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When Power insists, "you're either with us or against us," the space for a diversity of voices and ideas shrinks.
'The government is for all and not just those who agree with the policies of the administration'
Filipinos block online. The government bans - blocks in all ways for all critics!

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Defend Media, Speech & Press Freedom - Etc.

Remark - Etc.


Defend Media, Speech & Press freedom


Media, Journalism, Blogging, Radio, Television, Newspapers, Etc.

General informations, Philippine media is threatened and REMARK - Etc.

Campus Journalism - Etc.

FAKE NEWS - Etc. & Photos - e.g. Duterte's trolls and propaganda machine - etc. for supporting the Duterte government

Malacañang Press, Presidential Communications Operations Office - PCOO, Official bloggers - Etc.

Communications Secretary Martin Andanar

Resigned Assistant Communications Secretary Mocha Uson

Media laws, general and different general link-pages for the Media

Different radio and TV link-pages - Etc.

Newspapers and Magazines - Etc.

Etc. - e.g. special blogs


Media, Internet, Phone, Technology, etc.

Remark - Etc. e.g.: Facebook - Cambridge Analytica scandal

Index and Telecommunications Authorities - etc.

Internet and general internet laws in Philippines

Cyber and Phone Crime, Laws - Social Media "missing censorship of criminals"

Social Media, the risks that goes with it and Victims of it e.g.:
Cyber Sextortion, Sexting, Revenge porn, Online harassment, Etc.

WEB Etiquette - Social Media - and their "Dictatorship" - Etc.

Malware - Ransomware - etc. and Removals for Computer - Smartphone

 How to fight Terrorism by using the Internet

Cyber Bullying - Cyber Harassment - Libel - Cyberpornography - Etc.

Scams, Crime on the Internet and Phones e.g. Dugo-Dugo, Identity Theft and Text-scam

Safe WEB - Web safety for parents and kids!

Philippines Satellite Technology and Service Providers

Internet Games e-Sportsorganizations - etc.

Internet - Computer - Video game addiction - Etc.

Etc. Service


Campus Journalism - Etc.

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Human Rights

Attacks against - Killings of journalist - reporters - etc.


The Catholic church and other Christian Media - Etc. e.g. Radio- and TV-stations - Etc.

Internet - Computer - Education

Internet languages - SMS - MMS - Etc. & Chat Lingo - translation - etc.

Traditional & Indigenous Literature - Libraries, Writers, Books, Novels, Comics - Etc.

Permit for Blogging and Ethics for bloggers - Start a blog - Etc.

Filipino bloggers

FOI - Freedom of Information - Etc.

Phone AreaCode - Ect.

Internet - tablet, telephone - Apps - etc. for deaf and blind - etc.

Satellite, internet and phone technology and communication in disaster situations and preparedness

Emergency Hotlines - Alarmsystems - etc.

Electronic wastes (e-wastes)

Satellite, internet and phone technology in agriculture - Etc.

Digital Marketing - Business

Online buy-and-sell - Etc.

Comelec data leaked by hackers

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