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There are so much going on, so we can't no longer be updated of these "fights" - "changings" and about a "No statesman" ("The NEW Hitler"?) -  supported of the Marcoses, and where even his family is implicated in serious cases about smuggling shabu.

Now this wonderfull country is 'breeding ground for terrorists'

AboutPhilippines fears that the "No statesman" will give away our wonderfull country and forget all the countries, who always have supported our country! Look the examples here Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte vs US - UN & EU

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Republic Act No. 6713

This Act shall be known as the "Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees."

Ombudsman of the Philippines
also known as Tanodbayan ng Pilipinas (using Filipino loan words), is an ombudsman responsible for investigating and prosecuting Philippine government officials accused of crimes, especially graft and corruption.

the protectors of the people shall act promptly on complaints filed in any form or manner against officers or employees of the Government, or of any subdivision, agency or instrumentality thereof, including government-owned or controlled corporations, and enforce their administrative, civil and criminal liability in every case where the evidence warrants in order to promote efficient service by the Government to the people
The Office of the Ombudsman is independently monitors all three branches of the government for political corruption


Look also HERE and the Videos:
What is the Ombudsman's office?
One year practice na lang gikinahanglan sa mga ombud lawyers

Official Gazette

the official journal of the Republic of the Philippines.
Commonwealth Act No. 638, “An Act to provide for the uniform publication and distribution of the Official Gazette,” was passed by the Third Session of the Second National Assembly on May 22, 1941, and subsequently approved by President Manuel L. Quezon on June 10, 1941.

Look also

Presidential Communications Group or simply the Communications Group
a collective name for the newly formed offices within the Office of the President of the Philippines and refers to the following positions and offices: the Presidential Spokesman and the Presidential Communications Office (formerly the Office of the Press Secretary).

Duterte signs EO creating Offices:
Office of Participatory Governance (OPG) and Strategic Action and Response (STAR)
by Pia Ranada December 06, 2016

The EO gives President Duterte a 'direct arm' in responding to critical incidents and disasters, and further strengthens the office of Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr.

eFOI - Electronic Freedom of Information
Freedom Of Information
Access government records today.

Look also

Gov't agencies told: Upload FOI manuals by October 1
August 31, 2017
The PCOO says agencies should comply before the start of the validation process on their eligibility to the performance-based bonus

and the Video:

Malacañang launches E-FOI portal
Dec 10, 2016
Despite of the initiative of the government of an online FOI for transparent information dissemination, the Center for Media and Responsibility argues some of the restrictions that it provides.

and more about FOI


Dial 8888, 911: Gov't opens complaints, emergency hotlines
Aug 1, 2016
Malacañang and the national police on Monday launched their respective hotlines for receiving public complaints and emergency calls.

Look also

Success stories from the 8888 hotline
by Happy Feraren October 09, 2016
Citizen complaints received through the hotline get forwarded to concerned agencies for immediate action

8888 hotline: Most complaints lodged vs SSS, LTO
by Michael Bueza September 23, 2016
Quezon City and Manila also top the list of LGUs that got the most number of complaints since the hotline was launched in August

8888 complaint hotline, 911 for emergencies
July 08, 2016
The 8888 number will serve as the hotline for citizen complaints

and MUCH more HERE

Philippine Council of State

is an advisory body first established during the American Colonial Period by the Governor-General of the Philippines Francis Burton Harrison upon the recommendation of Philippine politicians and future Presidents of the Philippines Manuel L. Quezon and Sergio Osmeña. Governor-General Harrison issued an executive order on 16 October 1918, creating the first Council of State in the Philippines "to harmonise the executive and legislative departments"

It was revived by President Corazon Aquino, but the Council lapsed into disuse but was never being formally abolished. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo reconvened it in 2005.

Look also HERE


The hidden cost of corruption
Sep 26, 2016

Corruption has become too common in public service. So common that we let it slide and forget about its long term impact on our economy and society. Though we don't see it or feel it directly, corruption has a huge impact on our country's governance. Take a stand against corruption and join our movement. Say no to corruption and pledge that it will not happen on your watch. #NotOnMyWatch

Look also Graft and corruption in the government

'Corruption meter': How gov't agencies fare in fighting corruption
by Michael Bueza August 13, 2016

The Bureau of Customs has consistently been seen as the least sincere in fighting corruption, based on SWS surveys among business owners and managers
The effects of corruption can be felt not only by individual Filipinos but by businesses and corporations as well.

Does Alvarez have an axe to grind vs customs official?
by Mara Cepeda July 27, 2017

BOC official Mandy Anderson claims Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez is out to get her for refusing to promote an unqualified person whom he endorsed.

Look also

Faeldon’s chief of staff grilled for calling Alvarez an ‘imbecile’
by Mara Cepeda July 26, 2017
Lawyer Mandy Mercado Anderson smirks as lawmakers interpellate her over her Facebook post, prompting Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas to say, 'You want to be funny? Because I can erase that smirk off your face if you want'

Commissions - Committees - Councils - Etc.

Look also above HERE

Remark most of the videos in this section are albums in the album "Government, Authorities - Etc."

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House of Representatives of the Philippines

Committee Information - Standing Committees - Special House Committees - includes chairperson of each committee

Look also

Senate Permanent Committees
17th Congress
(as of September 14, 2016)

LIST: Senate committee chairmanships of the 17th Congress
(5th UPDATE) by Camille Elemia Updated August 24, 2016

List of Philippine Senate committees

This is a complete list of Philippine Congressional committees (standing committees, and special committees) that are currently operating in the Senate of the Philippines, the upper house of the Philippine Congress

National Security Council, NSC

the President's principal forum for considering national security and foreign policy matters with his senior national security advisors and cabinet officials.

The Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council of the Philippines - HUDCC
is the umbrella agency of various housing and development offices of the Government

Look also HERE , HERE and

the Video HUDCC's Del Rosario on Marawi rehab, housing backlog, Kadamay
July 26, 2017
New housing chief Eduardo del Rosario talks about his plans for the rehabilitation of Marawi City, addressing the housing backlog, and the awarding of houses to Kadamay members.

The National Housing Authority - NHA
a government agency responsible for public housing in the Philippines. It is organized as a government-owned and controlled corporation under the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council as an attached agency
The Commission on Appointments (CA)
a body of the Congress of the Philippines as provided by the Constitution. It confirms certain appointments made by the President of the Philippines

Look also


If LP exodus continues, party loses Commission on Appointments seat
by Mara Cepeda May 17, 2017 - with the Video: How parties are alloted slots in CA
With more LP lawmakers possibly jumping ship to PDP-Laban, it may soon lack the minimum 24 members required to maintain its slot in the CA.
Look the video in the article in HD HERE

Duterte warns SC, CA anew not to abuse TROs
by Pia Ranada May 18, 2017
The President warns that if judges use their power to issue TROs to make money, 'there will be a time I will not honor your orders'

Duterte forms committee to study total log ban
by Pia Ranada February 01, 2017

The President orders the DENR, DA, and DILG to study how to implement a total logging ban in response to flash floods caused by unabated cutting of trees in watersheds.

The short-lived 2010 Truth Commission
by Reynaldo Santos Jr July 30, 2016

What led to its quick abolition? After a petition by lawmakers allied with Arroyo, the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.

Look also HERE


look also:



The Presidential Commission on Good Government, PCGG

a quasi-judicial agency created by Pres. Corazon Aquino to recover ill-gotten wealth accumulated during the Marcos regime.
Duterte gov't to abolish agency hunting Marcos plunder
by Agence France-Presse July 26, 2017

'They don't do anything. What do they do?' Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno says as he tells reporters the government plans to scrap the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG)
What you should know about the agency hunting Marcos' ill-gotten wealth
by Jodesz Gavilan July 29, 2017
Should the Presidential Commission on Good Government be abolished?
It sparked several debates online over the motive behind the decision considering the rather indiscreet steps being taken toward what appears like the political rehabilitation of the Marcos family.
Again AboutPhilippines just ask: Is "Duterte, a Marcos lapdog"??????

Look also

Koko Pimentel open to studying abolition of PCGG
by Camille Elemia July 29, 2017
Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III says the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) should have achieved its objective after existing for 30 years

Malacañang says 'no politics' in possible PCGG abolition
by Pia Ranada July 27, 2017
Proposals to abolish the Philippine Commission on Good Government (PCGG) is driven by the need to streamline government, not politics.

Duterte gov't not first to propose end of PCGG
by Jodesz Gavilan July 28, 2017
From Estrada to Aquino, the Presidential Commission on Good Government has been criticized while several efforts have been made to end its run.

Commission on Elections, or COMELEC

Look also eCOMELEC

and the Videos

COMELEC Instructional Video on PWD, People With Disabilities Voter Registration, with FSL, Filipino Sign Language translation

and below Comelec data leaked by hackers

Where to register as an Overseas Absentee Voter

Comelec Hymn

and the article How does the PH automated election system work by/Michael Bueza May 15, 2015

Commission on Audit, COA

the Supreme Audit Institution

Civil Service Commission, CSC

the central personnel agency of the government.

Commission on Filipinos Overseas, CFO

Look about Diaspora to Development D2D

Look about OFWs-RED Project and the Video

Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC

a state commission responsible for securities laws and regulating the securities industry. The SEC is an agency within the Department of Finance.

Memorandum Circular No. 15 (MC 15)
Guidelines of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for nonprofits organizations

'Chilling effect': Groups slam new SEC guidelines for nonprofits
by Russel Patina February 09, 2019
Lawyers, civil society organizations, and a group of lawmakers advocating human rights have slammed the new set of guidelines of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for nonprofits, calling it a government tool to persecute its political enemies.
'While the provisions of this memorandum circular are seemingly neutral, we know very well that these types of regulation are in actuality... directed for political and religious outliers,' says Pacifico Agabin, former dean of the UP College of Law

SEC warns vs investment scams
The commission cautions the public against SUCCESS200 and FLAG Prosperity for their unauthorized investment-taking activities. July 22, 2015

National Police Commission

Look also RA 8425

and the Videos

NAPC discuss the govt's anti-poverty programs

Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor - PCUP
Climate Change Commission, CCC

an independent and autonomous body that has the same status as a national agency and is attached to the Office of the President.

