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It's final
Philippines leaves International Criminal Court

The Philippines' withdrawal from the International Criminal Court takes effect Sunday, March 17.

March 17, 2019

In alarming rise of PH lawyer killings, what is being done?
Nov 25, 2020 Lian Buan

Death of eyewitnesses. Professional killers. Little evidence.
These are some of the reasons offered by the government in explaining its difficulty in solving killings of Filipino lawyers, which has reached an alarming rate since 2016 when President Rodrigo Duterte took office.

Only 5 cases reached the courts in 54 lawyer killings since 2016
Dec 1, 2020 Lian Buan
Data show that 31 judges and prosecutors were killed in a span of 16 years from 1999. Compare this to the 21 judges and prosecutors killed in only 4 years of President Duterte.

EJK: Few convicted, most perpetrators cleared
September 3, 2020 Lian Buan
In 7 years, this task force has only 13 convictions to show out of 385 cases it has handled. Of these, 127 perpetrators have been cleared.

'Only way to end tyranny, impunity': 500 rights advocates demand accountability over killings
August 31, 2020 Jodesz Gavilan

The signatories call on President Rodrigo Duterte to 'stop inciting the police, military and even ordinary civilians to commit such horrible acts'
More than 500 individuals on Monday, August 31, demanded an end to the culture of impunity that dominates the Philippines under President Rodrigo Duterte.


'Duterte behind killing of Randall Echanis' - groups
Aug 14, 2020 Bulatlat

Amid Palace's claim that Anakpawis Chairperson and consultant Randall Echanis was killed by his comrades in the revolutionary movement, progressive groups hold President Duterte accountable for the murder.

Look much MORE

Could this be new "Davao Death Squad, DDS"

Daughter of slain activist warns anti-terror bill will 'normalize' killings
Rhick Lars Vladimer Albay June 06, 2020

'Once you're labeled a terrorist, the authorities can justify whatever they may do to you,' says Tsinkay Porquia
The daughter of slain activist Jory Porquia has joined calls to reject the anti-terror bill, warning that once it is passed into law, incidents like her father's death would be part of the new normal under the Duterte government.

3 years after Kian's death, killings continue under Duterte
Rambo Talabong Aug 16 2020 - with Videos

Human rights groups, meanwhile, believe around 30,000 have been killed, including drug-related killings outside police operations.

How a Manila gang finds the license to kill

 June 3, 2019

After more than two years and an estimated 23,518 deaths under investigation, Rappler tells the story of President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war from the eyes of the killers.
In early 2017, the Philippine National Police (PNP) arrested members of a vigilante gang suspected of preying on drug suspects and criminals in Tondo, Manila. The group was a local chapter of the Confederate Sentinels Group (CSG). More than a year after the arrests, most of the men implicated remain free.

Rappler’s 6-month investigation shows strong indications that the police were outsourcing extrajudicial killings to the same vigilante gang they accused of murder.

To be continued: PART 2 'The Cops Were Showing Off'
PART 3 'Get It From The Chief'
PART 4 'What Did The CSG Do Wrong?'
PART 5 'I Finish The Job'
PART 6 'There Are Snakes Everywhere'
Conclusion: PART 7 'It's War'

LIST: Bureau of Corrections personnel killed under Duterte gov't
Rambo Talabong February 27, 2020

BuCor top lawyer Fredric Santos is the 7th BuCor personnel killed in Muntinlupa since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office

Lives in danger as red-tagging campaign intensifies
Jodesz Gavilan February 20, 2020

Ibon Foundation says the red-tagging by the Duterte government is the 'first step in a much larger and more sinister agenda'

IMPORTANT: Read ALL links in the article


The Bigger, the Better?!
Jan 4, 2020 ABS-CBN News

The video examines the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2019 that requires motorcycles to put bigger license plates for easy identification, following the incidence of crimes carried out by riding-in-tandem suspects.

Riding in Tandem
Mar 15, 2020 ABS-CBN News
The video reviews the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act, also called the "Doble Plaka" law, which seeks to prevent crimes involving riding-in-tandem assailants.



At a time when alleged narco politicians named by the President are being killed with impunity, officials on a kill list in Cebu are gunned down one after another.
“If your name is there,” said the President of the Republic of the Philippines, “son of a bitch, you have a problem, I will really kill you.”



Multi-stakeholder group launches national plan for safety of journalists
November 22, 2019 - with Video

The Philippine Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists is launched on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the Maguindanao massacre.
A group composed of members of media, the government, the academe, and civil society launched the Philippine Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists (PPASJ) on Friday, November 22.

Download PPASJ

CMFR calls out Duterte gov't on attacks vs press
Vernise L Tantuco November 23, 2019
CMFR Executive Director Melinda Quintos de Jesus says it is necessary to 'clear the air' in order for plans on the safety of journalists to be properly implemented

Malacañang: We will put an end to attacks on journalists
Lian Buan November 23, 2019 - with Video
In the first 3 years of the Duterte administration, at least 128 threats and attacks against members of the press are recorded


Pahayag ng Defend Negros #StoptheAttacks
kodao phils Jul 26, 2019
Nagbigay pahayag ang Defend Negros #StoptheAttacks Network kaugnay sa sunud-sunod na extra-judicial killings na nangyari nito lamang linggo. Panawagan nila na ibasura ang Memorandum Order #32 at Itigil ang Oplan Sauron ng AFP at PNP sa isla.

Militarization has turned Negros into 'howling wilderness'
Jodesz Gavilan August 20, 2019
'The deployment of additional troops complicated the already worsening human rights situation in the areas,' says the United Methodist Church

Christian churches fear more PNP, AFP in Negros may mean more deaths
Jodesz Gavilan August 07, 2019
The National Council of Churches in the Philippines says that rights of the citizens to speak and organize should be respected, amid rampant red-tagging of human rights organizations

Duterte rules out martial law in Negros, for now
Pia Ranada August 06, 2019
'Martial law will only be enforced in accordance with the Constitution,' says Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo

Peace and order in Negros 'remains normal' – Albayalde
Rambo Talabong August 06, 2019
Top cop General Oscar Albayalde says the police are 'doing everything' to keep President Rodrigo Duterte from using emergency powers to address the spate of killings in Negros Island

Only 3 cases filed so far vs suspects in Negros Oriental shootings
Ryan Macasero August 05, 2019
Murder charges have been filed in 3 of 11 cases currently being handled by Central Visayas' police office

Groups seek unity, action to help end killings in Negros Island
Patricia Angela Echano August 03, 2019
Human rights advocates and progressive groups stress the importance of standing in solidarity with victims of extrajudicial killings and other human rights violations in Negros Island

15 shot dead in Negros Oriental in 1 week
Marchel P. Espina July 26, 2019
July 25 was the bloodiest with 7 kills in a single day

Death comes unprovoked upon Negros Island
Mark Saludes July 30, 2019
Masked men wearing 'police' shirts killed her husband two days after Christmas last year. ‘It was nothing to them. It was like killing a pig or a stray dog,’ Cedine Isugan says

Duterte to use emergency powers to stop Negros violence
Pia Ranada July 31, 2019
President Rodrigo Duterte raises the reward money for the capture of killers of 4 police officers and vows to 'replicate the atrocious acts' allegedly perpetrated by communist rebels

Amid Negros killings, Duterte warns of doing ‘something drastic’
August 01, 2019
President Rodrigo Duterte says he will have guns issued to fire fighters so they can help in maintaining peace and order

Monitoring Negros: What rulings say about NPA and martial law
Lian Buan August 02, 2019
Justice Benjamin Caguioa once warned that it the NPA conflict is upheld as basis to declare martial law, the Philippines may be trapped in a perpetual state of military rule

PNP sees no need for martial law in Negros: 'It's under control'
Rambo Talabong August 02, 2019
The Philippine National Police says all its units in Negros Island 'remain on full alert and vigilant to thwart and prevent occurrence of crimes and killings'

Video: Pakol Festival in Sinulog pays tribute to killed farmers in Negros
Jan 19, 2020

Dancers from the Pakol Festival of Santa Catalina town in Negros Oriental dressed in bloody farmer shirts appear briefly during their dance routine in Sinulog Festival 2020. Killings of farmers in Negros Island became more rampant in 2019.

TIMELINE: Killings in Negros
Marchel P. Espina August 24, 2019

In just 10 days in the month of July, 21 people are killed in Negros. Police have yet to determine motives for the killings.

MAP: Negros killings since July 2016
Jodesz Gavilan August 28, 2019
Many reports say that the methods of killings usually involve gunmen barging into homes, riding-in-tandem shooting at close range, and masked men trailing people

State-sponsored or insurgency-related?

The 4 Catholic bishops in Negros Island have ordered all parishes to toll the church bells at 8 every evening, until the killings stop

Senate hearing on Negros killings, August 27
August 27, 2019 - with Video

The Senate committees on public order and dangerous drugs, and on justice and human rights starts its probe August 27, into the spate of killings in the two Negros provinces in central Philippines.
In a span of 10 days in July, the island saw 21 people dead at the hands of gunmen: 17 civilians and 4 policemen, most of whom were killed in their homes.

Negros killings: Senate panels recommend probe of cops, army, vigilante group
Marchel P. Espina January 28, 2020
‘No one was spared - men, women, and children suffered at the hands of lawless armed men,’ says the report

Rights groups fail to get court protection from army harassment
Lian Buan June 29, 2019

'There is no evidence of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests, malicious prosecutions, and defamations,' says the Court of Appeals

At least 20 killed in election-related violence since December 2018
May 13, 2019

The Commission on Elections has recorded 43 incidents of election-related violence as of May 12

Election-related violence disrupts voting in various provinces
May 13, 2019
Shootings and explosions are reported in polling centers and precincts across the country

CHR: Killings prove that violent rhetoric, vilification of human rights 'deadly'
Jodesz Gavilan May 03, 2019

The public threats 'will weaken the works and influence of human rights defenders... who continue to challenge all forms of injustices and hold people in authority to account,' according to the Commission on Human Rights

Duterte to police, military: Why is Acierto still alive?
Pia Ranada Updated March 27, 2019 - with Video

President Rodrigo Duterte again attacks ex-cop Eduardo Acierto's credibility while absolving Michael Yang of drug links

Finding Acierto
Glenda M. Gloria May 06, 2019
EXCLUSIVE: Veteran anti-drug operator Eduardo 'Jojo' Acierto hides from a government that's out to get him. What drives him?

Acierto accuses Duterte gov’t of abducting colleague
Rambo Talabong May 06, 2019 - with Video
In a new clandestine video, Eduardo Acierto accuses the government of abducting his former anti-drug operations colleague retired police major Lito Pirote

Malacañang offers P10M for capture of Eduardo Acierto
Pia Ranada April 29, 2019
Because of this large bounty from the Palace, the Department of Justice is no longer offering its own reward money for Eduardo Acierto and will use its funds to find the ex-cop's protectors instead

Opposition bets slam Duterte for 'kill order' vs Acierto
Paterno Esmaquel II March 27, 2019 - with Videos
Duterte had said in a speech on Tuesday evening, March 26: "Huwag kayo maniwala dito, lalo na si Acierto. Tanong ko 'yung military and police, bakit buhay pa 'yung putanginang 'yan (Don't believe this, especially Acierto. Let me ask the military and police, why is that son of a bitch still alive)?

Who is Eduardo Acierto: Criminal cop or whistleblower?
Rambo Talabong March 29, 2019 - with Video
Who is veteran anti-drug cop Eduardo Acierto?

Gordon calls on PNP, PDEA to arrest ex-cop Acierto
March 31, 2019
Senate blue ribbon committee chairman Richard Gordon adds there is no need to invite Eduardo Acierto to another Senate hearing 'unless there is new evidence' against Michael Yang

IMPORTANT: Read too ALL links in the articles

Duterte's band-aid to stop killings

The Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act aims to take criminals on motorbikes off the road.
Some motorcycle riders want to have the law declared unconstitutional.

LOOK New Law

Christmas in a sea of sadness
December 24, 2018

We wish everyone clarity of thought to realize our contradictions, our duplicity, nay, our hypocrisy.

Stand up for the newborn Jesus!
Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas December 24, 2018
Stand up for life. Stand up for purity. Stand up for human dignity. We cannot find Christmas joy in timidity and cowardice. Stand up and choose the Lord!

Senate probes killings of local officials
February 04, 2019 - with Video

The Senate public order committee probes the killings of local officials since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office

Duterte admits being a dictator

Duterte: If I won't be a dictator, nothing will happen to PH
Pia Ranada February 09, 2018 - with Video
President Rodrigo Duterte had previously said that becoming a dictator would dishonor his late mother, a prominent activist against the Marcos regime.
AMID fears of looming autocrat rule under his watch, President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday, February 7, admitted to imposing a "dictatorial" style of governance.
Duterte said he prefers to act like a "dictator" to be able to sustain the country's progress.
"If you say dictator, I am really a dictator. If I don't act (like a) dictator, son of a b****, nothing will happen to this country," the President said in Visayan.
"That's true. If I don't act (like a) dictator, which is my style now, nothing will happen to this country," he added.


Duterte created 'dangerous fiction' vs rights defenders
Jodesz Gavilan July 10, 2020

The Commission on Human Rights says human rights defenders live a 'grim reality' in the Philippines as they face systematic and widespread attacks for their work

At least 33 killed daily in the Philippines since Duterte assumed office
Rambo Talabong June 15, 2018

The Philippine National Police records 23,518 homicide cases under investigation (HCUI) since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office.
Ever since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office almost two years ago, 33 people have been killed daily nationwide.

Philippines one of most dangerous places for civilians
JC Gotinga July 05, 2019

The government’s anti-drug war and political rivalries triggered 'a wave of targeted attacks' in the first half of the year, says the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project

De Lima seeks Senate probe into killings of lawyers, judges under Duterte gov't
Sofia Tomacruz July 27, 2019
Opposition Senator Leila de Lima says the 'targeted and systematic attacks' against members of the Bar are detrimental not only to the profession, but also to those who turn to them for justice.

LIST: Judges, prosecutors, lawyers killed under Duterte gov't
Jodesz Gavilan November 08, 2018

According to reports collated from July 2016 to May 2018, at least 40 judges, prosecutors, and lawyers have been killed across the country.
Members of the judiciary are not spared from the culture of impunity

'Special marshals' could prevent killings of judges
Jodesz Gavilan November 29, 2018 - with Video
Special marshals are 'an elite force of armed professional state security operatives intended to provide protection to judges,' says Jose Agcaoili of the Philippine Bar Association

and below: PH Bar Association's Jose Agcaoili on seeking justice for slain lawyers

PNP forms team to probe killings of local officials
Sofia Tomacruz September 10, 2018

The national investigation task group will closely monitor and coordinate investigations of different PNP units, offices, and other task groups investigating the deaths of local officials

7 Last Words reflection: ‘Father, forgive them, they know not what they do’
Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas April 17, 2019

Ignorance is killing us as it killed our innocent Lord. There is a time for mercy but there will soon be a time for reckoning.

Bishop slams 'death squads' in 2 overnight Caloocan murders
Paterno Esmaquel II July 19, 2018 - with Video

'We used to call them bonnet gangs. Now we just call them what they really are – death squads,' says Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David.

Saying police did nothing to pursue the masked killers who "took their sweet time," Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David slammed "death squads" behind two back-to-back murders in Caloocan City on Wednesday evening, July 18.

Priests, nuns donate P300,000 to kids of murdered mom
Paterno Esmaquel II July 19, 2018
Hospicio de San Jose offers to accept the orphans of slain 27-year-old Jennifer Taburada, who was killed by masked gunmen in Caloocan City.

