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LIVE: House special session on bill giving Duterte emergency powers for virus outbreak
March 23, 2020 - with Video
Watch the House special session live Monday, March 23

The false premise and promise of emergency powers
Tony La Viña March 23, 2020
'A broad grant of emergency powers is like using a bazooka, when sniper guns with telescopic sights are more effective‬'

Duterte's request to take over private business 'merely standby power'
Mara Cepeda March 23, 2020
Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea says the power to take over private business would only be used 'when our most critical institutions are nearing total shutdown and government is left with no choice'

LOOK: Senate bill seeks to grant Duterte 'special powers' to deal with pandemic
Aika Rey March 23, 2020
The Senate's 'We Heal as One Act' allows 'directing private hospital operations' to address the outbreak when the need arises. There's no mention of emergency powers in the bill

Emergency measures? Show us the plan first
March 23, 2020
Who is in command? Who is thinking long term? If granted emergency powers, will this President even reasonably use them given his poor track record?

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So MUCH are going on in this "horrifying deadly soap opera - with Nepotism - without Human Rights" - changing politics - authorities of - on.... where the 'Paranoid' President Duterte hit for eyeing revolutionary gov't and tells and next a spokesman tells are wrong - misunderstood etc. and fight between the president, members of the government, senate, congress, witnesses and convicts in e.g. hearings etc. .... and FAKE NEWS etc. for supporting the Duterte government.

There are so much going on, so we can't no longer be updated of these "fights" - "changings" and about a "No statesman" ("The NEW Hitler"?) -  supported of the Marcoses, and where even his family is implicated in serious cases about smuggling shabu.

Now this wonderfull country is 'breeding ground for terrorists'

AboutPhilippines fears that the "No statesman" will give away our wonderfull country and forget all the countries, who always have supported our country! Look the examples here Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte vs US - UN & EU

AND AboutPhilippines just ask: How can we trust Philippine National Police - PNP?

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Revolutionary government, yes, Duterte-style, no
Teddy Casiño October 17, 2017

Under Duterte’s leadership, there is clearly no revolution. It’s actually more of the same, only worse. What Duterte ushered in was a rightist counter-revolution.

Pluralism, populism and their perversions: Congress in the time of Duterte

The 17th Congress, when viewed in tandem with the Duterte presidency, reveals the phenomenon of perverted pluralism (elitism) combining with perverted populism (one-man rule).

Indeed, this signals 'change,' albeit from bad to worse.

Look also

We need a president who will reform Congress and a Congress that will reform the presidency. We need a citizenry that will insist on having both.

Both by Carmel V. Abao September 17-18, 2017

Politics and law in the middle of a drug war
by Ross Tugade August 22, 2017

'Is the death of a seventeen-year old boy a product of the limits of our institutions? Or must we necessarily expand our understanding of how power works in Philippine society?
The death of Kian delos Santos and thousands of others caught in the bloody drug war reveals a social symptom of the gravest degree.
In Duterte’s Philippines, where there is virtually an unchecked use of force, the State has effectively turned itself against the people.

Religion and our state
by Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino August 04, 2017

When 'secular state' becomes the reason that religion can no longer publicly manifest itself, that is most assuredly a threat to liberty


Nene Pimentel on federalism, Congress, Duterte's SONA
July 25, 2017

The former Senate president shares his thoughts
The father of Senate President Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III, the elder Pimentel recently made headlines when he contradicted his son's position on convening Congress to discuss the declaration of martial law in Mindanao.

What does liberalism, LP, and yellow really mean?
July 18, 2017 - with Video

Can you tell the difference between liberalism, the Liberal Party, and the Yellow Movement?


Franklin Drilon on opposition and rule of law under Duterte
September 01, 2017

Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon talks about the rule of law, the future of the political opposition under the Duterte administration, and the drug-related killings.

Duterte pardons 10 political prisoners – Karapatan
July 06, 2017

Malacañang has yet to come out with a statement regarding the pardoning of the 10 political prisoners

Look also

Duterte to release around 20 political prisoners by Dec 25
by Pia Ranada December 19, 2016
Some of those likely to be released may be asked to join the ongoing peace talks, says chief government negotiator and Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III

PH starts process of freeing 434 'political prisoners'
by Carmela Fonbuena October 09, 2016
The National Democratic Front has been pressing for the release of all 'political prisoners' as a necessary 'incentive' for the communist rebels to agree to a bilateral ceasefire agreement

Free All Political Prisoners in the Philippines

GALLERY: Who are Duterte's San Beda appointees to gov't?
by Michael Bueza June 29, 2017

UPDATED From the Cabinet to the courts, many of the President's schoolmates and classmates have been appointed to key government positions.


Defending Democracy Summit 2017
June 12, 2017

About 200 people from various sectors gather for a summit called Defend Democracy Summit: "Pagtitipon at Paninindigan para sa Demokrasya at Kalayaan" on Monday, June 12. The event takes place on Araw ng Kalayaan at the UP Diliman School of Economics Auditorium.

Look also

A pathological democracy
by Vergel O. Santos August 12, 2017

Deviancy in fact characterizes the policies and workings of the Duterte government.

Showbiz for ugly people? How Filipino politics is one big soap opera
By Staff Writers January 25, 2017

Ever wondered why politics in the Philippines is so melodramatic? Or how any Filipino who gets even remotely famous ends up in public office? Here Anna Cristina Pertierra of Western Sydney University discusses how the country proves the old adage that “politics is show business for ugly people”....

Digong's Cabinet should talk more, take the bullets
by Rene Saguisag May 26, 2017
Are we better off after a year? Did we have a Marawi situation last year?
Prez Digong alarmingly and needlessly cut short by a day his trip to Russia and took the mic energetically on arrival for another rambling performance. He talked of martial law (ML) in Mindanao where the vilified Muslims have been persecuted for centuries.
Republic Act No. 6713

This Act shall be known as the "Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees."

Duterte forms powerful body to probe appointees
by Paterno Esmaquel II October 05, 2017
EO 43
states that the commission "shall have the power, on complaint or motu proprio, and concurrently with the Office of the Ombudsman, to hear, investigate, receive, gather, and evaluate evidence, intelligence reports, and information in administrative cases against all presidential appointees in the Executive Branch of the government and any of its agencies and instrumentalities."
Change is coming? Duterte recycles the old
May 15, 2017

By naming soldiers to civilian posts, Philippine presidents think they are able to tame and temper a politicized military.
The quick-fix president favors quick-fix officials.

House on fire
by Representative Tom Villarin March 13, 2017

The House leadership disregarded rules and procedures to approve the death penalty bill. With the bill on criminal responsibility on the next agenda, an uprising is inevitable.

Look also

House names new committee chairs after death penalty vote
by Mara Cepeda May 15, 2017
The House leadership begins naming the lawmakers who will be replacing the committee chairpersons ousted for not voting in favor of the death penalty bill.

When politics and principles clash on the death penalty
by Mara Cepeda March 22, 2017
18 lawmakers who voted no to the RH bill under the 15th Congress voted yes to the death penalty measure under the 17th Congress. How did the Church mobilize against the two controversial measures?

A race to kill democracy
by Representative Tom Villarin May 03, 2017

Leaders in two Southeast Asian countries, the Philippines and Cambodia, have used a startlingly similar playbook to undermine the opposition and subvert democracy.

Look also
Resist the trolls, resist the hate
by Pia Ranada May 03, 2017
When trolls win, everyone, including those who support President Duterte, loses

Perfect storm in wild, wild Philippines
by Tony La Viña March 21, 2017

For our sake, we better understand what is happening and act collectively to avert the worst outcome

Our own Gang of Four and a Half
by Vergel O. Santos April 29, 2017
Duterte, Estrada, Arroyo, Marcos – they are our own Gang of Four, who, in the 60s and 70s, in its original Communist Chinese incarnation was the ruthless power behind Mao Zedong.
Condemned by crowd acclamation
by Vergel O. Santos March 03, 2017

Philippine society has slid back a couple of millennia to ancient Rome's standards by which justice was dispensed according to the crowd's level of lust for blood.

The fragility of democracy: Why we can’t just ‘move on’ from EDSA 1
by JC Punongbayan February 25, 2017

Perhaps it’s best to remember EDSA 1 not as one great wholesale victory for democracy, but rather as a testament to the fragile nature of democracy.

Look also EDSA Revolution

Official Gazette

the official journal of the Republic of the Philippines.
Commonwealth Act No. 638, “An Act to provide for the uniform publication and distribution of the Official Gazette,” was passed by the Third Session of the Second National Assembly on May 22, 1941, and subsequently approved by President Manuel L. Quezon on June 10, 1941.

Look also

Presidential Communications Group or simply the Communications Group
a collective name for the newly formed offices within the Office of the President of the Philippines and refers to the following positions and offices: the Presidential Spokesman and the Presidential Communications Office (formerly the Office of the Press Secretary).

The Presidential Communications Operations Office - PCOO with:

Communications Secretary Martin Andanar
Assistant Communications Secretary Mocha Uson

Marcos at the Libingan: Fears of a resurgent authoritarian regime
by Leslie V. Advincula-Lopez November 27, 2016

The seeming lack of commitment of the State to play by the rules, and the absence of oversight functions to temper these transgressions resurrect the dormant fear of many Filipinos of the horrors of an authoritarian regime.

The future of democracy
Jan 11, 2017 -
with Video

How can democracy thrive in the era of post-truth? Geopolitical analyst and author Parag Khanna explains.

Look also

Save democracy, save ourselves
Vergel O. Santos June 17, 2017
Save the democratic institutions? If there’s anyone who needs saving – and needs saving now – it’s us.

Senate ousts Drilon, LP senators from key posts
UPDATED The 4 ousted senators join the Senate minority bloc. The Senate on Monday, February 27, stripped 3 Liberal Party senators and their ally of committee chairmanships, following the arrest of their party mate Senator Leila de Lima.
It was neophyte senator Manny Pacquiao, a key administration ally, who motioned to remove from key positions LP senators Franklin Drilon, Francis Pangilinan, Paolo Benigno Aquino IV, as well as Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros. Akbayan is allied with the LP.

Look also

Liberal Party senators see Palace hand in ouster
'Nawala na ba ang pagiging independiente at magiging sunud-sunuran na lang ba [ang Senado] sa ehekutibo?' asks Senator Francis Pangilinan.

15 senators planned LP ouster in Pacquiao's house
by Camille Elemia February 28, 2017
'Hindi tayo makakagawa ng trabaho dito sa Senado kung hindi natin gaganunin. Ako, ayoko mamulitika. Kumbaga, nandito tayo para magtrabaho,' says Senator Manny Pacquiao

After LP ouster, Drilon is new Senate minority leader
Six senators now comprise the minority bloc: Franklin Drilon, Paolo Benigno Aquino IV, Francis Pangilinan, Risa Hontiveros, Leila de Lima, and Antonio Trillanes IV

All above by Camille Elemia February 27 - 28, 2017
Pacquiao tells LP they can keep some posts: 'May awa din ako'
February 28, 2017
The neophyte senator volunteers to initiate the move to oust the 4 Liberal Party senators on Monday, February 27

Palace denies hand in ouster of LP senators
by Pia Ranada February 28, 2017
Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella says President Rodrigo Duterte can't control the '24 republics' that make up the Senate.

Filipinos and the politics of acceptance
by Frankie Concepcion December 06, 2016
What I have learned from history is that often, Filipinos have been asked to accept the very tragedies which have defined us.

AboutPhilippines says: An article giving thoughts!

Año's challenge: How to lead PH military under Duterte?
by Carmela Fonbuena December 14, 2016
Amid fears of creeping martial law, Armed Forces chief Eduardo Año could be the best person to protect democracy – or

be its worst enemy.


Dial 8888, 911: Gov't opens complaints, emergency hotlines
Aug 1, 2016
Malacañang and the national police on Monday launched their respective hotlines for receiving public complaints and emergency calls.

