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Internet and general Internet laws

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Social media use should be regulated by anti-terror law
Rambo Talabong August 03 2020
'We will capitalize on this very, very good anti-terror law. It is comprehensive, it is proactive,' says new Armed Forces of the Philippines chief Lieutenant General Gilbert Gapay
The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) wants to include social media use in the ambit of the controversial anti-terror law, new AFP chief Lieutenant General Gilbert Gapay.
"We need to have specific provisions on this, pertaining to the use of social media," Gapay said in a press briefing broadcast from Camp Aguinaldo. (READ: New AFP chief's 'top priority': Enforcing the anti-terror law)

‘Red tagging’ by PCOO, AFP has legitimate basis
September 9, 2020 Ben Rosario
Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana on Tuesday pointed to the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) as being behind the social media campaign that Makabayan lawmakers assailed as “red tagging” attempts that have put their lives in danger.

The Video: Pag-regulate ng social media kontra-terorismo
Aug 7, 2020 CNN Philippines

CHR concerned over possible regulation of social media in Anti-Terrorism Act
August 6, 2020 Czarina Nicole Ong Ki
The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has expressed “grave concern” over the discussions to include the regulation of social media in the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Anti-Terrorism Act

Cayetano echoes AFP chief: Social media sites 'new battlefronts in fight vs terrorism'
Mara Cepeda Aug 06 2020
'We have to be prudent in what we do because we cannot trade security for our civil liberties,' says Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano
Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano shared the view of new Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief Lieutenant General Gilbert Gapay that social media should be regulated in the name of fighting terrorism.

Chilling effect: Proposal to regulate social media via anti-terror law hit
ABS-CBN News Aug 05 2020 - with Video
Every Filipino would be "fair game" if the anti-terror law is used to regulate social media, a lawyers' group said Wednesday after the country's military chief made the proposal to counter radicalization and recruitment of terrorists.

Anti-Terror Law does not include social media regulation
August 5, 2020 Martin Sadongdong
The regulation of social media is not included in the mandate of the Anti-Terrorism Law, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said Wednesday.

Social media regulation by military tantamount to censorship
August 5, 2020 Raymund Antonio
A human rights watchdog advised the new Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay to start in his backyard if he wants to regulate social media using the anti-terror law.

Anti-Terrorism law has no provision that can be used against social media
August 4, 2020 Genalyn Kabiling
The country’s anti-terrorism law cannot be used to regulate social media as proposed by the new military chief, according to a Malacanang official.
Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said Republic Act No. 11479 or the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 has no provision that allows regulation of social media.

‘AFP plan to regulate social media thru anti-terror law IRR illegal, unconstitutional’
August 4, 2020 Hannah Torregoza
Senate minority leader Franklin Drilon on Tuesday rejected the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ (AFP) plan to include provisions to regulate social media in the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, saying the act is “illegal and unconstitutional.”

AFP chief wants social media restrictions to be part of anti-terrorism law
August 4, 2020 Martin Sadongdong
Recognizing the role of the Internet in the changing landscape of terrorism, Lieutenant General Gilbert Gapay, newly installed Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), has proposed the inclusion of regulation of social media in the crafting of the implementing rules and regulation (IRR) of the Anti-Terrorism Law (ATL) of 2020.



Anya Schiffrin on how Facebook threatens democracy
September 6, 2020

'I think it's greed. I think that it's ideology. If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.'
Rappler CEO Maria Ressa talks to author, professor and journalist Anya Schiffrin, who comes down hard on Facebook for abdicating its responsibility in curbing disinformation, policing election messaging and regulating political advertising.

Look also the article with Highlights and Transcription with links

PNP will scan social media for quarantine violators, Shield chief warns
Nestor Corrales September 06, 2020
In much the same way that the public learned about how physical distancing and other anti-COVID-19 health measures were allegedly violated by the Metro Manila police chief when he celebrated his birthday last May, police hope to catch “hardheaded” quarantine violators, including fellow officers, with help from social media.

Huwag 'nagkakalat': PNP to probe only 'public' social media posts
September 8, 2020 Rambo Talabong - with Video
'It's a responsibility of each individual to place what is right, because ikaw mismo ang nagkakalat eh,' says police chief General Camilo Cascolan

DILG: Police will verify quarantine violations monitored on social media before making arrests
September 7, 2020 Chito Chavez
Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Undersecretary Epimaco Densing III on Monday, Sept. 7, clarified that the police will need to verify violations of quarantine protocols monitored on social media before making any arrests.

NPC: Evidence of quarantine violations from social media must be legally obtained
September 7, 2020 Richa Noriega
The National Privacy Commission (NPC) said Monday that the evidence for possible violation of quarantine protocols found on social media must be legally obtained.

Palace sees nothing wrong with PNP monitoring social media for quarantine violations
September 7, 2020 Argyll Cyrus Geducos
Malacañang sees nothing wrong with the move of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to monitor social media accounts for quarantine violations, saying the right to privacy was already waived once something was posted on the Internet.

Police cautioned against social media monitoring of netizens
Krixia Subingsubing September 07, 2020
Human rights advocates on Sunday criticized the plan of the Philippine National Police to monitor social media posts and pursue quarantine violators, warning that this would violate constitutional and privacy rights, especially without legal authority given by the courts.

The Video: Palace says nothing illegal with police monitoring of social media posts
Sep 7, 2020 ABS-CBN News
Police officers can monitor social media posts for violations of quarantine protocols, Malacañang said Monday as authorities zero in on virus restriction violators

The Video: PNP to only monitor 'public' social media posts for quarantine violations
Sep 7, 2020
The Philippine National Police will only monitor social media posts that are set for public consumption in connection to its plan to investigate posts showing quarantine violations, its new chief Gen. Camilo Cascolan said Monday.

The Video: PNP to check viral social media posts for quarantine violations
Sep 7, 2020 ABS-CBN News
The police lack manpower to scour millions of social media accounts to find violations of pandemic lockdowns, an official said.

