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About Philippines, Introduction and general information about Culture and Life - Etc. Our mainpage page

IMPORTANT: MUCH information about Change is here - Dark Days of Authoritarianism - A petty dictator - Etc.

Anti-terror Act of 2020 - Lessons from fighting a dictatorship

INFO, HELP to you, Informations from us to you about the use of our pages
Heritage, History & MUCH more
Poverty, Progress and Development
Index: Human Rights - Abuse - Trafficking - Etc.

Human Rights in the Philippines and for filipinos abroad, Laws, Fear - Protests and MUCH more

Human Abuse, Rape, Trafficking, Child Prostitution - Pornography, Hazing and Bullying, Sexual harassment, Etc.
Culture & MUCH more

Ethnic - Indigenous Filipino Groups

Languages and Traditional & Indigenous Literature - Writers, Books, Novels, Comics, Libraries - Learn the languages - Etc.

Culture: Sexuality, Pregnancy, Birth, Sexual harassment and MUCH more about sexuality in the life

Babaylan, Healers, Mythology, Legends, Folktales, Superstitions, Cemeteries - Death - Funeral - Burial - Etc., Refugees, Etc.

Arts & Crafts

Folklore, Festivals, Traditions, Costumes: Traditional, Heritage, Modern, Indigenous

Anthem, Music, Musical instruments, Songs, Dances

Filipino Special 'Holidays' non-working days - Etc. & Traditions in the family – Etc.
Children in the culture

Youth - Millennials in the Culture - etc.
Indigenous, Ancient, Colonial architecture heritage, Architecture present houses, Buy, rent, build, Property, Etc.

Wastes - Garbage - Landfills - Water Supply - Sanitation - Etc.
For and about Persons with Disabilities (PWD)
Index: Media, Internet, Speech & Press Freedom - Etc.

Media, Internet, Phones, Technology, Laws, Cyber and Phone Crime, "Abuse" on - of the Internet

Media, Journalism, Blogging, Radio, Television, Newspapers, Fake News, etc.

Defend Media, Speech & Press Freedom, etc.

Campus Journalism - Etc.
Index: The Catholic Church, Liturgy - etc. & the Pope and Vatican - Relations in the Philippine culture

The Roman Catholic church & the Vatican in the Philippine culture

The Pope and Vatican relations in the Philippine culture

Catholic Liturgy and MUCH more e.g. Filipino Saints, St. Niño de Cebu, Black Nazarene, etc. Patrons & Patronesses

Filipino Holidays - Culture, Rituals & Traditions in the family and the church - Etc.

Religions- etc. outside the Catholic Church - Etc.

The Churches', Religious leaders', Etc's. opinion - Etc. e.g. vice versa Malacañang's and "Duterte's dictator administration's" attacks - Etc.
Nature, Environment, Flora, Fauna, Ancestral domains, Farming, Mining - Etc.

Energy sources - Etc.

Nature - Landscapes e.g.: Lakes, Rivers and Marsh, Mangrove, Waterfalls, Dams, Mountains, Volcanoes. Caves, Reefs

Disasters, Disaster risk management, preparedness & recovery – Etc.
Tourism - Tourist in the Philippines & Activities to do ... as a tourist and for education - sports - fun - relaxing

Great Places and their traditions to visit
Transport Heritage
Video and Photo station – The IMPORTANT appendix to ALL our pages with:

55 main-albums and more than 6000 sub-albums
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ALL below pages are in the Archive, BUT:

remark it’s seldom when these pages get dead link deleted or any updates

July 28, 2020 - VERY IMPORTANT:

Search for more - NEW informations via searchmachines - YouTube - etc.,
because it's impossible for us to keep these pages updated in the future, because so much happen
there's no more Human Rights - Freedom for Press & Speech and the country is "sold" to China

Take care of: Fake News, Trolls and Propaganda machines - etc.!

The Life with Covid-19: Coronavirus Outbreak - Lockdowns - curfew - Faith - Education - the Slum - Etc.

The Philippines’ China relations, China’s greed, Duterte’s generosity - Is Duterte a lapdog of China?

Foreign Policy - etc.

Media: About Fake News - Fact-check - Photos - Etc.

Defend Media, Speech & Press Freedom, etc.: 'Conspiracy' - Arrests - Charges - Cases

Education - general & laws - etc.

Education in the time of coronavirus, Homeschooling, E-Learning - Etc.

Being - getting a filipino Worker, Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), Balikbayan, Balikbayanboxes

Children in conflict with the law - in prison, Child Labor, Child soldiers - Etc.

Attacks against - Killings of Officials, Priests, Journalists - reporters, Environmental activists, Lawyers, Enforced disappearances, Etc.

President Duterte and his administration vice versa the International Criminal Court, ICC

Regions, Provinces, Administrative divisions, some Cities, Cebu Province "Special", Etc., Federalism in PH?

Political system, Constitution - etc., Government and organizations, etc.

Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. - President, Martial Law, Burial, Ghost of the Dictator, Imelda Marcos, Imee Marcos, Marcos ill-gotten wealth - Etc.

Court and Justice system & Laws - codes & Rules

Crimes - Terrorism - Child soldiers - Peace Talks - Private armies - Kidnapping

The President - Vice President - "The Dictator Duterte's administration - The Soap opera" – etc.

Universities, colleges, schools, institutes, schools, Students Organizations, Boardinghouses,  Etc.

Infomercials about having - keeping a good health - life - and Addiction - REHAB - etc.

Government Commissions, Committees and Authorities - Etc.

Business, Banks, Insurance, Shopping - be a consumer - etc.

Transport in and to the Philippines, Education, Freight - Etc.

Filipino Food & Street Food Culture, Table manners & etiquette, Recipes, Where to eat, etc.

War on Drugs, Extrajudicial Killings, Davao Death Squad - DDS, Etc.

Duterte: Threat of martial law - and - Martial law in Mindanao - Marawi Clash - Etc.

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