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Facing the threat of red-tagging
Oct 22, 2020

How can activism continue in the face of widespread red-tagging? Watch the interview with Gabriela's Arlene Brosas.
Under the Duterte government, red-tagging has become a preferred method of instilling fear in activists.
Netizens criticized the practice after the military's most vocal general, Lieutenant General Antonio Parlade Jr, red-tagged popular actress Liza Soberano.

REMEMBER: 'The government is for all and not just those who agree with the policies of the administration'



The Album: Duterte defies The Catholic Church
with Videos about how President Duterte attack the Catholic Church

Catholic Church needs to help ‘deepen’ PH democracy
Feb 28, 2021 Jezreel Ines
After defending democracy in EDSA exactly 35 years ago, the Catholic Church now needs to help deepen the Philippines’ gains from the People Power Revolution of 1986, an expert said.
“Defending is just a first step. Deepening is a different story, and that is the challenge to our church these days,” said Arjan Aguirre, political science professor from Ateneo de Manila University, in an online forum titled "Usap-Usapang Kalayaan: Conversations on Freedom” on Wednesday, February 24.


Prelate laments prohibition on religious gatherings under GCQ
March 22, 2021 Leslie Ann Aquino
Caloocan Bishop Pablo David lamented the decision of the government to prohibit religious gatherings in Metro Manila and other areas especially during Holy Week.

Bishop David hits gov't: You lock down churches but allow gyms, spas?
Mar 22, 2021 Robbin M. Dagle
'May God have mercy on your souls!' says Bishop Pablo Virgilio David after the government banned religious gatherings in NCR Plus during Holy Week

Southeast Asia Speaks: Antonio Carpio on West PH Sea and leading a political movement
Apr 15, 2021 - With Video
How will the latest tension between Philippines and China be resolved? Look the interview with retired Supreme Court senior associate justice Antonio Carpio.
China once again renewed tensions in the West Philippine Sea with the presence of hundreds of its vessels – allegedly manned by Chinese maritime militia – near Julian Felipe Reef.
We cannot allow current administration another 6 years
With the upcoming 2022 elections, 1Sambayan lead convenor and retired Supreme Court justice Antonio Carpio stresses the need for urgent action to prevent the current administration from leading the country again.

PH to end up as ‘China’s satellite’ in allowing incursions in WPS
April 17, 2021 Vanne Elaine Terrazola
Opposition Senator Leila de Lima said Philippines could end up as “another one of China’s satellites” if President Duterte and the military will not stand against the incursion of Chinese vessels in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

Duterte must speak up on Chinese ships swarming West PH Sea
Apr 16, 2021 Sofia Tomacruz
Retired Supreme Court justice Antonio Carpio says President Rodrigo Duterte must lead in defending Filipino's rights in the West Philippine Sea as failing to do so sends 'mixed signals' to China

Rehabilitate AFP or be a ‘satellite’ to China
Zacarian Sarao April 15, 2021
Senator Leila de Lima said Thursday that after President Rodrigo Duterte ends his term in 2022, the country must “rehabilitate” the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Edsa: 35 years later
Randy David February 21, 2021

This coming week, the nation marks the 35th anniversary of the Edsa People Power Revolution that overthrew the Marcos dictatorship and installed Cory Aquino to the presidency. This dramatic political event led to the writing of a new constitution that the Filipino people ratified in a nationwide plebiscite on Feb. 2, 1987, barely a year after Edsa.

Did you know that foreigners are barred from joining anti-gov’t rallies in PH?
February 18, 2021 Jun Ramirez

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has renewed its resolution prohibiting foreigners in the country from engaging in any political activity.
BI Commissioner Jaime Morente reiterated the prohibition following the issuance of an “order to leave” against Dutchman Otto Rudolf De Vries.
The BI chief said he received reliable information from government intelligence sources that De Vries was actively participating in several anti-government demonstrations.
Records show that Netherlands native De Vries held a permanent resident visa under the Philippine Immigration Act.
Morente said foreign nationals, regardless of their visa type, are not allowed to participate and engage in partisan political activities.

International Fact-Checking Network nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Jan 22, 2021

While not a shortlisting for the award, IFCN Director Baybars Örsek says they see the nomination as 'an important validation of the work of fact-checkers worldwide'

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Safe Water to All
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Wastes - Etc.
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Live by Garbage


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War on Drugs
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Laws - codes & Rules - OFWs, Balikbayan, Passport, Immigration

OFW policy and OFWs Migrant life in Middle East e.g. Iraq - Libya - UAE - Kuwait - Qatar - Saudi Arabia

About OFWs Migrant life in ASEAN e.g China, Hong Kong, Japan - Etc.

Videos in the album: Proud To Be LGBT in the album Sexuality, Family Planning & Pregnancy - Etc.

The album Proud To Be LGBT about:

LGBTQIA - lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual - Etc.

The Philippine Flag - Evolution - Flag days, National Symbols - Etc.

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How to sing PH national anthem, and display symbols in proposed flag code
Mara Cepeda June 30, 2017

A House bill sets tougher penalties for improper singing of 'Lupang Hinirang,' as well as incorrect usage of the Philippine flag and other national symbols.

34 arrested for sitting out national anthem at 'The Hows of Us' screening
Rambo Talabong September 06, 2018 - with Video
Refusing to stand up and face the flag could land you in jail during the singing of the Philippine national anthem.


The Philippine Flag - Evolution - Flag days - Etc.

with e.g. these albums:

The Story of Our Flag
ABS-CBN News November 05 2020

What are the flag protocols and why are they important!

How to properly dispose worn out PH flags

Evolution of the Philippine Flag

What Philippine Flag Days mean

Where to find Philippines' first flag

The article

Sen. Pacquiao files bill proposing 9th ray in sun in PH flag
January 30, 2021 Vanne Elaine Terrazola
Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao wants a ninth ray added in the sun of the Philippine flag.

AND below

The Flag Days: May 28 to June 12

On May 28, 1898, the Philippine flag was first unfurled after the Philippine Revolutionary Army defeated Spanish forces in the Battle at Alapan, Imus, Cavite. The national flag was yet to be formally announced on the day of that battle. It was formally presented to the people on June 12, 1898.

Flag Day: Dapitan’s Rizal museum raises banner for COVID-19 frontliners
Gualberto Laput May 29, 2020
‘This year, our display of flags takes on a greater meaning,’ says the Museo ni Rizal-Dapitan, echoing the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

The History of the Philippine Flag

download - look the poster in full size

The History of the Philippine Flag

The Evolution of the Philippine Flag

FAST FACTS: Philippine flag misconceptions and other trivia
Mary Gleefer Jalea June 11, 2016

May 28 to June 12 mark the Flag Days in the Philippines. How much do you know about the country's national flag?

National symbols of the Philippines National symbols of the Philippines
Breach in protocol over PH presidential flag during Xi's state visit
Jodesz Gavilan November 21, 2018

The lone presence of the Chinese flag during the welcome ceremony and review of the guards by the 2 presidents is unlike any other state visit.
The sight of the lone Chinese flag behind Presidents Rodrigo Duterte and Xi Jinping as they made their way past the honor guards in Malacañang on Tuesday, November 20, caught the eye of not a few.

‘No meaning’ in Palace displaying only Chinese flag during Xi visit, says Lorenzana
Sofia Tomacruz November 22, 2018
‘They are in our land. This is our country. Perhaps that was just a show of respect to the guest,’ says Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana

IMPORTANT: Is China our new America?

AND the Video in the album "The Flag - Evolution - Flag days - Etc.":

Explainer: What are the flag protocols and why are they important?

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines calls shoe brand out for using Philippine flag on sneakers
July 18, 2018

The red, blue, yellow and white sneaker doesn't only use elements of the flag. The shoe tongue is practically a replica of the flag.

Disrespect for the flag

PH flag used as shade from summer heat
Mary Joy Quimpo May 27, 2017
This is not the first time an incident involving disrespect for the flag has gone viral.

For those who aren’t familiar with the law regarding the proper display of the flag, here’s a quick list of some of the do’s and don’ts.

Why should we respect the PH Flag?
Jonnel Gozo May 28, 2017
According to the curator of the Aguinaldo Shrine, it's important to revisit the history of the flag and be reminded of how our heroes fought for our independence.

Intro about: The Philippines

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Official Gazette

the official journal of the Republic of the Philippines.