Lawyer says PNP can’t stalk people on social media for quarantine violations
Gabriel Pabico Lalu September 06, 2020
A plan by the Philippine National Police to monitor social media activity for potential quarantine violations is alarming as it may intrude on people’s privacy, a lawyer said on Sunday.
National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) president Edre Olalia said the police could not just start stalking people without being authorized by the courts, as there are laws preventing this kind of surveillance.


Parlade defends social media regulation proposal
Aug 24, 2020

A high-ranking military official has defended the suggestion of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay that the regulation of social media should be included in the ambit of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020.

Parlade grilled on social media regulation, press freedom at confirmation hearing
August 24, 2020 Nikko Dizon
At his confirmation hearing on Monday, Southern Luzon Command chief, Lieutenant General Antonio Parlade Jr, ultimately found himself being grilled by opposition senators on how social media regulation as well as his previous statements against journalists affect freedom of expression and press freedom.

DTI backs passage of bill protecting Filipino online consumers
September 4, 2020 Richa Noriega

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) backed on Thursday the immediate passage of the “Internet Transactions Act” to protect online consumers.

REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10639, Free Mobile Disaster Alerts Act


Will the free mobile disaster alerts law finally be implemented? by/Gwen de la Cruz Feb 27, 2015

Phivolcs to hoaxer: You can be jailed by spreading false quake info
Phivolcs strongly warned a Facebook user who is spreading false or misleading information.

Republic Act No. 10515, Anti-Cable Television and Cable Internet Tapping Act of 2013


Republic Act 4200 or the Anti-Wiretapping Act

House OKs bill including electronic devices under Anti-Wiretapping Law
Mara Cepeda November 26, 2018
House Bill No. 8378 also imposes stiffer penalties against those caught illegally listening to or recording private communication

Lacson says texting not covered by Anti-Wiretapping Law
Camille Elemia October 02, 2017
Senator Panfilo Lacson said text messages and other forms of digital technology are not covered by the 52-year-old Republic Act 4200 or the Anti-Wiretapping Act.
Lacson is the sponsor of Senate Bill 1210, which seeks to expand the coverage of the law to include technology.

Philippine Trademark Law

R.A. 8293, Intellectual Property Code, defines a trademark as “any visible sign capable of distinguishing goods”

Look the video RA 8293

Look also HERE and HERE

Republic Act No. 8792 and IRR
Electronic Commerce Act of 2000

Internet in the Philippines
dotPH - The official Domain Registry of Philippines
Internet Access Provider Lists Philippines Internet Access Provider Lists
The Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center, AJWCC

a research center under the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science. Established in March 2003 at the Ateneo de Manila University in partnership with SMART Communications and Sun Microsystems with the aim of becoming a world-class research and development center.


UN report: Only 37% of Filipinos have Internet access

The Philippines ranks 106th out of 191 countries evaluated in the report.
Sep 23, 2014

Remark this is an album in the album Internet Accessibility - Etc. in the album Internet & Mobile Phone systems, Laws & Languages - Etc.

The article Sep 23, 2014

A profile of Internet users in the PH
March 09 2016

Who's using the Internet in the PH? Here's a snapshot of statistics and insights.

A Profile of Smartphone Users
August 15, 2016 Gem Muzones

Smartphones have changed the way Filipinos communicate. There’s no doubt that communication technologies are making Filipinos more social, making sure they stay connected with their circle. In fact, the Philippines has been called the text-messaging capital of the world. With better internet access and stronger smartphone adoption, the country has transformed into the most social nation.

Senate hearing on the impact of PH internet speed
An article with video and comments August 18, 2015

How does the Philippine's average internet speed, along with its exorbitant costs, affect the country's progress?

Watch the Senate hearing on the impact of slow and expensive internet in the Philippines. The hearing has been spearheaded by Senator Benigno Paolo "Bam" Aquino IV, chairman of the Senate's trade, commerce, and entrepreneurship committee.

ICT on upswing but PH still has costliest, slowest Internet
Chrisee Dela Paz August 29, 2015

Despite a continued upswing in the Philippines' information and communications technology, ICT sector this year, its Internet services are still among the most expensive and slowest in Asia.
The newly-implemented minimum broadband speed for fixed-line services is a step closer to solving the country’s Internet woes.

Don't take Internet for granted
September 28, 2015
There are a number of different ways in which we can potentially solve the issue of slow, costly Internet, and very little of it has to do with engaging social media managers on brand websites.

PLDT launches PH's fastest broadband yet
PLDT's 1-Gigabyte plan will soon be tested once NTC implements its new rules on advertised fixed broadband speed
A unit of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, PLDT on Tuesday, October 20 launched the fastest advertised fixed broadband service to date at 1 Gigabyte per second, Gbps. October 20, 2015

Globe to upgrade bandwidth on broadband plans by October 24
Victor Barreiro Jr. October 21, 2015
The leaked document shows Globe Telecom will provide a 50Mbps unlimited connection for P2,499 and a 100Mbps line for P3,499.

Average internet speed in PH slightly declines in Q3 2016 – report
Gelo Gonzales December 23, 2016

Akamai's latest 'State of the Internet' report shows that the Philippines' internet speed has not vastly improved.

Free WiFi in public places soon to be a law
Camille Elemia May 16, 2017
The Senate and the House of Representatives have agreed on the final version of the proposed measure.

The Videos

Free public Wi-Fi across PH

93% of the country to access free public Wi-Fi
Jun 29, 2016

Free public Wi-Fi across PH to be implemented in July 2015
Mar 19, 2015

Good news sa mga mahilig mag-Internet. Simula Hulyo, ikakabit na ang libreng Wi-Fi sa buong bansa. Marami ang natuwa siyempre. Pero meron ding pumuna sa magiging Internet speed nito. iBandila mo, Bettina Magsaysay. Bandila, March 19, 2015

DOST: Free Wi-Fi all over PH by year-end 2015
The government is confident that people outside Metro Manila can soon enjoy free internet access. Sep 9, 2015

Free WiFi program will be expanded nationwide
The government's free WiFi service aims to help more Filipinos gain access to the vast resources online. But don't expect too much from the project, at least not just yet. Jul 17, 2015

Why people should be careful in using free public wifi
Patok sa maraming estudyante ang free public wifi na inilunsad ng DOST. Iyun nga lang, doble-ingat daw dapat kapag nag-connect dito. Kung bakit, alamin sa pagba-Bandila ni Abner Mercado. Bandila, July 29, 2015, Miyerkules

Remark this is an album in the album Internet & Mobile Phone systems, Laws & Languages - Etc.