Look also the Videos and HERE and HERE

National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, NCIP

Look also

House wants to use CHR, ERC, NCIP budgets for free tuition
by Bea Cupin September 14, 2017
Akbayan Representative Tom Villarin hits the idea, saying, 'You can't cut the budget of a constitutional body then to soften criticism, bestow it [on] a supposed loftier cause like free tuition'

Over 'failure' to protect minorities, House gives NCIP P1,000 budget
by Bea Cupin September 12, 2017
Bayan Muna Representative Carlos Zarate moves for the measly budget, citing the supposed failure of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples to fulfill its mandate.

National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, NCMF

a government agency whose objective is to promote the rights of Muslim Filipinos and to make them active participants in Philippine nation-building.

National Commission on Muslim Filipinos replaces Office of Muslim Affairs, OMA

Look also the Video

Commission on Human Rights, CHRP

an independent office created by the Constitution of the Philippines, with the primary function of investigating all forms of human rights violations involving civil and political rights in the Philippines

IMPORTANT look Human Rights e.g. P1,000 budget for CHR

Look also

Give CHR zero budget if it cannot be abolished – Alvarez
by Jodesz Gavilan August 07, 2017
Commission on Human Rights Chairperson Chito Gascon, however, is confident this will augment their 2018 budget.

Accountability and human rights: The role of the CHR
by Joy Aceron August 06, 2017
Is it the CHR which enjoys enormous powers in the government? Who exactly have been enjoying monopoly of economic and political power in the country who could have done more?

and the Videos:

Where to run to if abused by gov't? CHR function explained
Sep 13, 2017
An official of the Commission on Human Rights clarified that their mandate is to help victims of government abuses, and not the victims of ordinary and individual crimes, which is the job of the police.

CHR should have prosecuting powers, says chief
Aug 31, 2016
The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) should be given prosecuting powers to pursue the cases submitted to them, the constitutional agency's chief said on Wednesday.

and the Video CHRP as OMBUDSMAN for CHILDREN

The Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board (HRVCB)

Look also the Video:

'Marcos burial won't affect reparation claims of martial law victims'
Nov 20, 2016

Commission on Population
Commission on Information and Communications Technology, CICT

Look also the Video AVP

National Telecommunications Commission, NTC
Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
National Youth Commission, NYC

cabinet-level government agency that specifically addresses issues surrounding the Filipino youth

Republic Act 8044 - The Youth in Nation-Building Act 

Look MUCH more HERE

Look also HERE and also the Videos

Philippine Commission on Women, PCW

the primary policy-making and coordinating body on women and gender equality concerns. As the oversight body on women’s concerns, the PCW acts as a catalyst for gender mainstreaming, authority on women’s concerns, and lead advocate of women’s empowerment, gender equity, and gender equality in the country.

The PCW was formerly known as the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women, NCRFW
The Inter-Agency Council on Violence Against Women and Their Children, IACVAWC was created by virtue of Republic Act No. 9262 Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004.

Commission on the Filipino Language

the official regulating body of the Filipino language and the official government institution tasked with developing, preserving, and promoting the various local languages.

Look also HERE and more HERE

Government Owned & Controlled Corporation
Doctor of Public Management
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Manila

GOVERNANCE COMMISSION FOR GOCCS, GCG was constituted under Republic Act No. 10149 . Under RA No. 10149, the GCG is created to act as a central advisory, monitoring, and oversight body with authority to formulate, implement and coordinate policies governing government-owned and controlled corporations, GOCCs, government financial institutions, GFIS, government instrumentalities with corporate powers, GICP and government corporate entities, GCE.

Look more about the Government-owned and controlled corporation, GOCC and IMPORTANT look GOCCs - updates

Which GOCCs are affected by Duterte’s EO on salaries?
Sofia Tomacruz August 03, 2017
The executive order affects officials and personnel of 42 GOCCs covered by the Salary Standardization Law

Duterte EO suspends Aquino-created salary scheme for GOCCs
Pia Ranada July 31, 2017
Following his expression of anger at excessive salaries and bonuses for officials of government owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), President Rodrigo Duterte signed an executive order (EO) 36 suspending the implementation of their salary system created by the previous administration.

Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR)
is a government - owned and - controlled Philippines corporation established through Presidential Decree 1067-A. PAGCOR is the Philippines' largest contributor of revenue to the government after the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Bureau of Customs

Look also HERE and

Gambling in the Philippines

Executive Order No. 13, s. 2017
Signed on February 2, 2017

Duterte orders closure of 'all online gaming'
December 22, 2016
In a speech after signing the 2017 national budget, the President said: “I am ordering the closure of all online gaming [firms]. Lahat. Walang silbi ito. (All of it. It has no use.) Look also the Videos, one with English subtitles

and the Videos: Gambling - Gaming

FAST FACTS: What you need to know about the Philippine casino industry
By Chrisee Dela Paz and Sofia Tomacruz Jun 8, 2017
The P180-billion casino industry in the Philippines is facing challenges, but Pagcor Chairperson Andrea Domingo says the local gaming industry's total revenues in 2017 may still expand to P160 billion
Professional Regulation Commission, PRC

Look Citizen´s Charter HERE

Look the Video How to Change Your PRC Registered Name after Marriage. Look full description of the video HERE

Remark this is an album in the album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc"


Insurance Commission

What is the role of the Insurance Commission?
To many, insurance is a necessary piece to the puzzle of personal finance and security. From the simple and oftentimes broad life insurance to more specific kinds such as health or property insurance. Commissioner Emmanuel Dooc of the Insurance Commission will give us an overview of the current insurance landscape in our country today. Apr 29, 2015

Remark this is an album in the album "Insurance Commission" in the album "Government Authorities - Etc."

Philippines Public Financial Management, PFM Committee

composed of the Commission on Audit, COA, Department of Budget and Management, DBM, Department of Finance, DOF and Bureau of Treasury, BTr to oversee and coordinate the integration and automation of government financial systems, and implementation of the PFM roadmap.

Look also the Video

National Parks Development Committee

a government agency that is tasked to oversee national parks in the Philippines.

Authorities, etc.

Many of the video-links in the section are albums in the album "Authorities, Commissions, Committees" in the album "Political system, Government authorities, Official Personal Papers, Etc."

Look also Political System, Government, etc., Progress, Media, Architecture and Libraries

go to main-overview


Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace Process, OPAPP

Working towards a just and lasting peace for the nation and for all Filipinos.

PAFSAM Presidential Assistant for Food Security and Agricultural Modernization, PAFSAM

a Cabinet-level position under the Office of the President

Presidential Communications Group
Alvarez wants to scrap PLLO
by Mara Cepeda February 13, 2017
Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez says the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office's function is redundant since the LEDAC already exists

Presidential Legislative Liaison Office - PLLO, Mandate:
Promotion of Presidential legislative initiatives and other Administration-sponsored priority policy reforms and development programs through a strategic information dissemination campaign and sustained day-to-day collaboration with the two Chambers of Congress, as well as with other interest groups.

Alvarez wants to scrap Congressional Spouses Foundation
by Mara Cepeda February 13, 2017

The Congressional Spouses Foundation, Inc. - CSFI is a cause-oriented organization composed of the spouses of the members of the House of Representatives. It is committed to support and complement the legislative and public service mandate of the House of Representatives and its members through socio-civic and other developmental initiatives.

Philippines News Agency - PNA
the official news agency in the Philippines
FAST FACTS: What you need to know about the Philippine News Agency
by Jodesz Gavilan August 10, 2017

There are at least 3 known boo-boos the PNA has committed in 2017 alone, with two of them happening in the month of May.

Look also

Philippine News Agency's story on labor dep't uses Dole pineapple logo
August 11, 2017

For its latest mistake, the beleaguered PNA uses the wrong logo in its story about the Department of Labor and Employment's pay rules for 2018 holidays

'Puro Nalang Aberya': Netizens react to Philippine News Agency's latest blunder
August 12, 2017

Dole quickly became one of the trending topics in the Philippines on Friday night.

PIA Information Agency
The National Printing Office, NPO

one the 3 Recognized Government Printers, RGP tasked to safeguard the sanctity of government standard accountable and non-accountable forms used in the collection of taxes, fees, and other charges due to the state in the course of government transactions.

Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office, PCDSPO

ensures that all aspects of communications are covered, to ensure that the administration’s message has been delivered successfully.

Tariff Commission

Sorry the main-link is often down, so try again later

so look also the , or look the video as pptx or pdf

Department of Budget and Management, DBM

an executive body under the Office of the President, responsible for the sound and efficient use of government resources for national development and as an instrument for the meeting of national socio-economic and political development goals.

Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, MTRCB

the government agency responsible for rating television and film for the Philippines.

Look also the Videos

The MTRCB Film Ratings Infomercial - 29/06/2013

MTRCB Android App

Bases Conversion and Development Authority, BCDA

a leading corporation that developed former US military baselands and Metro Manila camps into prime economic centers and investment locations.


Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, PDEA

the lead anti-drugs law enforcement agency, responsible for preventing, investigating and combating any dangerous drugs, controlled precursors and essential chemicals.
Dangerous Drugs Board, DDB

a government agency that makes policies, strategies and programs on drug prevention and control. The board is managed under the Office of the President

Look also

Duterte names PDEA as 'sole agency' for drug war
by Paterno Esmaquel II October 11, 2017
President Rodrigo Duterte sidelines the Philippine National Police (PNP) as it faces public outrage over abuses in the anti-drug campaign

Ex-PDEA chief Santiago is new drugs board chair
by Michael Bueza July 08, 2017
Newly appointed DDB chair Dionisio Santiago tells Rappler that his agency 'will try to re-engineer the anti-drug campaign'

PH drug policy-making body, still has no chief
June 28, 2017
The post remains vacant after President Rodrigo Duterte sacks Dangerous Drugs Board chair Benjamin Reyes for 'contradicting' his drug figures

Look MUCH more HERE and the Videos

  Public Private Partnership Center, PPPc

the government's facilitator and catalyst in pursuing and delivering PPP projects.

Look MUCH more and videos HERE

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, PCSO

the principal government agency for raising and providing funds for health programs, medical assistance and services, and charities of national character.

Look also the Video

National Transmission Corporation, TransCo

a government corporation created in 2001 by the Electric Power Industry Reform Act currently operating the nation's power grid. It assumed all of Napocor's substation and transmission assets.

National Power Corporation

also known as the NPC or Napocor, is a state-owned company that serves as the largest provider and generator of electricity in the Philippines. It is also the principal power provider for Manila Electric, the only power distributor in the Metro Manila area. As a government owned-and-controlled corporation, Napocor is subject to the scrutiny of the Commission on Audit, COA.