Presidential Communications Group or simply the Communications Group
a collective name for the newly formed offices within the Office of the President of the Philippines and refers to the following positions and offices: the Presidential Spokesman and the Presidential Communications Office

Malacañan Palace

Malacañang Palace, or officially, Malacañan Palace, is the official residence of the President of the Philippines

look MUCH more about the palace HERE


Intro about: The Philippines

Geography, Politics, History, Culture, Economy, Etc.


Tatlong Bituin sa Hilaga - Mavulis Island
ABS-CBN News - Jun 12, 2019
Follow Jeff Canoy's journey to Mavulis Island in Batanes to see how the military and local fishermen are protecting the country’s colors - and its three stars and sun - at the northern frontier.


The Reinventionists: Filipinos who are pushing the country forward
Jan 30, 2019


Tiempo Muerto MTV Ilonggo with English subtitles
Aug 3, 2020 Malu Maniquis
Centuries-old slavery should end during our generation! Please support their collective farming "bungkalan" campaign as a temporary means for them to survive while the sugar farmworkers' unions under NFSW continue their long-drawn legal struggle for ownership of the land under the land reform program.


Tiempo Muerto
Nov 6, 2019 Malu Maniquis
I made this video in the hope of helping end the hacienda-system in the Philippines. Please know why and how you can help.

IMPORTANT: Look both the videos to the end - and also these links!

Tiempo Muerto MTV Karaoke Tagalog and Karaoke Ilonggo
Aug 6, 2020 Malu Maniquis
To all Filipinos, please sing this song in solidarity with the suffering sugar hacienda workers and their families.

The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippine Culture

Liturgy, Communions, Music - Songs – Hymns

Santo Niño de Cebú, Basilica del St. Niño and Sinulog St. Niño de Cebu, Filipino Saints, Patrons, Patronesses, Blesseds and Servants of God, Orders, Monasteries, Abbeys etc.

The Church's & religious leaders' opinion - Etc.
e.g. vice versa Malacañang's and "Duterte's dictator administration's" - Etc.

The Philippines Culture of The Philippines

history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family

About Philippines: this article is one of the best, we have seen

The Philippines
Ronald E. Dolan, A Country Study.

Filipino Holidays, etc.

Various aspects of Philippine culture:
history, peoples, dances, myths and folktales, cuisine, politics, music, songs, heroes
The myth of ‘happy Filipinos’
Richard Heydarian January 26, 2021

More than a century ago, when most of Asia lacked even a single modern university, the Philippines produced one of the finest minds of that era. Years before Jose Rizal fired up a nation through his gripping novels, Gregorio Sancianco penned his pioneering work, “El Progreso De Filipinas” (1881), which was published in Madrid.

Filipinos less happy in 2020, says World Happiness Report
Mar 21, 2021 Michael Bueza
Filipinos felt less happy in 2020, a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, based on an annual survey that measures the levels of happiness of people around the world.
According to the 2021 World Happiness Report, the Philippines ranked 61st among 149 countries, with a score of 5.88. The report uses the average of the scores in the 3 previous years, or from 2018 to 2020.


Many good informations also about the culture, wedding, languages, dresses and the whole life in the Philippines

Familism and personalism Familism and personalism

Like other social formations of traditional Asia and Europe, Filipino society has, in the post Cold War era, moved from being a predominantly agricultural society to a modern one.

Human Rights in Philippines - Authorities, Organizations, Etc.

No to Sharia Law

Equality Rights for Man, Woman and Children

Attacks against - Killings of:
Officials, Priests, Media journalists - reporters, Environmental activists, Lawyers - Etc.
About Philippines ask: could this be a new "Davao Death Squad, DDS"



DOLE asks Taiwan to deport OFW with Facebook posts criticizing Duterte
JC Gotinga April 25, 2020

The Philippine government wants Taiwan to deport a Filipina caregiver for her ‘nasty and malevolent’ posts about the President

The Video: No curtailment of freedom of expression amid deportation move vs Taiwan OFW: MECO
Apr 29, 2020 ABS-CBN News
The Philippine government's representative in Taiwan assured its citizens there it would not curtail freedom of expression following a supposed call for deportation of a migrant worker due to libelous comments against President Rodrigo Duterte.

Taiwan rejects deportation of OFW critical of Duterte
Sofia Tomacruz April 28, 2020
News reports from Taiwan quote its foreign ministry as saying that foreign workers enjoy freedom of speech and 'citizen treatment'


Taiwan OFW Linn Ordidor on free speech and dodging deportation
April 30, 2020
Caregiver Linn Ordidor made headlines when the Philippine government pushed to have her deported from Taiwan for having criticized President Rodrigo Duterte. She tells Rappler why she thinks being outspoken is worth the risk. Look also this article

Linn Ordidor, caregiver: Sorry, not sorry
JC Gotinga May 01, 2020
She got into trouble with Philippine authorities for stating her political opinions, and would have been deported if Taiwan didn’t vouch for her. Still, the spirited OFW says she’d do it all over again for love of country.


Transparency International-Philippines (TI-PH)

established in August 26, 1995
Our Mission: To prevent and counter corruption at all levels by promoting transparency, accountability and integrity across all sectors of society.

Remark this is an album in the album Etc. Organizations working in the Philippines

PH drops to 115th place in global index on corruption perception
Gabriel Pabico Lalu January 29, 2021
In the fight against corruption, the Philippines appeared to have failed to make an improvement insofar as perception of corruption in government is concerned, with a worldwide study placing the Philippines at the 115th spot out of 180 countries.

PH further drops two places in 2020 Corruption Perception Index
Jan 28, 2021 Camille Elemia
The Philippines places 115th out of 180 countries and territories – lower than its 113th rank in 2019
The Philippines further dropped two places in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index in 2020.

Understanding Persons of Philippine Origin
Philippines Anthem - Lupang Hinirang - Chosen Land

history, text, music-notes, videos in Tagalog, Cebuano, English and many more languages


Some of the best videos we have seen:

Impressions of the Philippines
Look the description of the video
The Philippines - Asia's Rising Tiger
The Philippines Documentary Jul 18, 2014
Feb 24, 2017
Diverse in culture, in heritage, in history - and we are ONE. We are everything as we are everyone. We are this land's people as we are the land itself. WE ARE THE PHILIPPINES.
Philippines Island Treasures
Alan Milewczyk Oct 12, 2018
Mike Dilger and Rico Hizon explore the rich culture and rare wildlife of the Philippines.
Originally broadcast by BBC in October 2018.
Untamed Philippines
The Expats Report Sep 2, 2019
Philippines Documentary Untamed Philippines National Geographic This is one of the best documentaries I have seen about the Philippines.


This is the Philippines
Catriona Gray showcases PH's rich heritage
Cat'elle December 09, 2018

This is the Philippines shows Catriona taking a tour of Luzon. She traveled to Manila, Pampanga, and Rizal, where she showed off Intramuros, Luneta Park, the art of the Higantes, parol (lantern) making, and paintings by the country's national artists.

the article HERE


Saving Paradise
GMA Public Affairs May 31, 2019

Aired March 31, 2019: Sumailalim sa rehabilitasyon ang Manila Bay, Boracay at Coron. Kumusta na nga ba ang estado ng mga sikat na tourist destination na ito ngayon? Panoorin 'yan sa video na ito!



in the album A paradise of 7107 islands

Only in the Philippines

These sceneries, food, people, events, can only be found in the Philippines
And again - One more of the best videos we have seen:

The Philippines : Islands Of Mystery>

The Philippines : Islands Of Mystery is dedicated to all casualties and victims of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that hit the central Philippines on 8th Nov 2013. Nov 16, 2013

Remark: the real start about the Philippines is 1.43 minutes after the videos starts
Fun Facts about the Philippines


in the album DOT - More fun in the Philippines

Philippine/Pinoy Food Tourism advertisement

Look MUCH more HERE

Social Weather Stations - SWS

is a public opinion polling body in the Philippines. It is a private, independent, non-partisan, non-profit scientific institute in the Philippines which conducts social surveys and does survey-based social science research and other educational activities.

The Philippine Center for Population and Development

Do you need a greater understanding of who the Filipino is?

Get Real Philippines Book 1 is one such guide.