Look also

Success stories from the 8888 hotline
by Happy Feraren October 09, 2016
Citizen complaints received through the hotline get forwarded to concerned agencies for immediate action

8888 hotline: Most complaints lodged vs SSS, LTO
by Michael Bueza September 23, 2016
Quezon City and Manila also top the list of LGUs that got the most number of complaints since the hotline was launched in August

8888 complaint hotline, 911 for emergencies
July 08, 2016
The 8888 number will serve as the hotline for citizen complaints

and MUCH more HERE

The Left’s unity and struggle with Duterte
by Teddy Casiño November 15, 2016
Extrajudicial killings and the Marcos burial issue will continue to be a recurring source of disagreement. So far, these burning issues have not been decisive in breaking the alliance with Duterte.
The curious case of the Mocha Uson blog
by Carmel Veloso Abao November 05, 2016
Its main message is that President Duterte can do no wrong. This kind of citizen defense of a president is not desirable because it promotes personalistic instead of rational political discourse.


Constitution - Etc. Laws

Look also The Philippine Baseline Law and Know Your Boundaries

go to overview

(Full Text - present Constitution)

Look also

Evolution of the Philippine Constitution
by/Official Gazette
The Philippines has had a total of six constitutions since the Proclamation of Independence on June 12, 1898.

Araw ng Saligang Batas

Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas 1987

the history of the constitution og the Republic of the Philippines

FAST FACTS: 1987 Philippine Constitution
by/ Jodesz Gavilan February 02, 2016
February 2 of each year is Constitution Day to commemorate the highest law of the land

Con-Com EO for federalism being drafted – Alvarez
by Mara Cepeda August 09, 2016
Senate President Pimentel supports the formation of a Constitutional Commission, saying it would help Congress save time as it focuses on other legislation

The problem with Con-Ass? Distrust of Congress
by Camille Elemia Updated August 01, 2016
Critics oppose the move to convene a Constituent Assembly to amend the 1987 Constitution: 'The 17th Congress cannot be trusted to legislate against its own'
President Rodrigo Duterte has changed his mind, again: he was pushing for a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) as the mode to amend the 1987 Constitution, but he is now espousing a Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass).
Drilon files Con-Con reso to 'review' 1987 Charter
The resolution bars incumbent lawmakers and candidates in the May 2016 polls from qualifying as a convention delegate
Senators divided on Con-Con, Constituent Assembly
Some senators remain open to a Constituent Assembly as long as the Senate and the House of Representatives will be allowed to vote separately on proposals
Both by Camille Elemia July 03 and August 01, 2016

The Chan Robles Virtual Law Library of Law of the Philippines

Here AboutPhilippines recommend to look after wanted laws

House panel votes: Amend charter through Constituent Assembly
Mara Cepeda October 19, 2016

The House constitutional amendments will create a report on the resolution to have it approved at the plenary

Look also

Duterte forms consultative body on constitutional amendments
Pia Ranada December 09, 2016

Under Executive Order 10, the 25-member committee will have 6 months to submit recommendations on amendments to the 1987 Constitution
EO 10, signed on Wednesday, December 7, creates a 25-member committee to be composed of presidential appointees.
The committee will “study, conduct consultations, and review the provisions of the 1987 Constitution including but not limited to the provisions on the structure and powers of the government, local governance, and economic policies.

Rewriting other parts of the Constitution?
March 29, 2017

Are we content with the modes provided for rewriting the Constitution?

Charter-change non-negotiables
by Ronald U. Mendoza and Michael H. Yusingco September 14, 2017
To counter vested interests, all citizens must be prepared to rally around key reforms that will truly bring about change.
As part of his effort to fulfil a promise of change, President Rodrigo Duterte issued in December 2016 Executive Order No. 10 to organize the Consultative Committee (Con-Com) on constitutional reform.
Rewriting for what?
by Fr Ranhilio Callangan Aquino August 21, 2017

I read draft proposals on rewritten provisions of the Constitution, including a rewritten preamble that refers to the oddity of "a more perfect" society, in place of the quite sensible "just and humane society."
I must now ask: What, exactly, are we rewriting the Constitution for?
We should write for a clear purpose – and not merely because the chance to rewrite is open to us!

Duterte: Give president sole power to declare martial law
by Jun A. Malig December 23, 2016
President Rodrigo Duterte also wants to amend in the Constitution another 'reckless reaction' to the Marcos regime – the term limits on local officials.
President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday, December 22, said he wants the Constitution amended to make it less difficult for any president to declare martial, saying the current safeguards were mere “reckless reaction” to what Filipinos experienced during Martial Law.
He also said there is also a need to review the current term limit on local officials, where a maximum of 3 consecutive 3-year terms is allowed.

Look also

Duterte: Martial law futile, will 'burden' the innocent
by Pia Ranada December 30, 2016
'Okay na ako sa state of lawlessness,' President Rodrigo Duterte says in an interview with Rappler's Maria Ressa.
Martial law is futile and will only "burden" the innocent, President Rodrigo Duterte said, as he dispelled fears that recent bombings in Cotabato and Leyte will persuade him to impose military rule.

Threat of martial law 'worst Christmas gift'
December 23, 2016
The Vice President asks Filipinos to 'remain vigilant against the threat of martial law,' calling President Duterte's challenge to the Constitution 'appealing'


The Constitution of the Philippines - Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas

popularly known as the 1987 Constitution, is the constitution or the supreme law of the Republic of the Philippines. It was enacted in 1987, during the administration of President Corazon C. Aquino
Preamble of the 1987 Philippines constitution both in English and Tagalog

Electoral Tribunals

The Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET)

is an electoral tribunal that decides election protests involving the election of the President of the Philippines and Vice President of the Philippines. It is composed of justices of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. The equivalent tribunals for the Congress of the Philippines are House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal and the Senate Electoral Tribunal.

Look also HERE and

Presidential Electoral Tribunal: What happens to a protest?
Michael Bueza January 01, 2017
There have only been 4 election protests since 1992. None, so far, has resulted in the reversal of results for president or vice president. On average, it took close to 4 years for these protests to be resolved.
Executive Order No. 292, s. 1987
Signed July 25, 1987
Time for pro-democracy forces' agenda (part 1)
by Philip M. Lustre Jr. December 10, 2016

A democratic agenda has to be put in place to prevent the return of authoritarianism. This agenda will define the moves to enable the pro-democracy forces to defeat authoritarianism.

Look also

Conclusion: Time for pro-democracy forces' agenda (part 2)
Philip M. Lustre Jr. December 11, 2016
The November 25 and 30 mass actions have confirmed two things: first, the existence of a critical mass of warm bodies to comprise the pro-democracy movement; and second, the emergence of young people, or millennials, as a new force to reckon with.



What’s a ‘state of lawlessness’?
Updated September 03, 2016
Expect to see more soldiers, policemen, and checkpoints in key areas. Curfews can be imposed as the need arises.
IMPORTANT: Look also below and

The Videos

Duterte declares state of lawlessness - Ambush Interview - Davao City 9-3-2016
3 Sep 2016

and these Videos in the album "‘State of lawlessness’ - 'State of national emergency', Section 18, Article VII of the Constitution"

What’s a ‘state of lawlessness’, Section 18, Article VII of the Constitution

State of lawlessness meant to keep things 'under control'

Mga limitasyon ng 'state of lawlessness'

'State of national emergency', nilagdaan ni Duterte

Dokumento sa deklarasyon ng State of National Emergency, inilabas ng Malacañang

Palace directives on 'State of national emergency'

and the articles:

De Lima: Palace guidelines on state of nat'l emergency 'prone to abuse'
by Camille Elemia September 08, 2016
Senator Leila De Lima – deemed the fiercest critic of President Duterte – expects the declaration to be questioned before the Supreme Court

State of lawlessness: Prelude to Martial Law?
by HOMOBONO A. ADAZA September 8, 2016

Diokno to Duterte: Why the continued state of nat'l emergency?
by Jodesz Gavilan October 22, 2016
Jose Manuel Diokno, dean of the De La Salle University College of Law, also says the involvement of the military in the war on drugs is questionable, with or without a state of national emergency

Congressmen justify drug war extension
by Mara Cepeda September 19, 2016
Surigao del Norte 2nd District Representative Robert Barbers, chairman of the committee on dangerous drugs, says the campaign against illegal drugs 'should not be time-bound'

Duterte seeks 6-month extension on drug war deadline
September 18, 2016
President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday, September 18, asked for a 6-month "extension" on his self-imposed deadline to end illegal drugs in 3 to 6 months.
Duterte said he has a final list that is about 3 inches thick, bearing the names of alleged drug personalities that include public officials. He said he had no idea of the extent of the drug problem until he became Chief Executive.

Dela Rosa thankful for 'war on drugs' extension
by Bea Cupin September 18, 2016
The PNP chief says he did not even discuss the idea of an extension with President Rodrigo Duterte but reckons the Chief Executive has seen that police are 'having a hard time'

Duterte signs state of nat'l emergency proclamation
Updated September 05, 2016
UPDATED – President Rodrigo Duterte has signed a proclamation declaring a "state of national emergency on account of lawless violence," confirmed Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea to media on Monday, September 5.

How 'state of lawlessness' was miscommunicated
by Pia Ranada September 04, 2016
The conflicting statements about the ‘state of lawlessness’ declared by the President leave the public in a state of confusion. Who's responsible?

State of lawlessness meant to keep things 'under control'
by Michael Bueza September 03, 2016
San Beda Graduate School of Law Dean Fr Ranhilio Aquino says that President Duterte's declaration of a state of lawlessness 'does not in any way entail the curtailment of any of our freedoms and liberties'

Duterte declares state of lawlessness
Updated September 03, 2016
(5TH UPDATE) The declaration is to ensure "coordinated efforts" between the police and the military in the government's fight against terrorism and illegal drugs, the President says

Duterte declares 'state of lawless violence,' hikes military, police presence
Updated September 3, 2016

Making sense of Duterte's declaration of state of lawlessness
by Tony La Viña September 03, 2016
For now, Duterte's declaration does not appear to lead us to a slippery slope. But we must be vigilant.

and look MUCH more HERE

Proclamation No. 55, s. 2016
Signed September 4, 2016


Look also

Memorandum Order No. 3, s. 2016
Signed September 7, 2016

Memorandum Order No. 4, s. 2016

State of nat'l emergency: More police, military in malls, train stations
by Pia Ranada September 06, 2016
The Palace releases guidelines for implementing President Duterte's declaration of 'state of national emergency on account of lawless violence'

  Philippine habeas corpus cases - Article III

By: Cherry Apple M. Delaminez

are cases decided by the Supreme Court of the Philippines, concerning the writ of habeas corpus.
The writ of habeas corpus may be suspended in order to prevent any violence in cases of rebellion or insurrection, as the case may be. In Philippine jurisdiction, the present 1987 Philippine Constitution, Article III, Section 15 provides that “The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended except in cases of invasion or rebellion, when the public safety requires it.

Look it as pdf HERE or as Slideshow in the album with the Videos Sep 8, 2016:

De Lima vs suspension of habeas corpus: We already have 'creeping martial law, authoritarianism'

Gordon wants Duterte to suspend writ of habeas corpus

Suspensyon ng habeas corpus, iminungkahi ni Gordon

IMPORTANT: Look also above and

Duterte threatens to suspend writ of habeas corpus, declare 'revolutionary war'
Pia Ranada April 04, 2019 - with Video
President Rodrigo Duterte, outraged at criticisms of his order to review all government contracts, slams Senator Franklin Drilon and threatens to arrest 'all' his critics

Robredo denies she is 'eager' to replace Duterte
Camille Elemia April 07, 2019
Vice President Leni Robredo says declaring a revolutionary government runs against President Rodrigo Duterte's oath to defend the Constitution

If Duterte declares revolutionary gov’t, Robredo becomes president – Macalintal
Mara Cepeda April 05, 2019
'Once President Duterte declares a revolutionary government, he ceases to be President having divested himself of the presidency,' says opposition senatorial bet Romy Macalintal, a veteran election lawyer

Robredo to Duterte: 'Irresponsible' to threaten critics with revolutionary gov’t
Mara Cepeda April 05, 2019
'Hindi puwedeng dahil nag-alburoto ka, parang tatakutin iyong taumbayan sa isang paraan na hindi constitutional,' says Vice President Leni Robredo

Duterte to Congress: Suspending habeas corpus a ‘passing thought’
by Camille Elemia November 15, 2016
'He was only thinking out loud, na ano ba 'yung mga weapons, ammunition, methods available to him,' Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III recalls the President telling lawmakers while discussing his war on drugs at a Palace meeting.