Center ng Bayan, CCB

is conceived to be the Government’s main helpdesk where citizens, civil society organizations and other entities can voice their complaints and concerns with government agencies and gain access to information.

The CCB will serve as the direct channel for the public to express their complaints, feedback and recommendations.

National Economic and Development Authority, NEDA

Look also


Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC)
a consultative and advisory body to the President who chairs the NEDA Board on certain programs and policies essential to the realization of the goals of the national economy.

The Videos April 26, 2018 about

National Economic and Development Authority and the Development Plans

and Ambisyon Natin 2040

and more about Development Plans HERE

Land Registration Authority, LRA
mandated to issue decrees of registration and certificates of title and register documents, patents and other land transaction for the benefit of landowners, Agrarian Reform-beneficiaries and the registering public in general

Look also the Video

Land Titling Computerization Project, LTCP - Anywhere to Anywhere, Oct 23, 2013

National Bureau of Investigation, NBI
Department of the Interior and Local Government, DILG

responsible for promoting peace and order, ensuring public safety, and strengthening the capabilities of local government units. It is also responsible for the Philippine National Police and 117 emergency phone net

Look also

AFP chief Año to be senior aide in charge of DILG
by Pia Ranada August 21, 2017 - with Video
The AFP chief cannot yet take charge as DILG secretary because the law prohibits a retired military or police official from taking on the post at least a year after leaving his commissioned post

Why Duterte can't appoint AFP chief Año as next DILG chief
by Bea Cupin August 15, 2017
The law explicitly prohibits a retired or resigned military or police official from being DILG secretary at least a year after leaving his commissioned post.

AFP chief Año is next DILG chief – Duterte
May 10, 2017
Armed Forces of the Philippines chief General Eduardo Año will take over the Department of the Interior and Local Government when he retires, says President Rodrigo Duterte.

3 challenges Año will face as DILG chief
by Rambo Talabong May 11, 2017
The military general will oversee Yolanda recovery efforts, the community-based war on drugs, and the campaign for federalism among local governments.

and the Videos

e.g. 2016 programs Feb 2, 2016

Seal of Good Local Governance Feb 4, 2016

Remark 1 of the videos is targeted to blind users and 1 how to use the Project Performance Monitoring System manual


Jan 11, 2017
The Online CapDev Market System (OCDMS) (Capacity Development - CapDev) is a one stop website showcasing the DEMAND and SUPPLY side of the capacity development. The OCDMS was created to address the LGUs’ capdev needs with the current program offerings of service providers.

Remark this is an album in the album about Department of the Interior and Local Government, DILG

Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, BJMP
an attached agency of the Department of the Interior and Local Government mandated to direct, supervise and control the administration and operation of all district, city and municipal jails in the Philippines with pronged tasks of safekeeping and development of its inmates.

Look also the Video Eyes and ears inside jails


Local Governance Resource Center, LGRC

Remark this is an album in the album about "Department of the Interior and Local Government, DILG"

Philippine Public Safety College, PPSC

the umbrella organization that comprises the National Police College (NPC), Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA), National Police Training Institute (NPTI) with its 18 Regional Training Centers (RTCs), National Fire Training Institute (NFTI), National Jail Management and Penology Training Institute (NJMPTI), and the National Forensic Science Training Institute (NFSTI)

The PPSC is one of the bureaus under the DILG. It has a Board of Trustees (BOT) which exercises policy making functions in accordance with general policies, plans and programs on education as may be formulated by higher authorities. The BOT is comprised of the DILG Secretary as chairman, the head of the PNP, BFP and BJMP as members, and the PPSC President as ex-officio member. The creation of the PPSC is particularly significant as it symbolizes the new level of cooperation of the five component agencies in the transformation of the country's public safety services.

Look more HERE

Look also HERE and the PPSC AVP etc. Videos - Remark this is an album in the album "Education - of - in Government Authorities - etc."


Department of the Interior and Local Government, DILG initiated the program  Local Governance Performance Management Program. The program is carried out through a financial subsidy facility called:

The Performance Challenge Fund, PCF

which is a facility envisioned to help stimulate local governments to put premium on transparency and accountability to enable them to avail themselves of financial support to jumpstart and sustain local socio-economic development initiatives supportive of national government goals and priorities.


The Local Government Academy, LGA - AVPs

the country's leading provider of capacity building services to local government units, LGUs and to the DILG personnel. With our main office and training center located in the heart of Pasig City and at the University of the Philippines in Los Baños, Laguna resperctively, we cater to the needs of all LGUs nationwide- from program designing to training implementation, and other forms of technical assistance.
Biyaheng Pinoy

20 Years of Local Autonomy in the Philippines AVP presented during the 20th Year of Local Autonomy in the Philippines October 10-11, 2011
Promotional AVP Jun 24, 2013
Safe and Friendly Cities for All Programme, SFCAP
Oct 8, 2015
Spark BIZ Oct 20, 2015
LGA Speed Services
Sep 21, 2016
Look it as pdf HERE

Philippine National Police - PNP

Look also:

RA 8551 Philippine National Police Reform and Reorganization Act of 1998

the Videos Philippine National Police, History & Hymn etc.
Remark this is an album in the album "Government Authorities - Etc."

the Videos Philippine National Police Academy.
Remark this is an album in the album "Education - of - in Government Authorities - etc."

the Video What is the Highway Patrol Group?

and PNP medals

and the articles - AboutPhilippines just ask: How can we trust PNP? - and recommend to read these articles and ALL links in the articles:

Police brutality in the Philippines
Bookmark this link, it's very often UPDATED
'Each and every police is expected to protect our rights. As such, it is unacceptable when they are the ones being at the forefront of perpetuating such human rights violations'

IMPORTANT TO READ: Where are the police body cams?
Philippine Daily Inquirer December 22, 2020

Police, victims, and a call for change
Dec 25, 2020 Gustavo Gonzalez
Every life and family impacted is precious. But this high number of killings is, in itself, a broader, institutional concern.

Tarlac shooting: Blood on Duterte's hands
Dec 24, 2020
From President Duterte’s mouth to cop Jonel Nuezca’s gun, a culture of impunity ends in blood-soaked corpses

Tarlac shooting ‘isolated case’? Filipinos dig up stories proving otherwise
Dec 23, 2020 Sofia Virtudes
Interior Secretary Eduardo Año called the Tarlac shooting an “isolated” incident, but Filipinos knew better.
A group called Hacktibista has been keeping a running list of abuses and violations by the police and the military, the latest addition to the list being the Tarlac shooting.

Senators slam PNP for downplaying problem of rogue policemen
December 23, 2020 Vanne Elaine Terrazola
Senators on Wednesday hit the Philippine National Police (PNP) for downplaying the number of rogue cops within its ranks.

Killer cop
Philippine Daily Inquirer December 23, 2020
Whereupon Nuezca, unmindful of various people filming the bitter argument, swears at the mother, reaches for his 9 mm pistol and shoots her once in the head, then the son twice, and then the mother again as she lay on the ground. Neither one is armed.
There is simply no way Nuezca, can get away with murder.
Or can he? A culture of impunity has so permeated the police force that the phrase is now bromide, used ever so constantly to protest police crimes and misdemeanors but generally denied or ignored by an administration that coddles killer cops.

Teachers condemn ‘murderous reign of state terror’
December 22, 2020 Merlina Hernando-Malipot
A federation of teachers vehemently condemned the “brutal abuse” of power of a police officer that claimed the lives of a mother and son in Paniqui, Tarlac.

Youth groups decry ‘brutal’ killing by cop of mother, son in Tarlac 
December 22, 2020 Raymund Antonio
Various youth groups and individuals addressed the death of a mother and her son in Tarlac with a unity statement against police brutality and a call for justice.

The Video: 'Pulis ang terorista': Pagpatay ng pulis sa mag-ina kinondena
Dec 21, 2020 ABS-CBN News
Umapaw ang galit ng netizens, iba't ibang grupo, at ilang politiko matapos kumalat sa social media ang video ng isang pulis na malapitang binaril sa ulo ang mag-ina sa Paniqui, Tarlac nitong Linggo dahil lang umano sa alitan sa paputok.

Police force needs values reorientation to root out abuses
December 21, 2020 Hannah Torregoza
The Philippine National Police (PNP) should conduct a top-to-bottom review of the moral values of all law enforcement officials and institutions to put an end to the culture of impunity and rid the system of abuse and undesirable practices.

Rights watchdog on Tarlac murder: Many PH cops ‘simply out of control’
December 21, 2020
The murder of a mother and her son by a law enforcer proves that “many members” of the country’s police force are “simply out of control,” an official of the Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Monday.

‘Many of our cops are becoming the face of terror’
Neil Arwin Mercado December 21, 2020
Several senators called for an end to police abuse as they lambasted Monday the police killing of a mother and her son in Tarlac.

'Not the first': Groups decry police killing of mother, son in Tarlac
Dec 21, 2020
Following a cop's killing of an unarmed mother and son, human rights and civic groups on Monday, December 21, called out the "police violence and brutality" in the country.

Groups call for end to police brutality, impunity
December 21, 2020 Raymund Antonio and Jeffrey Damicog
Progressive and human rights groups on Monday called for an end to police brutality, killings, and impunity in light of the deaths of two civilians in Paniqui, Tarlac at the hands of a police officer during a heated argument.

Pampanga cops arrest suspects in killing of Chinese businessman
Jun A. Malig Aug 14 2020
Police identified the suspects, both Chinese, though the CCTV footage of establishments leading to the site where the charred remains of the victim was found

In Bulacan, police 'kidnap' passersby then kill them in fake 'nanlaban' case – NBI
Lian Buan Aug 13 2020
The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) files complaints of murder, kidnapping, and planting of guns and drugs against 11 officials of the San Jose Del Monte police. Look also the Video

'Spectacle of a grand cover-up': Senate hearing bares how 'ninja cops' remain in service
Aika Rey and Rambo Talabong October 02, 2019
'Why are you trying to get the people off the hook? Are you the mafia or the PNP?' asks Senator Richard Gordon, without naming names. Look the Video: Senate hearing on alleged ninja cops

PNP also rearrests prisoners not convicted of heinous crimes
Rambo Talabong September 09, 2019
Freed prisoners convicted of carnapping and robbery – which are not heinous crimes – are arrested again

Duterte to cops: Accept gifts, ignore anti-graft law
'If there is generosity in them, sabi ng anti-graft law, you cannot accept gifts? Kalokohan,' says President Rodrigo Duterte

Cops in bloody Negros Oriental operations took victims' money – relatives
Marchel P. Espina April 06, 2019
The families of the victims claim the cops executed their kin even after they yielded to authorities. They also note other irregularities in the raids.

