila traffic and road safety issues
October 12, 2017

Transportation expert and UP professor Primitivo Cal talks on possible solutions to traffic and road safety issues in Metro Manila

Traffic has been one of the major issues that people living and working in Metro Manila face every day. According to a study, being stuck in traffic and the extra cost of operating vehicles in gridlock in metropolitan Manila and nearby areas amounted to P2.4 billion ($51 million) a day in 2014.

Look the Video in HD and the articles:

MMDA wants to 'diet' EDSA lanes, proposes slimmer roads
Aika Rey December 27, 2018
MMDA proposes to narrow down EDSA lanes from the existing width of 3.4 meters to a slim 2.8 meters

Only Metro Manila mayors can suspend driver-only car ban
Aika Rey August 17, 2018 - with Video
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority says it will defer the full implementation of the new rule and continue the dry run until the Metro Manila Council convenes

Netizens’ single cry: driver-only car ban isn’t helping
August 15, 2018
Singles feel the brunt of MMDA's bandaid solution to traffic congestion in EDSA during rush hour.

IN CHARTS: How deadly are Metro Manila roads?
Aika Rey April 11, 2018
An MMDA study reveals that 4 in every 100,000 Filipinos died due to road crashes in Metro Manila in 2017

and the Videos:

Will MMDA's driver-only car ban on EDSA work?
August 16, 2018
Road safety advocate Vince Lazatin and friends Debbie Rodrigo and Dayo Montalbo drive along EDSA and talk about the controversial ban. What is this new scheme all about, and will it work? Look also the article.

How to untangle Sucat, PH's most complex intersection? Part 1
Apr 20, 2018
Sucat, the bane of the motorists and commuters of the South. How to deal with this chokepoint?
How do you solve a problem like the Sucat interchange? Road safety advocate Vince Lazatin tackles the traffic woes of those who live in southern Metro Manila.
The Sucat and Bicutan Problem, Part 2: What about Bicutan?
May 04, 2018
Apparently, it's not just the Sucat interchange that's getting much flak in the South
Join Vince as he takes us on a tour of yet another chokepoint in the clogged streets of the metro.
Special Episode: Dissecting the complex Sucat Interchange
May 17, 2018
Just how complicated is the Sucat Interchange in Parañaque? This animation dissects – and visualizes – the complexity of this road network.

Remark part 1, 2 and Special Episode in 1 album


Interview with Michael Brown about solutions for Metro Manila's traffic woes
Apr 12, 2018
Watch road safety advocates Vince Lazatin and Michael Brown's conversation on enforcement, as well as proposed solutions for Metro Manila's woes


Talkback: Solving Metro Manila traffic
13 August 2018

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Will MMDA’s driver-only car ban on EDSA work?
August 16, 2018

Road safety advocate Vince Lazatin and friends Debbie Rodrigo and Dayo Montalbo drive along EDSA and talk about the controversial ban. What is this new scheme all about, and will it work?
The move of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to implement the driver-only car ban along EDSA has triggered swift backlash from motorists and commuters alike.

Is the MMDA road diet a good idea?
January 24, 2019
Vince does the math based on the MMDA's numbers.
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has come up with numerous ideas in order to solve the worsening traffic along EDSA – this time, it wants narrower lanes.


On the road with GakiMoto
May 31, 2018

Road safety advocate Vince Lazatin and motovlogger GakiMoto talk about the challenges – and joys – of riding a motorcycle in Metro Manila
There are many ways to get around Metro Manila, and while we've tackled the challenges of motorists and commuters alike, we have yet to hear from another fixture on the streets: motorcyclists.

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DPWH: Metro Manila traffic may get worse in 2018

Metro Manila traffic may get worse as the government's massive infrastructure program takes off next year. But officials insist these projects will not only address the traffic problem in the long-run but will also spur economic growth. Jacque Manabat. - Business Nightly, ANC, December 29, 2017

Remark this is a video in the album Manila Highway, Traffic system & Driving help systems

QC, Manila, Makati record most road crashes – MMDA
Aika Rey and Katerina Francisco Feb 4, 2017
Most of the deadly road crashes happen at night and in the early hours of the morning

The 5 pillars behind the Philippines' road safety action plan
Katerina Francisco May 08, 2017
With road crash deaths rising since 2006, the Philippines needs to step up its efforts to meet the global goal of halving road traffic deaths by 2020.

The Video:
Human Error: Leading cause of road crashes
Apr 20, 2017
The Metro Manila Accident Recording and Analysis System (MMARAS) reports an average of 299 incidents involving road crashes that happen every day in Metro Manila. The leading cause of these incidents is identified as human error.

Seats that save kids’ lives:
Why are they rarely used in the Philippines?

Dinna Louise C. Dayao August 16, 2017

A new study offers interesting insights. It also debunks fallacies.

Look also below

Your questions about child car seats answered
Kimiko Sy October 04, 2017
Road safety advocates answer concerns on the effectiveness of mandating a child car seat system

A child car seat system: An extra expense to protect a life
Kimiko Sy August 29, 2017
Once the law is passed, every child in a private vehicle must have a car seat.

Seat belts are not enough for infants and children
August 17, 2017

Pending bills in the Senate and House of Representative seek to mandate the use of a child car seat for children aging 0 to 12 years old.


Nikki Veron Cruz on the challenges of being a female commuter
June 14, 2018

Catcalled or pushed around while commuting? A longtime female commuter talks about how to toughen up!
Commuting in Metro Manila can be a drag, but there are challenges unique to female commuters.
In this video road safety advocate Vince Lazatin joins longtime commuter Nikki Veron Cruz on her way to work. They talk about ninja routes, problematic sidewalks, bus seatmate nightmares, and firing back at leery catcallers.

Corruption at LTO, LTFRB: Unfit drivers, vehicles on the road
Part 1: A number of schemes abound at the LTO and LTFRB, allowing unfit drivers and public vehicles on the road, compromising public safety.

Corruption at the LTO, LTFRB: Fixers and bribes
Part 2: LTO admits there is no centralized database for old and new plates. It, however, says LTO and Stradcom are 'working on' it.
Both by Camille Elemia updated July 29, 2016 - February 22, 2017

These road signs keep you safe on the road
Katerina Francisco April 09, 2017

Do you know what these common road signs mean?

Taxi - etc.

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Taxicabs of the Philippines

Daily struggle of every 'mandirigma' commuter in Metro Manila
Aika Rey March 08, 2020
Rappler reporter Aika Rey documents her commute as the end of motorcycle taxi pilot run draws near. Look also this article

Running out of time
Is there enough data to legalize motorcycle taxis?
Loreben Tuquero February 26, 2020

Regulators have been studying the viability of motorcycle taxis as public transportation for 8 months now. Where are their findings?

16 senators sign report legalizing motorcycle taxis
Aika Rey February 13, 2020
The measure seeks to amend the Land Transportation and Traffic Code to recognize motorcycle taxis as public utility vehicles

MMDA recommends banning motorcycle taxis on national roads
Loreben Tuquero February 13, 2020
'Kung ang tricycle tatlo na ang gulong bawal sa national road, lalo na 'tong mga motorcycle taxi,' says MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia

GrabTaxi app
The Fastest and Safest Taxi Booking App
GrabTaxi is one of the first and largest apps in Manila - Cebu - Davao City - Iloilo City that enables passengers to book taxis in just a few taps on their smartphones.

Avoid booking along EDSA, Grab riders told
Aika Rey August 16, 2018 - with Video
'We ask our drivers and passengers to be patient,' says Grab

How the looming Grab monopoly will impact on Filipino commuters
JC Punongbayan March 29, 2018
With Uber out of the way, Grab now enjoys monopoly status in many Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines. This loss of competition will almost surely mean fewer choices, higher fares, and lousier service for Pinoy commuters.

The Video

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Senate hearing on motorcycle taxis
Jan 20, 2020 - with Video

The Senate committees on public services and local government hear on Monday, January 20, the pros and cons of officially acknowledging motorcycles as public utility vehicles for proper regulation.

The long road to legalizing motorcycle taxis
Aika Rey January 20, 2020
At least 4 bills in the Senate and 14 bills in the House of Representatives seek to amend the 55-year-old Land Transportation and Traffic Code


Habal-habal or motorcycle taxis: a new form of public transportation?

Because of the extreme traffic conditions in the metro, habal-habal or motorcycle taxi rides are being offered by some private riders. Date aired: October 16, 2014


Motorcycle taxi: New mode of commuting?
CNN Philippines Jun 20, 2019


Super cheap, fun transportation, motorcycle taxi, (Habal Habal) Cebu - Jan 23, 2018
This is the way to beat the traffic and crowded Jeepneys... For those in a hurry... this is the way to go. Fun and exciting!

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Habal-habal: Understanding the true cost of a cheap ride
Rochel S. Bartolay and Sophia Monica V. San Luis
December 09, 2017

The growing prominence of ride-sharing apps like Angkas has mainstreamed the operation of habal-habals in cities. But are habal-habals safe?


Motorcycle ride booking service Angkas: Safe or Unsafe?

The LTFRB orders Angkas and Wunder Carpool to cease its operations, and insists that motorcycles are an unsafe mode of transportation.


New King of the Road

AT FIRST glance, it's just like any other motorcycle navigating a busy street in Cebu City - except that there is an extra helmet dangling from the handlebar or from the driver's arm.
Then the driver calls - "motor (motorcycle), ma'am/sir?"