PH internet penetration doubles in 4 years. Jun 25, 2014.

Internet penetration has nearly doubled in the last four years 2010-2014 as more Filipinos turn to mobile phones to access the web.

Remark this is an album in the album Internet Accessibility - Etc. in the album Internet & Mobile Phone systems, Laws & Languages - Etc.

Apps and gadgets to make your life better
Holaina Tan Mar 02, 2015

From fitness to finances, here's a list of apps and gadgets that enhance your daily life.

Cyber and Phone Crime, Laws - Social Media "missing censorship of criminals" - Etc.

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REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10173, Data Privacy Act of 2012


IRR of Data Privacy Act of 2012 Aug 25, 2016

Data Privacy Act amendments in line with public health concerns discussed
August 8, 2020 Ben Rosario
The House Committee on Communications and Technology is swiftly moving to align the current Data Privacy Act with public health concerns and humanitarian emergencies while strengthening the country’s status as among the emerging data protection leaders worldwide.

Data Privacy Act compliance 'not just a checklist' – NPC exec
Michael Bueza October 12, 2017
Ensuring the protection of Filipinos' personal information should not be seen as a burden, says National Privacy Commission official Ivy Patdu at a seminar on data privacy



To fight cyberattacks, Aquino creates cybersecurity committee September 23, 2015

Anti-Cybercrime Group

a highly responsive and dynamic unit towards the attainment of a more secured and productive cyber environment.


This primer, outlined in a question and answer format, aims to make the Filipino public aware of the nature, history and extent of cybercrime occurrence in the country. It also makes the people informed of the latest development in anti-cybercrime efforts and activities by the Philippine Government.

RA 10175 Republic Act 10175, the Cybercrime Law

Look IRR - Rules and Regulations Implementing Republic Act No. 10175 as pdf HERE

Law of Duterte Land: The problems with the Cybercrime Law
June 24, 2020
Did you know that during the 2013 Supreme Court oral arguments on the Cybercrime Prevention Act, then Solicitor General Francis Jardeleza categorically said that cyber libel has a prescription period of only one year?


Phishing is top PH cybercrime during pandemic
July 12, 2020

Online selling scams and the proliferation of misinformation that cause panic among the public are the other cybercrimes often committed as Filipinos grapple with the COVID-19 outbreak, says the National Bureau of Investigation NBI-Cyber Crimes Division

Surveillance company's leaked manual teaches how to hide fake Facebook accounts
September 23, 2020 Victor Barreiro Jr.

The leaked manual teaches users how to make fake Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for the purpose of gathering information on others, as well as how to hide those accounts from detection

Surveillance Company Explains How to Keep Facebook From Detecting Fake Accounts in Leaked Manual
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai September 22, 2020
A leaked manual from Blackdot Solutions, a British company that offers social media monitoring services, included a step-by-step guide on how to create fake profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn.


 Justice Department Cybercrime Unit, NBI investigating rape threat against Frankie Pangilinan
Jun 23, 2020 ANC 24/7

Philippine authorities -- now awaiting a formal complaint from the Pangilinan family against the man who threatened to rape actress Sharon Cuneta's daughter, Frankie Pangilinan.

New study shows how PH extremist groups use social media to recruit
Pia Ranada December 13, 2018 - with Video

Recruitment efforts and violent extremist messaging are organic and localized, and exploit 'hot button' issues like the Mindanao peace process and alleged military abuses, according to a study

SC rules online libel constitutional
Buena Bernal 02/18/2014

The Supreme Court on Tuesday, February 18, upheld as constitutional most provisions of Republic Act 10175 or the Cybercrime Law, including online libel – subject to one condition.

NUJP slams cyberattack on Kodao Productions' website
February 02, 2018 is known for covering the peace process between the Philippine government and the NDFP, as well as issues about indigenous peoples, human rights, environmental issues


Remark these are albums in the album Internet Laws - Etc. in the album Internet & Mobile Phone systems, Laws & Languages - Etc.

Republic Act 10175 the Cybercrime Law

Cyber Crime Prevention Act o RA 10175, nilagdaan na ni PNOY - September 17, 2012
Punto por Punto host Anthony Taberna talks to Kabataan party-list Rep. Raymond Palatino and lawyer JJ Disini about the implications of the Cybercrime Law.
What is Cybercrime law or RA10175 in the Philippines, the prohibited acts and penalty?

A citizen has no fear when he knows that he has not committed any crime. The possibility of Arrest, seizure or detention is far from his conception. What then is so violent about RA10175?

Look the full description of the video HERE
The Cybercrime law in 2014

Rappler talks to Atty. JJ Disini on how the Cybercrime law could fare in 2014. Jan 23, 2014
Cyber Crime Law Philippines

News Report courtesy of ABS-CBN TV Patrol. September 18, 2012

Sharing this with you specially to those who are victims of Cyber Bullying. Cyber Crime Law is already in effect, the government is just finalizing the bill this October.

The NBI can now trace the IP address of cyber criminals and bullies and you can now file a case against them. Penalty is up to 12 years Jail Imprisonment.
Republic Act 10175 IRR

The Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Cybercrime Prevention Act have been approved. This report explains how authorities plan to enforce the law. - ANC, The World Tonight, August 12, 2015

The article
Call center agent charged under cybercrime law

A woman has been indicted for computer fraud in the first such case under the controversial cybercrime law, Karla Martinez Ignacio could face up to six years in jail if found guilty of transferring thousands of dollars to her bank account using fraudulent computer data. Jun 16, 2014

The article HERE
Stalking cyber paedophiles

101 East examines how children in the Philippines are exploited when child sex predators lurk online. Aug 15, 2014

A serie of 3 parts:

Part 1: Can't understand the jargon in the Cybercrime Law?