Duterte fires two PNP 'narco-generals'
by Rambo Talabong October 09, 2017 - with Video
Two top officers of the Philippine National Police (PNP) named as 'narco-generals' by President Rodrigo Duterte have been sacked, Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella announced Monday, October 9.
They are former Quezon City police director Chief Superintendent Edgardo Tinio, and former Metro Manila police chief Director Joel Pagdilao.

All 3,800 killed by PNP were drug dealers
by Jee Y. Geronimo October 07, 2017
Contradicting the Philippine National Police (PNP), Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano falsely claimed that all 3,800 Filipinos killed in the Duterte administration's war on drugs were drug dealers.

Police seek Catholic Church protection to testify on EJKs
by Paterno Esmaquel II October 02, 2017

'Their consciences are troubling them,' according to Archbishop Socrates Villegas, as the Catholic Church says it will 'look prudently into the sincerity of their motives'

Lacson urges Church to present 'reformed' cops in Senate probe
by Camille Elemia October 02, 2017

Senate public order committee chair Panfilo Lacson urged the Catholic Church to present “reformed” policemen to testify against state-sponsored killings.

9,000 cops into drugs? Duterte 'more or less' correct says Dela Rosa
by Rambo Talabong October 02, 2017
PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa says President Rodrigo Duterte also counts cops who are not doing anything about the drug situation in their areas.

Robredo calls on PNP to prove killing not a state policy
by Mara Cepeda September 06, 2017
Vice President Leni Robredo says people will continue asking questions if more and more drug suspects are killed in police operations

Kian and Carl: Parallelism in the deaths of two boys
by Rambo Talabong September 04, 2017
Kian delos Santos, 17, and Carl Arnaiz, 19 – handcuffed, kneeling – were killed by Caloocan policemen two days apart.

Carl Arnaiz kneeling, handcuffed when killed – taxi driver, witness
by Camille Elemia October 02, 2017
'Nakatakbo na po siya sa damuhan and then nakaluhod po siya noong binaril na may posas,' says 21-year-old witness 'Joe Daniel'

Carl Arnaiz handcuffed, beaten up, killed – PAO autopsy
by Lian Buan September 04, 2017
Findings of the Public Attorney's Office show the 19-year-old was kneeling when initially shot, then killed with more shots after he was lying on the ground.

The death of policing as a profession in the Philippines
by Raymund E. Narag, PhD August 19, 2017
While we cannot begrudge the intentions of the President, a drug-free and crime-free Philippines, he has transformed the police into the biggest criminal institution in the Philippines.

Wanted: Truth police
by Vergel O. Santos July 01, 2017
If anyone should take up police duty against fake news, it is us news people ourselves

War on drugs: How the PNP responds to abuse, corruption charges
by Bea Cupin April 20, 2017
When faced with allegations – allegedly from their own men – the PNP has a rather predictable response.

WATCH: Duterte and the future of Philippine police
March 24, 2017 - with video
At Camp Castañeda, Duterte's message is clear. Amid allegations of human rights abuses, the President is adamant: Do your job, and I'll have your back

Duterte sends ‘errant’ cops to Mindanao
by Pia Ranada February 07, 2017
President Rodrigo Duterte warns cops involved in illegal drugs that they will become the next targets of extrajudicial killings.

Task force vs police scalawags: What we know so far
by Bea Cupin February 05, 2017
Will the newly-formed 'counter-intel task force' be enough to rid the Philippine National Police of its wayward members?

Duterte on AI report: Why would I pay police to kill?
by Pia Ranada February 03, 2017
The President says police claiming they were paid to kill are corrupt police who pocketed intelligence funds intended for catching drug pushers

Cops fueled by 'economy of death' in drug war – Amnesty
by Bea Cupin February 01, 2017
The Amnesty International report details stories of police corruption and abuse in President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs.
“Pressures from the top” and “financial incentives” have created an “informal economy of death” to drive police killings in the Philippines’ war on drugs, according to an Amnesty International report.

An end to the ugly war
by Vergel O. Santos January 31, 2017
Now comes the test of Duterte's word
Nothing can be more consoling than the news that the police’s war on drugs has been called off.

Duterte to order soldiers to arrest corrupt police
by Pia Ranada January 31, 2017
President Rodrigo Duterte will soon order soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to arrest corrupt policemen, as part of his administration’s cleansing of the Philippine National Police.

CHR: Stopping drug war acknowledges flaws and abuse in PNP
by Jodesz Gavilan January 31, 2017
Despite the halt of operations, the Commission on Human Rights urges the Philippine National Police to ensure accountability and justice for all the deaths in the intense war on drugs

PNP out of drug war means end to 'tokhang,' buy-bust
by Bea Cupin January 30, 2017 - with Video
What are policemen allowed and not allowed to do from today? The PNP explains in detail.

Duterte orders 'cleansing' of PNP, extends drug war again
by Pia Ranada January 30, 2017
The President orders the dissolution of all PNP anti-drug units and the creation of a new command to rid the police force of corrupt personnel.

Murder in the cathedral
by Vergel O. Santos January 23, 2017
Why this brazenness, why this air of impunity, why this roguery?

Rogue cops in action
by Bea Cupin January 27, 2017 - with video
Senator Panfilo Lacson, who once headed the national police, shows this video during a Senate hearing and warns it's not an isolated case.

San Francisco police cut ties with PNP over drug war
by Ryan Macasero October 26, 2016
The police department terminates its 16-year-old exchange program with the Philippine National Police over 'concerns of allegations of civil rights violations'

Dela Rosa on PNP, US ties: ‘As is’
The chief of the PNP says nothing has changed in the relationship of the PNP with US law enforcement agencies

Dela Rosa downplays San Francisco police's cutting of ties
‘Not so much,’ says the PNP chief when asked about the impact of the San Francisco Police Department’s decision to end a long-running training program

both by Bea Cupin October 27, 2016

Look also HERE

Impunity in the police force
October 24, 2016
President Duterte has emboldened the PNP, leading to a spillover of violence beyond the war on drugs
In the dust of the controversy kicked up by President Duterte, when he announced in Beijing that the Philippines was cutting military and economic ties with the US, let us not allow what happened 5 days ago to die down quietly.

On October 19, something snapped, sending danger signals: our already-fragile hold on the rule of law showed itself in the blatant display of violence by the police – in broad daylight and before the eyes of many.

The police's menace of guns, power, and machismo
by Diana G. Mendoza October 07, 2017

I boarded the owner-type jeep with the male tabloid reporters. The photographers were in another vehicle. We followed the policemen's car, also an owner-type jeep, with the male suspect seated in the middle.

When we arrived in Bagong Silang in a vast talahiban (grassy field), the cops pulled out knives and started stabbing the suspect without letup. Then they asked him to get off. "Takbo (Run)!" they shouted. The suspect, bloodied from the stab wounds, ran fast. The cops pulled out their guns and shot at him. The suspect was able to get up and run, already limping. They shot him again until he could no longer be seen from the tall weeds.

I gasped. I thought the cops were going to turn their guns on us, having witnessed what they did. The reporters were quiet. The photographers didn't click their cameras.

The case for 'Oplan Bakal'
by PCSupt Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar September 19, 2017

The term bakal is a Filipino colloquial for gun or firearm. Oplan Bakal dates back many, many years.
As we all know, and as clearly posted in the entrances of bars and clubs, firearms are not allowed inside the establishments.

Unknown to many, Oplan Bakal is welcome to club and bar management and owners who give police prior approval without knowing when the operation will be conducted because Oplan Bakal helps ensure the safety of the majority of the customers and the club personnel themselves.


‘Bato,’ dokumentaryo ni Jay Taruc
Jul 11, 2016 - Aired: July 9, 2016
Advice to Duterte: Don't micromanage PNP
by Bea Cupin March 13, 2017 - with video
A Senate committee report on the killing of Albuera Mayor Espinosa Sr takes the President to task for intervening in the appointment of a cop linked to the murder.

Look also

No state-sanctioned killings? Supt Marcos is 'damning proof'
by Bea Cupin July 17, 2017
Senator Risa Hontiveros says the reinstatement of a cop linked to the killing of a former mayor is the latest proof that 'EJK deniers' need

The other Marcos phenomenon
by Vergel O. Santos July 14, 2017
Why do Marvin Marcos and others in his infamous league get easy deals from the Duterte regime?
AboutPhilippines recommend to read this article

'Put*ng i*a!': Lacson, senators slam reinstatement of Supt Marcos
July 13, 2017
UPDATED Senator Lacson, a former Philippine National Police chief, sums up the reinstatement of Superintendent Marvin Marcos with the favorite expletive of the Chief Executive who had ordered it.

Duterte orders reinstatement of cop in Espinosa slay, again
by Rambo Talabong July 12, 2017
President Rodrigo Duterte said on Wednesday, July 12, that he has ordered the reinstatement of Superintendent Marvin Marcos, the police officer who led the team implicated in the killing of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr in his Leyte jail cell last year.


PNP-Internal Affairs Service

Davao lawyer is PNP’s new IAS chief
by Bea Cupin December 01, 2016
Lawyer Alfegar Triambulo, who was once acting regional chief of Napolcom Davao, is only the second IAS Inspector General not from the PNP since the unit was created in 1998

Police watchdog: Know enough about Internal Affairs Service?
by Jodesz Gavilan March 11, 2017
The Internal Affairs Service is an independent body tasked to investigate police accused of violating procedures and regulations
Leadership breakdown in PNP
January 30, 2017
It takes the death of a South Korean businessman – an embarrassment, says President Duterte – for the PNP to realize it's gone too far in its war on drugs.
Lest we forget, two things have led to the breakdown in the PNP – on top of its inherent organizational weaknesses:
  • President Duterte has unleashed a culture of impunity in his centerpiece war-on-drugs program.
  • De la Rosa’s leadership has inordinately focused on his visibility and self-promotion rather than keeping a tight rein on the police force.

IMPORTANT look also:

Jee Ick Joo killed to 'silence' him on cops' extortion of Koreans
by Camille Elemia Updated February 23, 2017
UPDATED 'He was really going to be assassinated,' says Senior Superintendent Glenn Dumlao, chief of the PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group, citing the findings of the investigation into the South Korean businessman's death.

the Video:
Jee Ick Joo death 'Korean mafia-related'
Feb 23, 2017
Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre says it possible that the Korean mafia is involved in the death of Jee Ick Joo, and has links to Korean embassy.