Car, Van and Truck - etc. and buy, rent

Look also Car loan? Here's what your dealer isn't telling you

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Meet the Genius EV, a Filipino engineer's contribution to the green movement
Shaira Panela September 16, 2016

GENIUS EV. The Pinoy-made electric car is designed by a former OFW who used his earnings to help fund his passion project.

The Video: Genius EV, an eco-friendly car

Cebu Car Rental, Cebu City

Self Drive Rental

We provide a variety of vehicles to cater to your needs and preferences from sedans for business trips and intimate getaways to utility vehicles and vans for family and group.

Look the below video HERE

Truck rentals services, Cebu

Look also HERE

Motorbike - Etc. and Motorbike rent

Look also On the road with GakiMoto Motorcycle rental HERE

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Buying a motorbike

Visibility is everything: Motorcycle tail lights aren't optional
April 04, 2019

Motorcycle crashes can be avoided if only visibility measures were strictly adhered to.
There is a significant number of motorcycle crashes on the roads of Metro Manila. A key factor would be visibility, with some motorcyclists and tricycles not adhering to adequate visibility measures.


Filipino bike enthusiasts create hubless motorcycle
Raisa Serafica March 23, 2017

Without a guide to speak of, an all-Ilocano group creates a fully-functional hubless motorcycle, showing Filipino ingenuity and resourcefulness at its finest

Articles and Forum.
Mabuhay Motorcycle Tours and Motorbike Rentals Philippines Inc.

operated by motorcycle enthusiasts with the goal to show you the beauty of the Philippines through the eyes of a biker. Mabuhay Motorcycle Tours Philippines are Michel + Jocelyn Bureau, Jean Albanez + Matthias Hasselbring. We speak English, French, German and Tagalog, so that we can serve you in the language you prefer.

Below video HERE

Nikki´s pension is one of the perfect place to stay  with while enjoying the historical Island of Cuyo.

Motorbike rental

Rent a Motorbike at Banana Moon Cantina - former Cadillac Cafe

The Video

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Videos of Places - Agencies for rent of Motorbike, Car, Van and Truck

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Safe Ride Car Rental - Cebu - Self Drive Rental

Cebu Rent a Car - 3 Stars and the Sun


Mabuhay Motorcycle Tours and Motorbike Rentals Philippines Inc.

The above link HERE and HERE

Habal-Habal also called Skylab - Etc.

also spelled habal2x or habalhabal

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are motorcycles for hire, which routinely ply routes into the interior highlands. In most cases, a habal-habal is the only form of public transportation available within and to the hinterland.

The more complex form of the Habal-Habal can seat up to thirteen persons as well as their baggages. It has extensions consisting of wooden planks placed across the back seat of the motorcycle to form the seats for the passengers.

Care for an Adventure?

Ride a Habal-habal! Habal-habal... What On Earth Is That?

Habal-habal, a Public Utility Motorcycle


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Eight on a motorcycle... OK. See what can be carried on a bike. Funny video!


Nov 3, 2017
Here's another example of Filipino ingenuity... motorcycle taxi. They prove that there's no limit to it's multiple uses... The motorcycle becomes a workhorse here... Transports people or goods....


Habal-Habal - Skylab

a balance, extreme, amazing, circus motorcycle ride called skylab only in the Philippines


Skylab of the Philippines - This is how Filipinos travel...


Habal-habal drag race in Bukidnon
Jun 1, 2016


Riding the Skylab

Skylab is a common term used to call the motorcycle with two planks of wood mounted on each side serving as passenger seats or for other loads. It's the common means of transport to reach far-flung, remote communities.


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a vehicle composed of a two-wheeled trailer pulled by a two wheeled tractor similar to a rotary tiller.

Kuliglig is one of the land transportation often use by the farmers for them to travel the sacks of rice or vegetables and sometimes use by the locals as a transportation vehicle.

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Jeepney and E-Jeepney - PUV - Water Jeepney - Etc.

Remark these Videos are albums in the album JEEPNEYS" & Jeepney arts

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Yes, Pedro, we need to modernize the jeepney
Rommel T. Juan March 08, 2016

The former icon of Philippine culture is not something to be proud of anymore. It has lost its luster. It has turned into a symbol of decay and neglect.

Duterte to meet with jeepney groups on phaseout plan
Pia Ranada March 01, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte intends to listen to jeepney drivers and operators protesting the transportation department's plan to retire outmoded public utility vehicles.


PUV modernization program, umarangkada na?
GMA Public Affairs Nov 27, 2019

Tinatangkilik na raw ng isang grupo ng mga tsuper sa North Caloocan ang PUV modernization program. Anila, ‘wag daw matakot sa bayarin dahil ang kooperatiba at hindi ang operator ng jeep ang magbabayad! Tangkilikin na rin kaya ito ng ibang tsuper?

LOOK: Could this PUV be the new 'King of the Road'?
Loreben Tuquero November 10, 2019

The model developed by Toyota Motor Philippines Inc. costs P998,000 per unit and is targeted to be released before the end of the year
The new prototype of a Class 1 vehicle under the Department of Transportation's (DOTr) public utility vehicle (PUV) modernization program.

‘Mukhang mobile kabaong’: Netizens bash modernized PUV prototype
November 11, 2019 - with Video
‘Does it sell ice cream?’ quipped another Twitter user

Is the PUV modernization program 'anti-poor?'
Rambo Talabong June 25, 2017

With the benefits the proposed jeis not anti-poor – iten is pro-poor, they say.
June 19, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) officially launched its Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) modernization program which orders the replacement of jeepneys aged 15 years or older.
According to Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) they have tallied 180,000 jeepneys that need to be replaced.

Look also above

Junk current version of PUV modernization program – Piston
Aika Rey October 16, 2017 - with Video

Piston leader George San Mateo says his group Piston is not against modernization

Tugade says protests won’t stop rollout of jeepney modernization
Camille Elemia December 04, 2017 - with Video

The meeting between Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade and PISTON is reset to Monday, December 11 upon the former's request.


Transport groups hold protest rally vs jeepney phase out
May 22, 2017
Transport groups led by Piston hold rally caravans against jeepney phase out on Monday May 22 , 2017 . George San Meteo , National President of Pinagkaisang Samahan ng Tsuper at Operator Nationwide (PISTON ) slams LTFRB for saying that there's no jeepney phase out will happen . Video and editing by Noy Morcoso

'King of the road' jeepneys face uncertain future
May 30, 2017
Philippine authorities are planning to phase out older "jeepney" models -- the iconic World War II-era minibuses which have ferried visiting popes and rockstars - in a latest clean-up drive over pollution and safety concerns.

Remark this in an album in the album JEEPNEYS" & Jeepney arts


Jeepney Modernization
Published on May 5, 2018

"Failon Ngayon" shares how jeepney drivers can seek financial assistance from the government to acquire modern PUJs.


Solar Electric Jeepney and Tricycle Philippines
Mar 28, 2017

Solar powered Jeepneys and Tricycles inline with the LTFRB PUV modernization program, from Star8. These fully electric vehicles all include solar panels on top, which help to extend the range and generally be more environmentally friendly. With a range of 120KM (75 miles), they've got more than enough energy in them to keep even the busiest public utility vehicle going for the day.

Look more HERE


Pinoy Jeep Makeover
Oct 14, 2017

The show explores the issues behind the proposed modernization of the iconic jeepneys.


Las Piñas' Jeepney
ABS-CBN News May 30, 2019

"Local Legends" introduces Alejandro Bangcaya, a long-time jeepney mechanic of Sarao Motors. Bangcaya then explains in great detail the process of making jeepneys.

LOOK: New jeepneys under PUV modernization program
Katerina Francisco and Kimiko Sy October 17, 2017

What will the new jeepneys look like under the government’s public utility vehicle (PUV) modernization program?
Local manufacturers built the prototype vehicles following DOTr specifications.

LOOK: New e-jeep in Makati, Mandaluyong
Aika Rey January 18, 2019
Fifteen e-jeeps are now plying Buendia MRT in Makati to Mandaluyong City Hall via Jupiter Street, from 5 am to 12 midnight

LOOK: Safety features of the modern PUV
Kimiko Sy October 26, 2017
What are the specifications of the modern jeepney, and how will they improve passenger safety?


the most popular means of public transportation. They were originally made from US military jeeps left over from World War II and are known for their flamboyant decoration and crowded seating. They have become a symbol of Philippine culture

Culture of Jeepneys The Jeepney was once called the "Undisputed King of the Road". . . but no longer...

Philippine Jeepneys – a Complete Guide

Vehicle - Only in The Philippines


short films about the history of jeepney


Pope Francis in jeepney-inspired popemobile
Jan 17, 2015

Look about Pope Francis' PH visit and What's a jeepney? Pope likes what his ride symbolizes. Cardinal Antonio Luis Tagle says he explained to the Pope what the jeepney symbolizes: 'It's the one used by common people' Jan 18, 2015 HERE


King of the Road: Meet the heir to the iconic Sarao jeepneys
Published on May 7, 2018
For Ed Sarao, the jeepney is the lifeblood of the Philippines.