The Philippines' scourge of killers on motorbikes
Carlos H. Conde June 17, 2018

The riding-in-tandem attacks underscore the extent to which rule of law has been diminished by President Rodrigo Duterte's incitement of killings of drug suspects.

AboutPhilippines recommend to read this article

Republic Act No. 11235 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2019

A dangerous place
Vergel O. Santos December 23, 2017

The Philippines is actually one of the world's most dangerous places not just for journalists but for its very own people.
The international organization Reporters Without Borders has rated the Philippines as the most dangerous place for journalists in Asia and among:

the 5 most dangerous in the world

Over 100 attacks vs journalists since Duterte assumed office – monitor
Rambo Talabong May 03, 2019 - with Video
The Freedom for Media, Freedom for All Network says it has monitored at least 128 attacks and threats against members of the press since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office.

Davao journalist arrested for owning unlicensed gun
July 25, 2019

Journalists in Mindanao say they want to defend themselves but legally owning a gun is difficult because of the island-wide martial law. They say: 'If we try to defend ourselves, we go to jail. If we do not, we die.'
Major Bembo Lopez Aying, the Mati City police chief, identified the arrested broadcaster as Ezperanzo Nishiguchi.

LOOK: the 5 most dangerous in the world

Archbishop Villegas: Stand up vs 'reign of murder, vulgarity'
Paterno Esmaquel II May 22, 2018

"Hindi ba sobra na? Hindi pa ba tayo maninindigan? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?" Villegas said. (Isn't it too much? Will we not stand up yet? If not now, when?) says Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas.

Religion and our state
Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino August 04, 2017

When 'secular state' becomes the reason that religion can no longer publicly manifest itself, that is most assuredly a threat to liberty

Attacks against - Killings of Officials - Etc.

Look also above and Political killings

AboutPhilippines ask: could this be a new "Davao Death Squad, DDS"

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Mayor in Duterte drug list shot dead in South Cotabato
July 10, 2020

Police are looking into 'personal grudge' as a possible motive for the fatal attack on Mayor Pablo Matinong Jr of Sto Niño, South Cotabato
Riding-in-tandem gunmen shot dead Sto Niño, South Cotabato Mayor Pablo Matinong Jr as he inspected a project site on Friday morning, July 10.

Manila chief inquest prosecutor shot dead
Rambo Talabong July 07, 2020

Police say Manila chief inquest prosecutor Jovencio Senados was driving his car when he was gunned down in Quirino Avenue in Manila before noon on July 7.
Senados, 62, was driving his car when he was attacked. Miranda said police are still gathering information on the identity of the killers, as well as how many carried out the attack. Look also the Video

Barangay chairman shot dead in Quiapo
Rambo Talabong June 18, 2020

Barangay Chairman Abubacar Sharief is shot dead in Quiapo, Manila. His father, who held the same post, was also gunned down 8 years ago.
At around 11 pm on Wednesday, Barangay 384 Chairman Abubacar Sharief, 33, and a companion, Malik Abdulah, 38, were sitting near a temporary outpost along Globo de Oro Street when unidentified gunmen came and forced them to lie on the ground, facing downward.

The gunmen then shot Sharief multiple times in different parts of his body, killing him. Abdulah was hit with a stray bullet on his right leg, but survived the attack. (READ: 10 killed in Negros Island shootings in 6 days)

Lanao del Sur town mayor's wife killed in Cagayan de Oro ambush
Bobby Lagsa June 03, 2020

Rohaifa Umpara Guro dies of multiple gunshot wounds while her husband, Lumbaca Unayan Mayor Somerado Guro, is shot in the neck by motorcycle-riding gunmen

Groups mourn murder of urban poor leader
Kyle Aristophere Atienza June 01, 2020

Kabataan party worries that many would face the same fate as Kadamay leader Carlito Badion if the anti-terror bill is passed.
Several groups slammed the continuing attacks against activists and critics, after longtime Kadamay leader Carlito Badion was found dead in Ormoc City last Thursday, May 28.

Former Tipo-Tipo vice mayor shot dead
Richard Falcatan April 07, 2020

Former vice mayor of Tipo-Tipo town in Basilan was shot dead Tuesday, April 7.
Musiddik Mande was killed by unidentified suspects on his way home at Barangay Sumagdang in Isabela City at 6 pm.

Cop under PNP chief’s office shot dead in Makati
Rambo Talabong March 09, 2020

Major Jeffrey Dalson is killed on the spot by riding-in-tandem killers March 9, in Makati City.

Cagayan de Oro traffic enforcer shot dead in road clearing operations
Bobby Lagsa February 28, 2020

Mark Langam is shot just outside the Sabal Community Hospital, which usually serves as terminal for tricycles and pedicabs that serve Gaisano Mall shoppers

Cagayan de Oro offers P500,000-reward for arrest of traffic enforcer's killers
Bobby Lagsa March 04, 2020
The Cagayan de Oro City government has asked the Northern Mindanao offices of the Philippine National Police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group and the National Bureau of Investigation to help in the probe

BuCor top lawyer shot dead in front of daughter's school
Rambo Talabong February 19, 2020 - with Video

Bureau of Corrections legal chief Fredric Santos is killed just as he was about to pick up his daughter from school.
The top lawyer of the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) who was a controversial witness in Senate hearings on the Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) controversy was shot dead on Wednesday afternoon, February 19.

BuCor legal chief killing 'very likely' linked to GCTA mess – Guevarra
Lian Buan February 20, 2020
Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra has ordered the National Bureau of Investigation to conduct a case buildup on the killing of prisons legal chief Fredric Santos

Cebu cop killed during botched buy-bust operation
Ryan Macasero February 12, 20

Police arrested one suspect in the shooting, and are hunting the other 2

Maguindanao town mayor gunned down in Manila
February 11, 2020

Riding-in-tandem gunmen attacked Talitay town Mayor Abdul Wahab Sabal in front of the Mannra Hotel in Malate, say police

Police general survives ambush in Bukidnon
January 29, 2020

A cop is killed and several other members of the Provincial Mobile Force Company are hurt during the ambush on the convoy of Police Brigadier General Joselito Salido in Talakag, Bukidnon
A key police official survived an ambush on his convoy in Talakag, Bukidnon, on Wednesday morning, January 29, but the attack left one of his men dead and 3 others hurt.

Motorcycle-riding gunmen kill cop in Negros Oriental
Marchel P. Espina January 29, 2020

Police Executive Master Sergeant Roldan Esmajer was on his way to the San Jose Municipal Police Station when he was attacked by the suspects

Zamboanga del Norte town vice mayor, 2 others killed in ambush
Richard Falcatan January 11, 2020

Unidentified men with high-powered firearms attack the vehicle of Baliguian Vice Mayor Gani Esmali in Siocon town
An initial police report said Esmali was with his escort Police Corporal Godelito Bongcac and two others in the official’s vehicle when they were ambushed by two unidentified gunmen at around 11:20 am on Saturday.

Quezon cops find 3 charred bodies in car of missing ex-congressman
Tina Ganzon-Ozaeta January 09, 2020

Police have yet to identify the victims as they were burnt to the bone, but the car belongs to former Batangas 2nd District congressman Edgar Mendoza who has gone missing since the day before, along with his driver and aide.

Mendoza family urges 'client' of slain ex-Batangas congressman to help cops
Tina Ganzon-Ozaeta January 11, 2020
The son of former Batangas congressman Edgar Mendoza urges the last person his father met before he went missing to surface and shed light on the case

Still no witness to ambush of a cop and his wife in Bohol
January 07, 2020

Bohol police say no one has stepped forward to shed light on the ambush that killed a policeman and injured his wife.
Police still have no details as to what happened in the ambush of a policeman and his wife Monday night, January 6, in Maribojoc, Bohol.
Police recovered 19 spent M16 shells in the scene of the crime.

Cop, niece wounded in shooting in Cebu City
December 28, 2019

Authorities are investigating whether the attempted killing was related to the policeman's former assignment as an intel operative
Police Patrolman Percival Eborlas was smoking alone past 9 pm outside his house at Barangay Basak San Nicolas after talking to neighbors, based on the account of Eborlas's father-in-law.
Then, a man from a gray van – which had repeatedly passed by their house, observed the father-in-law – disembarked and shot at Eborlas.
His 9-year-old niece, who came out of the house as it happened, was hit by stray bullets.

Vice mayor who testified in Ampatuan massacre ambushed in Maguindanao
Rambo Talabong December 25, 2019 - with Video

Akmad 'Mitra' Ampatuan is known in Maguindanao to be a former ally of Andal Ampatuan Sr and his sons but who later allied with the Mangudadatus

Akmad Mitra Ampatuan, a vice mayor who testified against his own relatives in the Maguindanao massacre case, was ambushed on Christmas Eve, December 24, on his way home. Two of his aides died, while he was injured and is in “stable condition” as of Tuesday evening, police said.

Village chief in La Union shot dead at home
Frank Cimatu November 26, 2019

Lourdes Parotina, 66, the barangay captain of Pangao-aoan West, was shot dead while watching TV inside her house.

Police officer shot dead near Cebu City hotel
Ryan Macasero November 21, 2019

Yape was alive when paramedics arrived on the scene but reportedly died from the bullet wounds. This is the second shooting in Cebu City within a span of 3 hours.
Police Lieutenant Colonel Joie Yape, 49, who is currently assigned in Samar province – was walking with his wife from the Wellcome Hotel to the nearby Ayala Center in Cebu when he was shot 3 times by men riding-in-tandem on a motorcycle.

Military nurse stabbed dead in Makati City
November 14, 2019

The suspect, John Louie Brosas, is a 19-year-old construction worker, whom the victim, 2nd Lieutenant Jennett Beron Aguilar, had been helping after taking pity on him, who allegedly robbed her in Makati City early Thursday morning, November 14.

The Video: Air Force nurse patay nang looban ang bahay sa Makati
Nov 14, 2019 ABS-CBN News

La Union barangay chief shot dead in Bauang casino
Frank Cimatu November 13, 2019

The president of the Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) of Bauang, La Union, died in the hospital Wednesday night, November 13, after being assassinated inside a casino in his hometown.
Bauang Councilor Noel Gallardo, the barangay captain of Pagdalagan Sur, was playing the slot machines inside an e-casino when he was shot by the suspect

Ilocos Sur judge killed in ambush in La Union
Lian Buan November 05, 2019

Judge Anacleto Bañez of the Tagudin Regional Trial Court Branch 26 acquitted in September an activist health worker who was accused of being a communist rebel.
Mario Bañez was gunned down at around 5:40 pm on his way home, the Supreme Court (SC) confirmed Tuesday night.

Cop shot dead in Quezon City
JC Gotinga November 05, 2019

According to a spot report from the Quezon City Police District (QCPD), Police Lieutenant Ernesto Mendoza, 52, was driving his car, a Hyundai Accent with plate number DAD-5607, along Malingap corner Mapagkawanggawa streets in Barangay Teachers Village, Quezon City, at around 8:10 pm when gunmen on a motorcycle shot and killed him on the spot.

Misamis Occidental town mayor shot dead in Cebu City
October 25, 2019

Mayor David Navarro of Clarin, Misamis Occidental, is killed October 25 a day after he was arrested for beating up a massage therapist in Cebu City.
Navarro was killed along M. Velez Street, while he was being transported by police to the city prosecutor's office for inquest proceedings on an assault complaint filed against him.

Duterte wants PNP out of probe into Misamis Occidental mayor's death
Pia Ranada October 28, 2019
The President airs suspicions that the police themselves were involved in the killing of Clarin town mayor David Navarro

Slain Misamis Occidental town mayor got death threats
Ryan Macasero October 26, 2019
Cebu City Police Director Gemma Cruz Vinluan says they are looking at all angles – drugs, business, politics – in the killing of Mayor David Navarro

The Videos: Clarin mayor shot dead a day after arrest:
Part 1 - Part 2

Malacañang condemns Misamis Occidental mayor's ambush
October 27, 2019
Whether or not Mayor David Navarro was involved in illegal drugs, he should have been afforded due process and not killed.

Davao del Norte information officer hurt in ambush
October 11, 2019

Pat Pacquiao, who hosts a daily radio program at a station in Tagum City, is attacked by motorcycle-riding men outside his house

Masbate town vice mayor dies in Manila ambush
Jodesz Gavilan October 09, 2019

Batuan Vice Mayor Charlie Yuson III is the 9th vice mayor shot dead since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office.
According to a police report, Batuan Vice Mayor Charlie Yuson III and his group were having breakfast in front of a house along VG Cruz Street in Sampaloc, Manila, around 8:45 am Wednesday when unidentified men alighted from a silver gray van and opened fire at them.

The Video: Masbate town vice mayor pinagbabaril habang nag-aalmusal sa Maynila
Oct 9, 2019 ABS-CBN News
Patay ang vice mayor ng Batuan Ticao Island, Masbate matapos siyang pagbabarilin habang nag-aalmusal sa Sampaloc Maynila nitong Miyerkoles ng umaga.

Suspects in Masbate town vice mayor’s slay ordered released
Vernise Tantuco October 13, 2019
The cases filed against the 4 men are under investigation

Masbate town vice mayor’s slay: Alleged gunmen from Tarlac, Laguna arrested
October 10, 2019
The suspected killers of Batuan Vice Mayor Charlie Yuson III are arrested after a CCTV camera captures the plate number of their escape vehicle

Former Pangasinan governor Amado Espino Jr ambushed
Rambo Talabong September 12, 2019 - with Video

Police say former governor and congressman Amado Espino Jr was rushed to a hospital in San Carlos City, Pangasinan, for treatment.
Police reported that Espino was aboard his vehicle passing through Barangay Magtaking in San Carlos City, Pangasinan, when he was shot by an unidentified suspect. Look also the Video

El Nido forest ranger hacked to death
Keith Anthony S. Fabro September 05, 2019

Police have identified the victim as Bienvinido 'Toto' Veguilla Jr, 44, a forest ranger of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources
A government forest ranger was hacked to death while trying to arrest suspected illegal loggers in El Nido town.

Group calls for 'greater state support' after killing of El Nido forest ranger
September 06, 2019
Slain forest ranger Bienvinido Veguilla Jr is the 18th environmental defender killed in Palawan, according to the Kalikasan People's Network for the Environment.

Quezon vice mayor shot dead at home; killer flees 'on foot'
Rambo Talabong August 22, 2019

According to the police report, Vice Mayor Sergio “Popoy” Emprese of San Andres, Quezon, “was lying on a sofa at their living room” in their Lucena City house at around 8 pm, when the killer “surreptitiously entered the unlocked gate and opened the main door of their house.”
Vice Mayor Sergio 'Popoy' Emprese of San Andres, Quezon, is the 8th vice mayor killed since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office.

Barangay chairman killed by riding-in-tandem gunmen in Manila
Rambo Talabong August 16, 2019

A Tondo barangay captain is gunned down in broad daylight
According to the police report, Barangay 161 Chairman Alfredo Lansigan was onboard a motorcycle along Dagupan Extension at around 9:40 am when the shooting happened.

Councilor, ex-mayor, 3 others killed in Negros Oriental
Marchel P. Espina July 27, 2019

All of the victims were killed inside their homes, say police. The latest killings bring the number of fatalities in the province to 20 since July 18.
The bloodbath continues in this province as 5 more people, including a councilor and a former town mayor, were killed in separate shooting incidents in less than 24 hours.

School principal, 2 others killed in Negros Oriental home invasions
Marchel P. Espina July 25, 2019

Arthur Bayawa and Ardale Bayawa are shot and killed in their sleep, while Romeo Alipan is killed 45 minutes later in two separate home invasions.
A school principal, his sister, and a barangay captain were killed inside their homes in Guihulngan City in this province on Thursday morning, July 25.