Part 2: Making sense of online libel

Part 3: Cybersex, media, privacy, and the cybercrime law

All MAR 01-04 2014


Cybercrime cases in the Philippines
Mar 4, 2017
Cybercrime have been increasing over the years in the Philippines.
REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10627, Anti-Bullying Act of 2013


Senate bill 2793 penalizing teachers who bully students filed. Teachers could be fined P50,000 to P1 million and face imprisonment depending on the gravity of the case. Jun 07, 2015

The Video: Anti Cyberbullying Act of 2015
Nov 12, 2016
Anti Cyberbullying Act of 2015 author, Rep. Rolando Andaya, identifies grounds and punishments for Cyberbullying.

PNP intensifies campaign vs cyberbullying
August 16, 2020 Aaron Recuenco
Police Gen. Archie Francisco Gamboa, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), ordered on Sunday an intensified campaign against cyberbullying that victimizes elementary pupils and high school students in social media.

Stricter enforcement of anti-cyber bullying measures sought
August 13, 2020 Hannah Torregoza
Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian on Thursday sought stricter enforcement of anti-cyber bullying measures to protect students from increased exposure to harassment and threats.

House approves bill protecting women, children vs electronic violence
Mara Cepeda February 04, 2020

Gabriela Representative Arlene Brosas says the passage of the measure will give women and children an 'increased chance' to combat all forms of abuse.



Children's online safety amid enhanced community quarantine
Mar 28, 2020 ANC 24/7

A non-governmental organization offers a discussion on how parents can ensure the online safety of children who are currently spending more time on digital platforms due to the enhanced community quarantine. Child Protection Advisor of Save The Children Philippines, Wilma Bañaga, shares how.


ROUNDTABLE: Helping kids keep up in the age of digital learning
February 5 2020
Discussion about today’s faster learning environment and what must parents do to help their children be ready for the future.
Studies show that the generation of children today are learning increasingly through online screens and gamification. However, this increasing presence of technology in children's formative years is also resulting in shorter attention spans and impaired social formation.

Preventing child sexploitation during lockdown and beyond
Ana P. Santos April 18, 2020

Last year, the Department of Justice Office of Cybercrime received more than 600,000 tips of images and videos of naked, sexualized, and abused Filipino children

Online child abuse moving to Skype, Bitcoin
Agence France-Presse Feb 24, 2015

The sale of child abuse live streams over legitimate chat sites or video chat apps is much harder to trace than when the abuse is sold from a website. Hi-tech criminals are increasingly selling live streams of child sex over legitimate chat sites and apps such as Skype for hard-to-trace virtual currencies like Bitcoin.
The sale of child abuse live streams over legitimate chat sites or video chat apps is much harder to trace than when the abuse is sold from a website.
The research shows that the live streaming of abuse for payment is no longer an emerging trend but an established reality.
Criminal gangs recruit disadvantaged children or their own children for the abuse.

Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 and its implications


About rules and regulations (IRR) of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012
DOJ to form 'cyber police' team
August 12, 2015
A team of cybercrime experts will operate under an 'ethical framework' in running after online criminals without trampling on civil liberties, the justice department says.
A team of “cyber police” will soon keep a close watch over the Internet to catch, solve, and foil crimes online.

The video

Fighting Cybercrime, Fighting for Integrity in Cyberspace

Geronimo L. Sy, Department of Justice

711 million email addresses exposed in 'Onliner' spambot scheme
August 30, 2017

The spambot can bypass spam filters, with the end goal of delivering a data-stealing virus to victims. Find out how it works here.

Office of Cybercrime - ANGEL NET - Special Task Force

Computer Crime Task Force

The Philippine National Police, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group through its Anti-Transnational Crime Division established Internet Child Protection Program 'Special Project Angel Net" purposely to address Internet based-abuses and to promote Internet safety and prevent dangers among the public.

Anti CyberCrime Group (PNP-ACG)

Report Internet Child Crimes

Look how to Report Internet Crime around the World

Babies For Sale - Pagbebenta ng mga sanggol, patagong nangyayari sa social media

Price: P10,000 - P50,000
Meet up sa Mall
Reason for Selling: Kahirapan

Somewhere deep within the corners of social media lurks a shameless but covert business of online selling, not of the usual goods or beauty products - but of babies!


Sex trafficking in the digital age
October 19, 2017
A study by Plan International finds that 6 out of 10 sex traders use the internet to seek potential clients
As part of the global campaign #NotForSale, Plan International released a study exploring the forms and mechanisms of how sexual trade happens online.
They found that Facebook, mobile applications, and even e-commerce websites have been used to connect clients and sex traders easily.

Facebook groups open more channels for PH cybersex trade
Patty Pasion October 18, 2017
Easy access to social media also enables teenagers to be 'freelancers' in sex trafficking, according to the study

Philippine National Police, PNP

Adopted Standard Cybercrime Investigation Format

Philippines to block online porn on most devices
Roughly 46% of cybercrime cases handled by the authorities are related to online child abuse, while 25% are related to online extortion. Oct 29, 2014

Philippines top global source of child pornography – Unicef
Patty Pasion December 13, 2017
8 out of 10 Filipino children at risk of online sexual abuse or bullying

Why block porn? 'We can't sell children like shoes'
The head of the justice department's cybercrime offices says if banning porn sites that incite violence or encourage terrorism is possible, then filtering those that sell sex photos and videos of children can be done. by/Buena Bernal Oct 31, 2014

#FightChildPorn! Netizens weigh in
What can you do to help end the selling of sex photos and videos involving Filipino children?
The online child porn industry needs to be stopped, and we need to work together to do that. Oct 31, 2014

Penalty awaits ISPs not blocking child porn sites – DOJ
Buena Bernal September 01, 2015
ISPs that fail to do this will be fined P500,000 to P1 million on first offense; P1 million to P2 million with revocation of license to operate for subsequent offenses.

The Warrior Lawyer Libel on the Internet under Philippine Law

Lizan E. Perante-Calina

Social media used to lure trafficked Filipinas
Boy Ryan B. Zabal January 21, 2017

One of the victims was befriended by recruiters using social media with false promises of legitimate and better work opportunities overseas.