The article by Nile Villa May 08, 2018


Cebu's karaoke jeepney
A passenger jeep in Cebu City not only brings passengers to their destination, it also gives them a chance to unwind by singing with its built-in videoke machine. Jun 28, 2015


Electric Jeepney

The 1st public transport system of its kind in Southeast Asia, the jeepneys, electric-powered versions of the Philippine icon which traces its roots to the US Willy's jeep, were launched by GRIPP, Green Renewable Independent Power Producer in cooperation with Greenpeace.


Unlimited trips on E-jeepneys for P20

MANILA - For only 20 pesos, a passenger can take an unlimited number of trips on the 20-seater COMET e-jeepneys. Sep 22, 2014


Philippines dirty jeepneys starting to turn green

Jeepney mini-buses are the most popular form of transport, but they are also extremely polluting. Manila is now pioneering "E-Jeepneys" to try and reduce emissions by/afpenglish

Philippine 'jeepney' artists stalked by extinction
Agence France-Presse January 28, 2019
Jeepney artists use to be many and they are slowly disappearing

The Video: Filipino jeepney arts

Show of art murals on Philippine major roads With improvised CD Roms digital stereo sounds, TV and flares of real life stories The creative jeepney art designs have stories to tell.

Jeepney Arts Festival

Jeepney Specifications Comparison of Local Jeepney Specifications and Selected Philippine National Standards for Road Vehicles



INSIDE THE WATER JEEPNEY: Manila to Cavite in 20 minutes?
Dec 17, 2019

Traveling from Cavite to Manila need not take hours. With the recently launched ferry service, travel time from Cavite City to Manila can be done in just 20 minutes. In this report, we explore MB Seabourne Mercury and ask passengers about their experience.

Bus - Road train - Airport bus -  Water bus companies - Rent a bus

LOOK above: The Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange - Free rides from PITX

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Kalbaryo sa bus
Commuting sa Pilipinas, posible pa bang guminhawa?
GMA Public Affairs March 06, 2020

Sa video na ito, makikitang sa bintana na lumusot ang commuter makasakay lamang sa bus! Ganyan ang kadalasang hinaharap ng maraming commuter sa bansa dahil sa traffic at kasalukuyang sistema ng transportasyon. Kaya ang suggestion ng isang grupo, gawing prayoridad ang mga commuters! Paano kaya ito magagawa?

DOTr to scrap bus rapid transit project
Aika Rey June 08, 2018

The Department of Transportation requests for the cancellation of the bus rapid transit projects in Metro Manila and Cebu, citing infrastructure limitations. But officials and experts are not sold with the idea.


Can a bus rapid transit system work in the Philippines?
August 02, 2018

An organized, systematic, round-the-clock bus system helped solve the traffic woes in cities like Bogota. Can it also solve Manila's problems?


A detailed look at the proposed bus rapid transit, BRT system
August 09, 2018

Urban development expert Robie Sy takes a detailed look at the proposed bus rapid transit system in Metro Manila
The Department of Transportation recently requested for the cancellation of bus rapid transit (BRT) projects in Metro Manila and Cebu, citing infrastructure limitations.

Remark this is an album in the album Manila Highway, Traffic system & Driving help systems

Beep cards now accepted in Citylink buses
Chrisee Dela Paz Mar 23, 2017

The company behind Beep cards says it will partner with more bus companies in Metro Manila
Following most of its neighbors, the Philippines will now have a bus line that uses contactless smart cards for payment of distance-based fares.

Have you tried the P2P bus yet? It's still a better ride
Katerina Francisco February 11, 2017

From only 3 routes in end-2015, the P2P service has since expanded its routes. But for its continued success, standards for operators must be maintained.


The P2P bus experience
Feb 17, 2017

Have you tried the point to point bus ride? Aside from promising a faster commute, the P2P bus service also offers passengers premium amenities.

The P2P bus ride experience
Alanis Banzon February 18, 2017

PWD-friendly buses launched
February 18, 2016 by Official Gazette
The continuing modernization of the country’s public transport system reached another milestone today with the launch of new buses for the point-to-point (P2P) bus service. These new buses have: free onboard WiFi, global positioning system, CCTV, and the tap-and-go payment system, as well as a retractable boarding and alighting ramp making them accessible to persons with disability.
Premium airport bus service now available
Official Gazette February 17, 2016

A premium bus service adds to the menu of transportation options available to travellers transiting through the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). From Terminals 1, 2, and 3, the bus service will have two routes, going to Roxas Boulevard, different hotels and to the Makati Central Business District. There will be designated off-street passenger stops along the routes.

The Video - Remark this is an album in the album Airports, Airport Bus Service, Airline systems


DOST's hybrid electric road train
With the worsening traffic situation in the metro, the Department of Science and Technology has come up with a promising solution in addressing not only the lack of mass transit but also the need for reducing air pollution on the road.
The 40-meter-long road transport is developed to help address the worsening mass transportation problem in Metro Manila and in other urban areas.
The road train is a series of five airconditioned interlinked coaches, four of which can accommodate a total of 60 passengers each, for a maximum of 240 passengers per trip.

DOTC: Faster travel with GPS, WiFi-ready EDSA express bus
Katerina Francisco Feb 19, 2015

The express bus service, to be launched on March 16, promises faster travel time and convenience to passengers

INFOGRAPHIC: Travel hacks for bus commuters
May 05, 2015

It’s travel season, so be safe and comfortable

Arguably, the fastest and most affordable way to get out of town is still to take the bus. You don’t need to worry about paying for gas, toll, having comfy seats, or schedules.
But during peak travel seasons, summers, holidays things can get more difficult. Lines are longer, tickets may run out faster, and you’d have less chance of getting that coveted middle row window seat.

If you’re raring to start adventure via bus, here’s a handy guide to reaching the destination in one safe, happy piece.

Look - download the "Infographic" in full size HERE


MMDA launches the Express Connect Bus

Fifty buses with limited stops along EDSA begin their pilot run, promising faster travel time to passengers traveling from Quezon City to Makati or Pasay. Fifty buses participated in the initial run of the service, a joint project of the Department of Transportation and Communications, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board. During the launch at the MMDA dispatch terminal in Fairview, Quezon City, LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez said the express bus service aims to cut commuters' usual travel time by 30 minutes.

Fast, convenient: EDSA express buses hit the road
Franz Lopez Mar 23, 2015


'Pink' project opens along Quiapo-Cainta route

A bus company and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board on Monday MAR 09 2015 launched the Board's Pink project along the Quiapo-Cainta route transporting only women, children, senior citizens and people with disabilities, PWDs

RRCG Bus Inc. joined several jeepney and UV Express operators which last month started volunteering to pick up and provide transport only to these special groups from 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Look also HERE

Vallacar Transit Corporation is the largest land transport company - Look also HERE
Victory Liner is one of the largest and pioneer bus companies with it's Main Terminal at 713 Rizal Avenue Extension, Caloocan City. It services routes to the provinces of Northern Luzon.
Genesis Transport Service, Inc.
Baliwag Transit
ALPS The Bus, Inc.
Philippine Rabbit Bus Lines, Inc., PRBL


Phil. Transport Xpress, PTX
Pasig River Ferry Service - water bus

Look much more HERE

Look also HERE and HERE

Maxboat Marine set to launch Cebu’s first WaterBus / WaterTaxi
Ram Mancelita February 11, 2018 - with Video

Maxboat Marine, the builder of the Waterbus, aims to help the Cebuanos pass through traffic by cruising from coast to coast around Cebu. It will be operated by the Seals Group of Companies – a renowned shipmanagement company in Cebu.

Bus companies with addresses of terminals and descriptions of destinations
Bus Lines in Metro Manila

Subway, Railway and Trolley Transport - etc.

Remark most of the Videos in this section are albums in the album Railways, Now & Then - PHILIPPINE rail system

Look about safety above HERE

Look Heritage of Railway systems

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6 new railways to look out for
Loreben Tuquero September 10, 2019

Will we see these railways completed within the lifetime of the current administration?

Construction of Metro Manila Subway begins
Aika Rey February 27, 2019

Once fully operational in 2025, the Philippines' first intercity underground railway will connect Mindanao Avenue in Quezon City to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay City within 30 minute

Look more HERE and the Video: P355.6-B Metro Manila subway project launched

Poor National Railways?
Thousands suffer as PNR cancels 713 trips in only 2 months
Text and Photo by Camille Elemia March 11, 2019 - with Video

As the Philippine National Railways, with its inadequate resources, proudly opens new train routes in Metro Manila,
it cancels hundreds of trips monthly without informing the public


Taking the MRT during rush hour
March 09, 2018

Road safety advocate Vincent Lazatin commutes from his house to Makati, which includes a horribly jampacked MRT ride
Vince takes the MRT during rush hour – and lives to tell the tale

Right-of-way issues may delay MRT7 completion
Aika Rey August 08, 2018

Transportation officials are appealing the 800% raise in zonal valuation of the 33-hectare lot intended for the Metro Rail Transit Line 7 depot


Senate hearing on MRT3 issues
May 23, 2017

The Senate of the Philippines' public services committee conducts a public hearing on MRT3 issues – from deteriorating quality to existing deals – on Tuesday, May 23. Senator Grace Poe leads the proceedings.
Next month, the MRT3 is eyeing the deployment of 2 more 3-car Dalian trains during off-peak hours. These can only carry the same number of 500,000 passengers per day.