The Philippines Illustrated

A Visitors Guide & Fact Book by Graham Winter

PIA Information Services
Family planning & Birth Control Policy in the Philippines
Info Philippines with good links

RA-9211 Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003

Public smoking ban takes effect nationwide
Jul 23, 2017
Executive Order 26 or the nationwide ban on public smoking is now in effect, the Department of Health (DOH) announced Sunday
Nationwide smoking ban, ipatutupad simula sa Linggo
Jul 21, 2017
Kaugnay ng pagpapatupad ng Nationwide Smoking Ban simula sa Linggo, Hulyo 23, nakapanayam ng Bandila si DOH Asst. Sec. Eric Tayag
No Smoking in Metro Manila

The Metro Manila Development Authority, in cooperation with the cities of the National Capital Region, has started the implementation of Republic Act 9211, otherwise known as the No Smoking policy.
The Philippines - No Longer a Smoker's Paradise

This year the price of alcohol and cigarettes has double in the Philippines. A new Sin Tax Law that came into affect with the New Year as doubled the price of both local and imported alcohol and cigarettes. Mar 14, 2013


No Vaping in Public Places
Mar 8, 2020 ABS-CBN News

Executive Order No. 106 which prohibits vaping or the use of e-cigarettes in public places in an expansion of the nationwide smoking ban.

FAST FACTS: The Philippines' role in the United Nations
Gerard Lim October 24, 2015

October 24 is United Nations Day. Take a look at the country's participation in this prestigious organization.

Look also HERE

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Central Luzon - The Convention Destination
May 16, 2017

Seven provinces of the island of Luzon, Philippines offers not only breathtaking natural attractions to visitors but also a scenic venue for business gatherings, conventions, conferences and exhibitions for both local and international events.

FAST FACTS: What you need to know about PH's informal sector workers
Patty Pasion May 09, 2017
Informal sector workers, comprising up to 38% of the labor force, are among the most vulnerable workers in the country.
They are the vendors selling your favorite street food. They are the jeepney drivers plying highways for over 12 hours to earn decently. They are just some of the workers in the so-called informal economy.

DTI's Ramon Lopez on trade in the time of Duterte
Mar 15, 2017 - with Video
Trade secretary Ramon Lopez talks about how the government plans to empower micro, small & medium enterprises
In the past 9 months in office, Lopez backed several initiatives for reform – from getting rid of the 5-6 lending scheme for microenterprises to supporting the proposal to raise car taxes.
Lopez is also in discussions with the Department of Finance to add new fiscal incentives in a bid to attract more foreign investors into the country.
How are these proposals going to affect Philippine economy – and how will consumers deal with these changes?

DTI seeks to stop '5-6' lending
Chrisee Dela Paz Published Dec 4, 2016
Starting 2017, the government will set aside P1 billion for lending to micro and small enterprises

DTI backs proposal to raise car taxes
Mar 13, 2017
Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez says the luxury car segment 'will not die' if the proposal to impose higher excise tax on new vehicles is approved

Keeping 'endo' alive: DOLE’s Department Order No. 174
SENTRO March 22, 2017

The labor department's dilly-dallying is in stark contrast to the President’s consistent and unequivocal stand against contractualization

Duterte to sign executive order vs endo 'anytime soon'
Don Kevin Hapal January 17, 2018

The new executive order vs contractualization was drafted by labor groups, Bello said

Duterte’s best gift to labor
Tony La Viña May 01, 2017

More than any surprise package the President announces on Labor Day today, it is the real end of contractualization that will make a difference to the working class.
Now the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) had committed itself to significantly reducing endo within a few months. With the first Labor Day under this administration happening today, we must ask: what progress, if any, has there been made in addressing the problem of labor contractualization?

Duterte to sign EO vs 'endo'
Pia Ranada May 01, 2017
The President says the government will deputize trade union leaders as labor inspectors to fast-track the crackdown on companies that practice 'endo'


Joey Concepcion on empowering the PH entrepreneur
Mar 17, 2017

How can the Filipino entrepreneur thrive in the digital age?

The RFM Corporation president and CEO is known for his Go Negosyo program, which aims to address poverty through entrepreneurship.

UNDP, Citi Foundation launch youth innovation program
Keb Cuevas December 15, 2017

Youth Co:Lab aims to catalyze youth innovation towards solving the world’s biggest social challenges.
To drive more youth-led social enterprises, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Citi Foundation launched their Youth Co:Lab partnership

Mining shares plunge after DENR suspends, closes 23 mines
Chrisee Dela Paz Feb 2, 2017

Three listed firms – Lepanto Consolidated Mining, Marcventures Mining as well as a unit of Nickel Asia – are included in the DENR's list.

Finance chief, miners: mining clampdown to lead to joblessness
Chrisee Dela Paz Feb 3, 2017
Aside from spooking the financial market, Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III says the closure of 23 mines will result in joblessness, affecting the livelihood of over 1.2 million workers

Look MUCH more HERE

Tax reform, infra push may boost PH credit rating – Moody's
Oct 19, 2016

The credit rating agency, however,
warns that President Rodrigo Duterte's rhetoric towards critics 'has the potential to strain long-standing security and trade relations'

Dominguez tells Moody's execs: Ignore political noise
Chrisee Dela Paz Oct 14, 2016
Moody's Investor Services currently rates the Philippines as Baa2 – an investment grade rating with a stable outlook – higher than what it has given Vietnam and India

The problem with our tax system and how it affects us
JC Punongbayan January 21, 2017

Not only do our taxes disproportionately burden the poor and benefit the rich, but they also yield too little revenue given the distortions they create. Needless to say, both problems need to be resolved soon....

Is it time for a national minimum wage?
Patty Pasion April 30, 2017

National minimum wage is among the expected issues to be taken up at the dialogue between the labor groups and President Rodrigo Duterte on May 1

Makabayan bloc calls for national minimum wage
Mara Cepeda May 01, 2017
Bayan Muna Representative Carlos Zarate challenges the President to 'make real his promise lifting the workers from the bondage of exploitation'

Notary Public

How to Get a Document Notarized in the Philippines

Look also Notary Public

Paperwork - Registrations - Certificates - Licenses - Etc.

and the Video

PH slides in global corruption ranking
KD Suarez January 27, 2016

The Philippines is now ranked 95th among 168 countries included in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index

5 basic cybersecurity tips for businesses
Kayla Matthews October 14, 2017

Businesses should be aware that they are especially appealing to hackers, and hence, should remain vigilant in making sure that all the proverbial doors are locked


Entrepreneurship guide for millennials
November 13, 2016
Patch Dulay of The Spark Project, Kevin Cuevas of UPLB Enactus, and Faustine Lim, a smartpreneur ambassador lead the discussion

Filipino youth and entrepreneurship

Roundtable: How to succeed in a local business
December 07, 2016 - with Video
Watch our interview with three young and driven entrepreneurs on Wednesday, December 7.
Be inspired to follow your own entrepreneurial dreams by tuning in on the discussion. Watch the live stream.

Starting 2017 right: Advice for SMEs on running a local business
Nikki Natividad December 15, 2016

A crowdfunding platform for PH start-ups
Dec 22, 2016
Meet the Move Awards 2016 Industry Mover! Patch Dulay is the founder and CEO of The Spark Project, a crowdfunding platform for Filipino social enterprises and startups. Since 2013, the platform has raised over P4 million for 35 startups.
Solutions to common business challenges
Nikki Natividad January 03, 2017

Three veteran entrepreneurs offer their two cents on how to overcome the common challenges of running a business


Why millennials are now the apple of advertisers' eyes

Chris Schnabel September 13, 2016
As the combined spending power of millennials is projected to soar, the advertising world is coming up with ways to reach the younger consumers

Look also the article HERE


What's at stake in PH-US relationship?

Millions of dollars worth of military, technical, and humanitarian assistance are at risk if ties between the Philippines and long-time ally United States deteriorate. - The World Tonight, ANC, September 14, 2016


Economic relationship with EU is priority
Oct 4, 2016

Government officials reaffirm the Philippines' commitment to boost trade ties with the European Union amid President Rodrigo Duterte's attacks


Duty Free Philippines Corporation, DFPC

Look also the Videos

TVC - Duty Free ng Bayan


Remark this is an album in the in the album Tourism organizations - Etc.


Jan 11, 2017
The Online CapDev Market System (OCDMS) (Capacity Development - CapDev) is a one stop website showcasing the DEMAND and SUPPLY side of the capacity development. The OCDMS was created to address the LGUs’ capdev needs with the current program offerings of service providers.