Cybercriminals focusing on data-rich smartphones
Agence France-Presse March 02, 2017

Seen as a gateway to key information about its user, cybercriminals shift their focus to smartphones

Facebook, social networks being used in human smuggling
Agence France-Presse June 07, 2017

Europol's European Migrant Smuggling Center identified 1,150 social media accounts suspected of advertising smuggling services.


Cyber Crime

What´s Cybercrime - How to protect against Cybercrime

Remark this is an album in the album What´s Cyber & Phone Crime - How to protect against the crime

Yahoo, Microsoft, Google emails among 272M stolen accounts
Victor Barreiro Jr. May 05, 2016

Approximately 40 million of the stolen credentials are Yahoo accounts, while 33 million are from Microsoft's Hotmail and 24 million are from Gmail.

It would be a good idea to change your email's password to a strong, alphanumeric combination that is unique to that account.

How do I report bullying or harassment on Facebook if I don't have an account or can't see it (ex: someone blocked you)?
Call her 'pokpok', hit her boobs: How they silence a woman
Renee Juliene Karunungan April 08, 2016

After actively campaigning against presidential bet Rodrigo Duterte, outspoken advocate, Renee Karunungan, reflects on the nature of online harassment aimed at silencing women

Penshoppe leads anti-bullying #IAmDifferent campaign
Precious Del Valle October 29, 2017 - with Video

Proceeds from Penshoppe's campaign will go in developing a module on anti-bullying, with the help of Teach For The Philippines. Look the Video in HD

Cardinal Tagle slams culture of bullying, 'paninindak'
Paterno Esmaquel II April 20, 2019 - with Video
'Mangako kayo ngayong Biyernes Santo, hindi kayo maninindak. Hindi kayo magiging marahas. Hindi kayo magiging bully,' says Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle

Life without bullies? Why Senate must pass anti-discrimination bill
Sylvia Estrada Claudio August 06, 2018
I make this appeal for the sake of science, for the sake of morality and for the sake of the nation’s well-being

When the bell rings: My story of getting bullied
Don Kevin Hapal January 17, 2017
Bullying is more than just physical harm. It’s the harshest form of rejection, one that gets in the way of our growth and self-discovery.
Don Kevin Hapal was a high school student in Athens, Greece. He now works as a social media producer and Balikbayan coordinator for

Romance, Dating, Courtship, Wedding, Anti Mail-Order Bride Law, Etc.

How to Spot Scammers in Filipina Dating Sites?

Filipina Scammer Test

OFW loses P600,000 in Facebook romance scam
Rambo Talabong October 01, 2018

For an overseas Filipino worker, what started as infatuation on Facebook ended with extortion

RA 9995 Anti-Photo and Voyeurism Act of 2009

Primer on the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009 (RA 9995) as pdf

The Sex Crime of Voyeurism

Anti- Photo and Video Voyeurism

the Video

RA 9995 Anti-Photo and Voyeurism Act of 2009


Republic Act 9775, the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009

IRR-RA 9775 and HERE and About RA 9775

The Video Republic Act 9775 Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009 - PHILIPPINE LAWS AUDIOBOOK  Feb 27, 2014

FAST FACTS: Why online sexual exploitation of children happens in the Philippines
Michelle Abad February 11, 2020
On Safer Internet Day, government officials promise continuous training of front liners to rescue victims of online sexual exploitation.
With Filipinos consecutively topping the world in terms of social media use, there is a lot of room for abusers to engage in sexual exploitation of children behind closed doors and in front of a webcam.

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children Online in the Philippines
A review of online news and Articles

Some porn sites blocked in PH
January 14, 2017
A message saying that these sites have been blocked in accordance with the Anti-Child Pornography Law loads on screen instead.
For affected online users, a message saying, "This website has been ordered blocked under authority of the Philippine Government pursuant to Republic Act 9775 or the Anti-Child Pornography Law" is displayed on screen.

in the album Cyber SEX - Cyber child porn - Cyber Sextortion - A CRIME!

Webcam Child Abuse Epidemic
Distant Abuse: The disturbing transformation of the Philippine child sex industry

Cebu has long been a popular destination for Western sex-tourists. But as the internet spreads across the region, girls as young as five are cashing in on the online industry.

"It was awful, but it was money", explains a young Philippine girl, not yet out of school. "And I was willng to do anything for money."
Jun 2, 2014 Journeyman Pictures


Child Cybersex
a special program about the dark child cybersex trade in the Philippines and what authorities and advocates are doing about it.
Republic Act 9208, Anti-Trafficking in Persons

a penal law against human trafficking, organ trafficking, sex tourism, sex slavery and child prostitution

Look Implementing Rules and Regulations HERE

The ban on trafficking of persons for the purpose of removal or sale of organs is contained in Section 3(a) of Republic Act 9208

The Video

Republic Act 9208, Anti-Trafficking in Persons


Drug syndicates use social media for recruitment
Chay F. Hofileña May 01, 2015

Members of these syndicates befriend vulnerable victims they meet via the Internet and even offer marriage proposals to seal the relationship.
No different from terrorists, drug syndicates targeting potential drug couriers have resorted to social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, to recruit new victims.
Members of these syndicates befriend vulnerable victims they meet via the Internet and even offer marriage proposals to seal the relationship.

Look the article as pdf

Drug groups tap persons with HIV as couriers
Aries Rufo May 01, 2015
Drug syndicates think that tapping an HIV-positive foreign courier will result in repatriation to the country of origin rather than arrest.

International drug gangs prey on Filipinos abroad
Agence France-Presse April 22, 2015
With many coming from poor farming areas and lacking in street smarts, they are easy pickings for international crime gangs on the hunt for drug mules

Scams, Crime on the Internet  and Phones e.g. Dugo-Dugo, Identity Theft, Dating and Text-scam - Spammers - Etc.

Look also False accounts and 'Gangs' - Etc.

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Don’t fall for fake deals: How to protect yourself from bogus online purchases
Oct 2, 2020

With more people turning to online purchases during the pandemic, here are some tips to avoid getting scammed
Have you ever seen an online deal that seemed too good to be true? To prevent fraud, it pays to be discerning.