DOTr eyes MRT3 buyout under Duterte admin
Camille Elemia May 23, 2017

The Department of Transportation is also eyeing an executive order to transfer the MRT3 under the regulation of the Light Rail Transit Authority.

Commuters take to social media to slam 'habitual' MRT glitches
November 17, 2017

The daily glitches are no longer acceptable, say MRT commuters

The buried giant embodied in our trains
Benre Zenarosa November 16, 2017

'How many more limbs or arms should be injured for those in power to act on commuters’ safety?'

Mindanao Railway project approaches rollout
Chrisee Dela Paz Jan 16, 2017

Another project that could be given the green light to start procurement is the Panay-Guimaras-Negros bridge that is estimated to cost P21.67 billion
The 2,000-kilometer Mindanao Railway project could move closer to a rollout when the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Board, led by President Rodrigo Duterte, meets next month.

Rail transport in the Philippines is a growing means of transportation for passengers and cargo
The beep™ card

a stored value smart card that’s a better payment option for both individuals and businesses.
It facilitates easier cashless payments on the LRT1, LRT2, in the MRT3. Eventually, you’ll be able to use it at various establishments around the metro and bus companies.

You can now reload Beep cards using BPI Online
Ralf Rivas July 11, 2019
Beep cards can now be reloaded through BPI Online or the bank's app in 4 steps

Beep card reloading now available at Bayad Center outlets
June 07, 2016

The Videos Remark these are albums in the album "Railways, Now & Then - PHILIPPINE rail system"

Philippine National Railways
Biñan station

or Biñang station is a station on the South Main Line "Southrail" of the Philippine National Railways. Like all PNR stations, this station is at grade. The station is located on General Malvar Street in Barangay San Vicente, Biñan City, Laguna, near the city center.

Look more about Biñan - Laguna HERE

Railroads of the Philippines
The Strong Republic Transit System, SRT

a project of the Office of the President designed to integrate the various rail lines providing public transport in Manila

The Strong Republic Transit System, SRT map
Philippine National Railways

Read also the Videos


Many great photos also of very old units




Tutuban station

the main train station of the Philippine National Railways, PNR and the main train station of Manila. The name refers to two stations: the original Tutuban station, which today forms part of the Tutuban Centermall, and the PNR Executive Building, which houses PNR offices and serves as the current terminus of all PNR services.

The Light Rail Transit Authority, LRTA - Manila Light Rail Transit System
Sistema ng Magaan na Riles Panlulan ng Maynila

Read also HERE

Manila Metro Rail Transit System

known as the MRT, Metrostar Express or Metrostar

Read also HERE


PHILIPPINE rail system


Commuter train in Manila


New controversial MRT trains to arrive in 2015

Commuters will have to wait until late 2015 or early 2016 before the Metro Rail Transit 3, MRT 3 trains could be decongest.

Apr 7, 2014


No MRT Muna? The MRT Chronicles
Watch Failon Ngayon as we discuss the continuous issues of our Metro Rail Transit or MRT.

Feb 28, 2015


MRT-3 's persistent woes
Published on May 6, 2017
The program looks into the allegedly anomalous maintenance contracts that the Aquino administration entered into, which led to the breakdown of the busiest urban railway line.


Kauna-unahang hybrid electric train na gawang Pinoy, inilunsad

Jun 24, 2016


Pinoy Made - Tren na gawang Pilipino
Feb 10, 2018 - Feb 5, 2019

MIRDC-DOST Engr. Pablo Acuin presents the agency's hybrid electric trains that are expected to change the Philippines' rail system.

Malapit nang i-deploy ng PNR ang hybrid train na ginawa dito mismo sa bansa.


Hybrid Train
ABS-CBN News Mar 23, 2019
“Failon Ngayon” features the Filipino-made hybrid electric train (HET), which seeks to replace the old train sets used by the PNR. The program also finds out if the DOST can develop trains that will be used for the new railways currently being constructed by the government.


Look more videos HERE

Metro Rail Transit Corporation

a private consortium responsible for the maintenance of the Manila Metro Rail Transit System. It is also the original contractor for the MRT project. It runs the MRT in coordination with the Department of Transportation and Communications.


a website covering locomotives and rollingstock used on the mainline railways and LRT/MRT.
Codings, locations, usages etc.

Philippine Railways
The Philippine Railways Website has evolved from over 30 years of research and has been created for everyone interested in Railways of the Philippine Islands.
Many informations about now and heritage
Mindanao Railway construction starts in 2018
Chrisee Dela Paz Jul 3, 2017

The big-ticket infrastructure project has seen 4 Philippine presidents come and go. Under the country's first Mindanaoan president, its construction is approved.

Mindanao Railway Project, MRP

Mindanao Railway to start construction in 2011

Revival of Panay Railway faces delay

April 28, 2013 - Montesa Griño Caoyonan

The proposed rehabilitation of Panay Railway Incorporated, PRI is now facing delay due to lack of budget that could fund the revival of 117-kilometer length of Panay Railway System from Iloilo to Roxas City.

Photos of Train stations in the Philippines
‘Trolleys’ on rails help Manila’s commuters dodge gridlock
Reuters January 31, 2019

Thousands of commuters flock to the Philippine National Railways (PNR) railway tracks every day, but rather than boarding the trains, they climb on to wooden carts pushed along the tracks, to avoid Metro Manila’s infamous traffic gridlock.


Life on the line

In the chaos of Manilas choked roads, a hair-rising mode of transport has evolved: trolley cars that speed through the citys rail tracks, evading frequent trains and the prying eyes of the police.

Produced by SBS Dateline, Distributed by Journeyman Pictures


"Huling Hala Bira"
Jul 8, 2017

Aside from the Philippine National Railway trains that pass through Manila, small trolleys also join these trains as alternative for commuters. For them, they're not just affordable but it is also much more "roomier" for its passengers. In this documentary by Howie Severino, he peeks into the lives of the people that drive these trolleys for a living.


Dodging traffic, and death, on Manila's railway carts
Jan 25, 2019
As soon as the train rumbles past, the men heave their home-made pushcarts back onto the tracks and passengers hop aboard -- cheating death and beating Manila's notorious traffic.


Chaos on the railways Manila

Home made trollies share the rails of Manila with trains, a recipe for chaos...



Film, written and directed by Rom Factolerin


Homes Along the Riles
Jan 11, 2020 ABS-CBN News

"Failon Ngayon" looks into the recurring problems of the Philippine National Railways (PNR) including weather disturbances and stone-throwing incidents.

Tricycle - Pedicab/Padyak/Trisikad - Etc.

Most of the videos in this section are albums in the album Trisikad - Tricycle and Electric Tricycle - Pedicab

Look also above Solar Electric Jeepney and Tricycle and Visibility is everything

Look above bans e-trikes

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History of the Pedicab

The Padyak or pedicab, traysikad or sikad is a manually-powered form of transportation, usually for short distances. It is made up of a bicycle attached to a sidecar and has a capacity of two to three passengers. Pedicabs commonly operate in subdivisions or urban communities. "Padyak" and "sikad" literally mean "to pedal".


Tricycle na puwedeng imaneho ng PWD
GMA Public Affairs Oct 2, 2019

Mahirap bumiyahe para sa isang PWD. Pero dahil sa tricycle na ito, baka kaya pa niyang magmaneho! Silipin ang tricycle na ito na layuning pagaanin ang buhay ng mga PWD!


PWD pedicab driver sa Cebu hinahangaan dahil sa pagsusumikap
Dec 22, 2019 ABS-CBN News

Pero dahil sa kagustuhang maitaguyod ang pamilya, patuloy siyang kumakayod sa pamamasada

Pagadian Inclined tricycles
Lovette Jam Jacosalem, June 15, 2016

Tricycles are built in a variety of styles, which differ from city to city. In Pagadian, tricycles stand out for their unique design. They are commonly inclined at 25- to 40-degree angle. The design allows the tricycles to adapt to the city’s hilly terrain. The inclination adds stability to the vehicle as it traverses along the steep streets.

The articles HERE, HERE

The Video:

Pagadian checklist: Inclined tricycles - Jan 23, 2017

Tricycles – a Complete Guide
Air and Noise Pollution Reduction from Tricycles

Quezon City and Puerto Princesa City


Trisikad - Tricycle and Electric Tricycle - Pedicab


Basic information about '3-wheel' transportation


Amazing future tricycle


La Union's tricycle-car

A tricycle in Bangar, La Union stands out. It looks like a car and it has a cooler. Jan 23, 2015

Towards a Sustainable Transportation Environment: The Case of “Pedicabs” and Cycling
Retrofit Dirty 2-Stroke Vehicles
Vespa Spotting: One Gorgeous Tricycle
DOE to solicit bids for E-trikes supply and distribution

The Department of Energy will issue bid documents on January 15, 2015, as part of an effort to offer its E-trike program to a wider audience

As it offers its electric-tricycles, E-trikes program to a wider audience, the Department of Energy, DOE will start soliciting bids for their supply and distribution.

The new E-trike package would now include local government units, academe, tourism growth areas, subdivisions and villages, and industrial, commercial, and residential enclaves.


#inutang #natengga
Oct 26, 2019 ABS-CBN News

The videos tackles the failed implementation of the DOE's long-delayed E-Trike Program. It takes a deep dive into the cost of the project, which has seemingly gone to waste as the agency failed to execute it effectively.