4 policemen killed in Negros Oriental clash
Marchel P. Espina July 18, 2019

The cops in Ayungon town are on board two motorcycles when they are waylaid and fired upon by an undetermined number of suspects

4 Negros Oriental cops were set up for ambush, says regional police chief
Marchel P. Espina July 19, 2019
Central Visayas police chief Brigadier General Debold Sinas says the victims, who were intelligence officers, were set up by a contact with links to the New People's Army.

Negros Oriental police arrest father, 2 sons in connection with killing of cops
February 25, 2020
The suspects are identified as brothers Jelly Ebedo and Gelie Ebedo and their father Belly Ebedo. They are suspects in the ambush of 4 police officers last July

Dinagat board member shot dead after Sunday jogging
July 07, 2019

'We lost a good leader in Dinagat Islands today,' says Dinagat Islands Governor Kaka Bag-ao
Dinagat Islands Sangguniang Panlalawigan board member Wenefredo Olofernes was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Surigao City on Sunday morning, July 7, the Surigao City police confirmed.
Olofernes and his partner were riding their motorcycle on their way home from jogging at the provincial grandstand in Surigao City, when a gunman also in a motorcycle fired one shot, said the police.

Dinagat provincial employees condemn killing of board member
July 09, 2019
The provincial board will tackle on Tuesday, July 9, the resolution filed by 4 members calling justice for the murder of Wenefredo Olofernes

DOJ orders probe into killing of Dinagat board member
Lian Buan July 09, 2019
The National Bureau of Investigation will look into the killing of Wenefredo Olofernes, who was shot dead in Surigao City

Abra town councilor shot dead on first day of work
Frank Cimatu July 02, 2019

Pilar town Councilor Amante Doral Sr had just attended a flag ceremony when he was attacked, say police.
Pilar Sanggunian Bayan member Amante Doral Sr was aboard a motorcycle driven by his son when he was ambushed by a lone assailant who waited for them in Sitio Sabsabudao, Barangay Poblacion in Pilar.

Ex-Cebu town mayor shot dead inside hospital

Police say armed men stormed a private hospital in Medellin, Cebu, to kill former Medellin town mayor Ricardo 'Ricky' Ramirez
At least 15 armed men stormed a private hospital and shot dead former Medellin town mayor Ricardo “Ricky” Ramirez late Tuesday night, June 18.

Police form special task force to probe into ex-Cebu town mayor’s slay
Cebu Provincial Police says the ‘manner of killing’ was ‘alarming’

Both by Marthy John Lubiano June 19, 2019

No more special task force for Cebu town mayor killed in hospital
Ryan Macasero June 26, 2019
The Cebu Provincial Police Office backtracks, saying Ricardo Ramirez' killing does not fit the parameters of a special investigation task force

2 days before end of gun ban, barangay chairman ambushed in Angeles City
Jun A. Malig June 12, 2019

A report by Colonel Narvin Mangune, acting city police director, identified the victim as Ronnie Dela Cruz Rogando, 41, the incumbent barangay captain of Amsic village.
Rogando sustained bullet wounds in his upper chest, left arm and left lower rib, but was in stable condition. He was rushed to a nearby hospital after the ambush.

Oriental Mindoro provincial prosecutor ambushed at home
Rambo Talabong June 10, 2019

Oriental Mindoro provincial prosecutor Josephine Olivar was ambushed at her home on Monday, June 10.
A police report said Olivar "was shot by still unidentified perpetrator/s" as she was entering her home in Barangay Bayanan 1, Calapan City.
The Department of Justice calls on law enforcement authorities to investigate the ambush.

Police officer, two others killed in separate incidents in Cebu in 24 hours
Ryan Macasero May 22, 2019

A former cop whose daughter is a member of the political party of outgoing Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña is killed near a police station.
A former police officer was killed by motorcycle-riding gunmen on Tuesday, May 21, near the SM City Cebu mall.
Delfin Bontuyan, formerly of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, was shot several times by a gunman aboard a motorbike around 5 pm, just across the Mabolo Police Station.

Judge shot dead in Zamboanga del Norte
Lian Buan May 09, 2019

Judge Reymar Lacaya of Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte, is the fifth judge killed under the Duterte administration, and the 37th lawyer killed in the same. time period.

Candidate for La Union town councilor hurt in ambush
Frank Cimatu May 04, 2019

Rogelio 'Roger' Concepcion is a cousin of slain Balaoan town vice mayor Al-Fred Concepcion
Four other members of the convoy of Rogelio "Roger" Concepcion were also injured in the attack which happened past 8 pm on Friday in in Barangay Nagsabaran Norte.

2 barangay captains in Abra and Ilocos Sur ambushed
Frank Cimatu April 29, 2019

Chairperson Ronnie Bringas of Barangay Angad in Bangued, Abra, and Chairperson Severino Dagdag of Barangay Gusing, Sta Maria, Ilocos Sur, both survive the attacks

Negros Occidental city councilor shot dead
Marchel P. Espina April 23, 2019

Reelectionist Escalante City Councilor Bernardino Patigas worked with the Northern Negros Alliance of Human Rights

Human rights advocate Bernardino Patigas, 72, was on his way home when he was waylaid and shot by a lone gunman in Barangay Alimango.

Cop shot dead in Ilocos Norte
Frank Cimatu April 20, 2019

Police Corporal Wilbert Rarogal Jr was heading home with his relatives after a swimming excursion in Marcos town when he was attacked

Barangay secretary in Ilocos Sur shot dead
Frank Cimatu April 15, 2019

Arthur Aquino Alviar, the barangay secretary of Lapting, is shot 5 times as he was leaving his house to go to the plaza on Saturday evening, April 13

Official of National Commission on Indigenous Peoples in Abra shot dead
April 13, 2019

Crispin Abbago, a career employee of NCIP, was killed in La Paz town

Councilor shot dead in Ronda, Cebu
Micole Gerard Tizon April 07, 2019

Ramil Abueva, councilor of Barangay Ilaya in Ronda, Cebu, sustains gunshot wounds on different parts of his body April 7, in Sitio Tab-ang, Purok Saging, Barangay Ilaya, Ronda, Cebu

Negros Occidental town councilor shot dead in front of family
Marchel P. Espina March 31, 2019

Police say reelectionist councilor Jolomar Hilario was shot dead in his residence in Moises Padilla town, Negros Occidental
Reelectionist Councilor Jolomar Hilario, 51, was still sleeping when about 50 armed men entered their house and shot him dead in front of his family. He succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds and was declared dead at a hospital.

NPA rebels raid police station in Northern Samar
Jazmin Bonifacio March 28, 2019

Police say 3 rebels were killed and 3 others were captured following the pre-dawn raid on the Victoria municipal police station
Police said 3 rebels were killed, and 3 others captured – two men and a woman who were not identified. At least 3 cops were hurt in the attack.

Pampanga vice governor, Central Luzon police condemn attack on 2 village chiefs
Jun A. Malig March 28, 2019

Barangay captains Nicolas Gardiner and Renato Pacia survive an attack in Minalin town, Pampanga

Cop shot dead in EDSA Connecticut
Rambo Talabong March 26, 2019

The slain cop is identified as Senior Master Sergeant Solomon Cugay

Riding-in-tandem gunmen kill Negros Oriental board member
Marchel P. Espina March 26, 2019

Provincial Board Member Miguel Dungog, president of the Councilors League of Negros Oriental, is shot in the head as he walked to the Silliman University Medical Center from his parked vehicle

Aide of ex-Makati mayor Junjun Binay ambushed
March 22, 2019

Monaliza Bernanrdo, the executive assistant of former Makati mayor Junjun Binay, survives an ambush near her home

Aide of ex-Makati major Junjun Binay dies after ambush
March 23, 2019
Monalisa Bernardo dies of multiple organ failure a day after she was shot near her home in Makati City

Benguet town mayor receives death threats
Frank Cimatu March 21, 2019 - with Video

'Pera lang ang katapat ng buhay mo,' says a text message from an unknown number to reelectionist Mayor Ignacio Rivera of Tuba, Benguet

Ex-Zamboanga del Sur mayor ambushed by riding-in-tandem gunmen
Rambo Talabong March 21, 2019 - with Video

Former Dumingag town mayor Naciancino Pacalioga Jr is ambushed in Bacolod town, Lanao del Norte

4 Army soldiers arrested in murder of ex-Zamboanga del Sur mayor
Richard Falcatan March 22, 2019
The 4 suspects in the ambush-slay of the former mayor of Dumingag town are with the Philippine Army's 1st Infantry Tabak Division

Policeman shot dead in Cebu
Rambo Talabong March 06, 2019

Senior Police Officer 3 Mikie Espina is pronounced dead on arrival at the South General Hospital in Naga City, Cebu

Naga City barangay councilor dies after Makati ambush
March 07, 2019

Fortune Isaac Imperial dies after motorcycle-riding gunmen shot him several times while aboard his vehicle on Monday night, March 4

Cebu town councilor shot dead in Zamboanga del Sur
February 23, 2019

Alfonso Donaire IV is the third councilor of San Fernando, Cebu, to be killed by unidentified gunmen since March 2018

Ex-barangay official ambushed in Subic
Randy V. Datu February 01, 2019

Bernard Madamba is fired at by two unidentified men while he was driving his tricycle

Barangay captain killed in Quezon City ambush
Rambo Talabong January 30, 2019

Police say Bagong Silangan Barangay Captain Crisell Beltran was attacked by motorcycle-riding gunmen

Malacañang condemns murder of NDF consultant, QC barangay captain
Pia Ranada January 31, 2019
'There can be no act of violence against anyone regardless of whether [or not] they agree with government,' says Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo
Malacañang on Thursday, January 31, denounced the killing of National Democratic Front (NDF) consultant Randy Malayao and Quezon City barangay captain Crisell Beltran.

Bacolod cop shot dead in broad daylight
Marchel P. Espina January 26, 2019

'There are derogatory reports about him on illegal drugs but we're still validating it,' says the investigator
Killed was Senior Police Officer 4 Oscar Exaltado of Bacolod Police Station 6.
The victim was on his way to work January 26, 2019 when he was waylaid by two unidentified assailants near an elementary school in Barangay Singcang-Airport around 8 a.m.

San Fernando, Cebu mayor ambushed in Talisay
Rambo Talabong January 22, 2019

San Fernando, Cebu Mayor Lakambini Reluya survives the attack, according to Talisay police chief Superintendent Marlu Conag

Hand grenade thrown at judge's house in Cotabato City
Pia Ranada and Sofia Tomacruz January 21, 2019 - with Video

Police say two men are considered as suspects. They were seen riding a motorcycle to Cotabato Municipal Trial Court Judge Angelito Rasalan's house

Grenade attack vs Cotabato City judge ‘personal’
Rambo Talabong January 21, 2019 - with Video
Philippine National Police chief Oscar Albayalde says the attack had 'nothing to do' with the plebiscite on the Bangsamoro Organic Law

Controversial former Cebu fiscal killed in ambush
MW Mosqueda Jr January 18, 2019  with Video

Former assistant prosecutor Mary Ann Castro is assassinated despite heightened police presence in Cebu City, which is preparing for this weekend's Sinulog Festival

PCOO officer, wife mauled in Baguio
Frank Cimatu January 16, 2019

Ramon Songayab reports to Baguio City police that he and his wife were beat up by mauled by Moises Banagen Kinfia, Jude Gonsadan Malingan, David Kinfia, Justin Beroña, Eric Wanag, Russle Calgo and several unidentified persons after vandalizing their car last December 22

Barangay captain in Abra province killed
Frank Cimatu January 02, 2019

George Pastor-Sanidad, the 45-year-old barangay captain of Gaddani in Tayum town is shot by unknown assailants from outside his compound

Lipa Barangay chairman killed
Tina Ganzon-Ozaeta December 28, 2018

The victim, Marlon Luancing, is the incumbent barangay chairman of Barangay Antipolo del Sur.
Luancing was shot around 8:00 pm at the Lipa Games and Amusement Complex in Barangay Balintawak, Lipa City.

AKO Bicol congressman Garbin robbed a day after party mate’s murder
Rambo Talabong December 23, 2018

The robbery happens while Representative Alfredo Garbin Jr is at a press conference in Daraga, Albay, announcing the P15 million reward for the arrest of suspects in Rodel Batocabe's murder.

AKO Bicol Representative Batocabe shot dead in Albay
December 22, 2018

His police escort is also killed during a gift-giving event for senior citizens and persons with disabilities in the town of Daraga

Batocabe widow on Baldo's bail: 'It's like the 2nd time my husband is killed'
Mara Cepeda September 03, 2019
[It happened] just when we are picking up the pieces of our lives, moving on,' says Gertie, the wife of murdered AKO Bicol congressman Rodel Batocabe

'Baldo also planned to kill former Daraga mayor'
Rambo Talabong January 07, 2019
Former Daraga Mayor Gerry Jaucian died in May 2018 after a battle with lung cancer. The PNP claims their witnesses know of a plan by Carlwyn Baldo to kill Jaucian before he died.

6 prime suspects, key witness in Batocabe slay in police custody
Camille Elemia January 05, 2019
Only Daraga Mayor Carlwyn Baldo, tagged as the 'mastermind' in the killing, remains at large

DILG wants Daraga Mayor Baldo suspended over Batocabe slay
Rambo Talabong January 04, 2019
Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año stresses they have 'very strong' evidence against Daraga Mayor Carlwyn Baldo

Another suspect in Batocabe slay surrenders to police
Rambo Talabong January 04, 2019
He is identified as one of the drivers of the getaway motorcycles in the killing of congressman Rodel Batocabe

Batocabe's alleged killer surrenders in Sorsogon
Rambo Talabong January 04, 2019 - with Video
Suspected gunman Henry Yuson has been identified by cops as a former New People's Army rebel

Daraga mayor: I am being used as scapegoat in Batocabe slay
Rambo Talabong January 03, 2019
'I am an easy target, but that does not make me guilty of the crime,' says Daraga Mayor Carlwyn Baldo

PNP tags Daraga mayor as 'mastermind' in Batocabe slay
Rambo Talabong January 03, 2019 - with Video
Daraga Mayor Carlwyn Baldo allegedly hired a private armed group to assassinate AKO Bicol Representative Rodel Batocabe

Batocabe’s wife to killer: You’re going to pay
December 24, 2018
'The killer, I know who’s behind it. My God, you’re going to pay for that – it’s all about money,' says Gertie Duran-Batocabe

Albay top cop replaced after Batocabe slay
December 24, 2018
Albay police chief Milo Bella Pagtalunan is reassigned to the Philippine National Police's Bicol regional office. One of his deputies is assigned as officer-in-charge of Albay police

Batocabe security pulled out before murder? Cops cry foul
Rambo Talabong and Rhaydz Barcia December 23, 2018
Police insist that AKO Bicol congressman Rodel Batocabe was assigned only one security escort, SPO1 Orlando Diaz, who also died during the attack

Batocabe murder: Albay gov’t, AKO Bicol offer P15 M reward for arrests
December 23, 2018
The P15 million bounty is separate from the reward being raised by the House of Representatives through donations from its members

Lawmakers raise P3-M reward to capture Batocabe's killers
Marchel P. Espina December 22, 2018
The House of Representatives' Visayan bloc hopes 'people would start cooperating with the police conducting the investigation'

Political foes behind Batocabe killing – family, lawmakers
Camille Elemia December 23, 2018
'You know so well we were winning the race. You coward just had to take him out,' says Gertie, the wife of slain Ako Bicol Representative Rodel Batocabe

Daraga police chief sacked after Batocabe murder
December 23, 2018
Benito Dipad Jr, the top cop in the town where Representative Rodel Batocabe was shot, is replaced by Dennis Balla as authorities investigate the killing

Batocabe killed on day of wedding anniversary with 'wifey'
Rambo Talabong December 22, 2018
AKO Bicol Representative Rodel Batocabe frequently posted on social media about bonding moments with his wife Gertie

Malacañang vows 'no stone unturned' in Batocabe probe
December 22, 2018
Vice President Leni Robredo also condemns the murder of AKO Bicol Representative Rodel Batocabe, saying that 'impunity must end'

IN PHOTOS: Batocabe murder crime scene
Rambo Talabong December 22, 2018
AKO Bicol Representative Rodel Batocabe is killed while waiting to be picked up by his vehicle after a gift-giving program in Daraga, Albay

Former Bukidnon town mayor Talaid killed in ambush
December 22, 2018

Joelito Talaid, former mayor of Kadingilan, Bukidnon, is killed in Cagayan de Oro City 5 years after he survived an earlier robbery-ambush

Riding-in-tandem gunmen kill police officer in Negros Oriental
Marchel Espina December 19, 2018

Senior Inspector Porferio Gabuya Jr, deputy police chief of Guihulngan City, is shot dead as he had coffee in an establishment a few meters from the police station.
“It’s not the first time a police was targeted here”

0 2 Subic town councilors survive ambush
Randy V. Datu December 18, 2018

Suspects riding a red vehicle fire at the SUV of Elizaldy Rocafor and Roberto Delgado along the highway in San Narciso, Zambales
Two municipal councilors of Subic town were ambushed along the national highway here by still unidentified suspects Monday evening, December 17.