Remark this is an album in the album about Department of the Interior and Local Government, DILG in the album Authorities, Commissions, Committees


DTI Launching of the Philippine Business Registry System JAN 27 2012

Look the full description of the video HERE

Bureau of Product Standards, BPS

As the National Standards Body, BPS is mandated to develop, implement, and coordinate standardization activities in the Philippines.


Philippines Business Registry, PBR

"How to sign up for a PBR account" and "How to register your business using PBR" - Remark this is an album "PBR" in the album "Doing business in the Philippines"

PBR is a Government-initiated project that facilitates business registration-related transactions by integrating all agencies involved in business registration, such as the Department of Trade and Industry, Securities and Exchange Commission, Cooperative Development Authority, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Social Security System, Home Development Mutual Fund, Pag-IBIG, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, Local Government Units and other permit/license-issuing agencies. It provides a faster process for business registration, thus strengthening the government’s effort of providing quality service to the people and realizing its commitment to curb corruption and reduce red tape in the bureaucracy.

Philippine National Single Window, NSW

a computerized internet-based system that allows parties involved in trade to lodge information and documents with a single entry point to fulfill all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements.

There are about 40 government agencies involved in the issuance of import and export licenses, permits and clearances for trade facilitation over Philippine borders.

Intellectual Property, IP Office of the Philippines - IPOPHL

The overall project objective of establishing an ITSO network within institutions is to strengthen local institutional capacity to access patent information and use the patent system. This is inline with the mandate of IP PHILS and more specifically, its 3D IP 2020 VISION as the ITSO network will demystify and democratized the patent system, use it as a tool for national development.


IPOPHL & ITSO, Intellectual Property (IP) Office of the Philippines


Innovation & Technology Support Offices or “patent libraries”

Look more on the above link

Philippine Stock Exchange - PSE

the national stock exchange of the Philippines. It is one of the oldest stock exchanges in Southeast Asia.

Look also the Videos

How the Philippine Stock Exchange works
If you've ever wondered what stocks are, how the stock exchange works, and how you can earn from investing in them, then this feature might just be what you're looking for. Jul 16, 2015
What investments can you get from PSE?
Did you know that there are different kinds of investment securities you can get from the Philippine Stock Exchange? There's the common stocks, preferred shares, warrants, and more. So what are these and how do they work? Jul 18, 2015

Remark this is an album Philippine Stock Exchange in the album Doing business in the Philippines

Technology Resource Center, TRC

serves the public through the acquisition and promotion of technology and livelihood skills and information. A government corporation attached to the Department of Science and Technology, the TRC operates as a self-sustaining institution.

The Videos

TRC programs, products, and services

eTRC - eLibrary

Philippines and The World Trade Organization, WTO

The World Trade Organization deals with the global rules of trade between nations. Its main function is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably and freely as possible.

This page gathers key information on the Philippines' participation in the WTO.

ECCP - European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

ECCP is a service-oriented organization whose main goal is to foster close economic ties and business relations between the Philippines and Europe.

Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry

FAST FACTS: Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Jodesz Gavilan October 20, 2016

Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System, PhilGEPS

The PhilGEPS is government's leading tool in procurement management and its prime mover in promoting transparency and efficiency in public procurement. It is government's central portal for registration of suppliers and advertisement of bid opportunities.

Look also HERE and the Videos

Philippine Economic Zone Authority
The Philippine International Trading Corporation, PITC
PBEd is the business community’s response to the need for consensus and sustained advocacy in education reform. It aims to become the voice of the business community.
Association of Firearms and Ammunitions Dealers of the Philippines, Inc., AFAD, Inc.

With its very own governance and regulations, AFAD exists to consolidate firearms dealers into an integral forum, and to formulate and impose self-regulating policies for the industry.


Skills for the Labor Market


MUCH more about Etiquette, Customs, Protocol, Do's and Don't's, Whistleblowing

Humble beginnings: Local businesses that have made it big
Adrianna Mejia August 01, 2016

How do you make the jump from small-scale entrepreneur to big boss? Take it from these local success

What to do when you're ready to expand your business
Jules Matabuena September 22, 2017

Here’s a cursory look at the current SME landscape and what entrepreneurs can do to make their business grow amid competition

Roundtable: Tools, tips to remain competitive in the digital age
June 15, 2017 - with Video
Learn from leaders from HP Inc. Philippines, Xurpas, and Machine Ventures
Before, entrepreneurs used brick and mortar to build their dream businesses.
These days, they bank on the Internet as their capital.

Look also HERE

Empowering housewives through social enterprises
April 02, 2017 - with video

Student organization Enactus UPLB helps the housewives of Bayan ni Juan in Calauan, Laguna with running small-scale businesses.

Why BGC is the Best Location for an Office Space [Infographic]

BGC is strategically located in the middle of the metro, between EDSA and C-5, two major highways in Metro Manila. It has seven major access points including the Kalayaan Flyover, ED SA, C-5 Highway, Kalayaan Avenue, McKinley Road, Villamor Airbase, and Lawton Avenue.

The Expat’s Quick Guide to Starting a Business in the Philippines
August 22, 2016 Rocky Chan
Common challenges for first-time business owners – and how to fix them
Adrianna Mejia August 09, 2016

Think big and approach each challenge as an opportunity.
It can be thrilling to finally say that you put up your own business. The hard work has finally paid off and your dream has become a reality.


Salim Ismail on technology and the future
September 01, 2016

What ideas can help you grow your organization? Salim Ismail tells us.

Remark this is an album in the album Internet, Phone, laws, safety, etiquette, "languages", technology, crimes, Radio, TV, Etc.

Barangay Clearance or Certificate of Residency

one the Philippine government issued identification documents needed for many important business, job, or personal transactions. You might need it for the following reasons:

Barangay Clearance is required when you apply a job/employment.
It's one of the documents required when you apply or open a bank account.
It's required for business establishment.
It's required for other business or financial transactions such as lending, loan or financing.
It's required mainly to certify that you are living or residing in a certain barangay.
And it's required for any other important transactions...

How do I renew my business permit?
Mon Abrea January 17, 2016
A former BIR examiner explains business permit renewal and how to watch out for fixers

AMAS, Philippine Dept. of Agriculture, Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service

Detailed trusts and programs of AMAS

Remark this is an album in the album Department of Agriculture - DA


Business - CAR, Cordillera Administrative Region: A New Business Frontier

NERBAC, CAR also known as the National Economic Research and Business Assistance Center. It is a facility that provides prospective entrepreneurs/investors with basic information on various business options that are open to them in accordance with the investment priorities of the government. The Center likewise provides a one-stop action center which facilitates the processing and documentation of all paper requirements necessary for the establishment of a business enterprise

Remark this is an album in the album Doing business in the Philippines

6 Filipino firms show why they're ‘leading companies’ for women
Mar 15, 2015

50 companies, 6 of them Filipino-owned, are cited by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation as among those that increase economic opportunities for women
The 6 Filipino-owned companies that made it to the list are:

Bohol Bee Farm
Computer Professionals Incorporated, CPI
Crea 8 Innov 8 Marketing
ECHOStore Sustainable Lifestyle
Filip + Inna
Pointwest Technologies Corporation

Online entrepreneurs: Not business as usual
Nikki Natividad October 21, 2015

A lot of people want to have their own business, but can they handle the changing face of entrepreneurship?


BusinessCoach, Inc.

a duly organized corporation, and approved by the SEC to operate in accordance with the Corporation Code of the Philippines.

The company is a provider of quality business seminars which would enhance skills and contribute to entrepreneurial or career success.


Look also the Video

Remark this is a album in the album Business & Management in the album Special Education, schools & programs - etc.


Go Negosyo

RA 10644 - Filipinos now embrace the entrepreneurial culture: Go Negosyo believes that the Philippines is now on its way to embracing the culture of entrepreneurship, with Filipino youth changing mindset over the concept.


Starting a Business



How to start a 'palamig' business

One simple way to make money this summer is to sell cold drinks. How does one start a business selling "palamig"?

Remark this is an album in the album Malls, Sari-sari stores and Market culture - etc.

Look also HERE

Let your business ride the digital wave
Jason Tulio Aug 22, 2015

These days, the key to your business’ success can be just a click or swipe away


A beginner's guide to investing in stocks

The stock market is fraught with risk, so it is important to arm yourself with investing smarts before you part with your hard-earned cash.

Learn how to put up and start your Internet Cafe Negosyo/Business in the Philippines.
The Philippine Franchise Association, PFA

the pioneer and premier franchise associate in the country, with member-franchisors providing a wide range of investment opportunities - from micro to large, both homegrown and international.