BEMAC Electric to deploy 3,000 e-trikes within 2016
February 16, 2016
The Philippines is home to over 3.5 million gasoline-fueled tricycles – a vehicle most commonly used as public transportation over short distances.
In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of these tricycles, the government announced in 2012 a project to replace 100,000 units with e-trikes.

The Videos

BEMAC Electric Tricycles on the road now!
Jul 2, 2017

Tour Intramuros on the BEMAC E-Trike!
Jul 6, 2017

Look more HERE


The E-Trike: Electric Tricycle


Philippines President Aquino Launches New Fleet of ADB Electric Vehicles

President Aquino presided over the inauguration of a new fleet of e-trikes in metropolitan Manila, part of an ADB-funded project to introduce green transportation alternatives in the country

E-trikes to be deployed in Makati by March 2016
Mara Cepeda October 06, 2015
At P160 per day for 3 years, the drivers will be able to own the e-trikes from the Japanese-run Global Mobility Service

H2O, Salamander, the world’s first amphibious tricycle

Will this prove useful in disaster-prone Philippines? Most Filipinos have ridden a tricycle, but none quite like the Salamander.
The Salamander is the tricycle reimagined. It can transform from traveling on land to traveling in water in a matter of seconds, which would allow it to serve as a rescue vehicle in the event of flooding.

The Video

The article HERE Jun 9, 2015


E-trike, e-jeep sa Sugbo

Feb 22, 2015

Remark this is an album in the album JEEPNEYS" & Jeepney arts

A Philippine pedicab is called a trisikad, pedikab, padyak among others.

This used to be the most common public transportation means in villages and small towns in rural Philippines… the manpowered tricycle!

Trisikads are still in use, and being a trisikad driver under the burning sun is very hard but not well-paid work

Look also HERE icon-photo in full size and HERE

The Video Trisikad

A trisikad is a bicycle with a sidecar. There are lots of them and they share the road with cars and trucks. If you get stuck behind one of these, it's no fun because they are so slow.

Look also HERE

Pedicab - brochure
Starting a Business


The Pedicab Grows Up!
GenSan Chris



A Study of Non-Motorized Public Transportation in Urban and Urbanizing Areas: The Case of Pedicab Operations in the City of Manila and in the Municipality of Los Baños, Laguna

Pedestrians - Bike and Bike rent - Etc.

Remark most of the videos in this section are albums in the album Bikes - cycling in the Philippines

IMPORTANT: Look also Bike to school

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Where the sidewalk ends: The woes of being a pedestrian in Metro Manila
Oct 4, 2018

From the Makati perimeter to the Katipunan-Cubao route, watch how key districts in Metro Manila are sorely lacking in pedestrian-friendly walkways.


Climbing 'Mount EDSA' February 02, 2019
One pedestrian footbridge that gained notoriety online would be the Kamuning footbridge, dubbed by some as "Mount EDSA" and "Stairway to Heaven." It is acutely elevated, higher than the average footbridge to accommodate the MRT-3 trains that ply EDSA on a daily basis.
In a CNN Philippines interview, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority defended the construction of the footbridge, which was criticized for its potential risks and lack of consideration for senior citizens and persons with disability. MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia admitted that it wasn't designed for everyone – "only for the healthy."

Bike Scouts PH, the unsung heroes during Yolanda
Raisa Serafica August 17, 2017 - with Video

Bike Scouts Philippines is made up of volunteer bicycle messengers who respond to isolated areas in the aftermath of a disaster.

Look the Video in HD HERE

5 most walkable, bikeable PH cities
Pia Ranada Nov 27, 2014

Vigan, Iloilo, Pasig, Marikina and Cebu are taking great strides in making their cities friendly to pedestrians and cyclists

Diary of a wimpy biker in Metro Manila
Arlet Villanueva May 24, 2020

'At the end of the day, we all just want to get to our home safely and quickly.... If we treat others on the roads as enemies, we really are bound to make enemies.'

Your guide to cycling in the city
Joseph Angan May 03, 2020

Check out these tips and tricks to make your commute safer and enjoyable

Biking 101: Which bike is best for you?
Joseph Angan June 03, 2020
Here's a rundown on the different bikes available on the market

The Video: PH transport advocacy group calls on gov't to promote use of bicycles
May 29, 2020 ANC 24/7
As Metro Manila eases lockdown measures, a transport advocacy group calls on the Philippine government to promote the use of bicycles as an alternative means of transportation.

The Video: DOTr to install bike lanes along Edsa
May 28, 2020
Bicycle lanes will soon be installed along Edsa, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) announced Thursday.

Breaking the wheel: The rise of bicycle-riding
John Leo Algo May 25, 2020
'LGUs must avoid building bicycle infrastructures just for the sake of doing it. It is not enough to create bikeways by just laying down paint on the road.'

DOTr urges LGUs: Develop more facilities to make biking safer
Loreben Tuquero May 14, 2020
The Department of Transportation tells local government units to craft ordinances that will encourage biking among their constituents

City cycling? Here's a guide to choosing your first commuter bike
Joseph Angan May 14, 2020
Ready to pick up a commute bike? Here's what you should know.

DENR to require sidewalks, bike lanes in all PH roads
Pia Ranada Nov 30, 2014
It is the first time for the DENR to incorporate the sidewalk and bike lane requirement in the Environmental Impact Assessment for roads.
Soon, all roads to be constructed in the Philippines must feature sidewalks and bike lanes.

LOOK: Philippines gets first protected bike lane along national highway
Aika Rey February 07, 2019
Bikers along Laguna Lake Highway now enjoy a separate lane from motor vehicles, protected by a planting strip

What happens when you build protected bike lanes in cities?
Clearly, bicycles and motor vehicles don’t mix. When push comes to shove, the person on a bicycle is only flesh and bone. But the person in a car is protected by an exoskeleton of steel.

4 more reasons why we need protected bike lanes now
Protected lanes are good for people, the planet, and profits. These lanes help make for fairer cities, too.

Both articles by/ Dinna Louise C. Dayao February 13 and March 20 2016


Bike commuting: The answer to beating traffic?
Jul 19, 2018

Road safety advocate Vince Lazatin bikes around Metro Manila with 3 experienced bike commuters. Is cycling a viable form of transportation for a daily commute?


Getting Commuters On Bikes in the Philippines

In a country of drivers and motorcycle riders, one city is building a bike path to get commuters feet off the accelerator and onto the pedals. Biking, to work, to school, is on the rise, and it is all thanks to a new and safe place to ride a bike.


2018 PhilBike Expo
Sep 27, 2018

Highlights of the 2018 PhilBike Expo

Look above bans e-bikes



the foldable bike

The idea is born out of frustration over traffic and now rides its way to global success

Ride Nyfti, the foldable bike proudly made in the Philippines
Ezra Ferraz Jan 02, 2015

Look more HERE


CYCAD: Pedal Power

Aug 19, 2015


Bamboo Bike

Electric Bike

Global Electric Bikes are featured in NBN Channel 4 at She Ka show as one of the most recommended Small and Medium Enterprise, SME business venture this 2011. The Electric Bikes are storming the Philippine market and it is now available nationwide.

Look above bans e-bikes


Bike Rental - Bugoy Bikers
7 Wright Brothers
Apas, Lahug, Cebu City


BugoyBikers - Why to cycle in the Philippines

These videos give you short impressions, why you should cycle and get an impressions of why cycling is so amazing in this beautiful country in Bohol, Leyte and Siquijor.

Carabao, kalabaw transport

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Transport - Carabao, kalabaw

No Drivers License Necessary


Carabao transport to CAGAYAN VALLEY, RIZAL-RIVER


Carabao and sled

Carabao are the traditional beast of burden in the Philippines and are still used in the province to pull a sled made of tree branches to transport heavy loads over rough ground. Berting proudly shows his rig!


Carabao - Delivery truck of the Province - Bato - Leyte - daily life.

Jul 26, 2015 Makoy Unggoy

Remark this is an album in the album "Daily life, shopping work, retirement - Etc."

Laws - Traffic, Motor Vehicles and “Philippine Lemon Law” - Etc.

Look also HERE and HERE

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RA 10913, the “Anti-Distracted Driving Act”

Revised IRR - RA 10913

Top violators of Anti-Distracted Driving Act drive motorcycles – MMDA
Rambo Talabong July 06, 2017
Out of the 92 first violators of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, 51 are motorcycle drivers.

Anti-Distracted Driving Act to take effect again starting July 6
Rambo Talabong June 21, 2017
The revised rules of the law have been published, says the Department of Transportation, paving the way for implementation

New driving rules: Gadgets within 'safety zone,' hands-free calls now allowed
Rambo Talabong June 14, 2017
The Department of Transportation says the Anti-Distracted Driving Act and its implementing rules address only distractions caused by mobile phones

DOTr reviewing implementing rules of Anti-Distracted Driving Act
May 30, 2017
This comes a week after the law was suspended due to confusion over its guidelines

Senate to probe 'confusing' rules for Anti-Distracted Driving Act
Camille Elemia May 23, 2017
The intent of the law is different from the interpretation of transport authorities, says Senator Grace Poe.

What is 'line of sight' under the Anti-Distracted Driving Act?
Aika Rey May 22, 2017
No, you can't mount your phone above the dashboard.

Netizens poke fun at 'confusing' Anti-Distracted Driving Act
Don Kevin Hapal May 22, 2017
Where will you place your phone? Can dogs be on the dashboard? What about distracting passengers?