Bacolod City councilor and his wife survive ambush
Marchel P. Espina December 14, 2018

Unidentified gunmen waylay Councilor Ricardo Tan and his wife Nenita
Councilor Ricardo Tan was with his wife Nita when still unidentified assailants fired at their vehicle at Barangay Alangilan here around 6 pm Friday.
Witnesses rushed the couple to a hospital.

Riding-in-tandem gunmen kill Zamboanga del Sur town councilor
December 04, 2018

Motorcycle-riding men on Tuesday, December 4, gunned down the Sominot town Councilor Romeo Mainar Sr is gunned down in Bobongan village in Ramon Magsaysay town, say police

Cop killed in front of his house in Pasig City
December 01, 2018

PO2 Manuel Melendrez III a cop assigned to the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG) was shot from behind and killed as he was helping his wife get off their van in front of their house in Pasig City just before midnight Thursday, November 29.

La Union vice mayor, security escort killed in ambush
Frank Cimatu November 14, 2018

Vice Mayor Al-fred Concepcion of Balaoan, La Union, dies as unknown assailants open fire on their convoy. His daughter, Mayor Aleli Concepcion, is undergoing medical treatment.

Latest vice mayor killed: Who is Balaoan's Al-fred Concepcion?
Jodesz Gavilan November 14, 2018
The killing of Balaoan Vice Mayor Al-fred Concepcion ends his more than two decades of working in government

Two supporters of Abra governor shot dead
Frank Cimatu October 22, 2018

The two known backers of Abra Governor Joy Valera Bernos are gunned down while riding together on a motorcycle

FDA chief's convoy ambushed in Camarines Sur
October 18, 2018 - with Video

The convoy of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Director General Nela Charade Puno was ambushed in Lupi town in Camarines Sur on Thursday, October 18.
At least 3 cops are killed and 3 others wounded, while Food and Drug Administration chief Nela Charade Puno is unharmed, police say.

FDA chief not target of ambush, says Camarines Sur top cop.
'Hindi nila alam na andoon si FDA [chief]. Nagkataon lang na nando'n,' says Camarines Sur police chief Senior Superintendent Reynaldo Pawid

PNP: Someone may have leaked FDA chief's convoy route
with Video
'Either may nag-leak 'yan na may ganyang movement, lalong lalo na may VIP na involved,' says Philippine National Police chief Oscar Albayalde

All by Rambo Talabong October 18, 2018

Judge handling Parojinog cases shot dead in Ozamiz City
Rambo Talabong October 08, 2018

Pintac denied the arrested Parojinog siblings from attending the wake of their parents and relatives who were killed in a police raid.

La Union mayor Alexander Buquing ambushed
Rambo Talabong October 01, 2018 - with Video

Alexander "Alan" Buquing, the mayor of Sudipen town in La Union, was ambushed on Monday, October 1.
According to the initial police report, Buquing was on the way home to Sudipen with his wife when they were ambushed in Bangar town in the same province.
Buquing was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. His driver and police body guard are also dead, while his wife, Sudipen Vice Mayor Wendy Joy Buquing, is injured - undergoing treatment at a local hospital

Slain La Union mayor shielded wife during attack
Rambo Talabong October 02, 2018
Police say this explains how Vice Mayor Wendy Joy Buquing of Sudipen, La Union, survived the attack

Latest mayor killed: Who is Alexander Buquing of Sudipen, La Union?
Jodesz Gavilan October 01, 2018

Gunman kills barangay chairman in Manila
September 13, 2018

Angel Joy Rivero Jr, Barangay Chairman of Barangay 330, Zone 33 in Santa Cruz, Manila, is shot and killed as he was riding his motorcycle

Next on kill list? Mayor Osmeña shrugs off death threats
Rambo Talabong August 11, 2018 - with Video

'I’m like a security guard – that’s all I am, okay? When there’s a robbery, I have to stay there,' says Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña

Tommy Osmeña on governing as a mayor under Duterte

and look more about the Cebu city and the Mayor:
Killings in Cebu rise as mayor, cops feud (part 1)

TOMMY OSMEÑA: Cebu City’s own (part 2)

Mayor’s hated, Duterte’s trusted (part 3)

All 3 BY RAMBO TALABONG October 10 - 11, 2018

Cebu town mayor Mariano Blanco shot dead
Rambo Talabong September 05, 2018 - with Video

Mayor Mariano Blanco III of Ronda, Cebu was shot inside his own office at the town hall on Wednesday, September 5. He was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.
According to Ronda police chief Senior Inspector JR Palcon, Blanco was at his office at around 1:30 am on Wednesday when 4 unidentified men broke in and shot him.

Bilibid security officer shot dead in Muntinlupa
September 02, 2018

A security officer assigned to the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) was shot dead on Sunday afternoon, September 2, in Muntinlupa City.
According to an initial report from the Southern Police District (SPD), Bureau of Corrections Inspector Romel Reyes was killed by an unidentified gunman who was aboard a motorcycle.

Abra town councilor shot dead
August 10, 2018

Lagayan Councilor Isagani Joson is killed inside his house in Sitio Manaois in Poblacion Wednesday night, August 8.

Ex-Batangas town vice mayor hurt in shooting incident
July 14, 2018

An initial police report says former Santo Tomas vice mayor Ferdinand Ramos was on his way home when he was shot by an unidentified suspect.

Lipa City barangay councilor shot dead
Tina Ganzon-Ozaeta July 14, 2018
The incident happens on the same night as the shooting of ex-vice mayor Ferdinand Ramos of Santo Tomas, Batangas

Barangay chairman shot dead in Misamis Oriental
July 13, 2018

Barangay Danao Chairman Alfredo Zapanta of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental, was gunned down by unknown assailants at 5:40 am Friday, according to the spokesperson of Police Regional Office 10.n in Misamis Oriental, is the 7th local official killed in two weeks

Cebu City barangay councilor shot dead near barangay hall
Rambo Talabong July 10, 2018

Barangay Kalunasan Councilor Roel Mabano is shot dead near their barangay hall in Cebu City

Ex-barangay captain in Cebu survives ambush attempt
Eloisa Lopez July 30, 2018
One of the assailants killed is identified as PO3 Eugene Alcain Calumba

Pasay barangay chairman shot dead by riding-in-tandem gunmen
Rambo Talabong August 09, 2018

Pasay Barangay 28 Chairman Jovie Decena is shot dead while sitting outside the village outpost

 According to the police report, Barangay 28 Chairman Jovie Decena, 47, was just "sitting at the barangay outpost" along Villaruel Street in Pasay City at around 10:30 pm when two unidentified suspects aboard a motorcycle shot him "several times."

4 PH officials killed as Duterte starts 3rd year
Rambo Talabong July 08, 2018

'Are these deliberate and orchestrated attempts at creating an atmosphere of lawlessness to justify strongman rule?' says Liberal Party president Senator Francis Pangilinan.

Politics is a 'strong motive' in the killing

Vice Mayor Lubigan killed after revealing plan to run for mayor
Rambo Talabong July 09, 2018

Mayors, vice mayors killed under Duterte gov't
Jodesz Gavilan July 02, 2018

Rappler tallies at least 2 vice mayors and 8 mayors slain since July 2016

Cop allegedly behind Tawi-Tawi vice mayor assassination
Rambo Talabong August 06, 2018
A Lamitan City policeman is suspected to have killed Sapa-Sapa, Tawi-Tawi Vice Mayor Al Rashid Mohammad Ali

Tawi-tawi town vice mayor shot dead
Richard Falcatan July 11, 2018
Sapa-Sapa Vice Mayor Al Rashid Mohammad Ali is killed in Zamboanga City
Vice Mayor Al Rashid Mohammad Ali of the municipality of Sapa-Sapa in Tawi-Tawi province was shot dead Wednesday afternoon, July 11, in Zamboanga City.

Village councilor shot dead in Zamboanga City
Aika Rey July 07, 2018
Zamboanga City police confirm that Santa Catalina village councilor Michael Magallanes was shot dead around 7:20 am Saturday, July 7

Trece Martires Vice Mayor Alex Lubigan shot dead
Lian Buan July 07, 2018
Vice Mayor Alex Lubigan is the 5th vice mayor killed since President Rodrigo Duterte took office

Mayor Bote of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija killed in an ambush
Rambo Talabong July 03, 2018 - with Video
General Tinio Mayor Ferdinand Bote is ambushed on Tuesday, a day after an attack on another mayor, Antonio Halili of Tanauan City, Batangas

Tanauan City mayor Halili shot dead during flag ceremony
Rambo Talabong July 02, 2018 - with Videos
Antonio Halili was gunned down before the national anthem ended during Tanauan City's weekly flag raising ceremony

WATCH: Last seconds of Tanauan Mayor Antonio Halili
Rambo Talabong July 02, 2018
Videos catch the final moments of Tanauan Mayor Antonio Halili


Jodesz Gavilan July 11, 2018

Know who these local executives are, their political affiliations, and possible motives for their killing

Mayors seek dialogue with Duterte after Halili, Bote killings
Rambo Talabong July 04, 2018 - with Video

'Kung sakali naman po may maling nagawa ang mayor, hindi naman po tama na patayin sila,' says League of Municipalities of the Philippines president Marife Brondial.
By Rappler's count, there have been at least 14 mayors and vice mayors killed under the presidency of Duterte, who was a longtime mayor of Davao City.

Mayor Halili's daughter urges Duterte: 'Give us justice'
Tina Ganzon-Ozaeta July 07, 2018
'I will not feel helpless. All the more I will fight back,' says Angeline Halili who has vowed to seek justice for her slain father, Tanauan Mayor Antonio Halili

Lacson: Family of slain Tanauan mayor sees gov’t’s hand in murder
Maila Ager July 05, 2018 - with Video

Attacks against - Killings of Priests & religious leaders - Etc.

AboutPhilippines ask: could this be a new "Davao Death Squad, DDS"

IMPORTANT: Look also

The Church & religious leaders vs Malacañang, Duterte's 'stupid God' and the "Dictator administration"

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Execution of Gomburza
Bulatlat Feb 24, 2019
Bulatlat remembers the execution of the three Filipino priests who fought the Spanish colonization.
Today, church people remain under attack for standing in solidarity with the Filipino people in their struggles and aspirations.

Look more about Gomburza
alternatively spelled GOMBURZA or GomBurZa, refers to three Filipino Catholic priests (Mariano Gomez, José Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora), who were executed on February 17, 1872 at Bagumbayan by Spanish colonial authorities on charges of subversion arising from the 1872 Cavite mutiny. The name is a portmanteau of the priests' surnames

and HERE

Group slams gov't official for 'hysterical red-tagging' of activist nun
Kyle Aristophere Atienza June 20, 2020

The Movement Against Tyranny is demanding a public apology from NTF-ELCAC Spokesperson and PCOO Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy for making 'condemnable' allegations against Sister Mary John Mananzan that has put the nun's 'life and liberty in peril'

PMA imam gunned down in Baguio
Frank Cimatu December 06, 2018

Bedejim Abdullah, an imam of Muslim cadets at the Philippine Military Academy, was instrumental in setting up the first mosque in Baguio City and helped coordinate peace events with other religious leaders
Bedejim Abdullah, a popular and unconventional imam in Baguio, was gunned down Thursday noon, December 6, at Kayang Street here.
Abdullah was shot twice in the head and thrice in the body by a still-unidentified assailant in a crowded street in central Baguio.

Murder charges filed vs alleged gunman in PMA imam killing
Frank Cimatu January 06, 2020
The Baguio City Prosecutor's Office identifies the gunman as 44-year-old Joselito Fernando Vidad

Peace rallies condemn killing of imam in Baguio
Frank Cimatu December 16, 2018
This comes days after Sheikh Bedejim Abdulla, a popular and unconventional imam, was shot 7 times on his way to his office in Baguio City

Bishop critical of Duterte drug war gets death threats
Paterno Esmaquel II February 26, 2019 - with Video

President Rodrigo Duterte says Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle alerted him about death threats against priests. He backtracks on his call to kill 'useless' bishops

LOOK: Death threats vs priests critical of Duterte drug war
Paterno Esmaquel II March 11, 2019 - with Video
Read death threats against prominent Catholic leaders, including Archbishop Socrates Villegas and Bishop Pablo Virgilio David, received through text messages

More priests bare death threats under Duterte's watch
Paterno Esmaquel II March 11, 2019 - with Videos e.g. Fr Robert Reyes says death threats vs priests began with Duterte
Fathers Flavie Villanueva, Robert Reyes, and Albert Alejo expose death threats they have recently received under the watch of President Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte said kill the bishops – and his word became flesh
Paterno Esmaquel II February 28, 2019
President Rodrigo Duterte's violent tirades against clergymen
begin to take flesh in the form of death threats.
What Duterte says, Duterte gets.

Robredo, Diokno hit death threats vs bishop critical of Duterte’s drug war
Mara Cepeda February 26, 2019 - with Video
'Kailan ba ito mahihinto? At bakit pinapayagan natin itong kulturang ito na siyang manaig sa atin?' asks Vice President Leni Robredo


Duterte: Steal from, kill 'rich' bishops

The Video: Palace refuses to take blame for death threats vs Church officials

2 dead, 4 hurt in Zamboanga mosque blast
RJ Rosalado, Jan 30 2019 - with Video

Two people were killed while 4 others were injured in a grenade attack on a mosque in this southern city past 12 a.m. on Wednesday.