Direct Selling Association of the Philippines, DSAP

the national trade association of legitimate direct selling and network marketing companies engaged in the business of person-to-person selling.

The Intro Video

Remark this is an album in the album Doing business in the Philippines


How to get ABTC

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, APEC forum initiated the ABTC to promote and facilitate business and investments within the region. The card will help reduce the time and cost to business travelers in meeting the visa and entry requirements to APEC member economies. Applicant must be a Filipino citizen.

International Business Wiki Import/Export Restrictions of the Philippines
How to Start a Money Changer Business

Look also Money Changer

Manila Economic and Cultural Office

Investment Promotion

Philippines Business Presentation

Look as pdf HERE

Business Opportunities
Trade Associations‚ Organizations and Commissions
Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, SBMA

the operating and implementing arm of the Government of the Philippines for the development the 670 square kilometer area of Subic Bay Freeport, SBF

Look also

Duterte's pick for new SBMA chief is Gordon's 'protégé'
by Camille Elemia September 26, 2017

Wilma Eisma was Senator Richard Gordon's executive assistant and legal staff member when he was SBMA chairman and administrator from 1992 to 1998

AND it's Nepotism



The Philippine Junior Marketing Association, PJMA
a non-stock, non-profit, non-sectarian, non political business-oriented and student-managed organization and the official youth affiliate of the Philippine Marketing Association

Remark this is an album in the album Doing business in the Philippines

Doing Business in the Philippines - Social and Business Culture
Marikina’s shoe industry - Shoe of the nation address

George P. Moya Oct 04, 2014

There are now only over 100 listed companies in Marikina’s shoe industry. It had dramatically decreased by tenfold from its glory days in the 1970s, where there were over 1,000 listed companies in Marikina’s shoe industry.
“This industry is dying. We really have to help them get back in business,” says Marikina Mayor Del de Guzman

Look more about the Marikina shoes HERE

Investment scam

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The Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC warns anew vs investment scams vs investment scams

The commission cautions the public against SUCCESS200 and FLAG Prosperity for their unauthorized investment-taking activities. July 22, 2015

Slam the scam: How to spot investment fraud
Krista Garcia Updated December 11, 2015

Does the offer promise “guaranteed wealth?” Avoid these red flags and protect your hard-earned money

SEC issues cease and desist order vs EmGoldex
November 06, 2015

'As more people are recruited into the scheme, it eventually reaches a point wherein it can no longer sustain its payouts, and payments will stop, thereby leaving investors penniless,' warns the SEC's Enforcement and Investor Protection Department

PSE to public: Be vigilant against investment scams
The public should never believe in solicitations for stock market investments that guarantee returns on investment, the local bourse warns. December 09, 2015


Investment scam victimizes Ifugao tribal people

More P40 million pesos are allegedly taken to the victims from Ifugao tribe. Aug 4, 2015

SEC warns public anew against investment scams

Muling nagpaalala sa publiko ang Securities and Exchange Commission laban sa mga investment company na layon lamang makapanloko ng mga mamumuhunan. Aug 26, 2015


Tips to avoid investment scams
Investors should always be responsible for their investment, even if they trust the person who invited them to invest. Mar 23, 2016

Import - Export

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look also HERE

and also

Prohibited and Regulated Import Products

List of Regulated Import Commodities and Administering Agencies/Bureaus

Philippines Customs Regulations

Look the article - advices as pdf HERE

Food and Agricultural Import

Philippines Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards - Narrative



Documents needed for shipping Human Remains to the Philippines
No Dollar Importation, NDI) Program EXECUTIVE ORDER 156

EO 156


The Foreign Service of the Philippines

Tax exemption privileges of filipinos who are permanent residents abroad and returning to the Philippines for good and former filipino citizens who have acquired citizenships of other countries and are returning to the Philippines to settle permanently.

Continue to Philippine Immigrant Visa Non Quota 13(G) or 13(A)

Returning Resident, Balikbayan Shipment


Filipino businessmen urged to export goods

Department of Trade and Industry encouraged Filipino entrepreneurs dive into exporting Pinoy products because it's now in-demand in Japan, US and even in Europe. Jun 25, 2014

Remark this is an album in the album Doing business in the Philippines

The Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions, CITEM is the export promotions agency of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry.
Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation Inc., CFIF

 a primary industry support organization of furniture manufacturers and exporters and organizer of the Cebu International Furniture and Furnishings Exhibition CEBUNEXT.

The Video


the exhibition embodies the drive to create new designs with exceptional quality. It harnesses and consolidates the collective strength of the Philippine furniture industry, while highlighting Cebu as the design capital of Southeast Asia.

Furniture Exhibitions

Remark this is an album in the album Manila Fame - CEBUNEXT

Tradeline Philippines - Bureau of Export Trade Promotions

Doing Business Made Easy

Bliss Florence S. Manlulo

Export regulations by Philippines customs

Banks - bank business, SWIFT codes, Loan Sharks and informations

and with these sections:

Banks in Philippines

Philippine microfinance - Small Loans

SWIFT codes

ATM, Visa - MasterCard, American Express card - Credit cards - Mobile and digital payments

Philippine Money - History & Museums

Bank business - Financing - Etc.

Loan Sharks

Bitcoins and Zcash - Etc.

Look also

Money - Peso Bills, Coins - Currency  in Philippines - Etc.

Currency - sell - buy in & bringing - transfer to and from Philippines

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BSP orders banks to protect customers from social media risks
Mar 16, 2017
There is a growing threat on information security and fraud such as account take over, malware attacks, as well as phishing and spoofing schemes, BSP says

Bob Herrera-Lim on the peso, worst performing currency
Feb 22, 2017
On Tuesday, the Philippine peso depreciated to P50.3 against the dollar – its weakest performance in a decade. Weighed down by concerns of rate hikes in the United States, political uncertainty in Europe, and optimism ahead of America's tax plan, the peso's Tues
day's close is the weakest since the P50.32:$1 level recorded on September 26, 2006.
Watch the discussion - Look also the articles:

'Political noise' not causing weaker peso – expert
Chris Schnabel Feb 22, 2017
The Philippines' shrinking current account surplus is the main reason why the peso has fallen to more than P50 to the US dollar, according to a risk consultant.

PH peso weakens further on heightened Fed hike worries
Chrisee Dela Paz Nov 22, 2016
The local currency remains generally weak, slumping to its worst level since November 20, 2008 when it ended at P49.999:$1

Peso depreciation: Should we be worried?
JC Punongbayan October 01, 2016

While the peso’s depreciation to a 7-year low is no cause for concern, it remains to be seen whether it will persist due to sustained capital flight

Is your peso really just worth 67 centavos today?
JC Punongbayan January 29, 2017
A few days ago news about the peso's diminished purchasing power circulated widely in social networks.
The Association of Labor Unions (ALU) recently pointed out that as of December 2016 the value of the peso dropped to 67 centavos, the "lowest in 8 years." (The actual figure for 2016 was 69 centavos.)
PH peso weakest in region, but not alarming for economic managers
September 28, 2016

For the country's economic team, the Philippines has enough buffers to survive the external headwinds

Banks in Philippines

Remark many of the videos in this section are albums in the album Banks, Coins & Notes, Money transfer, Loans - etc.

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Banks Philippines

"AboutPhilippines" recommend to follow this site about newest informations about the banks and their business!

Look also HERE and HERE

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas - BSP
Central Bank of the Philippines

BSP outlines new rules, penalties for money launderers
August 15, 2017
These new rules and penalties will cover all BSP-supervised personnel and are designed 'to ensure that the Philippines shall not be used as a money laundering site'.