Senators want Anti-Distracted Driving Act on hold over unclear rules
Camille Elemia May 22, 2017
'They have made matters complicated, when it is basically just about banning the use of cellphones while driving,' says Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito

Motorists told to remove rosaries, toys on dashboards by May 26
May 22, 2017
Drinking coffee, eating, or putting on makeup while on the road are also prohibited acts classified under reckless driving, says LTFRB member Aileen Lizada.

A lesson on the Anti-Distracted Driving Act
Atty. Dot Ramos Balasbas-Gancayco Updated December 9, 2016
Talking on the cellphone, texting etc. while driving even when temporarily stopped at a red light is now punishable under the new Anti-Distracted Driving Act.

What you need to know about the Anti-Distracted Driving Act
Aika Rey May 19, 2017
Republic Act No 10913 or the Anti-Distracted Driving Act defines 'distracted driving' as using telecommunications or entertainment devices while in motion or temporarily stopped at a red traffic light.

What is the Anti-distracted Driving Act?
May 201,2017
According to a 2015 National Statistics Office report, using cellular phones while driving has been one of the top causes of road crash incidents
What do you know about the new law on distracted driving?

Understanding The Anti-Distracted Driving Act

Using cellphones while driving prohibited starting May 18
Kimiko Sy May 17, 2017
Under the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, violators will face fines ranging from P5,000 to P20,000

ALL the Videos

New law requires seat belts for children in all motor vehicles
Pia Ranada March 13, 2019

The new law penalizes a driver transporting children without a 'child restraint system' in the vehicle, and bars kids below a certain height to take the front seat of a car


Traffic Fines
Sep 1, 2018

Dapat na nga bang taasan ang multa sa mga traffic violation para ang mga motorista talagang umiwas na sa mga violations na ito? At bakit nga ba iba-iba ang multa ng MMDA, LTO at ng mga LGU sa mga traffic violations?

Is this a ticket trap?
February 23, 2019
Right of Way's road safety advocate Vince Lazatin and's motoring writer Frank Schuengel head over to JP Rizal corner Pasong Tirad streets in Makati, which motorists have flagged as a so-called "ticket trap." WATCH: Caught on cam – a motorist's Makati mishap

Is EDSA Metro Manila's biggest ticket trap?
March 03, 2019
Do you realize that you are, technically, breaking the law by driving through a gas station along EDSA?

House panel approves bill requiring car seats for kids
September 19, 2017

Under the proposed measure, owners of private vehicles should secure children in a child restraint system while in transit on any road, street, or highway.

Look also above and the Video: Child Seat Law
"Failon Ngayon" enumerates some practical issues to consider in implementing the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act.

FAST FACTS: Most commonly violated traffic laws in Metro Manila
Kimiko Sy September 19, 2017

Assuming one violation per vehicle, almost half of all the registered vehicles in the National Capital Region figured in a traffic violation in 2016

Senate hearing on LTFRB issues vs Grab, Uber and Taxi Passenger Bill of Rights
August 02, 2017

Watch the hearing live on Thursday, August 3
The Senate public services committee will hold a hearing on the issues hounding ride-hailing companies Grab and Uber, as well as the proposed Taxi Passenger Bill of Rights

Look the Videos incl. FULL hearing in HD

and the article:

Why Angkas is illegal
Rambo Talabong November 11, 2017
LTFRB board member Aileen Lizada tells that Angkas can only be allowed once the law – the Land Transportation and Traffic Code – is amended

and above

What's lacking in our road safety laws?
Katerina Francisco March 26, 2017

The Philippines' road safety laws lack teeth in some areas, and these need to be addressed to serve as stronger protection for road users.

PH laws on transportation 'really incomplete'
October 12, 2017
Pedestrians and cyclists are among the most vulnerable on the road but there are limited laws that protect them

Road safety advocates seek passage of child restraint bill
May 06, 2017
The proposed measure would require owners of private vehicles to install child restraint devices for children 12 years and below.
Representatives from government agencies, local government officials, and civil society groups discussed House Bill 1319 or the proposed Child Restraint Act during a hearing of the House committee on transportation on Wednesday, May 3.

Motorcycle modification
Apr 22, 2017

Failon Ngayon presents the dangers of modifying motorcycles. The LTO assures motorists that the government is striving to regulate the modification of motorcycles.

House OKs mandatory installation of speed limiters for PUVs
Katerina Francisco August 21, 2015
House Bill 5911 will require the installation of speed limiters on public utility vehicles to curb the number of speed-related road accidents

The Videos in the album Speed Limiter Act of 2016

Drivers, operators favor Speed Limiter Act
The Road Speed Limiter Act to be signed by President Benigno Aquino III will require drivers and operators of public utility vehicles to purchase and install speed limiters. It's an additional expense, but surprisingly, many in the public transport sector welcome the idea. The World Tonight, ANC, February 5, 2016
Speed Limiter Act, isinusulong kontra aksidente sa daan
Oct 27, 2017
Isinusulong ni Transportation Secretary Art Tugade na maipatupad ang Speed Limiter Act. Ito'y para maiwasan ang mga aksidente na kadalasan ay dulot ng human error at mechanical defect. I-Bandila mo, Mike Navallo

Republic Act 10666, Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act of 2015

What you need to know: Law ensuring kids' safety on motorcycles
The new law is set to take effect on Friday, May 19 2017

Aquino signs law banning small children from riding motorcycles
by/Katerina Francisco August 05, 2015
Under Republic Act 10666, children are banned from riding motorcycles unless they can comfortably reach the foot peg, wrap their arms around the driver, and wear a protective helmet.

RA 10586 Republic Act 10586

otherwise known as “An Act Penalizing Persons Driving under the Influence of Alcohol, Dangerous Drugs and other Similar Substances”

FAQs about R.A. 10586: the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013

Look also HERE

 Traffic Laws Traffic laws

New traffic laws: ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. AHS-2008-015

Republic Act No. 8750 - Seat Belts Use Act

Republic Act No. 2000 - Limited Access Facilities Act

Republic Act No. 8794


RA 10054 Republic Act 10054 - Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009

Motorcycle riders can't wear helmets in some parts of Bulacan?
Kimiko Sy May 13, 2017
Motorcycle riders are supposedly asked to remove their helmets when they enter Malolos City and neighboring Baliuag town.
The president of the Bulacan Motorcycles Riders Federation raised alarm over the supposed "no helmet" policy in some parts of the province located south of Manila, a claim that was denied by a local cop.

Full-face motorcycle helmets, bonnets banned in Rizal municipality
Kaela Malig June 21, 2017
Instead of protecting riders from accidents – the purpose of a 2009 law – helmets have become the criminals' protection, Morong's municipal administrator says.

Driving Rules and Tips

The article HERE



East Service Road, South Superhighway, Taguig City, Metro Manila

REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10642, Philippine Lemon Law

The Video

How RA 10642 the 'Lemon Law' protects car buyers

Lemon Law is now effective this week, the law that will give protection to car buyers against defective new cars. Aug 4, 2014

AirTransport & UAVs - Drones - Etc.

with these sections, click:

Authorities, Laws - AirTransport, Maps of Airports, Airfields, Seaplane Anchorages

Airport Bus Service an above section

Airlines systems etc.

Seaplane services

Airports, Airfields and Seaplane Anchorages - Etc.

Private Airplane and Helicopter charter - rental

Advice on Flying to the Philippines and BOC infomercial

Unmanned aircraft vehicles, UAVs


October 17, 2019: These sections will in the future only get few very IMPORTANT updates

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Authorities, Laws - AirTransport

Maps of Airports, Airfields and Seaplane Anchorages - Etc.

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CAAP, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines
Republic Act No. 9497

Civil Aviation Authority Act of 2008 of the Republic of the Philippines, as amended for the regulation of civil aviation in the Philippines.

Manual of Standards for Aerodromes

What to do when your flight gets canceled
Aika Rey August 20, 2018

Here are your rights as a passenger when your flight gets delayed or canceled

Major Rights of an Air Passenger

Based on the joint Department of Transportation and Communications-Department of Trade and Industry Administrative Order 1, or the Air Passenger Bill of Rights, an air passenger has three major rights: (1) Right to be provided with accurate information before purchase, (2) Right to receive the full value of the service purchased, and (3) Right to compensation.

Air Passenger Bill of Rights

Why pre-flight preps matter
Jules Matabuena January 31, 2017

Planning a trip isn’t just about booking the cheapest flight. Ensure that your next travels are comfortable and safe with these tips

Philippines Airports - Etc.

Remark this is an album in the album Special Maps in the album Maps of Philippines in the album A paradise of 7107 islands


‘Mula Kusina Hanggang Langit’ dokumentaryo ni Sandra Aguinaldo with English subtitles

This video entitled ‘Mula Kusina Hanggang Langit’ features ‘the airline meals prepared by Filipinos.’

Overseas Filipinos demand end to 'laglag bala' scam
October 29, 2015

OFWs demand an end to the 'laglag bala' scam that has victimized innocent passengers at the country's main international airports

IMPORTANT: Look MUCH more and the videos about 'laglag bala' scam HERE

Airlines systems etc.