Dela Rosa orders PNP: Stop war on drugs
with the videos e.g.: Dela Rosa admits "breakdown on discipline" in PNP
by Bea Cupin January 30, 2017
President Duterte will 'determine' when the police can go back to its anti-illegal drugs operations, says the PNP chief.

The PNP as the people’s oppressors
With President Duterte covering their backs, today’s cops have become greatly emboldened in playing their traditional role as the people’s oppressors.
The latest scandal in the Philippine National Police (PNP) – of cops killing a “tokhang for ransom” victim right in the premises of the police headquarters in Camp Crame – is the latest in an endless litany of horror stories about police incompetence, corruption, human rights abuse and involvement in criminal activities.

Look also Part 2:

Why not abolish the PNP?
It is a chronic violator of human rights. It is also the biggest criminal syndicate in town.

Both by Teddy Casiño January 24 and 30, 2017

Philippine Constabulary - PC

(Filipino: Hukbóng Pamayapà ng Pilipinas, HPP) was a gendarmerie-type police force of the Philippines from 1901 to 1991.
On January 29, 1991, it was merged with the Integrated National Police to form the Philippine National Police.

Look also the Videos:

Why Duterte wants to revive Philippine Constabulary
Feb 6, 2017

Is it really time to revive the Philippine Constabulary?
Feb 1, 2017
Historian Manolo Quezon tells Mornings@ANC, there was a reason why the Constabulary of the old was abolished and why resurrecting it may not be a good idea.

Remark these are albums in "Philippine Constabulary" in the album "Government Authorities - Etc."

Robredo: Reviving PH Constabulary won't solve drug problem
by Patty Pasion February 02, 2017
Vice President Leni Robredo says the government should study models of other countries that have succeeded in the fight against illegal drugs without resorting to violence.

Duterte mulls reviving PH Constabulary to lead drug war
with video
by Pia Ranada January 31, 2017
Under the proposal, the Philippine Constabulary will be fully manned by military personnel who, President Rodrigo Duterte believes, are less prone to corruption than the police.

Lorenzana: 'Let's see if we need to revive Philippine Constabulary'
by Carmela Fonbuen September 27, 2016
Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana says he has no idea how President Rodrigo Duterte plans to revive the Philippine Constabulary

Dela Rosa favors return of Philippine Constabulary
by Bea Cupin September 26, 2016
Ronald dela Rosa, the chief of the civilian Philippine National Police, says splitting the national force into 'federal' and 'local' cops will result in checks and balances – an important feature in the context of the 'war on drugs'

Duterte to revive Philippine Constabulary
by Pia Ranada September 20, 2016
The President says he needs more law enforcers to fight urban terrorism

"I will return the Philippine Constabulary under the 4 commands – army tapos Philippine Constabulary kasi kailangan ko ng tao sa urban terrorism like the SAF (Special Action Forces)," said Duterte

LOOK BACK: The Philippine Constabulary under Marcos
by Katerina Francisco September 21, 2016 - Updated October 22, 2016
President Duterte says he wants to revive the Philippine Constabulary – the law enforcement force that became notorious for human rights abuses during the Martial Law years

Days before the Philippines is set to mark the 44th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law, President Rodrigo Duterte made another callback to history: announcing his plan to revive the Philippine Constabulary (PC).

Why PNP's Dela Rosa is against martial law
by Bea Cupin December 11, 2016
PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa says he was witness to the abuses of the Philippine Constabulary during martial law.

The history of Philippine Constabulary

Special Action Force, SAF

 the National Mobile Unit of the Philippine National Police. It is formed along the lines of the British Army SAS, Special Air Service, but with different recruitment and selection procedures. SAF over the years, has received training from the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team and Critical Incident Response Group, RAID and YAMAM. The Anti-Terrorist Unit, ATU of SAF is responsible for nationwide Police Counter-terrorism, CT.

Look also

Mamasapano massacre - SAF44 and

HERE and the Videos

Remark this is an album in the above album about PNP

Center for Police Strategy Management, CPSM

The establishment of an effective monitoring and feedback mechanism under the newly activated Center for Police Strategy Management which is our version of the Office of Strategy Management, OSM ensures proper management and monitoring of the agency scorecard, the periodic review and evaluation, and making necessary adjustments and amendments to our strategy with the support of our National Advisory Group.

Look the Video Overview of PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030

Look also the Video Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 - RA 10627

Remark this is an album in the sub-album "STOP hazing & bullying"

Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management, DIDM

The DIDM shall assist and advise the Chief, PNP in the direction, control, coordination and supervision of the investigation of all crime incidents and offenses in violation of the laws of the Philippines.

Philippine Center on Transnational Crime - PCTC

The PCTC address the requirement of putting strong and intensified focus against transnational organized crime in the course of the government’s anti-crime campaign.
The Executive Director, PCTC; the Chief, PNP; and the heads of other concerned government agencies shall undertake close coordination and cooperation to insure synergy in the over-all anti-transnational crime campaign.

 International Criminal Police Cooperation

National Central Bureau

The NCB-Interpol Manila traces its beginnings in 1961 when the Philippines became a member of the ICPO - INTERPOL, with the National Bureau of Investigation, NBI as its focal point. Since then, the NCB-Interpol Manila has undergone changes, which enable it to confront the challenges of the times.

Look also HERE

Bureau of Fire Protection, BFP

Will you report corrupt fire bureau officials?
Aika Rey March 31, 2017
The Bureau of Fire Protection and the Department of the Interior and Local Government urge the public to have the courage to report and file complaints against erring BFP personnel.

the Videos

Bureau of Fire Protection Fire Prevention Month AVP2014

20th Year Anniversary AVP

Hymn of the Bureau of Fire Protection

Department of Foreign Affairs of Philippines (DFA)

Look MUCH MORE about the Foreign Policy - etc.

Look also HERE and Foreign relations of the Philippines

Department of National Defense, DND

responsible for guarding against external and internal threats to peace and security in the country. The Department of National Defense exercises executive supervision over the Armed Forces of the Philippines, AFP, the Office of Civil Defense, OCD, the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office, PVAO, the National Defense College of the Philippines, NDCP, and the Government Arsenal, GA.

It is also responsible for disaster preparation and management in the country.

Look also

Special forces of the Philippines

The Scout Rangers

known officially as the First Scout Ranger Regiment, are a Philippine Army Special Operations Command unit, and specializes in anti-guerrilla warfare. The regiment boasts that it is one of the world's best anti-guerrilla combat units. Look also the Video Philippines Most advanced Special Forces Ever - Full Documentary. Mar 5, 2016 - Remark this is an album in the album "DND, Department of National Defense"

Armed Forces of the Philippines, AFP

composed of the Army, Navy and Air Force. The AFP is a volunteer force

Look also HERE and

Año's challenge: How to lead PH military under Duterte?
by Carmela Fonbuena December 14, 2016
Amid fears of creeping martial law, Armed Forces chief Eduardo Año could be the best person to protect democracy – or be its worst enemy.

What now? AFP modernization in the time of Digong Duterte
by Leslie V. Advincula-Lopez August 06, 2016
While it may take years, even decades, to catch up with the military capability of our nearest neighbors, the impetus has been initiated, and is now moving with its own momentum that cannot be halted abruptly

Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)

IN PHOTOS: Youth groups hold protests to oppose mandatory ROTC
by Jene-Anne Pangue March 13, 2019

Government Arsenal, GA

an agency of the government under the Department of National Defense, responsible for the production of basic weaponry and ammunition for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and the Philippine National Police, PNP, among others, and for the sale and export of products in excess of AFP/PNP requirements.

Look also HERE

Philippine Veterans Affairs Office, PVAO

an agency of the government under the Department of National Defense, responsible for administering veterans' benefits, implementing programs and projects to enhance their general welfare, and instituting measures to memorialize their patriotism and heroism.

Look also HERE and about The Veterans Memorial Medical Center and Filipino World War II Veterans benefit laws and Philippine Veterans Bank

Office of Civil Defense, OCD

Mission: To administer a comprehensive national civil defense and disaster risk reduction and management program by providing leadership in the continuous development of strategic and systematic approaches as well as measures to reduce the vulnerabilities and risks to hazards and manage the consequences of disasters.

National Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Council, NDRRMC

or formerly called National Disaster Coordinating Council, NDCC is an agency of the government under the Department of National Defense, responsible for ensuring the protection and welfare of the people during disasters or emergencies.

Look MUCH more here: Disasters in the Philippines

Gov't eyes 'stronger' disaster management agency to replace NDRRMC
Voltaire Tupaz January 12, 2017
If Congress approves, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) will be replaced by an independent agency called the Civil Defense Authority (CDA)

Philippine Marine Corps
Philippine Coast Guard
Credit Information Corporation, CiC

a government-owned and controlled corporation that is envisioned to be the leading provider of independent, reliable and accurate credit information in the Philippines.

Look the Video Can your credit history follow you overseas?

Financial secrets don't stay secrets for long in this globally interconnected environment. On The Money's resident financial adviser Salve Duplito talks to overseas Filipino workers who may soon be facing this challenge. Jun 13

Remark this is an album in the album "Being - getting a filipino Worker, OFW, Balikbayan & Balikbayan Box Tutorials"

Foreign Aid Transparency Hub or FAiTH

an online portal of information on calamity assistance pledged or given by countries and international organizations, as well as donations coursed through the Commission on Filipinos Overseas, CFO Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino program, LINKAPIL.

Look also the Video

FAiTH: The PH transparency site for int'l calamity assistance

Tour of the Foreign Aid Transparency Hub, the Philippine government's online portal of information on calamity assistance pledged or given by countries and international organizations. Nov 7, 2014


Bureau of Immigration of Philippines

also with important informations for tourists

Look also the Videos

Know about the program and services of Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines, from processing to legal matters with BI Commissioner Ricardo David and BI-Spokeperson & Intelligence Chief Atty. Ma. Antonette Mangrobang


Look also:

District and Field Offices - Visa Fees and Taxes

also with important informations for tourists

Emigration Clearance Certificate, ECC
The passport had a stamp saying visitors whose total stay in the country is more than 6 months are required to get an ECC.