Duterte appoints Espenilla as BSP governor
May 8, 2017
'A very wise choice, after a thorough evaluation of the future needs of the country and of all the candidates,' says Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III

Who is new BSP governor Nestor Espenilla?
Lala Rimando May 8, 2017
President Rodrigo Duterte picks technocrat Nestor Espenilla Jr as the new Philippine central bank chief, replacing world-acclaimed Amando Tetangco Jr

Philippine bankers cheer Espenilla's appointment
Chrisee Dela Paz May 9, 2017
Outgoing BSP Governor Amando Tetangco Jr and most bankers got what they asked and hoped for: an 'insider' with years of central banking experience

FAST FACTS: What does the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas do?
Sofia Tomacruz May 09, 2017

EXPLAINER: Why is the role of BSP governor important?
Sofia Tomacruz May 10, 2017
The recent appointment of Nestor Espenilla Jr was considered one of the most crucial decisions for President Rodrigo Duterte. Here's why.

the Videos:
The History of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Laila Rimando's interviews - Ect.:

  • 5 things you need to know about incoming BSP Governor Nestor Espenilla Jr.
  • Incoming BSP Governor Nestor Espenilla plans
  • Cuisia on why Espenilla was chosen new governor

and HERE

Philippine National Bank - PNB

The Video

Philippine National Bank, Directory of all Overseas Offices
As of December 31, 2010

Philippine Veterans Bank

also known as PVB and Veterans Bank, is a medium-sized commercial bank in the Philippines. The bank is owned by Philippine World War II war veterans and their families and caters to both corporate and retail financial markets. As part of its charter, Veterans Bank allocates 20% of its annual net income for the benefit of its shareholders.

Bank of the Philippine Islands - BPI

Look about BPI Globe BanKO - the mobile phone-based, microfinance-focused savings bank: HERE

Bank of the Philippine Islands - Europe - PLC


Philippine banking was born on August 1, 1851, with the establishment of the El Banco Español Filipino de Isabel II – or what we know now as Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). It was also the first bank in Southeast Asia.


Philippine Savings Bank

Land Bank of the Philippines
Allied Banking Corporation
CitiBank Philippines

Look also HERE

Banco de Oro Unibank, Inc.

also known as Banco de Oro and BDO look also HERE

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, commonly known as Metrobank

Look also HERE

Union Bank of the Philippines

Look also HERE

East West Bank
Banco Filipino
Rizal Commercial Banking Corp., RCBC
Rang-ay Bank

Serving North Luzon and Cordilleras

The First Consolidated Bank, FCB

is a private development bank, organized in 1982 in the Province of Bohol. FCB has now 23 Marketing Offices in the Visayas and Mindanao, a total of 81 banking offices nationwide.

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

HSBC Philippines

Al-Amanah Islamic Investment Bank of the Philippines

AAIIBP is the only bank in the Philippines authorized to offer Islamic banking. It is also licensed to do both commercial and investment banking services, similar to a universal bank.

look also HERE

The RBAP - Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines, Cebu
Banco Dipolog, BDI

formerly Rural Bank of Dipolog, Inc., RBDI

Look the Video and the full description of the video


Rural Bank of Rizal AVP

Rural Bank of Rizal, ZN, Incorporated and is duly authorized by BANGKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS, BSP and a member of PHILIPPINE DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION, PDIC

Look the full description of the video HERE

China Bank, Philippines

China Banking Corporation, known publicly as China Bank is Philippines' fourth largest universal bank by market capitalization. Established in 1920, it is the first privately owned commercial bank in the Philippines. China Bank is one of the strongest and most profitable banks in the Philippines today.

The Video

The Philippine Bank of Communications

more commonly known as PBCOM, is one of the largest commercial banks in the Philippines.

Look also HERE and the Video


Development Bank of the Philippines

The Video

28th Floor, Tower 2
The Enterprise Centre
Corner Paseo De Roxas and Ayala Avenue
Makati City Metro Manila 1226
Asian Development Bank

ADB-Philippines Development Partnership

The Philippines is not only a founding member of ADB and its 11th largest shareholder, it is also ADB's host country.

The World Bank - Philippines

and the Videos

The World Bank's programs and development partnerships in the Philippines.

Philippine microfinance - Small Loans

Remark many of the videos in this section are albums in the album smallLOANS - microFINANCE in the album Banks, Coins & Notes, Money transfer, Loans - etc.

Look also about microfinance on Development

go to overview

Microfinance Council of the Philippines, MCPI

Look also HERE


SME Financing Talks: Microfinance Council of the Philippines - Small Business Corporation
Profile on Microfinance Philippine Country Profile on Microfinance
Principled Practices in Microfinance

Kim Wilson - CRS – Catholic Relief Service

Making Microfinance Work for Agriculture

Introduction, Preliminaries, and Main

Heeding Poverty: An Assessment of Microfinance in the Philippines

Introduction, Preliminaries, and Main


Microfinance as a weapon against Poverty

This is an abridged video of the lecture delivered by Microfinance Consultant CARLOS ANI in the Philippine Military Academy to all senior graduating cadets September 20, 2010. This describes what microfinance is and how it is implemented in the Philippines.


Microfinance in the Philippines - UNCDF

The United Nations Capital Development Fund - UNCDF is supporting the UN Development Programme in its efforts to improve the provision of financial services to small-scale entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Produced, Filmed and Edited by Adam Rogers.


Small loans empower the Philippines' poor

Filipinos in hundreds of villages in Manila have benefited from microfinance loans. Over the last six years alone, about $11 million has been given out.
Many Filipinos say the lessons learned through microfinancing are helping them get through the global financial crisis.
Al Jazeera's Marga Ortigas reports.


Prospero in the Philippines

An overview of our research trip to the Philippines and our findings on Microfinance etc.

BPI Globe BanKO

BPI Globe BanKO is the Philippine's first mobile phone-based, microfinance-focused savings bank.

BPI Globe BanKO and Globe Telecom have entered into a public-private partnership with the Philippines' Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to help in the transition of marginalized families ending their five-year stint as conditional cash transfer (CCT) beneficiaries, by providing sustainable livelihood and employment opportunities as well as access to financial services by enabling them to have bank accounts.

Look more about BPI

Look also the Videos and the full description of the videos


Cash In Hand: Conditional Cash Transfers Free Families From Poverty - ADB

Remark this is an album in the album Organizations working for children in the Philippines

ADB is providing US$ 400 million for a conditional cash transfer program that will puts money directly into the hands of over half a million of the Philippines' poorest families. Unlike traditional welfare programs, only families who keep their children in school and give them regular health checkups can receive cash stipends


RAFI Micro-finance

Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.

Remark this is an album in the album Development Organizations

Look more above HERE


the first network and one of the largest groups of Christian Development NGOs in the Philippines that provides microententerprise development and growth support and education services to all without regard to religious affiliation and ethnicity, race or color.

Look also HERE and the Video

APPEND Network

Remark this is an album in the album Development Organizations

Microfinance Sector Assessment
Microfinance Regulation in Seven Countries incl. the Philippines
A Comparative Study

Have Impact !

Make a difference in the world.

Microfinance loans to the Philippines
Rural banks and cooperatives, Microfinance - small loans

Community Economic Ventures, Inc., CEV

is a Christian, non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization. It is organized to respond to the needs of micro-entrepreneurs engaged in trading, manufacturing and service-type businesses through provision of financial and technical assistance.

CEV lends to a fish farmer in the Philippines

Remark this is an album in the album Fauna - Etc.

8 guidelines to make small scale fishing more sustainable
Mara Cepeda May 16, 2015
A comprehensive, human rights-based approach will make municipal fishing a better contributor to food security and poverty eradication

Episcopal Relief & Development, ERD

is partnering with the Episcopal Church in the Philippines to empower women to become financially independent. Through receiving loans, training and other resources to help start or expand small businesses, women are increasing their incomes and becoming able to better provide for their families' needs.

The Video

Remark this is an album in the album smallLOANS - microFINANCE

SWIFT codes

go to overview

Your one stop resource for all BIC, IBAN, SWIFT codes for wire transfers to banks worldwide.

tutorial Video

SWIFT CODE for Philippine Banks

Swift Code - Bank BIC Codes

 and HERE and HERE

Visa - MasterCard, American Express card, Credit cards - Mobile and digital payments

 go to overview

How PayMaya redefines the PH digital payment landscape
October 25, 2017

The digital financial service wants to make mobile and digital payments more accessible to Filipinos nationwide

EMV-ready cards

EMV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How secure are RFID cards?
Kayla Matthews September 09, 2017

Banks are coming out with new RFID-enabled cards. Here's a primer on how they work and what you can do to protect yourself from potential skimming


Why use credit cards while traveling?
Apr 19, 2017 Rappler in partnership with BDO Unibank

Traveling soon? Don't forget to bring your credit card! Take advantage of its perks and benefits. Here's a guide on how you can use it wisely.