Muslim religious leaders call for unity after Zamboanga City mosque blast
Sofia Tomacruz January 31, 2019
'We call on everyone, Muslims and Christians alike, to maintain our solidarity and harmony as advocates of peace,' says the Ulama Council of Zamboanga Peninsula

Police search for 3 persons of interest in Zamboanga mosque blast
Rambo Talabong January 31, 2019
The Philippine National Police searches for two possible suspects and one possible witness as it investigates the attack

2 killed, 4 injured in Zamboanga City mosque blast
Rambo Talabong January 30, 2019
Police say a grenade was thrown inside the mosque where religious leaders were resting

The Video: No link so far between Mindanao church, mosque blasts - Defense chief

LIST: Zamboanga City bombings since 2000
Janella Paris January 30, 2019
The explosion at a Zamboanga City mosque on Wednesday, January 30, is just one of at least 17 bombings in the city since 2000

At least 27 dead in Jolo Cathedral bombing
Rambo Talabong and Mara Cepeda January 27, 2019

Police say dozens more were injured in twin explosions at the cathedral on Sunday morning, January 27

AFP confirms report: Indonesian couple behind Jolo Cathedral bombing
JC Gotinga July 24, 2019
ISIS terrorists looking to carve out a territory in Southeast Asia present a challenge to the region's security forces, especially in the Philippines

2019 Jolo Cathedral bombings

The Videos: Several killed in twin blasts at Jolo church (Update 3) - Bloodbath in Jolo - WATCH: Inside Jolo, Sulu cathedral after the twin bombings - Priest : Jolo bombings 'attack on our faith' - AFP: Abu Sayyaf, Ajang ajang behind Jolo bombings

Abu Sayyaf leader Sawadjaan 'mastermind' in Jolo Cathedral bombing
Rambo Talabong February 04, 2019
Hatib Hajan Sawadjaan was last seen on February 2, when the Philippine Army clashed with around 100 members of the Abu Sayyaf Group in Patikul, Sulu

'Main suspect' in Jolo Cathedral bombing surrenders
Rambo Talabong February 04, 2019
Alias Kamah, the man that the police considers as the main suspect in the deadly Jolo Cathedral bombing, has surrendered to Philippine authorities, police chief Oscar Albayalde announced on Monday, February 4.

Año: Sources say Jolo 'suicide bombers' were Indonesians
Pia Ranada February 01, 2019
The DILG chief sees a connection between the Jolo cathedral bombing and the Basilan blast in July 2018, both of which supposedly involved foreigners linked to ISIS

PNP: Witness accounts suggest suicide bombing in Jolo Cathedral
Rambo Talabong February 01, 2019
A number of witnesses recalled seeing a woman who, they suspect, brought in the first improvised explosive device

Jolo bombing: Grade 11 student wrongly tagged as Abu Sayyaf leader's brother
Rambo Talabong - with Video Updated January 30, 2019
He is only 18 years old

Foreigners in Jolo bombing? PH gov’t to DNA-test unidentified bodies
Rambo Talabong January 30, 2019
Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana doubts that Filipinos would carry out suicide bombing

2 persons of interest in Jolo Cathedral bombing yield, deny involvement
Rambo Talabong January 30, 2019
The two are identified as the men seen in CCTV clips released by the military

Jolo Cathedral bombing suspect escapes arrest in Sulu
Rambo Talabong January 30, 2019
The man believed to be alias Kamah escapes after one of his companions dies in a shootout with a police and military team

WATCH: Outside Jolo Cathedral during the bombing
Rambo Talabong January 29, 2019 - with Videos
Videos capture the shift from peace to chaos outside the Jolo Cathedral before, during, and after the deadly bombing

Duterte says wife, husband suicide bombers behind Jolo bombing
Pia Ranada January 29, 2019
President Rodrigo Duterte says a woman wearing a cross blew herself up inside the Jolo Cathedral while her husband was behind the second blast in the church's entrance

Duterte in Jolo: Crush Abu Sayyaf by whatever means
Pia Ranada January 29, 2019 - with Video
President Rodrigo Duterte appears to blame the Abu Sayyaf and ISIS for the twin explosions in the Jolo Cathedral

It wasn't first time for priest in Jolo Cathedral bombing
Paterno Esmaquel II January 29, 2019
In 2010, Father Ricky Bacolcol was injured in a blast during a Christmas Day Mass also in Jolo, Sulu

'They died for faith': Priests mourn Mass-goers in Jolo bombing
Paterno Esmaquel II January 29, 2019
'Most of those who died were our regular Sunday 8 am Mass-goers,' says Jolo apostolic administrator Father Romeo Saniel

2 bodies still unidentified days after Jolo Cathedral blasts
Rambo Talabong January 29, 2019
Does this bolster ISIS's claim that they deployed 2 suicide bombers to mount the attacks?

Pope Francis in Panama strongly condemns Jolo Cathedral bombing
Agence France-Presse January 28, 2019
Speaking during the Angelus that wound up the World Youth Day celebrations in Panama, Pope Francis issues his 'strongest reprobation for this episode of violence which is once again plunging the Christian community into mourning'

Pope Francis condemns attack on Philippine Church
Linda Bordoni
Speaking after the Angelus on the last day of World Youth in Panama City, Pope Francis decried a deadly twin bomb attack on a Catholic Church in the Philippines, before turning his attention to other issues that are currently in the news.

Duterte inspects Jolo Cathedral, visits wake of blast victims
Pia Ranada January 28, 2019
President Rodrigo Duterte, accompanied by security officials, also interacts with soldiers, cops, and civilians injured by the Jolo explosions

6 persons of interest in Jolo Cathedral bombing
Rambo Talabong January 28, 2019
There was intelligence reports related to these persons of interest as early as August 2018, says National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr

What we know so far: Jolo Cathedral bombing
Rambo Talabong January 28, 2019 - with Video
Who are the victims? What bombs were used? Is there really a lockdown in Jolo?

World condemns Jolo Cathedral bombing in Philippines
Paterno Esmaquel II January 28, 2019
The United States denounces this 'senseless violence' while the European Union says this is 'also an attack against the basic right to practice one's religion'

WATCH: Inside the Jolo Cathedral after the blasts
Rambo Talabong January 28, 2019 - with Video
The cathedral the morning after Sunday's fatal explosions

Jolo bombing 'more reason' to retain martial law – Malacañang
Pia Ranada January 28, 2019
The two recent major bombings in Mindanao are 'too little' to prove martial law has been ineffective, says Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo

Duterte to visit Jolo to inspect cathedral bombing site
Pia Ranada January 28, 2019
The Jolo Cathedral bombing occurs while the entire Mindanao is under President Rodrigo Duterte's martial law

Islamic State group claims twin suicide bombings of Jolo Cathedral – SITE
Agence France-Presse January 28, 2019
The website of SITE Intelligence Group says the Islamic State's East Asia province issued a formal communique for the dual suicide bombing

Military will 'crush' Jolo attackers, says Malacañang
Mara Cepeda January 27, 2019
Vice President Leni Robredo and other officials also denounce the bombing of the Jolo Cathedral

AFP, PNP on heightened alert after Jolo Cathedral explosions
Mara Cepeda January 27, 2019
'We will use the full force of the law to bring to justice the perpetrators behind this incident,' says Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana

Malacañang condemns Jolo Cathedral bombing
Mara Cepeda January 27, 2019
Vice President Leni Robredo and other officials also denounce the bombing of the Jolo Cathedral

LIST: Jolo Cathedral bombings, attacks since 2000
Jodesz Gavilan January 27, 2019
The Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Jolo, Sulu, has been the target of many attacks through the years

Police confirm shooting at Cebu Archbishop's Residence
Rambo Talabong July 10, 2018

Reports from local news agencies say Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma is safe.
Palma is a vocal critic of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines.

Man killed in shootout inside Cebu Archbishop's Residence.
The gunman is identified as Jeffrey Cañedo, who reportedly looked for Archbishop Jose Palma before shooting it out with cops

Cebu Archbishop Palma calls father of shooting suspect
Paterno Esmaquel II July 10, 2018
'We enjoin everyone to pray for the soul of the deceased,' says the Archdiocese of Cebu after a shootout killed a gunman at the Cebu Archbishop's Residence

Cebu Archbishop Palma safe, appeals for calm after shootout
Paterno Esmaquel II July 10, 2018
Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma calls on the public 'to refrain from making any speculation' about the shooting incident at the Cebu Archbishop's Residence.

Activist priest recounts 'close call' with death squad
Jodesz Gavilan August 27, 2018

Father Amado Picardal has spent his life documenting Davao Death Squad killings. He sees himself as the target of the notorious group.

Drenched in God’s blood
June 18, 2018

President Duterte’s persistent attacks against the Catholic Church, even after these killings, leave us with only one thought: that beyond his insensitivity, he is out to silence an institution that has now become his fierce critic.

The Philippines' scourge of killers on motorbikes
Carlos H. Conde June 17, 2018

The riding-in-tandem attacks underscore the extent to which rule of law has been diminished by President Rodrigo Duterte's incitement of killings of drug suspects.

AboutPhilippines recommend to read this article

FACT CHECK: Misleading video on priest in Camarines Sur murder case
June 26, 2018

The blog post uses a November 2016 news report that is unrelated to the murder. Authorities have not yet officially named any suspect in the case nor confirmed there is a video of the crime

Bishops hit priests carrying guns amid killings
Paterno Esmaquel II June 17, 2018

Bishops on Sunday, June 17, criticized priests who carry guns for their personal safety, as certain quarters have proposed arming clergymen in the face of recent killings.
'Gun-toting priests? They might want to consider leaving the priesthood and joining the police or the military instead,'
says Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David.

CBCP head says priests shouldn't carry guns despite killings
Paterno Esmaquel II June 25, 2018
Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles, president of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines, says the CBCP gives its 'trust and confidence' to the Philippine National Police

'They are killing our flock. They are killing us shepherds.'
Paterno Esmaquel II June 11, 2018

Archbishop Socrates Villegas and other leaders call on President Rodrigo Duterte 'to stop the verbal persecution of the Catholic Church,' as they denounce the killing of Father Richmond Nilo.
Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas and other leaders of his archdiocese released a strongly worded statement.

"They are killing our flock. They are killing us shepherds. They are killing our faith. They are cursing our Church. They are killing God again as they did in Calvary," their statement read.

We must not keep quiet
Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas June 24, 2018
Kill us if they wish but our blood will speak louder than our voices. There is a message that only martyrdom can teach. We will not be threatened.

Malacañang condemns killings of priests
Pia Ranada June 13, 2018

'We join the Catholic bishops and faithful in condemning the murder of Catholic priests,' says Malacañang but remains mum on calls for President Rodrigo Duterte to tone down verbal insults against the Church that may embolden more attacks.

PNP arrests 'mastermind' in killing of Fr Richmond Nilo
Rambo Talabong July 02, 2018
Manuel Torres allegedly paid P100,000 to self-confessed gunman Omar Mallari to kill Father Richmond Nilo

A prayer interrupted: What we know so far in Father Nilo's killing
Rambo Talabong July 02, 2018
Nueva Ecija priest Father Richmond Nilo is shot dead on June 10, just as he was preparing to say evening Mass. There are now 8 suspects in the killing

Suspect in killing of Fr Nilo released; new suspect identified
Eloisa Lopez June 29, 2018
Cabanatuan City RTC orders withdrawal of the criminal charges against Adell Milan

'We only want real justice for Fr Richmond Nilo'
Eloisa Lopez June 22, 2018
Diocese of Cabanatuan Vicar General Noel Jetajobe says: 'It will be a double injustice if we send the wrong guy to jail and fail to get the guilty ones'

PNP got the wrong guy – grandma of accused in Fr Nilo murder
Eloisa Lopez June 22, 2018
Elena Matias, grandmother of the accused Adell Milan, says the PNP’s facial sketch will show that her grandson does not look like the suspect at all.

CCTV footage shows arrested suspect in Fr Nilo slay far from crime scene
Eloisa Lopez June 22, 2018 - with Video
The family and lawyer of Adell Milan present CCTV footage showing the primary suspect in the murder of Fr Richmond Nilo in another town less than an hour before the priest is killed.

Finally, outrage and alarm over priests’ killing
YEN MAKABENTA June 19, 2018

More Catholics outraged by killings of priests
Paterno Esmaquel II June 18, 2018
'Let us not stop making noise until our cry for justice and truth is heard. Let the killings stop!' says Cubao Bishop Honesto Ongtioco after the recent murder of Nueva Ecija priest Father Richmond Nilo.

How can Filipinos kill priests? By killing God first.
RICARDO SALUDO June 17, 2018

Suspect in Father Nilo's killing arrested – Nueva Ecija police
June 15, 2018
Authorities identify the suspect as Adell Milan.

Third priest killed in the Philippines in 6 months
Robin Gomes, Vatican News
Fr. Richmond Nilo of Cabanatuan Diocese was gunned down on June 10 as he was about to celebrate Sunday Mass.

Killing priests
JOJO ROBLES June 14, 2018

Have they started killing Catholic priests?
Look this article as pdf

After priest killings, Duterte again threatens Church leaders
Pia Ranada June 13, 2018
'Ang problema ng mga buwang na ito, santo lahat. Gobyerno, military, police, puro demonyo na,' says President Rodrigo Duterte about Catholic leaders urging him to tone down his tirades against the Church.

AboutPhilippines ask: could this be a new Davao Death Squad, DDS

Priest shot dead after Sunday Mass in Cagayan
April 29, 2018
Father Mark Ventura, 37, is killed by unidentified assailants as he is blessing children and talking to choir members after Sunday Mass in Gattaran, Cagayan

'Murder is murder,' bishop says as Duterte hits Fr Mark Ventura
Paterno Esmaquel II May 21, 2018
President Rodrigo Duterte justifies the death of Cagayan priest Father Mark Ventura by claiming that the 37-year-old priest had affairs with at least 4 women.
Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David stressed the need to seek justice for slain Cagayan priest Father Mark Ventura, even after President Rodrigo Duterte justified the priest's death by claiming he was involved in illicit affairs.

Priest killed in Nueva Ecija
December 05, 2017
The incident happened hours after Fr Marcelito Paez assisted in facilitating the release of a political prisoner in Cabanatuan, says rights group Karapatan

Priest shot dead in Nueva Ecija
June 11, 2018 - with Video
Father Richmond Nilo is the latest member of the clergy killed by unidentified gunmen.

CBCP condemns 'outrageously evil' murder of Fr Richmond Nilo
Paterno Esmaquel II June 11, 2018
The bishop of slain Nueva Ecija priest Father Richmond Nilo slams the 'escalating violence and culture of impunity in the country, even against helpless clergymen'

Father Nilo: Nueva Ecija's hardworking defender of the Catholic Church
Eloisa Lopez June 12, 2018 - with the Video: Parishioners pay their last respects to Fr. Nilo
The gunman who killed Fr Richmond Nilo fired his gun from the window of the chapel while the priest was preparing to say the 5 pm Mass.


Priests, nuns hold prayer-march amid killings of clergymen

Priests, nuns, and members of the laity conducted a prayer-march to seek justice for the recent killings of clergymen.

Sherrie Ann Torres with the details. – The World Tonight, ANC, June 22, 2018

Attacks against - Killings of journalists - reporters - Etc.

AboutPhilippines ask: could this be a new "Davao Death Squad, DDS"

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Dumaguete City radio reporter shot dead
Ryan Macasero May 06, 2020

Rex Cornelio is the third radio journalist to be killed in Dumaguete City since 2018.
According to a report from the Dumaguete City Police Department, Rex Cornelio Pepino or "Rex Cornelio" on Energy 93.7 FM, was shot before 9 pm at Villa Amada, North Road, in Barangay Daro, Dumaguete City.

Even after the Ampatuan verdict, Filipino journalists are still in peril
Billy Jason Vuelta December 22, 2019

As long as there are still Filipinos who choose to be misinformed and disinformed, the Philippines will still be a dangerous place for journalists

154 attacks, threats vs journalists since Duterte took office – media groups
December 11, 2019

The Freedom for Media, Freedom for All Network says at least 15 journalists have been killed under the Duterte administration

Journalist dies a month after Sultan Kudarat attack
December 04, 2019
Radyo ni Juan manager Benjie Caballero dies after sustaining 5 gunshot wounds in an October 30 attack

Journalist attacked in Tacurong City
October 30, 2019
A police report says radio journalist Benjie Caballero was inside his house when attacked by motorcycle-riding men.
Unidentified men on a motorcycle attacked the manager of Radyo ni Juan in Tacurong City in Sultan Kudarat past noon Wednesday, October 30.
Undersecretary Joel Egco of the Presidential Task Force on Media Security said Benjie Caballero was in his house in Tacurong when he was shot by one of the armed men.
Egco said based on reports he received Caballero was rushed to a hospital where he was still being revived.