Duterte: Leaders need to do 'wrong' to protect people
by Pia Ranada November 14, 2016
President Duterte, after his warning to suspend the writ of habeas corpus, says, 'Either we do something to protect society or do something sometimes wrong to protect society'

Dela Rosa: Suspending habeas corpus makes job 'easier'
by Bea Cupin November 14, 2016
The PNP chief assures the public that even if the writ of habeas corpus is suspended, they will remain 'here to serve and protect.

LP senators: 'No basis' to suspend writ of habeas corpus
by Bea Cupin November 13, 2016
'The drug menace is not a ground to suspend the privilege of the writ,' say the 4 Liberal Party senators in a joint statement

Suspending habeas corpus to harm PNP, drug war - Lacson
by Mara Cepeda November 13, 2016
Malacañang, meanwhile, says the suspension of the writ 'is just an idea' so far.

Duterte to suspend writ of habeas corpus if 'forced'
by Paterno Esmaquel II November 12, 2016
President Rodrigo Duterte says the law allows him to do this 'to protect the Republic of the Philippines'
President Rodrigo Duterte warned that he can suspend the writ of habeas corpus, a safeguard against warrantless arrests, if lawlessness – particularly the illegal drugs trade – persists in the country.

and HERE


Robredo: Duterte has no legal basis to suspend habeas corpus

President Rodrigo Duterte's threat to suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus has caused concern among ordinary citizens and public officials alike. Palace officials have quickly defended the president on his latest remarks, saying the possible suspension is an option accorded by law when conditions call for it. – ANC, The World Tonight, November 14, 2016

Lawmakers hit Duterte's 'twisted, Marcosian' logic
by Mara Cepeda November 15, 2016
Congressmen from the independent minority bloc of the House cite the 'dangers' of President Rodrigo Duterte's unclear thought process.

Gordon wants emergency powers for Duterte, suspension of habeas corpus
by Camille Elemia Updated 9:03 PM, September 08, 2016

UPDATED The idea does not sit well with senators Franklin Drilon and Leila De Lima, with De Lima saying it would be similar to 'creeping martial law, authoritarianism'

The writ of habeas corpus restored
Proclamation No. 2, s. 1986

On March 2, 1986, addressing the large crowd that had gathered in Rizal Park, President Corazon C. Aquino announced the restoration of the writ of habeas corpus.

Republic Act 9163

the National Service Training Program (NSTP) Act of 2001


Look also RA 9163 IRR, NSTP-ROT Component and

Important look also above link about RA 7077

and the Videos (Updated Sep 19, 2016) e.g.:

Managing Risk Using the Philippine’s National Service Training Program (NSTP) at the Community Level

and the articles:

Mandatory ROTC? How about no?
by Marjohara Tucay August 02, 2016
'What we need is a better path for the socio-civic involvement of the youth, a path that is congruent to the challenges of the changing times'

CHED: More info needed on reviving mandatory ROTC
by Jee Y. Geronimo August 05, 2016
'Realistically, [Duterte] wants it. I don't know if he will push [for] it right away, but we might as well do the groundwork,' says Commission on Higher Education chair Patricia Licuanan

How does impeachment work?

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FAST FACTS: How does impeachment work?
by Michael Bueza May 02, 2017
UPDATED The 1987 Constitution lays down rules to make some top officials, including the President, accountable through the impeachment process

Look also the Videos in the album "The circus of impeachment in the Philippines":

How does impeachment work in the Philippines?
Published on May 19, 2017

Gary Alejano's impeachment complaint vs Duterte
March 16, 2017

and the articles:

Are there grounds for a president's resignation under the Constitution?
by Katerina Francisco October 02, 2017
The Constitution doesn't spell out acceptable grounds for a president's resignation, and in recent history, one president's resignation has also raised legal questions.

House panel wants impeachment complaints lacking in form immediately junked
by Mara Cepeda May 22, 2017
The current Rules of Procedure in Impeachment Proceedings state lawmakers may only junk an impeachment complaint after the document's sufficiency in form and substance are assessed.

Robredo behind Duterte impeach move – Alvarez
by Mara Cepeda March 17, 2017
UPDATED Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano, the lawmaker who filed the complaint, denies the accusation, saying 'this is solely the decision of the Magdalo'

The misuse of impeachment

Part 1: Impeachment cannot be used as a tool to persecute or silence perceived political opponents or critics or to subject presidents or other officials to harassment for performing their duties.

Look also

Part 2: Conclusion: The misuse of impeachment

We have opened the Pandora’s box. One can only hope that we will be also to correct ourselves and restore impeachment to its rightful use as a means of accountability and not a political weapon that will only destroy this country.

Both by Tony La Viña September 05 -06, 2017

Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth - SALN


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The "Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth" - SALN

commonly known as SALN is an annual document that all government workers in the Philippines, whether regular or temporary, must complete and submit attesting under oath to their total assets and liabilities, including businesses and financial interests, that make up their net worth.


The Duterte wealth: Unregistered law firm, undisclosed biz interests, rice import deal for creditor
President Duterte and his children Sara and Paolo separately and together offer token or opaque data that, under the law, they are required to reveal in their SALNs

Duterte, Sara, Paolo mark big spikes in wealth, cash while in public office
How and why their fortunes are rising remain a mystery; the numbers do not seem to add up, reports PCIJ

Duterte wealth untouched by elections
PCIJ: In Sara Duterte's case, some unusual situations are apparent, in terms of sudden and sharp rise in her net worth

Dutertes mix up data on 23 business interests
The Dutertes have interests and engagements in at least 23 corporate entities, the majority involving food and catering, freight and trucking services, and education, according to a PCIJ investigation

Inconsistent declarations of Duterte relatives in gov’t
16 relatives of Duterte have worked or remain in government posts, according to a PCIJ investigation

All by Malou Mahangas and Floreen Simon, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism April 03-04-05, 2019


IMPORTANT to look too:

Duterte's 2016 net worth: P27.4M
Lian Buan May 12, 2017
The President's latest Statement of Assets and Liabilities shows his net worth at P27.4 million as of December 31, 2016, up by P3 million compared to June 2016

Trillanes on Duterte bank accounts: 'Prove me wrong'

Duterte donor Imee Marcos not in his SOCE

Look also
Duterte's SALN: P3M from extra campaign donations
Jodesz Gavilan May 13, 2017
Duterte explains the additional P3 million in his SALN, Statement of Assets and Liabilities as of December 2016, saying this came from various donors he no longer knows.

Duterte 'jokes' about mystery woman 'Vanessa'
Pia Ranada May 14, 2017
The President jokes of a wealthy single woman from Metro Manila who he brings often during foreign trips.
This woman, he at first asserted, is the source of the additional P3 million* ($60,337) he declared in his recent Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN).
Duterte is also fond of women, and has not shied away from expressing admiration for beautiful women, be it a government official or his own security aide.

Separation of Church and State

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Understanding separation of Church and state
Father Amado Picardal June 30, 2019
Its misunderstanding can be used to silence the Church

“Separation of Church and State” in the Philippines

Philippine “Separation of Church and State” Constitutional Clause:
Nature, Purpose, Tests Based on Philippine and American Religion Clause History, Law and Jurisprudence

The principle of separation of church and state

INC’s defeat: Actualizing separation of church and state

FOI - Freedom of Information - Etc.

Remark most of the videos in this section are in the album "Freedom of Information - FOI"

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eFOI - Electronic Freedom of Information
Freedom Of Information
Access government records today.

Look also

Gov't agencies told: Upload FOI manuals by October 1
August 31, 2017
The PCOO says agencies should comply before the start of the validation process on their eligibility to the performance-based bonus

and the Video:

Malacañang launches E-FOI portal
Dec 10, 2016
Despite of the initiative of the government of an online FOI for transparent information dissemination, the Center for Media and Responsibility argues some of the restrictions that it provides.

Private media not allowed at FOI portal, manual launch
by Pia Ranada November 25, 2016
Malacañang prohibits private media from covering an event meant to signify the Duterte administration's commitment to the free flow of information.


What to expect in new FOI website
Dec 2, 2016

The public can now have better access to information from agencies under the executive branch after the electronic site for Freedom on Information (FOI) has been launched late last month.


Presentation of the People's Freedom of Information Manuals
Freedom of Information EO signed
Jul 24, 2016
President Rodrigo Duterte has signed the executive order (EO) implementing the Freedom of Information (FOI), Malacañang announced Sunday.

Executive order sa FOI, pirmado na ni Pangulong Duterte
Jul 24, 2016
Pinirmahan na ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte ang executive order kaugnay ng Freedom Of Information pero sakop pa lang nito ang mga opisina sa ilalim ng executive branch.
'Freedom of Exemptions': Journalists slam FOI exemptions
Sep 26, 2016
The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) and the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) both lament the exemptions placed on President Rodrigo Duterte's executive order on Freedom of Information (FOI) in the executive branch.
Senate panel highlights 'urgent need' to pass FOI
Sep 19, 2016
Led by Senator Grace Poe, the Senate Committee on Public Information and Mass Media on Monday launched its hearing into the proposed Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.
Official Announcement by Sec. Andanar on the Signing of the EO on FOI 7/24/2016
Official Announcement by Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on the Signing of the Executive Order on Freedom of Information (FOI)
Davao City, 24 July 2016
State of the Freedom of Information Bill: Panel 1 and 2  and Closing remarks.
Jul 21, 2014
17th Congress set to pass FOI bill
Jun 28, 2016

Look also the articles:

House panel approves FOI bill with 8 exceptions
by Mara Cepeda February 15, 2017
House public information committee chairperson Antonio Tinio says the FOI bill aims to flesh out the policy of full public disclosure in the country.

FOI to take effect on Nov 25: What you need to know
by Aika Rey November 23, 2016
Interested citizens can request for official records by going straight to agencies or by visiting the eFOI portal at

Freedom of Information (FOI) Manual
The Presidential Communications Operations Office will release a model FOI Manual by 7 October 2016, which you can either adopt or use as template. PCOO also plans to hold FOI Workshops on 13, 14, 20 and 21 October 2016.

Why the Philippines needs a freedom of information law

How access to information laws can help you
Nov 15, 2014

No right of reply in consolidated FOI bill
by/Jodesz Gavilan Dec 02, 2014

Most politicians who push for the right of reply are afraid that the proposed bill will be used against them by the media.

Less Filipinos think they can speak freely
by/Chay F. Hofileña Updated Jun 12, 2015

Draft FOI manual includes list of 166 exceptions
August 28, 2016
The draft of the manual for Freedom of Information (FOI) includes exceptions ranging from information related to national security matters to criminal investigations.
Individuals seeking information from the government may need to review 166 exceptions listed in the August 22 draft of the Freedom of Information (FOI) People's Manual.

Look the Executive Order No. 02, s. 2016

Look also the above videos

How serious is the Duterte administration about FOI?
by Aika Rey March 19, 2017

Among the agencies participating in the eFOI program, one agency stands out for being unresponsive to data requests – the Philippine National Police.

Memorandum from the Executive Secretary on Release of Official Statements
Signed September 22, 2016
FOI Youth Initiative (FYI)

Political system, etc.