BSP to enforce new Europay Mastercard Visa system on January 1
Dec 30, 2016
Despite the deadline, customers of banks who have not yet replaced the magnetic strip cards with new EMV ones will still be able to use their cards at ATMs after January 1

What you don't know about credit cards
When exactly does a credit card company charge interest rate, especially if you are what they call a revolver? If you don't know the answer to this question, you are likely to get the biggest bill shock of your life. Oct 6, 2015


What you need to know before using credit cards
Thinking of getting a credit card? Know these useful tips first before getting into a total debt mess brought about by tricky interest rates and payment terms. Oct 10, 2015


How to avoid ATM skimming
Watch Red Alert for safety tips on how to protect your ATM card.
Aug 29, 2014

How to best use a credit card
Nikki Natividad Aug 26, 2015
Make the most out of your purchases by squeezing out your perks and benefits.
Being a responsible credit card holder means more than just dispelling the urge to swipe that card.

The credit card creed
Jason Tulio Aug 06, 2015
A few small oaths you can take to make the best use of your credit card and select the best for you

MasterCard in Philippines - for ATM locator click HERE

Bank business - Financing - Etc.

Remark the videos in this section are albums in the album Banks, Coins & Notes, Money transfer, Loans - etc.

go to overview


Pag-IBIG Fund is the other name, albeit an easy to remember one, of the Home Development Mutual Fund, HDMF. Pag-IBIG is an acronym which stands for...
Pagtutulungan sa Kinabukasan:
Industriya, at
a government-controlled, corporation that serves as provident and housing fund, pooling together the investments of its members.

Pagibig Financing - Housing Loan, Pag-IBIG Membership, Mortage, Insurance, Foreclosures.
Pag-IBIG Fund Explained in 90 Seconds

Ano ang Pag-IBIG fund? Paano sumali? Magkano ang simulang kontribusyon? Alamin ang mga sagot sa iyong Frequently Asked Questions tungkol sa PAG-IBIG Fund! Nov 21, 2014

Look more about Pag-IBIG Fund

Look also HERE and RA-9679

Home Development Mutual Fund - Pag-IBIG Fund

Housing Loan Program

Look also HERE and RA-9679 HERE

the article How Pag-IBIG can help you get a home Ezra Ferraz Nov 22, 2014

OWWA to OFWs: Beware of loan scam

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration alerts OFWs on a new loan scam by predators pretending to be OWWA

That is circulating “throughout the OFW community.”


Need money? Here's how to get the best deals in mortgages!
Talking to bankers and applying for a loan can be quite intimidating for most people. On The Money's resident financial adviser, Salve Duplito, guides a viewer inside the maze of bank loan requirements. Oct 7, 2015

Car loan? Here's what your dealer isn't telling you

What you see is not always you get as car dealers can sometimes be deceptive in disclosing the full terms of an auto loan. Oct 22, 2015

OFW's: Grow your Money and Enjoy Financial Freedom
PDIC, Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation

Mobile Payments

These videos demonstrates how easy it is for rural bank clients in the Philippines to accept mobile payments and demonstrates step-by-step how clients of rural banks can use the Text-A-Remittance service to send money via mobile phone to family members throughout the Philippines

Expat - Philippines - Banking

Documents needed - required before an expat is able to open a bank account - Ect.

Modernizing Loans: 5 Technologies and Trends Changing the Credit Industry
September 19, 2018 - In Personal Loan
Loan sharks

go to overview

When Loan Sharks Attack

What is a Loan Shark? A loan shark is a person or entity that charges borrowers interest above an established legal rate.

Farmers lose debt gamble in typhoon-plagued Philippines

In Santa Rosa, one loan shark admitted, there were 7 of them operating in a single government building with scandalous interest rates sometimes reaching up to 20% a day

the Video

Loan sharks target 4Ps beneficiaries

Remark this is an album in the album Loan Sharks

BitCoins  and Zcash - Etc.

go to overview

Cryptocurrency mining: What you need to know
Victor Barreiro Jr. February 28, 2018

Ever thought about setting up your own cryptocurrency mining empire? Here are the must-know facts before you attempt to.

Bitcoin Philippines

This page is an opportunity for Filipinos to learn about Bitcoin and how it can help them start up online businesses without the need for banks.

The Videos

What is Bitcoin?


Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution - Full Documentary
Jan 31, 2018


Bitcoin Aims to Tap Philippines Foreign Remittances Market


10 Things You Didn't Know About BitCoin

What is Bitcoin?
Kayla Matthews October 06, 2017
The basics of how BitCoin is earned and used

A few key facts about Bitcoin
With the virtual currency recently surging in value, here are a few things you should know about it.

Different approaches to bitcoin in Asia
Agence France-Presse January 07, 2018
Here's how some Asian regulators are handling the bitcoin phenomenon

'Safe haven' Bitcoin retreats after shot at all-time high
The virtual currency exhibits its trademark volatility in spite of a recent surge in demand.

Both by Agence France-Presse January 06, 2017

Know the risks before using Bitcoin
Updated February 19, 2014
Bitcoin is two things:
a digital currency, and a payment system.
Individuals with bitcoins can for the first time in history can send money to any other person in the world

Need to convert your Peso into Bitcoins ?

We buy and sell Bitcoins locally in the Philippines.

Bitcoin's 'blockchain' tech may transform banking
Agence France-Presse December 19, 2015

A blockchain is a shared, encrypted 'ledger' that cannot be manipulated, offering promise for secure transactions

Bitcoin dispute results in split-coin
Agence France-Presse August 02, 2017

A dispute among developers of virtual currency Bitcoin gives birth to a new version of the crypto coin after they fail to agree on software changes.

a cryptocurrency that offers privacy and selective transparency of transactions. Zcash payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction remain private.

What Investors Should Know Before Trading Zcash
Nov 27, 2016 by Charles Bovaird

and HERE

Insurance, agencies and laws etc.

go to overview

The Chan Robles Virtual Law Library of Law of the Philippines

Here AboutPhilippines recommend to look after wanted laws

RA 9829

Pre-Need Code of the Philippines

defines pre-need plans as contracts, agreements, deeds, or plans for the benefit of the plan holders which provide for the performance of future services, payment of monetary considerations, or delivery of other benefits at the time of actual need or agreed maturity date.

Government Service Insurance System, GSIS

The GSIS is a social insurance institution, to secure the future of all employees of the Philippine government, it provides and administers a pension fund that has the following social security benefits: different kinds of loans, compulsory life insurance, optional life insurance, retirement benefits, and disability benefits for work-related accidents and death benefits.

Look also the Videos

GSIS GVAPS Infomercial using AC Corporation's Genesis Voice Biometrics and Persay Voice Identification Engine.

GSIS secure financial transactions using PerSay VocalPassword
Social Security System, SSS

an agency which is created to establish a social security protection to workers in the private sector, wage earners as well as self-employed persons.

SSS pension hike: A difficult balancing act
JC Punongbayan January 07, 2017
In this era of global populism never has it been more crucial to demand forward-looking and sound economic policies.

the Video: My.SSS Registration - A 5-minute step by step guide on how you can register at the My.SSS portal

Caritas Health Shield

Caritas health care insurance plus pension is the most beneficial plan for you. 5 years payment 15 years health protection with pension benefit. Another quality product that has been release to ease our kababayan's worries about health illnesses that arise today and you can now have your annual check up because of Caritas health plan

the Videos


The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company (Philam Life)

the country’s premier life insurance company.


Remark these are albums in the album Insurances

The Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation, PCIC

a government owned and controlled corporation, GOCC. The Philippines is vulnerable to natural disasters which cause devastation on crops and miseries to agricultural producers and lenders of agricultural credit. Because of the marginality of most landholdings, the result of these losses is devastating to the finances of the farmers.


Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines, CISP

a national cooperative federation committed to deliver security through insurance packages to members of cooperatives, labor unions and cooperatives oriented groups and organizations.

Microinsurance Philippines

Look also the Video

Microinsurance Financial Literacy, English subtitles

Video produced by Philippine Information Agency through collaborative support of the Insurance Commission, Department of Finance - National Credit Council, Asian Development Bank - Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, and GIZ Microinsurance Innovations Program for Social Security

What do Muslims believe about insurance?
Huda, About.com Guide

Read also the links in the article

IMPORTANT to know for a NON-Muslim in a mixed marriage


Trinity Insurance Brokers, Inc. and Trinity Healthcare Services Inc.