Immigration Administrative Circular No. SBM-2013-007


The public shall be denied access to the bureau if they fail to observe the Dress Code Policy


Both articles are in 1 pdf file

Department of Agrarian Reform, DAR

 the lead implementing agency of Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program, CARP. It undertakes land tenure improvement and development of program beneficiaries and agrarian justice delivery.

Look also the Videos

Department of Agrarian Reform Poverty Reduction Video Presentation

DAR Awarding AVP
Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development - PCAARRD

Pursuant to Executive Order No. 366, the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development, PCARRD and the Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development, PCAMRD, both councils under the Department of Science and Technology, DOST have been merged.

Look also the Video Flavors of Science


The Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) & Bureau of Immigration

on Expat Insights into how to come and make Philippines your home for life with the General Manager of the Philippines Retirement Authority, Mr. Vernie Atienza.

Special Resident Retiree's Visa (SRRV)

Department of Health, DOH look also HERE
Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care, PITAHC
Philippine National AIDS Council, PNAC

the central advisory, planning and policy-making body for the comprehensive and integrated HIV/AIDS prevention and control program in the Philippines.

National Council on Disability Affairs, NCDA

formerly National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons or NCWDP is the national government agency mandated to formulate policies and coordinate the activities of all agencies, whether public or private, concerning disability issues and concerns

Look also HERE and the Videos

Defy normal - NCDA

Tour of the National Council on Disability Affairs Building

Food And Drug Administration Philippines, FDA

formerly Bureau of Food and Drugs, BFAD was created under the Department of Health to license, monitor, and regulate the flow of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, and household hazardous waste.

The FDA's main goal is to ensure the health and safety of food and drugs made available to the public.

Occupational Safety and Health Center, OSHC

OSHC is envisioned as the national authority for research and training on matters pertaining to safety and health at work. It provides the expertise and intervention mechanism to improve workplace conditions.

Philippine Council for Health Research and Development, PCHRD
PhilHealth - A premier government corporation that ensures sustainable, affordable and progressive social health insurance - look also the Videos "Benefits etc." 
Department of Finance
Bureau of Treasury, BTr
Cooperative Development Authority, CDA

Look also the Videos

The Role of Cooperatives in National Development

Anti-Money Laundering Council, AMLC

Look the articles

FAST FACTS: The Anti-Money Laundering Council
by/Reynaldo Santos Jr May 28, 2015
The AMLC serves as the country’s financial intelligence unit, which has both investigative and prosecutorial powers.

PH 15th largest exporter of dirty money in developing world by/Buena Bernal Dec 16, 2014

Look the "Anti-Money Laundering Act" in the section: "Money - Bank - Financing companies and Negotiable Instruments law - codes and Rules" HERE

look also the Videos

Examining the powers of the Anti-Money Laundering Council

AMLC has power to inquire into deposits

What is Money Laundering?

Department of Energy, DOE
Department of Public Works and Highways, DPWH

DPWH: 24/7 secretary's hotline 165-02 now working
6:14 PM, August 24, 2016
Filipinos can call 165-02 to complain, ask, or suggest on any DPWH-implemented project. Citizens may also text their feedbacks to 2920
The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Mark Villar on Wednesday, August 24, has launched a 24/7 secretary’s hotline to effectively receive any complaint, query, or suggestion on any DPWH-implemented project nationwide

the Video

Updates on DPWH programs and services April 20, 2012. Communication and News Exchange, CNEX Forum held at the Philippine Information Agency, PIA with the Department of Public Works and Highways - DPWH

the Videos

DPWH projects causing floods?
Jun 27 & Jul 8, 2015

What DPWH is doing to address flood problems
Jul 14, 2015

Bureau of Internal Revenue BIR

Look also the Videos

Miro Quimbo on tax reform
January 11, 2017
What are the effects of the Duterte administration's tax reform programs? Marikina 2nd District Representative Miro Quimbo explains.
Quimbo has criticized the tax reform program of the administration, saying the proposed measures will hurt the poor.
BIR makes online filing easier
Bureau of Internal Revenue,  Improves Tax Collection
Hear how the Bureau of Internal Revenue uncovers underreported taxes and files/s those who owe the government money with help from SAS®. Check out this video to learn more about the Philippines Bureau of Internal Revenue and its successes with SAS
Etaxpoint accounting software BIR Tax Code compliant

eTaxpoint and SSTC - BIR Accounting Software

An accounting software that is fully integrated with BIR rules and regulations.

If you are interested about our BIR compliant Accounting Software - eTaxpoint please submit an inquiry using the link HERE and we will files you immediately.
I Love the Philippines, I Pay Taxes
Montage of interviews of taxpayers and of BIR's staff. This video was used for the I Love the Philippines, I Pay Taxes campaign of BIR. Video by CherryLime Productions. Special thanks to Ms. Michelline Rama.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
was created by merging the National Statistics Office, the National Statistical Coordination Board, the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, and the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics.
The PSA serves as the central statistical authority on primary data collection in the Philippines.

Look also the Videos:

  • Philippine Statistics Authority
  • STATISTICS: By, For, Through the People
    2015 CENSUS of Population
  • National Statistics Month 2017
    Oct 3, 2017

and the Video: "former" NSO help

Remark this is an album in the sub-album "Official Personal Papers e.g. Passport, Cerfiticates, Etc" in the album "Government Authorities - Etc."

look also HERE

The Bureau of Customs, BOC

Look also: Customs guidelines on clearance of int'l donations during calamities and more HERE

Look also the Videos BOC History


The Philippine Bureau of Customs, Infomercial

to the arriving passengers

A video clip intends to provide general information to the arriving passengers on the rules and regulations that the Philippine Bureau of Customs are implementing at the airport. Mabuhay!

Remark this is an album in the album "A paradise of 7107 islands"

Philippine Board of Investments, BOI

an attached agency of Department of Trade and Industry, DTI, is the lead government agency responsible for the promotion of investments.

Look also the Video

Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System, PhilGEPS

The PhilGEPS is government's leading tool in procurement management and its prime mover in promoting transparency and efficiency in public procurement. It is government's central portal for registration of suppliers and advertisement of bid opportunities.

Look also HERE

and the Videos

Philippine Economic Zone Authority
Department of Education, DepED

look MUCH more HERE

Department of Education ARMM
Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking, IACAT

the body created by law, composed of the Secretaries and heads of government agencies and sectoral representatives to coordinate and monitor the implementation of Republic Act No. 9208, otherwise known as the "Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003".

Look also the Video Look the full description of the video HERE

Remark this is an album in the album "Government Authorities - Etc."

Look also the video How PH Gov't deals with Human Trafficking

Department of Science and Technology, DOST
Technology Resource Center, TRC

serves the public through the acquisition and promotion of technology and livelihood skills and information. A government corporation attached to the Department of Science and Technology, the TRC operates as a self-sustaining institution.

Look also the Videos

TRC programs, products, and services

eTRC - eLibrary

Philippine Nuclear Research Institute

Look also Energy sources - Etc. and HERE

Forest Products Research and Development Institute, FPRDI is one of the line agencies of the Department of Science and Technology, DOST. 
Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, TESDA
National Water Resources Board, NWRB

Managing the Country's Water Resource for Present
and Future Generations.

Look also HERE

Local Water Utillities Administration
Philippine Association of Water Districts PAWD

the umbrella organization of all duly organized water districts, WDs

The PAWD is a non-profit organization that advocates and implements policies, standards and programs to ensure effective and sustainable water district operations nationwide. The convention was attended by around 2,000 officials and key employees by the PAWD and water districts from all over the country.

Look also the Video:

38th National Convention of the Philippine Association of Water Districts (Speech) 2/2/2017

Department of Environment and Natural Resources, DENR

Look also the Video and

Ex-AFP chief Cimatu is new environment secretary
May 08, 2017
UPDATED Roy Cimatu is a former Armed Forces of the Philippines chief and special envoy to the Middle East.

and MUCH more HERE

Forest Management Bureau
Land Management Bureau, LMB
Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau
National Mapping and Resource Information Authority, NAMRIA

also Cadastral authority

Look also Cadastral System

National Integrated Protected Areas, NIPA database


Look also the Video

New Conservation Areas in the Philippines Project, NewCAPP

Mines and Geosciences Bureau - MGB

a government agency primarily responsible for the implementation of Mining Act of 1995. It has direct charge in the administration and disposition of mineral lands and mineral resources. It undertakes geological researches, as well as mineral exploration surveys.

Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission
National Commission for Culture and the Arts, NCCA

look also MUCH more HERE and ALL the Videos incl. NCCA hymn and AVPs

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts is the overall policy making body, coordinating, and grants giving agency for the preservation, development and promotion of Philippine arts and culture; an executing agency for the policies it formulates; and task to administering the National Endowment Fund for Culture and the Arts, NEFCA exclusively for the implementation of culture and arts programs in line with the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan for Culture and the Arts.

Cultural Center of the Philippines, CCP

Look also HERE

AND the Videos  in the album Malacañang Palace, Museums, Art galleries - Etc.

Cultural Center of the Philippines - The Tours

National Historical Commission of the Philippines, NHCP

a part of the government. Its mission is "the promotion of Philippine history and cultural heritage through research, dissemination, conservation, sites management and heraldry works."

Look also the Video

Labor day - National Heroes Day and HERE

Film Development Council of the Philippines, FDCP

one of the agencies under the government of the Republic of the Philippines. It is directly under the Office of the President.

The FDCP is the government-backed lead agency for film ensuring that the economic, cultural and educational aspects of film are effectively represented at home and abroad.

Games and Amusements Board
is the one encharged in implementing rules and regulations governing the conduct of all professional sports and games locally and the activities of professional athletes, game officials and officiating sports personnel.
Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, MMDA





Remark the videos are albums in the in the album "Government Authorities - Etc."

Department of Tourism, DOT

look also

DOT eyes Philippines as 'religious pilgrimage' destination
ABS-CBN News Jan 23 2018

and HERE and

the Videos in the album and 1 sub-album "Balikbayan - Pinoy Homecoming, a special program of the Philippine Department of Tourism"

The Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority or TIEZA

formerly Philippine Tourism Authority, an attached agency to the Department of Tourism

Look also the Video AVP - TIEZA

National Book Development Board, NBDB

The enactment of Republic Act 8047, also known as the Book Publishing Industry Development Act, was a clear demonstration of the government's attention to the important role of books in nation building. The law created the National Book Development Board which is tasked primarily to formulate and implement a National Book Policy with a corresponding National Book Development Plan geared towards the development of the book publishing industry.