Radio broadcaster shot dead in Dumaguete City
Ryan Macasero November 07, 2019

Radio Broadcaster Dindo Generoso was shot dead in Barangay Piapi, Dumaguete City, on Thursday morning on his way to work in Dumaguete City, November 7. He was 67.
The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines said that at around 7:30 am, a lone gunman shot and killed Generoso while he was driving to radio station dyEM 96.7 Bai Radio, where he hosts a show.

Cop tagged in Dumaguete broadcaster's slay surrenders
Ryan Macasero November 15, 2019
Police Corporal Roger Rubio is the suspected gunman in the killing of radio blocktimer Dindo Generoso

Suspect in slay of Dumaguete broadcaster placed on immigration lookout
Ryan Macasero November 12, 2019
Alleged gambling lord Tomasino Aledro is facing murder charges along with two other suspects in connection with the killing of dyEM 96.7 Bai Radio block-timer Dindo Generoso

2 suspects in killing of Dumaguete radio broadcaster arrested
Ryan Macasero November 08, 2019
Police identify inactive police officer Glenn Corsame and a Teddy Reyes Salaw as suspects in the killing of radio broadcaster Dindo Generoso

PH has most number of unsolved journalist killings – report
Agence France-Presse October 29, 2019

The 2019 Global Impunity Index lists 41 unsolved media killings in the Philippines over the last 10 years

The country with the largest number of unsolved killings was the Philippines with 41, followed by Mexico with 30, the New York-based group said.

Remate columnist shot dead in Pampanga

Rambo Talabong October 21, 2019
A columnist and his companion are shot dead late Sunday evening, October 20, in Arayat town in Pampanga while on their way to Olongapo City.
Remate columnist Jupiter Gonzales, 52, and his companion Christopher Tiongson were riding a Nissan Almera at Barangay Cacutud bound for Olongapo when they were shot at by unidentified suspects.

Abante Tonite printing house stormed, burned by 4 armed men
Rambo Talabong September 09, 2019

Abante Tonite editor Fernando Jadulco says that his staff 'will not be cowed' by the first violent attack against their publication in 3 decades

Robredo camp on attack vs Abante: 'Brazen assault on our free press'
Mara Cepeda September 10, 2019
'This attempt to intimidate and silence Abante... must be resisted by all freedom-loving Filipinos,' says the spokesperson of Vice President Leni Robredo

Rappler's Bacolod correspondent tailed by 'suspicious' man
August 04, 2019

A Bacolod City-based journalist pursuing stories related to the killings in Negros Oriental reported being followed by a "suspicious" man riding a motorcycle on Sunday, August 4.
Marchel Espina, the chairperson of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) Bacolod and a correspondent for Rappler, said she was alerted by the driver of her rental car that a motorcycle was tailing them as they were returning from Canlaon City.

Journalist gunned down in Kidapawan City
Sofia Tomacruz July 11, 2019

Brigada News - Kidapawan City radio broadcaster Eduardo Dizon is shot dead by unidentified suspects along the national highway of Kidapawan City

The Video: Radio broadcaster sa Kidapawan, patay matapos pagbabarilin.

Arrest warrant out against suspects in Kidapawan broadcaster's killing
October 07, 2019
Judge Henelinda Molina Diaz has ordered the arrest of Sotero Jacolbe Jr (alias Jun Jacolbe) and Junell Jane Andagkit Poten (alias Junell Gerozaga), according to the Presidential Task Force on Media Security

Korean travel columnist found dead in Antipolo
June 21, 2019

Rizal police identify the victim as 59-year-old Joo Yeong-wook, who arrived in the country on June 14.

Investigators said he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and grey denim shorts when he was found. His mouth was covered with duct tape, and he had a gunshot to the forehead

Malacañang task force asks CMFR, NUJP, media groups about Maguindanao massacre aid
Pia Ranada April 26, 2019

A media watchdog decries this as a fishing expedition meant to 'demonize independent and non-profit media organizations'

IMPORTANT Look: Maguindanao massacre

First consultation meeting to address PH journalists' safety takes place
November 10, 2018
The first multi-stakeholder meeting was organized by the Asian Institute of Journalism Communication and the International Media Support
A new level of audacity for impunity and journalist murders
Andrew Heslop November 01, 2018

The world marks November 2, International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists, at a time when threats to journalistic endeavor are more widespread than ever

Riding-in-tandem gunmen kill radio announcer in Negros Oriental
December 28, 2018

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines has alerted the media on the attack on radio announcer Gabriel 'Kumander Aguila' Alburo in La Libertad town, Negros Oriental.
The media watchdog said Alburo is the second media practitioner to be killed in Negros Oriental this year.

Philippine Star correspondent stabbed to death in Albay
Rhaydz B. Barcia November 11, 2018

Celso Amo was stabbed after a heated argument during a basketball game, say police and witnesses

Despite improved status, PH ranks 5th on Global Impunity Index
November 02, 2018 - with Video

The Philippines has been on the impunity list for 11 years, and still has 40 unsolved cases out of a population of 104.9 million.
Despite an "improved" status on the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) 2018 Global Impunity Index, the Philippines ranks 5th among countries where the murders of journalists are left unprosecuted.

#TruthNeverDies: 'Killing a journalist does not kill the truth'
November 02, 2018
Media from around the world take part in a global campaign calling for the end of impunity against journalist

Press groups count 85 attacks vs media under Duterte
Gaea Katreena Cabico May 3, 2018
There have been 85 cases of attacks against the Philippine press - long considered the freest and liveliest in Asia - since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office, according to a report of various media watchdogs.
According to the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility and the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, nine journalists have been killed from June 30, 2016 to May 1, 2018.
Philippines 'deadliest country' in Asia for journalists in 2017
Jodesz Gavilan December 19, 2017

Reporters Without Borders identified 4 Filipino journalists killed in line with their work in 2017, adding that President Rodrigo Duterte's 'cryptic but alarming comment' against journalists in May 2016 proved to be more than just talk.

Govt should do more to stop media killings
The Manila Times July 22, 2018
The killing of Albay broadcaster Joey Llana before dawn on Friday adds to the already long list of media workers killed since the restoration of democracy in 1986. It is the 12th media killing under the Duterte administration and the 185th since the first Aquino administration.

Mindanao journos, Reporters Without Borders condemn killing of Denora
June 08, 2018

RSF says Dennis Denora, publisher of the weekly community newspaper Trends and Times in Panabo City in Davao del Norte, is the 6th journalist murdered during the term of President Rodrigo Duterte.

PH ranks 5th worst country in unsolved media killings
Jodesz Gavilan November 01, 2017

While President Rodrigo Duterte created a task force to probe media killings, it has so far failed to hold accountable the people responsible for violence against journalists in the Philippines, the CPJ report says.

Radio announcer shot dead in Albay
Rhaydz B. Barcia July 20, 2018

Joey Llana was on his way to his radio station when he was ambushed

Bicol bishop slams broadcaster's slay: 'Voice of truth will never be stifled'
Rhaydz Barcia July 21, 2018
Bishop Joel Baylon of the Diocese of Legazpi joins other voices in Bicol seeking justice for hard-hitting Albay broadcaster Joey Llana

Catanduanes publisher Larry Que slain – colleagues
Agence France-Presse December 20, 2016

Larry Que, publisher of the local paper Catanduanes News Nowpis the first journalist to be killed since Duterte's inauguration on June 30.
The victim had criticized in his column the "negligence" of local officials over an illegal drug factory on the island that was discovered in a police raid threeeks ago, said the union secretary-general Dabet Panelo.

NUJP condemns killing of Catanduanes newspaper publisher
December 20, 2016 4:52pm
The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) on Tuesday condemned the killing of Catanduanes-based journalist Larry Que, believing it is job-related considering the topic of his last newspaper column.

Maguindanao Massacre, election-related violence and media killings, November 23, 2009

6 updates on Maguindanao massacre's 6th year
Jodesz Gavilan November 21, 2015
Rappler lists down what happened during the months leading to the 6th year of the worst case of election-related violence and media killings in the Philippines

ALL the Videos UPDATED Dec 20, 2019 about:
Maguindanao massacre also known as the Ampatuan massacre
in the album Media Killings - Etc. e.g.

Maguindanao massacre: Ang hatol - The Verdict
Malacañang Palace briefing on Ampatuan Massacre verdict

and MUCH more Videos

Ampatuans start to appeal guilty massacre verdict
Lian Buan January 02, 2020
Unsay opts to go straight to the Court of Appeals, while Anwar Sr and his sons file a motion before the Quezon City court

Even after the Ampatuan verdict, Filipino journalists are still in peril
Billy Jason Vuelta December 22, 2019
As long as there are still Filipinos who choose to be misinformed and disinformed, the Philippines will still be a dangerous place for journalists

How the Ampatuans commanded the police to carry out massacre
Lian Buan December 22, 2019
Policemen, whether accomplices or not, readily comply with the order to set up checkpoints. The Mangudadatu convoy fails to secure an escort after the army refuses to provide them with one.

Ampatuans' scramble after massacre turns loyal househelp against them
Lian Buan December 21, 2019
A thoughtless comment to kill Saliao for knowing 'so many things' led the loyal househelp to squeal

Daughter of 58th Ampatuan massacre victim continues to fight for justice
Vernise L Tantuco December 21, 2019
The Ampatuan massacre verdict is bittersweet for Nenen Momay, whose father wasn't recognized by the court as among those murdered

Amid confusion, families to clarify Ampatuan massacre verdict
Lian Buan December 21, 2019
4 people part of the 101 on trial did not receive judgments. A policeman who offered his troop for the massacre plot is both convicted and acquitted in the ruling.

'Tama na please': How lawyer's text in last moments convicted Andal Ampatuan
Lian Buan December 21, 2019
Lawyer Cynthia Oquendo-Ayon sends a message to a fellow lawyer: 'Please advise client Ampatuan. Tama na pls, we might get killed they are firing.'

SUMMARY: Why many were acquitted, some convicted in Ampatuan massacre
Lian Buan December 20, 2019
Take a look at Judge Jocelyn Solis Reyes' reasoning for the acquittals of scions of the Ampatuan clan despite their participation in the plotting of the massacre

Sibling remembers Ampatuan victim's premonition of attack
Marchel P. Espina December 20, 2019
'No amount of money can pay the life of my sister,' Andrea Jayme says of the slain human rights lawyer Concepcion Brizuela

'Patayin sila lahat': Tato Ampatuan acquitted despite participation in meeting
Lian Buan December 20, 2019
Datu Akmad or Tato Ampatuan attends a medical mission in Mamasapano on the day of the massacre, leading Judge Jocelyn Solis Reyes to say 'he did not cling to the agreed plot to kill'

IBP on Ampatuan verdict: Delayed justice breeds despair, corruption
Jodesz Gavilan December 20, 2019
While it welcomes the conviction of suspects in the Ampatuan massacre, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines laments the delay and pushes for reforms in the judicial process

Journalists, lawyers call for state accountability after Ampatuan verdict
Vernise L Tantuco December 20, 2019
The state needs to be accountable for crimes committed by its own agents, says NUJP chair Nonoy Espina, whether it's the Ampatuan massacre or the drug war

PNP: Acquitted policemen in Ampatuan massacre case can return to service
Jodesz Gavilan December 20, 2019
PNP spokesman Brigadier General Bernard Banac says they are studying the status and case folders of the 17 acquitted policemen in the Ampatuan massacre

Ampatuan brothers convicted in 10-year massacre case
Lian Buan December 19, 2019 - with Video
Datu Andal Jr and Zaldy Ampatuan are sentenced to reclusion perpetua without parole

55 acquitted, 28 convicted in Ampatuan massacre
Lian Buan December 19, 2019
An additional 15 are convicted for being accessories to the crime, and are sentenced to 6-10 years in prison

DOCUMENT: Full decision on Ampatuan massacre case
December 19, 2019
The promulgation on December 19 marks the end of a decade-long trial. Read the full decision .

Malacañang welcomes guilty verdict in Ampatuan massacre
Sofia Tomacruz December 19, 2019
But the 'narrative on the protection of media workers is far from over,' says Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo, who was once a lawyer for Datu Andal Ampatuan Jr

After Ampatuan conviction, CHR urges gov't to ensure same 'full force of law'
Jodesz Gavilan December 19, 2019
'May this verdict revive our faith in the justice system,' says the Commission on Human Rights, adding that the government must address 'marks of impunity that continue to prevail'

Ampatuan verdict 'a big win' for victims, families – human rights lawyer
Vernise L Tantuco December 19, 2019
Lawyer and former SC spokesman Ted Te says Judge Jocelyn Solis Reyes' conviction of the Ampatuan brothers is a 'brave statement'

NUJP: Despite Ampatuan conviction, fight is not yet over
Jodesz Gavilan December 19, 2019
'We must soldier on until the last of those responsible are behind bars,' the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines says

Sajid Ampatuan acquitted despite 'knowledge of murder plot'
Lian Buan December 19, 2019
A meeting is held in Sajid's house a day after the massacre to discuss 'how to save the backhoe' but Judge Jocelyn Solis Reyes says 'it is of no moment'

58th Ampatuan massacre victim forgotten in verdict?
Rambo Talabong December 19, 2019
Reynaldo Momay, a journalist who was seen covering the doomed candidacy filing of Esmael 'Toto' Mangudadatu and was never found again, is not counted as a murder victim by the Ampatuan brothers

Toto Mangudadatu: No closure yet, will appeal Sajid Ampatuan’s acquittal
JC Gotinga December 19, 2019
Mangudadatu says he is thankful for the guilty verdict on most of the suspects in the murder of his wife and sisters, but he will still go after the ones acquitted

Ampatuan massacre victims' families could each receive P20M
December 19, 2019
Lawyer Ted Te says the families should receive at least P50,000 in civil damages, though prosecution lawyers have asked the court to order the accused to each pay P20 million

HRW: Use Ampatuan conviction to push for reforms vs culture of impunity
Jodesz Gavilan December 19, 2019
The conviction of the Ampatuan brothers over the 2009 massacre should signal the end of state support for private armies and political warlordism, says Human Rights Watch

Did prosecution do enough? Ampatuan massacre verdict out today
Lian Buan December 19, 2019
Here's a summary of the prosecution's evidence for the 10-year trial compared to the alibis and witnesses of the Ampatuans

LIVE UPDATES: Ampatuan massacre verdict
News, analyses, live broadcast, and videos on the decision on the Ampatuan massacre on December 19, 2019 at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig

2 days before verdict, court orders Zaldy Ampatuan's return to jail
Lian Buan December 17, 2019
'The court finds that there is no longer any need for [Zaldy Ampatuan] to remain in the hospital as the procedure during rehabilitation session can be done to him as an outpatient,' says Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes

Supreme Court allows live coverage of Ampatuan massacre judgment
Lian Buan December 10, 2019
The Supreme Court (SC) en banc ruled on Tuesday, December 10, to allow live coverage of the most awaited decision on the Ampatuan massacre which will be held on December 19 inside Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig.