Remark many of the videos in this section are albums in the album "Political system, etc."

Look also The President - Vice President and Foreign Policy - etc. - Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte vs US - UN & EU

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This Act shall be known as the "Government Procurement Reform Act."

Look also
IRR Republic Act No. 9184
by August 29, 2016

Philippine Council of State

is an advisory body first established during the American Colonial Period by the Governor-General of the Philippines Francis Burton Harrison upon the recommendation of Philippine politicians and future Presidents of the Philippines Manuel L. Quezon and Sergio Osmeña. Governor-General Harrison issued an executive order on 16 October 1918, creating the first Council of State in the Philippines "to harmonise the executive and legislative departments"

It was revived by President Corazon Aquino, but the Council lapsed into disuse but was never being formally abolished. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo reconvened it in 2005.

Look also HERE

National Security Council, NSC

the President's principal forum for considering national security and foreign policy matters with his senior national security advisors and cabinet officials.

Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System, PhilGEPS

The PhilGEPS is government's leading tool in procurement management and its prime mover in promoting transparency and efficiency in public procurement. It is government's central portal for registration of suppliers and advertisement of bid opportunities.

Look also and the Videos


Politics of the Philippines
The Politics of the Philippines took place in an organized framework of a presidential, representative, and democratic republic whereby the president is both the head of state and the head of government within a pluriform multi-party system. This system revolves around three separate and sovereign yet interdependent branches: the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch.

This video is targeted to blind users. Nov 23, 2014


The Government System after EDSA revolution
This is how the Philippine governments system flows after the EDSA revolution. Sep 1, 2013
Local government
Local government is divided into four levels:

Autonomous regions

Provinces and cities independent from a province

Component cities and municipalities


All divisions are called "local government units (LGUs)."

Philippine Councilors League - PCL


Barangay Councilors League of the Philippines - BCLP

Look also HERE and HERE

Calendar of activities for October 2017 barangay, SK elections
by Michael Bueza March 31, 2017
The Comelec prepares for the village and youth council polls, despite a proposal in the House of Representatives to postpone them again.

Look also

Duterte postpones barangay, SK polls to May 2018
by Paterno Esmaquel II October 04, 2017
UPDATED The barangay and SK elections will be held on the second Monday of May 2018 instead of October 23 this year

Comelec postpones barangay, SK polls in Mindanao
by Paterno Esmaquel II September 05, 2017
The poll body cites threats to the safety of voters in Mindanao, which President Rodrigo Duterte placed under martial law due to clashes in Marawi City
Sangguniang Kabataan - SK
"youth council"

is a council for youth in each barangay

Look also

LIST: Schedule of satellite Metro voters' registration
January 21, 2017
Interested parties may request for satellite registration activities in their area in preparation for the 2017 barangay and SK polls, says the Comelec

What’s in the new Sangguniang Kabataan?
by Lou Gepuela January 31, 2016
2016 will mark the first SK elections after a 3-year hiatus

Republic Act No. 10742
“Sangguniang Kabataan Reform Act of 2015”
Look the IRR HERE

Nat'l Youth Commission: Abolishing SK will deprive youth of their voice
August 28, 2016
NYC Chairperson Aiza Seguerra says removing the Sangguniang Kabataan would 'disenfranchise the Filipino youth'
The National Youth Commission (NYC) on Sunday, August 28, expressed alarm over the statements of legislators asking for the abolition of the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK).

Look also

Are we postponing barangay and SK elections or not? P500M is at stake
by Emil Marañon III August 02, 2017
If Congress decides this at the last minute, we risk tossing down the drain about a billion pesos Comelec shall have spent on the preparations.

Republic Act No. 10923
October 15, 2016

Why Duterte's plan to appoint barangay officials violates the Constitution
by Emil Marañon III March 29, 2017
Robert Ace Barbers' House Bill 5359, seeking to postpone village and youth polls and allowing the President to appoint OICs, contravenes the Constitution on at least 5 fronts

Robredo opposes appointment of barangay OICs
by Patty Pasion March 28, 2017
Vice President Leni Robredo says the postponement of barangay elections should be an opportunity to strengthen the independence of barangay officials.

Duterte: Church, sectors can nominate barangay OICs
March 23, 2017
President Rodrigo Duterte says under his proposal, the Catholic Church, other religious denominations, and various groups can submit nominees for him to choose from

Duterte wants to appoint barangay officers-in-charge (OICs) if polls reset
by Marchel P. Espina March 22, 2017
Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno says President Rodrigo Duterte wants handpicked appointees in every barangay in the country to rid the country of drugs.

Look also the Videos Sangguniang Kabataan - SK, "youth council" - Abolition of the Sangguniang Kabataan
Duterte explains why barangay polls should be postponed
Sep 18, 2016

Printing of ballots for barangay, SK polls stopped
August 29, 2016
The Comelec will wait for a law or joint resolution in Congress formalizing the polls' postponement

Barbers defends 'realistic' plan to appoint barangay officials
by Mara Cepeda April 03, 2017 - with video

The lawmaker says appointing 300,000 barangay officials is nothing compared to the number of drug suspects and crimes that 'would rise' if narco-politicians remain in power.

Look also

Barbers files bill postponing barangay elections for 3 years
by Mara Cepeda March 27, 2017
Surigao del Norte 2nd District Representative Robert Ace Barbers' measure would also allow President Rodrigo Duterte to appoint officers-in-charge once the barangay polls are postponed

Dutertism and Philippine populist criminality
by Christopher Magno July 11, 2016

We cite examples that represent a small portion of the many successful Philippine criminal politicians who began or furthered their political careers by capitalizing on their own crimes.
Two of the Filipinos I have interviewed express this popular view in stating, “All the politicians are corrupt”; “Give me the name of a politician who did not use government money for his own interests.”

Single ticket: How about voting for president and VP together?
by/ Benjamin Reilly and Ramon C. Casiple
March 23, 2016

When the winning presidential candidate comes from one party and the winning vice presidential candidate comes from another party, the best that can be hoped for is a 'coalition of convenience'
The Philippines is unusual in allowing “split-ticket” voting for its presidential and vice presidential elections.
This probably reflects American historical influence on the Philippines, as the United States once had this model.


Cebu: Most vote-rich province in PH
Let us look at the most vote-rich provinces in the country. Let us go to Cebu in the Visayas. Cebu province is a favorite destination of candidates running for national office. With close to three million registered voters, the Cebuano vote may spell the difference between the presidency - or any other national elective post - and political oblivion.

Cebu: Pinakamaraming rehistradong botante sa Pilipinas
Dumako tayo sa mga lalawigan na may pinakamaraming rehistradong botante sa buong bansa. Sa kabisayaan, ang Cebu. Makailang ulit pinasadahan ng mga presidential candidates ang lungsod at probinsya ng Cebu para ligawan ang halos tatlong milyong botante roon.

Both Feb 4, 2016

Biggest Provinces in The Philippines in Terms of Votes

Fast Facts: Cebu and elections
Michael Bueza March 18, 2016
Know the electoral profile of the province with the biggest voters' population

The Three Branches' structure of the Government - Etc.

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Originally suggested by Aristotle in his treatise on Politics, and later on recognized by Marsiglio of Padua, Cromwell, Locke and Montesquieu, the doctrine of separation enunciates the idea of grouping the powers of government into three classes and of their apportionment among three coordinate departments, separate from and independent of each other.

by/Lormel Gesite, BSIT Student at Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite Mar 22, 2012

Look it as pdf HERE or as Video

The legislative department
Atty. Ryan Legisniana Estevez, MPP

Look it as pdf HERE or as Video

Remark this is an album in the album "Legislative department"


Legislative Department

Remark this is an album in the album "Legislative department"

Lecture on the Legislative Department of the Republic of the Philippines
Justin Martin O. Hernandez

Look it as pdf HERE or as Video

Remark this is an album in the album "Legislative department"


House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez on the legislation in the time of Duterte
December 13, 2016
What are the Duterte administration's priority measures? House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez talks to Rappler about these

Remark this is an album in the album "Legislative department"

IMPORTANT: Look the full description with highlights on the video and the article:

Look also the article:
Pantaleon Alvarez, Duterte’s lieutenant at the House

Executive department
by/Mara Angelica Refraccion. Oct 08, 2011

Look it as pdf HERE or as Video


The Judicial Department

Look also Court system

Congress of the Philippines

the national legislature of the Philippines. It is a bicameral body consisting of the Senate (upper chamber), and the House of Representatives (lower chamber) although commonly in the Philippines the term congress refers to the latter

Beyond lawmaking: Powers, roles of Philippine Congress members
by Jodesz Gavilan February 11, 2019
Congress plays a vital role in exacting accountability from other branches in government

Senate of the Philippines

Read also

History of the Senate

President of the Senate of the Philippines or more popularly known as the Senate President, is the presiding officer and the highest ranking-official of the Senate of the Philippines.

President Pro-Tempore of the Senate of the Philippines is the second highest-ranking official of the Senate of the Philippines. During the absence of the Senate President, the Senate President pro tempore presides over the Senate.

2016 election of members to the Senate of the Philippines was the 32nd election of members to the Senate of the Philippines.

IN PHOTOS: Philippine Senate turns 100
October 08, 2016
Incumbent and former senators celebrate the institution's centennial anniversary

FAST FACTS: Trivia on the Philippine Senate
Research by Michael Bueza and Katerina Francisco October 16, 2016
Compiled interesting tidbits and trivia on the Senate, which turns 100 this year

and videos from the Senate HERE

Rules of the Senate

Look also

all by Camille Elemia September 10, 11 and 13 2016

Senate ethics body torn on how to handle complaint vs De Lima
Two allies of Senator Leila De Lima want the committee to decide first on its jurisdiction over the complaint, not on the complaint's form and substance

Ethics complaint vs De Lima? Issues of the ethics committee
Former senator Rene Saguisag, who once headed the Senate ethics committee, says politics also comes into play in deciding complaints against senators

Only 2 senators reprimanded by Senate in 30 years
Out of all ethics complaints, the Senate has only censured former senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Heherson Alvarez. Former senator Manny Villar was only reprimanded on paper, due to lack of quorum caused by the absence of his allies

House of Representatives of the Philippines

and videos from the House HERE

Batasang Pambansa Complex

the headquarters of the House of Representatives of the Philippines. It is located at Batasan Road, Batasan Hills, Quezon City.

Alvarez wants to scrap PLLO
by Mara Cepeda February 13, 2017
Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez says the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office's function is redundant since the LEDAC already exists

Presidential Legislative Liaison Office - PLLO, Mandate:
Promotion of Presidential legislative initiatives and other Administration-sponsored priority policy reforms and development programs through a strategic information dissemination campaign and sustained day-to-day collaboration with the two Chambers of Congress, as well as with other interest groups.

Alvarez wants to scrap The Congressional Spouses Foundation, Inc. - CSFI
by Mara Cepeda February 13, 2017

a cause-oriented organization composed of the spouses of the members of the House of Representatives. It is committed to support and complement the legislative and public service mandate of the House of Representatives and its members through socio-civic and other developmental initiatives.

Charter Change? - Federalism in PH - Pros and cons of federalism - Etc.

Look also below Under decentralization

Remark most of the videos in this section are albums in the album "Pros and cons of federalism"

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Several videos with different "Pros and cons" - Etc.

about the agenda "Federalism in the Philippines"

Final version of Consultative Committee draft constitution
The Consultative Committee released the final version of its draft constitution on Tuesday, July 17.
The major changes are the transitory provisions in Article 22 which now includes a section that explicitly prohibits the incumbent president, Duterte, from running in the May 2022 elections, the first regular elections under the new constitution if it is ratified.
It also calls for the election of a Transition President and Vice President, another change in the draft constitution that Duterte wanted.