What is cyber risk insurance?
Jun 21, 2017

As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, even the most advanced levels of information technology security can still become vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Look also HERE

The RBAP - Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines, Cebu

Read about Rural banks and cooperatives, Microfinance, small loans HERE

Look also the Video

This video documents the microinsurance efforts of the Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines in partnership with USAID/Philippines through the Microenterprise Access to Banking Services, MABS program and the International Labour Organization under the Microinsurance Innovation Facility



the leading pre-need company in the Philippines providing innovative education program that build financial security for the future. On April 19, 1989, PhilPlans was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and was launched on October 12, 1989. On October 1, 2009, Philippines First Insurance Company, Inc. (PhilsFirst Insurance) and Systems Technology Institute, Inc. (STI) took over ownership of PhilPlans

STI is a 27-year old respected educational institution with a network of 95 tertiary campuses located in every major urban center in the Philippines. It also operates a network of prep schools, grade schools and high schools nationwide.

Educational Plan Philippines

Educational Plan in the Philippines is very important because of continuous rising of tuition fees. PhilPlans is the leading pre-need company in the Philippines providing innovative education program that build financial security for the future.

Remark this is an album in the album Scholarships in the Philippines

Philippine Insurers and Reinsurers Association, PIRA

Look also HERE

No Dollar Importation (NDI) Program EXECUTIVE ORDER 156 (EO-156)

Look EO 156 as pdf HERE

Missing (contact to) Filipinos, Adult and - or Children - Relatives or Friends - etc.

Informations - Help to locate missing persons

Look also Amerasians - Forgotten Filipino-American Children

go to overview


Philippines Missing Persons
Refugees United

an organisation that offers a safe, secure and anonymous way to find family and friends that you have lost contact with. This service is FREE of charge.


Locating Friends and Relatives in the United States
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Please make links to our sites in your sites, Facebook, Twitter etc. and ask your friends to do it too - and CONTROL the link(s) are working well. If you like to have the sites embedded, so you HAVE TO contact us first!

All our homepages are NON-commercial, made as a hobby for "A Balikbayan family", just hoping the sites can be a help for you and ??? All are laying on a little private server with a 1 tbit connection 24 hours a´day.

We recommend to use a "REAL computer" and the best browser is Chrome, Firefox or Safari for looking our sites!

We have never ask for payment for link or place - will never do it, and no-one can "pay for a place - add" on our sites incl. in the VideoStation, and we use ONLY recommended link - photos - videos on our sites (which we have confirmed) recommended - sent - given from Filipinos or persons with relation to Philippines or link we use for information. We are in NO-WAY sponsored of any of the links, you can look on all our sites.

Unfortunately, so sometimes we get "things" and use them and so later have to erase them, because someone tells he - she owe it and has copyright, so please control, that you have the right to give it to us for upload, and try to tell, why you think, you have that right.
Remember, that we have to trust both YOU, who have recommended - sent - given it & later the person, who says the link - video is illegal - wrong!
PLEASE tell, if you think, a link or video, which we have got and uploaded to our sites is ILLEGAL - wrong, send a message with the link to us and tell WHY, so at once we can erase it...

If you think our sites are a help to you in some way, we are glad,
and untill further we try to get the sites running without any kind of private or commercial adds, because we like, that all of you can trust, that no-one can pay - have paid for a link or sponsored ??? on our sites, and we don't accept - receive any kind of donations.
Please tell if you find some of our sites with ADDs or banners place in the top - placed of that link, you have used,
like we know that e.g. search.url.com - i-search-engine.com - appspot.com - regionaldeals.net & adf.ly have spammed many of our sites with adds and - or banners or even "steal" our sites and put them in frames on own sites without permission from us! ALL these kind of searchmachines & etc. sites are - will be blocked, reported & blacklisted to DNSBL
Our sites are without any kind of commercial paid links and all of that kind will be reported and blocked.

Instead we would like to se all of you comming back to our sites and will recommend the sites to all your friends, so the many visitors do, that we feel the sites appreciated and would like to keep them updated
PLEASE tell, if you think, a link or video is ILLEGAL - wrong to have on our sites e.g. because of copyright, send a message with the link to us and tell WHY, so we can erase it,
remember, that we have to trust both the person, who has recommended - sent - given it & YOU, who say the link - video is illegal - wrong, and when the link - video has been erased,
so many visitors don´t get these informations!
If you have the copyright of a link - file - etc., so instead you should have been glad, that many could learn from it…..
Who shall we trust!!!!
Often we erase broken - dead links, which sometimes are up or down! BUT we need your help, so please SEND a MAIL and tell if you find such ones and maybe know a link, which works!
Remember we are just old amateurs who like to share informations about the beloved Philippines

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Remark: all BLUE text with underscore on ALL pages are the links you can click on

Remark too:

  • Our little server can´t manage if many try to download, so you have to write to us and tell if you like to get something and what

  • Many of the link to articles have both Capital and small letters in the link and in the filename, which can give problems in some 3. parts browsers.

  • Many of the articles are pdf-files - marked with . If you miss a pdf reader, you can download it HERE

  • How to look Video- & Photostation - what it´s of software nessecary to have for looking - Etc.

  • You can find MUCH more HELP HERE

All sites - pages are totally without any kind of spyware, virus etc. Please tell if you find spyware, virus etc. in some of the link, so at once the link can and will be removed.

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While we have tried to ensure the information on these sites - pages on all our domains is as reliable as possible, we can´t guarantee the accuracy of the information on all of these pages. We disclaims all responsibility and all liability for all expenses, losses, damages and costs you might incur as a result of the information on this website being inaccurate or incomplete in any way, for any reason or for any purpose. We are not responsible for the content of any linked sites or sites referred to as well as photos, videos, files uploaded as these are beyond of our control and knowledge. About our Photo and Videostation: Absolutely no ownership infringement is intended. All images, audio, and video clips are the sole property of their respective owners and uploaders.

REMARK that because of the many visitors, where 75 % are from the Philippines, so there will be more and more links to - articles and videos in other languages than English e.g. Tagalog, Cebuano, Hiligaynon (Ilonggo), Chavacano (Chabacano - Chabakano) and more local PHIL languages and Spanish. Sorry but many of these links - articles and videos, we just have to trust, when these have been recommend, because we don´t understand many of the used languages e.g. Chavacano (Chabacano - Chabakano) and Spanish etc.

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Privacy Policy

About Philippines respect the privacy and rights of its visitors – link-owners. No effort is made to identify individuals without their knowledge.

  • About Philippines maintain a strict "no-spam" policy. Your e-mail address or files - etc. you have uploaded will NOT be sold or given to a third party.
  • You can always withdraw that and get link - files "been made of - belong to you" erased from all our sites, by sending us documentation for your "rights".
  • It´s without expenses for you to get your link - video - photo here, but we have to confirm all before it will be uploaded, because we have never ask for payment for link or place - will never do it, and no-one can "pay for a place - add" on our sites.
Help us to get more Links, Photo & Video on "About Philippines"

We ask ALL of you, who look this site, to help us to make the sites "About Philippines" better and keep them "running", so if you have some Photo, Video, Musicvideo or good link please send it - them to us, just use CONTACT - SEND a MAIL so we can tell you how to upload or where we can download etc. - max size for a file 5gb.

Remember if you have a link on one of the subjectpages, you can get video and - or photo about the subject in the link on Video- & Photostation too - Just contact us. These Videos & Photos can have © (look the single file) and we are not responsible for the contents. Of course, you can always withdraw, what you have send. It´s without expenses for you to get your link, video - photo here, but we have to confirm all before it will be uploaded.

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Amateur contra Professional

If there´s wrong spelling and grammar, so please inform me, so I can correct!
You have to remember, that everything is easy, when you can and know how to do, maybe it´s very simple for you
a science for other
in many situations other can - know something, they think are simple, but you think it´s a science....
All you find here is our home-made web-sites, that are just an old amateur´s work, and I don´t know much about it, but would so much like to learn e.g. making much better web-sites ..... in spite of my age!
Do you find anything, which maybe is wrong in what I have written, wrong spelling etc. - and also in the way I have made the web-sites (I´m not super to do that), so I will be more than glad for getting help from you to correct the wrong thing and I´m still hoping, that the pages can be a help for some of you.... but
just give the remarks: "That´s wrong - That´s not right - That´s not working"
and if the economy can, we are ready to pay for your HELP.
You are always welcome to click and use Contact - Send a mail to us

God Bless you & Many regards
"A Balikbayan family"

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We will forever fight for - defend Human Rights - Freedom for Speech and Press and against Fake News

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