Look also the Video

Department of Agriculture, DA

Look also the Videos

Agri Pinoy Program briefer

AMAS - Dept. of Agriculture, Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service

Duterte appoints son-in-law's brother as DA official
by Pia Ranada September 06, 2017

Waldo Carpio, brother of Manases Carpio, is appointed as an assistant secretary of the agriculture department.
Carpio replaces Assistant Secretary Federico Laciste Jr.

Carpio is the brother of Manases Carpio, the husband of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio.
The President stood as primary sponsor at the wedding of Waldo Carpio and Regine Carpio in September last year.

Given Carpio’s close ties to Duterte’s family, is the appointment unconstitutional?
According to the 1987 Constitution, spouse and relatives by consanguinity or affinity “within the 4th civil degree of the President shall not during his tenure be appointed as members of the Constitutional Commissions, or the Office of the Ombudsman, or as Secretaries, Undersecretaries, chairmen or heads of bureaus or offices, including government-owned or -controlled corporations and their subsidiaries.”

Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, BAS

an agency under the Department of Agriculture responsible for being the central information source and server of the National Information Network, NIN of the Department of Agriculture; and providing technical assistance to end-users in accessing and analyzing product and market information and technology.


Bureau of Agricultural Research, BAR
The National Meat Inspection Service - NMIS

a specialized regulatory agency in the Department of Agriculture is the country’s sole national controlling authority on all matters pertaining to meat inspection and hygiene.

Bureau of Plant Industry, BPI
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, BFAR

an agency under the Department of Agriculture responsible for the development, improvement, management and conservation of fisheries and aquatic resources.

Look also the Videos

Legacy Video

Behind the scenes of The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. In cooperation with The Philippine Information Agency. Video Director: Chris Villarin.

Priority Programs, Projects, Activities

Bureau of Soils and Water Management, BSWM
National Agricultural and Fishery Council, NAFC

the sole government agency that is tasked to develop the industry to its full potential in line with the new vision of a united, globally competitive and efficient coconut industry.

National Irrigation Administration, NIA

a government-owned and controlled corporation primarily responsible for irrigation development and management.

National Food Authority (NFA)

Look also

Who is NFA chief Jason Aquino and why is he controversial?
by Carmela Fonbuena April 19, 2017
The Bureau of Customs published in 2016 a public notice to warn the public against transacting with retired army major Jason Aquino, one of a few dozen employees earlier accused in the media of colluding with smugglers.

Food and Nutrition Research Institute, FNRI
Department of Social Welfare and Development, DSWD

Look also

The change that came to DSWD
by Raisa Serafica October 09, 2016
What are the changes that Judy Taguiwalo has introduced to the Department of Social Welfare and Development in her first 100 days in office?

The AVP Videos published on Jul 27, 2017:
DSWD Needs to be Done
DSWD Ulat Sa Bayan 2017

Philippine Center for Population and Development
Department of Labor and Employment, DOLE

look also HERE and


the Videos

Dole commemorative website AVP on occasion of their 75th year

How DOLE addresses unemployment

To address unemployment, the Department of Labor and Employment launched different programs to provide job opportunities for the unemployed, whether or not they have a college degree. Mar 28, 2015


Keeping 'endo' alive: DOLE’s Department Order No. 174
by SENTRO March 22, 2017
The labor department's dilly-dallying is in stark contrast to the President’s consistent and unequivocal stand against contractualization

Bureau of Workers with Special Concerns, BWSC

Department of Labor and Employment

The Bureau of Workers with Special Concerns - BWSC is the recognized government agency that champions the development and protection primarily of disadvantaged workers, by contributing to their decent and productive employment

"What is PESO" - Public Employment Service Office, PESO

a non-free charging multi-employment service facility or entity established or accredited by Department of Labor and Employment, DOLE pursuant to Republic Act No. 8759 otherwise known as the PESO Act of 1999.

The PESO are linked to the Regional Offices of DOLE for coordination and technical supervision, and to the DOLE Central Office, to constitute the National Employment Service Network.

Look also the Video

Bureau of Working Conditions, BWC

The BWC envisions well-guided employers and workers committed to a safe, healthful and productive work environment.

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, POEA

Look also the Video "How POEA is going after illegal recruiters" Apr 29, 2015

Remark this is an album in the album "Being - getting a filipino Worker, OFW, Balikbayan"

and the Videos

POEA - Saudi Arabia AVP
This is an audio-visual presentation for those who are going to work at Saudi Arabia.

Learn the DOs and DON'Ts.

OWWA, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration

Look also the Video Work and Benefits

IMPORTANT look also Balikbayan

Inter-Country Adoption Board, ICAB

the national government agency mandated to act as the Central Authority in matters relating to intercountry adoption

Weather-forecast from

PAGASA - The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration

Look also the articles:

PAGASA defends its scientists amid Project NOAH turnover
by Gwen de la Cruz February 14, 2017
State weather bureau PAGASA says it has received criticism on the agency's credibility, resulting to resentment and demoralization among the employees. Look also HERE

After 150 years, time to upgrade PAGASA
We want a modern PAGASA that can warn us about typhoons and weather disturbances coming our way and which has a working environment which prevents forecasters from leaving the Philippine area of responsibility, Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto said in a statement Saturday, March 28 2015

Look also

PAGASA unveils improved smartphone app
by Adrian Jimenea June 16, 2016
The app provides users key information on weather, flooding, and hazard which can help them during times of disasters and typhoons

and the Video PAGASA mobile app.

DOTC, Department of Transportation and Communications
Maritime Industry Authority, MARINA

an agency under the Department of Transportation and Communications responsible for integrating the development, promotion and regulation of the maritime industry.

Look also HERE

Philippine Ports Authority
Cebu Port Authority, CPA

The Cebu Port Authority is distinct, separate, and autonomous from the Philippine Ports Authority, though both are under the supervision of the Department of Transportation and Communications for purposes of policy coordination.

CAAP, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines

Look also the articles and videos "CAAP regulates the use of drones" in the section "Unmanned aircraft vehicles, UAVs" HERE

Civil Aeronautics Board, CAB

the agency of the government mandated to regulate the economic aspect of air transportation, and shall have the general supervision, control and jurisdiction over air carriers, general sales agents, cargo sales agents, and air freight forwarders as well as their property, property rights, equipment, facilities, and franchise.

Land Transportation Office - LTO
Corruption at LTO, LTFRB: Unfit drivers, vehicles on the road
Part 1: A number of schemes abound at the LTO and LTFRB, allowing unfit drivers and public vehicles on the road, compromising public safety.
Look also
Corruption at the LTO, LTFRB: Fixers and bribes
Part 2: LTO admits there is no centralized database for old and new plates. It, however, says LTO and Stradcom are 'working on' it.
Both by Camille Elemia updated July 29, 2016 - February 22, 2017
Intellectual Property, IP Office of the Philippines - IPOPHL

The overall project objective of establishing an ITSO network within institutions is to strengthen local institutional capacity to access patent information and use the patent system. This is inline with the mandate of IP PHILS and more specifically, its 3D IP 2020 VISION as the ITSO network will demystify and democratized the patent system, use it as a tool for national development.


IPOPHL & ITSO, Intellectual Property, IP Office of the Philippines


Innovation & Technology Support Offices or patent libraries

Look more on the above link

Philippine National Railways

Read also much more HERE

The Light Rail Transit Authority, LRTA - Manila Light Rail Transit System
Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation, PDIC

 is a government-run Philippine deposit insurance fund. It was established June 22, 1963 by Republic Act 3591. It guarantees deposits up to P500,000.

Professional Regulatory Board of Architecture, PRBoA
Philippine National Construction Corporation, PNCC

a majority government-owned and/or controlled corporation, GOCC. It is the largest construction company in the Philippines

Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines, ULAP

ULAP's valuable position in bridging national government, LGUs, communities, civic and private organizations for a unified and sustainable change that can be measured in both national and local levels.

ULAP was formed as the umbrella organization of all leagues of local government units, LGUs and leagues and federations of local elective and appointive officials. Look Executive Order No. 351, August 17, 2004 HERE

Look the video ULAP - Local Education Policy Workshop HERE

Look also HERE

Ombudsman of the Philippines

and with these sections:

Malacañang - Duterte vs Ombudsman - etc.

Environmental Ombudsman

Ombudsman vs Massacres

Ombudsman for Children

go to overview

Ombudsman of the Philippines
also known as Tanodbayan ng Pilipinas (using Filipino loan words), is an ombudsman responsible for investigating and prosecuting Philippine government officials accused of crimes, especially graft and corruption.

the protectors of the people shall act promptly on complaints filed in any form or manner against officers or employees of the Government, or of any subdivision, agency or instrumentality thereof, including government-owned or controlled corporations, and enforce their administrative, civil and criminal liability in every case where the evidence warrants in order to promote efficient service by the Government to the people
The Office of the Ombudsman is independently monitors all three branches of the government for political corruption

Look also HERE and

Can the Ombudsman be disbarred?
by Lian Buan March 24, 2017
The SC has issued several rulings which state that the Ombudsman has to be impeached and convicted first, before he or she can be made to answer for any other violations.

and the Videos:
What is the Ombudsman's office?
One year practice na lang gikinahanglan sa mga ombud lawyers

House works on bills to strengthen Office of the Ombudsman
by Bea Cupin September 30, 2017

The progress of the bills comes right as the Office of the Ombudsman begins its probe into allegations that President Rodrigo Duterte has undeclared wealth

Malacañang - Duterte vs Ombudsman - etc.

go to overview

Ombudsman has the power to probe President Duterte for mass murders

The President does not have real immunity from criminal prosecution for genocide, war crimes, and other crimes against humanity penalized under Republic Act 9851


Investigating Duterte: Pinochet and Nuremberg as precedents
Perpetrators of horrendous crimes are considered enemies of humanity, and can be tried and punished anywhere in the world by virtue of the principle of universal jurisdiction

By Perfecto Caparas October 04 - 05, 2017

One very insecure president
by Vergel O. Santos October 07, 2017

Duterte’s sense of insecurity would seem more typically manifest in his attacks on Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales, a former Supreme Court justice herself. He has threatened them both with impeachment.