Highlights of the House's draft federal constitution
by Mara Cepeda October 15, 2018
Here are the key provisions under each article of the draft federal charter authored by Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and 21 other lawmakers

House draft charter skips VP in line of succession to avoid 'instability'
by Mara Cepeda October 09, 2018
The chairman of the House panel on constitutional amendments says future developments in the vice presidential electoral protest may encourage 'military adventurists' to attempt a power grab

'Dead on arrival': Senate leaders reject Arroyo's draft charter
by Camille Elemia October 09, 2018
'We don't have time to even talk about it,' says Senate President Vicente Sotto III, who stands to benefit from the House proposal

What's in Consultative Committee's new transitory provisions
by Pia Ranada July 17, 2018
The Con-Com's modified transitory provisions ban President Rodrigo Duterte from reelection, call for the election of a new Transitory President, and expand the membership of the powerful Transition Commission.

Arroyo's proposed constitution reaches House plenary
October 07, 2018
Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's draft is different from the draft constitution submitted by President Rodrigo Duterte's 22-member Consultative Committee
Arroyo's draft constitution removes lawmakers' term limits
Resolution of Both Houses No. 15, authored by Speaker Gloria Macagapal Arroyo and 21 others, also does not regulate political dynasties

Arroyo’s draft charter skips VP in transition to federalism
The draft constitution, which has reached the House plenary for deliberations, sets for May 2022 the first elections under a federal system of government

Both by Mara Cepeda October 08, 2018
and IMPORTANT READ ALL these articles

Federalism in motion: a runaway train?
by Joel Rocamora October 17, 2017

The logic of the PDP proposal seems to suggest an 'intended consequence'

a political system which will be easier for the Duterte regime to control

Federalism pros and cons – in artworks
March 03, 2018

UP College of Fine Arts professor Neil Doloricon asks his editorial design students to create posters that depict either the benefits or the pitfalls of shifting to federalism

Proposed amendments to the 1987 Constitution

Presentation on regional powers and fiscal sharing under federalism
September 27, 2017

The House committee on constitutional amendments hear the presentation of the technical working group on the shift to federalism
House discussion on proposed amendments to the 1987 Constitution
October 03 - 09, 2017

The House committee on constitutional amendments heard the presentation of the technical working group on the shift to federalism on Wednesday, September 27.
On October 3, the House committee on constitutional amendments hold the continuation of the discussion of the technical working group on the shift to federalism.

Robredo: No need to overhaul Constitution
Vice President Leni Robredo says lawmakers should just introduce amendments to some provisions of the Constitution.
A country's constitution should be fluid with the times but it doesn't mean it should be overhauled, said Vice President Leni Robredo.

Look also

Federalism raises 'more questions than answers'
'Is federalism the only way the Philippines can save itself? Is the Philippines ready for federalism?' asks Vice President Leni Robredo

Both by Patty Pasion February 21, 24, 2017

Is federalism the silver bullet?
Ronald U. Mendoza January 13, 2017

If federalism is to bring fundamental change, then the dynasties and the oligarchs should face greater competition.

Congress 2017: Bleak prospects for shift to federalism
Camille Elemia and Mara Cepeda January 11, 2017

The proposal to change the Philippines' system of government – a cornerstone of President Duterte's campaign – may have widespread support in the House of Representatives, but may face challenges in the Senate.

Duterte to quit in 3 years if federalism begins
Paterno Esmaquel II October 29, 2016

'Basta ako sana mismo ang magsabi, alis na ako. Hindi ako maghintay ng 6 years,' President Rodrigo Duterte says as he pushes for federalism.

'Is federalism a Trojan horse for other agenda?'
Paterno Esmaquel II October 20, 2016

Constitutionalist Christian Monsod says President Rodrigo Duterte's rush to amend the Constitution 'is dangerous demagoguery'

LOOK: The 12 Deputy Speakers of the 17th Congress
Mara Cepeda August 17, 2016

The House leadership appoints 7 more deputy speakers as the 17th Congress prepares for a shift to federalism.
The 12 deputy speakers are set to represent 12 autonomous regions that would arise should the Philippines become a federal state.

Federalism's implications on our legal and judicial systems
Tony La Viña and Johanna Lorenzo January 07, 2017

The emergence of separate and distinct legal and judicial systems within the country need not necessarily divide Filipinos, but it bears to recognize that such a threat does exist, and it should at least cause one to think though the consequences of shifting to a federalist system.

Why federalism is not the answer
Vicente V. Mendoza October 10, 2016

Writes a retired Supreme Court justice: 'We don’t need to change to a federal system but only push hard for decentralization to break up the concentration of power in the central government'

Duterte: I’ll offer to resign once PH becomes federal
Pia Ranada July 28, 2016

If Congress is able to complete the process toward federalism in 2 to 4 years, Rodrigo Duterte will offer to resign to make way for the election of new leaders.
“If they can shorten the proceedings, you have a Constitution that is federal in 2 or 3 years, then you have to elect a president. Of course, that would automatically legally [mean] hindi na ako p'wede (I will have to be replaced), so I will offer to resign,” he said on Wednesday night, July 27, during an event with the League of Cities and Provinces.

Look also

Ex-Chief Justice Davide against amending Constitution
Michael Bueza August 14, 2016
If plans for charter change push through, he hopes amendments will be done via a Constitutional Convention
Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr opposes amending the current 1987 Constitution.

Brillantes: Federalism 'next logical step' in empowering local gov'ts
Jodesz Gavilan August 06, 2016
Former UP National College of Public Administration and Governance dean Alex Brillantes Jr says federalism can be 'one fundamental reform' that can transform and empower frontline government units,
and look the video on the site: Rappler editor-at-large Marites Vitug talks to former UP NCPAG Dean Alex Brillantes on the merits of federalism for the Philippines.

Fariñas: Suspension of lawmaking for Con-Ass 'not fatal'
Mara Cepeda August 05, 2016
'You are talking about divorce, you are talking about death penalty. E paano kung sa bagong Constitution bawal pala ‘yun? Sayang lang ang ginawa mong batas,' says House Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas

Duterte: I'll close Congress if Con-Ass ruins Charter
Pia Ranada August 04, 2016
President Rodrigo Duterte tells critics of a Constituent Assembly that he is their last line of defense against a bastardized Constitution

Con or Ass: We can misbehave!
Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino August 04, 2016
For charter change, a convention of appointed members would still be perfectly constitutional

Con-Com EO for federalism
Mara Cepeda August 01, 2016
The Speaker proposes the formation of a Constitutional Commission after critics said there would be abuse of power in a Constituent Assembly
House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said he would suggest to President Rodrigo Duterte to issue an executive order (EO) to create for a Constitutional Commission (Con-Com).
The Con-Com, whose members will be appointed, is envisioned to help the Constituent Assembly in amending the 1987 Constitution.

Will federalism address PH woes?
Pros and cons of making the shift
Pia Ranada and Nico Villarete Updated February 01, 2016

At least 3 presidential and vice presidential candidates in 2016 are pushing for a change in the Philippine system of government

Look also

Alvarez files con-con bill for federalism
Mara Cepeda July 01, 2016

Davao del Norte First District Representative Bebot Alvarez, who is expected to be the House Speaker, is eyeing to set up a federalist form of government within President Rodrigo Duterte's term

How many states should PH have under federalism?
Mara Cepeda July 12, 2016

Advocates of federalism want to divide the country into 11 autonomous states

No vice president under federalism? Alvarez says 'it depends'
Bea Cupin June 07, 2016

Davao del Norte's Pantaleon Alvarez, the preferred House Speaker of the President-elect, is asked if the Duterte administration is moving to abolish the VP post

Look also the video 'Duterte: This is how Federalism will work in the Philippines' in the above album

and the articles

Federalism can't cut short VP Robredo term – experts
Patty Pasion June 08, 2016
The Philippines can also create a federal, parliamentary form of government that allows for a vice president or a deputy prime minister, congressmen say

FAST FACTS: The vice president in a federal parliamentary gov't
by/Reynaldo Santos Jr June 09, 2016

Federalism in PH: 81 senators, 11 federal states?
Katerina Francisco June 17, 2016

Former Senate president Aqulino Pimentel Jr suggests increasing the number of senators for a proposed federal Philippine government, and adding disputed areas to the country's territory

Look also

Federalism proposal: Disperse seats of power throughout PH
Katerina Francisco June 18, 2016
Former Senate president Aquilino Pimentel Jr outlines the features of a proposed federal government: autonomous regions will enforce policies for their own affairs, leaving the central government to focus on areas of national interest

Robredo: Federalism a good idea, but are we ready?
Bobby Lagsa July 08, 2016
The Vice President points out that a number of municipalities are still dependent on the IRA for their operations, indicating their lack of capability to raise incomes independent of the national government

Elections, general - Electoral violence - Democracy - etc.

Look also Human Rights - etc.

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What are Comelec rules on election propaganda?
by/ Reynaldo Santos Jr April 06, 2016

Know what the requirements for campaign paraphernalia are, and report election campaign offenses.

Look also the Video

Can candidates spend like crazy on campaigns?
by/ Fritzie Rodriguez April 26, 2016
Will candidates stick to the rules on campaign spending? And more importantly, will the Comelec implement its rules?

Look also about Statement of Contribution and Expenditure (SOCE)



LENTE: Candidates should specify donors in SOCE
Dec 8, 2016

An investigative media report has raised questions over how candidates should identify the sources of their campaign funding.

Duterte donor Imee Marcos not in his SOCE
by Paterno Esmaquel II October 11, 2016
Referring to Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos' donation, President Rodrigo Duterte says, 'Si Imee pa ang nagbigay. Sabi niya inutang daw niya'
President Rodrigo Duterte recently said Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos helped fund his presidential bid, with Marcos even borrowing money to fuel his campaign.
Duterte's Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE), however, does not list Marcos among his contributors.

Look also the Video and the articles:

Can candidates spend like crazy on campaigns?
by/ Fritzie Rodriguez April 26, 2016

Comelec data leaked by hackers

Updated March 28, 2016 Second hacking: A group calling itself LulzSec Pilipinas posts the Commission on Elections' database shortly after Anonymous PH defaces the poll body's website

IMPORTANT look also

Comelec chair 'criminally liable' for data leak
by Michael Bueza January 05, 2017
UPDATED The National Privacy Commission says that the Commission on Elections and its chairman Andres Bautista violated provisions of the Data Privacy Act of 2012

More than 200,000 emails compromised after Comelec hack
by/ Victor Barreiro Jr. April 14, 2016
Troy Hunt's website Have I Been Pwned? reveals Filipino voters' marital statuses, biometric data, physical attributes, family members have also been exposed

Outrage as voters' personal data leaked online
by/ Rappler Social Media Team April 21, 2016
Netizens express shock and anger after finding out that their birthdays, addresses, and passport info, among others, have been exposed

After Comelec data leak, what to do to protect yourself?
by/Michael Bueza April 21, 2016
Be aware of the risks now that your personal information is out there, IT and data privacy experts warn. Here are some tips.

Searchable website of leaked Comelec data taken down
by/Victor Barreiro Jr. April 22, 2016
While the site does appear to be down, Filipinos' data from the Comelec data breach is likely still circulating online

Conversations with the creators of We Have Your Data
Luis Buenaventura April 22, 2016
We Have Your Data's creators talk with Luis Buenaventura to shed some light on the site

Comelec leak – what I discovered
by/Joben Ilagan April 27, 2016

Comelec leak – what can go wrong?
by/Joben Ilagan April 27, 2016

and the Video
Leaked Comelec data may be used for crime

Remark this is an album in the album "Scams & Identity theft"

Comelec leak can lead to identity theft, scams – experts
by/Michael Bueza and Wayne Manuel April 01, 2016

Hackers have obtained information about voters which could allow criminals to commit identity theft. This can be considered the biggest private data leak in Philippine history.

Comelec data leak puts Filipino voters 'at risk' – Trend Micro
by/ Michael Bueza April 08, 2016
Supporting Rappler's initial findings, the international Internet security company’s own probe reveals that a huge amount of sensitive personal information was in the files leaked by the Comelec website hackers!