Media orgs unite, ask SC for live coverage of Ampatuan judgment
Lian Buan December 03, 2019
'Allowing live coverage would allow families unable to travel to Manila to immediately hear the decision of the 58 counts of murder of Judge Jocelyn Solis Reyes,' says the petition signed by media organizations

Ampatuan massacre verdict out December 19
Lian Buan December 02, 2019
Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes will hand down the judgment 9 am at the Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig.
Look the Video: Maguindanao massacre verdict out on Dec. 19 | ANC

#FightFor58: Activities commemorating 10th anniversary of Ampatuan Massacre
November 19, 2019
Here's a running list of activities you can join to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Ampatuan Massacre

Children bear the brunt 10 years since Ampatuan massacre
LIAN BUAN November 18, 2019
Many of the widows of the journalists choose to go abroad, leaving behind their children who have to lose another parent. Financial assistance is also running out.

Supreme Court extends Ampatuan massacre judgment to December
Lian Buan November 08, 2019 - with Video
'We have waited for ten years, the 30 days is a short time to wait,' private prosecutor Nena Santos says of the 30-day extension to promulgate the decision.

The Video: 'Unacceptable,' lawyer of Maguindanao massacre victims' kin says of delay in verdict
Nov 7, 2019 ABS-CBN News
It is "unacceptable" that the loved ones of 58 people killed in the Maguindanao massacre have yet to get justice nearly a decade after one of the world's worst election-related incidents of violence, their lawyer said Thursday.

'Press freedom is dead' if Ampatuans not convicted for massacre – lawyer
Lian Buan November 05, 2019
After a decade, a court is scheduled to render a judgment on the Ampatuan massacre. Lawyer Nena Santos expects a guilty verdict for the principal accused.

Malacañang task force asks CMFR, NUJP, media groups about Maguindanao massacre aid
Pia Ranada April 26, 2019
A media watchdog decries this as a fishing expedition meant to 'demonize independent and non-profit media organizations'

CA: 3 accused in Maguindanao massacre can't be state witnesses
July 29, 2018
The Court of Appeals denies the motion seeking to turn Police Inspector Rex Ariel Diongon, Police Office 1 Rainier Ebus, and Mohammad Sangki into state witnesses

After 8 years, what's next in the Maguindanao massacre trial?
Sofia Tomacruz November 23, 2017
Almost a decade has passed since the death of 58 in the Maguindanao massacre – will justice be served soon?

What has happened to the Maguindanao massacre trial 8 years later?
Sofia Tomacruz November 23, 2017 - with Video
8 years and 3 administrations later, no convictions have been made

TIMELINE: The long road to justice for Maguindanao massacre victims
Sofia Tomacruz November 23, 2017
It's been 8 years since 58 people – including 32 media workers – were killed in Maguindanao. What has happened since?

INFOGRAPHIC: The Maguindanao massacre, 8 years later
November 23, 2017
Here's the status of the Maguindanao massacre trial in numbers

7 years later: What happened to the Maguindanao massacre case?
Katerina Francisco Updated November 23, 2016
Will the worst case of election-related violence in the Philippines reach its resolution under the Duterte administration?

Maguindanao massacre also known as the Ampatuan massacre

the slideshow: Dozens of bodies found in mass grave in Amputuan, Maguindanao province

WATCH: Media groups demand 'justice now, convict Ampatuans'
Lisa Marie David November 24, 2019 - with Video
NUJP, AlterMidya, and other media groups commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Maguindanao massacre with a mural painting and march

Groups slam ‘delayed justice’ for victims of Ampatuan massacre
November 23, 2019
Ten years after the gruesome killing of 58 people, 32 from the media, press freedom continues to be under attack

Fearful wait for justice a decade after Ampatuan massacre
Agence France-Presse November 23, 2019
A relative of victims say they are 'afraid for the life of the prosecutor or even the judge'

For Mama: Child of Ampatuan massacre victim chooses journalism too
Lian Buan November 23, 2019 - with Video
If she pursues her dream profession, 16-year-old Rhully Mae Shula Montaño will also bear the many, many problems of the media that even the killing of her mother could not solve

NUJP's Nonoy Espina on the 10th anniversary of the Maguindanao massacre
November 22, 2019
What has happened in the 10 years since the Maguindanao massacre?

NUJP chair ‘confident’ Ampatuans will be convicted
November 22, 2019
An acquittal, says National Union of Journalists of the Philippines' Nonoy Espina, would have grave implications not just on press freedom but on the electoral process

Trial of the decade: Highlights of Ampatuan massacre case
Nov 22, 2019
The Ampatuan massacre is considered both the worst case of election-related violence in the Philippines and the single deadliest attack against the media


in the album Media Killings - Etc.
Senate panel investigates media killings
8 August 2018

in the album "Media Killings - Etc."

Duterte OKs creation of task force vs media killings
October 13, 2016

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has signed Administrative Order (AO) 1 creating a presidential task force against media killings, a Palace official said on Thursday.

Duterte creates presidential task force to probe media killings
Pia Ranada Pia Ranada October 13, 2016
President Rodrigo Duterte signs an administrative order committing that the government will investigate unsolved cases of media killings

President Rodrigo Duterte signed an administrative order (AO) creating the "Presidential Task Force on Violations of the Right to Life, Liberty and Security of the Members of the Media."


in the album "Media Killings - Etc."

Task force vs media killings
Sep 23, 2016

Presidential Communications Chief Martin Andanar joined Cebu-based media practitioners in a candle-light ceremony at the Cebu Provincial Capitol Grounds in Cebu City on Friday, September 23.

HRW urges PH state action vs media killings
Jodesz Gavilan August 12, 2017
The New York-based human rights organization says that media freedom will remain under threat if those responsible for killings of journalists are not held accountable.

National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, NUJP

NUJP website latest target of 'coordinated campaign' vs critical news
Gelo Gonzales February 13, 2019
The website of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) became the latest target in an ongoing series of cyberattacks against alternative, critical news organizations.
Attacks continue after earlier hits on Bulatlat, Kodao Productions, and Pinoy Weekly.

NUJP slams 'orchestrated effort to intimidate us into silence'
January 08, 2019
'As they say, stupid is as stupid does,' the NUJP says of the allegation that it is a legal front of the Communist Party of the Philippines

NUJP website downed by 'massive' denial of service attack
January 10, 2017
The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines calls the cyberattacker an enemy 'of press freedom and of free expression'


NUJP alarmed by threats on journalists
Oct 3, 2016

Two Filipino journalists working for an international news agency have been threatened online after reporting how President Rodrigo Duterte referred to the Nazi Holocaust in vowing to slaughter millions of drug addicts

Look also HERE

Attacks against - Killings of Environmental, HumanRights & Labor activists - Lawyers - Etc.

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Farmers group organizer abducted from Cebu home
Rambo Talabong June 14, 2020

Elena Tijamo is taken from her Bantayan, Cebu home by 4 men and 2 women reportedly carrying rifles and pistols on Saturday evening, June 13, and has yet to be seen.

'They shot my tatay 9 times'
Marchel P. Espina April 30, 2020 - with Video

The son of Jory Porquia of Bayan Muna laments on Facebook on the brutal manner his father was killed by 4 armed men in Iloilo City
The Jory Porquia, Bayan Muna Iloilo coordinator, was shot dead by unidentified armed men in his rented home at Arevalo in Iloilo City early Thursday, April 30.

The Video: Bayan Muna condemns killing of Iloilo City activist; calls for impartial investigation
May 1, 2020 ANC 24/7

UNHRC urged to create Commission of Inquiry for Philippines
Mavic Conde March 06, 2020

The group emphasizes the need for an investigation into the worsening human rights situation under the Duterte administration – including attacks on environmental defenders

Rising lawyer killings adds pressure point for Duterte in U.N. rights council
Lian Buan March 07, 2020
In Geneva, groups highlight the killings of 48 lawyers in the Philippines under the Duterte administration, as the United Nations Human Rights Council prepares to release a report on the country

Lawyer killed in Nueva Ecija, 48th since 2016
Lian Buan February 29, 2020

Lawyer Bayani Dalangin was shot dead in front of his office in Talavera town in Nueva Ecija on Friday, February 28, making him the 48th member of the legal profession killed in the Duterte administration.

Lawyer killed in front of Pampanga church
Lian Buan January 28, 2020

Police say lawyer Carlos Anselmo and his driver Marcial Mendoza were killed by 3 motorcycle-riding men in front of the San Vicente Parish Church in Sta Rita, Pampanga.
Carlos M. Anselmo became the 46th member of the legal profession to be killed under the Duterte administration. His driver, Marcial Mendoza, was also killed in the Tuesday morning attack.

CHR calls for justice over killing of peasant leader in Northern Samar
Jan 20, 2020

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Monday, January 20, condemned the "brutal" killing of a local peasant leader in Northern Samar.
Unidentified men killed 35-year-old Jennifer Tonag, organizer of the Northern Samar Small Farmers Association (NSSFA), while she was on her way home from a seminar sponsored by the Department of the Interior and Local Government last Friday, January 17.

Riding-in-tandem gunmen attack lawyer in Dumaguete
Ryan Macasero January 03, 2020

74-year-old lawyer Ray Moncada is in critical condition
According to a police spot report, Moncada was leaving his house when he saw the two suspects waiting for him outside the gate.
The lawyer immediately ran back inside upon seeing the men, but they managed to shoot at Moncada and hit him.

Couple killed in 2nd reported shooting in Negros Oriental
Ryan Macasero January 03, 2020
Felix and Avelina Garganian are killed by motorcycle-riding gunmen in Bayawan City

Crackdown on environmental defenders 'may lead to P1-T ecological damage yearly'
Mavic Conde February 03, 2020
The Kalikasan People's Network for the Environment submits to the United Nations its own report on the human rights situation under the Duterte administration
9 years on, justice still elusive for slain botanist Leonard Co
Nicolas Antonio Czar November 15, 2019

'Parang napakahirap kuhanin ng justice sa Pilipinas kahit na may witness at proof kami,' says Leonard Co's daughter Linnaea.
Linnaea last saw her father 9 years ago, when they cremated his bullet-ridden body after he and two of his guides were shot to death in Kananga, Leyte, where they were studying the indigenous trees in the area.
The volley of shots came from soldiers of the Philippine Army's 19th Infantry Battalion (IBPA) who mistook Co's group for members of the New Peoples' Army (NPA)

Internat'l group calls on PH authorities to locate missing rights worker
Lian Buan November 09, 2019

Honey Mae Suazo, former secretary general of Karapatan Southern Mindanao Region, has been missing since November 2
Front Line Defenders, an international group organized to protect human rights defenders, urged Philippine authorities to find Honey Mae Suazo, the former Karapatan secretary general who was reported missing amid the government's massive crackdown on progressive groups.
Suazo's disappearance comes amid a crackdown on progressive groups as raids in Bacolod and Manila yield the arrests of more than 60 activists and rights workers.

Labor leader shot dead in Laguna
Jodesz Gavilan November 06, 2019

A union leader and community organizer was killed on Monday, November 4, in front of his wife in Cabuyao, Laguna.
Reynaldo Malaborbor, 61, was repeatedly shot in the head by an unidentified man while walking with his wife near their residence at 9:30 pm in Barangay Banay-banay.
Reynaldo Malaborbor was among 3 farmers arrested in 2010 by the military and whose case was dismissed 4 years ago

'Red-tagged' anti-mining lawyer survives ambush in Capiz
Lian Buan September 23, 2019

Anti-mining lawyer Cris Heredia survived a shooting attack on her vehicle morning on Monday, September 23, with several groups condemning sustained attacks and threats against human rights lawyers and workers.
In NUPL's latest update, there have been 47 judges, prosecutors and lawyers killed since President Rodrigo Duterte took power in 2016

73-year-old lawyer shot dead in front of family in Rizal
Rambo Talabong September 06, 2019
Lawyer Irineo Cabugoy is shot dead in front of his family inside a McDonald's fast-food restaurant in Antipolo, Rizal
Cabugoy is the latest in a running list of lawyers, judges, and prosecutors killed ever since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office in July 2016.
Defense lawyer in Bohol kidnapping trial survives attempted ambush
Ryan Macasero September 02, 2019

Well-known Cebu lawyer Innocencio dela Cerna survives the ambush.
Lawyer Innocencio dela Cerna was ambushed outside of the Cebu City Hall of Justice after attending a hearing at around 9 am on Monday, September 2.

Ifugao farmers' group volunteer shot
Frank Cimatu August 06, 2019

Brandon Lee, a paralegal volunteer for the Ifugao Peasant Movement,was redtagged by the military in 2015.
A correspondent of the alternative online paper Northern Dispatch was shot in front of his house at around 6 pm Monday, August 5, in the capital town of Lagawe in Ifugao.
Brandon Lee was immediately brought to the hospital, the Cordillera Human Rights Alliance said.
He is in a coma after being hit 4 times in the body.



Enemies of the State?
Report July 30, 2019 - with Video
How governments and businesses silence land and environmental defenders.
More than three people were murdered each week in 2018, with countless more criminalised, for defending their land and our environment.
The Philippines had the highest number of killings of any country this year, with at least 30 defenders murdered.

Download the full report: Enemies of the State?

PH deadliest country for environmental activists in 2018 – report
July 30, 2019
Global Witness says 30 environmental activists were killed in the Philippines in 2018


Why are environmental activists under attack?
Al Jazeera English August 8, 2019
A new human rights report says 164 environmental activists around the world were killed last year, and countless more are being silenced through violent attacks, intimidation or unfair criminalisation.
The report examined 19 countries and found that most of the activist killings in 2018 involved those who spoke out against mining industries.
The Philippines topped the list with 30 victims.

Lawyer killed in Negros Oriental ambush
Ryan Macasero July 24, 2019

Lawyer Anthony Trinidad, who was shot dead while on his way from a court hearing, is reportedly on the hit list of an anti-communist group.
The Defend Negros Network said in a statement on Facebook that Trinidad was reportedly among the names on a list of an alleged anti-communist group called Kawsa Guihulnganon Batok Komunista (KAGUBAK).

Kin of slain lawyer in Negros Oriental condemns red-tagging
Marchel P. Espina August 01, 2019
'Anthony or any member of our family is not a communist sympathizer as portrayed by the people who want to harm and kill us,' says the lawyer's sister Andrea Trinidad

Central Visayas police identify 3 motives in killing of Negros Oriental lawyer
Ryan Macasero July 29, 2019
Amid the rising number of killings on Negros Island, Central Visayas' police director asks investigators to refrain from linking all killings to the communist front

Duterte orders probe into murder of lawyer in Negros Oriental
Pia Ranada July 26, 2019
Malacañang condemns the killing of lawyer Anthony Trinidad

Human rights advocate shot dead in Negros Oriental
Marchel P. Espina July 08, 2019

Police have yet to establish the motive in the killing of 43-year-old Romano Baldoza, a former Negros Oriental coordinator of the human rights group Karapatan.
Romano Baldoza, 43, was on his way home when he was waylaid by unidentified riding-in-tandem suspects. The victim, who was onboard a motorcycle, succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds.

Activist Neptali Morada gunned down in Naga City
June 17, 2019

Victim Neptali Morada is a former regional head of the political party Bayan Muna, and works as a staff member of former Camarines Sur vice governor Ato Peña

2 human rights workers shot dead in Sorsogon
Sofia Tomacruz June 16, 2019

Ryan Hubilla, a 22-year-old senior high school student, and Nelly Bagasala, 69, who both advocated for human rights, are killed by unknown gunmen

Labor leader shot dead in Cavite
June 02, 2019

Partido Manggagawa urges authorities to 'act with dispatch and catch the perpetrators' behind the killing of Dennis Sequeña, who was slain less than a week before his birthday.
Leonides "Dennis" Sequeña was gunned down in Barangay Bunga in Tanza, Cavite, by men riding a motorcycle who immediately fled the scene, according to labor group Partido Manggagawa (PM).