Senate committee set to investigate 'nakaw-load'
Rambo Talabong March 04, 2018

'Let us not allow our countrymen to be victims of theft,' says Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino IV as his committee is set to probe the 'nakaw-load' scheme.
The Senate Committee on Science and Technology is set to probe the "nakaw-load" (stolen load) scheme, which involves unexplained deductions in prepaid mobile loads, in a hearing Monday, March 5, 2018.

DOJ cybercrime office to probe dummy Facebook accounts
June 07, 2020

Computer-related identity theft is a crime, and Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra says he's worried over the surge in fake Facebook accounts

Lawmakers fear fake Facebook accounts meant for 'online tanim-ebidensiya'
June 07, 2020
'We must not allow social media to be used as a platform for identity theft, intimidation, or worse, a tool to plant bogus evidence,' says Senator Francis Pangilinan
Two opposition lawmakers denounced the proliferation of fake accounts on Facebook, warning that these accounts could be used to plant evidence against real personalities critical of the Duterte administration.

Facebook now investigating dummy Filipino accounts
June 07, 2020
Facebook urges users to 'continue reporting any accounts they believe may be inauthentic,' as alarm grows in the Philippines

Makati lawmaker blocks Facebook messages on anti-terror bill vote
Mara Cepeda June 08, 2020
As users share that they were blocked, Makati City 2nd District Representative Luis Campos says his social media page managers are 'just being careful' since there are 'many trolls'

DND investigating fake Facebook accounts – Lorenzana
JC Gotinga June 08, 2020
'Of course, the cooperation of Facebook is needed,' says Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana

The Videos:
DOJ cybercrime office to probe dummy Facebook accounts:

Fake Facebook accounts ng ilang estudyante, alumni at faculty ng U.P naglabasan
Jun 7, 2020 ABS-CBN News
Fake at duplicate Facebook accounts ng ilang estudyante, alumni at faculty ng U.P naglabasan

Pagkalat ng fake Facebook accounts pinasisiyasat
Jun 7, 2020 CNN Philippines
Ayon sa National Privacy Commission, iniimbestigahan na ng Facebook ang pagdami ng pekeng Facebook accounts.
Paiimbestigahan na rin ng Justice Department ito sa kanilang Cybercrime Office kasama ang National Bureau of Investigation at National Police Cybercrime Unit.
Makakausap natin ngayon si Justice Undersecretary Markk Perete tungkol sa fake Facebook accounts na 'yan.



Public warned vs online scams
Apr 18, 2020 Manila Bulletin Online

As the public relies more on online transactions while being forced to stay inside their homes due to quarantine restrictions, the Inter-agency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases advised Filipinos to be more cautious in handling their bank accounts.

Online libel tops cybercrime cases in the Philippines for 2016
Katerina Francisco January 27, 2017

The number of cybercrime complaints has increased over the past 3 years, with online libel, online scams, and identity theft being the most common complaints.

Report Phone Numbers That Scammers Use in the Philippines!

Scammers or swindlers are becoming high-tech nowadays. They know that mobile phone industry is booming and mobile phone users are increasing significantly


Identity Theft
Mar 12, 2016
Victims share their experiences of being a victim of identity theft.

Tips to avoid identity theft
Sep 21, 2016
Raise your awareness on the prevention of being victimized of posers in social media by following these simple tips.


'Peace' signs risk fingerprint theft
Jan 16, 2017
Japanese researchers warn of fingerprint theft from 'peace' signs in digital photographs. Angela Moore reports.
'Peace' signs, posibleng maging daan ng fingerprint theft
Jan 17, 2017
Para sa mga mahilig mag 'peace sign' sa tuwing magpapakuha ng litrato, nagbabala ang mga Japanese researcher na maaaring manakaw ang ating fingerprints dahil dito.

Why you should be wary of 'sim swap' scam

NTC wants probe into SIM-swap scam

SIM-swap scam victims surfaces


Watch how spammers acquire various cell phone numbers to text. Jan 22, 2014

How To Report Text Scammers and Spammers


in the album What´s Cyber & Phone Crime - How to protect against the crime

Protect yourself from Dugo-dugo Gang

The Dugo-Dugo gangs operate using the telephone. E.g. they will call the house, hoping that the maid will answer the telephone, telling her that the homeowner or her employer was in an accident, and that she needs to bring money to the hospital right away. After the maid gathers the required loot, they meet her and, while she is enchanted, steal the money.

Watch Bistado as they reenact how Dugo-dugo Gang operates and see how effective their style is. Jul 7, 2014

Girl loses P100K jewelry to 'Dugo-dugo' gang
Jun 19, 2015

How to avoid online scam?
Dec 7, 2016
NBI Cybercrime Division Executive Director Vic Lorenzo gives safety tips on how to avoid bogus online sellers and scam artists.

How To Report Text Scammers and Spammers to Smart and Globe:

Win The Fight Against Text Scam!

June 13, 2014

Look the article as pdf

Look - download the poster in full size with more informations HERE right click - select save as


in the album Text & E-mail Scams

E-mail scam dupes medical workers
The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, POEA is warning against an e-mail scam that has swindled medical workers. Sep 12, 2015

Text scams becoming more widespread
Text scams have become more widespread, with scammers often trying to dupe cellphone owners into sending load. Sep 12, 2015

NTC warns against load-eating text scam

National Telecommunication Commission warning mobile subscribers against text scams involving share-a-load or "pasaload" transactions. The telecommunications said the scams involve tricking postpaid subscribers into sending load credits through fraudulent claims such as discounts, refunds, prizes, or stranded relatives. Jul 1, 2014

Text scammers, revealed!