Advice from banks: How to prevent identity theft
by/Chrisee Dela Paz April 22, 2016
'The weakest link in a social network is the one person who did not protect himself or herself'

What have we learned a year since 'Comeleak'?
by Michael Bueza March 28, 2017
The voters' data leak and a break-in at a Lanao town have put the Comelec, the National Privacy Commission, and the Data Privacy Act to the test.
Comelec faces probe for another possible data breach
by Paterno Esmaquel II and Michael Bueza February 16, 2017

Rappler learns that the stolen computer in Lanao del Sur contains the voter records, including the biometrics, of the Philippines' 55 million voters

Look also

Confirmed: Comelec computer stolen in Lanao contains national voters' list
by Michael Bueza February 20, 2017 - with video
While the National Privacy Commission and the police are investigating the break-in, Comelec orders additional security measures in all city and municipal election offices.

Comelec, Smartmatic face charges for changing 2016 vote machine codes
by Patty Pasion June 07, 2017

The justice department reverses the decision of the Manila Prosecutor’s Office, which didn't find merit in the complaint of Ferdinand Marcos Jr's camp.

#PHVote: When drought, politics, and firearms mix
by/Glenda M. Gloria April 04, 2016

Mindanao has always been every government’s Achilles heel, but more so ....

How can we improve PH democracy?
by/ Katerina Francisco February 19, 2016

Political scientist Aries Arugay proposes 5 political reforms that could improve the quality of institutions and Philippine democracy – among them, election of a straight ticket

How big is the president-vice president tandem vote?
by/Ma. Rosel S. San Pascual and Clarissa C. David April 16, 2016
Our system is more akin to that of some Latin American countries where 'split ticket' voting is allowed. The downside is we end up with the two top positions occupied by people who were not inclined to work together in the first place.
How to check if online election-related information is reliable
by/ Analiza Perez-Amurao May 14, 2016

Find out the purpose of the online article you are reading to determine motivation. This can help you decide whether what the author is saying is fact, opinion, or plain propaganda.

Women in PH politics
by/ Fritzie Rodriguez March 01, 2016

In the past 6 elections – from 1998 to 2013 – more men have participated and won than women

Party list: Who gets to choose candidates?
by/Benjamin Reilly April 08, 2016

The Philippines can learn a few things from how political parties in other countries draw up their lists of candidates


PH party list: Making it more representative
Jul 1, 2016

The Philippines’ system of electing party-list representatives differs significantly from how most countries do it.
Scholars advocate that the number of seats a party has in the legislature should be proportional to the number of votes that the party has received in the election.

Look more HERE

What does the most vote-rich province want from the next president?
by/Apple Grace Danuco May 05, 2016

Cebu is the most vote-rich province in the Philippines, with about 2.7 million registered voters


Politics in disasters - Dalawang mukha ng kalamidad

Election time, should disasters – and officials’ responses to calamities – figure in voters’ choice of their next leaders?

Mar 9, 10, 11, 2016


Political killing fields, electoral violence

Poverty and electoral violence in Masbate

Kahirapan at karahasan sa Masbate

both Feb 25, 2016

Maguindanao Massacre, election-related violence and media killings, November 23, 2009

6 updates on Maguindanao massacre's 6th year
by Jodesz Gavilan November 21, 2015
Rappler lists down what happened during the months leading to the 6th year of the worst case of election-related violence and media killings in the Philippines

Look also
7 years later: What happened to the Maguindanao massacre case?
by Katerina Francisco Updated November 23, 2016
UPDATED Will the worst case of election-related violence in the Philippines reach its resolution under the Duterte administration?

the slideshow: Dozens of bodies found in mass grave in Amputuan, Maguindanao province

and the Video:

What Really Happened During the Maguindanao Massacre?

in the album "Maguindanao Massacre, election-related violence and media killings"

People Power veterans to Bongbong: Wala ka bang puso?
by/ Voltaire Tupaz Feb 24, 2016

'You're aspiring to be the vice president of the country. Address the darkest part of our history.'

Look also ‘Marcos snares, Imeldific lies':

1,400 Catholic schools back call vs ‘Marcos snares, Imeldific lies'
March 08, 2016
The Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines slams 'the attempt of Ferdinand Marcos Jr 'to canonize the harrowing horrors of the Martial rule'

Ateneo presidents slam Bongbong Marcos ‘revision of history’
by/ Paterno Esmaquel II March 07, 2016
Heads of Jesuit-run universities join nearly 530 other signatories against ‘the darkness and oppression of the Marcos years’

and below HERE and the Video: Aquino slams Marcos son: Martial law not 'golden age' in the album "EDSA People Power Revolution" in the album "Philippine History"




SAMASA Selfies
Apr 17, 2016 by/Malu Maniquis
Millennials take a stand against Marcos Jr together with SAMASA

Look also the article

Help youth understand why 'never again' to martial law
September 20, 2015
43 years after the declaration of martial law, Malacañang hopes the youth will understand why the period should never happen again!

The Electoral Almanac - the history of Philippine elections

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The Philippine Electoral Almanac
This book traces the history of Philippine elections. Leading up to the present day, it explores the intricate relationship, in a democracy, between the President and Congress; analyzes the partnerships established between political parties and personalities; fleshes out the history of political coalitions; and details every Philippine national referendum held to date.
Elections, Voting - Etc.

Remark videos in this section are albums in the album "Political system, etc."

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The Omnibus Election Code
Batas Pambansa Bilang 881 - Full text

Look also HERE

and the Video:
Senate wants to amend Omnibus Election Code
The Omnibus Election Code should be amended to prevent over-spending as well as premature campaigning of candidates. Feb 10, 2016

Republic Act No. 9189 - The Overseas Absentee Voting Act

a law passed on February 13, 2003 which provides for a system for citizens of the Philippines currently residing or working outside of the Philippines to vote in an election. This act was a consolidation of Senate Bill No. 2104 and House Bill No. 3570, the first draft was authored in congress on July 22, 2002. The act is implemented by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) with the help of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

Look also
Policy paper on overseas absentee voting (OAV) and What you need to know about overseas absentee voters
by/ Jodesz Gavilan April 09, 2016

Republic Act No. 9369

Automated Elections in the Philippines - AES

Look also


A History of Automated Elections in the Philippines

Republic Act No. 9006
Fair Elections Act

Look also as pdf RA 9006 IRR

and the Video

Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista and Election Lawyer Atty. Romeo Macalintal explain the Fair Elections Act. Feb 27, 2016



Commission on Elections, or COMELEC

Resolution No. 9981, Promulgation: 18 August 2015




What's banned during the election period?
Feb 8, 2016

Look also HERE


Tapatan Ni Tunying: Election Heroes
May 6, 2016

Who are the real heroes behind every election in the country?


Undervoting happens when the number of choices made by a voter for a particular contest is less than the minimum number allowed for that race, or when no choice is made for a single choice contest.
For example, undervoting occurs when a voter chooses less than 12 names for senator on the ballot, or when a voter abstains in the choice for president, vice president, governor, representative, and other local executive posts.
Undervoting is common during elections, and does not necessarily translate to poll fraud.

look more HERE

Selfies not allowed in polling precincts
by/Linette Ramos Cantalejo, SunStar, April 06, 2016

Mandaue City Election Officer Ferdinand Gujilde says those who bring their voters' receipts out of the polling place will face up to 6 years imprisonment

Elections Guide: A walk-through
Voters Guide
Did any of your bets violate campaign guidelines set by Comelec? Take some time to learn about the do’s and don'ts in campaigning and use this knowledge to decide.

Look also

10 things we should know about Philippine elections
by/Amado “Bong” Mendoza Jr. Professor of Political Science & International Studies in UP Diliman. Look it as pdf HERE

The idiot's guide to Philippine elections
by/Bertrand Rodriguez Jr May 07, 2016
'Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan huwag magalit'


Brief explanation of how to vote, register, process and what to do about The Election. Sep 7, 2015
How to Vote. Apr 15, 2016
Not sure how to vote on election day? Watch this video.

Look also the article How to vote
by/Fritzie Rodriguez April 20, 2016
Do you know how to vote come election day? Watch our step-by-step guide.
Philippine Voting Process
Voters Education
Feb 27, 2012
eVOTE Philippines Election System
Voting System using "TABLET" eVote.
Aug 17, 2014

Editorial: Protecting the vote
Feb 28, 2016

Look also

Taking home vote receipts? You can go to jail
by/ Paterno Esmaquel II April 13, 2016
The punishment for this election offense is 'imprisonment of not less than one year but not more than six years'

EXPLAINER: Can voters be jailed for taking voting receipts out of precincts?
by/Emil Marañon III April 15, 2016
The answer lies in whether the voting receipts should be classified as election document or election paraphernalia under the law. 'It should not be.'

Confused by surveys: What do terms mean?
by/ Jodesz Gavilan February 18, 2016

Surveys use a lot of statistical terms. We explain key terms and their significance to make them more understandable.


DEMO of the VCM, 25 January 2016
How the vote counting machine works
Comelec spokesman James Jimenez demonstrated how the new vote counting machine works. Feb 4, 2016
Comelec OKs display of votes on VCM screens
by/ Paterno Esmaquel II March 04, 2016
The Comelec says vote-counting machines or VCMs will display votes on the monitor for 15 seconds per voter. Look also HERE

The Legal Network for Truthful Elections, LENTE has welcomed the decision of the Commission on Elections, Comelec en banc to enable the onscreen verification feature of the vote-counting machines, VCMs in place of the voter verification paper audit trail, VVPAT. Mar 5, 2016. Look above about LENTE

New voting machine 'friendlier, faster than PCOS
by/ Raymon Dullana February 13, 2016
“When we compare this to the PCOS machine used in 2013, I can say not only for us from BEI but also for the voters that this new Voting and Counting Machine (VCM) is friendlier,” Board of Election Inspectors, BEI-Tuguegarao City chairman Hilarion La Madrid told

Vote-counting machines unreliable, says watchdog
by/ Voltaire Tupaz Feb 14, 2016
Poll watchdog Kontra Daya makes the observation after mock elections
Despite Comelec’s earlier assurances that it fixed glitches in the automated election system, the mock elections held February 13, revealed loopholes that could affect the accuracy of the vote counting, a poll watchdog said.

Comelec ballot rule may rob voters of right to vote
by/Paterno Esmaquel II April 16, 2016
The most senior Comelec Commissioner, Christian Lim, disagrees with the new ballot rule, hinting it can also be used for cheating.
The Commission on Elections (Comelec) approved, an unprecedented rule that allows voters to get replacement ballots if, through no fault of their own, vote-counting machines (VCMs) reject their original ballots.

How to prevent cheating with the vote-counting machines
by/Emil Marañon III May 04, 2016
Know the weak features of this animal called the VCM that the unscrupulous might exploit on election day

EXPLAINER: Why it's alright not to have voting receipts
by/Emil Marañon III Updated March 01, 2016

The 'paper audit trail’ required by law does not have to be a receipt; it can be the ballot itself, depending on the voting technology chosen by Comelec during a particular election

Look also It is absolutely wrong to disable the voter receipts
by/ Glenn Chong Updated March 02, 2016
Glenn Chong of the election watchdog AESWatch says: In automated elections, the ballots are secretly read and counted inside the machine. The hidden nature of automated vote counting negates transparency


Hopeful Sorsogon mother crosses three mountains to vote

Shod in slippers, Mirasol Gracela made an arduous two-hour trek across three mountains in Sorsogon province to cast her vote, hopeful that the country's future leaders will help her three children crawl out of poverty. May 21, 2016

Election-related human rights violations rampant online – CHR
by/Fritzie Rodriguez April 18, 2016

The Commission on Human Rights reminds Filipinos that making threats on social media is a form of human rights violation
The CHR, through its project "Bantay Karapatan sa Halalan", BKH, highlighted the need to "govern" online spaces as they are used by some Filipinos to spread election-related violence and threats.
The project is in partnership with poll watchdogs and human rights groups like Lente and Dakila.