Hundreds seek justice at funeral for slain labor leader Dennis Sequeña
Samantha Bagayas June 12, 2019 - with Video
Dennis Sequeña's colleagues vow never to stop demanding action on his case until his killers are caught

Lawyer gunned down in Rodriguez, Rizal
May 18, 2019

The IBP says it 'could not think of any possible motive except perhaps his "sin" to be true to his lawyer’s oath and the code of professional responsibility in the service of his God, country and family'

International probers: No effective investigation of lawyer killings in PH
Lian Buan March 18, 2019 - with Video

Policemen, the foreign lawyers say, are not conducting initial investigations, and prosecutors are left to wait for police reports that do not come

Duterte gov't says human rights lawyers don't need SC protection order
Lian Buan May 09, 2019
Solicitor General Jose Calida also tells the Supreme Court that President Rodrigo Duterte cannot be impleaded in the writ of amparo

Human rights lawyers seek Supreme Court protection from army ‘harassment’
Lian Buan April 15, 2019
The National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers says that since the start of Duterte's presidency, a total of 55 lawyers have been attacked or threatened, 36 of whom were killed

The Video: Lawyers group seeks SC help, protection from military harassment Apr 15, 2019
An organization of human rights lawyers on Monday sought the Supreme Court’s protection from alleged continuing harassment and “red tagging” of their members by the military and the police.

Foreign delegation probing lawyer killings in PH claims heavy surveillance
by Lian Buan March 19, 2019
Both the police and the military snub the international delegation of lawyers who managed to secure interviews with prosecutors and judges

Groups denounce killing of lawyer in Davao del Norte
March 15, 2019

'Lawyers, prosecutors, and judges are being targeted with surging frequency and impunity,' says the Integrated Bar of the Philippines following the killing of lawyer Rex Jasper Lopoz in Tagum City, Davao del Norte March 13.

NDF consultant shot dead inside bus in Nueva Vizcaya
Lian Buan and Raymon Dullana January 30, 2019

UPDATED National Democratic Front (NDF) consultant Randy Malayao was shot dead inside a passenger bus in Nueva Vizcaya early morning Wednesday, January 30. The gunman boards the passenger bus and shoots Randy Malayao twice.

Look the Video: CCTV captures murder of NDFP consultant Randy Malayao Feb 5, 2019

Human rights defenders also killed under Duterte administration
Janella Paris February 07, 2019
2017 marks the bloodiest year for human rights defenders under the Duterte administration
Over a hundred human rights defenders have been killed under the Duterte administration alone.

Groups in Cagayan march to call for justice for slain activist Malayao
Raymon Dullana February 06, 2019
The Cagayan Valley regional police, however, claims that Randy Malayao's comrades in the Left might be behind his killing, citing internal problems within the movement

Nueva Vizcaya top cops fired over 'lapses' in Randy Malayao slay probe
Rambo Talabong February 01, 2019
They allegedly mishandled pieces of evidence from the bus where NDFP consultant Randy Malayao was shot dead

Malacañang condemns murder of NDF consultant, QC barangay captain
Pia Ranada January 31, 2019
'There can be no act of violence against anyone regardless of whether [or not] they agree with government,' says Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo
Malacañang on Thursday, January 31, denounced the killing of National Democratic Front (NDF) consultant Randy Malayao and Quezon City barangay captain Crisell Beltran.

NDF: Killing of Randy Malayao means more attacks against peace consultants
January 30, 2019
The National Democratic Front condemns the killing of its publicly known consultant

CHR: NDF consultant's death comes amid threats vs activists, rights defenders
Jodesz Gavilan January 30, 2019
Karapatan says NDF consultant Randy Malayao and other victims of past killings are 'no doubt targeted because of their advocacies on people’s rights and for just and lasting peace'

Labor leader in Agusan del Norte shot dead
Bobby Lagsa November 29, 2018

Linus Cubol was killed in front of his furniture store by motorcyle-riding gunmen.
On the day President Rodrigo Duterte said he would create a team like the SPARU (Special Partisan Unit - 'sparrow units') that would target New People’s Army rebels and supporters, a labor leader was killed in Agusan del Norte.


PH Bar Association's Jose Agcaoili on seeking justice for slain lawyers
November 26, 2018

Rappler editor-at-large Marites Vitug speaks with Philippine Bar Association president Jose Agcaoili to discuss the killings of members of the legal profession in recent years

PH Bar Association on lawyers' killings: 'End this madness'
Jodesz Gavilan November 28, 2018 - with Video
The organization calls the killings a 'vicious and mortal assault on the very institution, the system that promises justice for all'

and above: LIST: Judges, prosecutors, lawyers killed under Duterte gov't

'Mabinay 6' lawyer shot dead in Negros Occidental
Marchel P. Espina November 07, 2018

Human rights lawyer Benjamin Ramos, the secretary-general of the Negros Occidental arm of the National Union of Peoples' Lawyers (NUPL), was in front of a store near the public plaza in Kabankalan City when he was shot at close range by two unidentified men

The people lost another good defender
Amber A. Heckelman November 11, 2018
Atty Ben committed his life to building the resources and infrastructure necessary to empower farmers. He believed in farmers.

Murder of 'Mabinay 6' lawyer 'an attack vs human rights movement'
Jodesz Gavilan November 07, 2018
Human rights groups call on the government to 'act with urgency' in addressing the rising violence against human rights defenders

Negros Oriental hospital chief shot dead
Marchel P. Espina November 20, 2018

Dr Adelex Amor, director of Canlaon District Hospital, is attacked by 3 unidentified men in Barangay Basak, Guihulngan City in Negros Oriental

9 farmers killed at Negros Occidental hacienda
October 22, 2018 - with Video

Dozens of armed men allegedly fired at the farmers inside Hacienda Nene on Saturday night, October 20

The Video: Independent investigation sa Sagay massacre in the album "Sagay massacre, 9 farmers killed at Negros Occidental hacienda"

Child abuse complaint filed vs Sagay police over massacre case
Lian Buan December 04, 2018
National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers' Kathy Panguban claims that the police have been using an estranged father to get his son to testify that NPA rebels are behind the Sagay massacre

Duterte warns groups occupying lands: I will have you arrested, shot
October 29, 2018
'If they resist violently, shoot them, and if they die, I do not care,' says President Rodrigo Duterte.
Duterte seemed to be referring to the massacre of 9 sugar farmers at Hacienda Nene in Sagay City, Negros Occidental. The farmers were occupying land at the hacienda.

Police file murder charges vs 2 Sagay massacre suspects
Rambo Talabong October 27, 2018
The suspects, identified as National Federation of Sugar Workers recruiters Rene Manlangit and Rogelio Arquillo, remain at large

Massacres, incidents of violence against farmers
Jodesz Gavilan October 23, 2018
Filipino farmers have taken it upon themselves to fight for their rights but have been met with bullets as protests turn violent

CHR on Negros farmers' slay: Death should not be price of claiming one's rights
Jodesz Gavilan October 22, 2018
CHR's regional office in Bacolod City sends a fact-finding team 'to find out the truth in the incident towards ascertaining accountabilities'

Negros farmers' recruiter 'left them' before the bloodbath
Rambo Talabong and Marchel P. Espina October 22, 2018
Western Visayas top cop John Bulalacao says the farmers may have been used as bait by the New People's Army to incite hate against the government

PNP probes person of interest in Negros farmers' slay
Rambo Talabong October 22, 2018
Local police say it is too early to blame the armed communist group, the New People's Army, as perpetrators of the killings

P500,000 reward up over farmers' slay in Negros Occidental
4th UPDATE Negros Occidental Governor Alfredo Marañon Jr condemns the killing of 9 farmers at Hacienda Nene in his hometown of Sagay City

Both by Marchel P. Espina October 21, 2018

Malacañang condemns killing of 9 Negros farmers
October 21, 2018
Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo says the government 'will enforce the full wrath' of the law against those who killed 9 farmers in Negros Occidental

5 farmers killed in North Cotabato ambush
Allan Nawal December 01, 2018

Matalam town police are eyeing a land dispute as the motive for the attack.
They were attacked by at least 16 suspects in Purok Ragsak, in Barangay Kibudoc


Nagbabagang Lupa Tribute to Farmers
Malu Maniquis, Oct 24, 2018

This is my way of paying tribute to the now 172 farmers and farm workers killed from July 2016 to October 2018 for fighting for their right to land, right to food, and right to life. Let us support the cause of our agricultural sector. Stop the killings!

Lawyers' groups condemn murder of defense attorney Rafael Atotubo
Jodesz Gavilan August 27, 2018 - with Video

'The attacks on lawyers are part of this dastardly attempt to dismantle the legal system by means of fear and violence,' says Free Legal Assistance Group chairperson Jose Manuel Diokno

Lawyer of alleged drug lord Odicta shot dead in Roxas City
Rambo Talabong September 28, 2018

Edel Julio Romero served as the lawyer of Melvin Odicta, alleged top drug lord of Iloilo province, until the latter was gunned down in August 2016

Kerwin Espinosa's lawyer killed in ambush near Cebu City courthouse
MW Mosqueda and Rambo Talabong February 19, 2018

Gunmen spray bullets at the car of Jonah John Ungab, lawyer of the suspected drug lord

PH still deadliest country in Asia for environmental defenders – report
Jee Y. Geronimo July 13, 2017
At least 28 land and environmental defenders were killed in the Philippines in 2016, according to environmental monitor Global Witness.

2016 deadliest year for environment defenders – report
Jee Y. Geronimo July 13, 2017
At least 200 land and environmental defenders died in 2016, the deadliest year on record according to the latest report by environmental monitor Global Witness

Environmental lawyer murdered in Philippines
Agence France-Presse February 17, 2017
Her death brings to 112 the number of environmental campaigners murdered in the Philippines over the past 15 years, according to Filipino environment monitor Kalikasan.
A Philippine lawyer who specialized in investigating crimes against the environment has been ambushed and shot dead, police said Friday, February 17.
The murder on Wednesday of Mia Manuelita Mascarinas-Green deepened concerns that the Philippines is one of the world's most dangerous places for environmental campaigners, with more than 100 killed over the past 15 years.

Lawyer gunned down in front of kids in Tagbilaran
February 16, 2017

Robredo seeks probe: 12 environmental advocates killed under Duterte
Patty Pasion February 20, 2017
The Vice President cites the records of the non-governmental group Kalikasan, which has recorded the killings of environmental activists in the first 7 months of the current administration.

Robredo seeks probe: 12 environmental advocates killed under Duterte
Patty Pasion February 20, 2017
The Vice President cites the records of the non-governmental group Kalikasan, which has recorded the killings of environmental activists in the first 7 months of the current administration.
Enforced disappearances - Etc.

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Araw ng mga Desaparecido ginunita sa isang pagtitipon
kodao phils Sep 3, 2019

Muling inalala ng mga kaanak at grupong Desaparecidos ang International Day of the Disappeared sa isang pagtitipon sa Our Mother of Perpetual Help Church sa Baclaran, Parañaque City noong Agosto 30. Sigaw nila ang patuloy na katarungan sa mga biktima ng sapilitang pagkawala.

Closure only once 'truth revealed' on Jonas Burgos abduction – family
Josiah Antonio April 27, 2019

'So long as we, the families of the desaparecidos, have our breaths, no one can stop us in our fight to surface our disappeared loved ones,' says Mary Ann Burgos

Families of desaparecidos call for justice on All Souls' Day
Jodesz Gavilan November 03, 2018

Families of victims of enforced disappearances light candles and offer flowers as they continue searching for their missing loved ones

Families of desaparecidos slam PH plan to delist cases from U.N.
Jodesz Gavilan February 18, 2019
'It is disrespectful, totally disregarding and dismissing the suffering of the families of all the missing,” the Free Jonas Burgos Movement says

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What you need to know about enforced disappearances in the Philippines
Jodesz Gavilan August 30, 2018

According to latest data, there are at least 1,996 documented cases of enforced disappearance in the Philippines – 1,165 are missing while 244 were found dead

Edita Burgos fights for all victims of injustice
JODESZ GAVILAN September 01, 2018

'This is bigger than Jonas as it made me realize that the search is not just for him but also for all victims. If I find him, I will continue working for the disappearance of enforced disappearances'

The Video: Profile: Edita Burgos
Dec 2, 2018
Edita Burgos has devoted 11 years of her senior years searching for her missing son – Jonas Burgos, one of the highest profile desaparecidos cases – with the passion, doggedness, and tenacity that's inspired many

Poor law implementation denies desaparecidos justice
JODESZ GAVILAN August 30, 2018

Hailed as comprehensive by advocates, the Anti-Enforced Or Involuntary Disappearance Act of 2012 still faces several challenges, including lack of funding and overall improper grasp of the concept of human rights

Manila cop gunned down by unidentified gunman
Eloisa Lopez July 25, 2018

Manila Police District Spokesperson Carlo Magno Manuel says they are looking into the possibility the cop’s killing was related to his work

Retired cop on Duterte drug list shot dead
by Mara Cepeda August 05, 2018
Retired Police Superintendent Roberto Palisoc is killed by unidentified gunmen


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Riding-in-tandem gunmen kill 15-year-old girl in Ilocos Sur
July 04, 2020

A 15-year-old girl was shot dead by motorcycle-riding gunmen in Cabugao, Ilocos Sur, on Thursday night, July 2.
Cabugao police chief Captain Ramil Llarenas said in an interview on local radio DWRS on Saturday, July 4, that the girl was attacked on her way from the Cabugao police station where had just she filed a "molestation complaint" against two policemen from neighboring San Juan town.

2 cops tagged in murder of 15-year-old girl in Ilocos Sur
Rambo Talabong July 05, 2020
The 15-year-old girl was slain by riding-in-tandem killers on Thursday night, July 2, after accusing one of the cops of molesting her

'Vital witness' in Ampatuan massacre survives attack in South Cotabato
Lian Buan June 03, 2020

'Sangki is a vital witness in the second wave of prosecution for the Maguindanao massacre, and it is not far-fetched that his ambush today had something to do with the horrible case,' says Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra

Another shooting fatality in Bacolod City
Marchel P. Espina May 26, 2020

This is the 3rd killing in the streets of Bacolod since May 16, the day the city's status was downgraded to GCQ
A man was shot to death at Araneta Street in Barangay Sum-ag in this city Tuesday afternoon, May 26.

Businessman killed in Bacolod by 3 suspects wearing face masks
Marchel P. Espina May 22, 2020

A businessman was shot dead in front of his business establishment at Narra Street in Barangay Villamonte in this city late Thursday afternoon, May 21.
Killed was Roland Tan, who just boarded his vehicle when the 3 suspects shot him at close range.

Dead body skinned from neck up found in northern Cebu
January 10, 2020

This is the 3rd person killed in Cebu this year who was skinned to the bone over the past 12 months

Police identify man who was skinned and killed in northern Cebu
January 11, 2020
Police are pursuing the angle that the suspects are involved in drugs and believed Corbo was a drug informant

Veterinarian killed by motorcycle-riding suspects in Cebu
December 30, 2019

Talisay City police say the victim had just left a slaughterhouse when he was ambushed.
A report by the Talisay City Police said Neil Pala Boligao, 48, was driving his white Toyota Hi-Lux when an unknown pair riding a motorcycle gunned him down around 2 am Monday in Sitio Maanyag, Barangay Biasong, Talisay City.

Gunmen abduct British man and Filipino wife in Zamboanga del Sur
JC Gotinga October 04, 2019

The victims were abducted from their resort in Tukuran town, local police say

Suspected suicide bomber attacks Sulu military camp
September 08, 2019

Joint Task Force Sulu commander Major General Corleto Vinluan Jr blames the Abu Sayyaf Group for the bombing

Man killed, tied to post in Talisay City
Ryan Macasero July 26, 2019

Residents of Camp 4 found the man tied to a post with a cardboard sign tied around his neck

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