Defend Media, Speech & Press Freedom - Etc.
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Is Duterte a Marcos lapdog or a China lapdog - How can we trust PNP? - Is China our new America?
Never forget the roots of your family

Try to imagine, that your grandchildren canĀ“t speak with you in your language......

Learn the family your language, culture and respect the roots!


This page has been closed because, many things have been changed, there's no langer freedom for speech and press and

Links going to are down - Rappler responsed - Our decision

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Defend Media, Speech & Press Freedom - Etc.

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Attacks against - Killings of journalists - reporters - Etc.

When Power insists, "you're either with us or against us," the space for a diversity of voices and ideas shrinks.
'The government is for all and not just those who agree with the policies of the administration'
Filipinos block online. The government bans - blocks in all ways for all critics!

July 22, 2020 - VERY IMPORTANT: Search for more - NEW informations via searchmachines - YouTube - etc.,
because it's impossible for us to keep this page updated in the future, this page is now archive, so much happen,

there's no more freedom for Press & Speech

Take care of: Fake News, Trolls and Propaganda machines - etc.!

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