EDSA30: How to help young voters understand martial law
by/ Patty Pasion Feb 24, 2016
Major players in the EDSA People Power Revolution have some advice for young people, who now tend to favor a strongman for a leader.

Look it as pdf HERE and

Young Filipinos shocked by martial law victims' stories
May 04, 2016
They thought the martial law era was a time of prosperity and discipline but were shocked to hear of atrocities committed by the regime

and more here Martial Law and the EDSA Revolution

Vote-selling, Combatting vote-selling - Etc.

Remark videos in this section are albums in the album "Elections, Voting, Barangay councils, Etc."

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Vote-buying beyond just giving cash
April 25, 2019

Vote-buying has long been a problem during elections in the Philippines.
Everyone has heard of at least one allegation of vote-buying, either by local or national candidates. But do we know how can a transaction be counted as vote-buying?

Look the Video in HD

Time to change our hypocritical approach to vote buying
by/ Emil Marañon III March 30, 2016

Anti-vote buying campaigns are grounded on the pretentious narrative of a Filipino who is poor yet moral. This is so detached from the reality that, for someone who has nothing to eat, money is money.
Votes have never been commodified as it is now. Voters have never been this willing to sell their votes, and politicians more eager to buy them.
So are we missing something in the campaign against vote buying?

Vote buying and selling are election offenses under Section 261 (a) of the Omnibus Election Code. They are punishable with imprisonment of not less than one year but not more than 6 years.
Despite the severity in the penalty, why does no one seem to comply?

The many ways of buying votes

Will you sell your vote for a couple of bucks or favors?
All secrets are eventually revealed. Or are they? In the Philippines, vote-buying and vote-selling have been part of every election. This, despite laws restricting it. Vote-buying is an open secret among several communities, yet it is among the hardest election offenses to prove.

Look also Comelec urges public to report vote-buying
'Vote-buying is a problem that will stay with us until such time that people are enlightened about it and how it’s ridiculous,' says Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez

Both by/ Fritzie Rodriguez April 03, 2016

Vote selling among the poor a 'logical' decision - think tank
by/Aika Rey April 25, 2016

The Institute of Philippine Culture found that accepting money among poor voters does not necessarily mean selling one's vote

Poverty and the 'trapos'
by Mark Anthony Abenir February 10, 2019
Traditional politicians take advantage of vulnerable individuals who are willing to sell their votes in order to survive

Allen Hicken 'Combatting vote-selling in the Philippines' 14 April 2015

Look also the Videos Combatting vote-selling


also the article Combating Vote-Selling in the Philippines
by/Researchers: Allen Hicken, Stephen Leider, Nico Ravanilla & Dean Yang

Election cheating - Poll Watchers - monitor the canvassing of votes in elections - Etc.

Remark videos in this section are albums in the album "Political system, etc."

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'Fingerprints of election thieves' spotted in past PH polls data
by/Gemma Bagayaua-Mendoza May 08, 2016

Look also

Election cheating? VCMs may not be the best way to do it
by/Emil Marañon III May 08, 2016

National Citizens' Movement for Free Elections, NAMFREL
an election watchdog in the Philippines. It was the first and one of the most famous election watch campaign. It is known to have introduced non-partisan national election monitoring to the Philippines after exposing the issues involved with the 1986 Snap Elections

Look also HERE and the Video: Namfrel says poll cheating still possible Apr 26, 2016, and the above Videos

The Legal Network for Truthful Elections, LENTE

LENTE is a nationwide network of lawyers, law students, paralegals, and other trained volunteers set up by various non-partisan groups to monitor the canvassing of votes in elections.

Look also HERE and the Videos e.g.

MAKIALAM KA! 2016 Barangay and SK Elections

and the above Videos

Report vote buying, other election wrongdoing
3:01 PM, April 26, 2016

Report cases of vote buying, vote selling, election-related violence, campaign violations, and other forms of election problems and offenses using the #PHVoteWatch map



Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV)

a non-profit organization that serves as a watchdog in Philippine elections. Despite being affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, it considers itself an independent, non-partisan, and non-sectarian organization.

Look also HERE and

the Videos:

PPCRV says candidates' ad spending 'scandalous'

Instructions for Poll Watchers Apr 15, 2016
You want to be a poll watcher? Here's what you can do.

Political Dynasties, Families - Etc.

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Political dynasties: Impossibility of democracy
Jude Josue L. Sabio August 24, 2019

The oligarchy that we have refuses to abolish itself through Congress that it controls through its political dynasties, rendering it continually impossible for democracy in our country.

29% of local posts now occupied by 'fat' political dynasties
Sofia Tomacruz September 14, 2019
Ateneo School of Government Dean Ronald Mendoza says political dynasties with members simultaneously occupying more than one elective post have grown by about 1% per election period since 1988

List of political families in the Philippines
The following is a list of the most notable political families of the Philippines, each with the areas in which their influence was/is strong. Names in bold indicate the individual was/is a President of the Philippines.
The Philippine political arena is mainly arranged and operated by families or alliances of families, rather than organized around the voting for political parties.

LIST: Political clans, powerful figures among 2019 party-list nominees
by Jodesz Gavilan February 06, 2019
At least 46 party-list groups participating in the 2019 polls have at least one nominee linked to a political clan or a powerful figure in the country

MAP: Major political families in PH after the 2019 elections
Michael Bueza and Glenda Marie Castro August 30, 2019
Rappler counts at least 163 families whose members include a senator, House representative, or governor, serving at the same time as relatives in other local positions

Return of the clans
by Joel Rocamora March 12, 2019

Political clans have not disappeared. Duterte has made them stronger. Duterte’s shoot-from-the-hip style of governance and more pervasive incompetence has weakened the central government.

A family in the national spotlight
The nation's fascination with the First Family grows as controversy hounds its members.
by Pia Ranada January 27, 2018
Under decentralization: More Ampatuans than Robredos?
by Ronald U. Mendoza and Miann Banaag November 26, 2016

If decentralization (or broader, federalism) is to work, leadership selection must first be made more inclusive and competitive.
This article provides an update on the local government leadership patterns in the country, incorporating the results from the May 2016 elections. Overall, the Philippines’ local governments have become more and more dynastic since 2007.

Duterte’s children proclaimed Davao City top execs
By Edith Regalado Updated May 13, 2016
Political dynasties

have long been present in the Philippine political structure. They are typically found in elite families that have established themselves in a province before moving on to the national government.
Go down the page and look the different dynasties.

Look also
The Aquino Political Dynasty
Philippine Politics: The Showbiz Government
In a typical Philippine political family situation, the hierarchy of Government officials that makes up a number of relatives or children that controls a certain municipality or even the country is an open secret.
Look whose involved in plunder - members of political dynasties

The Duterte Bloodline
By Antonio V. Figueroa 05 December 2015

The Dutertes, one of the political clans in Davao Region, historically come from Cebu. Oral tradition points out that there were actually two Duterte clans in that province, one from the south and the other from the north.

Look also Rodrigo Duterte

Presidential son-in-law: Who is Manases Carpio?
by Jodesz Gavilan September 06, 2017

Manases Carpio, President Duterte's son-in-law (wife: Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio), is involved in private legal practice as part of the Carpio & Duterte Lawyers firm.

Look also HERE and Waldo Carpio

The Lopezes' new family saga
with video
by Lala Rimando February 13, 2017

Environment Secretary Gina Lopez is leading her entire clan in a familiar battle that involves politics and business.
Regina "Gina" Paz Lopez is leading her entire clan in a familiar battle that involves politics and business.

Look also Lopez Family Values and Regina Paz "Gina" La'O Lopez

Incumbent clans
Dys of Isabela, Singsons of Ilocos Sur, Marcoses of Ilocos Norte, Ortegas of La Union, Espinos of Pangasinan
dominate northern Luzon
by/ Raymon Dullana May 14, 2016
The rise of 'fat dynasties'
by/ David Lozada April 14, 2016

In a forum organized by the Ateneo School of Government, experts say political dynasties are one of the reasons why economic growth remains slow

How much of our country will we lose to political dynasties?by/Clarissa C. David and EF Legara
October 20, 2015
After Election Day, will the country be able to reclaim territory from dynasties, or will the bleeding continue?
Last week thousands of people trooped to the Comelec to file their certificates of candidacy (COC), many of them vying for seats in local offices where members of their families hold monopolies of power. After the dust settles on filings, how many local elections will the country lose to dynasties? How many elections are hopelessly locked into a dynastic outcome because all candidates are dynastic?
Who chooses dynastic candidates in PH senatorial polls?
by/ Ma. Rosel S. San Pascual and Clarissa C. David
March 12, 2016
While much has been written about the prevalence of dynasties in Philippine politics and about the reservation that political dynasties are unhealthy for a democratic society, not much has been written about the profile of their voters!
Political dynasties: The end of PH politics?
by/Efren N. Padilla September 27, 2015
'The superiority of political dynasties is the dead end of Philippine politics. Unless we institutionally diffuse political power or change our political narrative to a multidimensional one'
Look also One man's dream ends century-old political dynasty in Bantayan, Cebu
by/ Richale Cabauatan June 05, 2016
As a child, Art Despi dreamed of becoming mayor. Realized in the 2016 elections, that very same dream ended the Escario family's century-old political dynasty in the town.


Why Congress has yet to pass anti-dynasty bill

There has been a never-ending push for the passage of legislation against political dynasties, but this has yet to yield a positive result. - ANC, The World Tonight, October 22, 2015

The real problem with political families
by/Michael Brown Jun 21, 2015

If we want to reduce the harmful effects of political dynasties, we shouldn't try to control the families, we should try to control the profit. In the Philippines, political families or "dynasties" pose a sticky problem.


Durano clan of Cebu: Grassroots machinery for national campaign

Political families have become the machinery of those seeking the country's highest office. Let us visit Cebu, whose families are among the most sought after by would-be presidents. Jan 14, 2016

Kampanya Serye: Ang mga Duranos ng Cebu

Malaking bagay na inendorso ng lahat ng political clans sa Cebu, kabilang na ang mga Durano, si Arroyo, kaya siya nanalo kahit pa sinasabing nagkadayaan. Jan 15, 2016

Look also Cebu, Durano clan and practical politics Updated 02/24/2013

Waray Dynasty: How Veloso-Loreto-Cari-Petilla ruled Leyte for nearly 100 years
The clan started its dynasty in the American colonial period.
Their clan is roughly approaching a century in power with only a few interruptions, one being World War II.
This enduring dynasty firmly holds the provincial capitol, the fifth legislative district, their hometown bailiwick Baybay City, the populous town of Palo.
This is one helluva dynasty that should be studied by academics, lawmakers and pollsters who are pushing for an enabling law against dynasties in the Philippines.