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Know Before You Go: Airline Travel Dos and Don'ts
Air Safety

List of airlines in the Philippines and from other countries banned within the EU because of MISSING SAFETY

The Video

Europe lifts ban on other Philippine airline companies
(Eagle News) - Besides Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific, other Philippine airline companies are now allowed to provide services to Europe after complying with the international standard of civil aviation. Jun 26, 2015 - Remark this is an album in the album Airports & Airline systems

PH airports revise list of items banned from planes

List: Items banned from airplanes

The Office of Transportation Security has revised its list of items that can be brought on the plane, citing ‘evolving levels of threat’ in international and domestic travel

The world's largest choice of independent Airline and Airport reviews - for more than 620 airlines and 645 airports.  Read passenger Flight reviews, lounge Reviews, seat reviews -  and check the Official Airline Star Ranking guide.
Philippine Airlines - necessary to know. Look domestic destinations

Look the below videos

Look the PET policy for travel as checked baggage

Cebu Pacific Air - necessary to know, look more HERE

Look the below videos

South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR)
Spirit of Manila Airlines

The below video

AviaTour - Headquartered at Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the company service include flight tours, charter services etc.
/a> Sky Pasada is the jeepney of the sky! It revolutionized the traditional hub-and-spoke concept of airline service by connecting landing destinations in circuit schedules, thusthe term “Pasada.” Just like the Philippine jeepney, it makesevery stop-over a new starting point!
List of airlines of the Philippines

Seaplane services

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Subic Seaplane, Inc.

operates a non-scheduled charter seaplane service from the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Philippine Seaplane Adventures Inc., PSAI

the first seaplane service to bring forth a truly unique and noteworthy convenience of direct-to-resort air services.

Air Juan offers seaplane trips to Palawan and other islands.

To Palawan and back before noon
Iñigo S. Roces explores the realms of freedom and possibilities opened up by untethering a plane from the airport.
Iñigo Roces Oct 04 2018

Airports, Airfields and Seaplane Anchorages - Etc.

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4 PH airports in Asia's best airports list
Oct 18, 2016

Iloilo International Airport, Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Clark International Airport, and Davao International Airport among the airports surveyed by the travel website.

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport, however, is still named one of the worst airports in Asia

Runway incidents: Lessons from other international airports
Alex Evangelista August 21, 2018 - with Video
Development of alternative runways and airport technologies give other international airports with more efficient ways of dealing with runway mishaps.
Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade said that the recent Xiamen Air mishap was an eye-opener to improve on the airport’s protocols, procedures, as well as airline communications.


Passengers told: Declare valuables in check-in baggage

The Civil Aeronautics Board, CAB plans to coordinate with airport authorities and the airlines following the meeting between the Manila International Airport Authority, MIAA and baggage handlers on cases of baggage pilfering.

Apr 18, 2015

This is an album in the album A paradise of 7107 islands

List of Philippines Airports, Airfields, Seaplane Anchorages

Ninoy Aquino International Airport - Manila international airport, NAIA

Look the below videos and more HERE

LIST: NAIA runway mishaps over the years
by Alex Evangelista August 21, 2018
The runway accident involving Xiamen Air last Thursday, August 16, is not an isolated case in the history of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Look also above

NAIA among ‘high-risk’ airports in Asia-Pacific
Due to its unresolved safety concerns and poor infrastructure, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has been tagged anew as one of the high-risks airports in the Asia-Pacific region, a paper by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) showed.

Ninoy Aquino’s sister says renaming airport is denial of country’s history
Nikko Dizon June 29, 2020

'The blood he shed on the airport’s tarmac symbolized the ultimate sacrifice he made as he fought for a return to democracy in the Philippines,' says Lupita Aquino-Kashiwahara

Mactan, Cebu International Airport
Diosdado Macapagal International Airport, Clark Airport

Look also HERE

The below video

Bacolod-Silay City International Airport
Iloilo International Airport
Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Iloilo
Internasyonal nga Hulugpaan sang Iloilo

Look also HERE and the below videos

Francisco Bangoy International Airport
Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Francisco Bangoy
Tugpahanang Pangkalibutanon sa Francisco Bangoy

also called Davao International Airport

Tuguegarao Airport

IATA: TUG, ICAO: RPUT an airport serving the general area of Tuguegarao City, located in the province of Cagayan

Calbayog Airport

IATA: CYP, ICAO: RPVC an airport serving the general area of Calbayog City, located in the province of Samar

Godofredo P. Ramos Airport

IATA: MPH, ICAO: RPVE, known as Caticlan Airport and recently, Boracay Airport by its developer Transaire, is an airport serving the general area of the town of Malay, located in the province of Aklan in the Philippines. It is one of the two gateways to Boracay. The airport is classified as a Class 2 Principal airport.

The below videos

IN PHOTOS: Bohol-Panglao International Airport

The Bohol-Panglao International Airport will open on November 28, 2018, ahead of the original target of 2021

Tagbilaran Airport to be closed, all flights moving to Bohol-Panglao
The new Bohol-Panglao International Airport will be the sole commercial airport that will serve the province of Bohol

Both by Aika Rey November 27, 2018

Laoag International Airport

IATA: LAO, ICAO: RPLI is the main airport serving the general area of Laoag City, the capital city of the province of Ilocos Norte

Cagayan North International Airport

an airport located between barangays San Mariano and Dagupan in Lal-lo, Cagayan.

Cagayan airport to launch international flights in August
Raymon Dullana July 25, 2017
The airport in Lal-lo town will initially cater to two flights to and from Macau and China on a daily basis.

Southern Leyte Maasin Airport's new passenger terminal inaugurated
July 02, 2018

The Maasin Airport in Southern Leyte can now accommodate 150 passengers from the previous 50


Videos about airports - etc. and airlines systems

Remark these are albums in the album Airports, Airport Bus Service, Airline systems


Ninoy Aquino International Airport - Manila international airport - May 21, 2018

Diosdado Macapagal International Airport inside Clark Freeport Zone

Iloilo International Airport with its facilities in Cabatuan and Sta. Barbara, Iloilo

Godofredo P. Ramos Airport also known as Caticlan Airport and recently, Boracay Airport

NEW Cebu International Airport - July 06, 2018

Airline systems:

PAL, Philippine Airline

Cebu Pacific

Spirit of Manila airlines

Zest Airways

Private Airplane and Helicopter charter - rental

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Airgurus' principal activity is to operate aircrafts i.e., helicopters, turboprops and jets in the small and medium category
Ascent is a step forward - one where mobility is an end-to-end service, starting with helicopters to skip the traffic and with first and last mile land transport to get from door-to-door seamlessly.
Moving around the city does not need to be tedious. Book a helicopter flight in seconds and enjoy refreshments prior to takeoff at one of our dedicated heliports. Fly on state of the art helicopters across town and around cities in the Philippines.


Startup launches helicopter ride-sharing service
Aika Rey April 03, 2019
Tech startup Ascent offers ride-sharing in the skies

Aero Majestic Charter Services
Private Jets Charter Service In Cebu
Philippines Private Plane Charter
Manila Helicopter Tours

Advice on Flying to the Philippines and BOC infomercial to the arriving passengers on the rules and regulations at the airport

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Remark these are albums in the album A paradise of 7107 islands
Advice on Flying to the Philippines (Manila) for the First Time
Kevin Sanders Jan 18, 2016

Here I discuss flying to the Philippines for the first time and making it through the Manila airport. I include some tips for buying your ticket, making the trip easier, and customs/immigration.
Philippine Bureau of Customs, BOC Infomercial

This video clip intends to provide general information to the arriving passengers on the rules and regulations that the Philippine Bureau of Customs are implementing at the airport.  Mabuhay!
Passengers told: Declare valuables in check-in baggage

The Civil Aeronautics Board, CAB plans to coordinate with airport authorities and the airlines and baggage handlers on cases of baggage pilfering. Apr 18, 2015

Duterte to study removal of 'visa on arrival' privilege for foreigners
Pia Ranada and Sofia Tomacruz August 01, 2019

Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr makes the suggestion after National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr raised security concerns over the surge in the number of Chinese working in the Philippines

PH 'refining' visa on arrival for Chinese due to overstaying issues
Lian Buan August 02, 2019
Triggered by statements of concern on the influx of illegal Chinese workers, the Bureau of Immigration is also now considering the possibility of scrapping the scheme altogether

Unmanned aircraft vehicles, UAVs

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How drones can be a force for progress
Chris Schnabel May 30, 2016

Meet the team behind Skyeye – environmental scientists and sociologists convinced that drones are the best answer to the country's land titling and mapping woes

CAAP regulates the use of drones

CAAP mulls moratorium on penalties for drones
Chris Schnabel Jan 29, 2015

CAAP warns drone users of proper procedures
Rudy Santos, The Philippine Star Updated July 25, 2014

The videos

CAAP, maghihigpit sa pagpapalipad ng mga drone Jul 25, 2014

Drones need permit from CAAP jul 25 2014 Aug 23, 2014

Remark: Both these are in the album CAAP regulates the use of drones in the album CAAP - Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines in the album Government Authorities - Etc.


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Aviation Philippines is an effort to explore all aspects of flying, civil aviation, aviation history, and more in the Philippines
Mindanao Saga Flying Club, MSFC in Mati City, Davao Oriental

THE first and only flying club in Mindanao and Visayas, is driving visitors to an old facility that has not been of much use for decades now, as it offers exceptional flying experience to both local and foreign adventurous travelers.

The Videos Remark this is an album in the album Airports, Airport Bus Service, Airline systems, Etc.