Are you a victim of text scam? Watch Bistado to know how scammers acquire cell numbers. Jul 21, 2014


in the album Text & E-mail Scams

Jay explained about Globe warns of new text scam

Jan 31, 2013 Globe Telecom, Inc. advised postpaid subscribers to be cautious of text scams which entice people by telling them they can get discounts or rebates on their monthly bills. "Subscribers are requested to validate unusual texts and calls especially if they do not come from official four-digit Globe numbers," the telco firm said in a statement. "Texts and calls of this nature have a primary motive of asking for personal information, soliciting money or prepaid load, or using your account to purchase items online." One of those circulating "promo" messages reads: GLOBE Postpaid: Congrats! You're the one selected postpaid plan given P150 discount billing, to get your P150 discount billing just text 150 send to 2916XXXXXXX. Globe stressed that adding a "2" before the 10-digit mobile number of the recipient results in a Share-A-Load transaction, which means the victim would have transferred the amount to the scammer after pressing the "Send" button. "It is best not to respond, and immediately report suspicious texts or calls to authorized Globe customer service channels," the firm said.


New wireless broadband scam; PNP warns

The Philippine National Police warned the public against buying cheap wireless broadband being sold online, which might be used to steal vital information of users. Feb 5, 2014

Scam Alerts

This site is often updated with the newest alerts


Scam Alerts

Beware of bogus recruiters.

Want to be a model or a movie star? Beware of fake online recruiters because you might be putting yourself in danger. Watch Bistado to know how they operate the modus operandi.

Jul 14, 2014

Remark this is an album in the album What´s Cyber & Phone Crime - How to protect against the crime

Scams in the WORLD

It´s NOT only in the Philippines, you can risk to meet scammers - both men and women - on the internet

Catfish: Why Parents Need To Discuss It With Their Teens

Sue Scheff - Posted: 01/25/2013

What is Catfish? Urban Dictionary's most popular answer defines a catfish as: Someone who pretends to be someone they're not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

Look also HERE


Scams and Identity theft

Romance Scams in the WORLD
What is a romance scam?

Guides about romance scams e.g. by using "Identity Theft" in different countries e.g.: The Philippines, Nigeria and other West African countries, Russia, Ukraine etc.
Filipina Chat Scam
Internet Love Scam exposed!

Be careful on who you talk to on the internet. He/she might be a scammer. Aug 11, 2014

Woman duped by fake Facebook suitor loses P5M

A woman has racked up nearly P5 million in debt after being scammed by a fake Internet suitor. Aug 13, 2014

The Philippines is a country with a notably poor reputation regarding internet scams and fraud.

Romance scams and marriage scams via the internet are the two most common internet fraud types in the Philippines. Look the article as pdf HERE

How do I avoid filipina online dating scams?

Lonely Hearts Club scam

Online scammers will take your money and leave you broke and heartbroken

Online Scams on chat programs

The largest scams today are internet based and involve the manipulation of forsaken men in the west by Filipino ladies and men working the chat programs and forums.

Chat Girls So you feel in love with a chat girl?

Long distance + Request for money = Scam

In Summary: Think about the chat girls as good entertainment and you will come out of the experience with a lot more money in your pocket.

Love, lust, and digital dating: Men on the Bumble dating app aren't ready for the Queen bee
Treena Orchard, Western University August 03, 2019
Using a feminist dating app in a patriarchal world is messy, but also fascinating for what it reveals about sexuality, gender, and power in the digital dating univers

Safe WEB - WebSafety on the Internet - Etc.

Web safety for parents and kids!

Look also Internet - Computer - Video game addiction - Etc.

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How to make Facebook a little more private
August 26, 2020 - with Video

Here's how to do a quick privacy check-up on the platform
With more people living digitally because of the pandemic, it's become even more important than ever to take care of our digital assets. On the top of the list is Facebook, the platform on which Filipinos spend most of their online time.

4 essential safe web browsing tips
Gelo Gonzales February 14, 2017

Parisa Tabriz engineers Google Chrome's security and safety features. Here she shares how Google keeps users safe – and how users can tweak their behavior to keep their information safe.

How to protect your computer vs cyberattacks
The Commission on Elections data leak highlights the urgency of protecting your own system from hackers

Malware, phishing, cybersecurity: terms you need to know
Understanding the terms often associated with hackers and cybersecurity may come in handy against cybercrimes

both Jodesz Gavilan April 23, 2016

Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner, Australian government

"AboutPhilippines" recommend all these videos

The right way to manage your family's online life
Therese Reyes February 19, 2016

Just like any other technology, the Internet’s impact on your life is determined by how you decide to use it

DepEd, Stairway Foundation, and IMMAP launch #BeCyberSafe
Marj Casal November 26, 2018

The project aims to inform and educate the public on how children can be safe online

Online Risks
Filipino Children Face Today

Child grooming

Grooming, sextortion, and other online predatory acts: How online child sexual abuse happens and how to prevent it!
Nicai de Guzman December 7, 2015

Regulating Children’s Entry To I-Cafés

In the absence of a national law regulating the registration and operation of Internet cafés, many local government units such as towns, cities and provinces enact their own ordinances with provisions mostly based on the Local Government Code of the Philippines.

Parental Supervision Of Kids Who Overstay In I-Cafés

or look both above as one pdf HERE

How to avoid online child sexual abuse
Ana P. Santos and Devon Wong Feb 16, 2013

The Internet has facilitated new methods of 'non-contact' sexual abuse of children. One in 6 children experience sexual violence and hardly any of them report it.

Download the poster in full size HERE, right click and select save as.

'Online sexual violence harming children' – Pope
Agence France-Presse October 06, 2017

In a speech about protecting the dignity of children in the internet era, Francis warns of the spread of extreme pornography, sexting, and online bullying as well as sexual exploitation, trafficking and the live-streaming of rape and violence against children.

Online Family Safety

The Philippines, which has been dubbed as the social networking capital of the world, has the highest social media penetration rate with more than 26 million online users.

According to, 20 percent of Facebook users are 13 to 17 years old. These roughly means five million kids need to be guided so that sensitive personal and family information will not be divulged to everyone.

Teaching responsible gaming to your kids
Victor Barreiro Jr. Feb 15, 2015

While parents don't have to play the games, they have to at least try and understand whether a game is proper for their child's age and whether that game is affecting their behavior


Keep Your Kids Safe Online
Web safety for parents and kids!

How to protect your child from porn - Cyber-bullying.