Look also

In Leyte: 'Walk for change' vs 'Walk for progress'
A younger mayoralty bet is challenging the almost 4-decade rule of the Loreto-Cari clan in this city in western Leyte.


the Video Investigative Documentaries Petilla-Loreto-Cari Clan (Leyte Political Dynasty)


Videos about Political Dynasties in PH:

Top 10 Political Dynasties 2016
May 13, 2016
Dynasties in Democracies: The Political Side of Inequality
"Political Dynasty" a documentary
Oct 8, 2013, UDM-BS-ECO
Philippine Politics: A family corporation antic?
Prominent names from similar families have been atop of Philippine politics. How can we be assured that the government will remain for Filipino people and will not be controlled by dynasty?
With Former Senator Aquilino Pimentel and Congressman Edgar Erice.
Jun 10, 2014
Political Dynasties in the Philippines
Tapatan sa Aristocrat
February 17, 2014
HERITAGE, A Documentary about political dynasty
Oct 8, 2013, UDM ECO-32
''It Runs in the Family'' Political Dynasty in the Philippines Documentary
Oct 7, 2013 by/Eunice Ambos
Political dynasties in the Philippines
The Constitution disallows existence of so-called political dynasties but for decades, clans have remained in control of politics both in local and national levels. May 13, 2013
Political Dynasties in PH
a Solar Daybreak special by Camille Elemia. Oct 1, 2012

Blood is thicker than water: Political clans retain hold on Iloilo
by/Anthony Badoy Mondragon May 28, 2016
Familiar names like Garin, Tupas, Defensor, Biron, and Gorriceta have retained their solid hold on the province’s 5 districts



Philippines’ president warns against return of Marcos dynasty 30 years after 'People Power’ uprising
by/Philip Sherwell, Asia Editor 25 Feb 2016

AboutPhilippines recommend this article about the Marcos dynasty from then to 2016

Look it as pdf HERE - Look also

Robredo to Bongbong Marcos: 'Facts don't lie'
by/ Bea Orante Feb 25, 2016


Ferdinand E. E. Marcos, Sr. - President, Dictator, Martial Law, Burial, Etc.

the video: Aquino hammers Bongbong on People Power anniversary

Remark this is an album in the album "EDSA People Power Revolution" in the album "Philippine History"

Recovering Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth: After 30 years, what?
by/ Philip M. Lustre Jr. Feb 25, 2016

The irony – or tragedy – is that despite overwhelming evidence against them, not one of the Marcoses and their cronies had spent a day in prison for plundering the nation

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Search for Marcos' wealth: Compromising with cronies
by/ Philip M. Lustre Jr. Feb 25, 2016
What the entire world knows after 30 years is a mere fraction, and not the entirety, of the Marcos loot

Building a foundation of dissent vs Marcos dynasty
by Miguel Syjuco June 27, 2016
This is a call for all Filipinos to use stones not as weapons but to build a foundation of dissent against those who long denied our country democracy, equality, safety, and truth.


Ferdinand E. E. Marcos, Sr. - President, Dictator, Martial Law, Burial, Etc.

and above HERE

TIMELINE: How the Marcoses made their political comeback
February 25, 2017
After being forced into exile following the 1986 EDSA Revolution, the Marcoses slowly return to politics, with members of the late dictator's family now holding government positions.
It was February 25, 1986. The dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos was about to reach its end: the military had turned against him, he was facing scores of human rights and corruption accusations, and thousands gathered on the streets in what would be known worldwide as the People Power Revolution.

AboutPhilippines says: We are angry and just ask: Is "Duterte, a Marcos lapdog"


Supreme Court justice's family building a political dynasty?
Feb 27, 2016

Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco's wife, son, and daughter are running in 2016 races

Political parties - Organizations - Etc.

Remark many of the videos in this section are albums in the album "Political organizations - Etc." in the album "Political system, etc."

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Makabayan bloc leaves House majority
by Bea Cupin September 14, 2017 - This is a developing story.

The Makabayan bloc – an alliance of progressive party-list representatives – officially bolts the majority in the House of Representatives.
"Today, we, 7 party-list representatives of the Makabayan bloc, declare our separation from the majority coalition in the House of Representatives to intensify our opposition to the Duterte administration that has now fully unraveled as a fascist, pro-imperialist, and anti-people regime," the bloc said in a statement on Thursday, ahead of a press conference.

Movement Against Tyranny, MAT

Look also the Video

and the articles:

Civil libertarians launch Movement vs Duterte’s ‘acts of tyranny’
by Voltaire Tupaz August 28, 2017
Movement Against Tyranny leaders urge the public to speak out and act against extrajudicial killings and other acts of tyranny under the Duterte administration.

Leni leads PH pro-democracy movement
by Philip M. Lustre Jr. December 06, 2016
Her biggest challenge lies in leading the entire pro-democracy movement to reclaim the nation’s democratic ideals that are being eroded slowly by the administration’s authoritarian tendencies.

Fragile talks with the Philippine left
January 10, 2017

National Democratic Front chief negotiator Fidel Agcaoili talks to Rappler about the status of negotiations with the Philippine govenrment.


War on drugs also used vs leftists, says NDF lawyer
Jan 3, 2017
The administration's war against illegal drugs is also being used to run after leftists in certain areas, a lawyer for the communists said on Tuesday.
In an interview with ANC's Headstart, senior legal consultant for the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Rachel Pastores said they have received reports the drug campaign is being used to "even attack who are involved in political activities."
New 'party' Kilusang Pagbabago formed to protect Duterte
by Carmela Fonbuena December 05, 2016

UPDATED Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco is gathering President Rodrigo Duterte's supporters nationwide to form a mass movement that could potentially become a new political party.

Ballot to include 185 party-list groups – for now
December 05, 2015

The ballot for the 2016 elections will include at least 185 party-list groups – for now.

Should the party-list system go?
by Marjohara Tucay August 08, 2016
'Seats in the House of Representatives may be taken away by law, but a genuine organization with a real constituency and real advocacies cannot be melted by the mere stroke of a pen'

Look also

Duterte: New Constitution should abolish partylists
by Pia Ranada July 29, 2016
President Duterte insists the partylist is being abused by wealthy Filipinos who create them just to get seats in Congress


is a network of progressive, reform-minded youth groups and organizations working toward voters’ education and empowerment. It is an alliance pushing for a 2013 issue-based elections, using the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) as a framework, a baseline measure of human development. It is also a call-to-action for Filipino youth to become engaged and involved in nation building. Look also HERE

List of political parties in the Philippines. Political parties in the Philippines are of diverse ideologies and are plentiful in number.

The Philippines has a multi-party system with numerous political parties, in which no one party often has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments. There are two types of parties in the Philippines and these are: major parties, who correspond typically to traditional political parties, and minor parties or party-list organizations, who rely on the party-list system to win Congressional seats.

Politics of the Philippines

The politics of the Philippines takes place in an organized framework of a presidential, representative, and democratic republic whereby the president is both the head of state and the head of government within a pluriform multi-party system.

The Position of the Catholic Church in Political and Social Relations of the Philippines
by Cheryl Burkhardt

Despite the claim of the government that there exists separation between church and state, the Catholic Church still holds influence in political action that has significant consequences for much of the population.

Look also Religion, Culture and Politics in the Philippines

by/Paul-François Tremlett

The Role of the Church

The Role of the Church in the Philippines’ Nonviolent People Power Revolution
by Jeff Boyd, June 29, 2010

Contemporary Philippine Political Culture The Public and the Private in Contemporary Philippine Society

by/Alejo José G. Sison

This is a paper on "Contemporary Philippine Political Culture"; more concretely, on what such culture considers as "public" and "private" as reflected in its treatment of the issue of "political dynasties".

Political Parties and Ideological Mainstreams

By Ronald Meinardus

Look also Reforming the Philippine Political Party System
ideas and initiatives, debates and dynamics

Turn Parliamentary? Should the Philippines Turn Parliamentary?
By Rep. Florencio B. Abad

Look also Party and Party System Institutionalization in the Philippines By Allen Hicken

Liberalism in the Philippines
represents the marginalized sectors of the Phil society - soldiers, policemen, teachers, market vendors, mine workers, employees&workers.

Look also the article

Party-list group asks SC to order probe into vote count discrepancy
December 15, 2016
Consla says PPCRV counted at least 523,753 votes, but Comelec's canvassing results showed 213,814 votes for Consla. The poll body has refused to investigate.

The Change Politics Movement (CPM)

is a citizens’ movement which seeks to organize a reform constituency which is determined to assert power to choose national and local leaders in order to have a significant impact in Philippine elections.

Look also HERE and HERE

Peasant Movement of the Philippines - KMP

KMP is a democratic and militant movement of landless peasants, small farmers, farm workers, rural youth and peasant women. It unites with all oppressed and exploited classes and fights for the interests and aspirations of the entire Filipino people. KMP continues to consolidate and defend its gains and victories while advancing the peasant struggle against class exploitation and national oppression.

Lakas-Kampi-Christian Muslim Democrats
Lakas-Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino-Demokratikong Kristiyano at Muslim
Lakas Kampi CMD
Nationalist People's Coalition
Koalisyong Makabayang Bayan
Liberal Party
Partido Liberal ng Pilipinas
Partido Liberal Muntinlupa

Look also HERE and

Redefining the Liberal Party’s role
by Senator Francis N. Pangilinan January 20, 2017
Toward a clear path to the future, the party and its leadership need to look back to its past.

The Liberal Party and realpolitik in the House
by Mara Cepeda January 14, 2017
Deputy Speaker Miro Quimbo explains what it's like being member of the Liberal Party under a Duterte-controlled House of Representatives. After elections, from close to a hundred, members were reduced to 32..
The Liberal Party (LP) enjoyed 6 years of power in Congress when Benigno Aquino III was still president.
But many of its members jumped ship to President Rodrigo Duterte’s Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) after he won the 2016 polls.
Senators to LP: Decide now if you will stick with the majority
by Camille Elemia January 18, 2017
'To me, mas klaro iyon dahil... ang lumalabas tayo ang masama, dahil nakakapagsagwan sila sa dalawang ilog,' says Senator Richard Gordon of the Liberal Party senators.
The Liberal Party (LP) should all stop "paddling between 2 rivers" and decide whether they would still be a part of the majority bloc in the Senate.
Nacionalista Party
Partido Nacionalista ng Pilipinas

is the oldest political party in the Philippines today and was responsible for leading the country throughout the majority of the 20th century since its founding in 1907.
The Nacionalista Party, historically, belonged to the conservative wing of Philippine politics, while its main opponent, the Liberal Party and its junior coalition partners all belong to the liberal wing.

The Filipino Progressive Movement (FPM) is one of the largest and oldest political parties in the Philippines.

The FPM welcomes anyone into their party, with the exception of persona non grata to the Philippines
Labor Party
New Patriotic Alliance
New Society Movement

The party still enjoys great support in President Marcos' home province of Ilocos Norte, but retains little outside of it.

look also HERE

Gabriela Women's Party

Gabriela Women’s Party is a sectoral party dedicated to promoting the rights and welfare of marginalized and under-represented Filipino women through participation in the country’s electoral system and organs of governance.

It is a sectoral party composed of women 18 years and above, having varied occupations, education, interests, ethnic origin, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation.

Gabriela Women’s Party seeks to harness the potential, initiative, skills, and leadership of marginalized women towards empowerment, justice, and equality.

Look also the Videos

Philippine Democratic Party-People's Power

Force of the Filipino Masses
Trade Union Congress Party

Look also HERE

Genuine Opposition

It was originally called the - United Opposition (UNO)

look also HERE

People's Reform Party People's Reform Party
Bagumbayan-Volunteers for a New Philippines


look also HERE

Green Party of the Philippines
Akbayan Citizens' Action Party
Bayan Muna Partylist

AAD (Ang Ating Damayan) Citizens & Family Alliance

Look the full description of the video HERE

ALAGAD Party-List
BABAE KA Partylist

BABAE KA has no political agenda or ideology except to advance the rights and welfare of women and the Filipinos, as a whole.

BABAE KA views itself as a centrist organization and not a leftist or rightist coalition.


The world’s first and only political party for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Filipinos.

Look also HERE, HERE, HERE and the Videos

Citizen's Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC)
Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)

is a political organization whose aim is secession from the Philippines and the establishment of an Islamic state covering Sulu, Mindanao and Palawan. It in 1993 it was accredited by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which allows it to represent Moro people with an observer status.

Currently, the group is the ruling party of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

MNLF is in many international lists of Terrorism.



United Bangsamoro Justice Party (UBJP)

DAVAO CITY, Philippines - The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is ready for mainstream politics through its newly formed United Bangsamoro Justice Party (UBJP).

MILF vice chair for political affairs Ghadzali Jaafar said Wednesday, April 9, that they finalized plans to form the party last year, following various meetings with local leaders and the MILF's central committee, the policy-making body of the organization

Look the article HERE - 09 APR 2014

The Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines - DSWP

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