Angeles City Flying Club

SeaTransport - Etc.

Authorities and Organizations - Maritime

Maritime laws


Water bus companies an above section

Water Jeepney an above section

Harbors and Marinas - Etc.

Yacht Clubs, Marinas, - Yacht and Boat rental - Etc.

SeaTransport - safety - Etc.

Variety of seacraft


Cruises and River Cruises - Watersports - Etc.

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Authorities and Organizations - Maritime

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Cebu Port Authority, CPA

The Cebu Port Authority is distinct, separate, and autonomous from the Philippine Ports Authority, though both are under the supervision of the Department of Transportation and Communications for purposes of policy coordination.

Philippine Coast Guard
Tanurang Baybayin ng Pilipinas
Ports and harbors of the Philippines

Shipping companies of the Philippines

Ships of the Philippines

Water transport in the Philippines

3 links

Strong Republic Nautical Highway, SRNH

an integrated set of highway segments and vehicular ferry routes which, considered in combination with other road and ferry routes not formally part of the SRNH, forms the backbone of a nationwide vehicle-accessible transport system.

also maps of Western, Central and Eastern SRNH

Associated Marine Officer's And Seamen's Union of the Philippines


or look HERE

Philippine Seafarers’ Union, PSU
Integrated Seafarers of the Philippines, Inc., ISP

a non-stock and non-profit organization formed and established for the welfare of Filipino seafarers and their families.

Maritime laws

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Maritime Law Maritime Laws

Handbook Philippines Parts I to III (2011)

Republic Act No. 10706, Seafarers Protection Act



with e.g. schedules and ticket reservation

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List of ferry services

Look Complete Review of Philippines Ferry Services

Cebu Shipping Guide is an online portal for Cebu shipping schedule
Cebu Ferries, ferries to and from Cebu with e.g. ticket reservation
Adventure and fun at sea defines the SuperCat travel experience

Look also HERE

Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation, APFC

was founded to provide a vital maritime link between the Philippines' 7,107 islands. Since its incorporation in 2002, it has become a trusted shipping company that owns and operates the Philippines' first and only catamaran Roll-on/Roll-off ferries, as well as modernized ports and terminals in the eastern and western Philippine sea route

Look the Videos - Remark this is an album in the album Transport - Maritime - Then & Now, Ferries & Boats - Variety of seacraft


Look also HERE

Cokaliong Shipping Lines, Inc.
Negros Navigation, Nenaco

Video to show you the ferry ride from Cebu to Bohol or Bohol to Cebu - Video also includes and schedule of each ferries and prices.

Remark this is an album in the album Transport - Maritime - Then & Now, Ferries & Boats - Variety of seacraft



Remark this is an album in the album Where to stay

Harbors & Marinas - Etc.

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Ports of Philippines

Look also HERE

Ship Voyage Distance Calculator

Port to port distance


Holiday Oceanview Samal, Mindanao

The flagship attraction of Holiday Oceanview Samal, Mindanao - the marina offers exclusive membership for cruisers and will welcome foreign travelers seafaring this part of the world.

Remark this is an album in the album Yacht Clubs - etc. in the album Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines

Transport Guide - International Shipping Schedules

PortCalls features complete international shipping schedules as well as local and international news on the transportation industry.

Yacht Clubs, Marinas - Yacht and Boat rental - Etc.

Videos in this section are in the album Yacht Clubs - etc. in the album Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines

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Complete list of Philippine Yacht Clubs Marinas

Philippine yacht clubs, marinas and sailing clubs are few and far between when one considers that the Philippines comprises 7107 islands, with a vast expanse of safe sailing waters available in and around the Philippine archipelago.

Located on Mactan Island, Cebu Yacht Club is a full service safe harbor accommodating sail and motor craft up to 300 ft and up to 6 meter draft.

The Video

Make My Trip Travel TV features activities that can be discovered at the Cebu Yacht Club. Located in Mactan, Cebu Philippines, the marina facility has accommodation with food and beverage facilities with an excellent view of the Mactan bridge at night.


Taal Lake Yacht Club

Sailing at Taal Lake Yacht Club

Hobie, Topper, Laser, at Taal Lake Yacht Club, daytrip from Manila, volcano trips, charters, boat rentals


Subic Bay Yacht Club, SBYC is one of the most stunning holiday sites in the Asia Pacific today. SBYC is not only a yachtsman’s haven but also a perfect family getaway with the finest in relaxation, recreation and leisure facilities available in the country.
The Philippine Dragon Boat Federation

Look also HERE

Yacht Charter Philippines

SeaTransport - safety - Etc.

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Philippine Coast Guard





The PCRGA based in the Philippines, is composed of volunteer Licensed and Rated seafarers, Licensed Aviation Pilots, Rated Aviation Personnel, Medical Practitioners, Paramedics, Retired Military and PNP personnel, Security Specialist, Religious leaders and land based professionals, who likes to dedicate and volunteer their spare time to GOD, COUNTRY, FELLOWMEN, that in either way they can also extend assistance to any Government agencies concern in times of CALAMITIES and DISASTERS with in their capacity. We are more on monitoring the rivers and lakes nearby and help implement the existing laws of our Philippine Government, regarding Marine environmental protection, Anti marine pollution, assist in Maritime Search and Rescue and help develop programs for the youths residing with our Philippine coast, Rivers and Lakes, within our HUMBLE CAPACITY.

Speeches at the Navy-sponsored forum on maritime security
May 10, 2017 - with videos

The Philippine Navy on Wednesday, May 10, hosted the Maritime Security Symposium 2017 to discuss maritime security cooperation in Southeast Asia.

Variety of seacraft

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The Paraw

a Visayan double outrigger sail boat. The paraw is similar to a proa, however, the paraw has two outrigger(s) or katig.

The paraw has three major elements that make it a paraw and not another type of boat. These elements are the bangka, the katig and the layag. Motorized versions of bangkas with outriggers are known as Pump Boat and are used for inter-island travel (look below link).

Look about Iloilo Paraw Regatta

A pump boat

an outrigger canoe powered by a small gasoline or diesel engine. Smaller pump boats might be powered by the sort of small single-cylinder engine which might be used to drive a water pump. Larger ones are often powered by recycled automobile engines.

Pump boats are the utility boat and are used for nearly everything from inter-island transportation, to fishing and even by the Philippine Coast Guard.


Remark these are albums in the album Transport - Maritime - Then & Now, Ferries & Boats - Variety of seacraft

Banca, bangca or bangka Boats - Traditional Filipino Outrigger Boats

The traditional Filipino watercraft called the "Banca Boat" looks just like this. Deep V hull, a couple of outriggers to keep it from falling over. They come in all shapes and sizes. They just put car engines in banca boats, truck engines, they use the transmission right out of the vehicles. They're easy to fix, as they are made out of plywood. There's a pretty good example in the videos!

Look the full descriptions of the videos in the album

Look the articles: HERE, HERE and HERE

Re-engineering the Philippine banca
Sophia Dedace and Gregg Yan June 14, 2014
In the Philippines, a boat for a fisherman is what a carabao is for a farmer – a beast of burden, a source of income, a ride home.

Images Philippine Banka (pump-boats)
The Boats of Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Featuring the variety of seacraft you might encounter in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro


Bigiw is one of Philippines' Traditional Maharlikan Watercrafts
May 2, 2018
Bigiw is one of few remaining traditional Maharlikan canoes of the Philippines and Island Buzz Philippines owner Buzzy Budlong talks about the traditional Maharlikan canoe lifestyle.


Philippine Fishing Boat Construction
Jan 4, 2019
We take a look at a Philippine fishing boat that is nearly complete, just lacking engine, outriggers and paint to see what the actual construction looks like.


Boat Building
Apr 29, 2018 Peter White

I came across some men building a banca as I was walking with my dogs. They were planning to use it for fishing once it was in the water. It took them a few weeks to get it complete before they moved it to a beach not far from home.



Designed for calm waters e.g. for rescue purposes and in marsh

AirBoats made by Philippine Fiberglass

Designed for rescue purposes. The boats have carrying capacity up to 10 passengers, a driver and two crew members.

The Balangay or Butuan boat

a plank boat adjoined by a carved-out plank edged through pins and dowels. It was first mentioned in the 16th Century in the Chronicles of Pigafetta, and is known as the oldest watercraft found in the Philippines.

The lepa boat

a houseboat of the Sama D’Laut better known as the Badjau. They are the sea faring or “sea gypsies people” located in Sitangkai, Tawi-tawi and Bongao.


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Tsuneishi Heavy Industries, Cebu Inc., THICI

one of the leading medium sized shipbuilders in the world.

THICI ships out medium sized vessels to different parts of the world from the town of Balamban, Cebu

Etc. e.g. Hoverboards

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DOH and DTI issue stricter regulations regarding hoverboards
The Department of Health and the Department of Trade and Industry issued a joint memorandum providing stricter regulations against hoverboards. These includes prohibiting said device from those who are age 14 and younger as well as recommending the use of protective gear. Jan 19, 2016
PH ban on hoverboards? DTI, DOH to probe safety concerns
December 29, 2015
Under the Consumer Act, the government may ban the sale of hoverboards if proven unsafe
Amid concerns aired by various users at home and abroad, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Health (DOH) will look into the regulation of hoverboards

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"A Balikbayan family"

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