May mga libreng smartphone at tablet apps para maprotektahan ang mga bata laban sa mga masasamang internet content.
Jan 23, 2014
Why Pay Attention To Kids Online Activity
Parents alarmed over 'sexting'
July 01, 2015

Fathering the Gen Y

Digital Parenting
A segment of an interview with 700 Club Asia on how to keep kids safe online. Jun 11, 2014


Risk of online sexual exploitation

In a poor shanty in the city of Cebu, a tiny internet café offers broadband connectivity with the outside world. In a place that lacks running water, the opportunities presented by the existence of the internet are boundless. But along with these opportunities are the inherent risks posed by the net. A growing number of youths are being drawn into a dangerous world of sexual exploitation by foreigners they meet online.

Look the full description of the video

Remark this is an album in the album Family Planning - Sexuality

Sexuality - Pregnancy, Birth and Kids having kids

How to fight Terrorism by using the Internet

Look more about Terrorism

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How to fight ISIS on social media
Maria A. Ressa Mar 09, 2015

In nearly every language and with startling sophistication, ISIS is reaching out to young kids around the world and enticing them to see the world in new ways.

While Twitter and Facebook have tried to control the spread of its message, ISIS comes back with new tools, like its own social media network launched Sunday.

Internet Games, e-Sportsorganizations - etc.

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The women behind the games
Gwen Foster March 31, 2019 - with Videos

Get to know some of the Filipinas helping to shape the future of the video game industry

A new PH esport league, Tesla 'dog mode,' Theranos documentary
Gelo Gonzales February 11, 2019

The Nationals featuring 'Tekken 7,' 'Dota 2' and 'Mobile Legends' start on March 17, 2019

WATCH: Sibol Hearthstone shoots for 1-2 finish
Beatrice Go November 23, 2019 - with Video

Get to know Sibol Hearthstone’s Jia Dee and Dustin Mangulabnan as they target an esports gold in the 2019 SEA Games

The Video: An inside look in the triumph of the e-sports Sibol Dota 2 team
Dec 14, 2019 Manila Bulletin Online
Follow the story of dedication and perseverance as the National E-Sports Team SIBOL triumphs in the 30th SEA Games’ Dota 2 Competition.


E-games sa Sea Games
ABS-CBN News Mar 16, 2019

Parang Partners tackles the official inclusion of competitive video gaming as a medal sport in the 30th SEA Games which is set in the Philippines this year.

eSports at the grassroots:
Bringing the game back to town

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament ‘Bayan Mo vs. Bayan Ko’ is taking a ground-up approach to eSports


Philippines e-Sports Organization - PeSO

Electronic Sports, better known as e-Sports, is a growing culture and worldwide phenomenon. It is an athletic competition that showcases skill and talent without being limited to height, weight or age. Over 40 Countries have taken part of this cyber event and the Philippines, already recognized internationally for its cyber athletes, will be taking center stage in hosting international events.

The Facebook

Esport community conflicted as it feels effects of new GAB rules
Gelo Gonzales January 18, 2018
The Games and Amusement Board now requires mandatory drug testing for THC and methamphetamine for players, official athletic licenses, and sharing of profits from organizers.

What PH eSports achieved in 2016
Justin Banusing and Neil de Guzman December 19, 2016
Here's a rundown of the most significant milestones for the booming PH eSports scene in the past year.

Internet - Computer - Game addiction

Look also: Teaching responsible gaming to your kids and Rehabilitation - Etc.

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Wired and tired: Why parents should take technology out of their kid’s bedroom
The Conversation December 17, 2015

Given the increased importance for this age group of technology for socializing and learning, helping them find balance will not only help with sleep but ensure that their use of technology is a positive rather than negative influence.

How to get over my online alter ego
Dr Margarita Holmes and Jeremy Baer August 13, 2017

A reader asks how to escape his online alter ego, as it nearly cost him his long-term relationship, and may even cost him his career.

Computer addiction: A new pest of society?

DO you consider yourself a computer addict? Computer addiction has been very common to children especially to students. This addiction is similar to drug or alcohol addiction for it creeps up on a person without knowing about it so it should be dealt with properly. Computer addiction is a term pertaining to one’s dependency on computers. It is not only limited to the use of personal computers but also to video games and Internet usage. It affects a person’s life in different aspects.


Internet Addiction


Experts warn against online addiction

Experts suggested parental guidance to children who are online addict. Feb 28, 2014


Computer addiction

Documentary - New Era University. Like any other addiction, it can creep up on a person without one being aware of it.


Is your child addicted to online games?

Marami na ang na-aadik sa paglalaro ng mga online games. Kaya naman may paalala ang mga eksperto, agapan ang mga batang nahuhumaling sa online games. Jan 22, 2015


Remark these are albums in the album Internet - Computer Addiction

Video gaming addictive like crack – WHO
Agence France-Presse June 18, 2018

Key symptoms include 'impaired control' – notably the inability to stop playing – and focusing on the game to the exclusion of everything else.

Fighting computer addiction in kids

The computer may have made life easier and tasks faster. But like all good things, it can be abused and lead to addiction, especially in children.

Internet addiction: A growing concern?

There is a growing concern regarding Internet addiction among children and teenagers.

Internet and Computer Addiction

What is Internet addiction or computer addiction?
How do people become addicted to the Internet?
Signs and symptoms of Internet addiction or computer addiction
Internet addiction: Cybersex and pornography
Internet addiction: Online gambling and Cyber-relationships
Self-help tips for breaking your Internet addiction
Internet addiction treatment, counseling, and support
Helping a friend or family member with Internet addiction

Filipino Youth Computer Addiction

Filipino Youth Addicted to MMORPG, Masively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games

Addictive gaming to be recognized as a disease
Agence France-Presse January 05, 2018
Anecdotal evidence suggests that the condition disproportionately affects younger people more connected to the ever-expanding online gaming world.
"Gaming disorder" will be recognized as a disease later this year following expert consensus over the addictive risks associated with playing electronic games, the World Health Organization said Friday, January 5.

Computer Game and Internet Addiction

The Emergence of a New Clinical Disorder

Computer Addiction

Computer addiction, or computer overuse, is excessive or compulsive use of computers that interferes with daily life.

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