Malacañang says Ombudsman not exempt from corruption allegations
by Bea Cupin September 30, 2017

'The constitutionally-guaranteed independence of the Office of the Ombudsman will be imperiled by any investigation, much more a partisan inquiry, exerting interference and pressure on the Ombudsman,' says Albay 1st District Representative Edcel Lagman

Look also

Who is Larry Gadon, the man behind one Sereno impeachment complaint?
by Jodesz Gavilan October 06, 2017
From the legal team of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, lawyer Larry Gadon is now a part of the Pro-Duterte Constitutional Reformers to Federalism.

Duterte forms powerful body to probe appointees
by Paterno Esmaquel II October 05, 2017
The Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission is created days after President Rodrigo Duterte vowed to investigate the Office of the Ombudsman for its 'partiality'
Duterte created the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission through Executive Order 43 that was signed on Wednesday, October 4.
EO 43 states that the commission "shall have the power, on complaint or motu proprio, and concurrently with the Office of the Ombudsman, to hear, investigate, receive, gather, and evaluate evidence, intelligence reports, and information in administrative cases against all presidential appointees in the Executive Branch of the government and any of its agencies and instrumentalities."

Duterte pushes for impeachment of Ombudsman Morales
by Paterno Esmaquel II October 04, 2017
UPDATED 'We will file an impeachment case against her,' President Rodrigo Duterte says as the Ombudsman investigates the Duterte family's wealth

Calida threatens Ombudsman with lawsuit, impeachment
by Lian Buan October 04, 2017 - with Video
'They are destabilizing the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte, and we will not let that happen,' says Solicitor General Calida.

Opposition urges House to support Ombudsman amid Duterte probe
by Bea Cupin October 03, 2017
Lawmakers from the House's independent minority bloc slam President Rodrigo Duterte for 'aiming to discredit' the Office of the Ombudsman.

Malacañang sees demolition job in Ombudsman probe
by Paterno Esmaquel II October 03, 2017
'What all this confirms is that there is indeed a deliberate effort to discredit the President, to mislead the public, and to create popular outrage against the duly elected chief executive,' says Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella

Ombudsman has no authority over Duterte – Koko Pimentel
by Camille Elemia October 02, 2017
Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon calls for a 'ceasefire' and says: Only Congress has jurisdiction over impeachable officials.
Pimentel made the remark after Duterte said he would snub the Ombudsman probe.

Ombudsman insists on constitutional duty to probe Duterte
by Lian Buan October 01, 2017
Amid threats from President Rodrigo Duterte, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales maintains that her office will look into his bank accounts.

Duterte says he will snub Ombudsman probe
by Agence France-Presse October 01, 2017
President Rodrigo Duterte has said he would not cooperate with the Office of the Ombudsman's investigation into allegations he acquired ill-gotten wealth, vowing he would "not submit" to its authority.

Deputy Ombudsman Carandang: I maintained confidentiality
by Lian Buan October 02, 2017

Carandang issues the statement in the face of threats of cases to be filed against him for breaching confidentiality in investigating the wealth of the President and his family.

Look also

Did Carandang commit breaches, and can the President remove him?
by Lian Buan October 04, 2017
The provision granting the President the power to remove a Deputy Ombudsman was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2014

Cases filed in Malacañang vs Deputy Ombudsman Carandang
by Paterno Esmaquel II October 03, 2017
Complainants say the Ombudsman investigation into the Duterte family's wealth is part of a 'synchronized' attempt to 'destabilize this government'
Complaints were filed before the Office of the Executive Secretary in Malacañang on Tuesday, October 3, against Overall Deputy Ombudsman Arthur Carandang for baring details of his agency's investigation into the Duterte family's wealth.

Filipinos urged to back Ombudsman's probe into Duterte's bank accounts
October 01, 2017
The call comes as President Rodrigo Duterte announces that he plans to set up an independent body to investigate corruption in the Office of the Ombudsman.

Look also

Uphold the Constitution, stand with the ‘impartial’ Ombudsman
by Mara Cepeda October 02, 2017
Vice President Leni Robredo called on Filipinos to defend their constitutional offices as the Ombudsman once again comes under fire from President Rodrigo Duterte.

Ombudsman: Duterte's 'kill' threats unacceptable
by Lian Buan July 14, 2017

'He's goading people to kill people. That's a problem,' Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales says of President Rodrigo Duterte.
It appears Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales has taken a stronger stance against President Rodrigo Duterte's tough talk on killing criminals and drug users.

Look also

Duterte to Ombudsman: Shut up, don't be like Obama
by Pia Ranada July 17, 2017
UPDATED 'Since when did you anoint yourself spokesman of the criminals?' says President Rodrigo Duterte to Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales.
"Do not play God and shut up."
This was President Rodrigo Duterte's advice to Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales in response to her criticism of his threats to kill criminals.

Ombudsman probes Dela Rosa's Pacquiao-funded trip
by Katerina Francisco Updated November 11, 2016
Public officials are prohibited from receiving gifts of significant value. The PNP chief has admitted that Senator Pacquiao took care of his and his family's airfare, accommodations, and even allowance.


Ombudsman hits back: We won't be intimidated
by Lian Buan September 29, 2017
'If the President has nothing to hide, he has nothing to fear,' says the Office of the Ombudsman

IBP to Duterte: Don't be onion-skinned, respect Ombudsman independence
by Lian Buan September 29, 2017
'As an independent body, it must be insulated from political pressure - most especially from the highest political office of the land,' Integrated Bar of the Phillipines (IBP) National President Abdiel Dan Elijah Fajardo says

Duterte to order arrest of Ombudsman officials evading probe
by Paterno Esmaquel II September 29, 2017 - with Video
'Yan lang ang paraan eh. Hindi diktador 'yan,' President Rodrigo Duterte says of his plan to have evasive Ombudsman officials arrested
President Rodrigo Duterte warned that he will order the arrest of officials from the Office of the Ombudsman who will evade an investigation by the "independent body" that he will establish.

Duterte vows to probe Ombudsman for 'partiality'
by Paterno Esmaquel II September 28, 2017
'I will set up a commission to investigate the Ombudsman, the institution itself and all,' says President Rodrigo Duterte.
President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to investigate the Office of the Ombudsman for its "partiality" after the agency revealed it was investigating the Duterte family's wealth.

Panelo hits Ombudsman exec for 'disclosing' Duterte bank records
by Paterno Esmaquel II September 28, 2017
Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo warns Overall Deputy Ombudsman Arthur Carandang that this could mean administrative sanctions.
Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo hit Overall Deputy Ombudsman (ODO) Arthur Carandang for allegedly "disclosing" details of President Rodrigo Duterte's bank records from the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC).

Sara Duterte welcomes Ombudsman probe into family's wealth
by Mick Basa September 28, 2017
The Ombudsman says it has found basis to start an investigation into the assets of the President's family based on the complaint of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV

AMLC's bank records on Duterte show P1-B flow of money
by Lian Buan September 27, 2017
The Ombudsman now has a copy of bank records from the AMLC which, according to the Overall Deputy Ombudsman, 'more or less' look like the documents submitted by Trillanes

Duterte claims 'nothing to hide' as Ombudsman probes wealth
by Paterno Esmaquel II September 27, 2017
'The President respects the internal processes of the Ombudsman as an independent body,' says Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella.
President Rodrigo Duterte claimed he has "nothing to hide" as the Office of the Ombudsman, led by Conchita Carpio Morales, is reportedly investigating his family's wealth.

Ombudsman asks SC to strike down ‘delay’ doctrine
by Lian Buan April 01, 2017
The Office of the Ombudsman says the anti-graft court Sandiganbayan's interpretation of the 'delay' doctrine is confusing and risks letting corrupt officials go unscathed

SC junks disbarment case vs Ombudsman Morales
by Lian Buan March 28, 2017
UPDATED The High Court affirms that the Ombudsman cannot be disbarred while she's still holding office

Ombudsman cases vs gov't officials up by 267% in 2016
January 29, 2017
The top offense is violation of Republic Act 3019 or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act (402 cases), followed by malversation of public funds (390 cases), violation of presidential decrees (112 cases), and falsification of public documents (72 cases).

Jinggoy Estrada accuses Ombudsman investigator of extort try in 2013
by Lian Buan October 02, 2017

Estrada, however, says his testimony will not be necessary if an investigation is indeed launched against the Office of the Ombudsman.
Plunder defendant Jinggoy Estrada said on Monday, October 2, that a field investigating officer (FIO) from the Office of the Ombudsman offered to downgrade his plunder charges to graft in exchange for money.

'My men' can snub your probe, Duterte tells CHR, Ombudsman
by Jodesz Gavilan July 24, 2017

President Duterte says he has the final say on whether or not to allow cops and soldiers to be probed by the Commission on Human Rights or the Ombudsman.

Look also all the links in the article

Ombudsman hits revision of history amid Marcos burial protests
by Paterno Esmaquel II November 26, 2016
Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales also says, 'As it turns out nowadays, those who could not remember history have the tendency to write a new one'.
Morales did not directly mention the hero's burial for Marcos. She spoke, however, in the context of the late dictator still being "the subject of the most rabid of debates and divergent views in the country today," as his burial hogged the headlines in the past week.
Environmental Ombudsman

go to overview

Ombudsman to probe 600 local execs for illegal dump sites
February 10, 2016

The Environmental Management Bureau has identified and submitted the list of 350 LGUs 'with recurring and blatant violations' of open dump sites to the Ombudsman

What is the jurisdiction the Environmental Ombudsman?

Look also RA 9003

Ombudsman vs Massacres

go to overview

Mamasapano massacre - SAF44

Ombudsman affirms graft case vs Aquino over Mamasapano
by Lian Buan September 14, 2017
(2ND UPDATE) Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales again junks the complaint for 44 counts of reckless imprudence resulting in homicide against former president Benigno Aquino III

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Aquino's Mamasapano indictment 'bad precedent'
by Bea Cupin July 16, 2017
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said the Ombudsman's order to indict former president Benigno Aquino III for graft and usurpation of authority over the botched 2015 police operation in Mamasapano, Maguindanao could be a "bad precedent" for military commanders.
Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano, another former military man, says the top commander can't possibly usurp a lower commander's powers.

Noynoy Aquino indicted for graft over Mamasapano
by Lian Buan July 14, 2017
UPDATED Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales also orders usurpation of authority charges against the former chief executive, but dismisses charges of reckless imprudence resulting in multiple homicide.

Aquino pins down Napeñas in Mamasapano affidavit
by Lian Buan January 26, 2017
Aquino defends himself before the Ombudsman, saying the families of SAF 44 have no basis to charge him with homicide over the Mamasapano clash.


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